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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ow maybe break this afternoon but coming snack. >> absolutely, yes really going to be story here. we catch a break then see another round every rain move n actually coming courtesy of two several fronts. your typical mid lie clean sigh close, you have warmfront, cold front, boats of those have to cross throughment warmfront winning the battle. what's moving through as we speak. in a second here, storm scan, we show you how things are looking right now on "skycam 3" over center city. definitely raining. >> darker shot, you are going to get slowed down by that, and i can guarantee your typical morning drive will be slower than average just because you have this. look at this mess, with the soaking rain, and it is radar 101, when you have the brighter shades of orange, yellow, and it means the rain coming down that much more intensely. but, this is our worm front. you see there is a little back edge to it, just outside of hagerstown maryland. so eventually, toward about midday, we will catch a break. that means on the roadways,
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if you're going to be going out this afternoon, that's kind of your one and only shot to really bank on quiet weather if you are looking for some reason to be outside maybe what you want to take your afternoon jog take your dog for walk. also when the roadways will be at their calm, in terms of weather, but second round every storms is likely to roll through, as early as the typical evening rush. and those storms could be locally strong or gusty. take an area look at the temperatures being talking right around 50, give or take few degrees certainly milder by comparison, though, in dover, as the warmth has had a chance to funnel in for you. but, even though we start with the rain, we are going to warm up later today. and also see some sunshine in philadelphia. we're shooting for 75 degrees, not bad. cooler by comparison in the poconos, because you likely don't see quite as much in the way of sunshine today as huge factor in this, but even down the shore we will have a chance i think to flirt with 70 degrees. so soggy start to the day for sure little break not total
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wash out. >> little rough in the morning drive. talking about pockets of heavy rain as you mention specially to the south but at least temperatures are somewhat on the mild side. but let's take you to ground truth right now. we head south into delaware on 495, from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. >> running into the heavy rain, moves in from the south, it is kind of weird to talk about the lab from the studio, normally i'm crewing in that thing, but looks little rough in northern delaware at this hour. closer to the city, 95 at girard, kind of the same deal waiting on the heavy rain to move in. but both northbound and southbound moving okay. roads are just wet right now downed tree in northern delaware, new castle, route 100 between kirk road and rockland road, closing down the road due to the down tree, alternate is route 52, and some accidents to talk becomes roosevelt boulevard northbound the inner drive approaching woodward street, dealing with a accident this morning, traffic still getting
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by with the light volume. abington accident at old york road and abington, glennside newtown, both have outside electrical fires this morning no reported delays for mass transit. that's a look at your ride. ukee, back to you. >> jd, thank you so many a bringing him in in march looks like the birds are making it official. sources tell "eyewitness news", tim tebow is joining the team. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in pennsauken to get reaction from some of eagles nation. jan, good morning. >> good morning i just spoke to denver broncos fan who says he is not official lay philadelphia eagles fan because tebow time is coming to the city of board brotherly love. flip side of the coin, some saying this morning what are they anything? take a look, "eyewitness news" has confirm tim tebow now in town and expected to sign a one year contract with the eagles this afternoon. the well known quarterback has actually been college football analyst recently, last played frees season football with the new patriots, last regular
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season game back in 2012 with the new york jets. many have thought tebow's football career was over and left scratching their heads one more time wondered what coach chip kelsey thinking. others say the heisman trophy winner still has potential, it is definitely an off season with a lot of moves for fans to keep up with. tebow just the latest shocker. >> i don't know if i like every move, but specially the tebow move. i tell that you. >> has tricks up his sleeve, definitely surprising, i think just hoping to go to a few games and see some wins. >> eagles have absolutely no idea what they're doing in chip kelly we fail. >> now, tim tebow of course comes with a lot of media attention, some people that we've spoken with are concerned that that will distract the team during a season when trying to refocus and rebuild nonetheless sources say, tim tebow in town expected to sign one year contract with the philadelphia eagles, later this afternoon. we will continue to follow this story. but for now live in
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pennsauken. >> funeral services will be held today for the two year old boy killed in a hit-and-run last week. police have recovered the car that hit david and his mom but still, no after he cents have been made. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch picks up the story for us now outside of police headquarters. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, and police are continuing their investigation into that hit-and-run that would take david's life and also injury his mother as you mention, they do have a suspect in mind. as they are doing that husband family is laying david to rest later this morning. >> this is how friends and family of two year old david will remember him smiling in the arms of his mom, josephine rivera. >> happy kid running up and down just he was full of life, full of life. >> the night of april 13th,
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both were mode down on the 2700 block of mascher street. surveillance video shows that suspect vehicle speeding through the area. >> it is very hard time for everybody, very difficult time. very hard, very hard to take the families in a lot of pain. >> just so tragic and so hard to see two year old injured in such a significant way. >> after three days of fighting for his life, david passed away. the owners of the 2006 white infinity turned the car into police at the 19th district in west philadelphia. the williamsport couple who owned the car are not suspect but are reported to have lent the car to 19 year old who is believed to have been behind the wheel at the time of the crash. and even though police have made headway in this case, at last check, there are no report of any arrests being made so far in this case. the service for david begins at 9:00 this morning and should end around noon. live at police headquarters, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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justin, thank you. two teen girls recovering after their struck by car on roosevelt boulevard. investigators say the two girls, ages 15 and 18,. >> were walking southbound lanes tyson avenue, forward circle. police say they both suffered broken bones. learn the driver initially kept going but then returned to the scene after circling the block. he is now cooperating with detective. >> this woman now facing attempted murder charges for love triangle hit-and-run in logan. police say the 29 year old precious richardson coleman intentionally crashed her suv into pea trist expense friday afternoon. expense was pinned against a building and doctors were forced to amputate one of her legs. detectives tell us that pence and coleman were romantic rivals. new this morning the secret service arrest as man who climbed a fence outside the white house with a suspicious package. they checked out the package and realized it wasn't dangerous. just last week, officials
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talked about adding steel spikes to the white house fences after rash of security scares. >> happening today 119th running of the boston marathon. it is the second marathon since a terrorist attack rock the race's finish line. security as you would imagine is tight. 30,000 run presser 87 countries are taking part this year. the marathon takes place one day before the sentencing phase begins for convicted marathon bomber tsarnaev dzhokhar. as we continue this morning, a strong earthquake shakes taiwan overnight. we have new video from the moment the quake struck. also the cbs weather lab son road this morning, you are looking live right now with the rain coming down in wilmington. katie says be prepared for storms later on today too. you are not out of the woods after the morning rush. she is updating the forecast when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. also this: >> with a new royal baby due any day anticipation is growing outside here at saint mary hospital. i'm susan macinnis in london
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with all of the details. >> cbs-3 mobile weather lab sponsored by audi.
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>> duke and duchess of came bryn expecting their seconds child any day now. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis joins us live where and tis pages for this royal birth. building a and building. >> good morning, erika, it is growing, bit more subdued compared to the frenzy over prince george two years ago when kate was week or so late and reporters were just outside of the hospital day after day. different scene outside the hospital right now as you are about to see but there is no lack of excitement. >> the most ardent royal watch
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remembers already waiting outside the lynn dough wing every saint mary hospital in london. >> just see kate come out with the baby and and part of had history. >> their second child will be fourth in line to the brittish thrown. behind his or her grandfather father, big brother george. captured the wormed's attention when he was born in july of 2013. >> i think prince george special moment in history been a while since we've will a direct air to the thrown. >> press pinned outside the wing here at saint mary hospital in london are empty. the press and fans are being kept away until kate is admitted. that's quite a difference from two years ago before prince george was born. >> you couldn't come this close to nearby hotel very excited. >> while even the duke and duchess of cambridge don't know the sex of the new baby, new pole shows both americans and brits agree -- >> it is a girl, it is a girl, it is a girl.
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>> they are hoping prince george gets a little sister. >> now, people here are betting on everything from the sex of the baby to the hair color to what kate is going to wear when the couple emerges from the hospital. the smart money right now is on a blonde girl named alice author our james for a boy but some, erika say there is enormous hype surrounding the name alice may disuade the cup fell choose that one. >> how will we find out once the baby is born, how will the information breakdown? >> well, the first to find out is queen elizabeth and then the senior members of the family, then we are going to get early heads up. then if custom holds for royal birth, a royal aid is going to make a run from the hospital to buckingham palace, post a bulletin on biggies he will a thousands the birth. will called withhold the name. it is possible we don't know, we'll know it it is a boy or girl but won't know if he or she is being called for couple every days. >> so exciting thank you so much susan macinnis for just london. thank you. all right, we have some
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london-ish weather today katie. kind of foggy rainy? >> low-lying cloud cover certainly with steady rain falling right now but it is sort of your classic mid hat taught cyclone, will come through with warmfront cold front, inbetween we should warm up at least briefly here, ends up with little sunshine in the middle part of the day. but for now you're stuck in some pretty soggy conditions out there. as we take you out to the palmyra cove nature park camera, live neighborhood network, little cool there we still have bit of east northeast component to the wind flow. 49 degrees for you certainly still finding some of the rain, falling pretty steadily and heavily you but notice there is actually what looks at least like little back edge to this. once we get through this main swat you're done with at least the most widespread, and heaviest rainfall this storm has up its sleeve. even though we don't one sunshine, let me zoom it out you have to get this whole part through. still need cold front to pass through. that will happen by tonight bring with it additional showers maybe some pockets of steady rain and possibly even here some severe weather. that's something that we have
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to keep a close monitor on. right now we are still nag enhanced zone, for that possibility, i should say slight risk for severe weather here. i would say your biggest issues in terms of the strongest storms, likely heavy downpours, frequent lightning, possibly small size hail, strong wind f there were tornado it would be a very, very low shot for it we should still warm up. 75 degrees the anticipated hi, drop it down to 68 tomorrow with the sun quickly breaking behind the clouds. cooler air works its way in, in fact, thursday, friday, saturday at best, up ear's for the daytime high. another cool front crosses on wednesday. >> good monday morning everyone paying the price for the nice weekends, dealing with heavy rain. looks like the front end of the morning drive will be affect the so just have some patience this morning expect some delays, across the region with the accidents because the rain, as well. to the vine st. expressway, 24th street, eastbound the taillights, and again we add
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the ongoing construction with the bridges, right now lanes are open, but the lanes are little more narrow now. you see some of the block off cones there so just keep that in mind. but the roads very well this morning. camera lens shaking with the winds there as well. ben franklin bridge inbound and out bound, no problems, but again just keep reduced speeds in the wind and heavy rain moving through. we do have road closed delaware this is mount shannon route 100 between kirk road and rockland road. downed tree, the alternate route 52 for that. and again some accidents to deal with. the boulevard northbound, inner drive approaching woodward street, the car that hit a pole, could be due to the wet roads as well. also, a outside electrical fire in glennside this morning, at mound carmel avenue and at keswick avenue. no reported delays on mass transit. back to you. >> thanks, justin. eagles are in the spotlight this morning with tim tebow head today philly later today. the former heisman trophy win is her expected to sign with the birds. he last played in a regular season nfl game in 2012.
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he's the fourth quarterback on the roster right now and we're hearing more about this signing coming up in a live report at 5:30. and other news this morning, funeral services take place today for two year old dave, killed last week in a rid and run in kensington. police have recovered a vehicle, but they've not made any arrest arrests. security measures in effect today for the boston marathon. two years ago today the bombs went off at the finish line killing three people. tsarnaev dzhokhar returns to a hearing tomorrow. >> a lot more talk about this morning, target apologizes after shopping frenzy shuts down its website that's not the only problem caused by the lawn of of popular line of clothes. >> also, police officers have been under fire lately for some bad behavior. but see why the officer in this video is being praised after a tense confrontation. that story coming up.
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>> a barbeque sparks a three alarm fire. "eyewitness news" on the scene, on the 800 block of cone street norristown. investigators think the fire started on a back porch and the flames jumped to several row homes. no one was hurt but the red cross is helping 17 people who lived there. >> no reports of damage after a strong earthquake strikes off the coast of taiwan. now, we have new video hereof some of the shaking early this morning during the 6.6 magnitude quake. tsunami warning in that region however, that threat quickly passed. >> happening today, it is the last day to register to vote in the primary pennsylvania primary on may 19th, philadelphia chooses party candidates for mayor. every pennsylvania voter chooses nominees for state supreme court superior court and commonwealth court. if you need more information on how to register, just go to
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erika? >> still ahead this morning country music biggest stars are honored here on cbs-3. >> see the hear warming moment between taylor swift and her mother as the berks county native pick up an award. >> leave little extra time to get where you are going this morning, and that's why looking at your screen, the roads are slick in new castle, delaware, from some overnight rain and more storms are on the way. we are not out of the clear this afternoon. we're updating traffic and weather together on the 3's. when we come right back.
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definately pouring down pretty heavily at this hour. erika, good morning everyone, morning commute definitely going to be soggy one. but dow at least come bearing some better weather news, catch a break with some sunshine breaking through the clouds. storm scan3 actually action pack, very heavy ran soaking the region shall specially through the southwestern tear of the delaware valley. everybody gets in on. >> this along with the rain also dealing with some wind gusts pretty noticeable to say the least really anywhere from say 25 to 35 miles per hour in terms of those current wind gusts so, it is certainly a cluster -- blustery and soggy start to the day. second half of the day does future some sunshine. the problem is we see
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second rounds of showers and thunderstorms rambling in, as early as the typical evening commute. looking a had i head to tomorrow, skies should clear end up with sunshine, breezy day, and then by wednesday another frontal boundary has to work it way through. that will bring us more clouds, more showers. justin over to you. >> talk about heavy rain to the south especially delaware, so we take you out to the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, new castle county, new castle delaware, route 13 north headed toward the delaware memorial bridge, you can see the heavy rain continues to fall, not whole lot of traffic to deal with this morning just yet. but, certainly, expect delays this morning accidents coming into the region, as well. this is the boulevard southbound approaching 76 looks like accident taking out the center and right lane. and looks like car involved two cars involved there police, and fire crews are there, so the left lane getting by. but again expect those slow
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delays this morning, with the wet roads and also, another accident on the boulevard northbound inner drive approaching woodward street, car hit a pole, right now traffic is moving through there, as well. also, downed tree delaware, route 100 between kirk road and rockland road. that's closed. alternate route 52, that's a look at your ride this morning. ukee, back to you. >> thank you jd. eagles nation, what say you? sources say former heisman trophy winner tim tebow bringing his tal tents south philadelphia. last played in a regular season game in the nfl game in 2012, but we're told he has been working on his passing game and ready to go, ready to play. he won playoff game with the broncos not too long ago. we'll hear more about the expected signing later today and we'll hear what fans think coming up at 5:30, in just a few minutes. how about baseball? phillies off today getting ready to meet the miami marlins first time in 2015. the phils had rough game yesterday. the nationals got the starter
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david buchanon for three runs with two out in the fifth inning. the phillies lost this one the phils have lost seven of their last eight games, got to get it together. can't win a pennant in april but sure can get behind in april, that's for sure. back to you. >> thanks, ukee, still ahead in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", eagles generating more buzz this off season. jan? >> reporter: lateness string every shocking moves by head coach chip kelly. >> this one reportedly sending tim tebow to the philadelphia eagles. we'll have fan reaction straight ahead. >> jan thanks. daring rescue just in the nick of time. see how police in new jersey saved a woman from that car just moments before it burst into flames. and, justin and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. including the latest on today's stormy weather. look at those slick roads out there. we're back in just two minutes, good morning
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>> finding plenty of slick spots on the roads, this morning, and we are just getting really round one of this plenty for for your afternoon commute don't you wore. >> i let's economic in with katie right now see what we can expect throughout the day. katie, food morning? case were you worried would you see a wash out after day. >> we were concerned. >> morning wash out, for sure, we will catch a braining by midday, then the colds front has to come through. what you are finding in terms of the mess of green and yellow that's over my shoulder here, that is actually coming courtesy of the warmfront, what that will do is send surge of warmth our way that's why it is called a warmfront, and it also means that we will end up


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