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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 o'clock much of you are area under tornado watch at this hour. it was just extended as some threatening storms are moving our way. marissa tweeted this video from state college earlier tonight. her backyard was getting getting pelted by large hail and we could see hail in our area over the next few hours. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. kathy orr staning by in the weather center. it's been very busy night kathy and not over yet. chris and jess, really just beginning in our region. that tornado watch extended through the region until midnight. talk now threat of severe weather continuing with two lines of storms. you saw those pictures of hail from state college this is line of storms that was to the west now moving eastward not severe but a lot of lightning hail and torrential downpours associate with his line. i want to draw your attention down here up the i-95 corridor these storms originated in the ball more washington area. not severe but we are talking about flooding, we're talking about hail and we're talking about damaging winds even though these aren't officially severe we'll track these storms toward
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the northeast at 35 miles an hour and at that speed, they will be in chester by 11:06. philadelphia by 11:30. cam by 11:36 and in cherry hill, new jersey by 11:53. so you have the heavy rain, you have the gusty winds. you have the potential for hail and you have lightning that is amazing when we count up all the lightning in the region, for the last half hour, we're talking about over 800 lightning strikes in the region. if we include a little bit farther to the west we will see even more. now in the storm that are moving up the i-95 corridor frequent cloud to ground lightning associated with these storms. gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. that can create some damage and also take down some tree limbs. dime sized hail and also localized flood. as a matter of fact, we have a flash flood warning in effect until 2:30 in the morning for new castle county, delaware including the steves wilmington and hokessin down through delaware and delaware city. one to 2-inches of rain is
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expected on top of the heavy rain that fell this morning. in addition to that a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for northampton county in pennsylvania and the poconos also that was trenton and mercer county, new jersey until 1:00 o'clock in the morning. we will continue to track these storms and any changes and later on talk about what comes in the wake of these storms. big changes in the seven day. for now we'll zen it back to you jess. >> busy night, kathy. thank you our severe weather threat is a good reason to download the cbs3 weather app if you haven't done so already. you can see the same live radar that kathy does. you cannily good the latest alerts right to your phone. it's free it's available right now on i tunes and google play. we've got really dramatic video tonight that shows you just how dangerous rising flood waters can be. take a look it's exclusive eyewitness cam video from lower moreland. it shows woman and her dog being plucked to safety as flood waterswaterswaters rose around their suv this morning. that water filled a drainage ditch. police believe that the woman
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drove into the ditch thinking it was part of a parking lot. saw her car getting into the ditch and the water was raising and she was really upset. she started out she said it's at my knees she said it's at my waist and it's at my chest. >> worker at a veterinary hospital nearby rushed to help first responders. they carried the pets to safety. they were wet and shaken but otherwise unharm. some developing news at this hour. under ground transformer fire on the mainline. this happened in wayne tonight on wayne avenue. right now crews are still there. they're working to get service restored to some homes that are without power as a result of the fire there. but we're told no one was injured. and some more new video just into "eyewitness news" from wane. you can see a lot of first responders on the scene. again we're told the fire is out right now but the repair work remains to be complete. again the good news no injuries reported in that transformer fire which again happened underground.
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new video tonight of a startling and scary scene in pittsburgh. a woman was struck by a foul ball at the pirates and cubs back at pnc park she was behind that net. you see right there. the net separates home plate from those seats but she had her back turned and was close enough to the net the ball struck her head. the game was delayed as medics transported her out of the stadium. the pirates said the woman was conscious and alert. and even gave a thumbs up to nearby fans. tonight a soccer player at the university of delaware is under arrest and charged with the rape of another student. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has new details from newark. >> reporter: paul goalkeeper for university of delaware blue hen varsity soccer team is behind bars. taken into custody sunday. 21-year-old is now charged with rape and strangulation of another student. police say they were called to the 100 block of east cleveland
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avenue around 6:00 o'clock saturday morning. the victim reported that she met him at a restaurant friday night and he came back to her apartment. once inside her bedroom she says he assaulted her. >> to be that philly aggressive is just honestly appalling. so terrible. >> reporter: students say they don't know him personally but they're surprised this student athlete would be cued of such a vicious crime. >> being athlete here it's like something you want to be able to carry yourself and be proud of. i feel you need to carry the name of the university on your back. >> reporter: he has played for the blue hens since 2012 starting in one game this past season. the university would not say if he's been suspended from the soccer program or the school. in a statement a spokesperson told "eyewitness news" all students charged with a crime are automatically referred to the ud student conduct office. it's an honor to be able to play for the school. something you got to think of when you make your decisions. >> reporter: he's an honor student in the engineering
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program here at the university of delaware. he's now being held on $250,000 bail. in newark, delaware, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> still a lot of questions tonight after the death of a saint joe's prep football player. 15-year-old ryan guilliard was -- died this weekend while doing off season conditioning work with the football team. he collapsed on the field and was taken to temple hospital where he died. it could be several months before a cause of death is revealed. the piaa is opening its own investigation regarding gill jar's death and the name of that workout. well the eagles made it official today with the signing of quarterback tim tebow one of the biggest personalities in all of sports is here on a one-year deal. our sports director beasley reece is here to break down that deal. beas. >> the big negative has been his throwing motion. he puts his hand on top of the hand and throws it over. accuracy as been a problem. less than 50% complete average.
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it cries for chip kell toll design a package for his strong points. here he is designing his crack with his fourth team, 6-foot three, 250 an imitate dating runner. he played special teams for the jets. chip has always respected tebow skill set. five quarterback on the roster he's the only one who can actually do what chip kelly wants to do. with his offense. run the read option short to medium passing game. we'll find out how does he. tebow is young guy for the dream of playing pro football so long as his body can hold up. a very famous journey man and to do to do about a guy with a long road to even make this football team. >> you know they won't carry five quarterbacks into the. >> no. they won't carry four quarterback. >> they'll carry three. >> long way to go. >> long way to go. >> a lot to talk about. >> absolutely. >> see you later in sports. nothing says philadelphia quiet like soft pretzel and yes tim tebow has shaped in his likeness
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thanks to philly pretzel factory that. pretzel is tebowing which is the quarterbacks to's signature touchdown celebration he grabs a knee in prayer. you can get your tim tebow fix online. has the latest on all things dee bow from pretzel to pictures even news on where he might fit into chip kelly's plans for 2015. new tonight more council chaos and questions about the future of the delaware county borough. colwyn borough council meeting once again got heated. and tonight it included bags of what some say are shredded documents. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has the play by play. >> tears payroll sheets from -- from the colwyn borough police department. they should never be shredded. >> reporter: former borough manager paul brown pulled no punches causing the sledding of borough documents illegal. these bags were diss covered monday in a dumpster near a park. >> when you're under investigation you don't sled
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anything. >> reporter: after another contentious council meeting brown's opponents on council argued the supposed shredded documents are bogus. >> there's nobody did any shredding of borough documents or anything like that. absolutely not. >> there was no documents shredded today. >> reporter: brown lost her job earlier this month when a divide council voted to eliminate her position in what was being called a cost cutting move. but brown seize herself as a whistleblower who had been targeted delaware county district attorney's office is investigating the finances of the borough. colwyn is now more than $1 million in the red and two council members are refuseing to sign their names on any council checks. >> i was told to get off the signature cards for the borough of colwyn. >> who told that you? >> the district attorney's office and media. >> reporter: as of right now no charges have been filed in connection to the da's investigation. reporting in colwyn,
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delaware county, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". vineland's mayor says he plans to form a special committee review policies on police use of force. the committee won't be formed until after the cumberland county prosecutor's office finishes its investigation into the death of philip white. white died in police custody last month shortly after his arrest on grape street in vineland. and there have been a total of three in custody deaths involving vape land police since december. tonight the woman accused of a ban doing her disable son is in the custody maryland police. nia parlor had been receiving medical treatment there. she will report the have an extradition tomorrow morning after and she left her quadriplegic son in the woods near cobbs creek and took off to maryland to be with her boyfriend. we've got new information now about this statue we first told you about at 5:30 today. the person who left it in the burbs at this gas station in burlington city contacted police
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tonight and told them that he found it in the woods and then left it there at the station for no particular reason. police got involved after the statue's discovery was publicize publicized in a facebook video some complaining it might have been a threatening image for muslims. the statue is actually a target that is used at military gun ranges. well tonight we've got a really interesting look at a prank that come with very serious consequences. >> up next a dangerous swatting incident in our area is posted online as it's happening. we'll tell you where this happened life. >> kathy? >> we are tracking strong storms on storm scan3 storm scan3 moving up the i-95 corridor. these storms will be in philadelphia within the next 10, 15 minutes coming up we'll also tell was comes in the wake of these storms. >> and there's been another chayote tee attack in n the latest ends with injuries and it's left a neighborhood on edge edge. >> what's in this can could help give you more energy or cure a number of ailments. we'll tell you what's behind the newest medical trend.
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when "eyewitness news" returns.
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>> this morning some 30,000 runners braced the rain and took part in the boston marathon. it took place 24 hours before the sentenceing phase begins in the trial of dzhokar tsarnaev the man convicted in the 2013 bombings that killed three people and injured 260 others. security was tight but the marathon was incident free. tsarnaev is expected to spends his life in jail if escapes the death pennel team a swatting incident is captured life online in new jersey. this man who only identified himself as fist pump was live streaming video when hell armed police officers arrived at his monmouth mom county home yesterday. key port police received an anonymous call saying a man was holding hostages and stabbed his girlfriend. they determined it was hoax. monmouth county prosecutor is investigate. for the second time this month could it tee went op tack in north jersey bergen county man says he was just walking his dog when this happen. at first he thought the coyote
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was a stray dog he tried to get his dog back into his house that's when the koy tie bit him on the leg. he did have to go to the hospital for rabies shows and police are now trying to trap that animal. on the cbs3 health watch tonight oxygen therapy without a prescription it's supposed to boost energy and much more. health reporter stephanie stahl looks into this growing health trend that may leave you with a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: when jeffrey gets a headache skiing, he says a can of objection jenn helps with altitude sickness and more. >> you no longer have the headache and you feel like you have a little bit more energy than did before. >> reporter: can contains enrich air which is 95% air. >> ambien air is 21% oxygen. >> a number of companies sell canned objection jenn online in specialty stores and at spas. >> you have increased energy and you feel better. objection jenn is the next botted water. >> some canned objection jenn comes in flares like peppermint
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or pink grapefruit promoteed to help ease altitude sickness headaches jetlag reboot after a workout and some claim to help after a tough night out on the town. some brands say the relief you find is similar to taking a gulp of water when feeling dehydrateed dehydrated. dr. mark green with the national headache foundation is skeptical. >> the evidence is fairly fairly weak even if the effect is it's short lived because they're not much oxygen that these containers. >> these aren't medical devices you don't need a prescription to buy canned objection jenn and the fda currently does not regulate it. dr. green says, canned oxygen may have some limited value with altitude sickness and hangovers but -- >> they shouldn't be considered to have a main stream treatment for medical conditions with headache. >> reporter: jeffrey says it's made a big difference in his life. >> pretty amazing how quickly you just sort of felt better. >> reporter: canisters are highly flammable and the tsa won't allow them on flights but beyond that experts say there are no known negative side
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effects when used as directed. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". well it has been a very eventful night when it comes to this weather. you guys have been tremendously busy. >> very busy and storms continue some not severe but still creating big problems right now we're looking at some of the stronger storms moving up the i-95 corridor. take a look at this video from our crew in newark, delaware. this is where we saw some very strong storms. hundreds of lighting strikes being reported and this cell new castle county producing one to 2-inches of rain and also a flash flood warning in effect there, and this is going to continue to move toward the northeast checkout it on storm scan3. you can see these storms continuing to move toward philadelphia and just knocking on our doorstep one line of storms that came through state college as sphere moving toward the northeast with a lot of lightning and torrential downpours i've been focused on this moving up the i-95 corridor corridor. we have hail associated with it.
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gusty damaging winds and obviously frequent cloud to ground lieutenant thing. we're going to query these and show you the reports. hail in cecil county maryland. new castle three-tenths of an inch in diameter. in the northeast that is in cecil county of hail as well but frequent reports and also in maryland a gust to 40 miles an hour. a lot of wind arc lot of hail an lot of rain to be reported. as we take a zoom in we'll watch this cell in new castle that created torrential downpours moving into parts of gloucester county and heading toward philadelphia. a lot of lightning associated with this, but as it moves towards the northeast we're seeing less lightning but still very heavy rain. this cell is still moving toward the northeast at about 35 miles an hour. so even if you don't hear that thunder you will hear this rain pounding on your windows. in philadelphia the time 11:31. it will be in camden by 11:35. gloucester by 11:49 and even in
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bristol by 12:0 sick. a very fast moving line of storms that extend down from delaware all the way into maryland and beyond. a flood advisory in effect. you can see for southern new castle county and kent counties in delaware. poor drainage flooding because of the heavy rain that has been falling. temperatures still in the 60s in philadelphia. a rain cooled 59 in allentown. reading at 62. the cold front that is driving these storms is moving toward the east. it's getting a lit bit closer once it moves through the threat of storms will end. and that's coming. you can see the line moving in from the west. all of this continues to move toward northeast by 1am we see the storms weaken as the front moves through. and then after that, the front is through the clouds begin to break and tomorrow morning we see some sunshine during the morning rush. in the wake of this it is cooler and sunny breezy for your tuesday. wednesday a few showers, the big change comes late week sunshine with high temperatures only in the 50s. so overnight some strong storms
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with some potential damaging winds. overnight low 57 it's dry and quite tomorrow. the high 68. we start off the day cool but then it warms up with plenty of sunshine. by the lunch hour 63. after school 66. evening activities look like a go as long as those feeds aren't muddy. on the seven day forecast you can see the huge change comes thursday it's like flicking a switch going back to march. with temperatures in the 50s. but the good news is, there's no threat of severe weather. sunshine across the board. >> well at leave it's sunny. >> if it's going to be chiller. >> and quiet. >> be careful out the rest of tonight. >> thanks kathy. >> beasley is here. there's no off season nnfl it's april and we're still talking about football. >> they'll release the schedule tomorrow. nf will do it like it's some big glitzy show and malcolm jenkins talking about his newest
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>> we found out he's going to wear number 11 for the goal. do you think he'll sell a million jerseys. >> a lot of jersey. a lot of -- >> a lot of stuff tebow tebowing. listen the guy is a biggest name in philadelphia sports he hasn't made a play since 2012. tim tebow and eagles did make it official today. he signed a one-year contract to scratch and an itch chip kelly has had since watching tebow win two national championships with florida. this is team number four for the super star journey man his new teammates malcolm jenkins weighs on the signing. >> it's not a big reaction right now. we got 90 spaces before training
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camp and everybody will be, you know competing for spot to try to make the roster. so you know, tim tebow not a huge deal right now. >> evan mathis a no show at the phase one off season volunteer training session. the birds have asked two time pro bowler twice to redo his contract. he told them no both times. eagles can save over $9 million in cap space if mathis is tradeed or released. >> the nfl will release 2015 schedule tomorrow in addition to division rivals the birds will host the cardinals shady mccoy and the bills the saints, bucks and dolphins. away from home they will take on the jets, patriots, lions panthers and falcons. the phillies have the day off. they return to citizens bank park tomorrow to face the marlins. jerome williams will be on the mound for the fightings. they are coming off a terrible one and six road trip where they batted .210 and averaged 2.3 runs game. let's pick it up fellas. flyers need a coach san jose
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todd morning chill land made a mutual parting of ways announced today. general manager ron hextall is also interested in claude julian and mike babcock if they become familiar. mcclellan is the sharks all time leading in coaching victories at 311. >> the rangers penguins second period new york beat pittsburgh two hiv one to lead that best of 72 games to one. former sixer lou williams won the nba sixth man of the year award. sweet lou averaged a career high 15.5 points a game off the bench. for toronto and he's the first raptor to win they ward. lou was the sixers second round pick in 2005. we'll be right
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♪ well tonight an interesting scientific discovery that contains what some say sewer curious link to the muppets. >> scientist in companies at a ricoh came across a new species of glass frog. their skin is translucent there's a striking resemblance to kermit the frog. now it's not just the skin. look at the eyes, too. >> right. >> unlike kermit we're pretty sure this glass frog doesn't sing, dance or do television
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with bob shieffer. sadly that would be needed if they both could do that. >> it's not easy being green. >> it's not. we'll be right back.
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...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ >> heavy rain and gusty winds messing up the i-95 i-95 corridor tonight. >> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show next with john travolta. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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