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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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bombing. it is guilty on all a counts. a boston jury convicts dzhokhar tsarnaev in the terror a attack that killed three, and injured more than 260 people. he could now face the the death penalty. good evening, i'm chris may. aim diana rocco jessica has the night off. the those in the courtroom say tsarnaev folded his arms, fidgeted and looked down at the the defense table as the guilty verdict were read. at least one survivor says the the verdict will help those impact by the bombing to move on with their lives. >> we're obviously grateful for the the outcome today not a happy occasion but something we can put, one more step behind us, it has been difficult but we have gotten through it with each other. >> reporter: government called 92 witnesses tsarnaev over a 15 day period . >> so, what happens next in the tsarnaev trial? "eyewitness news" investigative reporter charlotte huffman joins us now explain, charlotte.
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>> reporter: during opening statements tsarnaev's defense said he did it. that admission cuts straight to the chase of what this case has really been all about the the penalty phase face. the penalty stage is expect to begin next week, that is where jury will weigh aggravating verse mitigating factors to determine if tsarnaev deserves to die for the the attack. bill brennan is a criminal defense attorney in philadelphia. what can we expect the the defense to argue. >> mitigating factors is his youth, the the fact that he was impressionnable, the fact that it was his own older brother, an authority figure in his life that brain washed him, if you will into committing these acts. this really is going to be a tough sell for the the defense. >> reporter: defense attorney judy clark will be fighting for life in prison for tsarnaev but even that will be an uphill battle because she will have to convince the same 12 jurors that just convicted tsarnaev on all counts, not to execute him. for the prosecution, a much easier road, is a ahead.
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>> the prosecution will argue that this is the case that is the textbook example of why we have capital punishment and if not in this case then when. >> reporter: in order to put tsarnaev to death the prosecution needs to convince all 12 jurors on just one count that carries capitol punishment and in tsarnaev's case with 17 different capital punishment counts, the prosecution has 17 different chances of doing just that. now during the penalty phase, more witnesses can be called and more evidence introduced, and if the defense case is compelling enough to convince just one juror to break from the pack, he or she can in effect save tsarnaev's life. for the iteam charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fascinating procedures is zest to watch from here, thanks very much. you can find more reaction and analysis to the the verdict on tonight's "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. that broadcast airs right after "eyewitness news" at
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6:00. well, new at 6:00 a south jersey police chief is speaking out for first time since new you cell phone video emerge capturing the the arrest of the man who died in custody. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us live from south jersey with the latest developments, todd. >> reporter: chris, long with that new cell phone video tonight there are questions, if drugs and not force, may have played a role in the death of a vineland man. >> unaudible. >> reporter: this video shows second before police k-9 latched on to three two-year old philip white, one officer was on top of white and appears to punch him, then k-9 by the him before he was handcuffed. white later died in custody after going in to respiratory distress. friends point to this video as evidence that police used excessive force. >> they beat that man for no reason. he did nothing wrong nothing. >> reporter: vineland police chief timothy says video doesn't show violent struggle
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white had with officers beforehand and contend that force was needed. >> mr. whiteys only subdued after k-9 is deployed and they are a able to hand cuff him. >> reporter: recorded scanner traffic believes the officer believes white was trying to grab his service weapon during altercation. vineland police were responding to a 911 call that white what's rag i can and screaming on grape street on the mourn of the march 31st. off camera an eyewitness told me white first tried to kick an officer after they asked if he needed medical attention. >> he started freaking out and getting crazy, yelling. >> reporter: the the lawyer representing the vineland police officers union and from his marlton office he told me he believes preliminary reports will indicate white did not die of blunt force trauma or any physical injury. >> i also expect toxicology report to demonstrate he ingested a mixture of unlawful or illegal narcotics,
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to wit pcp, cocaine and perhaps other drugs as well. a combination that is normally lethal. >> reporter: cumberland county prosecutor's office is investigating this case and it could be another couple of weeks before the final official autopsy test and toxicology tests are released. reporting live tonight from south jersey, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. authorities charged the husband of the missing delaware woman with first degree murder. kent county jury indicted three two-year old grand jury rather indicted three two-year old cortez hamilton on monday in the presumed death of the keisha hamilton. investigators say she was last seen on january the tenth, cortez hamilton was a arrested that day in indiana where he was found with the couple's two young children. while keisha is still missing prosecutors believe there is sufficient evidence to bring murder charge. a south philadelphia man is arraigned accused of shooting his father in the
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face. police say 22-year old kymere corbin shot his father elbert corbin while his father was driving in the westbound lanes of the schuylkill in conshohocken. kymere was in the back seat of the car corbin's father was driving his son to get treatment for drug and mental health issues. elbert corbin is in critical condition tonight corbin's mother, who was in the passenger seat, was not injured. well, a chester county dj is facing a laundry list of serious charges tonight and being accused of assaulting a a woman he met through a internet post for models. but as our alexandria hoff found that allegations led investigators to other shocking discoveries. >> reporter: police say 28 year-old daniel milowicki used craigs list to lure a petit mod toll his coatsville home for what she thought was a photo shoot. he went by the names danny wicki and dj dan. >> the defendant is a well known local photographer and
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dj. so he set up his whole life around getting access to victims. >> reporter: following a search of his computer, 28 year-old daniel milowicki has been charged including possession of child pornography described as violent, invasion of privacy for allege up skirt photos taken inside chester county venues, as a result of the investigation that was sparked over the summer. >> craigs list or other internet sites are a great place for a predator to prowl. >> reporter: promise of modeling picks led to a woman being assaulted by milowicki at his home according to police a crime the the suspect is accused of taping the victim the one that alerted police. >> the fact that it it was a small woman that he was looking for and that may have been a substitution for in his own mind a child is something that sends a red flag up to us. >> reporter: lesson in on line safety he says because remember milowicki is accused of using the word petit in his ad. >> if you look on craigs list
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right now you will find a bunch of ads just like this, or legitimate, some of them i guarantee you are predators. >> reporter: milowicki djed throughout the county but was a regular at west chester sidebar. they told "eyewitness news" in the interests of their patrons and employees he was banned since they caught wind of the investigation. the anyone who thinks they might have been a victim should contact police. reporting from chester county alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an ntsb report is providing new details tonight on the plane crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner lewis katz and six others. >> that shocking crash of course, happened last year while that plane was a attempting to take off from outside of boston. lewis katz was heading home to new jersey from a fundraiser when the plane skidded off the runway crashed, and then burst into flames. the the ntsb investigation found passengers inside the plane actually died from the fire that they did survive the crash. ntsb say it was likely caused
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by a mechanical bem with what is called a gust lock. >> it doesn't tell us all of the answers that we need and is there still a lot of questions that remain out there about what actually happened. >> the ntsb says the official cause of that crash will be determined at a later date. a bus driver for easton area school district is dead tonight after a tragic accident. it happened here in the parking lot of the tracie elementary school in palmer township northampton county. officials s3y 61 year-old bonnie jean novacs was killed when she was struck by her own car. novacs car had trouble starting and she was trying to start it the by pushing on the hood with the car in neutral. it started rolling in her direction, eventually pinning her against another vehicle. welshing campaign for mayor of philadelphia brought several democratic candidates the to a breast fall forum today near independent mall. former d.a. lynn abraham was there the day after she collapsed during a debate at the kimmel center.
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abraham said she fainted due to low blood pressure and that she had not eaten all day. but today's event the candidates focused on hot button issues ranging from the city wage tax to property taxes. >> the the wage tax tend to be a very regress i have tax which runs most of our opportunities outside of the city. >> anything that reduces property taxes a across pennsylvania is hotly popular. >> reporter: not all democratic candidates made it to today's event but they have time to stump. the democratic primary is set for may 19th. you can hear from all democratic candidates at a special forum that will air here on cbs-3. our ukee washington joins pan will he will of journalist saturday night at 11:30 to moderate the moving philadelphia forward forum, if you missed it that night, you can catch it at 11:00 o'clock sunday morning. that will air on our sister station cw philly. well fingers were flying in philadelphia today you might say coming up top
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texters go head to head or maybe hand to hand in a first of its kind texting tournament. plus one family's pilgrimage to see the pope it began in argentina and they are winding their way to philadelphia to arrive here by september. why they are making this once in a lifetime journey. kate? it has been a damp dreary day out there, we have showers in place, snow to the north strong storms to the south and temperatures well below average, i'll tell you when we will bray break out of the pattern coming up, leslie. kate, 75 jack nicholas still wows crowd at masters and phillies looking for offense tonight against red sox. we will tell but changes to the line
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm...
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the kind i have with you. me too.
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april is distract driving month and police in egg harbor township atlantic county are cracking down on people talking or texts behind the wheel. today "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan rode with officers there and got a firsthand look at the national effort. it didn't take long before he saw an officer pull someone over for texting. experts say that each year 3,000 people died and 400,000 people are injured in the u.s., because of distracted
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driving. philadelphia high school students had the opportunity to win a scholarship today by texting. students went finger to finger in a texting competition based on speed and accuracy. according to the national court reporters a association the events co sponsor there is a great correlation between dexterity that it requires to text and the dexterity required in court reporting. ryan a junior, won that scholarship to orleans technical college. pope fran cyst will visit philadelphia just over five months from now but already a family of six is on their way to our city in this, 35 year-old vw van. sound like fun, right. but this is not ordinary journey. let's show you it in terms of the world map. the family started here in argentina, traveling will to chile, bolivia, peru ecuador columbia, up through central america, through mexico into the united states and ultimately, to the ben franklin parkway.
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let's hope they pack some snacks. here's our david spunt. >> reporter: with no jobs and their life savings on them the family left their home in argentina in this 1980vw bus, their destination in philadelphia to see pope francis in september is. we speak spoke to know he will on one of their stops through chile. >> he is a very down to earth, simple and very loving pope. >> reporter: noel and her husband alfredo are leading the pack, their four kid, carmen mia and dema and they are a along for the ride in the francis contact. noel, what is it like traveling with your family in the 1980vw van. >> it is quite fun for them. >> reporter: noel says her family has a special
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connection with the leader of the catholic church before he became pope he was jorge borg goal ohio their cardinal so why did they decide to make the trip. noel says the answer is quite simple >> reporter: the pope will make his first appearance in philadelphia on saturday, september the 26th to close out the world meeting of families. he will then have a special mass behind me that is sunday the 27th but won't be any pennsylvania mass, we're told probably 2 million people attend to go see who many call the peoples pope. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, the pope's journey is all about families but in family will make it to philadelphia quite like that one is. >> he should have a special spot on the parkway just for them good we hope they have good travel. by the the time they get here,
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weather will be great. >> let's hepp so. >> september is usually a great in for weather in philadelphia, last september it was beautiful, one of the most sunny months we had all year. let's hope this september cooperates with the pope's visit. unfortunately tonight looking great. cold cloudy, dreary. see a few showers north of philadelphia i want to zoom out and show you we have had a lot going on outside, boeing area of storms, moving into virginia, whenever you see bow shaped you see it curved, crescent moon shaped you have to watch for strong straight line wind and up in the boston area upstate new york we have snow falling this evening. friend of mine from boston posted on twitter after sitting in the corner laughing and crying at the same time seeing the snowfall here in mid-april. lets take a look at temperatures. cold here. the in the quite as cold in new england where some spots to have watch for ice tonight but we are seeing 30's. jeff moore in hatfield at 38 degrees. forty-one across the river in new jersey. david dutch is in clementon.
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41 degrees very chilly. we should be around 60. more 30's west of philadelphia, this is michael and he is in downingtown at 38 degrees right now. it is chilly and it is also quite blustery. lets look at a wind warning. wind in most spots, coming from the north and west. they are gusty. fifteen to 20 miles per hour across the region. the lets look outside. one area getting hit hard with wind is the shore. this is, of course, ocean city, famed boardwalk. when we check in this time of the night in the summer the board are completely packed with people. in the so tonight. temperatures in the lower 40's. everything is wet, dreary gray, kind of night to stay inside and have some soup or something. comfort food, warm the soul out there tonight. one last look at storm scan three snow to the north. look at this these storms looking nasty a across virginia. they are heading south in the warmer air, and as we head to the west you can see severe wet's cross missouri where tornado and thunderstorm watches are in place across the region. the lets go out to what is
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going on temperature wise right now. forty-one in allentown. thirty-six in mount pocono. thirty-eight in trenton. you can see how that back door cold front has taken over the northeast but 82 in raleigh-durham and 82 in charleston. wild week. we started off at 75 monday. yesterday was warm at 69. today 44 miserable degrees our high. tomorrow same story. on friday we're right back to the 70's. up and down we may average where we should that is how we get averages after all. for your thursday, cloud, showers, not a wash out a lot like today. scattered showers on and off. watch friday, we will start with showers. that warm front lifts to the north. we will get clearing that we surged those temperatures to the 07's and then watch for strong storms later friday evening. storm threats on friday. moderate risk of downpours, lightening ape wind low risk of hail or tornadoes. there is a chance for locally strong storm. offer night cloudy chilly breezy with drizzle will. for thursday same story highs in the 40's. we may be lucky to hit 48.
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we only got to 44 today. friday warm but unsettled and then we can end we will split difference mid 60's, sunny and beautiful. stays that w
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phillies take on the boston red sox trying to make up for that season opener. aaron harang making his first start with the team. ryne sandberg made changees from monday's line up. darren ruf in left jeff francoeur in right. hopefully giving offense a boost. fightins were held to three hits in the eight to no, sir loss. >> come out firsthand and be ready to go definitely, out there, you know, we gave monday, so today, we want to come out, on fire. definitely. tougher line up. we will try to set fire works off. sixers playing wizard tonight their final four games of the season will be against teams in the playoffs. the flyers are off tonight
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hosting hurricanes tomorrow. last night brayden schenn scoring with 2.1 seconds left in the third to give flyers a five-four win. brayden has been playing well since moving to the top line four goals and three assists in the last four games. jake voracek who has been a big influence. >> i like to follow in his footsteps of being a cop cyst tenth player and, you know something we have to work at and try to work towards. >> masters start tomorrow, today was par three tournament. check out jack nicholas on number four 130-yard par three, land behind the pin check out backspin and it rolls on in. >> yeah. >> now the seven five-year old six time champion, still has it. of course crowd loving it. >> that is what golf is all about. >> the the greatest of all time too in a lot of peoples mind too. >> great to see you. >> thanks very much.
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>> we will b
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well, we have had a little bit of the roller coaster of a week weather-wise. >> i know we have a nice taste of spring and then brought away as quickly as we had it. the lets look at that seven day forecast tomorrow a lot like today 48 degrees cold, dreary friday, 75 with some sun, watch for afternoon storms and weekend looks great mid 60's with sunshine both saturday and sunday. >> lets get to the weekend as quickly as possible. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" runs will be back at 10:00 on the cw philly and then we are back at cbs-3 at 11:00. >> stay tuned for "cbs evening news". we will have the latest from the tsarnaev verdict from
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boston. here's scott pelley. >> pelley: the jury says guilty 30 times. now will boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev pay with his life? also tonight, more action against the white south carolina police officer caught on tape killing an unarmed black man. >> i have watched the video, and i was sickened by what i saw. >> pelley: the president speaks with us about how climate change is making people sick. and meet the woman who just cracked the nfl's grass ceiling. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, a federal jury found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts in the boston marathon bombing, including using a weapon of mass destruction in the deaths of


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