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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday april 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly tornado tears through an illinois town damaging or destroying every single home. sheriff's deputies in southern california caught brutally beating a suspect fleeing on horseback. the sheriff calls for an investigation. only on "cbs this morning," we'll take you airborne with the first female pilot to fly with the navy's elite blue angels. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he's over, he's over. call 911. call 911.
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>> go go go. deadly tornados hit illinois. >> oh, my gosh. that's going through. >> i saw headlights go flying. >> when it hit, we definitely knew it hit. we didn't know how bad. >> they say there's significant damage. >> devastation with trees and houses missing. >> a video in southern california shows deputies beating a suspect for two minutes straight. >> the dash cam video showing the minutes leading up to the death of walter scott. >> i grieve for them and for walter scott. it's a life-changer. >> a shoot-out between police and a kidnapping suspect in the nation's capitolalcapital. >> the man charged with stalking sandra bullock in trial. >> we're hearing for the first time her terrifying 911 calls. >> president obama is in panama city to attend the summit of the americas where he'll likely cross paths with cuban leader
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raul castro. >> students are heard screaming as their school bus goes out of control in tulsa, oklahoma. >> all that -- >> the ball hit hard. >> caught and mercy. you've got to be bleeping me. >> you quiet down. >> let me ask for your support. >> if you don't -- >> let me ask for your support. >> i'm done. i'm done. >> -- and all that matters. >> first round of the masters, tiger is having issues. >> jordan spieth, the youngest. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> a. >> ac/dc is opening with coachella. i wonder what they'll open with? probably a lengthy explanation of who they are. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning."
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rescue crews this morning are searching a shattered section of northern illinois after a deadly tornado touched down. it killed one person and hurt at least 11 others. the twist ter was captured on multiple cameras. one witness said she never saw a tornado so big that stayed on the ground so long. she said it wiped out everything it touched. >> it hit just before dark cutting a clear path through the region about 80 miles west of chicago. adriana diaz is in fairdale, illinois, where there is almost nothing left. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this tornado tore through a town of 200 killing at least one person. as you can see, the front of this house has been completely ripped off. and according to officials every single home in this town has been damaged or destroyed. the half mile-wild tornado violently made its way across northern illinois taking out this semi. >> it's over.
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>> call 911. >> go go. >> reporter: sirens filled the air as it moved, darkening the sky, and closing in on homes. >> it's coming through subdivisions. >> reporter: this is what it left behind. 50 miles of devastation, leveled houses, buried cars and enormous debris fields. >> a lot of lightweight houses didn't stand up very well to the high winds. >> this restaurant in rochelle is now unrecognizable. 12 people were huddled in the basement while officials made contact. rescue workers worked for 90 minutes to pull them to safety. >> when it hit, we definitely knew it hit. we didn't know how bad. >> reporter: late thursday night crews combed through each home in fairdale twice. 11 people were tangen to the hospital. >> everything was marked and search and rechecked by another crew to make sure we could
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confirm there was nobody in there. >> reporter: volunteers at the kirkland fire department are distributing food and clothing to hundreds. >> we're using the station for the unfortunate that have lost everything. it's times like now that we really rally around communities. >> reporter: at least 15 different fire departments as well as the red cross and salvation army are helping in the recovery effort. but no word yet on when displaced residents will be able to return home. gayle? >> looking at those pictures it doesn't look like any time soon. thank you, adriana. danielle nottingham has more on the powerful storms. good morning to you. >> good morning. there is still a slight risk for severe thunderstorms from the mid-atlantic stretching back down to the carolinas and gulf coast state. we're in a slight risk from the storm prediction center and it
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does extend into southern texas. damages wind gusts, i think, will be the primary threat and isolated tornados can't be ruled out. the threat for masters in augusta will be after 5:00 p.m. this evening, so all spectators charksly, will have to keep an eye to the sky. >> danielle thanks. sheriff's deputies are under investigation this morning for kicking and punching a suspect. helicopter cameras taped them beating him on the ground. we have more on what happened prior to the arrest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. authorities haven't said whether this man was armed and they haven't released the names of the deputies involved but the sheriff said he got a look at the video and what he saw was disturbing. areaial footage from knbc shows
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francis fleeing. officers used tasers to bring the suspect down. while on the ground two deputies unleash a fury of kicks with his face down and hand baez behind his back. more deputies arrive. he's struck more than 50 times. >> i couldn't believe it. the first thing i say, they can't do that. i see him put his hands out and behind his back and i see officers kicking his legs kicking him, punching him. >> reporter: officers say they tried to serve a warrant on him but he ran from them stole a horse in the area of apple valley. >> there was an attempt to take him into custody and a use of force occurred. that use of force is now under
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dwgs. >> he's had several run-ins with the law dating back the 2002 including driving on a sidewalk attempted robley and obstructing and resisting an officer in 2014. >> i'm not going to stand here and say he's perfect because who is. >> what i saw on the television is thugs beating up my client. that's what i saw. the question about what he's doing. what did they do. >> pusok was taken to the hospital with injuries. his girlfriend said they're now considering a lawsuit. three were injured. one was kicked by a horse. two others were treated for dehydration. norah? >> carter, thank you very much. we have a new perspective on what happened before a map was shot dead. a dash cam video shows the officer pulled over walter scott. his mother has broken her
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silence. vicente, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. michael slager remains locked up in an isolation unit here for hi own protection and for days now we've been watching that video that first led to the murder charges. now we're seeing how he first met walter scott. it began as a routine traffic stop by officer michael slager. walter scott tells him he doesn't have those documents because he's in the process of buying the vehicle from his neighborhood. >> but you don't have the transfer -- >> i haven't bought it yet. i'm saying i'm about to do it month. >> reporter: slager returns to his cruiser. after about 30 seconds scott getting out of his mercedes-benz. >> get back in your car. >> reporter: he then runs off. slager chases him. a by stander video captured the bystander confrontation which left scott dead and slager
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charged with murder. >> i grieve for them i grieve for us because this is such a life changer. >> reporter: slager's mother karen slager said she still hasn't been able to watch the footage. >> he's a loving caring person and he wants to help people. that's why he became a police officer. >> when ground out he was being charged? >> just shocked. i couldn't imagine this of michael. just couldn't imagine it r thursday they revealed their agent's noted in consistencies at the scene including the multiple gunshot wounds in scott's back. the cell phone video of feidin santana confirms it. he'll remain in jail for weeks until his bond hearing. >> when you see your son for the first time what will you tell him? >> that i love him. this is going to be a long haul
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but don't give up. don't give up because we're all here for you. nobody's leaving you. i don't want him to feel abandoned. >> reporter: karen sharp hopes to visit her son sometime soon. meanwhile scott will be buried tomorrow. >> thank you. reports this morning say hillary clinton is expected to announce her intention to run for president on sunday. she's likely to make that announcement on sunday. she's starting earlier than planned partly over the controversy of using a private e-mail account as secretary of state. the former first lady begins her campaign after falling just short in 2008. clinton's chances against republicans are not so clear cut. a nuclear poll in iowa puts her in a statistical dead heat against three potential gop rivals. voters put clinton behind rand paul. she holds a narrow lead two
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behind jeb bush. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what does she have to accomplish in this announcement and what questions does she have to answer in this run? >> yeah. she has to answer the question why she's running. thal question is being answered by her opponents and her pundits. she says it's her turn. she's run gning because she's a female nominee. she has to replace those with her own candidacy so they can say, ah that's why she's running. >> how will this campaign be different? >> small. that's the real challenge here, which is to say that she is encased this this kind of political celebrity. she's got the secret service, the big black suvs that she arrives in.
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she -- and this is what her advisers say, this is going to connect with the voters that shows two things. one, that she can communicate with them at a personal level but beats back the idea that she's taking it for granted or that she's inevitable or bigger than the process. the challenge is how do you do that when you have the celebrity status she has. >> that's my question. how do you start out small and slow, it seems when your name is hillary rodham clinton? >> when your name is that and when you're running in the crazy media environmental we now have with campaigns. it will be a huge challenge and they're talking about having a multi-stage rollout of this campaign which allows them to take any bites at the apple. and then try to do the smaller rollouts and do something after that, the bigger more traditional kind of event. but once you open that up once she starts into that process, it's very hard for them to
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control. again, they want to keep it small and intimate to create a new flavor and theme for a candidate who's so well known by the public. >> this will be run by clinton people obama people and others. >> that's right. don't forget that group of people who are not on the inside but who have relationships with the family relationships with the husband. the clinton circle is gargantuan and the reason for the campaign is so people know what's going on, have control over it are the ones to push the message, not those who tangental things. >> what will be bill clinton's role? >> there's the role he might want to have and the role he'll take upon himself. that's one of the questions. supporting and loving spourks great advocate. those are the things they'd
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like. distraction and shiny object might be the other thing. >> thank you. let it begin. this weekend we talk with rand paul and. this is on "face the nation" on cbs. now, this could be another big step. a poll in cuba shows that 97% think that normalizing relations could be a good thing. 64% thing it will change its policy if not its politics. major garrett is traveling. good morning. >> good morning. every indication is that every indication the meet willing occur tomorrow. the big issue is removing cuba from the states that sponsor terrorism. when it comes to bartering, only
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u.s. can do that. that's a long way off. as we discovered here not without criticism or conflict. alt a town hall in jamaica president obama took a question now rippling through the region. why is he normalizing relations with cuba and what does he expect to change in havana? >> we'll don't have differences with the cuban government but we don't want to be imprisoned by the past. >> reporter: the president could announce removal from the state sponsored terrorism at the summit of americas which dictate dictator raul castro will attend for the first time. the kur racing substance, and date, however, remain unknown. cuba is one of the four nations on the terrorism list landing there in 1982. removing them from the list would allow them to why weapons from the u.s. and allow access to u.s. finance. >> i think it hat to be taken for what it is which is an
7:17 am
evidence-based decision on this issue of terrorism and a better way of defending our interest in cuba, including our interest in supporting human rights. >> reporter: human rights remain a big interest in cuban. arrests of cuban critics remain high. they clashed here wednesday. that's why perez traveled here. he's a prominent cuban dissident. invited as john boehner's guest at this year's state of the union address. he told us cuba's problems are not economic but political. repression is constant and dissidence must have a seat at the negotiates table. >> and he opposed them taking cuba off the list. he has powerful republican
7:18 am
friends who could allegedly try to keep cuba on the list but that could only proveto a presidential vetoetoveto. charlie? >> mayor rng thank you so much. a security guard is dead this morning after shooting at the agency's headquarters in. blees say police say the drive shot and killed buckner. the woman who was allegedly kidnapped is safe. round two of the masters begins this morning with everyone in the field looking up at one man and it's not tiger woods. he had some fris straighted moments in his first competitive round in february. he shot 573 which leaves him behind jordan speights. he scored eight under par. he was on fire.
7:19 am
we saw 65-year-old tom watson set a new standard. the two-time player became the oldest to shoot under par. he called his 71 a minor miracle. >> he looks great. >> so many were excited to see tiger three. he seems so much more. here comes the music. you can watch it tomorrow here on cbs. it continues sunday at 11:00asm. you can see highlights at 11:35 here on cbs. a hollywood star's real life terror. >> i hear someone banging on the door. 6. ahead, sandra bullock's 911 call about an
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's.
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a pioneering skydiver dies doing what she loved. ahead, the investigation into a midair collision that killed an elite parachutist. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's syrup. squeeze, stir, share. all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind. and helping her development. so why just clean your baby
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>> good morning, time for the friday forecast with fehlinger. we have some precipitation in? >> wet weather to talk about here ukee, actually got sort of three-part forecast just for one day. because we're starting off on chilly note. what you don't see on storm scan, since we don't have the satellite on there is the fact there is very low-lying clouds. so fog is a issue damp, somewhat drizzly but for the most part, any steadier showers or even thunderstorms that rumble through overnight are out of here. but eventually, we end one some late day thunder storms, and we'll sky rocket to 73 degrees, dropping back to the upper 40's tonight any storms this afternoon and evening could be locally strong or gusty. specially through delaware, south most new jersey. the weekend looks good, though.
7:27 am
mid 60s little breezy tomorrow, full sunshine, keep the them going on monday. vittoria? >> glad you have the good news katie we don't have much good news traffic wise. we get outside take a look at live mobile three at incident on the westbound down side of the ben franklin bridge. it is right at eighth and vine. overturned tractor-trailer only allowing two right lanes to get by on that westbound side. it doesn't look like much here. but, as we switch up the cameras little bit give you idea of the back up, look at this. no one is moving on the ben. so anyone traveling from new jersey into philadelphia, take another bridge. we'll keep you updated on the "cw" fill. >> i we do it again at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning detail on experienced sky diver who died during a jump.
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when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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this is michael bloomberg we're talking about. he's a billionaire, phammer mayor of new york city. he said college might not be for everyone. >> over the last 20 years college has skyrocketed. since 1978 tuition and fees have increase 1,120%. >> i did not expect that information. oh, my gosh. wait. how much was that again? wait. i'm still thirsty. >> 1,120%. >> larry wilmore is going to join us in the 8:00 water. something tells me he won't be spitting out his water here. >> he's hilarious. fantastic. really looking forward to that.
7:31 am
>> very well. congrats to him. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, norah as in o'donnell goes one on one with japanese ambassador caroline kennedy in japan. why she believes asia is the bigger story in the middle east. plus a desperate 911 call. how sandra bullock escaped an alleged stalker in her own home. it could have been much worse. that's ahead. it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the texas tribune said top texas lawmakers gather this morning. they'll help award. 13 were killed and more. the victims fought for the years to have the shooting classified as an act of krit sichlt it means they qualify for the medal
7:32 am
and the benefits that come with it. my san antonio, a an online if of the newspaper says jon hamm faced charges earlier in his ham reportedly reached a plea deal. the los angeles"los angeles times" says the two-page rambling handwritten note comes after durst was last month charged in the murder of a california woman in 2000. in the letter durst reportedly says my interest is football and on rachlt i said nothing about charges, crimes o trials. if you decide to use any of this, which is okay, please make the above clear. he's held in louisiana where yesterday he pleaded not guilty to charges. lauren hill who inspired us
7:33 am
with her courageous battle of cancer. we learn thad hill has died. last fall we sat down with hill who had a rare form of brain cancer and was only given months to live. in november she fulfilled a dream to play basketball. she called it the greatest day of her life. she also raised $1.5 million for research about her cancer. lauren hill was 19. >> very sorry to hear that norah. because she was so brave. i remember that interview. she was so brave and so determined and so many people pulling for her. >> we want to go back to fairdale, illinois where a giant tornado killed at least one person. the sheriff of the near by county said he's one of many to lose their homes. mike bettes is in fairdale where every structure in town was hit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we know at first light this morning revealing more of the damage here in fairdale. multiple tornados touched down
7:34 am
in northern illinois and you can see the extent of the damage here behind me. an apartment above, antique store below. they've cordoned off the town at this point. they won't lehtonen in as they resume a search and rescue this morning still searching for one. there was one fatality a woman in her 60s. as many as 11 people were treated for injuries and we know the national weather service will be on hand to determine the strength, the severity of this tornados. dramatic images of the tornados as they ripped through the towns of fairdale rochelle and more raingo. the governor has activated the emergency managers here so they'll be able to assist as well. and we also know that they'll be potentially letting folks back into their homes later on this afternoon. but a cool crisp windy morning seasonally different from what we saw yesterday. that's the latest here in fairdale. gayle, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, mike.
7:35 am
we will take it. thank you so much. this morning the man accused of stalking andrasandra bullock was in court yesterday. among the 26 counts stalking burglary, weapons charges. david begnaud shows us how bullock's panic 911 call is a key piece of evidence. >> i hear someone banging on the door. >> reporter: in a frantic 911 call actress sandra bullock is heard begging for help as she hides in an upstairs closet. >> i can't hear anything. i'm locked in my closet. >> prosecutors say bullock was startled by a loud bang inside her bel air home last june. according to prosecutors, the man she saw in her hallway was joshua corbett. >> i only saw dark sweatshirt and dark pants going up the stairs. >> reporter: corbett showed no
7:36 am
emotion as bullock's terrified 15-minute call for help was played for the judge. two officers who responded to the scene testified that when they entered the bel air home on june 8th 2014 they saw corbett walking down a staircase. >> he said i'm sorry, i love you, sandy rsh detective tina carlo city read a handwritten letter that corbett was carrying that morning in which he professes his love for bullock and said he wanted to have sex with her. he also mentioned her adopted sown louie who was not home at the time. >> i will forever think of you and louie my son for you are my wife by law and forever committed to me. >> he was not armed. later a search of his home police revealed an arsenal of weapons including a machine gone. >> all told ten handguns, 13
7:37 am
rifles and a shotgun very corbett has pleaded not guilty. his bail is set at more than $2 million. >> he's there because he thought he had a relationship with her, albeit delusional but he was not going to hurt her. >> there're's not a more clear cut case of stalking than this one. >> reporter: if convicted on all charges he faces up to 12 years in prison. for "cbs this morning" david begnaud, los angeles. japan's prime minister visits the white house later this month. it is something u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy is watching very closely. she opened up to us in her role as a diplomat and relationship on sunday's "650 minutes." here's a preview. do you have the president's ear? do you have a special relationship with him? >> well, i mean yes. it depends on what you mean by special relationship but if i feel i need to talk to him, i can. >> reporter: there's plenty to talk about.
7:38 am
what's going on in east asia kennedy believes, is the story of the century. >> and yet the news is dominated by the middle east. >> right. you guys are missing the story, okay? >> how. >> because what is going on out here in asia is there is so much opportunity for america. there is so much good will toward america. there is economic opportunity. >> ambassador kennedy is keen on a massive trade deal. the biggest since nafta that is now being negotiated among the u.s., japan, and ten other countries. but another issue is looming over east asia. the ascendance of china. relations between china and japan are tense. a booming china has quadrupled its military spending doesn't like japan, and has designs on islands the japanese considers theirs. what many americans may not know is the united states is obligated to come to japan's aid in case of an attack. how much does japan depend on
7:39 am
the u.s. to defend it? >> we are responsible for the defense of japan and we have a security treaty and so what's being debated here now is the ability of japan to come to the aid, for example, of us as we are being threatened. >> i want to see this. >> me too. >> it's not a ceremonial post. it's a big job and there are real issues at stake. >> how much contact dawes sandusky she have with the japanese people? >> a lot. we'll talk about that. thousands of people line up to see her. a little japanese lady hugging her and picking her up. she's treated like royalty because of her father's legacy. remember the history that a japanese destroyer shot her father's pt 109 point and he almost died. >> she seems to enjoy the role very much. thank you, norah. sorry.
7:40 am
jumped the gun. >> that's sunday right here on "60 minutes." >> that will be nor realah o'donnell o'donnell's interview. sorry about that. she was a trailblazer. the midair accident that claimed the life of a world-class athlete. and if you're heading off to work, you have errands to do, stuff to do, you don't have to miss the roast this broadcast or larry wilmore. set your dvr. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> look at the cherry blossoms. >> pretty. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at
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this morning investigators in florida are trying to determine what caused a midair collision that killed a pioneering skydiver. she died wednesday during a jump over the city. vinita nair is here with the inspirational life of the veteran thrill seeker. vinita, good morning. >> good morning. jessica edgington was a skydiving instructor and set two
7:45 am
word records in the sport. she was a member of the team dubbed the boys in blue. that was something she was very proud of. just 33 years old. jessica edgington was already in the upper echelon of her sport. an elite skydiver who had jumped from an airplane more than 6,500 times but on wednesday afternoon her parachute collided with another causing her to plum tote the ground. james was her teammate on the u.s. national team. >> she broke open barriers for a lot of female athletes who are doing pretty well. she was our amelia air heart and dorothy hamel. >> she competes all over the world. her special alt was canopy piloting or swooping which involved skimming over water at high speeds while navigateing
7:46 am
obstacles. she was proud to be selected to the team. >> it's not just to be the only girl but kind of by b the girl with the boys in blue. it's a pretty good feeling to know i made it. >> her death was the second sky dive to land this year. a navy s.e.a.l. died during a training jump during january. >> the fatality rate for skydiver is comparable to riding your bicycle, snowskiing waterboarding. busy sky zone. they're going to have their shares of accidents and sometimes the fatalities come in clusters. >> in a statement they said edgington frequently used its facility for military personnel. they added they found nothing in its equipment or procedures that affected the procedures. the faa and ntsb are investigating. >> that was a sad story. vice president joe biden
7:47 am
takes the custom of kissing babies, you could say, a little step further. why is this man wearing a >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let let's go places. to be bold where others are scared. to show her right from wrong. and realized my little girl had become
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7:52 am
senior black correspondent to his own show. ahead, see how he's offering a different take on the news even if it means wearing spandex. he is going to join us here live. gayle charlie, how excited are you? >> i'm looking forward to that. >> more coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> the two look pretty different? >> really every day part of today looks kind of difference from what we'll see previously so, we had some showers, even thunderstorms that rumble through last night, at this point the radar has essentially cleared out. little drizzle certainly low-lying fog, that's very well represented 37, chilly degrees, outside cut town area middle school. obviously the tell tail raindrops right there on the camera lens, too. >> should see little sunshine, sky rocket, and late this afternoon, early evening, see pretty nasty thunderstorms
7:57 am
rumbling through. >> not looking forward to that traveling the ben franklin bridge, still dealing with overturned tractor-trailer on the westbound side. that is as you make your way into philadelphia. locate in the philadelphia, right at eighth and vine. only allowing two rate lanes of traffic to get by, looking at mobile three live on the scene, tow truck in place they could potentially close the ben franklin bridge. and what that will do will stall all of this traffic. so anyone headed into philadelphia take one of the other bridges. we'll continue to keep you updated on the "cw philly". >> next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, newest member of the navy's blue angels. your local news continues, on the "cw
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
8:00 am
good morning. it is friday april 10th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including first ever female blue angel. we'll meet this ee legal navy unit. that's only on "cbs this morning." but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> oh, my god. that's violent, you guys. >> a tornado tore through this town. the front of this house has been completely ripped off. >> the severity captured by storm chasers yesterday. dramatic images. >> there's still a slight risk from the mid-atlantic stretching down the carolinas and gulf coast. >> suspect being tased. >> the san bernardino county sheriff did get a look at the
8:01 am
video and he said what he saw was disturbing. >> for days now we've been watching that video that first led to the charges. now we're seeing how he first met walter scott. >> how do you start out small it seems when your name is hillary rod ham clinton. >> it will be a challenge. >> president obama has that power. >> how much contact does she have with the japanese people? >> a lot. there are thousands of people that line up to see her. >> a new book is coming out in which a former white house staff member reveals there was tension between bill and hillary clinton. >> yes. the book is called "[ bleep ], everybody knows." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by subway. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. db a powerful line of storms.
8:02 am
it nearly destroyed a small town 80 miles west of chicago. >> this storm chaser got awfully close to the twister. it left a 50-mile path of damage. 1 died, 12 were hurt. 12 were trapped in a restaurant and they took shelter in a basement. they're all okay. that includes a list of republican presidential hopefuls looking to rally the base. nancy cordes is in washington on how their messages could transfer from major support for strong influence. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. almost every republican hopeful will be there with a couple of interesting exceptions and it's really high stakes because polls somehow half of the handguns and say they couldn't vote for someone who doesn't share their views of gun rights. even before today's convention the hunt for nra support had
8:03 am
already started. texas senator ted cruz brought up gun rights the day he announced his presidential bid. >> imagine the federal government protecting the rights of all to keep and bare arms. >> marco rubio voted to repeal the gun law last month and mike huckabee's book has the word "gun" right in the title. >> my normal hunting is duck tur kirks and deer. >> reporter: they and nine others will get a chance to make their case to the nra and by extension its 5 million members. >> the key to the nra is not necessarily the financial capability that it has, which is king can't but when they send out a letter and e-mail a telephone call people pay attention. they respond and they vote.
8:04 am
>> he made this. kentucky senator rand paul won't be speaking. it bills itself as more conservative. new jersey governor chris christie was left off the list too. in 2013 he criticized the ad which mentioned the obama girls. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> the idea that we're so early in this process as important and as powerful as the nra, the idea that they would say no to you that you can't even attend if i'm governor christie that would concern me. >> he has a "c" rating from the nra. he tightened gun restrictions. all of the hopefuls have "a" ratings except for ben carson
8:05 am
and donald trump because they've never ran before. up next we >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by subway.
8:06 am
try the new turkey italiano. subway. eat fresh. a deadly family mystery is facing new scrutiny. >> i'm erin moriarty 48 hours. local police were quick to call ashley fall as death a suicide, but did they overlook key evidence that could implicate her husband? that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:07 am
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8:11 am
the question in the shooting death of a young mother of three outside denver. ashley fallis was her name and her family is convinced that her husband fired the deadly bullet but he insists that she killed herself. "48 hours" bricks in its own forensic investigators to find some answers. here's a preview of tomorrow night's report by erin moriarty. >> reporter: at the beginning of their new year eve party ushering in 2012 there was no sign of any problems between tom and ashley fallis says her mom jenna. >> there was lots of laughter going on. they were having fun. >> reporter: but tom got angry later on in the party because he thought one of ashley's relatives hermann marijuana.
8:12 am
>> we saw him in a fit of rage. a fit of rage. we hugged and kissed her and that's the last time we saw her. >> reporter: she was in the bedroom with her three young children. tom told police he heard a shot. he was interviewed by investigators. >> so i was in the closet i heard her gun cock and i thought, what are you doing? i ran over to her and grabbed her head. i called noip and i told them the address and told them my wife shot herself. >> he shot her. >> i did not shoot my wife. >> reporter: within days the police ruled it a suicide. ashley's parents were outrage and wondering if tom's job as a corrections officer with the sheriff's department had something to do with that. >> were you expecting tom to be charged? >> yes, oh yes. we were shocked they let him go. >> reporter: ashley's family's spgss continued for the next two
8:13 am
years and then a reporter named jestin joseph got a tip. he began his own investigation aunld found and found witnesses who had seen and heard something startling. >> i saw him walk out. his parents were standing outside and he was saying, oh, i rks, my god, i can't believe i did it. his parents said what what are you saying. he he said, i shot her. >> reporter: they reopened the case with a different department investigating and "48 hours" hired an analyst to review the evidence and analyze whether this was really a suicide or something else. what happened to her is consistent with suicide. >> yeah, it could be but somebody could have also pulled that trigger and it could be a murder. >> so do you believe the evans police department rushed to
8:14 am
judgment on this case? >> absolutely. >> erin moriarty joins us at the table. erin they reopened the case. what happens now? >> he was -- they did a new investigation but did it much later from the event. he was indicted and he's been charged with murder. but the real problem is now that they gave back evidence? actually gave the gun back to him when they closed it as a suicide. but i think what happened here was that the evans police -- it's a small police department and they violated the cardinal rule that when there's an unexplained death you look at it first as a homicide and then you rule that out and then you can look at suicide. they did the opposite. >> it does seem to be conflicting stories in your story. >> well, it is. and the problem is he is very convincing and he was a member of the sheriff's department, he worked in corrections and i think the police department, these young officers and small inexperienced officers took his word for it too quickly. >> all right.
8:15 am
you can see saturday night what happens in this story. you can watch airplane's new report erin's report. it's called "death after midnight." that's here on cbs. making history can be a wild ride. >> 130, 120. push number, push number. >> reporter: michelle miller meet as woman pilot flying right through the glass ceiling with the blue angels. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:16 am
whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at
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a big whoosh. an air show in south carolina this weekend. they will be wowed by the blue angels. a new kind of history will take flight in the team. there's a woman in the cockpit. hip, hip, hooray. only on "cbs this morning" michelle miller took to the sky to see how she got her wings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when the navy originally created the blue angels way back in 1946, not only were they all men, the pilots they also had to be patch lores. now almost 70 years later the squad's mission of inspiring the next generation stays the same but the pilot roster has come a long way.
8:20 am
>> first 200 already. lift-off. >> reporter: it's the ride of a lifetime. pilots like her have spent a lifetime training for it. >> i got my pilot's license when i was 17. i wanted to fly the fastest thing they could give me and this is it. the hornet is it. >> reporter: i'm just the passenger. the captain is carrying on the legacy of the most famous flying squad in america, the u.s. navy blue angels. for eight months each year this team of ten pilots tour air shows around the country, demonstrating staggering feats of aerial precision, sometimes as close as 18 inches apart.
8:21 am
>> you're looking at the paint scheme, the rivets on the side of the aircraft. >> reporter: since the team launched in 1946 a hall a bill billion spectators have watched the blue angels. these are the sites they're used to seeing. this isn't. >> the clouds are better. they're not as blue. >> reporter: u.s. marine corps captain katy higgins is the first female pilot in the 69-year history of the team. >> i saw the blue angels fly when i was a young kid. i was definitely inspired by that. >> sh'se's a third generation pilot. >> it's a great family legacy to have that's for sure. >> reporter: now she's providing the inspiration. >> i think by including a lady on the team that just shows little girls and guys that women can do whatever they put their mind to. >> have little girls come up to
8:22 am
you and said that? >> definitely. little girls came up to me and toldmy they didn't know ladies could fly the aircraft that is correct they could be in the cockpit. >> they've been in the military cockpits for more than 20 years. >> why did it take so long for a woman to get with this team? >> we do a very thorough interview where they get to know each one of us and fiechbld the right person for the team next year and so it just so happened that they haven't had a female pilot that's fit quite perfectly. >> it's not that we weren't ready. we're just looking for the right person. >> captain tom froshangels, one of 17 officers who voted for higgins on the team. >> what are the challenges of integrating a female pilot on the team. >> i would say we haven't had any. any female can fly any aircraft in our inventory. >> are there any institutional chamgs? >> i don't believe sew.
8:23 am
>> but it was challenged last year when a former commander was found guilty when he was found to have committed obvious and repeated offenses and lewd practices. >> what do you say to people of the timing with making captain higgins a pilot of the blue angels convenient. >> when we selected members of the team i was give zero pressure to select a female. >> honestly i would tell them to watch the demo. they can't tell the difference between i and the other two pilots on here because i fly it just as well as they do. >> reporter: that quickly becomes obvious to anyone sitting in the cockpit of the angels c-130 nicknamed "fat albert." a plane higgins flies. it may not go as fast but it is every bit as integral to the show and the ride is no less thrilling. >> taking off. 130, 120.
8:24 am
push number, push number. >> i definitely didn't come on the team to break any barriers or anything like that. that definitely wasn't my agenda. it just so happened that i was the first female to perform in a demo here and if that is inspiring to people, if that's inspiring to little girls around the country then i'm doing my job. >> that's so cool. >> it was cool. you know i was a bit skeptical because she is flying the c-130. she's not flying the jet. she's not flying the hornet. and i asked her that. i said you know why aren't you flying that plane. she said that's my choice. this is the bird i love. so, you know maybe in another if you'res. >> what was it like for you in. >> for me? >> yeah. >> i flew both planes. not flew them but -- >> you were behind them. >> i went 7.2 gs. and i have to tell you i had more fun flying in that c-130 than i did --
8:25 am
>> i flew 7 gs >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> in the news, investigators are searching for the cause after early morning fire in montgomery county. broke out 4:30, 1400 block of whoos err driver in wynnecote cheltenham township. that's hine the cheltenham mall. that fire we're told was under control, rather quickly no injuries. katie has your five day for cats, we have some rain moving this way. >> we certainly do. and that wet weather at least initially has cleared out for us. might find damp conditions, fine mist, drist he will. eventually though, we should see some breaks in the clouds for little bit of sunshine, and that is what it looks like, starting to happen here on storm scan, we do generally still have a lot of clouds. and then later in the day.
8:26 am
cold front comes through. so there is like three-part to this forecast for you. with some late day thunder storms 73 degrees, so sky-rocketing on the thermometer, and later tonight, we start to clear out, worth mentioning some of the storms could be busy, strong especially delaware, south most new jersey, weekend looks beautiful. and so does monday. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. good morning so we finally have now a tow truck on scene of the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge, overturned tractor-trailer notice that they've hooked it up to this crane here, to upright it. and finally get it cleared out of the way. now, i had imagine that they would close the ben franklin bridge to get this out. but it seems to be that they are still allowing traffic to get through. however, it is still a squeeze, from new jersey into philadelphia. so if you are traveling the ben franklin, or plan to, i would suggest not. take any other bridge that you can right now at to will look whole lot better. elsewhere if you are traveling northbound trooper road we are dealing with a incident here, we will be providing more details on that on the
8:27 am
"cw philly". >> thank you let's do it again at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, new host of comedy central's show the nightly show, for more local news weather traffic and sports zero we're on the "cw philly" on these
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to thk. coming up in this half hour larry wilmore is keeping it for real for real. we'll show you how his new late night comedy is keeping everyone accountable. >> they played this at your wedding. >> and i still like it. >> more than the wedding. >> yeah you're right. vicente arenas shows us how one man is walking up the east coast. the round trip, the road trip on foot to help those who stepped up for our country. that is ahead. >> gayle remembers everything. right now it's time to show you
8:31 am
some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" looks at handouts to rich people. among those handouts the yacht tax deduction for big boats that can be considering a second home and gambling loss deductions which lets people deduct gambling losses up to the amount earned. who knew that? >> i wish i had a yacht tax deduction. yachts are very nice. taylor swift has revealed on her facebook page her mom has cancer. he urged her to get screened. she said quote, she wanted you know because your parent mace be juggling too many things and don't have time to go to the doctor. maybe you should remind them to go get checked for cancer. she said he's not revealing what type of cancer her mom has or what they're going through right now but she wanted to say to other, please go get checked, which is great advice. >> i think it is. people get busy and you don't go
8:32 am
to the doctor. i do it myself. >> i know, norah. one time i missed two years. good lesson for us all. "the new york times" says eddie murphy will receive the prestigious mark twain prize for american humor. "the new york times" calls him a fearless observer of society who's years ahead of his time. he ool be honored for stand jupp comedy and years of work on "saturday night live." larry wilmore. comedy central is seeing the detar tur of both jon stewart and stephen colbert by wilmore bring as proven come by track record to the night show. >> attention all black people who watch "the daily show." the three of you need to listen vary carefully. >> there was no grey area with larry's comedy when he became the senior black correspondent in 2006. >> well we have overcome.
8:33 am
disney's making a movie starring a black princess. and we only had to get through a native american princess an arab princess a chinese princess. even a half fish princess. >> for eight years his quick wit brought a satirical spin to race topics. >> the race card. >> but wilmore's talent extends well beyond the supporting role. he wrote "in living color," produced "the bern in mack show," and "the office". >> let's celebrate. >> celebrate. >> celebrate good times. come on. >> in january he took on a new role as host of the his own late night program, comedy century. >> will he lose or will he not win? is suspense is killing me.
8:34 am
>> a pizza place say it would refuse to indicator guy wedding. i know two pizza lovers who are going to be very disappointed. and last night he even hosted the show in spandex. >> that's right. >> proving anything goes. >> larry wilmore. hilarious. he joins us at the table. >> the reason why he wore the spandex he said if duke won, he would wear spandex. >> all right. >> he was hating on duke. >> i wasn't -- >> you were pulling for wisconsin, hating on duke. >> i do not think the world really wants to see me in spandex. >> you're the boss. you didn't have to do that. >> the world wants ss dune to win. >> i think so. i would have had to have worn a suit of armor if they won. >> what's so excitinger your show, so many people are frad to
8:35 am
talk about race and you go all the way in all the way in my beige brother, why? >> well it is that third rail. it's a conversation where people say they want to have that dialogue. you know i was -- dialogue is one thee at cal convention. why not have a sill illoh question first. you can have fun and have a conversation at the same time. >> when you got the call to take over steve colbert's base what went through your mind not in terms of excitement, but how do you fashion a show that's unique to follow? >> very challenging. and the steve colbert, who's this guy? it's very intimidating to follow in steven's footsteps. thank god john had it first.
8:36 am
he wanted to take the point of the view of the underdog. the under dog can take on any form. kit be race class gendering it can be iej local cal. it can be all sorts of things. one of the first shows was about the cosby allegation. >> you went hard on him. >> i did. i said those are the underdogs. i have no problem taking on that point of view. >> was that the advice that jon stewart gave you? >> jon stewart's advice was be funny. >> whatever you do. >> you know his advice was don't be a host. jump in and be yourself. i thought that was the best advice i could get. very difficult by the way. >> to be yourself. >> i know. >> stephen colbert is funny. >> by himself he's funny. >> you walk in the studio. it's gotten your name all over the place. >> i know. >> have you gotten used to it?
8:37 am
>> no. that part i'm not comfortable with that. not only my name but my big head. >> they said look for larry. before he was famous famous. now he's going to be famous. hes with cable famous. >> only the people that recognize you know you. now when you get to be too famous, you get people who think you suck. >> >> i got you. >> they say this guy surges. >> you're sitting in the room that has walter cronkite's map. you got a peabody and walter cronkite gave it to you. >> one of my heroes. i had to do an impression of him when he gave it to me. >> let's hear it. >> i said i never imagined walter cronkite would say my name. larry wilmore was arrested yesterday. i always wanted to be an
8:38 am
astronaut. astronaut larry wilmore blasted off or former astronaut larry wilmore was arrested yesterday. it was an honor. >> have you always wanted to be on air? >> that's an interesting question. i think i did when i was younger, but i enjoyed work behind the scenes. >> being a producer writing. >> yes. the puzzle of putting it together. the act doing is better than the attention. >> i get that. >> you got fired, larry, from the show you created "the bernie mac show." how does that happen? >> those things happen. it happened to people much more important than me. you learn a lot of life less sons. you learn to pick yourself back up, get back in the game and make the best out of it. those things didn't happen but i was still proud of that show.
8:39 am
>> how much news do you consume? what do you watch? >> i consume a ridiculous amount of news. way too much than an average person does. >> but it's the heart of what you do. >> yeah. i watch mainly news and sports. >> any show in particular? >> my morning show is this one right here. i have to tell you. i switched to this show. i like you guys a lot. you keep it real. >> who did you switch from? >> i switched from -- >> we're going to take a break. can you stay? >> of course. i have other people watching your show now too. >> we'll be right
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're back with larry wilmore, the host of the nightly show. >> we didn't want to let you go. >> host of the comedy central show. let's talk about golf. you are obsessed. >> i am obsessed with golf. jordan spieth was one of my early picks. i like him because he's got stuff. you can see it in his face. he's a young guy, 21. that's what i'm talking about. >> what do you think of tiger's face? >> you know what? i think tiger's making a turnaround. >> i thought that too.
8:44 am
did you see how happy he was in the interview? >> bringing kids to the park. he's trying to be human. he's trying to bring that human element back to golf. he had that with his dad. forget about your swing, tiger. be a guy, play some golf. >> let's talk about your segment. i love. you put people on the spot. keep it a hundred about trevor noah. >> what do you want to know? >> do you think it would have happened if he were white? >> what would have happened? >> very difficult to keep it 100. >> fair enough fair enough. >> might have had a chance. >> there's this controversy about his tweets. >> let's be clear. young jon stewart would have had problems following the young present-day jon stewart. anybody would have had difficulty. of course, impeachment dough know whoa h see.
8:45 am
i have not met him. >> all black people know each other. >> not south african brothers. it's that time difference. >> i got you. >> once you cut off the time difference you know maybe i do know him. but anybody's going have a hard time following jon. because you don't know him, people have to paint a picture so people are using whatever they had. i think once he's doing the show, those things will go away. >> his dream interview is the pope. >> i'm catholic. i think the pope is one of the most fascinating people of our time. >> what would you ask him first? >> should popes get married? yeah, absolutely. should priests get mayed i think is an important question and -- i don't know what i would ask second. >> that suggests you have an opinion on it as a catholic. >> i think they should. >> were you a funny kid? >> i suppose so. my brother and i always made jokes and made each other laugh,
8:46 am
that type of thing. so i like making people laugh, so i suppose that made me funny, i guess, in that way. >> great to have you here. >> it's so much fun being here. >> keep watching. >> keep watching. >> thanks charlie. i appreciate it. you guys keep it 100 in the morning. >> we will. >> and you keep it at par. >> that's right. >> larry wilmore, thank you so much. "the nightly show" airs monday through thursday. what? you can't do a fifth day? >> slacker. >> i've got to get ready. >> we should be like him. still ahead, the unforgettable moments of the week. that's ahead. ready to get rid of that old mower and move up to a honda well, you couldn't have picked a better time
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that does it for us. as we leave you, let's take a look back at the week that was. have a good weekend. >> take it easy.
8:50 am
>> we watched a marathon run a race. >> regardless of whether dzhokhar tsarnaev gets life or death, closure is complicated. >> the toerchd tore through this town of 200 killing at least one person. >> when it hit definitely we knew it hit. >> michael slager remains in a jail behind me but that hasn't silenced the public's response to the cell phone video. >> the white house officials say that the hack took place last fall. >> there's always vulnerability. that's why we have a classified system. >> we've come to take our country back. >> he's been the least coy about his ambitions. >> he got away scot-free. >> this is a smack in the eye to the security and confidentiality of scott land yard. >> phi kappa psi is fighting back. >> anyone who mentioned this fraternity is thinking gang rape. >> it's inevitable. >> he's been hugling virtually every player he's run across.
8:51 am
>> i've worked my ass off. >> by lifting sanctions means a stronger more capable iran. >> the sanctions were put in place to bring them to negotiations enthusiasm that they've negotiated they're going to say oh my gosh now we're goc to lift them. it doesn't work. >> the blue devils are the national championships. >> reporter: there it is. >> the little guy. >> i've never been closer to a group of guys my entire life. >> i agree. >> we don't do a rent-a-player. you know what we mean. >> duke doesn't do a rent-a-player. >> we have one of the greatest in the world. >> it was so nerve-racking. >> i wascoaching but -- >> the masters is now officially under way. >> oh my goodness major garrett.
8:52 am
nomos dei, major garrett. >> quiet down there. >> when you're watching with your husband or your kids -- he might not agree with me. >> who wins those arguments? >> i do. >> are you ready to get this cancer about you? let's do it. >> can you ever think it possible the strongest person you would know would be a little girl? >> no. i honestly didn't know what true strength was. >> my children now know that their great, great, great, great grandmother -- >> was an african slave. >> this summer i'm going to retire. >> oh, no. >> i'll let you start, bob, since it's your show. >> i've played a bunch of real life people and usually they're furious that i'm playing them. you've got to imagine. oh, my god, brad pitt is playing this guy? leonardo decap priya? who's playing me. oh, okay. >> i have to tell you i switched to this show.
8:53 am
i like the show ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting
8:54 am
for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
8:55 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we have big issues coming into philadelphia right now. crews are still removing an overturned tractor-trailer from the ben franklin bridge. that truck flipped over around 7:00 on the philadelphia side of that bridge, this morning. mobile three on the scene as it was uprighted just a few minutes ago. it is now off to the side. there are no reports of any injuries. authorities are investigating the circumstances. we do want it get to vet tore y this has really snarled traffic all morning. >> absolutely, erika and severely, you know, it is interesting, when you look at it from that van tonight point, sky looks clear doesn't look that busy, last camera shot, wasn't from too long ago, but as we take a live look, it is rainy hazy, foggy, and the damage is
8:56 am
already done on the ben. jammed from jersey down toward eighth and vine to the scene of the incident, even though it has been uprighted. still blocking, two left lanes, and still causing a big old problem. we also have a problem for kelly drive commuters closed between strawberry mansion and fountain green drive. your best alternates, martin luther king drive or the schuylkill multiple vehicle accident. kelly drive avoid in any sort of weather even sprinkle. speaking of sprinkle a check on weather katie. >> yes, looks as though it is little more sprinkles for us, svelt tore ya, the day goes on. should see the fog and the mist start to lift out. we should get at least some sunshine. that is what will help us sky rocket to the mid or low 70s here today. you can see basically that any wet wet their was visible on the radar has long since retreated but again still find some of the damp weather fine mist out there for now and then later today some thunderstorms start to erupt with the cold front passage that's where potential for strong or locally severe wet letter come in, especially to the southern most counties,
8:57 am
but gusty heavy rain, you know talking frequent lightning out of any of the storms that erupt then it all bodes very well for couple of days beyond this point including the weekend. erika, back to you. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a good morning.
8:58 am
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>> if it's happening, we are covering it. >> what she is saying about her shrinking frame. and cancer on a plane, why this woman was kicked off her flight. plus, the new blood pumping trend on the rise with seniors. and a 20-year-old has a heart attack during plastic surgery and what the doctors did will shock you. all new "the doctors." >> hello, welcome everyone. it's friday, so time for your help headlines in our news feed friday. nobody, i mean nobody wants to get sick on a plane but could you get kicked off for an illness that even contagious? >>


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