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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking news right now at 11 o'clock. there has been a shooting reported at delaware state university. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. local officials confirm they responded to their dover campus. they have not said how many people, if any, were injured. we're going to stay on top of this and bring you an update as soon as we get more information from delaware state. turning to our other top story tonight a-community mourns the loss of a high school football player who died today during a spring
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workout. 15-year-old ryan gillyard was a freshman at philadelphia's saint joseph's prep. he collapsed this morning during conditioning drills at a school facility. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke with one of gillyard's heartbroken teammates. >> that's going to hurt for white awhile. >> reporter: minutes before he died, moments before everything changed like any given saturday davion and ryan were shooting the breeze. >> i didn't want the believe it. i was talking to him this morning before he went to practice and he said he'll text me after practice. >> reporter: 15-year-old davion kid jackson would learn a few hours later it would be the last conversation they would ever share. >> i cried a few times. >> reporter: school officials say 15-year-old saint joseph's prep freshman ryan gillyard died during a conditioning work out. school spokesman wouldn't comment on the investigation. he collapsed. he was rushed to temple university hospital and pronounced dead. >> he was someone everybody wants to be around.
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he was funny cool, plight, had good friends. >> reporter: school officials said in a statement: davion a varsity quarterback for the team was at a track meet. the team still trying to believe it believes in this. >> we lost a good one but he's somewhere better now. >> reporter: officials from the school tell us that a private mass is scheduled for sunday morning right back here on the school grounds. grief counselors are scheduled to be here throughout the weekend and throughout early next week. reporting from the campus of saint joe's prep, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> new at 11 o'clock a dog attacked a child in cobbs creek. police say a three-year-old was sitting with her great grandmother when she was mauled by her uncle's canny corso.
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it happened about 5 o'clock. the child was taken to children's hospital with bite wounds to her head and eye and is currently in critical condition. police believe the dog was jealous of the child. >> i can't speak for them. i know that they'll do an evaluation on the dog. they'll test it and the fate of the dog is going to be in their hands. >> the great grandmother meantime is 84 years old. she was treated for a bite wound to her hand. turning to our weather pleasant thoughts today. a clear and warm night tonight in philadelphia but temperatures are about to take a little bit of a dip. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center with more. justin how cool is going to get. >> we're going to get back to normal for middle of april so, yeah, we can't complain about that but today certainly felt like summer. hopefully you had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. tough day to be inside. high today 81 degrees, the highest temperature we've had
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since september 28 of 2014 where we had a high of 86. this also marks our first 80-degree day of the year. these were the highs across the delaware valley. lehigh valley, berks county coming in at 80 this afternoon, mid 70's in mount pocono. delaware and south jersey also enjoying the mid and upper 70's for the afternoon temperatures. here we are right now it's still mild outside. 67 in trenton, 71 at the airport in philadelphia. there is cooler air to the north that will eventually pull its way southward as a cold front moves through. mid 66 quakertown, doylestown, palmyra checking in at 71 degrees. thin clouds moving over the region now right now but no chance for rain tonight. this cold front that comes through will be drive. it will just shift our winds out of the east tomorrow cooling us back down to typical mid april temperatures. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to the sunshine. 8 o'clock we're in the mid-50's, low 60's by noontime, mid 60's for the afternoon high temperature. then we'll talk about rain
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returning in the forecast and even cooler temperatures in the seven day. those details in a minute. natasha. >> thank you justin. the search is on for a vehicle that struck a young girl in olney tonight. it happened at fourth and whelan around 8 o'clock. an eyewitness tells us the driver stopped briefly and then took off. the child was taken to children's hospital with serious injuries. police have not released a description of the vehicle or its driver. also tonight philadelphia police make an arrest in a violent love triangle attack in logan. officers took a person of interest into custody at northwest detectives after she came in for questioning today. her name hasn't been released. a white dodge durango intentionally struck beatrice spence on the 4400 block of 17th street friday afternoon. police say a romantic rival was behind the wheel of the vehicle that was located on the 6000 block of marvine street this morning. doctors had to amputate spence's leg.
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calls forgoes at... calls for justice. grief stricken family and friends gathered today. the four-year-old was struck and killed by an suv while playing with his siblings on 57th street in southwest philadelphia on monday. the crime was all captured on camera and family members want the alleged hit and run driver to turn herself in. the ma and in charge of a once powerful mexican drug cartel that operated near the american border is under arrest tonight. mexican authorities say they have captured jose hernandez fuentes. fuentes is the suspected leader of the gulf cartel. his arrest friday sparked gun fights in a town just over the border from texas. police have been looking for hernandez fuentes for sometime now. they say he eluded capture by using more than eat false identities. australia raising its terror threat level after police charged five teens with
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planning a major attack. authorities say the 18 and 19-year-olds were plotting a isis inspired attack during the country's veterans day ceremonys in mel bourn next week. investigators found knife swords during raids on their homes. they believe the suspects were going to attack police officers. >> it's a threat that confronts us all. it's a threat that challenges us and in truth it's a threat that we don't really properly understand. >> isis has previously issued messages to followers urging them specifically to attack australia. well families who lost loved ones to crime marched through the streets of camden calling for justice. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> more than 400 people gathered on state street demanding an end to the code of silence. organizers say residents in camden must be a part of the conversation in order to bring about criminals to justice. now, as the shuttered
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revel casino sits in darkness tonight the property's former lender is stepping up now to help get the lights back on. wells fargo is offering $300,000 to cover two weeks of utility service. the offer is made in the name of safety without power or water service fighting a fire at the enormous atlantic city building would be nearly impossible. acr energy partners cut the electricity after feeling to reach a deal with revel's new owner glen straub. the academy of country music awards gearing up to celebrate its 50th anniversary on sunday right here on cbs3. this year's show is in arlington texas where everything from the performances to the crowds is expected to be bigger and better. cbs news correspondent suzanne marquez takes you behind the scenes. >> reporter: miranda lambert is warming up for her big night at the academy of country music awards. she's nominated for eight awards more than anyone else. lambert has already taken home
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18acm's. >> i was sit ought bus earlier staring. my husband walked in. i was like what's wrong. i was like i don't know, i'm just soak it in before the crazy starts. >> reporter: he's competing against her husband blake chelten who is also cohost. >> he has a big part in it so i'm like. >> it's like oh, where you going to put that one where you win it, one there in front of mine, one i have. thanks. >> reporter: she's won female vocalist of the year at the acm's a record five tomorrow's in a row. this is the first year the show is being held in texas where lambert was born and raised. she's facing stiff competition from dirk bently. garth brooks and the chart topping duo florida georgia line are strong contenders. >> ♪ >> reporter: lambert will
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sing a medley of her hit little red wagon and momma's broken heart one of 23 performances at the 50th acm awards show. suzanne marquez arlington texas. >> you can see the acm awards right here on cbs3 tomorrow night at 8 o'clock and stay tuned cbs3 for "eyewitness news" at 11:30 after the awards. chris and jessica all the gang beasley reece and kathy orr will be here tomorrow night. now, if you were getting ready to walk 60 miles, how would you possibly prepare for that? coming up on "eyewitness news," see how these komen volunteers are gearing up for a very long hall, all in the name of curing cancer. a case of mistaken identity you don't want to miss. firefighters rush into a burning home to save residents trapped inside and find out that it wasn't people that were calling for help at all. justin. >> and we had summer-like temperatures to kick off the weekend. now get ready for cooler numbers in the seven-day forecast.
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those details coming up. >> also the flyers were hoping to hit the lottery tonight. could they win the first overall pick? james palmer has that
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and find the honda power equipment dealer nearest you honda lawnmowers very smart >> 60 miles in three days. it's an inspiring journey through the delaware valley and today training officially kicked off for the annual susan g. komen philadelphia three day. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandra hoff has story from cherry hill. >> ♪ >> reporter: while this warm weather has the rest of us thinking about summer, this bunch is gearing up for fall. october 2nd through 4th to be exact. >> it's 24 weeks out until our event and this is when we like our walkers to start thinking about doing the training. >> three day kickoff. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a group of over 30 met up for the susan g. komen kickoff event at the new balance store in cherry hill. they start by getting their blood pumping and go over what
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to wear and what to pack for the big walk. >> as training walk leader i'm going to tell everybody whatever you use on events make sure you use in it training. >> reporter: so today everybody is doing a 3.2-mile walk just to get them started. they'll lead up to about 15 miles to get them ready for the eventual -- how much are you guys going to do? 60 miles in three days. >> three days 60 miles. >> reporter: the event is specific and can be challenging so with the three day as the destination then this is the journey and from the looks of it that's what it's all about. >> you can't understand what it's like unless you're a part of it. it's real family. >> it's my support group, it's fundraising, it's something you can do great with the people and keep in shape and it all benefits breast cancer, so how can you go wrong? >> reporter: in cherry hill, alexandria hoff. >> three day people rock. [cheers and applause] >> a great event and don't forget this mother's day sunday may tenth is the 25th
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annual komen philadelphia race for the cure. this is video from last year's event. for more information on registration or how to donate just go to our web site cbs3 and the cw philly are proud media sponsors of the race for the cure and we look forward to that every year. an unusual case of mistaken identity. firefighters responding to a house fire in boise idaho they thought they heard the screams of people inside but they were actually hearing parrots. emergency crews say the birds had been trained to issue a warning and they were actually saying help and fire leading crews to believe there were people trapped inside the house. >> they were saying fire, fire. >> reporter: they were saying fire. >> yes, that's what we got help, fire. so yeah, it's a smart bird, smart bird but you know, there was actually nobody besides the birds in the house. >> crews removed the birds and gave them oxygen. very very smart birds.
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all right, justin it was a slow trek in today. i just wanted to take in the moment. it was so beautiful. >> why not? we had 80-degree temperatures, no humidity around. >> beautiful. >> now we'll cool it back down for the middle of april. >> back to the norm. >> back to the norm. hope you had a chance to enjoy it today. we'll take you outside. saul clear. storm scan3 pretty quiet across the delaware valley, just high thin clouds pushing through the region. we'll we'll have a weak cold front that passes through the delaware valley through the overnight hours. that's what's going to bring our temperatures back to where they should be for this time of year which is in the mid 60's. so, let's check in with our weather watchers this hour and see what's happening across the delaware valley. again, still pretty mild outside right now. talking about 60's even low 70's showing up from our weather watchers. in reading dave has 66 degrees, ed connor in chesterfield new jersey, 65. peter in lawrenceville still
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at 69 degrees this hour. little bit cooler in clementon, new jersey at robert stuart's house where we have 62 degrees, also david dutch in clementon mid 60's. levittown william has 70 degrees this hour. another sign of summer, this picture send in by walter. he's been hanging out in cape henlopen today down in delaware and looking pretty good. this is a low tide shot, llewes delaware cape henlopen. people hanging out on the beach getting a suntan this afternoon. let's talk about our temperatures, what's going to happen as far as the change goes across the next 24 hours. we'll be dealing with temperatures back to the lower and mid 60's for afternoon highs on sunday. so, let's take you out to our maps and see what's happening. first of all let's go to the ben franklin bridge. again, all is quiet so a comfortable evening across the delaware valley. temperature right now in philadelphia 71 officially but notice the cool air to the north. 58 scranton, 60 in state college.
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that's that cold front that pushes south tonight. so, we get that colder air coming into the forecast for tomorrow and again just some high thin clouds building over top of us right now but the winds already starting to switch out of the north so that's going to bring in the cooler air through the overnight hours and then notice the arrows. they switch direction tomorrow. so now we're dealing with an east wind off the chilly atlantic ocean where that water temperature is only about 50 degrees. what's that's the why we drop our temperatures back into the 60's. monday we warm it up again. south winds looks like we'll see -- overall not a bad way to finish the weekend. monday warm front moves back to the region, brings rain, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon looks like the steadiest rain will be during the morning hours on monday and then we dry out again on tuesday but we cool it back down to the 60's behind that system. enjoy your sunday afternoon. mostly sunny conditions, clouds start to quickly build in sunday night. here's 4 a.m. monday morning.
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we start to see that rain moving in from south to west to northeast. there's going to be pockets of heavy rain especially by mid morning on monday so watch out for that morning drive. still some shower chances monday afternoon into monday night, perhaps a thunderstorm. how much rain are we talking about? a decent amount with this system is. some of the models bringing in about a inch and a half of rain, some little less. generally three-quarters of an inch to possibly an inch and a half before the rain is gone on tuesday morning. tomorrow around philadelphia low to mid 60's, cooler near the shore with that wind off the water. 40's and even low 50's for the afternoon temperatures. all right. mild overnight mostly clear 52 for the low temperature. lots of sun for you your sunday cooler 66. each day it gets cooler. by the end of the week we keep it dry but temperatures back into the upper 50's by next
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>> james palmer is here with sports action. lots of it. got a mini book there. >> yeah, mini book, that's right. >> looks like a lots going on. >> beautiful day for baseball. the phillies were in the nation's capitol visiting the nationals and looking to snap a six game losing streak. so, let's get to the highlights. phillies up three-two in the fifth but not for long as aaron harang is taken deep by bryce harper. see where this ball lands. that's his fourth of the season and we're tied at three. same score in the seventh
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grady sizemore grounds to first with the infield in but ben revere beats the throw home. ninth inning still four-three, herrera his third hit of the game also scored two runs. it's now five-three phillies. still in the ninth a scary moment, home plate umpire brian knight hit in the face mask with a 97 miles per hour fast ball. he would be evaluated by the nationals training staff. he would end up leaving this ball game: in the bottom of the ninth papelbon on the mound to close it out. still now sporting a zero era as the phillies win five to three. brave in the great white north taking on the blue jays. done donaldson with a walkoff. toronto wins six to five. to the friendly could and fines of wrigley field.
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alonzo sends a screamer to the upper deck. this woman's beer saved everyone's life and if she could do nothing to top what she has done she knows it's a $10 beverage the only thing you can do with a baseball inside it is to drink it down. the nhl held their draft lottery. flyers slated seventh overall to pick in the lottery if they didn't win it. fill had a 6.5 percent chance of moving up to the number one spot sabres had the best chance at 20 percent. who won the lottery almost certainly select 18-year-old superstar connor mcdavid? down to playoff hockey game two red wings-lightning second period. victorred mon hits reilly shea. the five to one was the final. now remember red wings head coach mike babcock his contract expires at the ends of the season.
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he could be a potential target for the flyers. let's head indoors gladiators in town visiting the soul and dan roundabou finds him. to the pitch an milestone barcelona visiting valencia. ninety-fourth minute lionel messy already barcelona's leading scorer looking for number 2400. it takes him two cracks but he gets it home. barcelona wins by a score of two t
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>> ♪ >> welcome back every un. it is considered a perfect gem a rare diamond is about to be auctioned off in new york. sotheby's auction house says the diamond is considered a type 2a which means it contains no night trop jen so it looks like a clear pool of ice water. it's expected to fetch as much as $25 million. the auction takes place this tuesday: that's lovely. a nice gift for someone. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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