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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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#1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ >> now at 11:00 o'clock a korean war veteran and his wife
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abducted and terrorized. tonight their up credible ordeal and what happened just a few hours ago that landed the suspects behind bars. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. this couple was kidnapped robbed and driven around for hours and tonight police they made -- police believe they made a big break in this case. natasha brown is arrive with the latest developments. natasha? >> reporter: well we can tell that you two suspects were brought in to southwest detectives just a short time ago. being questioned now in connection with an abduction robbery and kidnapping that left an elderly couple confused and afraid. 86-year-old george saunders a proud korean war veteran but police say the elderly man and his wife priscilla became prey to three female suspects walking in their west philadelphia neighborhood thursday morning. >> one of the passengers gets out with the driver and go towards both of our victims. they take them and push them into the car.
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at that point they drive them to fourth and market to a td bank. >> reporter: abduction began a six-hour frightening ordeal that started at this td bank at fourth and market. one of the suspects seen here on bank surveillance video forced the elderly man inside where they set up a debit card in his name. >> maybe two or three hours back and forth on market street. until we got to third -- 17th and the parkway. >> from the bank the suspects headed for a hertz rental car agency where they rented in car in mr. saunders name from there the exhausting journey would take the elderly couple to a rental car business along bartram avenue. suspects renting another car in the victim's name. >> i'm thinking i must have been a fool. i said if something happens to these cars, they're going blame me because it's fall my name. >> only time i wanted to go home. >> the ordeal end witness suspect dropping the couple off in their west philadelphia neighbor. unnerve, afraid more guarded now
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than ever. >> it won't happen no more. one time it happened and that's all. i'll never let it happen no more. >> reporter: by friday night both cars had been recovered one in north injuries seem the other in philadelphia at montgomery and belmont mansion drive. a male and female suspect found in that car are currently being questioned by police. well a female and two male suspects currently being questioned in cranbury, new jersey. they were found in the other rental car. meantime police do believe this was all just a scheme and in a sense to get this debit card to rent cars to further criminal activity. this is an on-going investigation but that's the latest for now reporting arrive here at southwest detectives natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. new tonight a computer outage crippled starbucks locations across the country including those in our area. payment systems went down leaving stores unable to process credit cards or mobile payments. so starbucks started giving out
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free drinks. but many stores had to close for the night after getting mobbed because word got out on social media. hash tag free starbucks trended win just minutes. take look at all these photos. you can see a lot of people got their free drinks. it's not clear what exactly caused that glitch but a star buck spokesperson says the company was not hacked. >> you needed hot coffee tonight nice iced coffee we're challenge challenging record cold temperatures in the area. meteorologist kathy orr is bundle up outside on the sky deck on a cold night that comes with a warning. kathy? >> absolutely. we're talking about subfreezing temperatures. widespread across the delaware valley chris. temperatures bottom out tonight before we can rise. take a look at what we're looking at overnight. we have a clear sky that's one of the ingredients will go into the cold overnight tonight. we also have winds that have diminish that's the good news. winds are just about calm through the lehigh valley. 13 miles per hour sustained right now in philadelphia. but generally between about five
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and 10 miles an hour across the region. so it's clear, it's calm and temperatures are going to plunge that freeze warning in effect throughout most of the region highlighted in purple a frost advisory for philadelphia and with this we do expect temperatures to be between about 27 and 32 degrees come tomorrow morning and that freeze warning area. so please protect those early season plants and also of course your pets. as far as temperatures come tomorrow morning, heading out the door if you have any errands to run this is what you can expect. 35 in philadelphia. 32 in the lehigh valley 27 degrees in the poconos. so what does this mean for the weekend? we'll talk about that plus the chance of rain for some of us over the course of the weekend we'll talk more about that witness seven day later in the broadcast. all right. kathy. see in you a bit. thank you. >> new tonight we have the video that landed two south jersey police officers in trouble with their own department. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us the tape and tells us why police officers in cumberland contests important everyone sees it.
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>> reporter: two separate videos showing two millville police lieutenants before they're arrests. lieutenant carl hager is now on paid administrative leave. after his colleagues say he assaulted a customer inside a liquor store. his colleague lieutenant edward, was picked up for dwi in a separate incident outside a popular sports bar over the weekend. >> we did everything that we could possibly do. >> lieutenant jodi far bellow has been on the force almost tempt years and knows both officers personal personally. one was running the dement as an interim chief. he told "eyewitness news" the department took quick action not only to arrest the duo but to make these videos available to the public. >> as long as we get it out to the community exactly what happened and as fast as we can i think it's good for everybody. >> with population of just under 30,000 an police force of around 70 officers on the street, millville is a small community. we spoke to residents who have strong opinions on the police department's decision. >> people have to be held
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accountable for what they do. their actions. >> they're supposed to enforce the law not break it if i got caught breaking the law i'll end up in jail. they shall be the same. >> reporter: the lieutenant is back to work but no longer running the dem. cumberland county prosecutor's office is leading the investigation. >> we have a service to the citizens here in millville and make sure we're doing a great job with that. >> david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> baltimore protesters angry over the death avenue man who died in police custody say they will try to shut down the city tomorrow. >> hands down, don't shoot! >> protesters continued to demand answers following the unexplained death of freddie gray. there have been several days now of demonstrations after gray died from a spinal injury he suffered in police custody. today police officials admitted mistakes were made. >> we know he was not buckled in the transportation wagon as he should have been. no excuses for that period.
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we know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> the commissioner says fay officers harmed gray, they will will be prosecuted. a philadelphia police officer is home tonight after he was shot in the line of duty. "eyewitness news" was there today at officer daniel cos cosstick wield wheeled out of penn. the 19th district officer was on routine patrol last night when approached a man at 52nd and master he suspected of using drugs. police say that that man shot the officer in the shoulder and he returned fire. this is the suspect william noblin he remains hospitalized tonight. the family of two-year-old david takes to the streets tonight. they are in search of justice. the family handed out flyers on the mascher and lehigh in the kensington second. that is near the spot where that little boy was killed last week in a hit-and-run. the family is hoping that their efforts will lead to new leads and ultimately an arrest.
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>> we're determined to find justice and we're hoping that someone out there has some information and by spreading the word and informing people of the situation we're hoping someone will come forward. >> last week police recovered the white infinity that they say was involved in the hit-and-run but still no arrests have been made. a $20,000 reward is being offered in the case. tomorrow the state of new jersey will honor a moment in our history that saved the lives of thousands of children. >> operation baby lift delivered helpless children out of the terror of the vietnam war and brought them here to the united states. tonight a woman who was given a chance at a better arrive shares her emotional story with our todd quinones. >> desperate scenes for families separated and crying tout for help pleading not to be left behind. >> reporter: as saigon was falling chaos ensued. many desperately looked for any way to get out. >> people are fascinateed by interesting stories.
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>> vicky, of wynnewood was one of the lucky ones. the then two-year-old was among hundreds of orphans plucked out of southeast asia as part of operation baby lift the war in vietnam was ending it was a massive effort to rescue kids out of the vietnam and match them with parents in the united states. >> many people i know say it was right thing. you gave them an opportunity for a better arrive. >> reporter: henry and delores delores, of philadelphia adopted vicky in april 1975. >> no doubt vicky considers herself fortunate to have been raised here in philadelphia by two loving parents. she thinks about what her arrive as an orphan would have looked like had she not been able to escape vietnam. >> i would probably have either become a prostitute or you know been married off to someone or become pregnant at a young age and just had kids worked in a patti field. >> her story was featured in arrive magazine in the late '90's centered on vicky's emotional reunion with betty tis daal the seattle woman she
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credits with rescuing her. >> these children can't stay here. they orchestrateed this airlift to get the babies out and they had to get cargo planes. they had to make up birth certificates. incredible operation and they, you know, they did it report roar this month marks the 40th anniversary of operation baby lift. >> i wouldn't be here. many of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for people like her. >> reporter: married now with four children of her own she's hoping tis dale will finally get the recognition she is due. in wynnewood todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a story. what a beautiful story. tomorrow operation baby lift will be honored at the vietnam veterans memorial in monmouth county. >> the anger is real. technology is cutting edge. >> this is some bull bleep man. >> do you want the paper work? >> we are just minutes away from the big boot alert. find out how some people are skipping out on their parking tickets and what city officials
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are planning to do to catch them. ride along with me on the boot patrol when "eyewitness news" continues. kathy? cold for now but then the clouds move in and kicking out weekend rain. storms to the south are moving to the northeast. the question how far north does it get? i have the answer coming up with the seven day. >> and it could be the hottest concert ticket of the summer. the music legend who is kick off his tour right here in philadelphia. >> and the philadelphia eagles take to the field the baseball field. they're hitting homers and tissuing on some of their newest teammates in "eyewitness spo
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there are new developments to night surrounding this volcano in chile erupted twice in 24 hours. authorities are urging many who returned home following the eruptions to evacuate once again again. mud flows from the volcano have been detected in nearby river and experts say the flow of mud can be very dangerous. leveling anything in its path. there are also lingering concerns about air quality and the potential for a third eruption. new at 11:00 tonight star gazers around philadelphia got the chance to check out the hubble space telescope tonight. the franklin institute set up free tell scopes across the city for their urban astronomy event tonight marks hubble's 25th anniversary and it has contributed a number of revolutionary discoveries all part of the philadelphia science
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festival and cbs3 is the exclusive media partner. tonight the big boot alert. we've got a warning for drivers who think that they've outsmart the the system. there's a new effort underway to crack down on people who haven't paid their tickets but yet still avoided the boot. the device that gets locked on to your wheel to keep from you driving. a new plan could make the city's high tech boot patrols even more productive. >> this some bull bleep man. >> nothing ruins someone's day like the dreaded boot. once it's on there's no easy way out. you have to dig deep and pay big money. >> i ain't got nothing to say. get out of my face. >> these are the people who put the boots on jamal janson and sherri royal are one of up to nine boot patrol teams the philadelphia parking authority has on the streets. and they took "eyewitness news" for a ride. >> if it comes back a hit all this lights up red. >> some crews manually enter license plates into a computer on board their van they ride with two high-tech cameras that
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even at speeds up to 25 miles an hour scan the license plates of every parked car on a street. >> how big a difference has the technology with the cameras made in how you do your job. >> it makes it faster. camera can pick up about 8,000 tags a day. >> they're looking for ones with three or more parking tickets or one moving violation that have gone unpaid for sick months. >> make sure you pay your tickets. >> boot patrol moved through neighborhoods throughout the city. it may take while but once they get a hit they move quickly. >> okay. >> alert on their laptop let's them know they found a scoff law. >> one came back and that's the chevy. >> once they confirm the tickets haven't been paid the boot goes on. a warning sticker is placed on the window. >> do you want the paper work. >> no, i don't. >> instructions are left on the windshield. the entire process can take less than a minute. >> we try to get the boot on and get it done and out be out.
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>> each day between 65 and 80 cars are booted around the city. a fraction of of the scoff laws that are out there. >> right now on our boot book we have over 100,000. >> those are just the known offenders. ppa director says countless others are evading detection. >> how are people trying to beat the system. >> they're gaming the system by ducking the parking tickets by changing their license plates. >> parking tickets have long been associated only with a license plate number. some drivers who pile up too many will go for a new plate. claiming theirs was lost. or stolen. then when the boot patrol passes by the car shows up as clean. now with the ppa's request city council is considering a bill that would compile a person's parking tickets into their own individual record following them from license plate to license plate. and helping the city collect a potential wind fall. >> we're determine to go close the loophole make it sure it doesn't happen any more. so the playing field will be level. >> in the meantime the boot
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patrol stays on the streets. hoping to avoid confrontations. isn't have you ever had any bad encounters with drivers. >> a lot of people can be irate. they can come out on literally act fool. >> and striving to do a very tough job professionally. >> if you don't have all the money you can go on a payment plan. >> okay. no problem. >> once you are booted to get the boot off your car it costs 150 bucks plus the cost of the outstanding tickets and any additional fines. of course the best way to avoid that altogether is to pay your tickets on time. that's the key. >> that is good advice. now, watching all of that you have to think if they're able to close that loophole it would more money for the ppa. >> in turn more money for the city as well. parking enforcement by itself puts $37 million in the general fund. $17 million into philadelphia public schools. so if the loophole is closed, that could effectively mean millions more dollars for important civic projects. >> that's a lot of money we're talking about. >> a lot of money no doubt about
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it. >> interesting stuff. >> yes, it is. >> all right. >> we'll bring in kathy now and talk a little bit of weekend weather. we're all hoping for little sunshine. the question are we going to get it. >> we are going to get a little sunshine and some of us will get a little rain. take what we can get at this point. but we have the deep freeze come tonight. royal weather over the weekend outside temperatures in the 40s. take a look. it is a pretty view across the delaware and the ben franklin bridge in center city. we have a clear sky and that's going to make for a cold start. here or weather headlines we'll start the weekend off on chilly note but temperatures will be rebounding. rain this weekend for some of us and eventually in that seven day i show you when we'll get out of the. right now in philadelphia 47. 43 in wilmington. 40 in millville. and temperatures will continue to tumble we really bottom out tonight before we have the chance to rebound over the weekend. on storm scan3 we have the clear skies. to the south some clouds creeping toward the northeast and that will be the rule during the day tomorrow. take a look at future weather we're clear right now.
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some clouds from southern storm move in tomorrow morning mainly high clouds. then they kind of go back to the south during the afternoon then they come back during the evening. as the storm system reaches its closest point to us. this is it. area of low pressure over the midwest. drawing up a lot of moisture. we'll watch the exact track of this. we're dry for saturday with some cloud cover with this warm front to the south. and then as this moves toward the east heading offshore it brushes right by to our southern zones. south jersey, delaware, a chance of a few morning showers come sunday and then as this low finally exits the coast clearing skies for everyone during the day op sunday and into the afternoon. overnight mainly clear some patchy frost in the city with a low of 35 degrees. our suburbs we do have that freeze warning. so cover your tender vegetation. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast take look. saturday's high 60 degrees. and improving day on sunday. with some clouds giving way to sun. monday a chance of a shower. it's after that that temperatures really take a turn.
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tuesday, 66. wednesday near 70. thursday 66 which is seasonal. friday 65. so we head into the month of may really feeling much more like spring. finally. finally indeed yes. all right kathy. >> very promising. >> thank you very much. >> philly fans may have been saying final toll night. >> oman, i'll tell was this was a pleasurable evening. >> good. >> they did a great job a nash back to better days a great finish i'll show you that and the eagles tried to switch sports for a dame a fun change of pace for the birds. and just like that the snow is gone.
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>> the braves visiting the phillies tonight at citizens bank park. the phils hoping to snap two game losing streak. i've got good news for you. phillies ace on the hill that would be aaron harang played like it all season. he was magnificent. he went eight scoreless innings on the night striking out six. he only walk one. gave up two hits. not a lot of offense in the game game. nine inning ben revere with a dribbler to first. freddie free man committed an error. galvis scores. the phils win by a score of town nothing. to the eagles now in town for week of voluntary work outs who knew it would include a stop over at citizens bank park for batting practice. james palmer has more. >> reporter: john dorenboss was exhausted after switch hitting display at cbp to beat out fellow eagles zach ertz, cody park cooks mark sanchez and key company alonso.
11:26 pm
alonso whose brother plays for the reading phils was disgusted with his performance. >> i was texting him. i'll hit a couple bombs and definitely at this point i didn't hit one. i didn't even come close. >> you were expecting a couple. >> yes, i was expecting like five. >> alonso knew to the birds just getting his feet wet along with tim tebow. who at the same time is trying to avoid the limelight and just be one of the guys. >> tim has been hard working great to work with. he's kept to himself it hasn't been the tim tebow show it's been in the past. >> zach ertz said the other qb on the team sad sam bradford shows what kind of talent comes with being a former number one overall pick. >> he has a special arm. very active. very strong arm i think everyone really excited to work with him. >> sanchez will battle with bradford for the starting job everyone gets more revved up about who will be the new signal caller sanchez reminds everyone what time of year it is. >> don't worry too much it's only april. things will fall into place and
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we'll be just fine. >> if there was any question about whether any of the new eagles are buying into chip kelly's system, zach ertz cleared those up. he said in the first week of voluntary workouts the team has been missing one or two players during those workouts. reporting at citizens bank park james palmer cbs3 "eyewitness sports". >> all right. thanks jp. sanchez makes a lot of sense much it is april. >> absolutely. >> they'll figure it all out. >> just get to the draft. >> get to the draft. >> and
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cbs3 tonight helped celebrate a fresh start. >> ready willing and able held annual graduation ceremony at the old pine street church in philadelphia. the men completing this program formally homeless they found full-time jobs permanent housing maintained sobriety. ukee washington was the keynote speaker tonight. >> and the music legend paul mccartney coming back to
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philadelphia unveiled a big banner at the wells fargo center today. trumpeting that news. sir paul will be there june 21. tickets go on sale may first. the wells fargo the first stop on mccartney's 2015 out there tour
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"eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 5:00. thanks for being with us here at 11:00. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next with jerry seinfeld. have a good night and a great
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