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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  April 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new this morning, two cars collide on columbus boulevard what police are saying about the driver who allegedly caused this crash. also, we're live with the latest on the severely disabled man abandoned in a wooded area of cobbs creek. and an arrest warrant has been issued for his mother. and a frantic scare in washington d.c. u.s. capitol lock down for a gunman. it is sunday, april 12th, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. let's send it over to carol. it sound like we have a nice day on top. >> that is an under statement we have an unbelievably gorgeous day shaping up. it was windy yesterday nicole and everybody else but today not windy. temperatures will be warmer. the the sun will be out. it looks like a stellar day.
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it is gorgeous out there already this morning. the it is still dark but still beautiful. ben franklin bridge from campbell's feel camera, you can see blue skies there. look at the sunrise starting to come up at the shore just a magnificent looking day, starting already now. we will head out to the palmyra cove nature parkas we so often do on our neighborhood weathernet work and you can see the city on have philadelphia we have a temperature of 38 degrees n some locations we may be picking up frost. the just a word to the wise for that early growing season. storm scan three nothing going on and you can see there is not much going on and we love this look on the weekend. really all over the northeastern united states. the it is nice to see weather quieting down. temperature 40 degrees in philadelphia but notice allentown is 31. millville is 35. atlantic city is 30. that is why as we head through our outlying areas you may encounter some frost. the just watch out for that and you may find some on our windshield. forty in philadelphia.
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wind are coming out of the northwest if they are in the calm they are out of the northwest and in the strong, one of the reasons these temperatures were allowed to drop with those calm kind. where we fine winds that is where you'll not find frost. our temperatures today getting all the way to 68 degrees with sunshine, all day long, beautiful forecast, and it is not the the only one on the seven day. i will will show thaw coming up nicole. >> all right thank you. new this morning dui charges in an overnight car crash, this was the scene in queen village, columbus boulevard and christian street. two cars collided just before 2:30 a.m. police say a male driver was under the influence and two women were inside the other car. an arrest warrant is issued for a philadelphia woman accused of abandoning her disabled son. police say the the 21 year-old victim was left in the woods and had been living there for five taste. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio joins us live this morning with more
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on that story cherry. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. a tragic story. police are planning to charge 41 year-old nila parlor for abandoning her 21 year old quadriplegic son in the wooded area of cobbs creek. they will charge parlor with aggravated assault reckless endangerment and other crimes. the as you can see from the video parlor left her son this this park on monday. the the young man has cerebral palsy, non-verbal and wheelchair bound his entire life. luckily on friday night someone walking in this section found the 21 year-old lying in the pile of leaves. his wheelchair besides him. the his only tools for defense is a blanket and a bible. authorities rushed the young man to chop where he is stable. his injuries include a deep cut on the back dehydration and malnutrition issues. as a result of being outside for five days without food and
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water. his mother was in maryland where she went to be with the boyfriend. she lied to officials at the the boy's school telling him he was safe with her in mar land. >> this kiddies obviously a fighter. it is inn believable how we found him out there laying there. just heart break to go see another human especially your mother can treat someone like that when you had all of the opportunity in the world to turn that kid over to the family members that wanted to care for him. there was in reason to do what she did with this particular child. we're fortunate here today this kiddies surviving and doing very well. >> reporter: police say the young man is currently stable here at chop with family members at his side. he will be transferred to an adult facility. as for his mother, police say maryland authorities are in contact with her and they expect to get her in custody and back in pennsylvania by monday. now police say that this is a multi part investigation. the the first parties getting
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the young man stable, second parties getting mother behind bars. third parties figuring out how and why this could have happened. live outside children's hospital, cherry greg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police make an arrest in the abduction and a assault that happened in the jewelers row section of the city. the sources confirmed to "eyewitness news" thaws 31 year-old khiry gay was arrested last night in south carolina last saturday three men snatched a five three-year old woman from a parking garage, drag her in the burgundy van and beat, robbed and used a taser on her for hours. she was eventually found in the darby township cemetery and hospitalized. the the u.s. capitol is open once again the the building went into lock down after a man shot and killed himself outside the building. cbs news correspondent mark albert report now from capitol hill. >> reporter: capitol will police and witnesses say man still unidentified walk up to
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the front of the u.s. capitol with the suitcase and gun, robert bishop stood with his bicycle will a few feet away. >> i was talking to somebody. she looked over and said he had has a gun. i turnaround and saw the guy with the sign. he had just shot himself. >> reporter: bishop said the man collapsed after one shot. >> woman was crying and started to duck down and wanting to run. another girl was crying she was looking over my shoulder. she saw him shoot himself. >> reporter: the the capitol was put in lock down. police block off the area and bomb squad technicians inspect the scene. jeff harrison is from northern virginia and heard a pop. >> what did you think it was. >> i thought it was a fire cracker. >> and then what did you see. >> we saw a lot of police vehicles gather around the capitol. >> reporter: inside tourist were told they could leave. elizabeth heyes is visiting from pittsburgh and stuck in the capitol visitors center for more than two hours along with 100 other tourist. >> you are sitting there, you don't have any information.
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what are those minutes like. >> they are excruciating. it felt like hours. >> reporter: police have not revealed shooter's motive orr weapons were found. lock down was lifted after two and a half hours. mark albert for cbs news, capitol hill. 6:07 right now. the historic meeting in panama. president obama sat down with one on one with cuba's president raul castro. the the president returned home late last night. they spoke on saturday afternoon the first time american and cuban leaders have had substantial meet initial american 50 years. both countries are looking to move past decades of animosity to renew diplomatic ties. >> the united states will not be imprisoned by the past. we're looking to the future and the pol will cyst that improve the lives of the cuban people and advance the interests of cooperation in the hemisphere.
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>> president obama announced in december that he was reopening relations with cuba. u.s. sanction as begins the the communist country however must be lifted by congress. president castro says he is willing to discuss ongoing issues. well to day could be the the day for hillary clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady is expect to announce her presidential candidacy via social media this has been rumored for some time now. clinton ran in 2008 but lost the democratic nomination to president obama. early polls have shown clinton is favorite to win the parties 2016 many in nation. the day a after clinton is expect to make her candidacy official, florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his own presidential bid. he will deliver a speech tomorrow in miami, the republican would bypass second term in the senate in order to run for president. in the race for philadelphia's next mayor the candidates talk immigration, at the a forum on saturday. "eyewitness news" at the
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german society auditorium on spring garden street. candidates fielded questions about key immigration issues like education language access and government representation. forum was sponsored by a group called united voices for philadelphia. you can see candidates talk about the issues facing the city on the moving philadelphia forum, maryland rated by our very own ukee washington. it airs this morning at 11:00 on our sister station the cw philly. it is 6:09. returning to the ruble coming up next on "eyewitness news", residents of the tornado ravaged town survey what is left of their home for the first time since thursday's storm and for many have of them there is nothing left. also ahead there are hundreds of diets to choose from out there but which works the the the best? coming up, the the the two topping the list for helping people lose the the weight and keep it off. it was a sunny saturday so what can we expect today and also for the workweek ahead? carol returns with the the
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eyewitness weather
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one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) back now on "eyewitness news" and for the first time since deadly tornadoes cut a path of destruction across illinois, some residents were allowed back to survey damage on saturday. the as cbs's dean ren are folds reports many were wondering if their homes were even still standing. >> reporter: fair dale illinois was never much more than a small dot on the map and now it is less than that.
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about 70 buildings were either destroyed or damaged here on thursday, power remains out for most of the 150 residents and the clean up is just beginning. thirty-six hours after the the twister hit bright sunshine illuminated the scope of the disaster. >> we have a lot on the road ahead of us. >> reporter: tj rigs lost his business and apartment where he lived right above it. >> my first reaction i cannot say on tv but my second reaction is just, you know, everything is gone, i don't know what to do. >> reporter: twister that hit fair dale was half mile wide with a trail that ran nearly 30 miles long. two people died and 22 were injured as the storms tore through northern illinois. along with utility crews fair dale's neighbors are picking through the debris and that is all it really is. two count that is suffered the brunt of the storm have been designated disaster areas by the the governor. soon, the people of fair dale will have to deciding whether
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to rebuild where the the tornadoes footprint is now so cruelly visible or leave the painful memories behind and start over someplace, anyplace else. dean reynolds for cbs news chicago. >> tough images to see right there. 6:14 right now. philadelphia mayor michael nutter kick off eighth annual philly spring clean up. mayor nutter join volunteers and local officials at germantown park. clean up effort is city wide. tens of thousands office people combed the streets and park throwing away trash and making sure philly is ready for spring as part of the individual clean up projects. "eyewitness news" caught up with mayor nutter after the event. >> i am so proud of philadelphia's all across the city. dave perry and don carlton over at the streets department, they have done a fantastic job and out done themselves. 600 projects all across the the city of philadelphia. >> love to see that in past year spring clean up effort have resulted in millions of pound of trash and recycling
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being removed from the city of philadelphia. 6:15 right now. turf say yesterday was pretty nice. you are saying today even better. >> even better. watch what you toss toss it where it should go in the beginning and we went have to have massive clean up days. the such a simple solution and one you can do so easily. we are looking at sun coming up, so beautiful at the shore this morning. it is beautiful. i know in your neighborhood because everybody is getting the same kind of wet they are morning. the bright and gorgeous. this almost looks like a cactus in arizona with the sunrise coming up. this is out in kutztown. this is like the desert at night we get really cold. 28 degrees below freezing in kutztown this morning. one of the reasons our areas are still, this morning looking at that frost advisory for growing season that has just gotten underway. we have a temperature of 31 in allentown and reading, 35 in millville. thirty in atlantic city.
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these are colder temperatures. warmer by contrast 40 degrees through the philadelphia area. twenty-eight in quakertown. doylestown 34. the mount holly at that freezing mark. you may fine frost out there and or on your windshield. the wind such as they are and they are not much, fortunately, i hepp they got rid of their angst and blew themselves out because now they are calm and or 3 miles an hour. not much in the way of wind today at all which makes today even nicer. storm scan three is showing no problems at all, in fact, we have got no problems all the way from maine, all the way over through chicago and points west of that. this is a nice looking day, but i mentioned the frost and frost advisory until 8:00. you can see it the in the northern suburbs and sections of south jersey as well. so it is for the growing season but obviously if it is that cold make sure your pets are also kept warm because it is cold in some spots this morning but we don't stay that way. this afternoon everybody out
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at the park if you can. temperatures will be getting in the 60's today upper 60's we have stopped at 63 right on target yesterday where we should have been what was forecast unlike friday when it never warmed up but anyway we will get and see some of these 70's. we should see them on monday, at least 70 degrees on monday and another day of lots of sunshine. then this front comes through. some areas pick up a shower. temperatures stay in the 60's. it is a cold front but not much going on witt. as far as what we can expect future weather, we will keep it clear here through this afternoon. we will keep it clear through tomorrow. a few high cloud on monday afternoon and then tuesday net that is front goes through. this computer model says a a lot in the morning goes to the north, still wants to bring something through in the middle of the afternoon. we will see whether that happens. tuesday is a day with the cold front coming through. otherwise today is day to get out. sixty-eight philadelphia. shore 55.
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poconos 65. usually when i show you wind is there a wind gust of 25 to 40 miles an hour. not today. wind of 5 miles an hour. these temperatures are great. forty-five for our temperature tonight. then through the the next couple days 65 to 68 degrees today. it will be a nice one. tomorrow we are in the 70's. the tuesday wednesday thursday we are in the 60's. it looks like a really nice week coming up, nicole. >> carol thank you. on the healthwatch where we are taking a look at diet programs with so many of them available today how do you know which ones work? it is a question millions of americans ask all the time and now researchers say they have the answer. health reporter stephanie stahl has the results. >> reporter: yoga wasn't always so easy for niry the the four three-year old was recovering from hodgkin's lymphoma and was overweight. today she's 22-pound lighter. >> my lifestyle started to change because of weight watchers. >> reporter: review of 11
6:19 am
commercial weight loss programs find weight watchers and jenny craig are most effective for helping people lose weight and keep it off. >> on average weight watchers participant lost 6-pound at the two month mark. jenny craig lost about 15-pound at 12 month march. >> reporter: report although average weight loss is modest health benefits are significant. >> for some people a commercial program might be the right answer for them. it has to be something that physicians consider as part of their arsenal or their toolbox in thinking about weight management. however they are not the necessarily the right answer for all patients. >> reporter: she says weight watchers smart phone app that tracks her food and activity had has beenes specially helpful with the meet that is she regularly attends. >> i interact. i get support. i can raise my hand and talk about things and get advice. >> reporter: study found and, promising, short term weight loss results but there wasn't enough evidence og whether
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that program help dieters keep the weight off. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime stephanie stahl was on hand for great cause at the rittenhouse hotel. lingo was fundraiser to help filed muscular dystrophy. the event was organize by cure duchen, the deadliest and most common form of muscular dystrophy. there is no current treatment or cure for the condition. 6:20. it is the end of the era a on cbs news, legendary news man bob schieffer a announced that he is retiring back where it the all began. coming up next we will look at his remarkable career plus this... a 21 year-old texan is on top of the leader board in the masters. i'm omar villafranca with the
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roman catholics and protestants marked easter last week and today easter orthodox believe followers were resurrect 2,000 years ago. in egypt christians attended midnight mass holding candles and praying. dimitri medicine went and president vladamire putin celebrated at cathedral of christ savior in moscow. this past week we have learn after 50 years with cbs in that bob schieffer is hanging up the microphone. he announced he is retiring this summer. cbs news correspondent susan
6:24 am
mcginnes has the the story. >> it has been a great adventure. >> reporter: schieffer made the announcement at tcu his alma matter at the journalism school named after him saying he wanted to end it where it began. >> as a little will boy, as a young reporter, i always wanted to be a journalist. >> reporter: still in college he landed his first job at a small fort worth radio station earning a dollar an hour, his first job at cbs came in 1969, quite by accident. >> i later found out i had walked in on someone else is a point. and they thought in the beginning i was the the other guy. >> reporter: now 78, schieffer has been the network's chief washington correspondent for nearly two decade. >> face the nation with chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. >> reporter: he has interviewed every president since eisenhower in 2005 he boosted ratings for "cbs evening news" filling in as anchor after dan rather's departure. overall he is best known asking the the questions that average americans want
6:25 am
answered. >> what the heck is going on, can you explain to me what is going on? that is very bob schieffer to me. >> reporter: but after covering countless presidential campaigns schieffer will not ab licensing for 2016. >> i couldn't have asked for a better life or something that was more fun and more fulfilling. >> reporter: sunday mornings will never be the same. susan mcginnes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is for sure. incredible career. you can catch bob schieffer on face the nation at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. we will get a live look a head of the broadcast when we talk to bob as we do every single unday in our 8:30 half an hour. right now a young texas golfer is the darling of the this years master tournament, 21 year old jordan spieth is looking for that green jacket as he takes a four stroke lead in the final round of augusta. here's cbs news correspondent omar villafranca.
6:26 am
>> reporter: it was another record setting day for 21 year old jordan spieth, he posted the lowest 54 hole score in masters history. >> i am just anxious to get started but when i got out there and saw a couple putt. go in i felt really comfortable. >> reporter: spieth wasn't the only one getting hugovations at augusta national. three time champion phil mickelson had a spectacular round and only five strokes off the lead. tiger wood birdie three holes in the the row at one point and remain the crowd favorite. spieth may not have the name recognition of wood or mickelson but fourth rang player in the world does have a growing legion of fans. >> it has been great watching him, coming up, and it is almost like he is a phenom like tiger. >> man, what a great way to make your mark here at masters, you will win.
6:27 am
>> reporter: spieth will be pared sun take with justin rose. rose birdie five of the six to finish four strokes hib the leader. in augusta georgia omar villafrana for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". masters sunday. coming up next on "eyewitness news" hundreds line up to pay their respects for south carolina man shot and killed by a police officer. what walter scott's family attorney told reporters after the funeral. it is one really big rock where a giant boulder is causing traffic headaches. and hey if you like yesterday well you'll love today, carol is back with what you can expect today when we
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enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural
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calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. today, it is sunday april 12th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer at 6:30 let's send it over to carol with today's forecast which sound amazing carol. >> it is probably best weather day we have seen any don't even know how long. >> we're due, we will take it. >> we are. the temperatures will be great. we will be well up in the 60's. the wind will not be as strong. usually every weekend if you get the sunshine you get two things you don't like. today you'll like sky conditions, wind and the temperatures. we've got great looking shot here. look at this at center city fill amount notice sun glistening off the buildings,
6:31 am
gist a beautiful cloud free sky, sun coming up in atlantic city beautiful reflecting an that water just a gorgeous start there. heading out to reading in the neighborhood weathernet work. 36 degrees, no wind but it is no wind that is leading to a frost advisory and i'll show thaw in a second. forty at the the airport in philadelphia, that is one of the warmer spots. the the other one is 42 in dover. otherwise we have temperatures below freezing mark. thirty in atlantic city. thirty-one in allentown at this point. cold start to the morning. that is because we have seen clear skies overnight, very light wind and that allows these temperatures to plumet. we have calm wind in many locations a and maybe 3-mile an hour wind through philadelphia leading to the frost advisory that runs until 8:00 this morning. this is set up for the very beginning of the growing season where your plants won't need any frost but they may find some through south jersey iron northern and western suburbs. just take that note of
6:32 am
precaution. otherwise temperatures today sunny and beautiful. our high temperatures this a afternoon getting up in the 60's and then again wind will be light and that makes it feel so much better. we have another day or two you may really like on that seven day forecast and i will show thaw coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning a woman is taken to the hospital have after she is shot in delaware county this happened on macdade boulevard in wood land. police roped off a small a area outside rs club. they say that woman suffered non-life threatening injuries. there is in word on a suspect or motive but you no arrest has been made. in north philadelphia a shooting near girard college a 49 year-old man was shot three times in the back on justin street. he was taken to temple hospital where he is new listed in critical condition. this happened just before 3:30 this morning. philadelphia police are looking for would the man whom they say abandoned her disabled son. authorities located the 21 year-old victim in the wooded
6:33 am
area near cobbs creek parkway and now a warrant is out for his mother's arrest. the reporter cher ri greg from kyw news radio joins us now with the very latest, good morning, cherri. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. police are hoping to arrest and charge 41 year-old nia parlor with a aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and other crimes in connection with her abandoned. of her 21 year-old quadriplegic son. police say she left her son in the wooded area near cobbs creek parkway without food or water, for days. a as you can see from the video police say parlor left her son in this wood add area on monday where he stayed in the rain and cold until friday when around 9:00 p.m. someone walking, spotted his wheelchair and saw the man in the pile of leaves. the 21 year-old young man is non-verbal quadriplegic and has cerebral palsy. his mother left him in that
6:34 am
park with the blanket and bible. she hopped a bus to maryland to be with her boyfriend light to officials from the school of the future in park side where the the young man attends telling them that he was safe. now police are working with maryland authorities to get parlor in custody and they are launching a three pronged investigation. >> the kid health is number one. number two is dealing with the short term investigation which is mother who has clear criminal liability and she will ab rested and charged. long term is going to be the care of this child during the course of his life to see what happened here and if anything could be improved upon or if there is any other people in venue that is could have helped this kid and didn't do it. we are going to go down that road. >> reporter: police say the young man is here at chop where he is stable and his injuries include a deep cut, dehydration and malnutrition issues, as well as eye infections as a result of
6:35 am
being outside for five days. he is surrounded by family and will be transferred to an adult facility, in the meantime police are hoping to get his mother in custody and extradited back to pennsylvania by monday. live outside children's hospital, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" us. >> all right, cherri, thank you. friend, family of the murdered mount laurel mother said good bye on saturday. services for erika crippen was hell at faith holy temple on river road in camden. crippen's body was found in maryland last month. she had been missing instant new years day. her husband, 28 year-old kyle crosby is charge with her murder. he is behind bars on 1.2 million-dollar bail. also laid to rest this weekend the south carolina man whose death was captured by cell phone video one week ago. walter scott was unarmed when a police officer shot him while he was apparently trying to flee from the traffic stop. as andy road report mourners
6:36 am
gathered on saturday to say good bye. >> reporter: police leading the funeral procession for walter scott saturday, tears hugs as family prepared to say farewell watching scott's flagged drape casket wheeled into worth ministry christian center for the the service. funeral comes a week after police officer michael slager shot scott multiple times in the back following a traffic stop. slager was fired after the the shooting. he is also facing murder charges. after the funeral a scott the family attorney told report their walter scott's legacy is bigger than just race. >> the epidemic of power less people being taken advantage of no matter what color, no matter what gender or belief system you have, need to stop. if that is what walter scott died to prove then i can tell you the family is just fine with that because his legacy will live on. >> reporter: scott's encounter was captured on video. it shows scott running from the the car from his stop.
6:37 am
moments later a bystander takes cell phone video when captures the fatal shots. the same video shows slager dropping something next to scott's body. scott's family believes the the object is a taser and slager was trying to plant evidence. recent deaths of unarmed black men at hand of the police sparked protest sometimes violent. north charleston officials are asking demonstrators to remain peaceful. >> i'm asking them to voice their opinion but i'm asking them to do it in a positive way, now is the time for them to let the city of north charleston know how they he feel. >> reporter: i'm any road, reporting. now lawyers for the scott family say walter scott tried to runaway from police last week because he feared being arrested for unpaid child support. they say he had been arrested before and lost his job. scary moments this weekend at the cleveland zoo a two-year old boy plunge some 12 feet the in the cheetah exhibit. the boy's parents pulled him
6:38 am
out of the enclosures and cheetahs never approached the child. zoo officials say it appears the mother was dangling the toddler over a protective railing when he slipped. the boy reportedly suffered leg injuries but is expect to be okay. in northern illinois sat the day some tornado weary resident were allowed to return to their neighborhoods. jeremy ross from our sister station cb. two in chicago talk to some of them who were finally able to see what is left of their homes. >> reporter: estimated 200 people called fair dale home, saturday, many were let back in the area to see what remains of their home. some salvaging whatever they could. >> just unbelievable. >> reporter: flags still flying in this neighborhood some however adapt to the longer having a flagpole. >> aftermath of the tornado is overwhelming for doug truerent and he is not alone. >> every morning i wake up, it just brings tears to my eyes. it really does it is hard.
6:39 am
>> reporter: neighbors fine comfort in each others arms. james realize on his girl friend's embrace, truck behind him carries all he has left. >> starting from zero, basically. >> friend are in the hospital people are passed away, it is just a tragedy. it is. >> most of the people out there probably died again. >> reporter: ef4 tornado wrap siding around trees and crush cars like soda cans. it doesens of homes damaged with the storms impact felt well beyond a community's possessions. >> my stomach dropped to my feet. you are on a roller coaster that you do not want to be on. >> so unfortunate. that was jeremy ross reporting. many road are shut the down in that community so utility crews cannery establish power to these impacted household but power may not be fully restored until monday. heavy rains for blame for causing a gigantic bold tore slide down a hill. check this out this landed on a road in lawrence county
6:40 am
ohio. the rock as you can see is as big as a house and weighs 1500 tons. crews spent the day break ago part that boulder for now the westbound lanes of route 52 are still closed in one was injured. that is good news. no vehicles were damaged. 6:40. rapper nellie, is facing fell will any drug charges after a weekend rest in tennessee. he he was pulled over because, the busy was riding in didn't have a pair of stickers. at first they smelled marijuana on the bus. they found drug par nail, yeah meth and hand gun. nellie was released on 10,000 you dollars bail. we have happy news for singer justin timberlake. he and his wife jessica beal are proud new parents of the baby boy. the the couple welcomed their first child in the world this weekend. his name silas randall timberlake. mom and baby are doing just fine. they confirm the pregnancy in january after months of speculation. beal and timberlake married in
6:41 am
2012. congratulations. well, still to come this morning something to keep in mind on you have next job interview, take a look. >> reporter: one in five employers asked a question in the job interview without even knowing it, i'm lauren lister in new york with that
6:42 am
i know what you're thinking, but this is the improved i can't believe it's not butter! 100% taste, 0% artificial preservatives. made with a blend of delicious oils, purified water, and just a pinch of salt. two, please. i can't believe it's not butter. 100% taste, 0% artificial preservatives. for very dry skin, you need healing. new vaseline intensive care with micro-droplets of vaseline jelly relieves dry skin and moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. that's the healing power
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of vaseline. when interviewing an employee companies may ask a wide range of questions but there are some questions
6:44 am
businesses aren't supposed to ask. lauren lister reports. >> reporter: dwayne ruben now works for the new york city parks department but when looking for work he says the the job interviews all had something in common. >> there is in telling what type of questions that they are really going to ask you. >> reporter: there are questions an employer just can't ask. have you ever been asked a question you thought was illegal. >> yes, i was once asked how oldy was, and i replied well, what difference does that make? i know that is in the a question you are not pose todd make. >> reporter: accountant lil nickel sonnies correct but she may know more than some hiring managers. the a career builder survey found one in five candidates asked a candidate they later discover was not legal. >> it is not vel rant. it is not something that be determined whether you would be able to perform that job or not the. >> reporter: questions deemed off limit are what are your religious, political affiliation, married pregnant disable a or in debt, do you drink or
6:45 am
socially. do you have children or plan to. jennifer has heard that one before. >> they didn't ask me directly but asking if i was hoping to have a family soon. >> reporter: if candidates feel they have been asked illegal questions career builders rose marie says they can take legal action. >> if you you really wanted to do that you you can file a claim with the government to have that company reviewed. >> reporter: in new york lauren lister for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in washington, on saturday a festival to celebrate cherry blossoms. >> ♪ >> all right. thousands lined the streets to watch the the floats and the the bands pass by. the parade was filled by a streets festivals. the president draws many tourist to the nation's capitol. it is just in time to see these, the cherry blossom trees that have reached their peak bloom. there are 3,000 of them in all. they were a gift from japan in 1912.
6:46 am
philadelphia's cherry trees are expected to peak between april 18th ape 23rd, of course the the shore sign of spring. but beautiful video there. here's carol. it will be a nice day today, carol another sure sign of spring. >> we have a cherry blossom in philadelphia, at fairmount park yes every year, and it is beautiful out there. >> yes. >> look at this sunrise. it is absolutely magnificent. the in the only that but we have great sky conditions, we have great temperatures later on this afternoon and it is pretty chilly out there this morning. the wind will be down today and that will make it feel all the better sunshine, reflect on buildings up in the sky, skies are blue and there isn't a included out there and it looks lovely. we will head to cape may courthouse middletown ship high school, 42 degrees but sunnies up there. kid are not there. i think they are probably thrilled about that and i wouldn't be surprised if the teachers weren't thrilled too. we have got a temperature of 40 degrees in philadelphia but look at this, it is
6:47 am
30 degrees in atlantic city. 10 miles inland at the airport. it is a chilly start to the day there below freezing, one of the area where we are watching for that frost advisory until 8:00 o'clock this morning. storm scan three we will find anything even in the ocean, no. it is, absolutely gorgeous all of the gilligans who may be out there on their boats seem to be having a great time no wet ter speak of. nothing in the way of clouds this will be a gorgeous take. the one thing this morning the with the frost advisory you can see that shaded in the blue and outlying western suburbs. also through sections of south jersey where these temperatures can bottom out and they have in a number of locations. this is for the growing season which started again just barely, it was getting teased every so often with the 70 degrees followed by a 40 in the afternoon but this is a frost advisory for that growing season that is getting underway. our temperatures today lovely. 68 degrees for our high. sun out.
6:48 am
perfect weather. tomorrow even a little milder. temperatures should get in that 70-degree range 70 up to 72 degrees. and then by tuesday front comes through here that can trigger some showers and some spots. also bring a few more clouds and temperatures that will be several degrees colder. that is not even cold. cooler. let's put it that way. we have future wet the tore day. we have nothing going on right through 2:00 he clock as far as cloud even and no rain by the time we hit tomorrow at noon a few high clouds maybe streaming in. otherwise, by tuesday this is a a look at tuesday morning at 8:00 o'clock, a lot of it seems to wanting to to the north early. this computer model, and then again they change their mind all the time tuesday is a long way off for a computer model. this shows a couple of showers coming through in the a afternoon, we will see whether that holds true or not. by wednesday though it looks like we are back with the sunshine once again. today, if you can make outdoor plans and take your pets the out with you they would love
6:49 am
it. 68 degrees today, sunshine, 55 at the shore. the poconos even mild there. 65 degrees in the poconos. and then the wind light, any wind you you see out of the west at 5 miles an hour, sunrise 6:28, the sunsetting new 7:36. if you have to get up early in the morning you know how hard it the is to go to bed when it is still light outside but that is the deal. 45 degrees for our temperature tonight. then 71 for us tomorrow. tuesday with the shower 68 degrees. it may be by even of the week in the 60's we will pick up rain chances again but it looks like a great week, nicole. >> it does, thank you. 6:49. let check out the road with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center good morning, ann. >> good morning nicole. we are looking at schuylkill at spring garden. volleys picking up. schuylkill in fine shape through philadelphia and suburbs. looking to the right that is martin luther king drive like it is every weekend between ben franklin parkway and a montgomery drive for
6:50 am
recreational activities and other fun things going on with weather like this. kelly drive is shut down between sedgley drive and hunting park avenue for a regatta that is happening. we will move traffic cam to see how i-95 is fairing. looks good at the the blue route this morning. north bound lanes to the right of the screen, i-95 doing just fine. i'm ann evans and that is the the latest from the traffic center, "eyewitness news if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®.
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6:53 am
again, in run sport for the ace. asian pacific night at the ballpark which brought along miss america, but let's skip the game and head to free baseball top ten, tied at two he send one to left. michael taylor will test the arm of ben reveer. you don't do that. he guns him down at the plate. game remains tied. bottom of the tenth carlos ruiz on second. herrera looking for his first big league hit and you just saw it, a big one he gives the phillies a walk off win three -two and got a shaving cream pie to the face in return. new moving in day at the masters, 21 year-old jordan spieth was tournament's runner up last year. through three round this year he hold lowest 54 hole scoring in masters history but commanding lead for number four player in the world isn't as big as would you assume. spieth, on number six, forbidder i, early on he was rolling. he got himself out of trouble. he moves to 15 under there. here comes phil mickelson on
6:54 am
15 a 40 footer forbidder i. mickelson and justin rose both carded 67, low numbers for the day. this one find the the side of the cup, one of seven birdies on the day at 12 under. with the seven shot lead ape sitting at 18 under with two to play spieth double bogeys 17 and at that very moment birdie 18 cutting his lead essentially in half in an instant. spieth sits four ahead of rose and mickelson tiger woods and rory mcilroy are tied at fifth at the four under heading in the final round right here on cbs-3. eighty-two up, 82 down. the mostly downs for the the flyers this year. yesterday afternoon season final a begins ottawa showcased another sub par flyers performance. the first period flyers on the penalty kill steve mason tries to make a play with the puck instead of covering it up and mark stonies left opened in the slot for empty net. one to nothing senators. same score early in the second
6:55 am
senators 27 year-old rookie goalie matt ham and known as ham burglar matt read beats hamburglar we are tied at two. jake voracek coughs it up in his own zone. stone gets his second of the night through the pad of mason. friday general manager ron ron hextall said he will evaluate every aspect of the team including the head coach. the here's what craig beruby, whenned asked about the speculation that his job is in jeopardy. >> you guys can write all that. you guys can write what you want. he should evaluate everything. he is the general manager. he is in charge. he should evaluate everything. >> sixers on the road in chicago, to the fourth quarter, jason richardson from a little place i like to call trayville. sixers took 41, three's 101-103. here comes derek rose and bulls. tough lay in from the left
6:56 am
side. that made it 107-103. sixers dressed just nine guys. they fall 14 -107. last two games are at home against the bucks and the heat. now to the pitch philadelphia union hosting new york city fc. john mccarthey local product getting start in the net for union. on the 27th minute zach feffer checks out the final and check outer i can ayuk, he did get the the assist. to extra time and the 902nd minute we are tied at one. the vincent nogueira, left wide opened, two -one the union is your final. i'm james palmer have a great the day. >> some sweet skills. little side show action i like it. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. the here's what we have at 7:00. are you planning on sprucing up the house this spring before you hire that contractor three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has tips for you.
6:57 am
do you suffer from seasonal allergies? we will show you app down load that may be able to help you. as the sunrisees, so will the temperature this week, doesn't it look beautiful out there. it will, carol has your forecast after the b
6:58 am
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♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. we will begin with breaking news this morning a mother is in police custody after her severely disable sonnies abandoned in a wooded
7:00 am
area of cobbs creek. we're live with the latest information. also new you this morning three people are rush to the hospital after a car crash on columbus boulevard. now a driver is facing charges. and scary moments in washington d.c., a gunman forced a lock down for hours at the the u.s. capitol. today it is sunday april 12th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer at 7:00 o'clock. the let's send it to carol because we all love what you have to say. >> this is as good as it gets around here. >> yes. >> we've got temperatures today way up in the 60's. the wind will be light. yesterday those wind were gusting to 40 miles an hour. today they should been 5 miles an hour. it is beautiful out there already. the the ocean city boardwalk looks lovely. you can see people wandering around saying it is in the licensing before memorial day. we will head out and we will fine beautiful conditions over the ballpark. we will see them at 40 degrees in the


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