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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now new at 11:00 violent winds from strong
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storms carve a path of damage through the delaware valley. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. these storms were certainly fierce as they tore that was the area. they moved through quickly but they left their mark behind. our team three coverage of the severe weather begins with diana rocco tonight she's life in westville, gloucester county where the cleanup is underway. diana. >> reporter: chris it really didn't take long at all. the storms moved that was quickly but this is what this homeowner has been left with tonight. this big tree toppled down on the roof. the structure is now in jeopardy of collapse. the home has been condemned and the homeowner was forced to evacuate. the storms came in fast and furious. strong winds with gusts up to 70 miles an hour in some places. from new jersey to delaware and chester county uprooting trees causing branches to fall and downing power lines. >> the winds were picking up and i was on the porch. and i've been worried about the tree for while.
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got a hole in the center of it so it was in pretty bad shape. that's when the tree was just stopped but it was scary. >> reporter: on west olive street in westville, new jersey, this giant tree toppled on to a roof forcing the homeowner and her friend out for the night. this structure is now unsafe. >> i left to go out came back and i seen the police car come down the street and i look up and i see the tree leaning over on the house. >> reporter: owners friend was walking her dogs when the tree came down. the owner a woman whose lived here since the '80's says she didn't think the tree would fall but now she's leaving with her two dogs and two birds until authorities allow her back home. neighbors were also left without power. >> it is what it is now. so now i got the power out and who knows what we'll do for tonight but we'll figure that it that out now. >> in glassboro this tree toppled over on power lines blocking the home own are in in the driver while the company work to repair the damaged lines. in pennsauken, another street closed due to tree leaning on
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the lines. a uprooted right from the ground n fishtown a tree fell across east girard avenue blocking the road and north coventry chester county a branch collided with this car. narrowly missing the driver a man in his 60s. so you can see just how extensive the damage to the third floor and the roof of this home has been. the tree company will be out here in the morning starting to take that apart and then they will go from there. the gas company is now on scene tonight. they're taking a look at the line and making sure that the line was not ruptured after the roots were uprooted like this so quickly. a handful of people in this neighborhood did lose power because of all of this, but that should be restored very short. -in westville, new jersey, tonight, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you. well take look at this fiery scene in netter providence tonight much this too was caused by our weather. a branch fell on some wires that
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were attached to home there on atlanta court. those wires then came down on that shed and it went up in names. two sheds nearby also caught fire. the good news there no one was injured. >> the concern now is the cold forget april showers. what about april snow? in western pennsylvania today you see the snowflakes coming down there. this was in union town south of pittsburgh. are we going to see snow here, kathy? she's tracking the cold's come back. she's got the latest now. >> it is going to be cold, though. that snow falling in western pa with temperatures in the 40s think afternoon and look the cold air pulling in snow into central pa in state college. we are going to stay warm for now but even in northeastern parts of pennsylvania in scranton seeing snow showers there. take look at some of these peak wind gusts. this is what is ushering in the cold. in philadelphia earlier today, with that cold front arc peak wind gust of 71 miles an hour. near hurricane force. northeast philadelphia at the
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airport a 62-mile an hour gust. allentown 55. trenton 52 and new castle a 48-mile an hour gust. now, the cold is comeing in behind it. we're still seeing wind gusts to about 30 miles an hour but nothing like earlier. look at these temperatures. state college 37 and light snow. philadelphia 52. but this is all moving our way and temperatures will be plunging overnight. these are the freeze temperatures. or the frost line and you can see through allentown reading and lancaster the possibility of patchy frost by tomorrow morning at 7am. wake up to 40 in the city. 37 in allentown and reading. 329 wilmington and 31 degrees in the poconos. coming up, it will turn even colder in our seven day. wait until you see these numbers much jess, for now we'll send it back to you. kathy, thank you. >> two homes teetering on the edge in florence. tonight homeowners evacuated now realizing the dangerous reality their homes are faceing. lynn and chris o'dell says the erosion started two years ago
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behind their house which sits along the delaware river. that erosion got much worse this week. rain exposed a pipe gushing water down the face of an embankment. >> the hillside is not stable. that the water obviously is continuing to come out of the face and that at some point in time there could be additional failure. >> this is our home. we put a lot of evident into it. i put a lot of love in this house. >> we're both still standing here grace of god and we haven't gotten over and they're fine us at the bottom of the cliff or anything like that. >> county capped the pipe that was leaking water but so far no one offered a remedy to to solve that problem. well knew at 11:00 o'clock tonight the familiar refrain of not in my backyard. some south jersey residents got together tonight discussing a plan to turn a historic piece of property into a drug rehab center. one that would be located right next to haddonfield high school. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us now live to show
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us what happened tonight. david? >> reporter: chris, more than 400 people packed the high school auditorium tonight and it was significant because it's the first time residents have actually heard from the developer. people are concerned because of how close the high school is to the proposed site. soon 132 years of bancroft history could turn into a substance abuse treatment center and neighbors are talking. >> you don't have drugs near school. so i don't think there should be something next to a school. roar report but the proposal by recovery centers of america is to invest millions in new center. next to haddonfield high school. more than 400 people showed up to hear about the first sale of the property since 1883. some think it's a great idea. >> it's here and will he let us face the reality that it's here. and not be against something because our eyes are closed. >> reporter: others had direct questions for recovery centers employees about the company. >> have you built one facility
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yet at all? have you broken any ground? >> this will be one of our first facilities in the united states. >> company officials say the facility will be secure and the proximity to the high school and homes should not worry neighbors neighbors. >> voluntary treatment program. people won't be locked down. they won't escape. our patients will be very similar to folks that live here. >> reporter: even that's not enough to hold back passionate neighbors who are okay with change just not this change. >> i desperately realize the need for this kind of service my major contention is just that's the wrong place and -- (applause). >> reporter: the bancroft school will move to its new flocks mt. laurel in 2017. back here in haddonfield developers will submit an official rezoning petition in the coming week many we're live in haddonfield david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> more to come, david thank you.
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torments night septa police are looking for students in involved in a brawl at a subway stop. surveillance cameras capture the chaos on the spring garden platform along the broad street line yesterday. multiple groups of teenagers can be seen fighting. punching and kicking. as fellow subway riders look on in terror. one of the attackers even fell on to subway tracks at one point during this fight only to quickly get back up much police believe the students attend ben franklin high school. well it is a billion dollars deal. today federal judge in philadelphia approved a settlement that would resolve concussion claims against the nfl by thousands of retired players. our sports director beasley reece is here to show us how this settlement will impact a lot of former players. >> there are literally thousands of players out there projected to end up with cognitive issues as a result of the head trauma during their nfl careers. this settlement will assist their families if long-term care is needed. the settlement could reach as high as $1 billion. a fund will be set up to pay for
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baseline evaluations, players support, and education. former eagles running back kevin turner suffers from als and has lost the ability to speak. in a 2000 theen interview he expressed concern for being around for his children. >> that's a big relief for me to know you know, if i'm not here in two years they'll be able to all go to college. >> nfl estimates that about 6,000 of the 20,000 retired players would need long-term care. former player mitch white took one brutal hit on the practice field eight years ago. he's left with pain, confusion and depression. >> there's just no denying that there's a lot of guys out there like me that are dealing with the strange injury of brain injuries. >> former eagles quarterback joe joe, is the president and ceo of
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the nfl alumni association. >> i think there's a lot of players out there right now that need help and need assistance and that helps their families also. and so i think this is a very good settlement for the nfl alumni. >> you see this and the nfl rules changes very few kick off returns, no launching no head shots. it makes a lot of sense in light of the results of detailed studies conducted in recent years. >> wow. >> this is a great job bite inform fl and they get a bad rap rap. if aig happens to me there's somebody who will fix it as a result of the nfl. and we thank that you them for that. >> you say the money is there but no one wants to collect it. >> nobody wants it. >> that means you're very sick. >> beasley, thank you. 94 years of age a south philadelphia man is going to defy the odds during this weekend's penn relays at franklin field. >> george scott is an amazing athlete. you can definitely say that he's one of the fastest men in the world for his age.
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"eyewitness news" was with scott in warminster today as he trained for the 100-meter dash. the 94-year-old started running when he was 88. his career took off a year later later. >> 2010 we did both the senior games and the keystone games. i wound up with 15 gold medals and two silver. >> not too bad. this is how scott says he stays in shape. he plays basketball with the youngsters. he also likes to dance. scott by the way work as a technician here at queue for 40 years. how inspiring he is. >> isn't that incredible. >> never slow down. even that's the message. >> never too late to try something new. >> absolutely. >> worker was shocked on the job in center city philadelphia yesterday. tonight, the i-team is getting results. see what happened today that might just keep your own family safe. also, on the way, a look inside the cyber security threat and the new way hackers could be targeting your personal
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information. >> kathy? >> temperatures will be getting even colder over the next 24 hours. as the big chill really settles in. i'll show you the numbers in the seven day coming up. >> and the legendary comedian jerry seinfeld coming to the i was for a big event. we'll have details on that when "eyewitness news" continues.
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protesters were back in the streets in baltimore tonight demanding justice for an african-american man who died from a spinal injury that he suffered in police custody. freddie gray was hurt after he was handcuffed and put into the back of a police van back on april 12th. his death comes a mid a national debate about policing in minority communities. the justice department is investigating. exclusive cbs3 i-team report gets results. on apple tree street center city replaced aluminum light poles with fiberglass poles that don't conduct electricity. yesterday we told you exclusively how a worker pick up trash was shocked when a metal can came into contact with an
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electrified light pole. that worker is recovering tonight. the city says it's now in the middle of a lengthy process of replaceing more than 6,000 aluminum poles. many of us have learned the hard way that identity theft is very costly crime. as much as we try to change to keep criminals out they come up with new ways to target our personal information. well tonight new details on some of the new targets of cyber attackers. credit card numbers personal information, private photos, many of us trust sensitive info to the internet. iain says he's no exception. >> in my business i'm on the internet and every facet of personal life. >> reporter: although he changes his passwords regularly and is careful when it comes to online activity, he still worries about hackers. >> they can do a lot of damage. and they can do it fairly quickly. >> we expect cyber crime to escalate even more than it has in the past it's really expendiential growth. >> patrick nielsen senior researcher for internet security
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firm. cyber kerr attackers want to hit corporations looking for big scores but that affects the of us. >> it's really clear an attack on organization can compromise the privacy and security, confidentiality and intimacy of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. >> banks will be big targets. but in new ways. >> targeting auto mat tick teller machines a couple of things we've seen recently and we expect to see much more of them in the future isn't with the growing pobb popularity of virtual payment networks nielsen expects those will be a new target. he says it's important for consumers to pay attention to security. >> some technologists will come out and be very secure from the beginning wonders will come out without having been tested very much. >> experts also say hackers are going after individual users to find ways into corporations. >> they will send e-mails that look like they're a message from my mailroom here and say we need to you verify this package is real. click this link. once i click the link it's downloaded this bad software
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that gets access to my computer turns night a zombie whole network infected. >> despite warnings the attacks still happen. >> there's a reason people aren't listening they still aren't doing it and it's where a lot of these hacks are originating. >> very the traditional advice is to change your password frequently but tech experts now also strongly recommend that you use that two factor i authentication whenever you can. even if they get your password they won't get the special opinion that goes along with it. >> got to be careful. >> um-hmm. >> it is called music fest but this year legendary comedy icon will be on stage. >> jerry seinfeld will hit stage at the bethlehem fest festival on august 10th. of course that comedian rose to fame on the show seinfeld in the '90's. tickets range from 79 to $219 depending on where you sit. strong winds blowing through the area. >> yes. >> 70 miles an hour at one point? >> um-hmm. >> incredible. >> at the philadelphia international airport 71.
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northeast philadelphia 62. these are amazing winds that came through with a cold front. not much lightning that was interesting thing. more like thunder showers and very gusty damaging winds. now, behind those winds the cold and it's going to get even colder before it gets milder. feels more like march around here. take a look outside temperatures are in the 40s 40s in center city philadelphia and we will be falling close to the 30s overnight tonight. here's a look at our headlines we're looking at gusty winds that are going to linger widespread frost a possibility this week. and a chill that will linger right into that weekend and possibly beyond. first let's start off with storm scan3 with patches of snow and of in the scranton area that moving into northern new jersey and southeastern new york. williamsport punxsutawney and also into state pledge a few snow showers. for us dry with a mainly clear sky tonight. look at our winds that have settleed down bensalem 46. birdsboro look at that 44. 42 in beth will he many
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cinnaminson 48 degrees. the south and east temperatures a little bit milder. some 50s least in south jersey. during the day on thursday temperatures in the 50s. that is it. with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. the winds settle down somewhat on friday but temperatures still 10 degrees below normal with highs in the mid 50s. and those morning lows are going to be wick. now tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. 29 in the poconos. 35 in allentown. 40 degrees in philadelphia. but by friday morning it gets even colder. with light winds and also clear skies. 36 in philadelphia. forty one allentown. so that means that frost line gets a little bit closer to the city on friday morning. our northern and western suburbs low temperatures will range between 32 and 36. so if you planned those annuals protect them tomorrow night because they can be in jeopardy. overnight the low temperature 40 in the city. 30s in our suburbs. during the day tomorrow the high
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55 with gusty winds. and take a look at your planner. the morning will be cold. but the lining back in your jacket. maybe even pack the fleece get it back out. by lunch time temperatures in the 50s. after school 54. evening activity only in the 40s. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, temperatures in the 50s for thursday and friday and then temperatures moderate somewhat over the weekend at least it's sunny and dry for the penn relays and you can see we stay in the 60s right through the mid period of next week. those temperatures still below normal for this time of year. not feeling like we're heading into may. >> come on, may. >> not even close. >> um-um. >> kathy, thanks. we have a tune in alert for you are you in need of some cash? >> yes. >> sure. >> some could be waiting for you. our jim donovan will be live starting at five tomorrow morning on eyewitness news with a roll call and your name could be on the list. you don't want to miss this. make sure you tune in. we'll be right back with beasley an
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>> sloppy performance tonight by the fightings. >> beasley. >> you know cole hamels needed a win. he went to the mound tonight looking for his first of the season and he played well but it was sloppy. fightings all game long. second hamels couldn't hold on to the ball at first base. runner would score and cole went six innings and got a no decision. he did throw the ball pretty g game tied in the seventh runner on the corners but the fish garr is he ya was called for the balk and go ahead run came around. next inning the marlins broke the game wide open.
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herrara can't catch a fly ball. miami scored five unearned runs to beat the phillies six-one. >> a lot of times we're the type of team that really does play really well defensively. you know, we make those plays that we're supposed to make and the one i missed, you know, that was all on me. chase gave me a great throw and i wasn't able to, you know, catch it. but hopefully, you know with all of that hopefully we got them out of the way. >> all right now to the, the union back in action saturday when they take on the columbus crews sunday against new england they one goal lead then let it slip away the revolution scored twice to win it two-one this was the third time this year the union blew a second half lead. >> talked all preseason and this season about closing out games and we failed at home. again, it's something that doesn't just come instantly.
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you have to go through the moments and win a few before your confidence gross and then you become a team that can do it it. nhl playoffs game four tweens the rangers and penguins. the contest went to overtime and kevin hayes of the rangers scored three minutes into the extra period. new york beat pittsburgh two-one now they have a commanding three games to one series advantage. we'll be wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it?
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♪ new at 11:00 o'clock tonight celebrating another successful sane patrick's day parade. >> "eyewitness news" at the second street irish society tonight for the parade award ceremony. outstanding efforts recognized and of course as always there was great irish music and dance. kathy even got to join in on the fun. what a great parade it was. hard to believe it was over month ago. >> um-hmm. >> we'll be right back.
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>> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee, erika and katie fehlinger. we thank you for staying up with us for "eyewitness news" at 11. for beasley kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we are always on at the late show with david letterman is next with bruce willis and jim gaffigan. have a good night.
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we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the illinois state fair poultry barn it's "the late show with david letterman." tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the last man to step foot on the moon, david letterman! captioning sponsored by


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