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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. its monday may 4th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." texas police kill two gunmen who open fire outside a controversial prophet muhammad kartun contest. backlash over the fight of the century and could the periscope deliver a knockout blow to pay-per-view. plus david letterman as he counts down to his final show. we'll look at some of the favorites in tonight's prime-time tribute. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> get back in the building. >> you're not leaving.
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nobody go anywhere. >> gunmen open fire in suburban dallas. >> a shooting over a contest for the cartoon of prophet muhammad. >> our focus is to see piece. >> in baltimore the citywide curfew has been lifted. >> now we are working to repair that damage that was done. >> the death toll in nepal is now over 7,200. >> eight days after that country's devastating earthquake. >> a 101-year-old man pulled alive from the rubble. >> retired neurosurgeon ben carson said that he will seek the gop presidential nomination. >> carly fiorina will also kick off. >> maybe it's time for real political shake upinup in this country. >> the palace has not announced the name.
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>> so she's only a day old and all anybody can talk about is her weight? >> they rescued over 6,000 migrants off the coast of libya. strangers came to the aid of a motorcyclist who was being dragged under a truck. >> all that -- >> a camera and the glove makes the play. >> he's got the play of all plays. >> -- and all that matters. >> as his dream comes true. >> the 34-year-old green beret signed by pete carroll. >> i think he's going to hit somebody. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the president is hit in the head by a mango. he read the message. she wants an apartment. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with a deadly shoot-out in texas outside an art contest, an exhibit involving cartoons of the muslim profit muhammad. police say officers killed two gunmen who opened fire after driving up to the event in garland, texas. right now investigators are searching the scene inch by inch for evidence. >> the event's organizer is criticizing islam. omar villafranca is near the site of the attack. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the bodies of the two men have not been moved and police are still checking the vehicle for explosives. feet from where i'm standing people drove up and started shooting. police swarmed a dallas area conference center sunday evening
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after two gunmen opened fire injuring a security guard. they were shot and killed by police not far from their black sedan. >> get back in the building. >> we're not leaving. >> reporter: police armed with tactical gear urged the nearly 200 people inside to stay calm. >> it sounded like a machine gun maybe. police told us to run as fast as we could to get back in the building. >> reporter: the contest was sponsored by the group freedom, pamela gellar. >> this incident proves just how violent the war is on freedom and it's not just here. it's not just paris and copenhagen. it's here. the war is here. >> reporter: shortly after the attacks on the french newspaper "charlie hebdo" a pro-islamic contest was held here, prompting gellar to schedule last night's
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convenient at the same location. >> ahead of it. the council on islamic nation said the meeting was a clear attempt to bait the muslim community. >> there were additional officers that were hired for this event by the school district. we had talked with them in case something like this happened. >> reporter: the dead suspects still have not been identified. as for the officer who was injured in the leg, he was released from the hospital last night. gayle? >> all right. that's good news. thank you, omar. a deadly and mysterious shooting in north wisconsin is being called a random act this morning. a gunman killed three and wounded another in menasha. that's south of green bay. witnesses say the gunshots sent people running for safety. baltimore's trying to return to normal this morning. the mayor lifted mandatory curfew. police say they have arrested
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nearly 5 hub people since the demonstrations began. 113 officers have been hurt. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with the curfew lifted there were no reports of clashes with the police. that is a sign of progress for a city that's been on edge for the last week. the hope is the peace holds as the city rebuilds. after five days, baltimore's curfew has been lifted and overnight the streets and sidewalks moved with the normal traffic of a spring night. the national guard is pulling out of the city a week after riot oers burned cars buildings, and looted stores. the violence began at the mall. other businesses have reopened including target. the company says all employees were paid for days of work they missed after the store was forced to closed.
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>> we're happy to be back open and having them back to work. >> reporter: but the violence took a toll on some businesses. two businesses were looted during the riot including these two stores which are now boarded up. our cameras caught them stealing goods and setting a car on fire but on sunday a new kind of rally erupted in front of city hall with dozens of people dancing and celebrating, all to prove a different point. >> everything you say on the news that's not baltimore. >> take back. >> baltimore! >> reporter: the weekend of peaceful protests started friday after marilyn moseby charged six police officers with criminal death. reverend jamal bryant said his hometown is now on the path to change. >> freddie gray has pushed us over the cliff without a parachute.
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now we can't go back. this is a full encompassing society. it's going have legs and feet and put on shoes and find itself outside of baltimore crisscrossing the nation. >> reporter: the six accused are out of court this morning. a state of emergency remains in effect as the national guard draws down. >> thank you. this morning they head to court in the george washington bridge scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni face nine counts. david wildstein pleaded guilty. chris christie said he didn't know about politically motivated lane closures. a field for republican candidates is expected to grow to six. former children's neurosurgeon
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ben carson said he is officially running. he'll officially announce his plan in detroit. >> carly fiorina and mike huckabee are also announcing they're running. john dickerson, hoefrts of "face the nation" is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do you say about these three candidates? >> doubles the field of candidates. there's going to be a whole lot of republicans running. what's interesting about this group is that they're not of washington they're not sitting politicians. they're all going to be running from the outside and they all have people who are big fans of theirs in the base. >> huckabee has a constituency. >> he does. one from the iowa caucuses and
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being on tv. he has a main line of conservatives that watches fox news. >> john, not since 1940 and wendell wilke has someone held a nomination without holding a former political office. is this a long shot or what role do they play? >> they're long shot candidates. not being from washington is good news. now, there's a big conversation in the republican parties about whether candidates have executive experience. in other words they've been explaining about president obama having no such experience and they think that's the reason his presidency hasn't been so good. right now what republicans and conservatives want to do is be excited by somebody. you hear them often talking about these three candidates in that way. so while they're still in the raese even though they're long shots, they're going to be
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exciting the parties. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. the book is coming out tomorrow "clinton cash." what effect do you think it will have on her campaign? >> the book is finally coming out. books are like presidential candidacies. it takes weeks to get it out there are lots of questions that are raised by the kind of cluster o of people that surround the clen and the money that is poured into the foundation but paid to bill clinton for his speeches. there are connections between those two. so this will balls kind of hovering outside of her candidacy. that is the way this would be
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weaponized in an early way to the left. >> thank you so much. the climbing season ott mt. everest is likely other. sherpas are refusing to rebuild the route after the earthquake in any call. the death toll has risen to over 7,200. seth doane is there with an amazing story of a survival after more than a week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke with a u.s. bridge dear general who's in charge of the relief operation for the u.s. military. he has expectations on how quickly relief can pick into action. experts picket away trying to recover what they can. 40 miles from the capital this man was rescue.
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he's more than 100 years old. they do not expect to find any more survivors and they're capable of cot pleating the work itself. american teams remain welcome because they have the remote regions to reach areas. >> we're going to download these airplanes and send them out to the far regions. >> reporter: reconnaissance missions were set to start this afternoon. >> u.s. brigadier paul kenny is in charge. >> what no-how does the u.s. medical team bring? >> we go into awe stair environmentals vir quickly. we can build an airfield out of nothing and international relief community doesn't do that.
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>> this drone field reveals the challenge of getting tough aid in to terrain. >> this is probably the worst-case scenario because of the distance. that makes it tough. >> teen runway can create its old problem. that's because it old. there's a weight limit that has been established some time ago to try to prevent heavy plains from creating more damage. gayle? >> thank you, seth. reporting from kathmandu. hundreds of more migrants arrived in italy. a coast guard ship carrying 900 people docked in sicily. over the weekend more than 600 were rescued in the mediterranean. that number continues to increase. a baby was born aboard the italian ship. she was in labor when the crews
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reached her. >> no word on what caused the death of david goldberg spouse of cheryl sandberg. he led the website surveymonkey. their strong marriage played a defining role in their careers. we interviewed them on "60 minutes." she described the time david stepped in when she was offered a contract at facebook. >> my husband said are you kidding in? you can't take the fiftd off. >> finally my brother-in-law looked at me and said don't take the first offer. >> dave, what did you think when she said i'm goic to go ahead and accept it. >> app oh plek tick. you're going to be running all the negotiations and deals. you can't just take the first
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offer. it will look bad. not because the money mattered but the principle. i wanted them to stretch because she was worth it. >> david goldberg they said in silicon valley he's a great guy and a feminist. >> i knew him and saw him at a lot of conferences, and he was somebody that everybody liked. >> and they were so strong together shchl e said the most important career choice you'll ever make is who you marry and i have an awesome husband. >> the world is waiting to name the new princess. she is fourth in line to t british throne. the duke and duchess of cambridge welcomed their baby daughter on saturday. elizabeth palmer is there
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awaiting the news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing outside kensington palace a very posh permanent address for the cambridge family including that new baby. the baby is safely inside right now having already made her public debut. the little princess showed up for her first official royal engagement sound asleep. just a few hours after she was born on saturday morning, she's fourth in line to the british throne and a second child for her proud parents the duke and duck is of cambridge. big brother prince george was brought to the hospital for a visit and the whole family went home the same day. later on other members of the family came to welcome the first ever british princess who became born with equal rights to wear the crown. >> the law has changed in this country now to give princesses if you like a krar crack of the whip. >> the name game kept brits
7:18 am
guessing all weekend and bookies did brisk business with the smart money on tradition. >> victoria. >> alice. >> elizabeth. >> it will be charlotte. >> marion. >> diana. >> reporter: the mother's name diana is in the mix but there's mixed feeling with the falling out and her sudden death. whatever it is it has to stand the test of time. >> this name has to resonate. >> reporter: britain's queen elizabeth now 89 years old hasn't met her great granddaughter yet, but she is about to. she's at her rural estate. that's where the duke and duchess of cambridge will head next, to their own secluded country retreat nearby called am
7:19 am
her hall. they're expected to stay there and lie low for the next few weeks. already as you can imagine, brittic clotheingeing manufacturers are vying to clothe her because they know that will be for years. >> elizabeth is on the list. no norah, no gayle. >> no norah, no gayle. from the battlefield to the fo
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. it's the fight of the century. many fans say they didn't deliver. >> why some say the mayweather/pacquiao bout is a disappointment. >> the news is back here on "cbs this morning."
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plus cbs says thank you this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. we are going to be in the 80s today. katie talk to me? >> i tell you what, ukee, not just today either. we are really looking ahead to completely above average week, one or two minor hiccups along the way overall nice weather coming un here, certainly off to nice and comfortable start storm scan3 empty, devoid of any wet weather certainly divied of much in the way of cloud cover. folks out and about taking morning walk here on the board, outside boardwalk plaza rehoboth. some relatively light waves lapping up on the shore line right now. eyewitness weather seven day actually some pretty good beach weather for the most part. 80s the expectation, six of the next seven days, but red flag warning in effect this afternoon, and we will be dodging some showers some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. justin? >> how about that cool space
7:27 am
74 not bad at all for the coldest day of the week. this is pretty bad though, a lot of volume going outside already for this monday morning early in the game here. >> allegheny stack up into the vine street expressway. take to you 422 eastbound around oaks, again around the curve here, pretty slow, so just have some patience this morning, and battling the sun glare, look at that, nothing but blue skies through the rest of today. so that's a look at your ride. we send it over to you. >> next update clock 55, up next on cbs this morning controversy over streaming apps allowed some people to watch this weekend's big fight for free. for more local news weather traffic and sports,w philly". good morning.
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hard to understand how this made it past the pitch meeting. a slogan on bottles ss ss of bud light called this slogan the perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary. >> it went through five layers of approval before it landed on the bottle. >> allow me to guess what the five layers of approval at budweiser was, player one, yeah boy, player two, slick idea,boro, player three, that's what i'm talking about, right, player four, no no no, no that's what i'm talking about son, and, of course player five blah blah. >> it does make you wonder when
7:31 am
he puts it into perspective, john oliver. coming up in this half hour pay-per-view boxing some got a free look at the digital. how it could fuel a new form of piracy. plus a former green beret with a chance on the gridiron. one war veteran's likely journey of fighting in iraq and afghanistan is joining in the nfl. that's ahead. the "washington post" says a new book by senior director dep pete director mike morell said the united states misjudged the rain spring. arab spring. a week from today to discuss his book. the "huffington post" says a new book this morning accuses the pentagon of with holding
7:32 am
information about sexual assault. the skaktsing report by kirsten gillibrand found 100 case. she found punishments too lenient and found alleged assail land was. a motorcyclist pulled from a truck on the freeway. good samaritans jumping in there. they reported the rush hour. he suffered only minor injuries. he was wearing a helmet and protective gear. and the atlantic said the highly anticipated fight of may with mayweather and pacquiao was the most boring fight. the two boxers squared off saturday night. carter good morning.
7:33 am
>> reporter: good morning. you know in retrospect it probably would have been difficult for just about any boxing match to live up to all the hype. in the end, mayweather walked away with another championship belt an remains undefeated but there were many people here who were actually hoping for him to lose. with a star-studded audience and tickets reportedly selling for more than $100,000 the belt was billed as the fight of the century, but for all the hoopla many of the 17,000 spectators and those watching at home did not see the fight of the century. >> it's over. >> now that it's over was it the fight of the century? >> no it wasn't. it wasn't. >> reporter: former champion holyfield said it was a quality fight but he understands why the fans are disappointed. >> why do you think the fans
7:34 am
were dysispleased with it. >> reporter: it could be summed up in one word boring. mike tyson tweeted tweeted #underwhelmed. >> we did what we had to do tonight and i'm truly blessed. >> reporter: a lot of people were already rooting against mayweather because of his history of domestic violence arrests and two female sports journalists who have been critical of him in the past said his camp pulled their press credentials. pacquiao has also admitted to having extramarital affairs but remains the pride of the philippines and many philippines were hoping for a better outcome. >> i was disappointed because there were a lot.
7:35 am
>> reporter: justin meeks and hitz friends paid $130,000 for a lot of tickets. >> i paid a lot of money and i thought mayweather just ran around. >> reporter: mayweather said he did what he had to do. >> you fight the fight that allows you to win wlrks it's ugly or not. >> reporter: many pay-per-view commerce had ordered this fight at about $45 a pop. the fight had to be overwhelmed because there were a lot of last-minute orders and it overwhelmed them. you were there. what did you think? >> i was thrilled to be there. i don't know anything about boxing. i thought it was a tie. looking, sitting in my team i thought it was a team. >> most of them agree about the decision because of the way he fought the fight the way he intended to fight.
7:36 am
i loved how aggressive pacquiao was. and the fact to be there and see boxing for the first time it was remarkable. >> me too. >> it's different than tv. >> the guy who pickedmy up freddy, said he's seen more fights at the barbershop, who's next. he said it's called boxing, not ballet. >> they had a man, 91 on the stage saying some very intelligent things. the fight is something we have to talk about. many fans avoided paying the pay-per-view charges by using live streaming apps. these people let them watch the bout for free even though hbo and showtime tried to stop it. showtime as you know is owned by cbs.
7:37 am
nick good morning. they're not so happy, i'm thinking they were ticked off. is this a new form of piracy? >> it is a new form. it's a little unexpected and a big deal. >> sit wobbly and shaking? >> yes. people are taking it with their 411s and sending it out. of course, it's going to be shaky. >> what action that k they take? >> it's a copy right violation. if you film it and make a copy of it, that's a copy. they another going to attack individual uhers but they i going to try to shut it down frequently. it's not as clear it's a copy
7:38 am
rite violation. >> it's been happening in movie theatres for a while people take a mini cam in and photograph the movie and sell it as a dvd. the think is you would film it simultaneously. >> how do you stop it? >> this can't happen. if you want to do deals with us, you need to stop this. what normally happens with social media platforms like this, in the beginning they're kind of cavalier about piracy because it helps the system grow and then they shut it down. that will happen with meerkat and periscope. >> and twitter said the winner is periscope. what do you think about it? >> that's the insane thing. twitter, he's out there praising
7:39 am
this stuff. >> thank you. we talk more about this on wednesday with the future of live streaming. >> a soldier trades in his uniform for an nfl jersey. ahead, the former green beret getting a shot at his dream. >> if you're heading out to work, set your dvr to watch any time you feel like it. "cbs this morning" is next. i've been the same shade of red for many years. it's time to change it up! hello, golden blonde.
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this morning a former green beret is getting ready to compete for a spot on an nfl roster. the seattle seahawks signed long snapper after he transferred from soldier to big-time athlete. jericka duncan tells us the story of the rookie. good morning. >> good morning. his road is a long road. he wasn't picked by any of the 32 teams but that didn't stop
7:44 am
one team from taking a chance. >> strike. >> nate boyer never played a snap of organized football in his life. his high school didn't even have a team. boyer joined a different kind of team after high school the united states army special forces. >> you're deployed you know. you develop these bonds with americans, afghanistan, whoever you're working with. you live with them and fight with them. then you walk into the locker room. it's a different deal but still -- >> that locker room was at the university of texas which boasts one of the best football programs in the country. after he served tours in afghanistan and was awarded a bronze star for his service, he traded his green ber way for a walk-on. >> i decided i wanted to go back to school but also do something else. i went back to school and walked
7:45 am
on. i didn't know at the time what a long snapper was. i literally would watch youtube videos and google how to snap a football and all that and then i would just watch -- that was my game tape and just watch that film and go out and try to imlate that. >> reporter: those youtube videos paid off. he developed into a ledge plat college player and the seattle seahawks made the call after the draft. >> as soon as the last one was in, i picked it up. it was pete carroll. >> we cherish tough guys and guys that can overcome odds. he's done all that. >> at 34 he's eight years older than the average nfl player. >> i'm a little older and a little smaller, so what. they're going to have to drag me out of there. >> he said his time in the
7:46 am
military helped him in his transition. >> you're standing side by side with the man you're defending if against. i can't wait to get back to seattle and fight alongside someone. a six-year veteran grish ham upon hearing the news tweeted welcometothesquad. >> he said he's thrilled to be able to be playing for a great team, a great city and he's grateful for the chance. >> wouldn't bet against him. >> it says a lot about pete carroll. >> it really does. like him for pulling you, nate. jericka, thank you again. a baseball
7:47 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. prudential, bring your challenges.
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use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. watch this. look. he has a video camera. >> listen to that great voice, vin scully. praising him. he didn't only catch the ball, he caught the catch. he recorded himself nabbing the home run. it the season ticket holder creates youtube videos on his own. >> they say he capturesering. celebrating his life on tv. ahead we have a preview of tonight's tv special honoring the late night legend. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> you know, there was a time dave, when i asked you on a
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>> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we check in right now with kate man our forecast is terrific if you like the heat. >> early summer, too not scalding hot. definately notice it, if you liked yesterday you love today. we do have storm scan3 for you, still nice and empty out there, courtesy of high pressure courtesy of heat pump it, does mean the breeze will also start picking up for us as the day goes on, real dose every mid to late june out there. that high should hit about 84 degrees in philadelphia, keep in mind, with the enhanced fire risk today and the wind, you just have to be extra cautious with any kind of open flame, grilling cigarette butts, all of that stuff. >> even though the temperatures sliced to the mid 70s, still above average.
7:57 am
>> weather pattern holding tough, 80s in the next several days. to new jersey, 42, southboun good. little slow heading north. specially coming out of 55. it is jam up, pretty good. that's typical for rush hour. watch out lincoln drive southbound closed between rittenhouse street and kelly drive. the alternate the boulevard or ridge with a two vehicle accident. we send it back over to you. >> next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning new technology helps brain surgeons practice the most difficult procedures. your local news weather and traffic continues on the "cw ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there...
7:58 am
...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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8:00 am
welcome back. it's monday, may 4th 2015. more news. in prime time we'll preview tonight's special looking back on his brilliant career but first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> two men drove up and started shooting. >> the state of emergency remains in effect as the national guard draws down. >> is it a long shot? >> it is but it's very anti-washington in the country right now. >> we go into very austaire
8:01 am
environments. >> it would have been impossible to live up to the -- >> what do you think it does for boxing overall the fact that most people were displeased with it? >> it's a black eye. >> i can't imagine it's a great picture. >> of course it's going to be shaky and wobbly but this is a world we're used to watching shaky and wobbly on our phones. >> the texas warrior's road to the nfl was anything but conventional. >> you're 220. you played most of your college career at 190. >> it's a challenge, but hey, who doesn't want to eat? it's not like it's a problem. >> reporter: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presents by walgreens walgreens. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the fbi is reportedly searching
8:02 am
the apartment of the gunman who shot. there was a shooting outsiedde a hall. >> dozens of people were held inside until the area was secure. the event's organizers accused of being anti-muslim said she was defending freedom of speech. the mayor of baltimore has lifted the 10:00 p.m. curfew. there are no new reports of protests between police and protesters. yesterday was a scene of peaceful rallying yesterday. things have calmed since the arrest of six police officers. cbs tonight has a special on david letterman. david's final show airs wednesday, may 20th.
8:03 am
ray romano looks back. here's a preview. >> okay. bedid some figuring. how's this for numbers? david letterman has had over 18,000 guests on his show. i myself have been on 30 times. 31 if you're counting this. some of dave's guests were from the very start and they kept coming back. >> bill murray has become one of the top box office draws in show business and besides that he's a very funny man and it's a pleasure to have him on our first program. ladies and gentlemen, bill murray. >> is it going well? >> i know it's a first show and i think this guy needs a little support. dave letterman. >> our first guest has been the very first guest on every first television program we've ever done. bill murray. bill. >> ladies and gentlemen, the one and only bill letmurray.
8:04 am
>> for god's sake what was that all about? >> it's nice to be back. >> please welcome tom hanks. >> i think you have a nice attitude about all this. >> i want to work and i want to continue and anything beats going back to the post office. >> well, congratulations. >> i'm dubably grateful you're here. i didn't realize you're not feeling well. >> nothing is better than a solid dose of dave. my dad said i don't care what you do in high school but you're taking a typing class. >> i took typing and took a c. >> there you go. this is a story of classic nonachievers underperforming, and look whe >> exactly. >> our first guest is a lovely
8:05 am
and talented actresses who films include "mystic pizza." there she is playing with charlie. charlie may not let her out. ladies and gentlemen, here she is, julia roberts. how old are you? >> i turned 22 last saturday. >> congratulations. 22. >> you're really really a handsome woman. >> well, you know, there was a time dave when i wanted to ask you out on a date. >> turn off the cameras. >> there's something you may not know about dave letterman. he has not forgotten my birthday with a bouquet of flowers in 15 years. until this year. >> if you're going to wine about it, bring in the flowers.
8:06 am
happy birthday. >> join me for a special look at the man who made late night worth staying up for. >> how great is that. >> so nice to see dave and the guests over the years. julia roberts has got the prettiest smile. >> this is such an extraordinary career. >> yes, it is. >> first carson and then letterman in terms of iconic characters. >> he's going to be a greatly, greatly miss eded. >> you can watch david letter man tonight at 8:30 and then late oretown late show president obama will be dave's guest. this h be his final appearance on david letterman. that's tonight after your local news. >> must-see tv. >> i'll see. >> eating healthy is not just about facility salt and sugar. the door ito
8:07 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
he didn't realize. focused on the game. he said uh-oh, i need to get out of here. >> memphis grizzly tony allen walked right onto the floor of the junior dance squad. one of the golden state fans booed allen for his rudeness. >> he was just in the zone that's all. he wasn't trying to disrupt the
8:13 am
kids. he was in the zone. >> okay. >> you don't think so? >> i don't know. yeah, everyone wants children to have their stage you know they one moment in d the spotlight. >> i don't think he would do that. >> in our "morn ging rounds," fake flavor and fat. everything adds things that could make you gain weight. he said everything you put in your mouth. the new book is called "the dorito effect," published by sigh money and schuster a division of cbs. you write you're disgusted. why do you feel so passionately? you say flavor begins in the womb. >> yes. we have a real problem. i argue the real problem is really a flavor problem wflt e keep arguing about cautious and fats an sugars. all these things existed and
8:14 am
people ate them 40 50 years ago. the thing that has really changed is the flavor. the whole things we grow the blueberry, the chicken, the cucumber is getting blander. flavor technology is getting incredibly powerful. the very first dorito -- this is why i call my book "the dorito effect." -- was a tortilla chip. it didn't sell that well. the first tasted like a taco. the next was a nay choe cheese and it became an irresistible flavor and we're adding it to everything. >> you say we're adding it to flavoring because our real food is getting less flavorful. >> chicken is the best example. we have cranked it up unimaginably unimaginably. they used to be 16 weeks old. they're now six weeks old.
8:15 am
they're giant babeies. >> you used dire to explain what's going on with chicken. >> the problem that chicken has no flavor. if you look at recipes for fried chicken, it was salt and pepper. if you try now it's like eating a roll of wet toilet paper. it's not going to work. so what we do is blitz everything in flavoring to make it taste good but we're misdirecting our palettes. we've made the food we should. be eating hyperdesirable. i think when you look -- we're all after deliciousness. we love delicious food. >> what do you hope to accomplish? >> two things. i'd like people to more aware of how they're incentivized by flavors, how it's not just in junk food anymore. it's in soy food pasta sauces. it's having an effect on us. most importantly we have to start demanding flavor in the whole foods we grow. get the ultimate tomato.
8:16 am
get the best tasting chicken. cooking's a lot more fun that way. it's much more deliver and satisfying. >> isn't that happening in restaurants today because there is a push for better quality of products that go into cooking. >> yes. in good restaurants. in more expensive finer restaurants. we need this to seep into the finer population. >> tell us what you brought here. >> tell us how we stop worrying about wait. >> these blueberries were bred by the university of california. there's no gmo. just breeding varieties of blueberries that people would taste, wow, these taste delicious. if you breed for flavor, you can get it. this lettuce is called neutra leaf. it wasn't bread for flavor but high antioxidants. flavor and nutrition go hand in hand. this is flavorful because they're nutritious.
8:17 am
if we can start eating foods like this because they taste healthier, we'll get healthier. >> you once went in search of the world's greatest steak where did you find it? >> i found it in many plays u but scotland ireland, argentina. >> the book goes on sale tomorrow. the son of a sports legend is turning his legend upside join. >> most of us remember her shall walker for his amazing talent on the field. coming up we'll tell you how her shall walker feels about his son doing this instead of football. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsoring by purina. your pet, our passion. and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. your allergies bring more than sneezing... ...and itchy eyes. they also bring tough nasal congestion.
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virtual reality is about to enter the operating room. neurosurgeons are gathering in washington, d.c. only this morning do we get a sneak preview from the inventors in southern california. >> virtual reality headsets are already revolutionalizing the way people experience video games. put on a pair of goggles and you can travel anywhere from outer space to the battlefield. but gamers aren't the only ones. this technology can transport to new worlds. >> it's just amazing to see every little opening in the skull where a nesh goes through
8:22 am
it. >> at the university of california, las vegas, they're slipping on patients' brains. >> i'm virtually inside the skull, walking around floating around. >> reporter: he's the chairman. >> i think this is going to have a tremendous technology. >> reporter: he's working on the technology with a former officer who designed flight simulators for f-16 fighter jets. >> how did you get from flight simulation to virtual brain surgery. >> we allow the pilot to fly through tomorrow's mission and that's exactly what we ore doing. >> reporter: he started creating 3-d models of the brain for computer screen by developing flight system software with traditional brain scans. now they've taken that technology to the next level with this virtual reality head set.
8:23 am
put it on -- >> it looks like you can reach out and touch them. >> -- and you can fly around. move around the brain and blood vessels by simply moving your head. >> now you can turn your whole body. it's like being inside of the brain. >> oh wow. >> brain surgeons often operate on tumors and aneurysms dangerously close to areas that control language and movement. they do it through a microscope and an incision the size of a dime. this technology would allow them to practice before the surgery. and during it they can put the headset back on to reorient themselves. >> here's an example. right here on the image i can see the carotid artery going through the tumor rather than having it appear through the tumor. that is a big improvement. >> an improvement that he believes will ultimately benefit the patient by making surgeries shorter and more successful. lucas is look at a tumor
8:24 am
recently removed from his own brain. >> it's like the convergence of gaming and light saving. >> that's it. >> he's used the scans of former patients to practice. >> we're still waiting for flying cars but now we have flying surgeons. >> and within weeks he plans to be the first neurosur jan to use the virtual views to save real lives. for "cbs this morning," los angeles. >> i love this. >> yeah, me too. >> this is what makes it excitinger our show. we're constantly looking where the future is. >> agreed. can you imagine the possibility that it opens up for surgeons the 3-d look at the brain? >> absolutely. >> terrific. >> makes you realize how tough it is without that. >> indeed. >> may we hope we never have to
8:25 am
>> firefighters trying to get the upper hands on several brush fires burning this morning in burlington county. chopper three over pemberton township where you can see the smoke and flames, from the fire, that broke out about two hours ago. you can see the smoke there really well. no reported injuries. but, this is why we have a red flag warning about get into effect. hot and dry conditions, make it very easy for fires to start and for those same fires to spread. you see the flames right there in the middle of your screen. we check in with katie right now, good morning. >> that's right, ukee. eventually we see the wind pick up little bit more. that's where the fire risk really comes into play, when it comes to the weather's impact. because you have that above average warmth. certainly will have lower humidity throughout the day. and because the wind picks up eventually, you know any fire that sparks, with the dry fuels, in other words things like branches, brush are going to ignite easily, and
8:26 am
spread more easily if there was a fire out there. meanwhile, storm scan totally empty. high pressure on your side here full sunshine, beautiful summary day for you. with the elevated fire risk here are the bullet points, dry fuels, low humidity, southwest wind gusts. >> as high as 25 miles per hour, with grilling, cigarette butts, everything needs to be extra cautious. tomorrow still very warm. lay lay showers and thunderstorms will rum job driving in your car shortly you will feel t have the inch with he is down, ac on. back up pretty good. ninety-five northbound approaching the betsy ross bridge. so a lot of patience on 95, really both directions, in northeast philadelphia. ben franklin bridge, also stack up pretty good inbound into the city. out bound, looking okay, as you head into new jersey, so, again, here we, are prime time rush hour still a lot of slow spots across the delaware vale. watch out for the sun glare ukee, back to you. >> next update at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning conversation with former
8:27 am
eagles football star herschel walker and his son champion covert ops? double agents? spy thriller? you don't know "aarp"
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour she is the most important googler you heard of. susan talks with norah. see how her house helped build google+ her fight to change the working rules for women all across the country. you know her shall walker but his son is pursuing his own path of pursuing is a path to cheerleader. why everyone's not cheering. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. they're struggling to catch up with hands-free driving technology. tesla says the car can drive itself. the cars will be equipped to take over highway driving. most states do not have rules for driverless cars.
8:31 am
the travel review website says chinese tourists are willing to travel to place for the second or third time. they tend to look for the most authentic restaurants or hotels. writing with kanye was like working with a young john lennon. >> i like this song. got together recently with rihanna for 45 seconds. last year they collaborated on a single "only one." mccartney described the creative process like this. when i wrote with john he would sit down with the guitar and we would ping-pong until we had a song. >> it's working. >> it's a really good song. judgment like that.
8:32 am
>> uptown funk is giving credit to five additional songwriters. yet uptown funk you up ♪ >> uptown funk top ♪ >> it's similar to the song "oops, upside your head." the decision to add the writer follows a lawsuit filed. they were forced to pay marvin gaye money. >> they said we don't want no problem so here's more credit. >> that's right. give credit where credit is due. >> you know who else wrote that song? >> olympic skier lindsey voonld tiger woods have split after nearly three seats together. the athletes were often together as major events.
8:33 am
von vonn spoke to us about the relationship two weeks ago. she wrote on facebook. tiger and i will always cherish our relationship. he posted something too. >> you never know what happens in a relationship, right? >> nobody knows. >> she doesn't have to shear with us her personal relationships. >> she doesn't have, to but it was clear that we -- make that i -- was very curious. because charlie, i know you don't care. you don't care. but i was very interested. >> we wish them both well. >> we do. >> we wish them both well. every minute,300 hours of video are uploaded to youtube. it's susan's job to try to turn all those clicks into cash. she did it once as the prns pal architect of the google ad company. this morning what you didn't see in our profile how having five kids changed her approach to the
8:34 am
workplace. >> you and your husband actually gave google its first home. >> yes. >> how did that happen? >> yeah. so my husband and i had first bought a house and we had a mortgage and they needed place to start the company and so we figured why don't we move in and that will solve our mortgage problem and that will solve their office smas problem. i wasn't sure what they were doing. it didn't really matter because i was mostly focused on paying the rent. >> meanwhile they were building google inside your home. >> susan grew up with two sisters in silicon valley beforeas known as silicon valley. she went from being google's landlord in 1998 to its 16th employee a year later. its first marketing manager and its first mother within five months. >> so the idea of maternity leash was virtually nonexistent. >> no one had gone on maternity leave so they weren't really sure what the process was or policy was.
8:35 am
>> now you have a company that has expeck tanlt mothers parking spaces. >> yeah. >> that company is youtube which google owns and where she became ceo in 2014. its headquarters have special parking and nursing rooms for moms to be. in addition to known perks like full kitchens and free food. although work time can resemble playtime here family time is serious business. >> i always made the 6 to 9 period family team so i could be with the kids be home for dinner. i still do that today. i also found people enjoy it. want to go home and be with their families. >> reporter: using her personal experience and powerful platform, she has advocated for government mandated paid maternity lead. she wrote this on evidence in "the wall street journal" last december while pregnant with her fifth child. >> why do you think paid maternity leave is so important for businesses to embrace and
8:36 am
why they should encourage longer paid maternity leave? >> there's about $2 million spent that's determined by women and moms and so having women in the work-force is really, really important for us. and when i thought about what it was like to come back to work after ten days after i had just had my fifth child, on day ten i thought, wow, what if i had to go back right now. i don't think i could have done it. >> it was she who pushed for google's nearly $2 mill purchase of youtube in 2006 before most of the world knew what online video was. since then it's valued up to $40 billion. >> charlie, that really hurt. >> reporter: that's in part because of the 3 billion people on the planet who have internet access nearly one-third use youtube and yet one big question remains. >> does it make a profit? >> right now we're investing in youtube. i think we're still pretty early
8:37 am
in the online video market and so really our focus has been in investing in it as opposed to making a profit right now. >> will youtube always be free? >> right now we're working on enabling a subscription service for our users because we think there's going to be some users who want to have choice without adds and it's an opportunity for partners to have other revenue models too. >> one executive described youtube as forgive me endless, endless streams of garbage. how do you change that perception? >> well youtube has so mucht. it really has something for everybody. and people come up to me all the time and talk to me about how youtube has changed their life how they've been able to learn something they didn't think they could learn. >> that kind of chance discovery isn't foreign to her, especially for a ceo has a surprising piece
8:38 am
of advice. >> you said don't overplan your lie. why? >> found out about my own career. when i graduated from college youtube didn't exist yet. having a plan and being on tunisic is what enabled me to go to places that were growing but that i didn't plan to have happened. >> it's really interesting. my kids are 7 and 6 and they really only watch youtube. they only watch video on demand. they don't know television the way we do like when -- >> they're their own programmers. >> yeah. the other thing i learned is 80% around the world are not domestic to the united states. >> yay, youtube. >> as i said before it's great for your tennis and golf game.
8:39 am
>> yay to susan wojcicki. and she has five kids. >> can you imagine? five kids and a ceo. >> i know. very impressive. her shall walker used to play next to teenagers and now he's rai
8:40 am
a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
it's now my great pleasure to announce the win over the 1982 heisman trophy if the university of georgia, her shall walker. >> that was herschel walker winning the trophy in 1982. he went on to become a superstar playing for the dallas cowboys, new york giants the philadelphia philadelphia eagles and the minnesota vikings. >> now his son is picking up with outstanding criticism but it's in cheerleading. jan crawford sat down with the father and son who says cheer lieding and football might have more similarities than you think. good morning, jan. >> her shall walker said what? cheerleading? he quickly came around when he found out what the sport was all about, but not everyone is supported. >> when you see the lift, the
8:44 am
twist, and the mind-boggling twists, there's no question these kids are athletes but that's not what everyone thinks when they hair cheerleader. >> i thought it was cheerleading at game. he was like no no no no competitive cheer. >> herschel walker is an nfl legends. his son christian last year decided instead of picking up a fly. >> it feels like you're flying but then you land and you just want to do it again and that's what really drew me to cheerleading. >> you never felt like i'm going to disappoint my dad if i don't follow in football? >> no, he's always encourage me to do what i need to do and so that's what i've done. >> at first walker was baffled. he plaled next to cheerleaders on the most competitive field. >> he said oh no. people turning flips and dabbs
8:45 am
and all this and i came out to see it. and i saw how athletic the kids were that was doing it. i was shocked. i was shocked at the amount of people. i was like geez, i didn't realize it was that big of a sport and i was proud that he was doing it. >> reporter: in recent years competitive cheer has exploded in popularity. last year they designated it a sport. it takes strength flexibility, focus, and above all team work. in other words. a lot like football. but the ncaa so far is refusing to call it a sport and the stigma of boys in cheerleading per sits. in the last three years three boys committed suicide after being bullied for cheering. >> i want to see your son? >> christian has also been taunted especially after tmz ambushed herschel walker at an
8:46 am
airport. >> any chance we could see him being a dallas cheerleader at one time? >> when everyone first found out about me cheerleading my dads fans, they were really critical. >> what did they say? >> well, just like the derogatory comments about just even my appearance and like -- it seems like they had a stereotype about cheer, that it was just for females? >> what was that like for you? >> it was almost shocking friends are so support sniev that is your son. >> right. >> what did you feel when you saw it? >> i feel angry but i let it go. >> a why would people say that about a kid? >> you have immature people saying that people who do not have a clue so i'm not going to put them down because if i put them down i become a bully. >> it's hard to believe when you see him, but as a child walker also was bullied. >> i had a speech impediment.
8:47 am
i used to stutter so bad. i was overweight. >> that drove him to sports to change himself and he said gave him freedom to try unconventional things like ballet while tuning out the critics, lessons, he's teaching christians. >> the think is you have to believe what you know from your mom. >> christian's mother cindy grossmann like walker ran track at the university of georgia and christian runs track on his high school team. >> did you guys encourage him to do football or run track? >> never -- maybe a little encouragement on the track part but football was just out of the question. >> he just wasn't interested. >> no. >> do you ever think he will be?p>> no. >> i watched the way he moved. even though i was a running back, i said he could be a heck of a quarterback or receiver. i watched him do something, i watched him throw. i know he can do that and i
8:48 am
said, man, if i can take him -- but i said that's not what he wants. >> do you ever feel -- do you ever feel like kind of sad about that? >> no. no, i don't because i love him so much that if he never plays football i'm gong to love him as much as i love him now. >> walker said the key is supporting your child. he and christian's mom go to all of his the cheering competitions. in fact they were in orlando for the summit that's the junior co-ed national team and christian's team won first place. >> yay, that's a nice piece. >> that's a great piece, really a lesson in parenting. >> yeah a really nice lesson in parenting. go, christian. and i'm glad to see competitive cheer getting the recognition it deserves and christian is deserving. >> there's no question he's an athlete but i love how his father stands up to it. they're immature people. >> secretary of state john kerry
8:49 am
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oh my goodness. a bit of elephant diplomacy in kenya for john kerry. he enjoyed some lighter moments with baby elephants at a wildlife orphanage sunday. even grabbing a selfie. he posted it on twitter. tomorrow we're calling it an elfy, get it? a selfie with an elfi. >> that does it for us. log on to any one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it.
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8:55 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. nineteen year old mother faces attempted homicide and other charges after apparent murder suicide attempt on bridge over the lehigh river. eyewitnesses tell cbs-3 that done osha perry spotted by eyewitnesses yesterday afternoon, tossing her one year old son into the river. perry then dove in. the boy fell more than 50 feet into 4 feet of water. he was located 700 feet downstream. we're told he's now in very critical condition. want to get your forecast now with katie and the sun is up, it is bright, and it is warming things up for us. >> very quickly efficiently too. we should have no problem reaching the expected daytime high here today. storm scan3 once again empty as can be. with high pressure in place we will see bit of breeze picking up with time. however, so, as it feels like june this afternoon at 84 degrees. we want you to be extra cautious with cigarette butts any kind of open flame, if you
8:56 am
are going to grill with the family, that kind of thing man the grill. don't let it unattended. partly cloudy and mild tonight. we drop to 62. with the winds slackening, pretty good sleeping weather if you want to lever the windows crack. late in the day tomorrow cold front crosses through, will knock the temperatures back eventually. but trigger shower or thunderstorm, and even though we see that drop on the thermometer wednesday 74 degrees, actually still above average. i like it. >> not bad at all. >> cool night warm afternoons, nice forecast shaping up t almost looks like summer with the shot of the city little haze almost into the sky. but, we are back up still pretty good 95 south at allegheny into the vine street expressway. still pretty slow for the tail end. rush hour, go the blue route. route one northbound, still slow, as well. even southbound, speeds are reduced, so just have the patience on 476, especially, from 95 all the way up to route one, watch out for construction bensalem, route 13 left lane blocked. that's a look at your ride. erika, back to you. >> justin thank you. that's "eyewitness news" for now.
8:57 am
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>> how do i turn back the clock? >>you have an hour, we will show you how to drop over a decade in your face!
9:00 am
>> then, when does a pers if love for cosmetic surgery cross the line? >> why is this extreme >> plus what's breaking in todayon's news in two. >> sophia's 's battle over her frozen embryos. >> all new on the doctors! >> hello, everyone. welcome to the show, while time travel sadly doesn't exist just yet, that sure doesn't stop most of us from asking the age-old question: how do i turn back the clock on my face? >> my mom showed a great example on taking care of herself. we both have


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