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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ukee, erika, that seven year old little girl, was shot by a stray bullet, we are told by police, that bullet is still lodged in her head. fortunately, we are also told that she will be okay. now, police are searching for the gunman responsible who police say possibly fired into a car filled with kids, because they got mad while behind the wheel. >> three little girls sisters, sat in what though thought was the safety of their back seat in west philadelphia saturday night. but, their peace of mind along with the glass shielding them, shattered in a instant. a stray bullet pierced the window and hit the oldest just seven years old, in the head. police say possibly because dad pulled over his car to get something at 53rd and half forwards, and may have blocked traffic. >> we think a car may have been stuck in traffic and may have been frustrated, now slowing down because of the congestion over there pulls by him fires from the car all we have on it is black sedan. fires one shot striking the window. >> police say the bullet narrowly missed the three and five year old sisters the seven year old taken to
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children's hospital, and investigators say small caliber bullet fractured the skull and still lodge in the her head. doctors are contemplating how to remove it but the girl is expected to be okay. >> walking around, probably doesn't even realize what happened here. >> police searching the area for surveillance videoment investigating looking for black car possibly two, three people inside that night. meantime they want witnesses to step forward, and help. >> these bullets don't discriminate against anyone. you got little kids in the car, probably doesn't see them because of the way they are sitting in the car. very fortunate this kid is going to survive these injuries and they should have right to live in these communities, be safer, when they bought the homes should be able to get out without bullets flying through the air for some nonsense reason. >> reporter: police say the person responsible could face number of charges including aggravated assault possibly, even attempted murder. liver outside philadelphia police held quarters.
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fire crews battling early morning fire on 29200 block of woodstock street, in north philly. the fire was reported around 2:00 this morning, dispatch reports, the bulk of the fire was placed under control within a half hour. no injuries were reported. today, authorities may release the names of three women killed in a chester county fire. those women gathered to grieve the loss after grandmother before the fire tore through their mobile home. first responders rush to 374 hill road in west caln township. now, it was there they found a mobile hopefully engulfed in flames. charred remains of the home still sat smoldering. fire officials say two men two children, escaped that fire, but neighbors add that the three women, two aunt cousin, just couldn't make it out of the mobile home in time. mobile home and stuff. did you ever see one every them things, i seen them go up
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before. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined, the chester county fire marshall is investigating. >> camden county police need help finding missing teenage they are morning, please take a look at this picture, 15 year old jackman last seen yesterday, at his home on south america i mack road in fairview. please call camden county police if you do see him. >> it is 5:03, traffic and weather together on the 3's right now. >> and katie outside on that skydeck where i'm surprised you even have the jacket on, katy? >> well, there is still little hint after breeze, just enough, you know, i always like to have the extra layer ready to go. i've had short sleeves on, give me a break. it is actually you're right very mild start to the morning. we are spec to go see that sun, initially, but eventually, there is a cold front that has to cross through. that's going to bring in scattered rounds of some showers and thunderstorms to our area. so, for now all is calm. take a look here at storm scan3, completely empty on the
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map even in terms of satellite coverage, not heck of a lot out there in terms every cloud cover. so, it is another moonlit sky for us yet again this morning. one slight things does show, speckles of green starting to fire up across eastern portions every pennsylvania, essentially sign every things to come. so by this afternoon we start see those showers and thunderstorms beginning to rumble our way. and if you hear thunder, it is to means that there is lightning within that thunderstorm, that's what makes it a thunderstorm. so just make sure to seek shelter if you hear that thunder. meanwhile, may be downpours embedded within any showers or thunderstorms that rum be they'll be scat nerds nature, primarily p.m. hours. so afternoon, into the evening, and even later on tonight, currently at at the low 60s across the board nice mild start for you. and we are yet again shooting for 84 degrees here today. the average at this point is now 71. but, we're still going to be shy of record high here. we would have to get to the 90s for that. i don't quite see that
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happening. justin, still nice and warm, for the standards. >> it is yes big difference when you step outside this morning, one we get the sun up at 5:57, that sun will go to work as you saw mid 80s once again, so enjoy it if you like the warm temperaturesment at least dry on the roads, still few problems to talk about this morning, but still looking good in new jersey right now on the 42 freeway northbound headlight so smooth sailing this morning and again traffic still light. once you hit the ben franklin bridge, there you go, right past the toll plaza there. and the right lane taken out to about mid-span. but, again volume very light right now on the bridge. so we're doing okay. area speeds, no problem running at the speed limit around the city, to the north and west, also, in new jersey, on the turnpike, 55, 42, no problems. there is a problem though 295 northbound at the white horse pike route 30 left and center lanes block, this is due to overturned car already starting to see little back up, and then on the atlantic city expressway eastbound before the egg harbor city toll plaza left lane is closed that's due to car fire. and willow grove route 611 easton road closed between
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fitzwatertown road and the turnpike, that was due to accident yesterday. ukee erika back to you. >> justin, thank you. happening today closing arguments in the trial of six former philadelphia police officers accused of corruption. the suspects, all narcotics officers, are accused of beating and stealing from drug suspect. during the trial the jury heard from only one of the six officers on trial. the justice department's case is built on the testimony of drug dealers and one ex officer who pleaded guilty. >> we are now learning that the fbi spent several years investigating one of the two gunmen killed in a attack outside profit muhammad cartoon contest in texas. officials say elton simpson was sentenced to probation as the subject of terror vision in 2010. simpson and his roommate sufi, both accused of shoot unarmed guard in garland texas. an officer with the guard returned fire killing those men. prior to the shooting, police
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say, security was tight. >> well there is morning fire has now scorched nearly 1,000 acres in a southeastern new york state forest region and the fire still burns. it started on sunday. and has been moving eastward. at least one community has already been evacuated. now, fire officials have not released at this moment, they've not released a cause. >> fires were flaring up in new jersey as well, investigators believe someone intentionally set several small fires in burlington county. on monday, five fires tore through 80 acres, leaving scorched pinelands in their wake, most of the fire fighting effort focused along route 70. no homes or structures were threatened. erika? >> two runners alive today all thanks to some quick thinking law enforcement officers. the runners collapsed sunday, during the broad street run. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter spoke exclusively with these heroic officers. >> among more than 30,000 racers in the broad street run, these two might just be
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the biggest winners of all. two runners whose lives were saved, when they suddenly collapsed unconscious with heart problems. fbi video showing the first at broad and lehigh, barely 2 miles into the race, as he's brought back to life by philadelphia police officer matt fleming along with f.b.i. agent brian hoffman and two fellow agent on the scene within seconds. >> he was not conscious, not breathing, doing chest compression when is we arrived. >> no real life signs whether we got on scene. and changed from our action. so definitely was a great concern for this individual's well-being. >> as agent whoever man trained as an emt performed cpr, officer fleming also an emt brought a defibrillator from his van moments later the first signs of life. >> we started checking for pulse, he had a pulse again and started breathing.
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>> very gratifying. >> this was a younger individual, say close to the 30's and, you know, very concerned for their welfare. >> shortly after the first runner was saved here, a second runner, 27 year old collapsed, 8 miles down broad street, at the finish line. philadelphia medics there instantly to save his life. >> the gentleman standing as close as you are to me right now collapse in the front of me medics were just to my right, and they sprang into action and they revived the individual. >> chief inspector joseph sullivan says he's optimistic, both run remembers now on their way to full recovery. >> hopefully be able to be back next year to run the broad street run again. >> suddenly, for two runners this year's broad street run became a for life, a race thanks to well trained, well place dollars police, f.b.i. agents and met innings. they won. in center city, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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boy, sprang into action, is right. >> just goes to show all of the flank goes in, and that's why they do it. >> exactly right, right there. well some local basketball players hit the court again unexpected owe pope against we'll show you the message delivered through the game. >> also, family poisoned while on vacation in paradise, now we're getting our first update on the family's condition in a >> and some heart stopping video when subway work is her nearly killed on the job. see what sparked that dangerous explosion. >> and it looks like our streak of fabulous weather is coming to an end. >> fabulous. >> fabulous. >> really is. >> so fab. katie trafficking some afternoon showers for you not too bad. we'll be back. >> absolutely fab
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> stunning video, worker nearly killed, trying to clear
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off some trash from the tracks. >> wow, that worker was moving a garbage can block ago train when all after sinned you saw what happened that hit the third rail setting offer explosion of sparks. amazingly, that worker was not hurt. police say vandals most likely put the can there but put that man in danger, thank goodness he's okay. >> right now 45, 13:00. katie of course cinco de mayo, a low of folks going out for gawk and tacos at lunch. >> i would say you know, at least for the early afternoon around lunchtime you'll probably still be fine for that. but as we look ahead to the tail end of the afternoon time kids getting out of school, you are maybe headed home from work, about the point where we do start to see activity starting to get going around our area. from the latest frontal boundary eventually croft g on through. see some of the specs of green firing through here already across northeastern pennsylvania, at this point
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though, we still have nice clear sky here at home, but dow want to sort of walk you through what's happening with the overall pattern because this kind of volatile week, in terms of stormy weather for everyone else. we've got some nasty thunderstorms, errupting already, in fact, around both the oklahoma and texas panhandles. meanwhile, some heavier rain, thunderstorms rumbling into the wisconsin-illinois border, them already see some of the clouds that are billowing here, just off to the south right behind the cbs-3 logo. in fact, i want to walk you through what's happening. in the overall picture to gave you a sense of this, that we're kind of sheltered. even though we are still tracking frontal boundary, and again, later today we start future weather off at 5:00 p.m. even little earlier than, that couple of scattered showers thunderstorms will rumble in, notice, there is a lot of activity back here, and there is a lot of activity over here. in fact, there may be subtropical system looking ahead to thursday. does not mean it will affect us however. >> this looks like we are kind of sheltered by lie pressure for the next couple of days here. meanwhile, i could still see
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shower around tomorrow. and then, we start to really see, look at the curvature just off the carolina coastline, with the system here. but again it, doesn't look like it will be affecting us. while there is a lot going on elsewhere here at home, we end up with today late day shower thunderstorm, and that will likely linger into tonight, likely just left over shower tomorrow. that's it. then we just start to rebound again. mid 80s the expectation for mothers day weekends, so at this point race for the cure day, sunday morning is looking pretty phenominal. most of the rest of this forecast looking the same. >> i like that. >> so chilly standing outside the steps everyone chill. >> i we may be able to shed the pink jackets little earlier. >> see that? my man, good morning. >> weather, good news right now, looking dry like you mentioned, showers later on, but so far the morning commute is okay. just few construction zones to talk about couple of overturned vehicle, as well, overall volume light. to the ben franklin bridge. headed upside from the tolls from new jersey, the right lane taken out due to
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construction that goes to mid-span. but again traffic slowing good both inbound and out bound of the city right now. we take to you 76, that's spring garden, into the city there you go. tail light looking pretty good out bound. the skies starting to lighten up little bit. sunrise coming up at 7:57. looking good this morning with the dry conditions. again, tonight, vine street expressway westbound between broad and 76, they're taking out one to two lanes again for the ongoing construction, starts at 10:00 should wrap up 5:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. overturned vehicle now on 295at route 30, the white horse pike, left and center lanes were block but looks like this may be clearing up now as people are getting by. so we have to keep you updated on. that will atlantic city expressway there is a car fire between the toll plaza -- plaza left lane, near route 50. that's a look at your rye this morning. >> curious kulae goes for walk and turns a few heads. see what happened when the animal wandered into a hospital. >> also, it is the marathon kiss that went viral. now, the mystery man caught
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locking lips with a runner has finally been revealed. more on this coming up.
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>> update on delaware family poisoned by pesticide, two teenagers, sean and ryan, remain hospitalized, in critical condition. family fell nil march after an applicant or working for term inch ex used methyl pro blind at the caribbean resigned they were staying. the pesticide has been banned for residential use in 1984 the ep a and other agencies are shreking this incident. >> funeral plans underway for a new york city police officer, who died after he was shot in the head. >> eye tell to go stop a man suspected every caring a gun in queens. police say that suspect blackwell, fired twice at the
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officers striking more in the head and face. blackwell being held without bail. >> family, fun game of basketball with the police, dozens every local teenagers played hoops with philadelphia police officers at the right recreation center last night. learn more about what officers do. >> it is not all about grabbing somebody frisking them. it is not about that. >> helped organize the game, everyone had a good time. that's what it is all about. >> are you still thinking about what you are going to make for breakfast this morning? >> we'll let you know where you can grab a bite for free when you head out the door. >> hey, me? >> free. >> can't beat the fridays. >> for real. >> oscars of fashion check out these outfits. more of the top over the top outfits on the red carpet, including, there is one here
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that took over two years to make. strategic lays and feathers there, i see. all right more of these coming up. naturally that's kim kardashian.
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>> surprise of lifetime, if you can look at your screen, you'll see why. curious cue old a, wanders into the emergency room. you can see little animal walk right through the doors, pokes around little bit. no one knows exactly where it came from or why it was there but eventually, just turned around, wanders back out back out the way it came in. fun little visit for the folks at the hospital there. >> did you hear about the one about the cue aisle a that walked into the hospital? >> right now traffic and weather together. check in with katie. beautiful morning. >> real circumstances nice and
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comfortable for you out there not terribly breezy at this point, although it did turn that way yesterday didn't it? tracking new controlled front. eventually some showers, some thunderstorms will have to rumble through in scattered fashion, we will get to. that will we start things offer with very pretty view out here pleasant valley middle and high school campus in broad heads ville modest breeze, not much of any at all. for this area, nice and mild to start it off at 56 degrees, finding a loft mid 60s still showing up closer to philadelphia. what do you need to really know for the afternoon and evening, even into late tonight? scattered variety again of showers, thunderstorms will likely be embedded downpours some gusty wind, of course if you hear thunder to means there can be lightning with it so make sure that you head inside any time you hear that thunder regardless of the severity that we are calling for, thankfully, these storms should not produce severe weather. we'll keep an eye on it for you of course. meantime today still hitting mid 80s still well above average, justin, over to you. >> looks like first today stays dry great news, doing okay out on the roads so far
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at least weather wise, we take to you 95, north approaching girard, looking pretty good volume. even headed south into the city, no problems yet. but that volume certainly picking up. also good on the blue route right out every mid-county, again, flowing good. good morning new castle county delaware your area speeds, no problems on 495 95, around wilmington church man's crossing, speed limit on 95, route one also, in good shape as well as delaware memorial bridge. that's a look at your ride, ukee, back to you. >> let's check sports page. the phils go for third main row when chad makes his first start since 2013, later tonight against the braves in atlanta. the phils down south last night as well, jeff, leading the charge, frenchy had four hits drove in two runs, including a first inning double that scored ben revere. chooch carlos ruiz, two runs batted in, the phils beat the braves the final score was five to two. well, manny will undergo shoulder surgery, later this
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week to fix a tear in his right rotate or cuff. he could be out of action some nine to 12 months. he could also face disciplinary action for not disclosing the injury before saturday night's big world weather weight championship flight against mayweather. mayweather won the richest fight ever by union mouse decision. manny could face a fine or suspension for not admitting the injury. >> this was the kiss seen around the world-wide web but it turns out the man in the picture, he is area already spoken for. >> this all started at last week's boston marathon. the woman, right there on the left, and the man on the right, never met prior to this kiss. the woman was starting a new chapter after beating cancer and a recent divorce. her daughters dared her to kiss a cute guy at the marathon, and then this picture went viral. turns out that man is from tennessee, and his wife sent proof to a local boston paper that he was the kiss recipient. the wife also told the pain
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their he is happily married and they would like to remain anonymous. >> great shot, though, that's a great store. >> i yes the daughters saying hey, go for it, go kiss a cute guy. she kiss add cute guy. just happens to be that he's married, so -- >> my man that's great. >> happily married. she made a point to say that. >> great photo. coming up. add another name to the growing list of presidential candidates. we'll let you know who is jumping into the race today. also this: >> unlike late night talk show, i am term limited. >> oh? >> president obama shares some late night laughs with david letterman, and they're planning their retirement together. hear how they are talking about spending their time after leaving their respective jobs. >> also this morning, rare show of emotion from boston marathon bomber, tsarnaev dzhokhar. see what made him breakdown in court. >> and, justin and katie return they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. nice and dry right now. but will your afternoon drive home be affected by some rain?
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katie is talking showers when we come right back.
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break nice isis claims responsibility for the in texas, two men killed by police sunday night after they shot a security guard outside the, the security guard survived the shooting, more development, and more news, on this situation coming up throughout out broadcast. right now 5:30, you can add one more to the list of republicans seeking the white house. mike huckabee kicks off his campaign today in his hometown of hope. former home of president bill clinton. ha


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