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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 4, 2015 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now at 11:00 o'clock authorities rescue a one-year-old boy from a river in allentown. they say his mother through him off a bridge and then jumped in the water herself. good evening everyone, i'm gnat brown. thanks for jing us. the baby and 19-year-old woman are both in serious condition and expected to survive. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is following this story and joins us live from the cbs3 sat center. matt? >> natasha police say witnesses watched this entire scene unfold around 1:45 p.m. this afternoon. we have a map to show where you this happened. it happened about 50 miles north
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of philadelphia in the city of allentown. it happened along the hamilton street bridge in that city which lies above the lehigh river. police say the child fell 52 feet into just 4 feet of water. a section of the river police say is filled with rocks. the mother had walk about halfway across the bridge when it happened. >> took him out of the stroller and dropped him off the side of the bridge. >> reporter: witnesses say she then climbed over the guardrail and jumped in herself. >> reporter: those witnesses immediately called 911 and five police cars responded to the scene within minutes. they saw the 19-year-old mother climbing out of the river on her own and then collapsing. meanwhile, the baby was nowhere to be found so officers began to search. >> it took us about four minutes of trying to locate where this baby might be. he was eventually found about 700 yards down river. >> reporter: an officer jumped into the river to save the child and perform cpr. the baby was revised and
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transported to the hop much that is where this child remains tonight in serious condition. so far there have been no charges filed in this case. but police tell us they are still investigating. we're live in the sat center, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you so much also developing right now police shot and killed two gunmen in a dallas suburb who opened fire on a security guard. it happened outside of a conference center in garland during a contest for cartoons depicting the muslim profit p.m. the security guard who was shot isand hospitalized and expected to be okay. the contest was hosted by the -- that's the same group response al for islamic ads on so many at a buses in philadelphia. for the first time since tuesday, there is no curfew in effect in baltimore tonight. mayor stephanie rollings blake lifted the 10:00 p.m. curfew today. it was put in mace following violent protests over the death of freddie gray who died in police custody.
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six baltimore officers had been charged in his death. and this afternoon protesters gathered once again peacefully outside of city hall. the mayor praised the strides made this week. >> what we saw over the past few days in just the resiliency our city but also our communities coming tow. we want to heal our city. we know we have challenges in baltimore. we know that there's work to be done. >> mayor blake also toured the mondawmin mall saying the majority of stores damaged in the riots have now reopened. national guard troops are also making their way out of the city of baltimore. back near philadelphia anti police message was discovered spray painted on the front of a garage. but as "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson shows us dozens who gathered in the city today said that was the wrong message as they called for peace. >> reporter: it was the sound of sunday.
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♪ >> reporter: no show of anger no crys of outrage no call for justice. just peace. >> i believe peace is the only way to love it's the only way -- >> pastor desmond bird led the members of the philadelphia prayer clinic search in a demonstration calling for prayer full solutions to the problems plaguing inner city america >> many people are acting out because they don't have anyone who care. >> we're here for them. >> reporter: but tame this was happening so was this. investigators trying to to determine who would scroll something they call so ugly in this old city alley. the message leftover night bold in red cop lives don't matter. >> i mean it's a disgrace and we'll hopefully hubs you down and find you and prosecute you. >> reporter: fraternal order police president condemned act and says it does nothing but stain the work of good policing and stifle the active pro testifying. >> every live matter. >> when you compare the tone of a man who speaks for the police,
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do the people who speak for the city,. >> ultimately all lives matter. >> reporter: you realize everyone is singing the same song. >> we don't see police officers. we just see people. and we all the people. all lives matter. ♪ >> reporter: as for the investigation police are still searching for suspects but you can bet they are focused on track down whoever did this. roaring in old city, i'm steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news" news". well you know we are about to get an early taste of summer as we head into another work week. meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs3 sky deck tracking the return of the 80s and i am certainly glad to see them come back justin a lot of people are. hopefully everyone had chance to get outside and enjoy the nice
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weather today. pleasant still no humidity to talk about even though temperatures did reach the 80s. here we are this evening and still very nice. 50's and 60s across the delaware valley but today's high made it to 81 degrees officially at philadelphia international airport. so 11 degrees above the average. we shall be at 70 for this time of year and the next couple of days we'll be even warmer. here we are at 65 currently in philadelphia. upper 50s in many suburbs. 58 in wilmington. 56 in millville, new jersey. newspaper quakertown, doylestown both coming in at 59 degrees as well as mt. holly inform. nice and quiet on storm scan3. clear skies calmer winds allowing our temperatures to drop tonight with a recent dry conditions and very low humidity levels we'll be dealing with an enhanceed fire risk during the afternoon and evening hours on monday. so again southwest wind will gust to 25 miles an hour. humidity levels down around 25% and the ground is still very dry so outdoor burning certainly not recommended tomorrow with the enhanced fire danger. there you go.
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temperatures hour by hour when you wake up 8:00 o'clock, 62. by lunch time talking upper 70s. mid afternoon temperatures topping off in the mid 80's with sunshine. we'll talk about how long the warmth lasts in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> police in philadelphia meantime are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened early this morning in a home on the 5800 block of christian street in west philly. police responded to reports reports of person screaming and found a 35-year-old man lying in a hallway. he was covered in stab wounds and medic pronounceed him dead at the scene. the victim's name hat nos been release. also, philadelphia police have now found both stolen cargo trucks involved in a federal investigation. police found the u-haul truck stolen from hunting park early yesterday morning on the 2200 block of west lehigh avenue. and they also found the penske truck that was stolen from south philadelphia. the thefts happened last week. police say this man is one of uspects still on the loose tonight. the department of homeland
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security is also involved in this investigation. a seven-year-old girl is at children's hospital now after shrapnel from a bullet got lodged had they are skull. it happened last night about 9:00 o'clock on the 5400 block of haverford avenue. while the girl was driving with her family. police say a dark sedan drove up to the car and someone inside opened fire on the family's vehicle. doctors later found the shrapnel in the girl's head and she was briefly listed in critical condition. police are still looking for the gunman at this hour. in northeast philadelphia honoring fallen police officer robert wilson iii. "eyewitness news" at did you have and buster's in the franklin mills mall where a ben if the was held for officer wilson. wilson was killed during a shoot out in a north philadelphia game stop in march. all the money raised will be donated to wilson's family. well now some 40,000 runners laced up for the 36th
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annual broad street run today. it's actually the largest 10-mile run in the country. queue crucified yo community affair reporter sherri greg was there. >> reporter: the sound they've been waiting for for weeks. marks the start as tens of thousands pounded the pavement taking the 10-mile trek down broad street. the runners range from rookies. >> pretty nervous. this is the first time i've run broad street. >> reporter: to seasoned pose. >> i'm in shock and ready to rock. >> reporter: the reason for kha*l taking on the change is bragging rights and healthy sports. >> as well as a good cause. this group of ladies laced up to raise money fort american cancer society. >> i think we're close to 20,000. 269. >> yes. >> money still cupping in from team tm m.d. >> philadelphia police were visible all throughout the route with security protocols once again banning backpacks in favor the clear plastic bags.
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>> i have just water and mass tick bags, yes. >> in addition to the tense of thousands of runners 5,000 volunteers organized along broad street like richard washington bring everybody together. >> i'll be serving water today's. i'll be making people smile. >> you can't forget the spectators. all the cheering fanfare and revelry of the day leads right here to the navy yard and of course the finish line. >> was it worth it. >> i didn't never did more than 8 miles training for this. such an accomplish many. it's awesome. awesome feeling. >> at the navy yard, cherry greg kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" the world awaits the name of britain's royal princess. they spent the day inn producing their bundle of joy to the familiar. muss taking control. a montgomery county woman shares her fight against breast cancer
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how she hopes her story empowers other women battling thesease. >> we had a taste of summer across the delaware valley mid june like temperatures in the seven day forecast. those details coming up. >> straighter ahead in sports, could the phillies snap out of their if you know in florida? lesley van arsdall has those highlights coming up in sports. stay with us.
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>> princess is here and now we're just waiting to find out the name of the newest member of the royal family. for now the little princess is being visited by family members. the royal relatives filed in and out of kensington palace today to meet the baby and fans are over the moo princess' rifle. >> i think it's just wonderful. it's lovely generations are going on and william and kate such such an asset to the royal family. >> it's pretty incredible to think the new princess and she doesn't know it yet. but we all do. it's crazy. >> celebrations to honor britain's new princess will continue throughout the week. tomorrow the queen's soldiers
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will fire a royal gun salute in london's hide park. now after three years golfer tiger woods and olympic skier lindsay von are calling it quits. she took to facebook today to noun the split. they says they're incredibly hectic lives force them to spend most of their time apart and woods and his family will always hold place in her march. there was no immediate word from tiger. and tonight as we anticipate next sunday's komen philadelphia race for the cure we begin intimate look at women fighting for their own cures. our pat chiarocchi inn proa tow duce to a woman who were gnawing her first race feeling empower because she took control. >> in december, karen schneider of north wales heard words that filled her with fear. it's breast cancer. surgery would be three days later. >> the fear is you're frozen. the fear is you think that the
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doctors are the only persons that an answer for you. >> breast cancer left karen scared but not paralyzed. >> karen who is 52 had anon aggressive breast cancer. treatment could wait. >> they kept saying what are you waiting for? and i kept saying i want to get more consults. i wanted that get my power back. i didn't want to relinquish it all to the medical doctors. isn't women who have fought the breast cancer fight reveal how powerless they feel. for karen a three-month wait for the first of two lump he can tomorrows allowed her to building a scaffolding for well-being. first with nutrition. >> leafy green vegetables three times a day. any other animal product i eat it has to be hormone free. mushrooms an morning smoothie rich with cancer fighting vitamins. >> i feel great. i have more energy. more alert. >> acupuncture with dr. nancy post. it spoke to karen's body mind and spirit with counseling herbs
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and fine gauge needles. >> they get some treatment then they're brain clears and they start thinking more clearly about their options. this point works not just on the calming aspect of that but helping somebody reintegrate. >> needles in specific points redirect energy. >> i have needles in some of the meridians that go through were her scars or so they can heal faster g doctor post says these treatments backed by science complement western medicine. for karen who will walk for the first time at the komen race for the cure it's about feeling empowered. >> i just want to wear pink this was really hard struggle for me. if i can do it, you can do it. >> to your good health. >> to your good health. >> pat share shore, cbs3 cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we hope you will join the women of "eyewitness news" for live coverage of the 25th anniversary of the susan g. komen race for the cure for breast cancer. 25 years of saving lives. we are live on the air starting
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at 6:00 a.m. on mother's day sunday may tenth. it was a very special night for one of our own. ukee washington was inducted into the pennsylvania association of broadcasters hall of fame tonight. "eyewi where ukee's long-time colleague pat chiarocchi last year's inductee presented him with award. in true fashion of course for ukee he septembered the honor with style and class. >> if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. i'm proud and blessed to say i have been on vacation for three decades. (laughter). >> ukee joined "eyewitness news" team in 1986 starting in sports and working his way to the anchor desk. for myself and all of u "eyewitness news" congratulations to our dear friend ukee washington. well-deserved honor. >> definitely. >> congrats. >> yea, ukee. >> you got to do what you love to do. certainly does. this is your dame it's ban great day. >> i take credit for it.
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>> take all the credit for good weather today. >> open up the pool. why wait for memorial day weekend. >> there you go. >> mid june like weather coming up for the next few days without the humidity. all right. let's take you outside now very pleasant good sleeping weather you can open up the windows nice breeze coming in still temperatures in the 50s and 60s tonight as we look at the b bridge all is quiet across the delaware valley. now let's talk about the temperature trend. again today's high 81 degrees. our average is 70. we're going to be well above that for monday and tuesday. pretty much warmest days of the week mid 80s for highs. a little drop in the temperatures middle of the week on wednesday but still we'll take low mid 70s boy but by the end of the week we start warming up again. the entire week will be above average across the delaware valley. 65 our current temperature at the airport in philadelphia ele still 60s in allentown and reading. cooler south jersey in the mid 50's throughout the northeast nothing cold showing up. coolest temperature 59 in albany and buffalo we can handle that that's for sure. high pressure over us right now.
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this is setting up to see a classic summertime weather pattern as that high starts to drift offshore. we'll get more of a southwest wind dome that brings in some more warmth and you can see plenty of sunshine with a few clouds moving through. showers an few thunderstorms out to the midwest. that will come through our region later on tuesday. as the cold front moves through. unfortunately with the warm dry and breezy conditions, pollen count stays very high next couple of days. oak, birch maple are the main pollens much it drops on wednesday because of the showers that try to come into the delaware valley not enough to clean out the atmosphere. jet stream takes a big ride up to the north. so that brings in that southwest wind flow temperatures warming up well above average good 10 to 15 degrees. so tomorrow enjoy mid 80s for highs under mostly sunny skies. here comes the front in on tuesday. it should pass our region late in the day. so entire day stays warm once again mid 80s watch out for leu late day scattered shower or thunderstorm. not everybody even sees it. then the front sags south for
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wednesday hangs up across delaware and south jersey. maybe a stray shower possible. cools us down cool closer to the near average. low to mid 70s. so many clouds big back in for tumors late in the afternoon a few showers may even hear a rumble of thunder as it passes most of wednesday stays dry a stray shower south of the city as we see some more sunshine with the cooler temperatures. but a good start to your monday. end enjoy it 50s to around 60 by 7:00 o'clock in the morning then look at that. we surge into the low and mid 80s for the inland spots. for monday afternoon and it's the same deal on tuesday. very warm ahead of that cold front that once the front passes the winds switch out of the north on tuesday night. we cool back down again. pleasant overnight mostly clear 58 degrees for center city. little bit c suburbs. nice rebound tomorrow mostly sunny very warm 84 degrees. humidity levels are still low. south west wind kicks up a little bit at 10 to 15 miles per hour. all right. here we got extended forecast
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again some clouds maybe a shower or thunderstorm tuesday that will be late in the day but still very warm at 84. wednesday pleasant, cooler, 74. slight chance for a shower. and then we bring back mostly sunny skies thursday, friday, even the weekend still looking nice temperatures back up to around 80 to 82 degrees. and still comfortable at night 0s. we're not in that big time heat and humidity yet g not just yet. >> not yet. a few more week. >> let's settle in to this pattern. we like it. >> thank you so much, justin. >> my phillies red. did that help out today good luck. >> you know what natasha, i think it did. keep it up. phillies trying to snap a five game losing streak in florida and it just so happens ryan howard looking to break out the two game hit less streak. could both streaks end at
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>> lesley talking phillies. >> i like the phillies red. >> good luck. it. >> work. phillies on the road trying to avoid a series sweep bite
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marlins in miami. kind of feast or famine for ryan howard. hit less the last two games. in the sixth snapped that streak. hits the ball into the gap in center. off to the races darrin ruf scores from first. howard slides into third with his first triple since last april and it's two-two phillies. howard not done yet. in the seventh single to centerfield. chase utley will score. they snap the five game losing streak. gonzales picking up his first major league. the phillies win six-two. >> instead of kerry named the mvp late this week. averaged 24 points a game helped the warriors make it into the playoffs. the first mvp for the warriors since they left philadelphia 53 years ago. coming up tonight in the buick sports zone we'll go in depth on the eagles draft. we have mark eckel and elliot
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shore parks to break down what the birds did and what the deal is way evan mathis and we'll get into the mayweather/pacquiao fight. should there ab rematch? all of
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>> be sure to tune in tomorrow night to cbs3. prime time special celebrating the legendary career of late night talk show host david letterman as he gets set to retire later this month. ray romano hosts david letterman live on television tomorrow night at 9:30 right here on cbs3. this weekend meantime at the movies super opening for marvels new avengers movie. ♪ >> we can tear them apart. >> lesley we've got to see this. >> avengers -- you too justin. avengers pulled in $188 million the second biggest opening weekend in u.s. box office history. that number only the first
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avengers which grossed more than 207 million when it came out back in 2012. no movie was close this weekend. age of adaline finished second. furious seven pulled in 6.1. paul blart mall cop two and home round out the top five. got to see avengers. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> that is "eyewitness news" tonight. thank you so much for joining us. we're always on now we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares, a man with similar goals. he's the founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks and, for 25


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