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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this morning, a call for justice following the death of freddie gray in baltimore. >> hundreds marched in center city to protest gray's death in police custody and also, protest police relations in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at city hall with wrap up for us, good morning. >> erika ukee good morning. well despite some tends moaned there is was largely, a peaceful protest. philadelphia police say some 600 people came out to center city yesterday they marched for more than six hours and by the end of the night they were only two after he cents. >> city hall just is starting point thursday afternoon. chopper three, over the scene as hundreds gathered with one common message. >> we made this sign as soon as we heard about everything that was going on down here as far as the protests. and we just want justice for everybody. and we want the police to really stop killing us. >> this is really big deal. deeply rooted in my heritage. and my family, and i think that it is very important that we should all be out here.
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>> demonstrators here marched in solidarity with those rallying in baltimore up to the -- after the death of freddie gray. philadelphia police met before protesters set out to review the first amendment with commanders. their mission clear as well. >> they have the right to protest. we support that. everyone should know. that will but we want everybody to be to do it peacefully. that's important. >> for the most part, the protest was peaceful. the large group split in two some taking spring garden, others, marching through rittenhouse square. >> chanting, white silence is white consent. >> anti-blackness, in the sit and this country and it continues to be pervasive. if it does, hey we need to address that, it won't get any better unless we start talking about it. >> eventually protesters met up near 15th and callowhill, where some tried to get on to the vine street expressway, that's where the most tension with police built. as police blocked the road, there was pushing police making two arrests still the message throughout the night was loud and clear. >> police in every state needs
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to learn that they serve black people, just like white people. >> and we saw some of those protesters marching up north broad street as late as 10:00 last night told they dispersed soon after but many people this morning calling these protests a success this morning, again only two arrests. reporting live outside city hall, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thanks for. that will nighttime curfew in baltimore will remain in effect through the weekend police commissioner says he's expecting large mars, last night relatively quiet. around curfew time a woman showed one bullhorn and told everyone to go home. >> now no line for special prosecutors baltimore on when she'll decide onto charge the six officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray. the city's police department has delivered its report into gray's death to her. police say their investigation has revealed that the van transporting gray made an additional stop. that stop was discovered by a privately owned camera.
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>> welshing it is cloudy and cooler as you step outside this morning. >> but we have word of a nice warm up on the way. katie is joining us now with today's weekend forecast and sunday looks like a peach after day. >> really only get better and better from here. so for now, it is kind of gloomy i guess could you call it that, there will be some breaks in the clouds, we will get some sunshine, it is not horrible actually, some spots, it is creating a absolutely gorgeous sunrise for you. so yes you know, we will take the good with i guess the bad. but look at this. this was supposed to be ugly day, right? this is what your ugly day is producing, beautiful view in atlantic city and the whole reason for that is correct you can see some of the higher clouds out there storm system nearby, and a lot of times that can just make for some of the most vibrant colors on the sky scape here. so let's go next to storm scan3, do you have storm system nearby. northern most fringe of it, see dropping off southwest did bring in some steadier rain across kent, sussex county earlier this morning, that has since had a chance to sort of wind down, so if you
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are just about ready to hit the road, and traveling through that area, you shouldn't have much more than just damp left over conditions, and maybe some puddles to dodge. but, as we go throughout the day, especially down to the shore points, cooler air in place, more clouds, you better believe that, and couple every gusty wind gusts coming in here, as women. with that on-shore air mass coming in here helping to keep it little cooler. plus, we can't rule out isolated shower. so, you can probably get away without umbrella today. but, it is going to be cool enough, that i suggest the fleece or sweatshirt, and if you have outdoor plans, i would say you can keep them. just again cooler day by comparison. it get a lot better though from here, justin, over to you. >> good morning, not bad start to the day much better than this day on 1953, where we had the dusting of snow. yes, it can snow in philadelphia, in the month of may. not even close to that happening, though. these temperatures, let's take you to 95, the roads looking dry, no rain to talk about here in philadelphia. but, volume starting to pick up little bit again 95 at cottman headed south into the city stacking up okay but
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we're still moving pretty good this hour. balancing sun glare this morning, we look at 95, delaware county, both northbound and southbound. looking pretty good if you are head today delaware or up toward the airport. area speeds, still okay, 95, but they'll be coming down shortly as you saw that volume quickly increasing. blue route still looking good right now at 55 miles per hour, new jersey, okay, at 42, 55 295 and the turnpike, radnor, do have accident, king of prussia road closed between madsonford road. alternate count you line or lancaster avenue, of course tonight starting at 10:00 o'clock, we close one lane on the vine street expressway vine it, will go to two lanes at midnight that wraps up 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. that's a look at your ride. back to you. >> thank you, this is the biggest sports story of the morning. the eagles make their draft pick. but it is not the one that a lot of fans had hoped for. >> chip kelly and the birds drafted nelson agholor wide receiver in southern california. and he will meet the media later today. eyewitness sports reporter james palmer joins us more on
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agholor and the rumors leading up to the draft. morning, young man. >> the 20th overall pick, still the talk of the entire industry, talk of the entire draft. now, chip kelly wanted to possibly move up to grab mariota with two overall support, his former quarterback at the university of oregon, but kelly didn't mortgage the farm, and possibly rgiii he made the smart decision by staying put at number 20. rumor did surface shortly before the draft but the couple of top draft expert that kelly was in talks with the bucks and the titans with possibly moving to the number two spot with several picks several established eagles into youly acquired quarterback sam bradford even possibly thrown in thereto move toward the top. according to kelly he kicked the tires of both the bucks and the titans. but nothing passed that. >> it was just really steep price. like driving into a nice neighborhood looking at a house, saying that's really nice, and you drive away. we didn't walk in the front
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door, we didn't look around. >> well, kelly, new speedy car, and nelson agholor who fits his system perfectly agholor had 104 catches last season for over 1300 yards, and 12 touchdowns, he draws comparisons to recently departed jeremy maclin, also versatile, can return punts. only measurable kelly find more valuable than versatility football iq. agholor has that and then some. >> you know, he's like a sponge when it is just a game of football. when he came here, we had him on visit here, you know, he had -- we were in the room with him for a long time because of the questions he had for us about how do we attack this coverage, what do do we do here. one of those guys just a student of the game. you get excited when you are around guys like that. >> i like to learn all trait of the game. you snowy like to go outside and inside. so i feel like i'll be given a opportunity to soak in as much knowledge as i can handle, and
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then hopefully help the guys the best way i can. >> rookie already wants to help the veterans before he even starts with the team. coming up we have the twitter world reaction to the eagles first round pick, and is there a trend in chip kelly's draft history? i know it is short but there is a trend. we'll talk about that a little bit later. >> all right. >> i think coming in here five six touchdowns. >> he can do it, he can play, all over the field. >> nice, nice. thank you jp, appreciate t fans at the linc were watching the draft as it happened. it was the most hyped since, what since 99 draft. when they pick donovan mcnabb. this time, they wanted chip to do the deal for mariota. take a listen. >> marie oath a. even swoop cheering them on. you can see the the intensity on the fans' faces. hear's how it sounded when they pick marcus. oh, could you hear, ya, air just leaving the room. check this out. we even found some fans who
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pre-made their owner have sean of marcus mariota eagles jersey. >> oh, live picture here of the borgata in atlantic city where sister station sports station 94wip having their post graft day party. they broadcast every friday morning, from the borgata. she tells us she is a little disappointed in the pick. >> to me that pick of nelson all the comparisons to jeremy maclin (not just keep jeremy maclin and then you can get a pick that you need, so that casino of pick comparing him so much to maclin, that's where i am just a little disappointed. 's terrific player, i love having him but to me, you should have just kept maclin and then could you have gone after another need. so in my sense that's where i am just a little disappointed. >> now here is your chance to speak up watch do you think of the eagles pick? was the draft a bus because they didn't land this guy hoping marcus would join us. >> is that jerry? >> hoping woe land with us this morning, but nope.
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not going to happen. >> who needs him. come on, hop on twitter and use hashtag cbs-3 we'll share your comment coming up. >> show me how you really feel >> back to the news, hang today, david wildstein expected to plead guilty to federal charges in the george washington bridge scandal. former aid to governor chris christie accused of orchestrating the 2013 lane closures for political reasons. bloomberg news also said wild stein may be cooperating with prosecutors. governor christie said did he not know about those lane closures. teenage driver confess toss a hit-and-run that critically injured a temple university student. police say a 18 year old man was behind the wheel of the car that hit rachael hall. the 22 year old was riding her bike home, when she was hit by a silver mitsubishi gallant near park and diamond. police say the suspect's father contacted the police. the young man had a permit, so he told us he was afraid he panicked and left. >> police have not released
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the name of the driver. he faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident. >> a woman being treated for possible smoke inhalation from this fire earlier this morning. the fire broke out in a back after home near 50th and kingsessing around 2:20 a.m. it was under control in ten minutes. the cause is under investigation. >> well, it has been one week since the new jersey families living on the giant sinkhole, forced to leave their homes and they are still waiting for answers. >> also ahead since just about everyone has a camera phone these days, increase of police brutality videos going viral. now there is an app that can instantly send the video to people who can help. we'll show you how this works coming up. >> what would you do if you saw a rat feat long? that's the site after cat. find out where this giant one was discovered when we come back.
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>> overall i have to say, it is not terrible. looking ahead to this day being the most dreary day of the forecast, storm system, here it is pretty obviously spinning away off to the south. it is just that. it is just barely off to the south. so we do ends up with some clouds, we do ends up with isolated shower here and there, and that is definitely showing up in our future weather. but you can see, at least according to future weather there is going to be some break in the cloud cover. and dow think that that is going to happen throughout the day. which means we will get little bit warmer than we originally expected, but yes you will be dodge ago shower here and there by lunchtime. indicate that we will see some of that happening here to the northwestern most counties, and likely, toward evening as well. if you have outdoor plans i say keep them. then come tomorrow, we do have another little trough to dig in probably will touch off quick shower, another day that overall looks really nice.
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and it just keeps getting betterment check it out. sunday absolutely phenominal. seventy-seven, with sunday monday day's looking pretty darn nice as well high of 80, more like june than anything. and that goes for tuesday too. although by that point new front is approaching so probably have some showers to dodge, by later in the day. but overall no major storms, not looking at any major severe weather threats right now there is could be -- >> that was good looking stretch right there. >> finally, the past few weeks, all over the place what's going on, but here we are into may looking at, that warmings things up. pat attorney look forward to. the traffic on the roads picking up, typical rush hour, but so far so good, in new jersey heading over to the ben franklin bridge. if you are headed into the city, right now no problems. inbound, or westbound, you can see, actually little sun trying to peak through some of the clouds. so not a bad morning across most of the delaware valley. we take to you 422 this is at valley forge road, again
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looking eastbound here, volume starting to increase here, just little bit. but still moving at good speeds. we do have transit alert, this is for this weekend, both saturday sunday, manayunk and norristown regional rail lines will be experiencing adjusted schedules, trains running latement check the schedules due weekend power department project. again, that's the entire weekend saturday, and sunday, septa buses will be detouring on sunday due to the broad street run detoured from sunday 8:00 a.m. to noontime. that's a look at your ride, ukee, we send it back to you. >> outlook remains bleak for the south jersey homeowners forced to evacuate their homes, as their backyard falls into the delaware river. errosion wiped away a portion of the odel family and their neighbor's backyard in florence township. last week, they were ordered to leave. the odel's, however, say they're still trying to filing out who is responsible for fixing the problem. our cleve bryan spoke with them. >> what was it like coming back today? >> it wasn't easy. not easy. this is not an easy thing to do. you know, i want to be home. >> getting in touch with
6:17 am
consulting firms to try and get an independent consulting group out here to assess what's going on. >> now, for safety reasons the odel's are only allowed to retrieve belonging cannot spend the night at their home at all. >> we'll be right back. ♪ norwegians are free to do everything under the sun. free to cruise at their own speed... free to explore their own way... free to discover a new world of taste... free to smile wider... applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer... that's how you cruise like a norwegian. (sing-out) cruise like a norwegian book now and choose from four free offers, available only in may! why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together.
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it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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>> tendon between the police and the public. new app says it is helping in the fight against police
6:20 am
brutality. american civil liberties union released a app video on your smart phone but immediately sends a cope of the video to your newest aclu office. called the mobile justice app. >> reduces the blue wall of silence that we have seen, too many officers hide behind. >> the app also lays out your legal rights when recording and alerts other users if you are having an encounter with a officer. >> well, this doesn't happen often. a lava lake on hawaii volcano overflows giving visitors spectacular show. first time lava from this event has come to view from a public platform, ha-ha we ' volcano national park. scientists say they're not sure how long this will continue. the last tim molten lava was visible in the crater back in 1982. >> meanwhile, the volcano in chile errupted again
6:21 am
yesterday, dark burst of asian hot rock billowing in the air prompting another round of evacuations for people living nearby. the erruptions and the kaluco first in more than 40 years. >> got to check this out. monsterous 3-foot long rat found swimming in a river in ireland. it is south american swamp rat, it was caught in the county county last week. >> oh, watch out. >> rodney is the biggest of his casino ever captured on the islandment also say it must have escaped or have been released into the wild because they're obviously not native to ireland. look at that thing. 3 feet? >> it is cuter than i would expect for a giant rat. >> oh, okay. >> don't youy? >> ya, nibbling on little something there. i understand. >> you snow 3 feet long though? >> almost looks like a big like guinea pig kind of thing. >> trying to figure out what it look like. large rodent. >> wow. >> find a nice home for him. calling him rodney.
6:22 am
>> rodney. >> all right, coming up this morning, extra incentive to get a cheese steak for lunch today. >> sound good to me. also talk about close calm. see what happened to this man just walking down the sidewalk when a truck rounding the corner, ya, right there, lost control. we'll tell you more when we come back. >> ♪ ♪ a lot of people bussing about the eagles draft. live inside the studios of wip sports radio. we're talking eagles football, when we come back. good morning, family see you in a bit.
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>> overall sort of dreary day. what will happen with our pattern, when we take you out taught live neighborhood network, if you look closely i haven't seen some of the
6:25 am
sand blowing around in the camera, and we do have more after on shore wind flow right now. still some sunshine, but also, gray skies off in the distance here. you are going to find clouds, throughout the day especially, at the shore. you will notice that breeze. you need to have the next home match tomorrow. may be shower in the area. nothing more. don't let the icon scare you off. overall real nice day not just chester but everywhere else in the delaware vale. justin? >> good morn still nice shot at the beach. always nice, when you're there. looking at accident scene city avenue, approaching ridge. again, this is on the shoulder, look like, so we are getting by. but use extra caution headed toward ridge avenue from city avenue. we take to you 309. approaching the turnpike, actually nice and quiet this morning. see a lot of sunshine breaking through the clouds. both directions northbound and southbound. looking okay down in delaware, no problems, delaware memorial bridge, route one 95, 495 running at the speed limit this morning. that's a look at your ride. ukee, sends it bac you. >> thank youment geno's steaks will honor two philadelphia fallen heroes later this morning. the owner will present two
6:26 am
$10,000 checks, to the families of fire lieutenant joyce craig and police sergeant robert wilson. their names will also be added to the memorial plaque outside the restaurant. sergeant wilson died during armed robbery at north philadelphia game store fire lieutenant craig, died, while battling a house fire last december becoming the city's first female fire fighter to die in the line of duty. >> that's true, giving back. >> well check it out. close call. watch that guy. just walking down the sidewalk, all the sudden the interest truck loses control. >> hundreds of soda bottles flying right at him. he was thrown against the wall there, but after a couple of seconds, he just chill, walk away. >> brushed it off. >> like nothing happened. >> grabbed a society an on the way out. >> coke and a smile and kept rolling. >> can't believe it he's okay, too, because that must be weighing so much. >> and the camera caught it all. coming up negligence next half hour, after all of the hype,
6:27 am
big let down for some eagles fans who wanted to see marcus mariota play for the birds. finds out why the eagles didn't try to get the quarterback as hard as many people would have liked. also, we are talking to merrill reese about the man the eagles did pick up. we'll be right back.
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and in the news, after months of secret grand jury hearings the man mo allegedly orchestrated the lane closures at the george washington bridge, is expected to plead guilty, in federal court. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in our satellite center with the details for us, justin? >> erika ukee, the latest turn of the bridgegate scandal, a man named david wildstein, accused of hatching lane closures that led to delays of the george washington bridge back in 2013. and now bloomberg news reports, that as soon as today, he could plead guilty. >> a mid the so-called bridgegate scandal david wildstein resigned his costes governor christie senior representative to the port authority of new york and new jersey, agency overseas the george washington bridge. >> and now word that wildstein may have struck a dole with federal investigators. >> citing a unnamed source the news outlet bloomberg
6:31 am
reports, wildstein may plead guilty, to a charging document known as criminal information. >> the investigation thus far has uncovered plan to close portions of the george washington wash bridge for quote traffic study though some believe the back up with a was pay back to the democratic mayor of fort lee new jersey who refused to back christy's re-election campaign. the gateway between northern new jersey, and new york city. >> when asked christy has insisted he knew nothing about deliberate plan to snarl bridge traffic. >> i knew nothing about it. i didn't plan it. i didn't ought rides it. i didn't approve t i knew nothing about it. >> back in september of 2013, the closures of two of three lanes of local access road to the bridge led to miles of traffic congestion, delaying emergency crews, and some say the undoing of christy's reputation. >> now there is report, and possible plea, commas governor christie appears to be making run for the white house in 2016. wednesday, christy told reporters he had no knowledge
6:32 am
about this and quote not the least bit concerned. live in the sat center, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> it was a mostly peaceful rally, but there were some tense months as philadelphia held philly is baltimore protest. police report just two after he cents. hundreds every people marched in center city protest freddie gray's death, and expressed concerns about relations with police closer at home. some protesters tried to walk on to the vine street expressway but police had closed it. few minutes later police blocked the crowd. then officers moved and the crowd kept marching. >> my son, my kids, they got to grow up in this community. >> police in every state needs they serve black people, just like white people. >> the protesting went into the evening. chopper three saw the crowd march up broad street about six hours after the start of the demonstrations. >> now, new jersey state police, they're going to stay in baltimore until tuesday.
6:33 am
governor chris christie has extended the deployment of 150 troopers and other state police employees he sent earlier this week at the request of maryland's governor. maryland taxpayers are funding the assistance. >> your time 6:33, here's your traffic and weather together, and let's do it together. >> good morning hi, everyone, happy true to you. made it to the end of the week herement actually made it to what we have been calling the most dreary day of our forecast, sure enough it will be. if this is the worse we have to deal with, it is not terrible. let's explain and take you out first and for most to just look at storm scan3 yes tracking coastal storm but you can see we are right on the edge of it. so while southern delaware even portions of cape may and cumberland county got clipped with steadier rain, might be waking to up roads out here, yes, we still have clouds around yes isolated shower, still bit of cool breeze, but temperatures should still climb into at least the lower mid 60s, which is about six 7 degrees below the seasonable average for us. that said, planning your day
6:34 am
around this, if you have got outdoor plans keep them. just have fleece or sweatshirt ready to go. because it is going to be noticeably cooler by comparison to yesterday and many of the other days we've recently experienced. meanwhile, quickly check the pollen report for you too. the levels do remain on the relatively high side. as we look ahead to tomorrow, we will actually get you to the highest level hereof oklahoma birch and maple predominant issues. headlines and the region, starting month of may off on cool and breezy note, progressively and quickly i should say gets much much better, to the point that we're expecting little dose of summer like warmth for early next week. how high do we get? we'll have the details on the temperatures coming up a bit later. >> just looking pretty warm next week. much better than it was in 1953 on may 1st where we had dusting of snow here, in philadelphia. how about that? all right out on the roads volume starting to jam up little bit as well as the accident. here we go, city avenue approaching ridge. heading north again accident on to the shoulder, the tow truck there. but still you got to use caution around this. allow these people to get this
6:35 am
work done. then look at this, jam up here, 95 southbound, right around allegheny heading into the city all the way to the vine street expressway. slow goes. see a lot of sunshine now showing up, it will be battling sun glare if you are traveling east, really, especially around 422 the normal spots. radnor do have the accident, king of prussia road closed, right around radnor high school. between madsonford road and radnor chester road, county line road is the alternate or lancaster avenue. we do have hazard in the road in trevose sweet street westbound, missing manhole cover, so, that can be diverting traffic just little bit. mlk drive will be shutdown this weekend that goes all the way every weekend until october 25th. that's a look at your ride, ukee, back to you. >> thank you, eagles have selected their pick in the first round of the national football league draft. >> there were plenty of rumors also speculation about who head coach chip kelly might go after. eyewitness sports reporter james palmer joins us no in our studio, so many rumors
6:36 am
swirling. >> ukee, erika chip kelly called him too good to pass up. the eagles use their 20th overall pick draft, southern california wide receiver nelson agholor agholor is an asset because he can play all three wide receiver positions. he'll replace jeremy maclin who kelly said could only play on the outside. so the twitter world is talking about the eagles first round pick. and who better to talk about wide receiver than his former quarterback, matt barkley. it was his teammate at southern cal. parkly says philadelphia is going to love this guy and he no, sir. he's thrown him the football. also, jordan matthews, remember, he was picked in the second round last year by chip kelly. kelly went out of his way actually yesterday to compare the work ethic of matthews and agholor, saying some of the harders workers he knows then albert from the nfl network interesting take here, agholor the eighth packed 12th player selected by chip kelly in, 50% of the players he has selected have come out of the conference that he was teaching in prior to coming to philadelphia. and agholor might be one of
6:37 am
those guys that he remembers well, during his freshman season, toast to the ducks for 162 receiving yards. >> that's skills. wow, all right. thank you jp, appreciate. >> sport radio 94wip is broadcasting live down the shore this morning. and, as you know, those phone lines are lighting up. you're looking live right now from mobile three inside atlantic city borgata casino. the conversation of course is all about the eagles, nelson agholor, marcus, and of course, last night nfl draft former eagle hole as thomas says marcus mariota my not be great fit in tennessee. >> i don't think marcus mariota is good fit in tennessee. doesn't really like the style quarterback he is, he doesn't have to -- when you come, kind of thing like there is when you come to the pros, you supposed to be polished already. you are learning to play. but he has to teach him how to
6:38 am
be a pro style quarterback. >> we check in every with with every other expert, let's check in with the voice merrill reese what he thinks about the first round pick. he joins us on the phone. >> morning. >> morning. >> is it morning yet? >> really watch do you think? >> i think they made great pick. i really do. i knew that this was a guy that they coveted. i knew this was a guy they bought very, very highly of. always a relief when covering an eagles draft and you hear a name called and you don't go they did what? >> they drafted who? the players who they could have drafted in that spot, he was absolutely one of them. >> what do you think how hard do you think chip went after mariota? he didn't want to give up the whole team obviously, what do you think about that? what are you hearing there? >> i am hearing what chip said. saw beautiful house when he found out the price he says we can't afford it. they were going to have to give up the ranch. and chip has said this from
6:39 am
day one, he said i will not mortgage the future of this team. now, we're not there. we don't know what names were thrown about and names were thrown about chip says, they weren't. it doesn't matter. what general manager what coach ever mentions the names of players that he talk about with another team. that never hams. but the fact of the matter is, he did not wreck this team, he did not put the eagles in a position where if a pick didn't work out he had lost everything else. you cannot throw away all of the things that people were talking about when i heard all of these rumors yesterday boy there is team, this team could be weakened for some time just to get one player. when sam bradford, in that, if sam bradford is healthy, there is a tremendous upside to this quarterback. don't for get, when he came out of oak home, a he was the number one player picked in the draft, there were people saying that bradford had the highest ratings since peyton manning. so talking about a great quarterback, of course, the
6:40 am
big word is if. if he stays healthy. but they feel they're working him out. they throw out the words sports science. the medical staff feels confident. if they have a healthy sam bradford they've got great quarterback. did you know once upon a time ukee, not to go back in history, too far but there was a quarterback who was drafted, in the first round by a team in the nfc east, matter of fact, and their fans booed. and they booed, and he got hurt three straight years, and he was considered a medical miss fit. and that quarterback was phil simms. went onto win superbowl for the giants. so maybe this time it will be a case like that, but sam bradford will be healthy. if he is healthy i watched the tape of sam bradford in 2013 the seven games that he played, before he was injured with the rams, he was out standing. he was out standing. he's got a great arm. he's bright. he's a character guy. he is a talented, talented quarterback. don't throw away sam bradford
6:41 am
and just say well he was this, he was that. if he's healthy he can be a great quarterback. >> merrill reese, telling it like it is. you got me fired up. thank you, merrill. >> there you have it. we'll wait and see. >> all right right now 41:00 still ahead this morning big tease for "50 shades of grey" fans. >> announcing plans for when he leaves the daily show, and those plans bring him to new jersey. >> cool! >> oh, no man not cool. he doesn't want a dance but excited to go to the prom. now, you might think he is a bit young for prom. this is a special event hosted by saint chris -- christopher's hospital for young cancer patient. i'll introduce you to to the butler family
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6:44 am
>> weather watchers, what are they seeing? >> little the cool side, typically so, into the upper four's this time of year, kick off the month of may. finding mid 40's around a lot of the region, is her know on just one oh, for you dawn sent in 46. she's in downingtown, little mix of some clouds and sun but she did send us picture which is why we really want to show her observation of the sunrise, yes, you have got some clouds that have moved n but there is also some blue skies to go with it. but, that said you also certainly have some cloudy skies, cool breeze to go along with this day.
6:45 am
and this does make it the most dreary day of the next seven which we'll discuss. overall, the worse we have to deal with, not terrible. meanwhile, out in robinsville steven sent in 44, 44, pair of four's the magic number for willow grove hatboro from kyle ed chesterfield one of the gold star weather watchers, 45 degrees from him north wales for you, you get the idea, list goes on, basically talking mid and upper 40's. meanwhile, storm scan3 showing this storm system, but here, i mean, here is the edge of our region, and that wet weather, has long since dropped off to the south. so while we are still going to find that on shore wind flow, helping to kick in, some of the cloud cover for you and that breeze, overall, it is not a terrible day. if you have outdoor plans keep them. just isolated shower, and it only get better from here, stray shower tomorrow late in the day. probably tuesday evening too but otherwise, it is good stuff. >> a lot of people waiting for summer like pattern looks like we get it next week. perfect set to up get string of 08 degrees days with the sunshine, and seeing sunshine
6:46 am
outside on the road right now so there are reports of some sun glare but heading into the city on the ben franklin bridge looking good, inbound out bound, into jersey again no problems, speeds looking okay. we do have accident, city av approaching ridge, again, this is on the shoulder, tow truck here, but still a loft activity going on, so you will have to keep it slow if you're headed on city avenue northbound. area speeds coming down, 13 miles per hour, 95, basically academy all the way into the vine street expressway. slowing down on the schuylkill out bound. but that reverse commute going, still looking good at this hour. >> norristown regional rail line, check for justin schedule due to weaken power department project. back to you. >> buddy, thank you. over the laws few weeks we told but over the top prom proposals, and the hundreds of dollars teens and parent shell out for the big night. >> but for the families of children with cancer, just getting to go to prom is a big deal. as i fawn out at st. christopher hospital for
6:47 am
children. >> butler like a lot of four year old boys, he likes making philly -- silly noises, getting into everything, and superheros. >> captain -- >> not so secret superhero identity. his grandmom came up with captain poodaman, to keep him staying tough going up against things a lot of other little boys don't have to taste. >> they told us he he had a tumor, they had to do some test toss make sure it wasn't cancerous, probably about a a week or two later we found out that it was. >> brain tumor was removed in february. he is now going through chem owe they are. >> i he is going do it very silly, very silly. >> i see that personality. my goodness. >> it helps out a lot. >> saturday that personality will get to shine. will turn from chemo to cupcakes. saint christoff he's hospital for children is hosting their fourth annual oncology prom all patient and families are invited. >> they get a chance to hang
6:48 am
with other kids and just be kids, to see little girls, you know, six year old with no hair walking down the hallway talking about her blue dress and the wig that she will wear to look like elsa at her prom. it is just magical. >> ahmad's parents have proud memories of their own. highool sweethearts sierra and wayne went to junior and senior prom, arm in arm, experience they are now excited to share with the older brother and sister. >> my other son, he has a suit. my daughter has her dress. and i have my gown. like mom common, when we going to prom? not yet. not yet. >> the special outfits will be dawned, and it is off to hair and make up so every someone red carpet ready. eight year old bianca told me she is also getting a fresh coat of hot pink nail polish on the dainty fingers. the finishing touch for special day. >> one she's a little apprehensive about. >> i don't know. maybe because i'm nervous? >> butterflies. the one thing that doesn't change about prom, no matter where it is held.
6:49 am
>> oh, check them all out. >> beautiful. >> it is said at the hospital the weeks leading to up it just have new this attitude, owe soaks it dollars about prom. >> sure, that's wonderful for everyone involved, wonderful time. >> how about little captain poodaman>> how whether that, pooda man. have a great time. 6:49. we will see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins just new york morning. >> what were you saying, poodaman. >> that was a young man's nickname. >> a young man's battling cancer, assume err hero identity to help him get through it. >> we've got that, thank you guys. hello, ukee, erika, new revelations in the freddie gray case. we will talk with the nypd john millibar the investigation. and the nationwide protest against the police. plus doctor tear an on new concerns over the connection between stress and heart attacks. and the special effect artist who turned his four year old into a superhero and a youtube star. john black stone visit the
6:50 am
family, to find out the next chapter for action movie kids. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you in about ten minutes. you can tell, they have a lot of fun at that house. >> you got that right. >> what a cool family. >> probably his own theme music, that's great. >> thanks. >> ♪ ♪ >> john stewart leaving the big city and heading for greener pastures. >> retiring host just bought farm in new jersey. john stewart and his wife tracey have been long time supporters of farm sanctuary national advocacy group for farm animals. now the couple recently bought the new jersey farm, they're going to give a home to farm animals, rescued from abuse and cruelty. well done. >> very nice. britney spears is starring in her own mobile game. how about tha star with kim kardashian's a.m. that made her millions. she signed eight year licensing deal with mobile.
6:51 am
the game will allow players to interact with virtual brittany experience the glitz and glamor of the entertainment world. >> "50 shades of grey" fans, have a new reason to get excited. trailer for the sequel has just been released. it shows christian great there putting on his mask being and he asks, are you ready i for something darker? turns out the movie may be the one that's not ready. no one has signed onto direct that film yet. audience also have to wait at least two years for that move toy come out. and i knee that people love this. you love it or you hate it, it seems. but dedicated fans. >> i heard you, are you ready for something. >> are you ready? yeah, couldn't make it through the book personally. >> i got you. >> we'll be right back. >> first though a look at what's coming up tonight right here on cbs-3. see you in a bit. >> tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11 i meet a scientist
6:52 am
on mission helping finds worlds war two heroes lost at sea. >> what happened 70 plus years ago, when these crashes were occurring, and when these guys were sacrificing their lives. >> this spring he and his team made a remarkable under water discovery. see that moment, and the clue, that led them to solve the mystery, of these mia's once again tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
6:53 am
woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation and the way it made me feel the discomfort the bloating the straining. i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about my symptoms. i'd tried laxatives before.
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6:55 am
>> here's what's happening only two arrests during demonstrations in center city philadelphia yesterday. hundreds of protesters showed solidarity, with baltimore demonstrators, they called for an end to what they say is widespread police brutality. >> meanwhile, former former aid to new jersey governor chris christie david wildstein expected to plead guilty. prosecutors want to know if lane re vection on the george washington bridge were politically motivated. >> and in sport, eagles take usc wide receiver nelson agholor with their first round pick in last night's nfl draft. >> some were hoping for marcus mariota, about that would have been too expensive. >> italian market celebrating it centennial. >> today the south
6:56 am
ninth street mark observes 100 years, in business. the italian market boasts tremendous impact on philadelphia's economy some 300 businesses, 2500 workers and more than 1 million visitors spending $170 million each year. wonderful place to be. and share stories and buy food, and eat and have a great time. so wonderful. >> oh, that homemade pasta! >> common! >> hey, speaking of celebrations there is big one sunday, my partner ukee. >> oh? >> he will be inducted into the pennsylvania association of broadcasters hall of fame. you will be a hall of famer. up already were. we're so proud. so honored. >> i'm taking a busload, i want all of you all of you at home, to get on it, because i can't do what i do and we can't do what we do without you. thank you for the inspiration. it is truly a great honor. >> well deserved. we love you much. >> love you back. >> we are hoping for some good forecasts for ukee's big day but how is today? >> i think so.
6:57 am
pretty nice weather sunday, for now you still have the on shore breeze, it is still kind of cool, shooting for low 60s cool and dreary but does got better today. >> get away friday. people trying to get out of the city, westbound on the schuylkill at city avenue many jam up pretty good. battling sun glare too sunshine already out there this morning. >> happy to bat it will. >> thank you. >> next on cbs this morning the special effec
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday may 1st 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new revelations about what happened to freddie gray inside a baltimore police van. we'll ask the nypd's john miller about the investigation and the protest. dramatic new video of the nepal earthquake. we'll meet the american doctor who flew to help thousands. and the biggest fight ever. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> protesters in


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