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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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3", the very tell tell signs of some raindrops that have since fallen and stuck to the lens here. of the of the hazy glow over the skyscrapers, 55 currently a lot of moisture to work with makes send -- sense looking again at storm scan, at the local zoom, brunt of the system, not going to call it storm really just a front. moving on through, but you can see there is a brunt of some steady heavy rain falling across the burlington and ocean county border and beyond that point to the west, and even out of our viewing area here up toward central pa. really just dealing with scattered showers very likely end up with a little break by midday, it doesn't mean that we're done with it, though, as we head into the afternoon and early evening some additional scattered showers move in. but i would say key word here for the better part of the day, scattered. we are again finding some steadier rain right now all fizz old zero elsa way left with moisture through the evening, you know, could you
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maybe see if you're feeling lucky get away without the umbrella i would take it if i were you. vittoria, just that scattered in nature, we're not talking wash out by any means here. >> it is always better to be prepared. >> safe than sore. >> i there go. >> good morning, everyone, good thing you tuned in with us right now to give you idea what the roads are looking like right now. seeing the scattered showers situations, and potentially grow us into the morning, you will notice, that this rain is causing problems. like we're taking a look at some video of earlier accident >> dealing with now still investigating scene of this earlier accident, a vehicle that hit a tree in this area. traveling in and around the stretch, chelten hat at 19th. seventy-third your best alternate at this time. we also have an accident on 95, we want to address, this is 95 southbound, right at the philadelphia international airport. it happened moments ago.
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i would say less than about 35 minutes. and if you are traveling in and around this area, you will notice emergency teams now on scene. we will continue to keep you updated. but definitely take it easy out there ukee? >> thank you. good morning everyone, here's what's going on. philadelphia police say officer shot a man caring two guns the intense scene unfolded overnight in frankford. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now on the scene with more on this investigation. justin, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning, the relief here is there were no injuries or wounds to officers or the public. how much the man they are after, he was shot once in the leg, police also telling us this morning he was caring two local weapons, one of them, a glock 9-millimeter with a extended clip on there. that was capable of firing some 31 rounds, we are told, police were called to this area about 11:45 on thursday night, to akron street. where they found a large crowd. at that scene they saw a man running from that scene and police did follow suit.
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they were in uniform, leaving their cruiser and they arrived to the area of pratt street. and once they got there, the man did not drop the weapon as requested, police tell us that is when that shot was firedment take a listen. >> the officer chases, sees a gun in his hand, tells him to drop the gun. dose not drop the gun. the officer fires one shot. two guns were recovered off that individual. the individual was shot in the left leg. >> now, that man is at einstein and in stable condition, we are told, again two guns found here, that block 9-millimeter as well as a revolver. police are also still investigating another shooting over on akron street, as well. live in frankford justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thank you so much. meantime, there is some new surveillance video in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a two year old little boy in kensington this week. police released the video hoping that someone recognizes the car. it is a white infinity sedan moon roof, and broken front
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headlight. police say the car struck 19 year old josephine riviera a and her son and the boy died yesterday after he was removed from life support. >> time is 5:34. in business news, new concoction from ben and jerry's. >> how much more expensive is your monthly rent? money watch's jill wagner joins us live, from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, that the tasha. stocks could finish this week on high note. goal man sach's, citigroup posted some of the best earnings in years. even that wasn't enough to push the markets higher yesterday. dow fell seven points, the nasdaq down three. well, no surprise to people who rent their apartment. rent are on the rise. and the bad news is it is probably not going to change any time soon. the average us rent rose 14% from 2010, four percentage point faster than inch flakes. expecting rents climb another 3% this year. harvard tops the list of the
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richest universities in the country, with assets topping $42 billion last year. that is according to credit rate err moody's, university of texas came in second, followed by stanford. >> and, ben and jerry's is brewing up something new. a craft beer. it is called salted carmel brownie all. sounds delicious. but it is not without controversy. consumer watchdog group says ben and jerry's shunting putting its kid friendly label on alcohol. ben and jerry's has not commented. ukee natasha? >> we need to hear from ben and jerry on that one. >> little different. >> thanks, jill, we'll get back to you thanks so much. do you drive the pennsylvania turnpike? if so, state police will be catching speeders in work zones, in places where you least expect them. troopers will be sitting in construction vehicles, with their radar guns, while other troopers wait down the highway for you. drivers caught going 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, face fines of $200.15-day
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suspension of the license. >> a man falls on the septa tracks and a good samaritan jumps to his rescue. heroic scene all captured on tape. it happened during wednesday's rush hour at the 15th street station of the market frankford line. take a look, a man walks into the frame on the security camera falls on to the tracks and within seconds, a stranger jumps on to the tracks to try to help. others run to alert authority while another group works to pull the men off the tracks. septa police called the good samaritan a hero, but also want to remind riders of the safest way to help someone in danger. >> what we recommend is that if somebody sees an emergency in the track area, to immediately notify the cashier, or hit the emergency box, which goes directly to the transit police. >> the cashier can signal incoming trains to stop. now both the victim and the
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good samaritan in this case were treated for non-life threatening injuries. also, good samaritan in idaho may have saved a man's life after his suv ended up dangling from a cliff. the driver somehow lost control of his suv. luckily, it stopped just before it toppled over the edge. a man driving on the road just below saw the vehicle and went to help. the car could have teetered off at any moment moment. so the good samaritan had the driver slowly roll down the window and pulled him out to safety. that's incredible. >> very much soment senate hearings are usually pretty serious, not yesterday. >> you have to hear, senators unusual ring toning, that forced him to apologize. >> oh, oh,. >> also, talk about a rude a weakening, how a nap on a plane got another passenger kicked off the flight. oh boy. and we're keeping an eye on this wet weather and the wet roads out there. vittoria and katie are updating traffic and weather together all the time. they're together on the 3's when we come back.
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>> to up bus every caring raped i antebellum burst into flames. hillary scott posted on twit area tire blew on her bus, and firefighters say the fire started shortly after and badly damaged the back of the bus, bus driver pulled over,
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everyone got out safely. they were head of course to arlington, ahead of this weekends' academy of country music awards, which airs sunday night right here on cbs-3. >> lady antebellum voted vocal group of the year. a here is closer look at one of the nominees, miranda lambert. >> ♪ ♪ >> the sassy, young singer, singing about, you know, gun powder and lead and kerosene, and really came with a bang when she came on the scene. when we heard automatic, it was a more mature side of mir ann did a, the more nastolgic. >> at that time in her life, she had turned 30. she had gotten married. she was in a different phase
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in her life and maybe her earlier albumns were. so we got to see a glimpse that far and that song automatic. just really hit home for me. really speaks about what got me here, who i am. it sort of bridges out a pride about the way i was raised, and i just felt like it says something that needs to be said. >> how male artists are dominating the radio airwaves, male artist may be getting -- but female getting critical acclaim. miranda can hang with anybody. country or not she can hang. i think she proves that with the songs that she releases being strong, most feminine perspective, but nothing whimpy about them at all. >> lamberts husband break chelton co-hosts 50th annual acm awards with luke brian sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3.
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>> coming to you from the dallas cowboys stadium. here's kate. >> i we won't hold that against you. >> still great show. still great show. >> no kidding. good morning everyone, we want to check in with the eyewitness weather watcher network this morning right now temperatures actually off to pretty mild start out there. we have a lot of mid 50's, showing up, from the most current observations from them. john jenkins just sent with un in within the last 15 minutes, plenty every clouds, did have some rain earlier on, and actually says he's almost wishing for more rain, to knock down the pollen level. going to continue to find some scattered showers out there throughout the day but there is a good soaking that's rolling through new jersey, which we'll show now second. that's actually where we head next. to ed connors observation in chesterfield, where the rain is falling 53 degrees, though warm, drizzle then. it is dark, though. he said having hard time seeing. he always goes out for jog and walk with the doggy believe in the morning so, keep that in mind. you snow maybe walk with a flashlight until the sun comes up. wouldn't be the worse idea. jason down in middletown, delaware, rain also falling at 54 degrees, nice but damp
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start for us out there. so, that's what you will find. you know, steadiest heaviest rain falling as we speak. and then you have got these residual showers will continue to fall. meanwhile, there is some moisture down across the deep south. this is the storm that we've continued to track, you see the comma shape that forms? so there is your area of low pressure right there event going going to cross the us. we ends up with rainout of t meantime another day of volatile weather back across the central planes, down through texas numerous tornados reports, came in yesterday, as well as hail and wind. and we're in for another round that looks like today across this portion of the us. the bread is the rain, and the sunshine is the meat, i guess. weird, but you know what i am saying here, right? 72 degrees scattered showers paul the flour manager noddingment someone gets t77 on saturday. just beautiful. weak cold front comes through saturday night guys. coy see our far northeast county seeing a shower out of that. overall sunday looks nice,
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cooler, then monday, umbrellas required. that's the bottom line. vittoria? >> good morning everyone, on serious note, do have to get to traffic slick, wet out there, good news we don't see rush hour until about 6:15, at least, or at least 6:00 rather, however, if you are traveling on 95 southbound, at the philadelphia philadelphia international airport, you have activity. i want to step out of the way so you can get better idea. the scene after accident on 95 southbound, as you make your way, again right around the philadelphia international airport. but making your way beyond that incident scene might be little bit slow. lanes are blocked. it is the left lane that's blocked as a result of the incident as police continue to work on t but since we're not seeing rush hour, not causing that much of a problem. any time we have activity on the road, folks always going to slow down. you need to slow down, as well, in weather like. >> this just in general anticipate that sort of traffic there. in west oaklane we also have very serious accident, vehicle
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gone into a tree. cheltenham avenue eastbound at 19th 73rd avenue your best alternate. speed censors not awful just yet. still looking green all over. not hitting the brakes on 95, or even the schuylkill. rush hour has not yet gun. but as we wait in the wings just keep in mind, since it is so slick out there you definitely could finds delays in areas in slick spots of course, but don't forget when on the road, you can always get updated information about traffic back up in your area any area, with the new cbs philly traffic app. download the app on itunes or google play, ukee? >> torrey, thank you. >> and developing story tops the day's headlines here on cbs-3, philadelphia police say one of their officers shot a man who cast caring two guns in frank forwards, investigators say the man refuels dollars to drop one of his weapons and the officers shot him in the left leg. lower pottsgrove police officer, after hit by car, investigators say the officer pulls over the vehicle and then the driver took off. police opened fire on the car
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and the suspect was taken to the hospital. >> and, philadelphia police have released new surveillance video they hope will offer new clues into a deadly hit-and-run. investigators think this white infinity struck and killed a two year old boy and injured his mother. >> speaking out after being observed with a pin, because he was snoring on a flight. not seriously injured on the southwest airlines flight from chicago yesterday, but he said he was surprised when the woman right next to him woke him up with a sharp jab. >> remember being stunning by bees and waking up and going ouch. >> he said he will have bruises from the pin pokes. the plane was still on the taxi-way at the time and a woman was escorted off the plane, and put on another flight. there is no word on if she'll be facing any charges. >> the alaska airlines baggage
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handler who fell asleep on the job and got stuck in a plane's cargo hold has been banned for working for the airline. now we're hearing his frantic call for help. >> hello, i'm stuck in this plane. and i a.m. in the plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside the plane i feel like it is moving in the air. >> yes that plane was moving. the plane was moving, the worker only woke up after the flight left los angeles for seattle monday. the pilot eventually turned the plane around, after hearing the worker banking on the sealing of the cargo hold. >> wow that's that had to be frightening. >> no more sleeping on the job. >> no, no. oh boy. you know, before you walk out the door this morning katie has a look at the fabulous weekends forecast. and we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> and talk about a miraculous recovery see the inspirational moment for that baseball fan who was nearly beaten to death at a game. but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing on cbs-3.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> morning, happening today, the mayor of allentown is expected to throw his hat into the u.s. senate race. mayor ed, is planning to make it official today. role be challenging pat toomey's re-election built also running democrat, joe sestak who narrowly lost to too many any 2010. just continues sonia soto mayor will be in our area today. honored tonight with the 2015 catherine hepburn medal at bryn mawr college. the metal recognizes women who change their worlds. award recipients chosen on the basis of their commitment and contributions, to civic engagement and the arts.
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natasha? >> forgets to vie ends list phone during a hearing needless to say little embarrased but had funny response. >> was on the geographic preference. >> oh, common. >> ♪ ♪ >> just let it go, mr.. >> that was hilarious. that video was from the senate finance committee. and that was the theme from the movie frozen, of course. playing on kansas senator pat robert's cell phone. the senator says he rotates his ring tones, between johnny cash's i walk the line, and let it go, that's for the grandkids. that's what says. >> that's what he says okay. >> that's what he says. >> oh, that's great. well everyone's favorite mall cop is back. paul mall cop two in theatres there is time head today las vegas for well deserved vacation but when trouble strikes, he can't stop himself from jumping in to help out. and of course, the segway is back too.
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(movie clip). >> oh, he can work t i talk with star kevin james about the challenges he faced in the sequel. i wanted to talk to you about the physical -- not everyone can do physical comedy. what is it about that that you enjoy the most, and what are you cautious about man? because, you know, that can be tough sometimes. >> ya, you know, i played sports my whole life. i think now that i can live that dream any more, really, this is my outlet in a way to, you know, be as physical as possible. but there are certain things i can't do. like i'm not good with height. although in this movie i had to be. i had to learn very fast to be good with height. also not good withholding snakes, or any animals you know, aim just kind of freaked out by that. but there is some crazy stunts
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in this one that i had to do. and it was worth it once we did it. >> check it out. let us know what you think. kevin james and mall cop two is in theatres right now. >> 5:53, here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee, hey everyone, of course dodging some showers out there this morning, perhaps even the rain woke you up in the middle of the night. but it is really going to end up being one of those days that features scattered showers. despite what storm scan may show over my shoulder, and i'll walk you through that in a second. outside we go to pleasant valley, broads heads ville up at the campus there things dry for now but we have seen some scattered showers in the poconos, certainly steadier rain now for the most part beginning to migrate out to sea. that's at least something good we have going for us. still, offer and on showers even through this evening for everyone vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, with the showers we are seeing, that affect your commute, in a few different ways, one
5:54 am
things are slower than usual as soon as the rush comes in where it is starting to develop on parts of 95, the schuylkill expressway, but it is also causing some accidents, as well, notice, police officer now just leaving the scene of this accident, flares, still on the ground, this is 95 southbound, at the philadelphia international airport. it is primarily off toward the shoulder t does seem to be that now it is starting to clear out of the way so that's good news but things just keep in mind is that because it is so slick you need to take it extra careful. let's stay with us, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good
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>> san jose giants had very special guess throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at their home opener last night. >> brian did the honors, life-long san francisco giants fan, still brutally attacked outside dodgers stadium four years ago you may remember. that will the attack caused tramatic brain injury, still was in a coma for years after intense fiscal therapy and rehab, he took the mound. he said he had been practicing
5:57 am
his pitching skills, and did he quite well. what a wonderful moment. >> that is. >> indeed, that's great. >> very sweet. well, stay with us, everyone, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news" this morning, there is new clue in the search for hit-and-run driver and a police shooting, we're live with both of those stories for you. >> also, some new video to show you of a car accident in philadelphia's west oaklane neighborhood. find out what police say may have caused this rec. >> and did you know that philadelphia has a professional frisbee team? why i did not. they are called the spinners, actually, and our nicole brewer got little lesson from the pros. >> spinners. >> the spinners. >> didn't we jam with them in high school? >> ukee, you probably did. coming up next, stay with us.
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>> good morning, 6:00 sharp. we have wet start around the region for our friday morning storm scan3, shows rain falling across the area, so it will probably slow you down for the morning commute. let's get right to meteorologist, katie fehlinger, to see how long this wet weather will stick around today. hey, katy? >> i would say guys, generally speaking the worse happening right now. you know we've got the brunn of this. just cold front. not full blown storm system. but this frontal boundary definitely pack ago hint of moisture to say the least here. and it is actually been brinking in some pretty steady and heavier rain, for portions of new jersey and now delaware getting hit with another steadier rounds every showers. we can show you what's happening here at the more localized level on storm scan3, and you can see that the brunt of really heavy rain at this point has now since moved out to sea. so while you are still finding some steadier rain, just southeast of i-95, between the boarders of ocean, burlington counties, for example, we are really going to see things sort of just not fizzle completely, but fizzle


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