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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. ♪ >> developing at 11:00 o'clock six baltimore police officers
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are hit with criminal charges in the death of freddie gray. and one of them is from south jersey. but despite that announcement today tensions continue to run high as demonstrations spread across the country. good evening i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. prosecutors say the arrests of freddie gray was illegal and what happened to him in police custody was murder. six officers are under arrest tonight on criminal charges. the most serious a murder charge was filed against officer caesar goodson he drove the police van in which gray alleged suffered fatal injuries. goodson could get 30 years in prison. charges against the other five officers include involuntary manslaughter assault and false imprisonment. one of the charged officers is from south jersey. edward nero agree up in sewell, gloucester county and was a member of the washington township fire depth. >> natasha brown joins us live at philadelphia city hall with more on that officer and reaction from protester who's returned to the streets of center city tonight.
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natasha? >> reporter: well, chris, you know, each of the six officers face their own set of charges in this case including south jersey native edward nero. while news of the arrest seem to quell any kind of up rest over the past week or so, protest doctors continue here in philadelphia tonight. a city that just days ago erupt flood violence and chaos transformed into a city jubilant about news of a rest in the compressed freddie gray case. >> the people are tired of those two bad seeds in the police department and they want them out of there. >> the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: six baltimore police officers are now facing criminal charges in gray's death. freddie gray died one week after suffering a spinal cord injury in police custody. one of the officers now charged is 29-year-old edward nero from
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sewell, new jersey, he once served as a freighted with the washington township fire department. >> ed nero was member of our department for approximately 10 years from 2002 to about 2012 during his tenure with us he was an outstanding and dedicated firefighter. basic hal a very clean record. week key clean never in trouble. he was just an all around good guy for us. >> reporter: investigation has revealed nero was reportedly one of three officers that loaded gray into the police wagon on his stomach sources tell "eyewitness news" nero's family lives here in this neighborhood in sewell, new jersey. no comment from his family. >> what do we want? >> no shortage of comments from local protesters who took to the streets of philadelphia friday night. winding their way from south street around city hall to the steps of the art museum. a peaceful protest followed by days of unrest. >> the more people that come out and see what's going on and join the marches join -- join all of that and like get into it, get
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in tune. be aware. >> reporter: well officer nero is facing two counts of second degree assault. one count of false imprisonment and two counts of office misconduct. other officers are facing much more serious charges including second degree murder and manslaughter. now, five of the six officers have posted bond and been released that night. we're live here at city hall natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you so much. this video just into "eyewitness news" tonight from baltimore. you can see police in riot gear arresting protesters. this was shortly after tonight's 10:00 o'clock curfew went into effect. there were said to be more than 100 people there dancing in the streets and chanting freddie leading up to that curfew. other protests against brutality were held across the country do tonight. a large crowd marched through the streets of dallas this evening. in new york, los angeles and seattle protesters also showed support for the people of
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baltimore during their may day demonstrations. well, stay with "eyewitness news" we'll have continuing coverage of the arrest of the these officers and the unrest in baltimore. we'll have the very latest for you on our website around the clock that's >> new tonight philadelphia police rescue a teenager who was being attacked by a pitbull. this happened just before 7:30 along the 200 block of huggie street in lawn crest. an officer shot the dog once and then released the 16-year-old boy. that teen was rushed to einstein medical center in critical condition. the dog's injuries are unclear but we're told it is being contain. a pair of stolen rental trucks have philadelphia police on alert ahead of a weekend full of special events. police say this man is one of three wanted for stealing a u-haul like this one on sunday from the hunting park location. two days later someone stole a penske cargo truck from a rental store in south philly. police don't believe the thefts are related but they hope the
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public can find who is responsible. >> at this point there's no evidence to believe there's anything terrorism related but my job is to always err on the side of caution. >> the u-haul has an arizona license plate of hg30928. the penske truck has an indiana plate number 224-5222. if you see these vehicles, call police. >> former ally of new jersey governor chris christie pleads guilty to conspiracy charges in the george washington bridge scandal. two other christie confidants are indicted. tonight experts are weighing in on how this could affect the governor moving forward. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the story. >> reporter: as governor christie continues to distance him forty seven bridge gate his old friend and former associate david wildstein pleaded guilty friday for his role in creating traffic jams on the new jersey side of the george washington bridge in 2013. >> he and others orchestrate add
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deliberate and illegal scheme to reduce the access lanes from three to one in order to punish mark sock company lidge the mayor of fort lee forfoughten coursing governor christie's re-election. >> wildstein was an official at the port authority of new york and new jersey which oversees the bridge executive director bill baroni seen here in a 2011 interview with "eyewitness news" was also indicted. as was governor christie's former chief of staff bridget kelly. >> let me make something very clear. i am not guilty of these charges charges. >> the lane closures crippled traffic for several mornings. blocking schoolbuses commuters and emergency vehicles. >> i think it can marginally hurt. i don't think it's catastrophic. >> reporter: dr. richard who are is a political science professor at rutgers. he said the scandal will certainly come up when not if christie runs for president. >> there are two audiences here to think about. one is new jersey and one is nationally. >> is governor christie handling
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this the right way? >> i think he is doing the right thing right now. i mean he was out in front of cameras early on. >> governor christie released a statement "today's charges make clear that what i've said from day one is true. i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act ". >> in a quinnipiac poll released april 20th 38% of voters approve of governor christie's performance in office. 56% said they disapprove disapprove. this poll was released before the indictments came down. definitely too early to tell what will come out next out of that poll. >> okay. definitely seems like this is a long way from over. >> long way. >> david spunt, thank you very much. surveillance video reveals a brazen crime as a thief steals shrubbery in broad daylight. this happened in bustleton. man struggles for a time then rips that bush right out of the ground. the homeowner and her son put the video on facebook hoping
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someone can identify this man. >> it's a bush. he can't even replant it because he broke the roots it's going to die. i just -- i have no words to explain. >> the homeowner says that bush costs several hundred dollars. if you recognize the thief contact police. new tonight the philadelphia science festival is bringing together brains and beer. quite a combination. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco shows us how. >> reporter: if and you're into science then you will love this science of beer making. a beer science fare class held at yards brewery friday night to celebrate philadelphia's nine day science week. >> a lot like traveling through your high school science lab but instead of working with disecting frogs and earth worms we'll break apart beer. >> reporter: in hands on how to group of more than 60 over 21 adults touched tasted and learned about barley, hops, malt and why skunked beer skunks. they that beak kearse and magnifying glasses. yard's beer maker says it's
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truly an art. >> really simple but a lot of things that can go wrong. just kind of we're standing on the shouters of people that have been doing this for millennials. >> not only are beer lovers getting to see the science of what goes into makeing their favorite beer but also a food truck here part of the event making selections that pairs well with their favorite beer. >> we came up with a dish that pairs with wheat beer, wheat white, ipa did with pork belly which has orange zest and coriander. >> i ordered the bbq belly. >> do you think that will go well with what you're drink to go night. >> i think it will. i'm drinking a little bit of everything tonight. >> i really like beer. >> we like beer. >> i don't know anything about beer so i'm actually learning a lot. >> reporter: and that's a lesson to drink to. in fishtown i'm deanna rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> science is certainly fun. >> hots how we do science in philadelphia. no doubt about it. >> new at 11 searching foror.
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>> for seven decades the ocean has been home to a particular world war ii mystery thanks to local man and his crew, that mystery has been solved. i'm ukee washington. that story when we come back. >> temperatures on the rise. soaring into the 80s. feeling like summer but that summertime heat also brings summertime storms. we'll show you when they move in coming up. after making headlines for his tran gender transition bruce jenner is now being sued. we'll tell you the new trouble he's facing. >> and coming up in sports tonight we'll meet the newest philadelphia eagles plus more on the rest of the eagles draft. we'll be right back.
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♪ the soulful singer known for the iconic tune stand by me has died. bennie king passed away in hackensack, new jersey on thursday. first saw success as a member of the drifters. he achieved his greatest fame as solo artist. king had 12 top 10 songs and is in the rock and roll hall of fame. bennie king was 76 years old. one week ago bruce jenner made headlines telling the world he's transgender.
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well tonight he's facing a lawsuit. wrongful death suit filed by the stepchildren of kim how well he was negligent when he collided with her car on a malibu highway highway. authorities previously said the impact of the february crash pushed how well's car into oncoming traffic. she was hit by another car. this suit seeks unspecified damages. >> now to a happy ending two years in the makeing. that is how long ago jesse a hound went missing from her home in eastampton long island the case went cold until this week. when a rescue group found jesse about 50 miles away in a pour closed home in medford new york. jesse's owner live in texas but they can't wait to get their dog back. she'll night home to be reunite reunited with them next week. well the families of a philadelphia police officer and philadelphia firefighter both of whom were killed in the line of duty are benefit to go night from very generous donation. >> geno's steaks present add
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$10,000 check to the family of fire lieutenant joyce craig and another $10,000 check to the family of police sergeant robert wilson. their names were a the memorial plaque outside the restaurant. >> it makes me feel good as a philadelphian that i can give a little bit of light and hope for the families and try to make it easier. >> lieutenant craig died while fighting a fire last december. sergeant wilson was killed during an itemed robbery in march. university of delaware marine researcher helped solve a world war ii mystery. a long lost war plain crew missing in action is now one step closer to home. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington met the man who helped solve the mystery of these mia's. >> reporter: deep under these blue waters is a graveyard. dozens of american war planes and their crews lost in world war ii off the coast of islands in the pacific ocean. the wrecks have been underwater
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for more than 70 years gone, but not forgotten. volunteers and scientists are trying to find them. they call it the bet prop project. >> we believe there's about 70 to 80mia's that are potentially recoverable within the barrier reef. by finding them, we can both honor their sacrifice and answer questions that their families have never been able to get. including the family of jim knee doyle. >> i've been looking for my grandfather's b2 for a decade. in 2005 the aircraft was actually found and i and my family are incredibly lucky. >> soar of the sensor area. >> mark and his team at the university of delaware just returned from the latest search in april. they used this unmanned underwater robot to map the ocean floor using so nor. >> that pushes sound out and
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looks for reflecting sound coming back just like a flashlight. >> the scans look like the surface of mars. these bumps could be coral or a peace of a plane. >> it's not just a plane sitting on the sea floor. >> especially over time. >> on this trip, one scan showed something casting casting a long shadow. >> it doesn't look too much different than coral. >> unbelievable. >> this shadow actual wal tipped us off. >> mark swam to check the out. >> yeah, here i am and here's flip comer from the bent prop project and we found a section of the aircraft underwater with this so nor. >> high five. >> yeah. >> the long shadow was the propel we are of a lot of world war ii avenger plane. >> describe for me emotion when you laid eyes on it. >> you have a big regulate in your mouth and you have tanks and everything on, and so you know you want to scream but you can't and it's that kind of thing it's really -- it's pretty amazing. >> mark has a special connection
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to this history. >> there he is. >> there he is. my grandfather. >> lieutenant carl oh lander a u.s. navy reserve chaplain on the aircraft carrier uss princeton during the war. in his logbook he wrote about the strike on palau. >> one specific reference to an aircraft that left the carrier and that plane never made it back and so he references his name and everything and said he was a great guy. >> one day they hope to find him and everyone else who has waited more than 70 years to come home. i'm ukee washington, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the bent prop project will report findings to the department of defense which will try to recover the remains of the crew and identify them and notify their families what incredible and important work they're doing that. >> no doubt about it. really fascinateing to see how they go about it a neat look inside. very cool that ukee took to us. let's take a trip outside.
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>> kathy? >> things are looking up for us. >> they are looking up. >> nice and sunny. >> looking down for now as far as the temperatures are concerned but then it's only up. we're talking about temperatures overnight in the 40s. so it will be a cool start to the weekend but it is definitely not going to stay that way jump an additional 10 degrees each day. take a look outside where it is a beautiful evening in center city philadelphia. our skyline, of course in center city this is a view from our skycam3. here's look at our weather headlines. talking about temperature on the rise. tomorrow morning 80s are back and better than ever and then a storm chance moving in with this heat it a little bit of humidity moving our way. right now in philadelphia 52 degrees. so cooling down quick wrl we're seeing some clearing skies. on storm scan we still have our area of low pressure churning off the coast. bringing that on shore flow and keeping some clouds in the region but those will be fading as our coastal low moves away. that will be happening tomorrow. so increasing sunshine. high temperatures in the 70s
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with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. so that will feel very pleasant. high pressure builds in little bit more on sunday we make it to 80 and once this high slides off the coast it's am like a summer like pattern. you have that clockwise flow southwesterly winds and temperatures well into the 80s. this is monday. then watching this cold front that will slide through tuesday. bringing us a chance of showers and thunderstorms. there is a chance this front could linger during the midweek period. so we'll keep an eye on that. in the mean too many when you have the warmth and you have some breezy conditions, you have a high pollen count and that's what we'll have over the weekend weekend. tomorrow we're talking about medium or moderate to high ranges. sunday it will be high and those predominant pollens will be high on monday as well. we're talking about the oak birch and male maple trees. mack sure you pack your seasonal allergy feds over the weekend. mainmainly cloudy overnight the low 47. during the day tomorrow we rise with partly sunny skies and light winds as we look ahead hour by hour you'll need a light jacket in the morning or a
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sweatshirt. not by the noon hour. low 70s in the afternoon. by the din are in hour 71 degrees. we have the science van cal saturday in the morning 58. by the afternoon 69. of course, the broad street run on sunday. the 8:00 o'clock temperature 62. heating up by the noon hour make sure you stop for some water. 76 will be the temperature. on our seven day forecast 80 sunday. 83 monday. the heat rolls on tuesday with some summertime storms and then we keep it warm for wednesday thursday even into next friday. a week from tonight we should be talking about temperatures in the 80s. we'll be like, whoo, is it mer yet? it's hot or maybe not. >> we promise not to complain. >> we will not. kathy thanks good beasley here now and the rebuilding or reshuffle link of our eagles continues. >> the crazy chip has not shown up. >> there's a scrip and exactly what the team needs he's been drafting. i want if you to say hello to eric row out of utah. chip kelly will tell us why he
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>> beasley we got another new eagle to women come to the city. >> that we dodge chip made crazy trade. >> crazy chip. >> he just moved a couple slots day two of the draft. eagles making that trade moving up to get their man. they traded picks with miami for eric row. he can play safety or corner which is very important to the birds. 6-foot one 4.45 40-yard dash time. here's chip on his new defensive back. >> we think he can do a lot of thing. he has 45 career starts. nine at corner. 36 at safety.
11:26 pm
33 at free safety. three were at strong safety. so um, verse at a will the is one of the things you look at from a hite, weight, speed parameter he's off the charts charts. >> in the third round they add a linebacker jordan hicks out of texas 6-foot one 236 had injuries early on in his college career but great this past season leading the long horns in tackles with 147. here's coach kelly again. >> got a great skill set. three down linebacker k cover. out staning special teams player and be able to bring him in here and learn from demeco and michael and key company. there's great value in that pick. there was no one else around him we had at that point in time. >> that is eagles introducing their first round pick nelson agholor today at the novacare complex in south philadelphia. wide receiver from usc was pick last night at 20th. i spoke today -- he spoke today
11:27 pm
about his desire to come to philadelphia. >> honestly, it was something i wanted for myself. i know they're going to do what they have to do in terms of evaluating everybody. but when i got here, i kind of evaluated the way they did things. i knew if i end up in the organization i wanted to resemble the way they do things. >> phillies on the road for weekend series in south beach with the marlins. chase utley has been a terrible slump to start the season but that was april. this is may. utley with a three run homerun to give the phillies a three-one lead. let's go to the fifth inning now now. back come the marl lips. jianne carlos stanton rips this ball down the left field line. gore came in to score. they tied the game at three. game would stay that way in the bott. to ninth it got real interesting interesting. ken giles in, and marcel, with the double into the gap. and stanton comes all the way around. phillies lose in walk off four-three. you know it's big fight when 10,000 people show up for weigh
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in. floyd mayweather will make on man pacquiao tomorrow night in las vegas. mayweather wade in at 146 pounds. pacquiao 145. total revenue for the fight expected to be $400 million. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> italian market in south philadelphia celebrated a big birthday today.
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>> it has been around for 100 years and the year long festivities commenced today. the chick off focused on the history and the future of the philadelphia landmark. the 300 shops in italian market ploy more than 2500 people and they attract over 1 million visitors every year. >> i mean -- >> makes me hungry just thinking about it. >> with the weekend upon us what better place to go. >> perfect. cbs celebrateing david letterman's legendary career in late night with a 90 minute prime time special the comedian ray romano will host david letterman a life on television monday night at 9:30 right here on cbs3. so don't miss that and then stay up for dave tonight. his guest the great steve martin martin. and we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 5:00. todd quinn nope and meteorologist carol everything son will be in with you. thanks for being with us. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. ha
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