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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin at 11:00 o'clock tonight with breaking news. a philadelphia police officer has been shot tonight in the line of duty. this happened on the corner of north 52nd and master streets in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown is arrive at penn presbyterian medical center where that officer was taken. natasha? >> reporter: we can tell you at this hour there's certainly a flurry of activity at penn presbyterian medical center. you can see behind me as police officers are continueing to arrive by the moment. the officer was apparently brought here just after 10:00 o'clock when the shooting took place at 52nd and master in west philadelphia. that is win the 19th police district. now, still no idea as the circumstances surrounding this shooting at this point. but we have gathered that the officer was shot in the thigh and rushed here to penn presbyterian medical center. we also know at this .1 suspect is at hahnemann university hospital. but there is apparently a search now for a second suspect and possibly a white van or a white car that that suspect may have fled in. back here arrive at the scene
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here in university city tonight again a massive police presence we've seen a number of officers rushing here into the hospital. we know the deputy commissioner is here. depth pew commissioner ross and have seen what appeared to possibly have been family members of this officer who got out of a police car just a short time ago. so still a lot of information to get gather here. a lot of police presence as we told you the chopper was swirling around to seen at 52nd and master 10:00 o'clock tonight when this officer was shot. again, in the thigh. still no idea as to the severity of the injury. but we are continuing to stay on the scene here at the hospital as police continue to gather here ultimately at the bedside of their fallen officer. we'll continue to gather more information and bring you the very latest as we get it here on cbs3. we're arrive here in university city tonight natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, a sad but familiar scene in philadelphia right now.
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natasha thank you very much for that. we're also at the scene of the shooting as soon as we is bring you more information from there we'll do that as well. stay with "eyewitness news". well also tonight we are following significant changes to our weather. it's pretty cold outside and it's brought a freeze threat to the area. >> meteorologist kathy orr is arrive outside on the cbs3 sky deck with just how low these temperatures are going to go. kathy. >> we are challengeing record cold. that will put us in the deep freeze come tomorrow morning and we're talking about wind chill do you believe it in late april? take look at this. the freeze to the north and west of philadelphia is likely. we're talking about temperatures below 32 degrees. we do have a freeze watch in effect for south jersey and our immediate suburbs of philadelphia. the freeze is possible there we're not thinking so many temperatures will get quite that low. here's a look what you'll wake up. 34 in trenton. 36 in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington. but low 30s through the lehigh valley. the higher he will vagues will get into the 20s.
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26 in the poconos. look at what it will feel like as winds gust to 30 miles an hour in the morning. 10 to 15 degrees will be the feels like reading in the poconos. in areas like allentown and reading, 15 to 20 so wind chills in the teens. along our i-95 corridor it will feel like it's in the 20s between 20 and 25 and even south jersey and delaware wind chills mainly in the 20s down the shore feel like it's around 30 degrees. so we're talking about winter like conditions. coming up we'll talk about how long this big chill is going to last and see what the changes are in the seven day forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> kathy we'll see you then thanks so much. >> new at 11:00 o'clock the reputed philadelphia mob boss joey merlino was ordered to be releasereleased from miami prison today today. federal appeals court overruled a district judge who ordered him to serve four months for vial little it his parole. merlino spent about 12 years in prison on a 2,001 racketeering
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convict. tonight an emotional appeal from the mother avenue hit-and-run victim leads to action from city hall. the city of philadelphia is now offering a big reward in this case. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is arrive at the accident investigation district with new information. david. >> reporter: jessica tonight marks four months since theresa posey was hit and killed. police announce add reward of $10,000. it's the second reward of its kind in just two weeks but the big question so night are these rewards from the city working? >> they have destroyed my whole family. >> reporter: the driver who hit and killed her daughter is still on the run tonight. and she says her pain grows by the hour. >> not that every day isn't hard for me but the 23rd of every month it's hard for me. >> reporter: 33-year-old theresa pose so was run over on state road just two days before christmas. police put out this surveillance video soon after but have never
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found the driver. for months, anna posie relentlessly pushed for answers with no luck. but that luck changed wednesday night. when she happened to bump into mayor michael nutter by coincidence. >> you will be hearing from me. that's what he said. >> reporter: not even 24 hours later the phone rank and the official reward was nouned. >> the home and 80 to present the $10,000 row war opportunity for somebody who possibly has information. >> the reward comes a week after two, $20,000 awards for separate fatal hit and runs that killed two cereal david alicia and four-year-old ateef wilson. "eyewitness news" pulled records found out the reward program started in 2012 and the first reward was issued in 2013. since then, the city has paid $373,000 to 27 people. a spokesman for mayor nutter toll "eyewitness news" that the reward program is a successful one. mark mk donald said "we want as many tools in the tool box for
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solving crimes that we could possibly have and this is one". anna posie insists the $10,000 reward on her daughter's name can only help. >> i do believe money talks. it just these reach the right person's hands and eventually it will. >> reporter: it's important to note every case is different in the city will only pay if there's an arrest and conviction. the conviction is the big part there. it could take some time if anybody has information on theresa posey's case or the two hit-and-runs last week give police a call. we're arrive in north philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> hopefully somebody knows something, david. thank you. a rabies warning in south jersey. the burlington county health department says a fox captured in mt. laurel township tested positive for that disease. officers capture the fox near bury port way in the lakes development and health department is concerned that some individuals or even family pets may have been in contact with that fox. >> pretty much making dens everywhere. we have one that was probably
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about 100-foot from a house. >> that's kind of scary. especially for my dogs. >> both of my dogs are due for rbi shots they'll be getting them this week. >> tonight's warning comes after two coyotes were spotted roaming the streets in manhattan. a man who friends describe as a classic south philadelphian is dead tonight after a fire in his home. "eyewitness news" at the scene there on federal street. we're told the fire started in the second floor bedroom of 69-year-old joseph de rosa later pronounced dead at the hospital. choking back tears tonight a long-too many friend says that de rosa is the kind of guy who would have given you the shirt off his back. >> we palled around together. we would go out to lunch dinner go to pat's steaks sit on the bench, he'd smoke his cigarette. i'd make him coffee every morning. he drove me crazy. but now i miss him. >> neighbors also say he was heavy smoker but it's unclear how that fire started. president obama is apologize
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apologizing for a u.s. drone strike that killed two hostages and one of them was an american. the strike in january on the pakistan afghan border killed two members of al-qaida the us hostage that was killed was identified as doctor warren weinstein stein an aide worker from maryland captured in pakistan in 2011. the president says the us did not know hostages were being held at the compound where those strikes were made. i pronounly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government i offer our deepest apologies. >> joe fifty two yo van knee low port tow was also killed he was italian held hostage since 201212. the senate confirms loretta lynch as attorney general. u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york is the first black woman to fill the nation's top law enforcement post. her confirmation took five months. many republicans disliked her support of the president's executive actions on immigration immigration. philadelphia city councilman is proposing a fee on disposable
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shopping bags idea to help reduce litter on philadelphia streets. >> under a bill proposed by councilman mark squilla shoppers will be charged 5 cents every time they use a disposable bag. he argues this stacks a compromise between retailers who may not like the idea and environmentalists who are pushing a plastic bag ban. 3 cents of that tax would go to the store own are in. 2 cents to the city. >> people go to regular retail store they don't need a bag as soon as they come out of the store they throw that back on the street and it adds to the plight of the city. we believe this is a great opportunity to help start the process of dee littering the city. >> the nickel bag tax would be applied to both paper and plastic. much more to come here tonight on "eyewitness news" including an update on our breaking news. >> a philadelphia police officer is shot in the line of duty tonight. we are arrive at the scene next. also ahead tonight -- >> young athletes getting cancer cancer. cot cause be the fields they play on? >> we're talking about
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carcinogens and hazardous levels. >> could these be fields of danger? i'm health reporter stephanie stahl with an eye opening cbs3 investigation next. tomorrow morning the deep freeze moves in but when will we end this cold? we'll take a look at that with the seven day forecast. "eyewitness news" continues in just 60 seconds.
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back now with more on breaking into out of west philadelphia at this hour late night a philadelphia police officer was shot and is hospitalized. this happened at the corner of normal 52nd and master streets. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is arrive at that scene now with the latest. diana? >> reporter: jessica we are on the far end of the scene here at fief teeth and master and there's quite an extensive investigation that is now underway. you can see just how many police officers we have out here. several detectives within the last few minutes have been going door to door trying to find witnesses to all of this.
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if you look very closely, you can see the front tire of what is believed to be this injured officer's bicycle laying there on the sidewalk. that is the focus of what detectives have been looking at over the last few minutes. here's what we know right now. at about 10:00 o'clock this evening, the injured officer came into contact with two suspects. the officer was shot in the leg. another suspect was also shot. and taken to hahnemann. chopper three overhead and you can see just how large this crime scene is. short thereafter there was a second suspect who we are told fled in a white van. we do not yet have the make and the model of that. we know that the police officer is now at penn presbyterian hospital. we just heard from natasha brown few minutes ago talking about how family and officers were showing up at the hospital to, um, check on their fellow comrade there. so we do have an extensive investigation out here at this hour. we know police are now looking for one suspect who fled the
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scene in a white mini van but there's still much more information to gather here and of course we will do that and keep up to date as we get it. we're arrive in west philadelphia, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you very much. meantime tonight, we are hearing from a philadelphia police officer who took charge when heroin turned up an elementary school. >> 19 years officer wendy morning grody has work for operation dare in philadelphia's schools dedicating her career to protecting children from drug. well tuesday morning a young student whom she instructed found a heroin pack one of 15 allegedly taken to school by a first grader. >> he repeatedly said this is the right thing to do. i know this officer wendy this is the right thing to do and he stepped up end handed it to me. >> officer says it's gratifying to know her message is reaching the kids. the child's mother an family friend latoya fouks are not facing charges. new tonight a very special evening at the franklin institute.
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>> "eyewitness news" at the franklin awards ceremony and dinner. these are among the oldest and most prestigious science awards anywhere in the world. those honored carry on legacy of ben franklin himself. the host of tonight's ceremony as always the retiring cbs news chief washington correspondent bob shieffer. >> well, who are honored here have really done something. you know, these are people who have made differences in people's lives in a really significant way and they don't get their names in the paper all that much. >> among the laurie yachts tonight was john huntsman sr. saluted for his philanthropic efforts in the battle against cancer. >> millions of people spend countless hours on fields made of artificial turf but are they fields of danger where kids play all kinds of games and adults gather to watch? now some local communities are taking action because of safety concerns. health reporter stephanie stahl investigate the potential danger
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danger. >> they're everywhere. athletic fields covered with synthetic turf. beautiful and practical a big hit until kids like 10 teddy shapiro and his family started asking questions. teddy has cancer after decade playing soccer. >> it's a rare form of bone cancer called osteo sarcoma. i couldn't really really move after the surgery and pain was intense. >> he played goalie on artificial turf since eight if in between the blades of grass are little pieces of recycled tires called crumb rubber it makes fields softer to reduce impact injuries. safer, right? some say maybe not when you take a closer look. >> these peaks are consistent with bio -- >> it showed it contained roughly hazardous substances including lead. the question is, can the chemicals in this artificial turf cause cancer? one college soccer coach says yes and she's gathered information on 132 players getting cancer. that has many parents concerned.
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>> i am angry that i'm being forced to make a choice between a allowing my child to play a sport and/or endangering his health. >> maya nine-year-old son place lacrosse on crumb rubber she's worried because the tiny pieces get all over everything. >> it's right there at the surface. wow. >> easily gets on the clothing and quick exposure for to the body for the kids to breathe in she tried to stop radnor tacony-palmyra from using crumb rubber but lost. >> we use to use the precautionary principal we need to not be allowing our kids to play on artificial turf until its proven safe. not do it the opposite way and not use our kids for guinea pigs on research. >> bill is the business administration of ocean county new jersey. the potential health dangers had you put the whole project on hold. >> a lot of children who use this feel we wanted to be absolutely save we were safe in putting a product like that one
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down. >> not everyone is convinceed crumb rubber is a health hazard. e p. a there has not been long long tie testing and doctors agree. >> we don't have the information we need. >> synthetic turf council says there are almost 60 studies that show crumb rubber is safe and dr. arthur frank says the exposure is limited. and the health risk minimal. >> obviously any amount of exposure to cancer causing agents is not desirable but we live in a world where everybody is exposed to cancer causing agents every day. >> that's no comfort to julie shapiro and her son teddy who say there are too many unanswered questions about crumb rubber they want more testing. >> we need to protect these kids. we need to rule out anything that could harm them. >> until then, the worries and the games will continue. >> stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we want to bring you up to speed once again on our breaking news.
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chopper 35 arrive over 52nd and master in west philadelphia where a philadelphia police officer was shot tonight. "eyewitness news" has learned from a police source that that officer is in stable condition now at penn presbyterian medical center. reportedly after suffering wound to the thigh. investigators are on the scene. they have recovered both a van they were looking for in connection with that shooting and a gun. we're also told that police officer is in a bike officer and a 6.5 year veteran of the force again he's in stable condition tonight i say he the officer we should say is in stable condition at pennsylvania presbyterian mel sent. we have two crews on this story tonight. we'll update you as information becomes available. in the meantime we have got some really interesting weather for this time of year, kathy. some temperatures that that really don't make sense with april. >> usually the last freeze in philadelphia is mid april this is late. last freeze for the lehigh valley is right around now. but i'll tell you, it is going to be a shock to the system. here's a look what we'll look at during the weather cast.
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first we're talking about record cold come tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at the records to beat. i'll show when we'll get out of the cold and the possibility of rain for this weekend. tomorrow is friday already. right now in philadelphia 44. 40 in allentown. 32 in the poconos that's nothing compared what we'll see and feel tomorrow morning. freezing temperatures are going to sing to the south. where you see the light blue that's below 32. our freeze warning is and during the day saturday, look what happens. saturday morning the cold comes again and we'll see another freeze where that light blue is especially through the lehigh valley and some of our northern and western subs bush. s. record lows for tomorrow allentown and also atlantic city through trenton. those records are in the 20s. through wilmington and philadelphia in the 30's we'll challenge these records and possibly beat a few come tomorrow morning. still going to be very windy at 7am tomorrow morning. gusting to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. 36 in the poconos. 29 miles an hour winds in trenton combine the cold and the wind and it will feel like it's
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in the 20ings tomorrow morning. why is it so windy? we're looking at an area of low pressure to the north keeping it cold. high pressure building to the south combination of the two so close together opposite systems will create this pressure gradient for force or this wind so we have to wait until that low moves away for the winds to relax and the temperatures to warm and it will take awhile. so for your friday gusty and cool again with highs in the 50s a day much like today. 60s for your saturday. still a little bit of a chill and then watching this area of low pressure to the south could bring us a shot shot of showers especially in the afternoon on sunday. temperatures still below average in the 60s. overnight tonight it's going to be cold. the low in the city arthritic. freezing to the north and west. even colder through the lehigh valley. the high tomorrow 56 but gusty winds. planning your day, by the morning commute only 40 in philadelphia. 51 by lunch time. in the afternoon after school, 55. and in the evening activities it's going to be cold wool
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you'll need the fleece or winter coat. temperatures falling through the 40s. seven day forecast shows cold air sticking with us temperatures over the weekend in the 60's and staying there until further notice. we'll be back with beasley and
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>> beasley i keep thinking this will be the day. phillies will make a turn. >> you keep asking me. >> this sad face. >> a long summer. >> very long summer. >> remember when that place used to rock. >> not long ago. >> they made so much money they can get all these players. 17,000 and 97 fans on hand that was the smallest in the history of citizens bank park and once again a bad offensive showing for the phillies. here we go. dustin mcgowan got the start for the phils. went three an third innings. surrendering four runs two of
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them on that triple. that bases loaded single that is. more sloppy play on defense bite fightings. they made two errors this afternoon. 16 in 17 games that's the most error in the majors and prado had a great game. he went three for five and drove in four runs the phils they would eight hits the marlins left town with a nine-one victory. >> have to learn from some of the things we did today. we made way too many mistakes defensively. you know you're not going to win too many ballgames when you're giving up as many base runners as we did. >> nfl teams go into the april 30th draft with several trades already negotiated. once you're on the clock there's no time to originate a deal. the eagles new personnel exec he had manowitz met with the media today. ed has been making trades over the phone that may never see the light of day but for example if oregon phenom marcus mariota falls the eagles will have
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triggers to pull to make deal. >> going in any draft -- the goal with any draft is to get good football players. every pick is an opportunity to improve your football team. the more picks you have the more opportunities you have to get great players. certainly if there's a great player up there and it makes sense from a compensation perspective we'll look at those avenues as well. >> one the pone relays the marquis race was the women's distance medley. villanova won it for the fourth straight time. penn relays the biggest track and field event in the country. we'll be right back. ♪
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award reading journalist steve cap pass returned to his alma mater tonight. "eyewitness news" at temple. he's executive producer of the cbs evening news with scott
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pelley executive editor of cbs news. in his early career, he was a writer and producer right here at queue. he was part of a panel discussing the obstacles and opportunities in today's media landscape. event was sponsored by the school of median communications. we'll be right back. ♪
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we want to recap breaking news. police tell "eyewitness news" tonight two suspects involved in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer are in custody now.
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the officer shot late tonight near the corner of north 52nd and master streets in west philadelphia. we're toll the officer is now at penn presbyterian medical center in stable condition. we are also told a gun was recovered in an alley near that scene. police described the shooting at a news couldn't friend held a few moments ago. >> investigate a male inside of a van for possible narcotics violations. when they try to approach the mail he backs up, makes a u-turn they go to follow him they lose him in the area. officer cos stick finds the male at 51 is the and master streets. at that time they're having a brief did you go. he's still on his bike. the male turns to him and said and i quote, i don't want to have to do this but then he fires at officer cos stick striking him in his right arm. >> again the officer in stable condition two suspects are in custody. >> we'll have the latest for you on "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thanks for being with us.
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david letterman is next. good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) i'm alan kalter. i'm alan kalter. and now, here to share the moonlight, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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