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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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bullet slammed in the shoulder and lodged in his back and yet friday inn probably here he is being wheeled out of the hospital, flanged by his family and fellow officers. he was asked how he felt. >> good, good, real good. >> reporter: officer from the 19th district was on routine patrol when he approached a man he suspect was using drugs near fifth second and master. according to policeman shouted i don't want to have to do this and shot officer kostick. kostick returned fire and both men were taken to the hospital. the suspect is in stable condition, and will be charged soon, in the meantime, a department breezy sigh of relief. >> the officer was very lucky you know, and everybody got out unharmed, no citizens got hurt, all of the officers are okay. >> reporter: hours after the first incident another officer involve shooting around noon friday this one in south philadelphia a near 25th and jackson. the suspect allegedly pulled a gun on the officer during a foot chase. that officer fired her weapon once. she missed a suspect and
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ricochet lodged a bullet in this ups truck no one was hurt and a man was taken in custody. an accomplice remains at large. >> we surveyed the area looking for this male which turned up negative. >> reporter: after a difficult 24 hours police officials wanted to express their gratitude for what they called an out purring of public support. >> thanks for everybody's support, all of the well wishes, the the prayers. >> reporter: it was late this afternoon we got our first look at the suspect in the officer kostick shooting. we are looking at suspect 35 year-old william nooblen, he has a lengthy criminal history and we expect him to be charged are soon. back outside live police headquarters. we have learned that overs kostick had has two small boys, two children. one is two years old and other is set to celebrate his first birthday tomorrow. we're live outside police headquarters matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. just a short time ago chopper three was over a two alarm fire in medicine forward lakes burlington county this
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fire broke out in the home at 136mohawk trail. two fire fighters did suffer minor injuries, the cause of the fire is under investigation right now. philadelphia police are investigating the deadly shooting of the chinese food delivery man. he was shot behind the wheel and then crashed his car trying to escape the the gun fire. all this happen in the 500 block of hill creek park. the crash happened, in adams and bingham in crescentville. "eyewitness news" reporter steve pather on is live with the latest from police, steve. >> reporter: in fact, chrissy was briefed by a philadelphia a police lieutenant who tells me they are looking for three things, first surveillance video that may have caught the crime, second any motive a as to why this could have happened and, of course, any suspects. we can show you where it ended behind me. thinks where police say the driver skidded lost control and slammed into a pole to take we spoke to police or people in the community who knew that man well. little white circles in a field of shattered glass the
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locations of shell casings remnant from a hail of gunfire, leading to the death of the man police believe was just doing his job. >> it is nice out, nice guy. >> reporter: police identified 49 year-old man who was killed delivering chinese food to a nearby apartment complex. the business owners, close to where he worked in crescentville, took the news hard. >> it was surprising, because everybody knows him, he knows our order. we know what we want. it is pricing. the it is sad. >> reporter: police say shortly before 11:00 he was delivering chinese food to the 500 block of hill creek road. twelve shots were fired. one of them struck him in the arm. in an attempt to escape, police say he sped off eventually losing control of his vehicle at bingham street and adams avenue. the his car plowed through a fence, striking a tree. the 49 year-old was rush to einstein hospital and pronounced dead. less than a mile away, his work place new china
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restaurant remained close on friday as police searched for suspects. >> nice guy, very, very good people. nobody happy in the neighborhood. >> reporter: community members tell me he had family both here in philadelphia and back in china. in the meantime, in any case like this there is a $20,000 reward for any information that lead to an arrest and conviction in this case. coming up at 6:00 more from the community including a person who owns a delivery business, just across the the street and what they are going through after the events of last night. live from crescentville i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another cold night is in our future with parts of the area under a freeze warning. meteorologist kathy orr live on the cbs-3 sky deck. kathy, you have your coat on. you are also tracking how cold it will get tonight. >> absolutely, more widespread freeze overnight tonight guess contact the wind continue to gust to 30 or 40 miles an hour at times. we are going to be seeing more
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cold air but the the big question remains what about the weekend. look at the the gust as cross the region. right now in philadelphia wind are gusting to 28 miles an hour. thirty-three in wilmington. thirty in the poconos. gusting to 35 miles an hour in atlantic city airport. now the freeze is going to be widespread. you can see to the north and west of philadelphia and south and a east, that dark purple is where we will be eag temperatures below freezing, frost advisory in philadelphia and state of delaware, for temperatures that will be in the mid 30's. come tomorrow morning temperatures will range between about 27 and 32 degrees. you have to protect any sensitive plants or vegetation because of these cold temperatures. waking up to 35 in philadelphia, 32 allentown. only 27 in the poconos. coming up we will update that weekend forecast with the threat of rain for some of us, i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. philadelphia's authorities have formally arraigned a local mother on charges that she abandoned her quadriplegic
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son in the wood for four days. nia parlor is charged with attempted murder. investigators say parlor abandoned her 21 year-old son near her cobbs creek home april 6th to visit her boyfriend in maryland. a walker found him lying on the ground with the blanket and bible. he remains in the hospital tonight. this was the the scene today as philadelphia police rescued a two-year old boy and four year-old girl after the car they were in was stolen. the two children were in the back seat of that car when a man jumped in and sped away. officers arrested the man whom they say has joined custody of those children. police say that this may have all started as a domestic dispute. officials are investigating what caused this septa bus to catch fire in south philadelphia. this happened overnight on south broad street and patton on avenue in front of the at&t subway station. that fire did some pretty good damage. the the driver and passengers on the service buses scaped without injuries. in chester county peco
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reports about 500 customers in birmingham township were without power for several hours today. a truck took down poles and power lines, in the northbound lanes of 202 just north of penn oaks drive. crews restored poles and lines. northbound lanes of 202 were closed for several hours. a at last check all power except for one customer, had been restored. well, a all clear has been given at statue of liberty after a bomb scare today. park service had to evacuate tourist from liberty island in new york harbor right around is 11:30 this morning. someone had called 911 and threatened to blow up the statue. the bomb squad searched lockers at the base of the statue after a k-9 unit the hit on something in that area there was a a package there but it was not a threat. ferry from his nearby ellis island had to be used to help move visitors out of the area. >> just over there enjoying our day and we're on the boat trying to get back over here.
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they told to us get off and we waited. >> we were first on that boat. they loaded the boat up and they told us everybody had to disembark. >> police are trying to pinpoint the source of that threat. an alleged terror plot to attack the the vatican has been foiled. more than a dozen suspect islamic extremist have been arrested. cbs news correspondent susan mcginnes has more from london. >> reporter: police hauled away members of the suspects islamic terrorist ring after series of raid of italian island. authorities say that they tapped the phones of terror suspects who talked about carrying out a big jihad possibly against the vatican. the chief prosecutor says that a would be suicide bomber from pakistan arrived in rome in 2010 to target vatican city but did not go through with the attack. officials believe terror suspect wanted to strike a crowded area not then pope
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benedict. authority say that the same group of extremist launched one of the deadliest bombings a year before killing a hundred people in the busy market peshawar. the vatican is down playing the the significance of the allege plot with officials say there saying is there no cause for concern. police say two of the suspects arrested friday were former body guard for osama bin laden. susan mcginnes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime italy is demanding answers from the u.s. about how an italian aid worker was killed in the u.s. drone strike back in january. yesterday the president revealed that drone strike on the afghan/pakistan border had killed the italian giovanni le porto and american contractor warren weinstein hoist seen here. both had been held hostage by al qaeda. foreign minister pablo says it thely takes note of the administration's transparency but they want more information about what happened there.
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well, still to come on the broadcast a huge concert a announcement has been made in south philadelphia. legendary musician playing this day. plus parking 25 years hubbell telescope launched a quarter century ago. we will tell you how it is helping scientists here on earth. phillies season is in full swing in case haven't noticed people aren't exactly flock to go sit cents bank park right now. but the organization has some special offers hoping to get them back. also a muse on the loose authorities say this animal is a repeat offender, we have that story for you in "eyewitness
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big news legendary sir paul mccartney is coming to philadelphia big banner was unveiled at wells fargo today trumpeting the news. concert will take place june 21st, ticket go on sale may 1st. the concert is first stop on mccartney's 2015 out there tour. today marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the hubbell space telescope. >> it is considered one of the most challenging successful of nasa's missions. cbs news correspondent mark albert say hubbell has contributed to a number of revolutionary discoveries. >> lift off of the space shuttle discovery. >> reporter: twenty-five years ago the hubbell telescope took off on board shuttle discovery going from great fanfare to near fatal flaw. sending back blurred images that almost doomed the whole
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enterprise. >> astronauts were able to return to hubbell repair object particularral problems and we have had fabulous images ever since. >> reporter: scientists say secret has been nasa's ability to fix broken or outdated components. >> right now hubbell is more scientifically powerful than ever. >> reporter: nasa contributes hub well transforming our view of the universe from measuring age to proving existence of super massive black holes. hubbell's successor james web space telescope debutness 2018. >> it will be able to answer the biggest questions in the the astronomy the hubbell just can't answer. >> reporter: questions like, when do the first stars light up when did the first galaxies form. >> is there no doubt hubbell has laid framework for what we will discover with web. >> reporter: two telescopes may see overlap, hubbell should be working for at least five more years. with more than 1.2 million observations, it already holds the distinction of the most scientifically productive
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spacecraft ever launched. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, new at 6:00 tonight we will tell you where to check out the the universe for yourself. tonight, you'll have access to 30 telescope in which you can see planet, stars, maybe even hubbell up close. our carol erickson has all of the details when you join you for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. a lot of exciting things in space. we now know building a a robot is no easy task. >> no, it wouldn't be for me. try building one that operates under water. that is a tougher challenge. but it is a across the region expect at drexel university's annual sea perch under water robotics competition this event in the tenth year is the region's top middle and high school teams begins each other and their goal to build a submersible robot that can simulate under water rescue operations. >> it is inventive. it is something new. it is not your every day up
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convention. you get to build and get out of class to do something that other kid don't get to experience the whole time. >> amazing what they created there. more than 3,000 students participated in today's event and the winners will advance to a national competition that happens at the end of may. good luck to them. still ahead on "eyewitness news" parents never look forward to the talk with their kids the birds, bees. >> and now is there another talk you have to have apparently the tech talk, one local mother wrote the book on it. we will catch up with her james. >> i'm james palmer a at citizens bank park problems with the phillies don't just lie on the field but in the stand as well. find out what the organization is doing to correct the problem, that and much more coming up.
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authorities say when they saw her green air tag this muse is a repeat offender. this is second time this muse led officers on the chase through highly populated suburban boys i she was finally captured and released back in the wild but they took her out further at the time. >> you know, sometimes they just like the city lights. >> when you are a moose you go where you like. >> around here we get cats dogs, and turkey vultures. >> turkey vultures.
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>> but we don't get any moose. >> i haven't run across a turkey vulture. >> sound scary. >> it was a beautiful day regardless of the species. >> it was but chillies in the air. wind is a problem. if you got in a sheltered area sun felt good if we can get rid of the wind. we will work on that over the course of the weekend look at our eyewitness weather watcher observations a at the bottom of the screen. live neighborhood network takes to us palmyra cove where we have a beautiful place to see nature in the finest. temperature is 55 degrees looking across the delaware at center city delaware and the wind dying down there. this looks like a perfect place. kutztown area middle school, soccer field, in the the background, a few puffy clouds and a temperature of 51. we cannot rule out the beach. foulke at beach patrol headquarters here at margate and a fruit people ready for summer. it will take a little while to get there. fifty-seven in philadelphia a53 wildwood. forty-three in the poconos.
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down the shore with the stiff northwesterly wind temperatures in the 50's with a land breeze, ocean water temperature is still in the 40's. so the big chill. storm can three you can see eastern third of the nation fairly dry but we have a storm brewing in the deep south and some severe weather associated with that. this is going to move toward the north east so the question is how close does it get to us and we will answer that in just a a minute. let show you this. do you remember last saturday, it was 81. this saturday tomorrow will be 21 degrees colder, and then last week. last week we were well above normal this week below. we will watch that area of low pressure to the west moving eastward. dry for sat the day but late saturday night into early sun take morning this rain shield will be very close to us. i think cape may county, atlantic county, central southern delaware you can see morning rain on sunday for the rest of us we will see morning clouds, sun dane and then afternoon sun. mainly clear overnight patchy frost in the city, a freeze in
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the suburbs. low temperature is 35. during the day tomorrow, high of 60. chilly start but really nice in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine and then wind slowly relaxes. temperatures warm through the day, by 2:00, 58 degrees, 59 at 5:00. during the evening we will get chill which a temperature of 52. three day forecast shows the weekend in the glance. the saturday 68. sunday 63. rain to the south. by monday a few showers for everyone, the the high temperature is 61. we do warm up to our seasonal levels in the seven day, i'll have that next half an hour. we will take a quick break
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. it is reasonable to say this season has been a struggle for phillies both on the field and unfortunately in the box office. >> the team has taken a new approach to selling tickets this season. "eyewitness sports" reporter james palmer joins us live from citizens bank park with
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that story james. >> reporter: guys, this past weekend, were the lowest attended games in the history citizens bank park. playing a team just down the road washington nationals they weren't able to draw attendance. now the organization is looking to the popular web site groupon for some assistance. >> the reality is we have greater ticket availability then we have had the last couple years which is not a surprise. so this allows us to potentially target a population that we normally otherwise wouldn't than able to reach through our regular e-mail database. >> reporter: phillies are one of the last teams in baseball to utilize groupon. they have three games slated in may where you can use the site. may eighth verse mets, a 13th verse pirates and 16th verse diamond backs where tickets that were priced at $33 you can find for 16.50. ticket priced as low as 8.50. >> it is recommended to the
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boyfriend and we are there supporting the phillies. >> reporter: through nine home games phillies are 21st among 30 clubs in average attendance. it hasn't been that low since 1992 the second to the last year of the vet. >> we were actually working at lincoln financial field yesterday and went over and had lunch and we could see that the gates were empty. but nobody will go pay and see that especially when they put a high school line up out there. >> reporter: harrah's does not anticipate using third party sites throughout the rest of the season. >> we try to discount selectively. we do not do that. price integrity is very important to us. we have a group of loyal season ticket holders. so it is a balance. >> phillies aren't just struggling in terms of the walk up attendance but in season ticket holders. they have 12,000 season ticket holders this season. that number is a half of what it was when they were in the middle of five straight nl east division titles.
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james palmer at citizens bank park cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". all right james, we will see. >> rough go. >> there is never a bad night to be at the ballpark even if the product on the field is no the the great citizens bank is a great experience. >> wonderful experience. coming up next, atlantic city police department is adding second set of eyes for patrol office are. >> body cameras, they are now part of the force in that resort community. we will tell you how civic leaders hope technology will improve relationship between the community and police. plus actress angelina jolie sound off on the u.n., we will tell you why she scolded world powers during an emotional meeting. the apple watch has landed gadget lovers camped out across the country but not at apple stores. we will tell you why when "eyewitness news" continues.
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i'm chris may with some of the day's top stories for you. william noblen ace accused of shooting daniel kostick last night. the officer who is now out of the hospital critically wounded noblen. then a second police involved shooting happened less than 12 hours later in south philadelphia, in that incident, no one was hurt. a chinese food delivery driver
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is shot behind the wheel and crashes his car trying to escape the gun fire. police are searching for the suspects in that deadly shooting in the crescentville neighborhood. fire fighters rush to the scene of the house fire in burlington county on mow hawk trail in medford lakes. two fire fighters suffered minor injuries, there. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. kathy? we have a widespread freeze warning chris you can see purple to the north and west and south and east of philadelphia with the frost advisory in between. this means temperatures will be well below 32 degrees in that warning area please take proper precautions and any sensitive vegetation will need to be covered up, overnight tonight. also looking for challenging record lows, these are the numbers to beat in allentown trenton, atlantic city, wilmington and philadelphia we have a good chance of beating these come tomorrow morning. we will show you when we will warm upcoming up later in the broadcast, jessica. new 59:30 atlantic city
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is growing list of communities where police wear body cameras during patrols among several new initiatives apartment plant i can city is taking to support and improve officer performance. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the details. >> reporter: from ferguson, missouri north charleston, south caroline, baltimore maryland to bridgeton, new jersey. allegations of police brutality have calls for accountability, echoing throughout our country. >> starting friday a atlantic city police will be one of new jersey's largest departments to require every uniform officer wear a body camera. >> that deride between law enforcement agency and the community here in atlantic city. >> reporter: in the last two years internal affairs complaints against officers have decreased from 215 to 144. excessive force complaints have also dropped from 57, to 42. the department credits the improvement to new software, that tracks officer behavior, and alerts supervisors to
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negative patterns. friday the department announced two more accountability measures moving the internal affairs office to where people can easily find tonight city hall and body cameras. body cameras are always recording video on a 302nd loop. once officers press button twice, the audio also starts recording and this can take guesswork out of remember hearing said or did what in an interact between police and the public. >> i think body camera is a good step. >> reporter: steven young from the south jersey chapter of the national action network says local police can do all they want to reduce complaints but public trust depend on how they are resolved. he supports two bills in trenton that requires state level investigations for internal affairs complaints and police involved shooting. >> prosecutors from local municipalities. for them to investigate the a police involved shooting is a conflict of interest. >> reporter: in atlantic city cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hand up, don't shoot good
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protesters in baltimore continue to demand answers following unexplained death of freddie gray, who died in police custody. and, big rally in the works for this weekend and there have been several days of protest after gray died from a spinal injury he suffered in police custody. short time ago police officials admitted proper procedures were not followed after gray was arrested. >> we now know he was not buckled in the transportation wagon, as he should have been no excuses for that, period. we know our police employees failed to give him medical attention in a timely matter multiple times. there are still many questions that we don't have the answers too. >> the commissioner says that if any office are harmed gray they will be prosecuted. police in new york say that a man wearing a wolf mask wasn't looking for a make over when he walk in the hairal salon he wanted cash. a stylist was alone there doing homework with her four
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year-old daughter when mask man walk in and he pulled out a large knife and robbed that shop on tuesday. it is in spring valley. he made off with about $200 from the cash register. more than a dozen students and a indiana high school had to be treated for injuries after their stage collapsed during a musical performance. stunned people in the audience caught that moment on camera. cbs news correspondent don champion now has more. >> ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> reporter: student performers were dancing singing, the the next in need of help. the accident happened during performance of westville high school's american pie musical moments after cast members rush the the cast stage for the finally the structure gave way. >> a falling of faces i just saw just, a shock and a look of shock. >> reporter: more than a dozen people were hurt when they fell several feet down in the
5:36 pm
orchestra pit. stunned parents, students in the audience ran to the stage to help. this picture was snapped moments after the accident. the students who was singing solo right before the collapse talked about what happened. >> i had just stepped forward on to the steps right off of the orchestra pit when i heard a crash mid note. >> reporter: one student hurt later tweeted said that was like falling in the nightmare but not waking up. injured were rushed to several area hospitals where the school principal and mayor spent time overnight. >> very good spirits. i was thrilled to see that. a couple of them said they are ready to get back again. >> reporter: westville high is about 20 miles north of indianapolis overnight police and city officials started inspecting the stage. the the school will be opened for classes today and counselors will be on hand, for students. done ton champion for cbs news, new york. one of the stars of the hit sitcom everybody loves raymon has died of an apparent
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suicide. this is file video of saw year sweeten his twin brother and his sister, real life siblings played siblings on everybody loves raymon. saw year shot himself visiting family in texas just days shy of his 20th birthday. italian judge confirms at rest warrant of the captain and crew members of the smuggling boat this left hundreds of people feared dead, in the mediterranean. crew member mahmoud of syria and mohammad, mall i can of tunisia were ordered to remain in custody after ago rested earlier this week. only 28 migrants survived and as many a as 800 people are feared dead. angelina jolie plead with the u.n. security council to day to help millions of syrian refugees. the actress who is a special envoy for the the u.n. on refugee issues, asked for aid in the crisis and help for millions of people who are living in poverty due to syria's four year conflict. >> it is sickening to see
5:38 pm
thousands of refugees drowning on the the doorsteps of the world's wealthiest continent. no one risks the the lives of their children in this way except out of the you the ther desperation f we cannot end the conflict we have an in escapable moral duty to help refugees and provide legal avenues to safety. >> jolie has made 11 visits to the syrian refugees in the region since that crisis began in 2011. hundreds gathered at the justice department to say good bye to the u.s. attorney jenner i can holder. holder has held that post for six years. his replacement loretta lynch will be sworn in on monday. eric holder was first african-american attorney general, lynch will be the first african-american women to take that post. the deal is off, comcast has abandon its 45 billion-dollar bid to acquire time warner cable. that proposed merger faced heavy regulatory push back and stiff opposition from critics.
5:39 pm
the fcc and justice department would have had to approve that deal. it would have given comcast more than half of the nation's internet subscribers, and nearly 30 percent of the paid tv market. the apple has landed, that would be the apple watch apple fans finally getting their hand on the newly anticipated watch apple stores, not the only ones participating in a product lawn this much time around. select starts started selling the time piece today and preordered launches began arriving at their destinations as well. the apple watch will range from 350 to $17,000. quite a range there. >> that is quite a range. still to come on "eyewitness news" having the tech talk with your children. >> local mother decided to write a book about the do's and don't's of this digital age. we will show her add rise on how parents should help kid navigate their high tech tools. plus growing concern over the bird flu that is devastating the the poultry
5:40 pm
population in the midwest and virus could now be spreading east. plus how it is impacting consumer's wallet, kathy? feeling much more like march then almost may cross the delaware valley, widespread freeze as we head in the weekend i'll show you how long it last coming up
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in this digital age you should also have the tech talk. >> children are getting sign up for cell phone plans social media accounts often before they ever hit puberty and one local mom turned author said her book acts as a guide to navigate these high tech tools. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has this story. >> reporter: with two tween girls it the is just a matter of time until jen cannon talks to sophia and sidney about the bird and the bees but before the the sex talk comes the tech talk. >> i see an inn inty is new virginity and they are giving that away freely. >> reporter: social media savvy monday turn author of sophie takes a selfie created a on line guide for kid. she says it can also help parents. >> we want to set boundaries but let them necessity we are giving you this opportunity and you are going to see how we will handle it. >> reporter: in her book the
5:44 pm
sweet 16 serves as rules that encourage kid to be kind, keep it classy and beware of the over share. and, creating a tech contract that outlines your expectations, start with one social media profile set to private, and allow your child to connect with only people you know. >> you don't want people mine go through your children's photos. to collect them, and up load them somewhere else thaw might never necessity about. >> reporter: she says parental control software can help parents by flagging inappropriate word or pictures but at the end of the day it business mutual understanding and respect when it comes to her kid. >> she's kind of like a hawk over your shoulder. >> and she watches everything that you do. >> reporter: they may in the like it but they admit that open dialogue comes in handy. >> if there is ever like something that we see or bad that happens we come to her and ask her advice bit. >> reporter: in the day and age when kid are socially active before they are
5:45 pm
sexually active she urgees parents to have the talk sooner rather than later and keep on talking. >> we are officially living in a world where your son or daughter, might be asked to share an inappropriate picture before even a first kiss. >> reporter: so help them preserve their on line reputation because it is something that they may never be able to fix. so when should you start having the tech talk? well cannon says it depend on the family but typically eight or nine years old and from there it is about continuing that conversation, and letting your kid know that they can come to you without worrying about the repercussions. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:46 pm
when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
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big out break of the bird flu has caused minnesota, the the country's top turkey producing state to declare a state of emergency. >> as cbs reporter omar villafranca says it can drive east and drive up prices at the grocery store. >> reporter: sixteen states are battling the biggest out break of bird flu in 30 years. >> any farm other live stock to stay in business has to have a clean product.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: virus has already cost midwest poultry producers more than 7 million bird since early march that can translate in higher prices in the grocery store. >> there will be less supply there of both egg and meat depending on what was affect. because of that there will be most likely a a trickle down effect we will see in the marketplace. >> reporter: experts think migrating wild ducks and geese are spreading the the disease state to state, wiping out entire live stock inventory if one bird gets it, he will spread it through the the other bird on the farm. >> reporter: experts hope warmer temperatures will slow down the spread. >> what we're told by the the veterinarian and board of animal health that it is type of vice rust once we get warmer weather and sunshine the virus should subside. >> reporter: health officials say risk to people is low and that there are no reported cases in human. omar villa afranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today thousands have
5:50 pm
evacuated their homes in southern chile that comes after experts warn a third eruption of the calboco volcano is possible. the it erupted on wednesday over 23 inches of ash fell in some places according to the government officials there. while this is, known as an active volcano in chile its sudden explosion still surprised even experts. and in weather this afternoon it is chilly, breezy and we are going to be seeing the wind, continuing right into the evening hours. our eyewitness weather watchers are showing temperatures in the 50's and a few 60's but wind is impressive component to the wet they are afternoon. the right now 62 degrees being reported by ed in chesterfield, new jersey and wind out of the north at 4 miles an hour bright breezy and dry there. elsewhere, we will go to the north and west of philadelphia where temperature is 53 degrees. the that is in eagleville. lou says it is stronger win at 14 miles an hour. here's wind across the
5:51 pm
delaware valley. ocean city 28 miles an hour. these are sustain. 25 miles an hour wind in delaware. dave says in reading 24 miles an hour wind. michael says 20 miles an hour wind in reading as well. we are looking at conditions that will improve over the the weekend but it will be slow. so heading down the shore this weekend? well, it is going to be chilly and we could see a little bit of rain. the that is not stopping anyone today on the boarden joying the sun temperatures are in the 50's. as we look at our statistics for this time of the year typically we have the the the last freeze, in the philadelphia area, in mid-april, so this is late for us through lehigh valley and poconos it is usually late april, so it is right on schedule and as you head further north early may but this cold should be out of here by now hopefully, in the few days and then we will enjoy spring weather. right now in philadelphia a 57. look at poconos 43 degrees. allentown 54. millville 56.
5:52 pm
throughout mess of the northeast some 40's and 50's in washington, only 62. so everyone really below average for this time of the year. on storm scan three we can see cloud and moisture to the north. clear skies and wind slowly will relax and low pressure moves further away and high pressure builds in. high pressure we have sinking air, clockwise flow, southerly win kicks in tomorrow and temperatures will be in the 60's. that is an improvement. area skirts to the the south and there is a chance we could be seeing rain through south jersey and delaware by early sunday morning for rest of us we will start with cloud and transition to sun. any sporting activities for the afternoon should be fine in the philadelphia area monday a few showers here or there, breezy, temperatures in the 60's. here comes that northerly wind just ready to cool us down. overnight tonight 35 degrees with patchy frost in the city, frost advisory in effect, a freeze to the the north and west and through south jersey. during the the day tomorrow we will start off chilly but
5:53 pm
mostly sunny win better, the the the the high temperature going for 60 degrees. down the shore take a peak saturday 56. sunday a morning shower and breezy, 58. not terrific beach weather but not too bad. on the exclusive seven day forecast sunday improving 63. by tuesday we will get to more seasonal conditions and then wednesday, thursday, and friday yes that is a little bit more like it, as we head into may. >> getting better. >> yes. >> yes. >> it will be summer. >> yes. >> kathy, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" after russell crowe pulls double duty in his latest film. >> we will tell you you why he decided he wouldn't only star in the wartime movie but wow
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
hitting theaters this weekend a film about a timeless beauty and russell crowe premiers as a director. >> kevin frazier has a preview of what is new at the movies. >> reporter: this week russell crowe make his directing debut in the water divider and blake lively stays young forever until love find her in the age
5:57 pm
of addline. >> ma'am, it says here were you born in 1908. that makes you 45 years old. >> that is right. >> addline bowman is an immortal and lonely woman, but when she meets a handsome young man love may change her long strange life. >> you are exactly like what i expect. >> very close. >> that is what is so beautiful, so attractive about this film, it really explores the beauty in growing old and if you are immortal then love cannot exist or love will always pass you by and you you know, so it is neat to explore that. >> i need something i can hold on to forever and won't let go. >> live together and die together. >> reporter: in the water derider russell crowe was so inspired by the story he could only think of one person to
5:58 pm
direct it, himself. >> being a dad of two boys and here's a story of a father of three and his son go to war and don't come back and that grabbed me the at an essential level. this other thing that was coming out of me that said you have to take responsibility for this. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier back to you in the studio. for all of the latest news, watch entertainment tonight on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that will do it the for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 in 12 hours two suspects take aim at philadelphia police. one officer was hit. we have a live report on his condition coming up. with a little will luck you can get tickets to the hottest show of the summer, the banner was unveiled on the wells fargo center to day and maybe you'll be a amazed, at who it is. >> kathy? falling below freezing, chris, we're talking about a widespread freeze warning and gusty wind that persist i'll
5:59 pm
show what you to expect for the weekend. bundle up for a show in the sky you can see planets stars and more. you don't have your own telescope? no problem. we will tell you where to find free viewing stations all around the city. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. philadelphia police officer daniel kostick out of the hospital after being shot in the line of duty less than 12 hours later another officer face add i very close call. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. it has been a frightening 24 hours in the the city, one police shooting happened at 94:00 this morning. on south 25th street. less than two hours earlier officer kostick was shot at 52nd and master in west philadelphia our matt rivers is at police headquarters with
6:00 pm
new information matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, as you mentioned two very close calls over the span of 12 hours or so. the the officer who was the shot is recovering this afternoon at his home. >> good, good, real good. >> reporter: that is officer daniel kostick getting out of the hospital just hours after being shot during an attempt add rest thursday night. the bullet went into his shoulder and lodged in his back but he is expect to make a full recovery. it was late yesterday evening when's approach 35 year-old suspect william noblen avenue thought he was using drugs near fifth second and master. the the suspect pulled a gun allegedly saying i don't want to do this and shot the officer. he return fire hitting the suspect hoist also in stable condition. >> the the officer was very lucky. you know, everybody got out unharmed. there was no it sense that got hurt. all of the officers are okay. >> reporter: second close call came friday around 10:30 near 25th and jackson in south philadelphia. an officer opened fire on the suspect that she was


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