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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 9, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> now at 11:00 o'clock, a new twist in the story that has gripped the nation. a police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed man has deep roots in south jersey. good evening jessica is off. i'm chris may tonight we learned officer michael slager the man making headlines across the country grew up in burlington county, and his arrest has people talking there tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at slager's old
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high school in medford with new information. david? >> reporter: chris, used to walk the halls here at lenape high school. he graduated in 2001. tonight we go back to michael slager's new jersey roots and we spoke to a man who knew slager while he was growing up. this class photo from online yearbook shows michael slager in 1999 when he was a sophomore at lenape high school. now the 33-year-old is behind bars charged with killing walter lamar scott. >> when i saw my son running and i saw the policeman behind him i couldn't take it. i had to turn away. i couldn't ain't. >> when you're wrong you're wrong. and if you make a bad decision, don't care if you're behind the shield or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision. >> reporter: the video is
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graphic. police say slager fired eight shots at an unarmed scott on saturday in north charleston. >> it's not nice to say. i don't like to see anybody get hurt. >> reporter: this neighbor asked us not to to be identified but says the slagers were his friends when they lived in this mt. laurel neighbor. >> we moved here when he was about 12. he left about, i don't know, five years later. he went into the coast guard. but he was a nice kid i was the whole time he lived here. >> reporter: he said slager was friendly and joined the coast guard before becoming a member of the north charleston police department. wednesday night a group held a peaceful demonstration in north charleston supporting walter scott's family. if convicted michael slager could face 30 to life in prison even the death penalty. >> if there wasn't a video would it have been -- would we know the truth? would we just going what was reported earlier. but we do know the truth now.
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>> reporter: another neighbor told me that the slagers left their mt. laurel home several years ago. the police chief and mayor in north charleston are calling for body cameras to be on all police officers as soon as possible. we're live in burlington county, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". david, thank you very much. well tonight also from south jersey we're hearing from the police chief in vineland for the first time since the emergence of video showing the arrest of a man who later died in custody. this is philip white he died after going into respiratory distress following his arrest on march 31. his friends believe this videos shows police using excessive force. vineland police chief says the video doesn't tell the whole story and that white violently struggled with officers. >> mr. white is only subdued after k9 is deployed and they're able to handcuff him. that is when a person in our mind is considered subdued. when they are secured.
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handcuffed. >> correct. >> white's cause of death has not been determined pending a final autopsy and toxicology results. guilty on all 30 counts, dzhokar tsarnaev convicted for his role in the boston marathon bombing. a bombing that killed three people and injured hundreds more. the question now will he receive the death penalty? cbs reporter chris van cleve is in boston. >> reporter: chris the judge asked for silence as the verdict was read. still one person let out an awed audible sigh of relief another nodded her said yes as the jury read their verdict. jury convicted dzhokar tsarnaev on all 30 counts after deliberating for about 11 hours over two days. >> i don't know what justice is. um i'm grateful to have him off the street. karen and her husband were among the more than 260 people injured when two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. three people died. tsarnaev showed little emotion
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as he looked down at the defense table and fidgeted as the world guilty was repeated over and over. >> whether or not he showed any remorse, you know how he would feel about it personally and i wouldn't have caught bought it. i have been more frustrated in he had shown it, because throughout this whole thing he's been to use my word arrogant. >> reporter: eight-year-old martin richard was the youngest killed in the bombings much his mother wiped away tears and his father hugged a prosecutor after the verdict. prosecutors say tsarnaev and his older bother tamerlan acted as team bringing terror to boston when they unleashed their pressure cooker bombs at the marathon. tsarnaev also was found responsible for the murder of mit police officer sean collier who was gunned down days later as the brothers continued their wave of violent. tsarnaev's phenes attorney judy clark conceded from the beginning that dzhokar participated in the crimes but that he was only following tam lerman's lead. her goal has to keep him off death row. the penalty phase could begin as soon as monday. that's when the jury will decide
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whether tsarnaev should get the death penalty or spent the rest of his life in prison. that penalty phase will begin next week. possibly as early as monday. in order to get a death sentence a jury has to be unanimous. in one person elects for a live sentence that's what it will be be. live in boston tonight chris van cleve, back to you. chris, thank you very much. whether tsarnaev lives or dice is that next question to be answered. bill brennan a criminal defense attorney here in philadelphia he talk tonight with "eyewitness news" about what the defense is expected to argue. >> the mitigating factors will be his youth the fact that he was impressionable, the fact that it was his own older brother and authority figure in his life, that brain washed him if you will, into committing these acts. this really is going to be a tough sell for the defense. >> chris mentioned in his report the prosecution does need to convince all 12 jurors if tsarnaev is to be put to death but they need to do so on just
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one of 17 counts that carries capital punish many. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as this trial moves into the penalty phase. you can find updates on this story any time at well now to the question on a lot of people' minds tonight. what happened to spring? dreary cold night across the region. meteorologist kate bilo has made her way out on the cbs3 sky deck with a reason we might want to keep the umbrellas handy. >> kate. >> someone mentioned on twitter earlier tonight spring played a belated april fool's joke on philadelphia, and that's what it feel like. we were given this nice taste of spring to start the week and then abruptly it was whisked away replay with this a light fine mist drizzle falling across the city right now and temperatures are well below average. take quick look at storm scan3. you can see we're seeing light mist and drizzle nothing too steady watch those showers off to the west a few could try to sneak in overnight it looks as though they'll dive south of here. also look at these temperatures. it is cold.
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even by early april standards 40 degrees. well below normal. 39 degrees in reading right now. 33 in mount pocono. and here is the what it feels like. it feels below freezing in trenton atlantic city, mount pocono it feels like 23 right now with that cold raw northeast wind off the atlantic ocean and we've got another day of this winter like chill to get through before big changes arrive in the forecast starting on friday. i'll have more on that when i join you inside. chris, back over to you. >> kate, thanks so much. teenager in custody after allegedly abduction ago one-year-old in kensington. all this began on east clementine street. police say that the 14-year-old kidnapped a child and then took off in her uncle's car. it's believed the teenager and the baby are related. now police used that car's on star to track its location. and eventually fop it on where two people were taken into cut deem the baby we're told was taken to chop. and check out. well there are new developments tonight in the case
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of the missing delaware mother keisha hamilton. her husband has now been charged with her murder and we're hearing from her sister who says she's convinced he is responsible. here's "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco. report. >> she lived and died for her children. >> reporter: it's been nearly three months since foster last heard from her sister keisha. >> she clearly told me if something was to happen to her tell the police that it was cortez who did it. >> reporter: that was friday night january 9th. wednesday a grand jury charged 32-year-old cortez hamilton keisha's husband with her murder. yet her body has not been found. >> i know that he murdered my sister. i think what he did to her was horrific. how he murdered her. what he's done to his children. what he's done to our family. >> reporter: keisha was in the process of leaving cortez. authorities found a bloody scene inside the couple's apartment. >> she was afraid of him and she was afraid of what he would do to her that night and they had been arguing.
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>> reporter: a day later state police arrested hamilton in end inn heading to st. louis missouri with the couple' twos children ages four and two months but no sign of keisha. her family now believes she's gone. but they are hoping to give her the burial she deserves. >> she was everybody's best friend. she was my best friend. she was everybody's she met best friend because she was just such a caring and loving person. >> reporter: keisha's children are in the care of her sister cortez hamilton has been charged with one count of first degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon and two counts of child endangerment. in someone narks delaware diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". elsewhere tonight chester county dj and photographer charged with attacking a woman who authorities say he conclude through craigslist but that's not all. daniel john mill wick key is facing more than 300 fell knee counts that include sexual assault and possession of child pornography. police say that a search warrant at his home turned up that child porn as well up skirt videos of
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women and drug materials. well the race for philadelphia mayor is certainly heating up way month to go before the primary. may 19th. several democratic candidates took to a breakfast forum today near independence hall. and among them was former da lynne abraham. she was there one day after she collapsed during a debate at the kimmel center. abraham passed out last night thanks to low blood pressure and the fact that she had not eaten all day. during today's event the candidates focused on hot button issues around the city including wage tax and property tax. you can hear from the democratic candidates at a special forum that will air right here on cbs3 cbs3 cbs3. join ukee washington an panel of journalists on saturday night at 11:35 as he mod rates the moving philadelphia forward forum. if you miss it you can catch it at 11:00 o'clock sunday morning on our sister station the cw philly. well after a career that spanned nearly five decades cbs news anchor bob shieffer made a big announcement tonight.
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>> i wanted you all to be the first to know that this summer i'm going to retire. >> aww. >> it's been a great adventure. you know i'm one of the luckiest people in the world because as a little boy as a young reporter, i always wanted to be a journalist in new york. >> and was he ever. the 78-year-old made that announcement tonight at annual shieffer symposium at texas christian university which is his alma mater. shieffer's moderat to us here at cbs3. we'll miss him. well tonight some never before seen images of the crash site that killed a prominent philadelphia businessman and philanthropist. federal investigators releasing their findings into the louis katz plane crash and we'll have it plus a surprising revelation about what really killed the passengers on board that private jet. also ahead tonight a health
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hazard. president weighs in on climate change and how he says it's personally affected him. kate? >> chris, we've got one more day of cold and dreary weather and then we swap it for warmth and the threat for severe thunderstorms. i'll have more on that coming up in weather. and talk about one incredible journey. a family's mission to make it to philadelphia to see the pope. ♪
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stunning new details on the plane crash that killed the philadelphia inquirer coach owner lewis katz and sick other others. katz was on his way home to new jersey when his gulf stream jet skidded off a runway in massachusetts and burst into flames last may. today the national transportation safety board released 800 pages of documents from its investigation. they found that the passengers died from the fire after the initial impact. and the problem with the plane's gust lock like the caused the accident. now the gust lock is designed to prevent the plane's control surfaces from moving in the wind
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when the main is park. and an attorney representing two of the crash victims says the fact that the gust lock was on should have prevented the plane from reaching take off speed. >> how did they get to that speed and why didn't the gust lock mechanism work the way it was designed. >> they said that pilot error may have been a factor in that crash. the ntsb says the official cause will be determined at a later date. tonight "eyewitness news" speaks exclusively with another good samaritan who called police after coming across an abducted jewelry store worker. we'll identify him as russell. he says he and his sister-in-law couldn't believe their eyes last saturday night when they pulled over after seeing a bound and bruised woman stumbling from a cemetery. russell says that they didn't think twice about stopping. >> i just scene she needed help so we tried to help her the best we can. i don't see how you can do that
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to a woman or anyone for that matter but this is the world we live in. >> the city of philadelphia is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of three suspects believed to be involved in that case. a father is shot while driving on the schuylkill expressway and police say his son pulled the trigger. this is 22-year-old can i mere corbin he was arraigned today. police say he pull out a gun in the back seat of abu wick and opened fire striking his father in the face. he will bert corbin was driving that car taking his son to malvern to get treatment for drug and mental health issue issues. he will bert is in critical condition tonight. the younger corbin's mother who was in the pass injury seat was not hurt. we've got new information for you now about that north jersey koy oat tee attack. it turns out the coyote involved tested positive for rabies. john from saddle riff was doing yard work when that animal went after him leaving three
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punctures wounds in his leg. doctors gave the retired schoolteacher eight rabies shots following that attack on monday. the coyote was put down. from argentina to philadelphia. a family of six is embarking on the ultimate road trip all for the papal visit this fall. this family left home in argentina a few week ago. noel alfredo and four kids piled into the families 1980vw bus they cawley francisca. we spoke with noel earlier on skype. she says that so far they've made it to chile. but they're excited to see pope francis on a much bigger stage. he was their cardinal in buenos aires before he became pope. for more information on the pope's visit to the world meeting of families and philadelphia, just head to and click on the papal visit tab. president obama is voicing some concern about climate change and the role he says it plays in causing health problems. the president points to
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increases in asthma rates as well as lyme disease and west nile virus. >> the science is inn disputable disputable. as a consequence we know that wildfires are going to be more frequent and longer in intent is the. that means more particular lates in the air that's going to have respiratory impacts on people. >> the president went ton say the situation is not going to be solved with the one piece of legislation but it's a matter of political will comeing from the bottom up. kate bilo joins us now. what's in our area tonight is a lot of mist. >> right. a lot of mist. particles in our air but raindrops that we're dealing with outside tonight. that faint drizzle and we'll be dealing with it right through the day tomorrow as well. it's going to be damp and swampy outside, and temperatures well below average at least for one more day. let's take a look out seed and see how the evening is shaping up, and i'll tell you i was just out on the sky deck you can barely see the tops of the buildings. we've got fog, we've got low clouds we've got wet streets out there in center city and expect more slow downs as we
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head through the day tomorrow. just with the low visible. also want to show you our live neighborhood network cameras the lights are bright but the boardwalk here in rehoboth beach. the boards are completely wet. the waves are rolling in. but certainly not a lot of folks taking an evening stroll on the boardwalk and any of our shore towns here tonight. here's what's happening on storm scan3. we're kind of in the middle of two systems. there's some snow and heavy snow in fact across portions of the maine into vermont and new hampshire tonight and also watching this area of showers moving into portions of west virginia. that is looking to drive south of us although a few showers could clip especially our southern zones during the overnight hours. right now just light showers across upper bucks and montgomery counties and into the lehigh valley again keep an eye on this there are some more showers across portions of illinois and still severe weather with tornado watches in effect across portions of the oklahoma and kansas tonight. more severe weather expected in the midwest tomorrow and then by friday the threat for locally strong storms comes to our neck of the woods. temperatures right now 40 degrees at the airport. only 39 in trenton.
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40 in allentown. and 33 in mount pocono. you can see where the warmth is but you can also really see where that back door front that we talk about yesterday has etched in the cold from the north atlantic throughout the northeast. it's been a wild week you can really see when that front came through tuesday night into wednesday we starred the week at 75 degrees. we remember it fondly but today's high just 44 degrees. we should be in the low 60s. tomorrow is similar. friday though we such back into the 70s. so here's a look what to expect just some scattered showers through the day tomorrow. later tomorrow night at this time tomorrow night we may be tracking showers and storms and then on friday notice we get a few breaks in the cloud cover by 2:00 p.m. but the threat for strong storms comes in that break in the cloud cover will help temperatures drive upwards. so through the day on thursday temps in the 40s we start friday morning in the 40s and watch this. by 2:00 p.m. we see mid 70s but as the storms come in later friday evening they should produce heavy rain, strong wind gusts and the threat for frequent lightning. overnight 40 degrees breezy with
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drizzle drizzle and fog for tomorrow as well. 48 degrees. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast again big changes from 48 to 75 both days with some wet weather possible. but the good news the weekend is a little quieter. we'll submit the difference temperature wise. mid 60s sunshine saturday sunday and monday looks pretty nice as well. one more cold day to get through and we start to come out of it. >> the weekend will be worth the wait. for sure. >> kate, thank you very much. >> lesley is here for those of us thought the phillies might not within a game all year tonight have is a very good night. >> for the phillies great night. offense final showing up and helping aaron hour wrong and the question does jonathan papelbon like playing for the phillies. we'll hear fr
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>> if you went to citizens bank park i hope you bundled up. >> it paid off. trying to get that first win of the season. aaron horang on the mound making his debut with the team.
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phillies with a few opportunities to score. here in the fifth chase utley struck out to end the threat right there. two runners on. aaron horang pitching so well in his debut he went six and one third innings allowing to runs on two hits and struck out eight. to the sixth the fightings finally get on the scoreboard. jeff francoeur who got the start in right field connects on this pitch and hit a three run homer that will give the phillies the lead. the phillies got their first win of the season, four-two. okay. papelbon came in and got a four out save. six away from being the team leader in saves. he toll the boston globe he doesn't feel like a phillie and it's been tough adjusting to playing for the fightings. after the game he was asked about those comments. >> i feel like, you know, the red sox run deep in my blood. it's who i became as a pitcher and, um, it always stick with me, and you know it's just like any time you have to move on you
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have to adjust and adapt to, um, a new team and um, i hadn't had any problem doing that here. >> oh, boy. just four games left for the s sixers before tonight's contest against the wizards. brett brown's squad looking to end a six game slide. the sixers never led the lead. biehl knocking down the three. wizards up by 19. biehl scored 21. to the fourth quarter nerlins noel went up for this block and came down on someone's food he had to leave the game with ankle sprain. the sixers loads 119-90 flyers with the night off they'll be back in action tomorrow at the center against carolina. two games left in this disappointing season. the par thee tournament at the master here's tiger woods and his daughter sam. she made the tap in par for dad but the shot of the day belong the to the legend knack nicholaus here on number four he said he'd make a hole in one and he delivered but he's unbelievable the ball lands pass the opinion check out the back spill spin on this.
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the 75-year-old, six time champion still has it. crowd
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new tonight a very generous donation for the family of a fallen police officer. "eyewitness news" at the masonic lodge on views street tonight the light of elmwood lodge 45 prince hall masons donate donated to $1,500 to the robert wilson fund. it will go to his family he was of course killed in the line of duty during a robbery in north
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"eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl and meteorologist carol erickson. we thank you for watch eyeing witness news here at 11:00. for lesley, kate and everyone here i'm chris may. we're always on at dave is next with ben stiller. have a great night. we'll see you back here again tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet brought to you by nutribullet llc. sp


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