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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 3, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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♪ breaking news right now at 11:00 a woman is attacked and killed in a philadelphia neighborhood. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. the attack happened shortly before 9:00 o'clock in west kensington. matt rivers has the very latest from the scene on north fifth street. >> reporter: natasha this is a still very active scene along north fifth street in kensington kensington. we can show you the scene as it looks. you can see the officers there continuing their investigation into what's going on here.
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we know that the victim in this case is a woman in her 40s according to the neighbors in this area. and that it does appear she has died as a result from her injuries in this case. police are continuing their work they tell us they're not exactly sure yet at this point whether this woman died as a result of gunshot wounds or stab wounds but does it appear they are leaning toward the fact she was shot in this instance. they are still looking for the suspect in this case. neighbors tell us they believe that it was 71 that this woman was living with perhaps a boyfriend he remains on the loose at this point. police are conducting an active investigation in order to try and fine him. no word yet on the motive but we are staying on top of this story. for now we're in ken sipping ton, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". also, developing now in new york a police officer is in critical condition after he was shot in the face in queen village. the suspect is in custody. police say it appear the suspect fired at least two rounds into
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the officer's unmark car around 6:00 o'clock. moments ago officials identified the officer as brian moore. he is a five year veteran of the force. >> he's a brave young man. he wanted to be a new york city police officer he wanted to serve and he did so with distinction. >> reporter: officer moore is the fifth nypd officer shot in the last five months. and right now baltimore police are clearing the streets of protester who's rallied in the name of freddie gray today. police enforceing a curfew for fourth night in row and arrests have been made. earlier protests marched from the gilmore home's housing project where gray was arrested to city hall. the 25-year-old died from from a severe neck injury while in police custody. yesterday's six police officers
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were arrested and charged in connection with his death. bringing joy to the community after days of unrest. >> because it's symbolic of all the black men in this country who have been treated unfairly by our police. and we know -- >> all six officers charged have posted bail. they include sewell new jersey native edward near o he was former washington township firefighter. turning now to the weather. it's only may but it's starting to feel a lot like summer. our side cam caught these firework near campbell's field tonight where plenty of folk celebrated this beautiful evening. meteorologist katie fillinger has a first look at the forecast. it's only going to get better. >> we can expect high pressure to essentially set up shop for the majority of the next couple of days and bring with it some nice warmth.
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so tomorrow we keep that sunshine around. even warmer than today was come monday evening warmer and we are eventually going see a frontal boundary cross flew we'll have to talk about what that is going to mean for our area. a minor hiccup down the road by comparison to what the overall pattern is going to look like. here's where we stan right now. a little bit cooler now that the front has gone down under a nice clear skies temperatures can drop efficiently currently at 57 at philadelphia international airport. low 60s still being reported around allentown and reading area. but if you've got any outdoor activities tomorrow just ideal perhaps of what you might to do with your day. do it outside. take the dog for a long walk. go for a jog in the morning. you're in the 60s. lunch outside a picnic in the park in the afternoon perfect for that and then after dinner why not relax on the patio. really if you got anything going on outside, it is a go tomorrow. with this taste of summer coming our way and that little taste is actually going to be a pretty nice hearty meal let's put it that way because we end up way
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nice long stretch of beautiful weather with a generally quiet pattern but like i said there's a cold front that waits in the wings. we'll talk about timing and what the actual impact will be for our our later in the show. natasha back to you. >> thank you so much. nine-year-old girl is recovering in the hospital tonight after she was shot with a beebee gun. it happened this afternoon in hulmeville bucks county on the 900 block of bellevue avenue. police say the girl was accidentally shot in the chest by a 21-year-old family member and later airlifted to children's hospital of philadelphia. the girl's condition has not yet been released. and four construction workers are injured and a driver is dead after an accident at a work zone on the pennsylvania turnpike. it is raising concerns to night about safety. i wis news reporter steve patterson has the details from bensalem. >> reporter: for hours the only traffic left on this busy stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike didn't even amount to
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one car. officials say it happened shortly before about 5:30 saturday morning. police say this car traveling eastbound near the bensalem interchange entered a construction zone, struck a construction vehicle injuring four construction workers. the driver of that car was killed. turnpike officials tell cbs3 "eyewitness news" the cause is jet to be determined but they say speed and distraction are likely to blame. >> we need our motorists to be aware their lives that are out there. only inches from these people and they need to slow down and be cautious. >> saturday's accident is the second work zone wreck this week on the turnpike and a span of five days, five workers have been injured. it all comes in the middle of a major crack down from state police correspondenting campaign from the turnpike commission. aimed at slowing drivers and saving workers. on monday the turnpike commission will start airing this commercial.
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>> dangerous you know. negligent and people got to slow down. >> commuter rich has taken the turnpike five days week for the past four years. >> unless you know it's an active work zone with a police car people don't slow down, people don't slow down. >> alice says the solution is simple. >> just do what the signs tell you to do. just obey the sign and you'll be fine. >> reporter: crack down from state police is called operation orange s it says if you're going more than 11 miles an hour or over in any of these safety posted speed limits you could be faceing a fine upwards of $200 from a 15 day license suspension. all of this is curtail what happened in 2014 more than 150 crashes in work zone zones. the latest from bensalem i'm steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". in wilmington, the investigation continues into a suspicious fire at a vacant building. fire crews raced to the 100 block of bancroft mills road
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around 1:30 this morning and found huge flames at the vacant bancroft middle complex. historic bang lost mill was compromised in the fire. no injuries were reported. and police have located a penske truck that was stolen in south philly this week. it was recovered empty on the 1100 block of rising sun avenue early this morning. the search still continues for the u-haul truck that was stolen in hunting park. police say this man was one of three suspects who stole it.ere are no credible home land security threats relating to the truck authorities wanted to find them as quickly as possible. now a celebration in britain over the birth of a princess. the duke and duchess of cambridge took their new daughter home from the hospital today. tonight landmarks in london are a glow in pink in celebration of the royal babies birth. cbs news correspondent susan mcginnness has more. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge thrilled crowds as they introduced the
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new royal princess to the world. kate cradled her baby girl at the hospital in london just nine hours after the birth. >> it's a girl! it's a girl! >> reporter: prince william was at kate's side in the delivery room as she gave birth to the couple's second child after 2.5 hours of labor. a moment prince william wanted to share with his son. the 21 month old future king waived to the crowds as he went to meet his baby sift for the first time. >> the royal family of four is expected to send a couple of days here at kensington palace they're london home before retreating to their country estate up north. the most loyal royal fans camped out for weeks to witness birth of the royal baby. >> it's a girl and that's fantastic. every woman and every little girl loves a princess. >> reporter: golden ease sell in front of buckingham announced the birth saturday morning. queen elizabeth spent the day in pink to celebrate the birth of
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her fifth great grandchild. still unnamed princesin line to the british thrown behind grandfather prince charles, father prince william and big brother prince george. in london susan mcginnis for cbs3 "eyewitness news". isn't what name do you want for will and kate's baby girl? connect with us on facebook and twitter at cbs philly and make your voice heard. mack sure you use the hash tag cbs3 chat. >> stay wise. straight ahead a dramatic rescue captured on camera in bucks county. find out what rescuers say happened to this woman. see why dozen of people pulled a plane down a runway today. katie. >> we're looking ahead to a week full of temperatures that are about a month ahead of schedule. plus some pretty nice to go along with it. i think you'll like what we've done in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> straight ahead in sports a kentucky finish at the -- finish
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at the kentuck
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>> new tonigs rescue a woman from saint peters peters rock in woolwich township. rescue teams used a ladder and other equipment to get to the victims. eyewitness say she was jumping on the rocks and couldn't move. she was placed in an ambulance and rush to the hospital. it was a very difficult rescue. >> we've been down there too many times. there's no good way to go.
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making sure they can get across without dropping her and everybody is safe. >> right now there's no word on the woman's condition. also a feat of strength all for a have good cause. dozens of people turned out today in philadelphia to see how far they can actually pull a plane. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria huff was there. >> you guys ready to pull a plane. >> reporter: when a plane is in need of pulling you call in the dream team. all 25 of them. >> teams of 20 people pulling a plane 50 feet. this year they added a little weight to the plane so a little bit harder. >> reporter: seventh annual plain pull brought out supporters of the ronald mcdonald house tonight only putt pull their own weight but that of 75,000-pound jet. the winning team pulled it furthest fastest. >> all right, guys. this plane pulling is harder than it looks. for real. the team that is came here had to raise $2,500 to participate that would go to help at least
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two to us san families living with seriously ill kids. like west corbin from indiana but spends six weeks at a time in philadelphia with his mom for experimental treatment. >> i was diagnose with cancer leukemia about a week before my freshman year. i'm airgun your right now. >> he says the ronald mcdonald house has given him a home away from o thins day he's not sick, he's score keeper. one by one teams got the wheels turning and had a little fun while doing it isn't it was fantastic. a little heavier than we thought bought we're in% mace right now. >> altogether the event raised around $120,000. so whether it's a diagnose or an airplane the load gets a little lighter when others add their strength. at philadelphia international airport alex huff, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> great job. it is prom season for young people all around the area. it was a very special prom at saint christopher's hospital for
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children today. 250250 patients walked the red carpet a the oncology prom. this year's theme was hawaiian. their dresses and suits were welcomed change from hospital people enjoyed a very glamorous day. >> this means a lot. it really -- right? today when we got here he said mom we're not here for blood work, right? i said no we're just here for fun and being able to let him be a four-year-old and have really good time and dance and just ab kid is really awesome. >> they all looked adorable. today was a memorable social event for a the kids their families and friends. nice little break from the hospital gown right there. >> very sweet. >> what a lovely break for us beautiful today. >> so nice and this is a nice long break. put your feet up and relax awhile. >> i'm loving this. >> we have a front that will sort of hiccup midweek such a minor issue most of the forecast is just really nice. >> okay. >> and warm, too. >> so --
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>> finally? >> finally. >> consistent warmth. >> that's the thing. april was everywhere. >> yeah. >> end up with above average month overall. 1.4 degrees above average. but still. >> yeah. we were everywhere. >> still had the coats and jackets. eally looking like it will be shaping up just to be a nice warm above average week. we start things off here with a look at skycam3 completely chris cal clear at this point. there's barely a cloud in the sky for us this hour and that's really the story all across the delaware valley. we can go next forward to you our life neighborhood network shot as we actually face center city from distance here this is our shot at the live neighbor network at palmyra cove nature park there's center city in the distance there. 53 degrees at this particular observation site and as we actually check in with our weather watchers throughout the course of the evening a couple of really great pictures coming into to us. this one the beautiful evening moon came in to us from walter down in newark, delaware, this evening and you've got with that nice clear sky really great
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shot of that moon tonight. so moonlit skies. storm scan thee is empty like i said bear al cloud out there. that's how it's going to stay. a nice wider zoom shows eventually the story all across the northeastern united states. but even wider on that zoom and that's where you startvity. you got to go very far off to the west and generally speaking that's where we're going to keep all of this wet weather confined throughout the week because there is essentially an atmospheric roadblock that will be setting up in the days ahead. one piece of energy does have the wherewithal to actually arrive here and that's this. it's not the most organized situation up here but you can see this little pocket of moisture across the couldn't made yann prairie that's a frontal boundary that eventually will roll into the great lakes and head here and bring with it a very minor hillary clinton up like i called it earlier. in the meantime we through the color contours over top of the map to show you future weather we'll head tomorrow afternoon. when you start to see oranges and reds showing up, you know it's starting to get warm. right? as we look ahead to
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monday even warmer. mid 80s. yup. mid 80s the actual expectation but that's when the front begins to advance and i would say tuesday late empty day that we start to see our best shot for showers at this point future weather wants to pick up on steadier rain around our area and very likely a thunderstorm. keep an eye on that. that is the one and only spot that brings in wet weather. for cinco de mayo no less. meanwhile we take a look at your pollen report and predominant pollen are oak, bitch and maple the levels at best at 9.8 and that's for tomorrow. keep the meds ready to go. just a few clouds tonight. comfortably cool at 53 degrees. and tomorrow we start this nice warming trend with full sunshine sunshine. 10 degrees above the seasonal average at 80 degrees. keep in the back of your head we are coming up pretty soon on the unofficial beginning of the summer season. of course, that's memorial day
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23 days away from now. we'll go with step further and most of the seven day forecast is more like june. so we're getting a nice early start on summertime here. 84 degrees the high expected tomorrow. we can expect to see the low eight or rather as we head into monday and tuesday and then late in the day on tuesday some of those showers and storms come along. we keep that nice warm trend going for the rest of of the week. enjoy it.
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>> less looks like we got good draft picks. >> yes a lot of them. it's finely over. the inform fl draft end upped this afternoon the eagles with three picks after trading fourth round pick and six round of the draft they picked a corners. ja cory shepherd from kansas. seventh round final pick they drafted 6-foot nine, 295-pound
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defensive end mihalich from boston college. chip kelly was asked if this team is mortal lenelled now than last year. >> i don't know now does it matter. i think what matters when we put that team on the field in august august. i mean in actually september now when we open up against atlanta. there's a lot of things that can happen between now and them. our goal we finished with 10 wins the last two seasons and that's not good enough. we're always going to be striving to make this better team an better organization and that's what we've been charged to do and that's what we'll try to do. >> take a little time out to introduce their second and third round pick. eagles selected defensive back eric row out of utah. then in the third round linebacker jordan hicks from texas both players very excited about their new team. >> like a feeling i had when i left here i was like man this program is differe different the way they do things, and when i left, i just wanted to be a part it so
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bad. >> you obviously have no clue what's going to happen. you know, i was extremely anxious. but, you know, to me this is the team pursuing me the most. it made sense. >> after losing four in row the phillies trying to get a win against the marlins. cole hamels on the hill. not a good day for hamels. second inning, prado that is a three run homer to left. marlins jump out to a three no nothing lead with that. then in the third more marlins. jt double deep to left field. baker comes around to score. that make it four-zero. then in the sick sickth padre once again rib we double. four rbi's on the day. gordon scores from first base. phillies lose their fifth straight seven to nothing the final. union at home in chester this afternoon takeing on toronto
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toronto. they lost one to nothing. lost three straight only one win. that's the worst start in franchise history. >> they come into the final furlong. american farrow firing. not done yet and these two come into the final heat. coming to the finish american farrow and victor he is pin notice is a. us pin notice is a took it. >> he won in front of the record -- american farrow wins the 141st kentucky derby fourth derby win for the trainer trainer. the third for the jockey. he wouldn't it last year. that was an exciting finish. >> this kind of who experts thought would win. >> oh really. >> we should have worn our derby hats in honor of -- >> i love the derby hats. in
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♪ welcome back everyone. today was a great day to put on the walking shoes and take a little stroll all four great cause. hundreds came out for the walk ms event at the art museum in philadelphia. this is just one of several walks held all around the region today on a beautiful day. teams raised money to help the thousands of local people living
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each day with
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well that is "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley, katie all of us thanks for joining us. if you're up early join our morning team at 6:00 a.m. we're always on at blue bloods is up next, everyone everyone. have a great night. ♪ ♪ (male narrator) now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced
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