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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday april 13th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton sets off on a road trip she hopes will end at the white house. the next house of "face the nation," john dickerson, on whether she'll connect with voters. new video showing a sheriff's deputy killing a black man in oklahoma. police say he thought he was using a taser. and it's history at the masters. jordan spieth dons his first green jacket. we'll talk to the 21-year-old who says he wants more. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds.
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>> she has no challenger. >> we're going to make a ploy to the kids that she has a product not worth buying. >> she's got a lot of work do. she's been getting beaten up hard over the last couple of weeks. >> every american wants a champion. i'm going to be that champion. >> marco rubio expecting to announce his candidacy. >> a sting that went awry. a cop grabbing his gun instead of his taser. >> oh, my god. he shot me. >> we're going to hear new conversation on the south carolina police officer charged with murder. >> one of the epic performances in the annals of the sport. >> 21-year-old jordan spieth completed a remarkable wire-to-wire victory at the masters. >> this feels great. i plan on not taking it off for
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quite a while. >> pope francis has sparked controversy using the word "genocide." >> four new videos have hit the web. >> a man known add spider-man scaled one of dubai's tallest matters. >> -- and all that matters -- >> congratulations on a great tow and thank you for how it was done. >> you have had an epic history in journeylism. it was so wonderful to work with a gentleman and cool guy. >> they had a chance to get their hands on the golding pop governor trophy. >> mtv is the one network that refuses to play music. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton is on a road trip after launching her second presidential campaign. she's trying to reach out to what she calls everyday americans. some of these voters were featured on sunday in her first online announcement. >> she's riding to iowa in a van nicknamed scooby. nancy cordes is waiting in the state capital of iowa des moines. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it's a thousand miles between new york and iowa. we'll see several more pictures of hillary clinton. here like the announcement this trip is designed to show she can connect with voters and doesn't expect a coronation. >> i'm getting ready for a lot of things.
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>> reporter: clinton doesn't appear in her own announcement video until it's almost over. >> my daughter is about to start kindergarten. >> getting married this summer to somebody i really care about. >> reporter: she's preceded by some diverse americans getting ready for the future. >> we want to teach our dog to quit eating the trash. >> i'm getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. >> thus ending years of speculation -- >> i'm back. >> -- about whether the former first lady and secretary of state would make a second run for the white house. >> every american needs a champion and i want to be a champion. >> reporter: it's laid out in a clinton campaign mission station obtained by cbs news. we're humbled. in fact, this campaign is likely to look less like her first white house bid and more like her run for new york senate in 2000 when she went on a
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listening tour of the state and sometimeses spent the night in supporters' homes. >> i'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time, and i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> republicans shot back with some videos of their own. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the past. >> she doesn't have a track record of leadership or trustworthiness. >> i have a message. >> this message from kentucky's rand paul will start airing today in four early voting states including iowa. it attracted the attention of "saturday night live." >> oh, my gosh. i don't know if i have it in me. i'm scared. let's do this. >> now that she's stepped down from her role at the clinton foundation when she arrives here in iowa she'll be doing a round
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table with community college students. she'll be visiting a local small business. her event will do small-scale things like that until she holds her first true rally in may. >> it's just beginning. thanks nancy. a republican rival is expected to join the race later today. florida's senator marco rubio makes his announcement in his hometown of miami. he's risking his job. under florida law he cannot run for president and senate at the same time. he would join ted cruz of texas and rand paul of kentucky. john dickerson is here. john was just named the new anchor of "face the nation." he takes over this summer as bob schieffer retires. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> couldn't happen to a better guy. >> thank you. >> tell me what she has to do and how is it different?
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>> what she has to do in this announcement is change her perception of what people have of her. she's got a lot built up. people have to fill in the blank on why she's running. she's trying to show something completely different. that's hard. ebb knows who she is. then if she can change that conversation, then how to sustain that. over 16 months when the entire republican party is going to be going after you. >> does she, will she have to distance herself from president obama, do you think? >> she will. the question is how far can she get. she was in the administration and she had some important constituencies that she needs him to help her with. so that will be a constant delicate balance because every time she distances herself, they say, wait that's being political. >> there was a lot of ink spilt or rebanding. we see the van named scooby at small rallies.
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what is that about? >> yeah. not the mystery machine, the van in scoob by do. >> believe me. i watch it every night with my kids. >> people drive across the country wondering whether to stop at the sheets or the pilot. if she starts to hang the pine tree air fresher and fuzzy dice she'll have gone too far. >> this idea of being humble. >> that's right. it was in the campaign letter to her own staff. when you leave, you say, boy, he's humble. you don't say it about yourself. why? we've seen it in clinton campaigns. she's not taking anything for granted. she's going to be out there working hard like a regular person because as she's called herself or would like to portray
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herself, she's the people's champion. >> this week we'll hear from marco rubio. >> yes. it's interesting. on the one hand you hear the hillary clinton palooza is going to step on his message. a lot of them are trying to get in the same conversation be seen as that republican alternative to her. so in a sense his announce mnlts tonight is something he wants and they think the generational contrast is something they want to play up. hillary clinton of the past marco rubio of the future. >> thank you. this body camera shows a deadly shooting of an unarmed blackman in oklahoma. police brought in by the tulsa sheriff's department was brought in. a reserve deputy accidently used his gun instead of his taser.
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it was during that that roberts bates and insurance executive made the fatal error. >> roll on your stomach now. >> from the moment the shot was fired it was clear that robert bates made a mistake. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> reporter: the 73-year-old tulsa reserve deputy said he was so i after he shot him. tulsa police say bates intended to tase harris but grabbed his gun instead of taser because of a phenomenon slips and capture when the body tells you to do one thing but the brain did something else. >> bates was a victim a true victim of slips and capture.
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>> reporter: the april 2nd arrest was recorded on multiple camera. it was a sting operation. >> it's a lugar. it's a lierg. german lulger. >> reporter: the police say he attempted to sell the gun to an undercover officer but when police vehicling pulled up, harris ran. >> stop right there. >> afternoon officern officer wearing a body camera chased down harris. he was handcuffed after he had been shot. he claimed he cow. breathe. he was treat by firefighters but died at the hop. in a state an attorney for the harris family said perhaps the most disturbing aspect of all of this is the inhumane and malicious treatment of harris after he was shot. tulsa police placed bates on administrative leave and have filed no charges against him.
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an investigation will be submitted for a full review. the tulsa county sheriff's office has also asked the fbi to conduct an independent assessment which could look into potential civil rights violations. gayle? >> thank you. critic this morning are questioning whether more charges should be brought against officers after that deadly south carolina police shooting. disturbing video captures the moment scott was gunned down after a routine traffic stop. vicente arenas is outside the training center. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these questions come along with newly discovered audio from slager's dash cam. following the deadly shooting michael slager's dash cam continue to roll and appeared to capture another officer talking to him off screen. >> when you get home it
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probably would be a good idea to jot down your thoughts of what happened. >> reporter: more than a week later questions continued to mount whether other officers at the scene gave full accounts of what happened to 50-year-old walter scott. >> this isn't about black and white. it's about right and wrong. >> reporter: some of the focus is on this blue jays officer. he wrote he had attempted to render aid to the victim by aemploying prash to the gun shot wounds. but contributics say nearly four minutes of cell phone video left out scott and left out information in his report. at a vigil on sunday it was said the tape seemed to back up his account. >> saw him standing next to the body. i saw him pull up his shirt and
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put pressure on some of the wounds. >> reporter: saturday hundreds of family and friends attended the fun yore. the scene where the father of four was gunned down is now the growing side of a memorial in his honor. >> wlep you walked up here today, what was going through your mind? >> just i need some space. thank you. >> is it's motional for you, that situation? >> i think it's emotional for everybody. >> a preliminary hearing for slager could come within the next three weeks. an indictment is expected next month. >> charlie? >> vicente, thanks. >> reporter: there was no report after an earthquake hit the area. the magnitude 3.5 quake struck near the city of inglewood. the fire department report nos major damage. tremors were felt as much as 50 miles from the epicenter. authorities are investigates
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a death at disney world. the exotic drive experience is where you can get behind luxury cars. the passenger was killed. the man who died was 36-year-old gary terry, the customer who was driving suffered minor injuries. it's owned by petty holdings. >> also in florida a fiery plane crash in ft. lauderdale. the scene was captured on cell phone video. >> oh my god. >> all four people on board when this twin engine aircraft crashed short of the runway. it report lid took off from yoernld. the national transportation safety board is now investigating. it reportedly shows the extremists blowing up parts of the ancient city. the ira king city dates back 3,000 years. men are also seen using
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sledgehammers on priceless artifacts. they report lid destroyed the site last month. this morning jordan spieth is the biggest name in golf. that's what happens when you win the masters. he finished a wril yanlt four-day spell. he tied tiger woods' masters record of 18 under. omar villafranca is outside where he spoke to the new champion. good morning. >> reporter: he should be graduating from college in a few months. instead he's wearing the same green jacket that 21-year-old tiger woods did in 1997. >> one of the epic performances in the annals of the sport. >> it was a victory like any. in 21-year-old from dallas shredded the field from golf's
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greatest from start to finer. augusta's first wire-to-wire finish since 1976 adding a green jacket to his wardrobe in the process. >> go hard go hard go hard. >> reporter: spieth who pocketed nearly $2 million with sunday's win showed off endless talent on one of the golf's toughest trafs. the best players in the world came hunting for him. names like mickelson, mcelroy rose, and woods, who boasted collective 24 major championships couldn't catch the kid. jordan spieth didn't just knock on the door to join the most exclusive club. he broke the door down setting the mark for most birdies in a masters tournament with 28. >> a lot of people are calling you the next biggest thing. you're here.
7:18 am
where do you see ourselves in this game? what do you want to do in this game? >> i'd leak to win more of these, be a part of all majors at some point be number one. >> as he sank his final putt enenter d enentered enentered with the likes of palmer tyinger. >> this is arguably the greatest day in my life. >> reporter: he is well on his way after the win yesterday at augusta. he's now ranked number two. rory mcilroy had better watch out. >> jordan spieth will be with us in studio 57 tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. what a competition. >> it's great. you smile when you read his
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story. >> he has a lovely warm family there toll see him. it was the greatest day in his life. london police are accuse of not paying attention in the middle of a huge jewel heist. ahead, the >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by target. expect more. pay less.
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a cell phone video leads to two arrests after gang rape on a crowded florida beach. aheading a slam of beachers who saw but did nothing. >> the news is right back here on "cbs this morning." i care deeply about the gulf. i grew up in louisiana. i went to school here. i've been with bp ever since.
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japan has a newly crowned by racial beauty queen. we meet the miss universe beauty contestant who's breaking down barriers. some critic says she's not
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japanese enou >> good morning, i'm ukee washington, let's get the monday forecast with katie over in the weather center nice one ukee, i don't want you to wore bit cloud cover it may look like we end one dreary day that's going to break for some sunshine, as the day goes on, nice little warming trend comes along with it so we start things off here just by taking you out toll lows dollars zoom on storm scan3 the other thing i don't on the to you wore bit speckle of green that shows up on the tail end of the radar not specking any wet weather today, just what we call ground clutter, sometimes you see the speckles, don't actually mean anything, basically what we have going on. pleasantly warm, more sun than anything eventually, although these clouds are out there for now, then they rebuild tonight as new cold front advances, so tomorrow looking pretty soggy with rain, but all out of here
7:27 am
by wednesday and thursday. justin? >> good morning bees katie. we can't blame the weather for all of the accident we're dealing with, we're dry but 95 southbound just past 476, an accident scene off into the shoulder, traffic getting by but it is little slow in that region, we take you to the ben franklin bridge, moving good, in and out of the city volume picking up just little bit. but just be aware of increased volume through the morning no other reported delays on mass transit. we send it back to you. >> next update at 75:00, a up next on cbs this morning deputies search for two men involved in sexual assault in spring garden, for more local news weather and traffic, on the "cw philly". you can find us on these channels i'm ukee washington, good morning.
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you're finally going to announce you're running for president. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know if i have it in me. i'm scare. i'm kidding. let's do this. >> we thought it would be fun if you actually filmed the video yourself on your own phone. >> let's try it without you say ing i or your full name. >> hello, it is i, hillary clinton. >> don't worry we'll delight that. >> i know a thing or two about that. >> let's jump to it. >> i promise with hillary clinton in charge it will be a brand-new white house. ♪ >> oh who am i kidding. buckle up, america. the clintons are back and live
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from new york -- >> -- it's "saturday night live." listen, "saturday night live" gearing up. >> she's a terrific actress. >> kate mckin non-has a dead-on impression i think. i think she'll get lots of airtime. counselling up this half hour the controversy of free-range parenting. the couple faces new trouble for letting their kidding roam. ahead how the parents and child protective services are responding. plus did british police ignore an alarm. a first look at the brightest theevgs. that's ahead. cold war-style tensions are letting up after a close encounter with a russian jet. it intercepted an air force reconnaissance plane last week. the plane was flying in international airspace over the baltic species. the defense department called the maneuver unsafe and
7:32 am
unprofessional. the russian pilot says he did nothing wrong. according to government data customer complaints jumped 20% last year. alaska airline had the fewest complains. frontier had the most. and the rate of lost stolen, or delayed bags was up 13%. virgin america had the lowest rate. foshes reports that almost a million people paid for preorders. slice intelligence shows the 975,000 people put in orders. an estimated 62% purchased the less expensive sports model. and the "detroit free press" reports on a new study that says half the kids in middle school and high school admit to hurtful social media. it ranges from bullying schoolmates to spreading rumors
7:33 am
to pressuring othering to sent jeksable text or pictures. >> this morning they're searching for two men in involved in a gang rape on a crowded beach. the group assaulted a woman in the middle of the day last month. no one intervened. it was caught on cell phone video. we have blurred the faces because some of the image mace be disturbed. >> good morning. that cell phone video is key to the case because investigators say the victim of the attack believes she was drug. police in alabama only discover discovered the video because of an unrelated shooting. they then alerted authorities in florida. >> reporter: the video shows hundreds of beachgoers continuing to party while less than ten feet away at least three men were apparently gang raping an unconscious
7:34 am
19-year-old woman. the sheriff told reporters he's seen many spring break things over the year. >> people standing almost rubbing the incapacitated girl. more concerned about spilling their beer than they did someone being raped. we even got to get control of our beaches. it is not safe for our children to be out there on the beaches when these animals are out there conducting themselves like this. >> the police arrested two suspects friday. both are charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators. the two are students at troy where martesety had been a star on the track team. >> as soon as it became formal they were going to be arrested we immediately place them on temporary suspension. >> reporter: authorityingies say the
7:35 am
gang rape happened behind the spin acker bar club on the 2nd of march. the victim never reported it because she didn't remember it. she believed she was drugged. >> it's not first video, the second video, the third. there's a number of videos we've recovered with scenes similar to this. i can only imagine how many we haven't recovered. >> reporter: panama city beach has been struggling to control crime with the hordes of stounlts who crowd the scene during spring break. sparky sparkman who owns the spin acker says most spring breakers aren't troublemakers but he worries about those who are. >> if you come here with the idea of doing that and causing problems, we're going to come after you and we're going to put you away from a long time.
7:36 am
>> the sheriff did not release any more information about the two other men want for the gang rape. as for the two arrested calhoun is out on bond. martesety remains in custody. gayle? this morping twoning two maryland children are with their parents again. their children ages 6 and 10 were playing alone in a park yesterday. chip reid shows us how this is the third time the parents have come under fire for letting their children walk around unsupervised. >> i can't believe we're going through this again. >> reporter: the police picked up the 6-year-old and 10-year-old from the park near their silver spring home around 5:00. someone had called 911 after seeing them alone. >> the policeman said i'm going
7:37 am
bring you home. instead he bring us here. >> reporter: montgomery county police brought them to protective services where they were held for hours. >> we asked why they didn't bring them home. they decided the safety of the chirp was more important. >> reporter: they found the two responsible for unsubstantiated hield next. they claim they're practicing free range parenting, which they claims building independence. they said they were unwilling to alter their parenting style. now it seems they have no choice. >> i'm not going to rich my kids being snatched again like this by cbs. >> rikky klieman joins us at the
7:38 am
table. good morning. >> good morning. >> how much trouble could they be in and could they be in trouble? >> they could be in serious trouble. say someone goes into criminal court and the case is found guilty or nolo plea. same here. it's like thumbing the law when you're under this sword of dam clees for a five-year field. >> is it illegal? >> no. maryland law says a child must be accompanied by 13g years or older. inside or in a car. there is nothing on the books about a child being accompany
7:39 am
beaen doesn't so this there's this beg look hole in the join. >> obviously child protective services believe if you leave children outside, they must follow the law and look into the kids and take them into custody. >> i would think that's more traumatizing telling kids you're taking them home and instead taking them to police safers. >> this if parenting group hat a plat of door dlars. in essence it's like a faulty imprisonment. remember it's hours where the parents dmoen where theirkys are and kids don't know where the jewelry is. >> up next, treating a jewelry
7:40 am
heist like another day at the office. that's next. >> you i don't have to miss the rest of the broadcast. please set your dvv so you can watch cbs when every you'd like. i've been with ber s we'll be right back. today, i lead a team that sets our global safety standards. after the spill we made two commitments. to help the gulf recover and become a safer company. we've worked hard to honor both. bp has spent nearly 28 billion dollars so far to help the gulf economy and environment. and five years of research shows that the gulf is coming back faster than predicted. we've toughened safety standards too. including enhanced training... and 24/7 on shore monitoring of our wells drilling in the gulf. and everyone has the power to stop a job at any time if they consider it unsafe. what happened here five years ago changed us.
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police in london released photos showing men who pulled off a shocking jewel heist over easter weekend. that following a surveillance video put out by a british tabloid. charlie d'agata is at the london police headquarters. charlie, good morning. >> good morning to you. scotland yard is under fire this morning and they're handling what they're calling a highly audacious robbery. it turns out they struck not once but twice and triggered an alarm. caught in the act on camera. scotland yard finally released the images of the suspects aet
7:45 am
the crime scene and the possible getaway car. that's after getting beat to the punch by the daily mirror newspaper which went public. disguised as construction workers, they used trash bags and garbage karens to haul in heavy tools and haul out precious gems. whodunit remains a mystery but police have confirmed the is how they did it. with no signs of a forced entry, they disabled an elg vater on a third floor and lowered themselves on an empty shaft. they used a massive drill to bore through a 6'-inch wall. they busted over 72 safe deposit boxes and made off with millions in diamonds, jewelry, and gems. former commander of the police team on major heists john o'connor said it was all too easy. >> they were coming as genuine workers. they went away a couple of days
7:46 am
came back. it was ridiculous how they were able to have access like that. >> reporter: that's not all that was ridiculous. it was decided that no police response was deemed necessary. which probably brought some comfort to the crooks. >> how did they know that the police wouldn't be arriving? i mean there's so many questions to be asked here. it just seemed to me that this doesn't have the ring of "oceans eleven." it has the ring of corruption and collusion. >> in other words, an inside job. and while police may have a slightly better idea of what the bandits look like. they and their loot remain at large. >> reporter: now scotland yard says it's too early to tell if it would have any impact. norah? >> all right. what a story. charlie d'agata in london.
7:47 am
thank you. a soldier's surprise at the rink ends up on the ice. ahead, an enthusiastic [narration throut] >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by tore toyota. let's go places. chose to take down a monster. and realized when it's dark enough...
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if you have play dates at your house. be ready to clean up the mess. the kids have fun, but it's pretty gross. (doorbell) what's that? it's a swiffer wetjet. i can just grab this and just go right to the mess. that comes from my floor? now that's disgusting. i want friends over! you want friends over? urman family we have a special guest. please direct your attention to the coyotes tunnel and welcome home from afghanistan your son marcus daniel urman. >> look at that. an arizona family got a huge surprise on the ice this weekend. the parents couldn't believe their eyes when their son army sergeant dan urman unexpectedly returned from afghanistan. the dad's hug turned into a tackle. they all sa it.
7:52 am
they got to drop the purng. >> that's a time when you don't mind falling down in front of people. >> who tees responsible for doing that? it's just terrific. >> i don't know how they coordinate it but it's always beautifully done. hillary clinton tracking something in her latest run. john is in our toy a green rim. >> isn't that chris licht? >> yeah. >> david brooks. >> david brooks too. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers
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good morning, i'm diana rocco, 7:56 this monday morning be we get right to katie in the weather sent war look at your forecast, great day to be outside? >> overall, yes, it will be a nice day not bright and beautiful blue skies, you have got more clouds up for sure, but i do think that the clouds that we started the morning off with here will be breaking eventually, for more sunshine, you can see it already taking place here on the tail end of the three hour loop. how the worse that far thicker cloud cover starts to fizzle away, through the central pennsylvania counties, see it reflect, too, definitely brighter outside whitt feel elementary school at this hour. we are specking again more sun than anything with time. >> not a sign the whole day will be cloudy, dreary, rather we end one nice weather 72,
7:57 am
sunshine tomorrow. >> definately need umbrella. >> at least nice looking forecast today. >> not good to be on the roads this morning accidents all over the place some high volume. check out this, this is city avenue approaching conshohocken state road. we have vehicle here, crashed into the wall, going the other way, so certainly you need to get the lane scape ers out there and fix that, once they get rid that far car. so not good morning there. ninety-five, heading into cottman, slow crawl, high volume out there on the area roadways, no reported delays on mass transit. diana? >> thanks, next update 8:25, up next on cbs this morning more on hillary clinton the first democratic contender, in the presidential race. more local news and weather you can continue to watch
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is monday april 13th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including presidential candidate hillary clinton. her appeal to regular voters and her chances against a republican. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> like the announcement video, this trip is designed to show that she can connect with voters and doesn't expect a coronation. >> does she, will she have to distance herself from president obama, do you think? >> she will. the question is how far will she get? >> it was during the struggle that robert bates who was part of the task force that day made the fatal error. >> slagle was charged this morning. there's still question as to
8:01 am
whether the other officers did everything they could to save scott's life. >> is what they're doing illegal? >> no. maryland law is really specific as opposed to a lot of other states. >> scotland yard is under fire this morning. they're calling it a highly audacious robbery. >> charlie, you smile when you read the story. it's so great to see dreams come true. at 14 he said this is what i'd like to do. now he's done it. >> we thought it would be fun if you actually filmed the video yourself. hold up the phone and you can look natural. >> okay. >> i am running because i want to be a voice for women everywhere. >> did someone say women everywhere? >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. hillary clinton is traveling to iowa for her first event of the 2016 campaign.
8:02 am
many did not expect to find her traveling by van. she is tweeting from the road. >> clinton launched her second campaign with a video highlighting everyday americans. later today senator marco rubio is expected to enter the republican presidential race. john bloomberg is with us. john, good morning. >> hello. >> so far is it a humble rollout? >> you know. it's not possible for a humble rollout. >> the van is called scooby. >> there's a little humility to that road tripping. there's another focus that we've ruled out. in this video, she's trying to say this is about voters and not about me and the video expresses that. i'm not going to be on the big stage, grandiose.
8:03 am
>> eaves fighting for the middle class, aren't they? >> everybody always is. it's a complicated definition. everybody thinks they're middle class, even this rich and super poor. they're not using that term. everyday americans is the term. so many think it's freighted now with insecurity rather than solidity solidity. >> there are many people who will be voting who have never voted before. but i was surprised or were you surprised about bill de blasio? a lot of people were surprised when they asked will you support her and he basically said not so fast. >> they had been very close for a long time. >> he ran her campaign. >> he ran her campaign. a lot of -- governor cuomo. for him to take that posture, not only i was surprised but apparently the clinton people were furious. >> why did he do it? >> you know, people on the progressive side of the party, we saw elizabeth warren on this
8:04 am
show last week saying i want to see what she has to say. the proi depressive wimg of this party seems to be taking the posture they want to call the tune a lit bit and they're not ready to give love right out of the gate. >> rhetorically she's addressing the concerns. people where the deck is stacked against them. >> to gayle's point about not having voted for her, you know she needs to get to young people. she's going have a lot of support from african-americans, latinos, they are the constituents who always liked the clintons a lot. >> the new generation of voters she is untested there and she will need a lot of young support. they're much more up for grabs than some of these other constituencies where she will probably be very strong. >> certainly more to come. thanks. >> it does not take a super power to take down the united states in a brutal siper attack. that's part of the message uncovered in last night's "60
8:05 am
minutes" report. kroft asked cyber security expert kevin padilla about it. this is an exchange we did not see last night on "60 minutes." >> we had a nation staid for ideological reasons or whatever reason attack the sector. it's clear to me we'll have rogue nation states that have faced it. the united states is in glass house in cyber. they've got great ships and powerful planes and missiles and great troops but in cyber they're a glass house. there are nation states that have recognized that asymmetry, that can do harm in space and we receive that in 2014. >> would you expect to see something like this happen? >> if i had been asked that in october, what's the worst thing con ed or utility going down or
8:06 am
the financial sector. we always knew sooner or later a nation state would probably delete something. i didn't see the release of private documents. i wouldn't have guessed that at all. >> and what is the next demarcation? >> so great question because this last one was so shocking and unpredictable it actually makes the next one potentially harder to predict. the capabilities on the offense are going to keep getting better because they're getting lots of operational experience and when we have ike logical conflict that cyber component is coming. what i couldn't predict and why sony is a big demarcation line is the trigger event, that's wholly up predictable. >> steve kroft weighs in on the hacking threat online. for more head to
8:07 am
jordan spieth is the first winner since 1976 to lead from start to finish. spieth spoke with omar villafranca after the final hole. >> you're 21 going on 40 with your poise. a lot of us are surprised how well you keep it together. where does that come from? >> i don't know. maybe my hairline. i don't know. maybe from my parents? it's just -- it's shaped by everything. my upbringing my friends, my parents, brother, sister, everybody shapes -- we all shape each other, who i am. that's just how we're brought up in the state of texas, i guess. >> that is true. >> i know you like that norah. >> that's how we were brought up in the state of texas. >> humility and confidence. >> and shaped by his family. like that. >> good manners. good manners. >> jordan spieth will be here in
8:08 am
studio 57 tomorrow. >> manners will take you very very far every single time. humility always works. i can't wait to meet him. they're creating a soundtrack for the golden age of
8:09 am
she's a symbol of diversity in a nation where it's rare. meet the woman crowned miss eun virs of japan. her critics who say she's not japanese enough. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! offer ends april 18th! go to today. the woman crowned miss universe of japan is sparking controversy this morning. seth doane is in tokyo where she says she wants to represent the new face of japan. seth, good morning.
8:14 am
>> good morning. jach is one of the most homogenous countries on earth and that newest beauty queen here is prompting a new debate about what it means to be japanese. walking through the section of tokyo, arianna miamoto certainly turns heads and she wants to use that attention to change attitudes. why did you want to be miss university of japan? japan still has racial issues she told us and i wanted to do something about it. when miyamota was crowned miss university in march, her surprise on stage was real. she was the first ever winner to be buy racial. her father is african-american her mother japanese. at first i can't want to compete, she told us, but then a close friend who was also biracial committed suicide.
8:15 am
that's when i decided to do something about the suffering he'd endured. >> your friend killed himself because he was mixed race and being made fun of? >> he really hated being half japanese, she said and not being fully accepted into japanese society. japan, an island not open to the world until late 1900 still remain dice verse today. at the tokyo gym where she works out twice a week it's hard to imagine this now confident stunning 20-year-old was once a bullied kid. whenever the teacher told us to hold hands, other children thought my black skin would rub off on them so they said don't touch me, she remembered. some kids wouldn't get into the pool with me. others threw garbage at me. the beauty queen is constantly
8:16 am
smiling these days says she was ready for the criticism that erupted online. one post said japan should be represented by a pureblood. others expressed disappointment. while many more questioned whether she was truly japanese. for the record she is. in fact, she demonstrated the calligraphy skills she used as a kid growing up here. >> very nice. >> i sit on the floor, she told us. i take off my shoes when i go in the house. i use chopsticks. i know nothing but a japanese lifestyle. she knows nothing but japan. >> what is this conversation you want. >> international marriages are happening and there will be more by racial children she told us. i want them to be as accepted in japan as they would in the u.s. i want society to get used to
8:17 am
that idea. >> miyamoto spent two years living in arkansas during high school so she was exposed to different ways of thinking and thinking about people. while we've been working on this story we've been talking with people who are mixed race japanese who are watching the story and looking up to her. >> thank you. people around the world looking up to her. >> it's so good she's speaking out especially following the suicide of her friend. in the beginning she was forced to say she's japanese on the inside. she called mariah carey an inspiration. the mtv movie awards always find a way to stay current. >> after months of speculation hillary clinton finally announced she's taking zane's spot in one direction. >> ahead, highlights from the award ceremony raising from the poignant to the provocative. that's next on "cbs this
8:18 am
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the mtv movie awards are often among the most raucous and raunchy ceremonies. last night was no different. they picked out who was best in movies. carter erns shows us how the
8:22 am
outrageous moments were often balanced by heartfelt speeches by the winners. >> i can fly. >> you never know what random event will happen next at the mtv event. whether it's host amy schumer flying to the rafters, zac efron or dwayne johnson promoting his new disaster film by walking through fire. >> the movie awards are the only show where the best are nominate and voted on by the same people who keep catfish and teen mom on the air. >> for a viewer awarded award show that never takes itself too seriously, there were a surprising number of heartfelt numbers. shaley woodley won for her role in a cancer patient and her acceptance speech brought the book's author to tears. >> you changed the lives of millions of people around the
8:23 am
world. you changed mine. thank you so much. >> bradley cooper won best performance for playing chris kyle in american sniper. >> chris kyle would have turned 41 four days ago. chris, this is for you. >> even though he won the comedic genius award. kevin hart wrote the touching reason why. >> these are my kids. i do it all for them. i want to leave a legacy behind so when it's all said and done the last name hart meaning something. >> they pride themselves on being more silly than somber. >> after months of speculation hillary clinton people announced she's taking zane's spot in one direction, yeah. >> many of schumer's jokes are just too riske for morning television. even reese witherspoon and sophia took it. >> we're not nominated. >> why did we practice kissing
8:24 am
so much? you made me kiss you in the car a lot. >> they foreshadow the awards. bringing the all-star cast for the next "avengers" mean robert downey jr. >> i invite you to dream big, work hard, keep your nose clean be of service, and, yes, because of your generation, you can define it. >> for "cbs this morning," carter evans los angeles. it's a great book a great movie. david brooks of "the new york times" is in studio 57. ahead what he call as shift away from humility to a culture of big me. an important book about the road to character. your local news is next.
8:25 am
>> good morning, i'm ukee washington, an update on breaking news, construction accident at the king of prussia mall, chopper three over the scene right now on the court side of the mall. authorities tell us, a construction worker was shocked while cutting a cable. another worker was also injured. they were both taken to an area hospital, one is in serious condition. the other in stable condition. >> more coming up on the "cw" fill when we return. right now let's get your forecast with katie. good morning. >> pretty nice one ukee, we started things off here with cloud cover. that's quickly starting to thin for blue skies more sunshine and that only bodes well for later on today. storm scan3 looking little ominous when you have the cloud deck overhead. again it is all breaking apart with the three hour loop.
8:26 am
expecting nothing in the way of wet weather for you out there today. overall just a nice spring day. with sunshine, we hit 72 degrees, in the city, little cooler in the resort towns down the shore up in the mountains those clouds start to increase tonight. because of the thick cloud deck tonight it keeps the temperatures only at 54 degrees, not too bad. pair of six's for tomorrow. it comes pa with a price. steady rain on the way courtesy of the next frontal boundary. justin? >> good morning, even though it is dry out still a lot of accidents going on this morning, across the delaware valley. this is city avenue problems here approaching conshohocken state road. we have three vehicles there stuck in the left lane there. so bit of bottleneck going on. then notice this silver car that's smashed into the wall. so again, i don't know waist going on on city avenue. have your patience when traveling in that region. also, 42 gloucester county headed northbound, gloucester township, rack up pretty good slow ride all the way up from the black horse pike to 295. no other reported delays on mass transit. we send it back to you. >> jd, thanks so much. we do it again at 8: five, a up next on cbs this morning
8:27 am
david brooks american conservative political cultural commontator for the new york times more local news weather traffic and sports we are owe on the "cw philly". you can find us here on these channels. did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
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4:00pm-10:00pm. talk about monkey business this is a monkey taking care of business. they did not take kindly to the drone researchers who were -- the drones they were using to keep tabs on them. one chimp grabbed a branch and swatted the drone out of the sky. it crashed to the ground where it was damaged by another chimp. the drone was destroyed but the researchers say they got some great video. >> the chimp said i don't know what it is but i don't like it. whack. >> whack. whack back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour what does it take to build character, do you think? new york columnist david brooks is in our toyota greenroom. he'll talk about the resume virtues and the virtues you want
8:31 am
listed in your eulogy and why we're not focused the right one. we go into the state of high-stkes harmony where they're giving the johnna a new image. that's right ahead. "the wall street journal" reports how flavor is driving nutrition. food writer says for more than 50 years the food we grow has been getting blander. to compensate we've been compensating with too many artificial flavors. >> they say they're not fans of the new music streaming service title. the folk group said jay z did not ask to join tidal, but they said they would not have joined anyway. a chess grand master was thrown out of a tournament in dubai for cheating. he was caught cheating by
8:32 am
sneaking into the bathroom to check moves on a smartphone. he could be banned for 15 years. the so called up house. it resembles the house from disney disney's "up." the house is for sale and visitors are coming to say good-bye as it faces demolitions. some attached ballooned to the fence in front of the house. the dallas zoo reports on a baby giraffe. this baby giraffe was born on friday. she's almost 6 feet tall. look at her. with encouragement from her mom she has managed to stand up on her own. she's already managed to take her first step. >> if you've never seen a horse born -- >> it's a giraffe, i've never seen it. >> they have to carefully try to get up. >> i always wonder how i do 'do
8:33 am
they get out of there with four legs. i'm always fascinated that. was cool. hollywood reports says that wikileaks is claiming they stole their logo design. both feature a right facing red arrow. but wikileaks features an hourglass with one earth dripping into below it. clinton's arrow is inside a large bright blue "h" for hillary. david brooks is the author of "the road to character." he says our society is beinging more shallow and self-centered but he believes some of the world's great thinker and leaders show us how to get back on track. his essay is from the most recent e-mail article. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's great to have you here. before we talk about "the road
8:34 am
to character" which is a fascinating book tell me about how you see the hillary clinton announcement and her possibility in this campaigns and what she's worry about. >> obviously she's an underdog against the lincoln chafee juggernaut. >> i was talking about that last week. >> she understands correctly that people sense there's something missing, something's broke down. she's doing the humility thing is taying down. the question for me is. skills. she hasn't done that in her career, but we'll see if she can do that. >> can she do that or have people convince her to do that? >> right now she's a monopoly, which is great but they suffer. they get jagged around the edges. she has to be fresh. something new. >> this word "humility" comes comes
8:35 am
at a perfect time. you say you wrote this book to save your own sowell because you were born with a natural shallowness. >> i was up in frederick, maryland, who were tutoring immigrants,000 read. it takes like seven years to learn. i walked in a roomg with 30 40 women. they radiated the goodness and patience and service. they weren't talking about how great they were. nothing about themselves at all. and i thought, well i've achieved more career success than that and i looked at their inner light and thought, i don't have that. the book was a four or five-year indoctrination to gather friends who are dead but they can be dead for us and lead us the way. i don't know if i can get there but we can take the journey together. >> you profile great thinkers and leader ss.
8:36 am
what is it? >> understanding your own weakness. we're raised in a society called the big me society. in 1950 there was are you a very important question they said yes. asked again in '85, a very important person. the road to character is built by your own weaknesses. the road to success is by your own talents. >> so for example, dwight eisenhower, i didn't know this story about him. his anger. his temper. >> he had this amazing mom. when he was he went out trick or treating. she wouldn't let him. he punched a tree so hard in the front yard he rubbed all the skin off his knuckles. he went to his room and cried. he said it was the most important conversation. he had a weakness. he had overcome it and became strong in his weakest spot. >> let me be ought biographical
8:37 am
for you. you went there. were you troubled in your own sense? when you said about your soul -- i had to -- i knew i had to work harder to save my own soul were you worried about your soul? >> i wasn't in any sort of crisis or falling apart. i was fine. >> but there was something missed in your life? >> i spent so much on my life, my career. i hope i was a decent dad, am a decent dad, but we have a moral obligation to get better every day. no matter how old you are, there's so much left to do to become better every day. >> go ahead. my sense of the question was how do you get there? >> so some of the things you can do are practical. you can say what is my core sin. how can i confront that every day? you can sit home at the end of the day and say how did i do today? was i really present for people when they needed me? >> he writes all his mistakes and pledges to do better tomorrow. but you're seeing disturbing
8:38 am
things. you're saying a gallup poll 19250. high school jeerns were asked were they important, 12% said yes. 1980 80%. >> he mention that earlier. >> i heard that. what is wrong with believing in yourself and theying that you're special and i want to be good am a good person and want to make money? >> i think that's great. humility to me it's not thinking of yourself it's radically unawareness. knowing your strengths but knowing your weaknesses. being able to see yourself from a distance. we live in a culture that wants us to think well of ourselves. we tell our kids how great they are. that's great for your career if you're branding yourself. if you want a high light reel. but if you want inner growth you've dwobt to be radically honest. >> you say distinguish between resume virtues and eulogy
8:39 am
virtues. >> resume are your teachings and jogs. the eulogy is what they say after you are dead were you honest courageous. our society and a lot of the way we raise our kids put more emphasis on the resume virtues and that leaves us inarticulate. >> and are we teaching that in schools? >> i teach. i'm a professor. and my students know how to get jobs and internships but they're so hungry for the inner life. they don't have a vocabulary so the book is an attempt. i can show you people who've done it and i can give you a forum for your own life. >> heard people say think about the end of your life and what you would like for people to say about you at that time and dedicate yourself to reaching those virtues. >> you can write, the eulogy you want. there's gap between my desired
8:40 am
self, what i'd like to be. we're all stumbling along. >> you say it's okay to be flawed. >> it's okay because we are. >> david brooks. another fabulous book. "the road to character" goes on sale tomorrow. it's a form of music they no longer consider what some call nerd singing. ♪ will you take me will you take me ♪ >> i love acapella. ahead, what it
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
i like the way you work go diggety. now, a big-time competition in new york this coming weekend puts singers center stage. it's the international championship of collegiate acapella will crown its 2015 champion. ben tracy has been following one of the teams and shows us how this musical form is following a very high note. >> reporter: before the film "pitch perfect" hit movie
8:45 am
theaters. >> organized nerd singing. >> reporter: acapella had a bit of an image problem. >> it's pretty lame. >> excuse me? >> reporter: the success of that 2012 comedy as well as tv hits "glee" and "the sing-off," have made making music with your mouth mainstream. one of the top-selling albums of 2014 belongs to the group, a quintet with almost 8 million youtube followers and a grammy win. miles nuzzy is the president of the socal vocals a co-ed acapella frup at the university of california. nicky segal is one of its soloists. >> not to be mean but i imagine at one time in your life this wasn't the coolest thing to do.
8:46 am
>> we were just talking about it. >> that changed? >> i don't know what changed but in the last three or four years suddenly it became a cool thing to do and sort of a stereotype for acapellas, nerdy student kids. >> reporter: success helps. they've wot the international championship of co-leejal acapella or icca three times in the past decade. it's grown from 35 groups in 1996 to 300 this year. the championship is even the focus of a reality series called "sing it on." ♪ show me what your mama gave you ♪ >> reporter: it will premiere on pop-tv may 18th. at the semifinal, ten colleges competed for a chance to compete at the finals in new york. the competition is fierce. groups practice in the parking
8:47 am
lot. and memorize in front of the mirror. then they kill it on stage. that i would call the singers here tonight like equivalent to acapella olympians. there's really a deep emotional connection, too, that's happening as opposed to feel-good oldies. you don't see much of that snapping and clapping kind of song anymore. >> reporter: and this is much more than simply singing. the groups also arrange their music music, choreograph their performance s performances, and even provide the beats. ♪
8:48 am
you make it look easy on stage but how much work goes into this? >> we've calculated i it. it's been over 275 hours we've put in this semester. ♪ does that make me crazy? possibly ♪ >> reporter: all that practice paid off at the semifinals where the socal vocals riffed rapped, and rocked their way to the championship. >> and our semifinal champions the usc's socal vocal. >> reporter: now they head to the championship. but no matter the outcome, acapella is the winner because organized nerd singling has definitely changed its tune.
8:49 am
for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> this remind me of an article i saw recently in which somebody was an athletic star at yale who gave up a year just to sing. >> yes i know what you're talking about. >> it looks like a lot of fun. >> i love acapella. >> i do too. it's amazing what you can do with your mouth and voice. as ben mentioned, the new reality series is called "sing it on. "it premieres wednesday on pop owned by cbs. john legend is the executive producer. you know that's good. you're watching "cbs this mo
8:50 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
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that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" tonight. for news anytime anywhere log on to cbsn.
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good morning, i'm diana rocco, more on breaking news now, apparent electrical shock at the king of prussia mall sends two people to the hospital. chopper three over the construction area at the mall's court at least one suffers electrical shock while cutting a cable. it is unclear what injured the second worker, one person is now in serious condition. the other one in stable. >> katie with a look ahead today. we do have some nice weather unfolding even as we speak all throughout the course of the morning being. you started off with some clouds, once the sun came up. now the really starting to thin nicely for blue skies and temperatures that will have chance to moderate very nicely, don't worry about the little speckles of green, it
8:56 am
is not a sign of wet weather end up with nice spring day low 70s the expectation here at the height of the afternoon, little hint of breeze kicking in with time. but then clouds start to bill again tonight. we drop down to 54 degrees, but we also are tracking that rebuilding of the clouds, because of frontal boundery moving n by tomorrow, some pretty soggy conditions with steady rain rolling on through. and temperatures do generally just stay above average for the next seven days. very, very spring like justin? >> that's right, good to see the temperatures above average finally, been a while since we had that for whole week. to the boulevard now approaching 76, backed up pretty good. just a lot of volume still going out this morning here we are back ends of the rush hour, check it out. a lot of red showing up, 95, south through northeast philadelphia, 10 miles per hour, the schuylkill, only 11 miles per hour right around city avenue. we have an accident, 295 camden county, both directions, slow there as well, so just have some patience around this morning. and again now dealing with an apartment fire in southwest philadelphia baltimore avenue at 60th street.
8:57 am
avoid this area if you k the alternate cobbs creek parkway. mass transit looking good. we send it back over to you. >> justin, thank up. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us at noon, for talk philly i'm diana rocco. great day everyone. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date."
8:58 am
if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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>> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> bruce nner, interview, what news in two, found about the rumored transition. >> and elton johnje's treatments with hormones? >> a woman who sweats so badly that shputs anti-perspirant on her forehead. >> if you post pictures on line, how e to proyourself! -- protect yourself! >> hello, and welcome to the doctors. we have a big show. by big, i mean real big. we got big laughter in the


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