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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 6, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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now on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on alert. a woman is abducted off the street and attacked. take a good look at this sketch. ead to an arrest and calm a neighborhood that is on edge. good evening i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. abducted at gun point the vick testimony was then sexually assaulted. >> tonight police fear that suspect could strike again. the attack happened on east york street. that's on the border of
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kensington and fishtown. our david spunt is live at special victims tonight with important information from police. david? >> reporter: chris detectives started looking for this guy over the weekend but just a few hours ago they made his picture public. hoping that it will help get some attention out there in the public. this is a random case police say and it has neighbors keeping an extra eye out tonight. police say a man who looks like this sexually assault add 22-year-old woman inside this van and almost killed her. police say the woman was walking on east york street in the fishtown kensington area around 5:30 friday morning when the man came up, point add gun and forced her into the van. >> i'm always by myself. i don't ever got to worry nothing because i live here so long i feel like i know everybody. >> reporter: tiffany is year older than the victim and lives a few feet from where police say the mystery man kidnapped the woman. >> i'll be scared to walk by myself. i'm used to that. >> reporter: attacker held the
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woman captive for more than an hour. >> they got a real good look at him. she talked to him. >> after sexually assaulting the woman dropped a the 22-year-old nearly a pond and boston streets a few minutes where he picked her up. >> i don't think young girls should be walk buying themselves. they should always have somebody. >> reporter: detectives say the man's truck is an early '90's blue or gray dodge or chrysler mini van with the rear seat possibly gone. police say the man is likely hispanic. 21 to 25 years old 5-foot seven to 5-foot 10 with a light complexion. >> no matter how slight the information is, we still want to you call. you're not bothering us. it's not a burden. we want the information. >> reporter: if you need to see video of that van again or another 67 of the suspect you can head to our website we have it posted on all there right now. if you need to call police they want to make sure you know you can remain anonymous. we're live at special victims
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unit tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you very much. new tonight, three people are hurt when a septa bus winds up on railroad tracks in south philadelphia. these photos were snapped by a witness at columbus boulevard near reid street. chopper three was also over that scene shortly after 6:00 o'clock tonight. now officials tell us that the route 29 bus was trying to maneuver around a freight train on to dixon street when it got stuck on the tracks. the train was not moving and it did not hit the bus. >> actually driving southbound on columbus, and i saw the septa bus coming north and it crossed over in the area where you can drive and then all of a sudden it kind of looked like it was making a u-turn but it went right back to where the train tracks were. >> two passengers and the driver were injured. but there's no word yet on the extent of their injuries. the parents of an eight-year-old girl who was struck by a bullet during a drive by shooting make emotional plea for the gunman to turn
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himself in. ania curry will have surgery tomorrow to remove a bullet still lodged in her skull. a gunman opened fire on the little girl and her family as they double park at 53rd and haverford in west philadelphia saturday night. police believe the gunman was upset about the family's car blocking traffic. so he fired into the rear window window. >> she's eight-year-old. she didn't deserve it. she didn't... she's an innocent child. >> i don't want everybody think it was minor. this is a serious incident and she still is in pain right now. she could have died. her three and four year old sisters were also in the back seat. they were not hurt. good luck to her. right now temperatures are falling fast and we're tracking a little bit of train night. in fact rain is already falling as you can see in this life picture from hunting park. meteorologist kathy orr is in the weather center now with some details. kathy? >> we have some rain, we have some thunderstorms and some
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gusty winds chris. cold front is moving through and you can see through philadelphia we have some yellows and oranges oranges. some thunder showers who are moving across the river from port richmond to palmyra heading through ivy wood into maple shade riverton and moorestown, new jersey. another band of very heavy rain with gusty winds heading down the shore right along the expressway through galloway, egg harbor city and heading toward absecon also atlantic city. temperatures are cooling down fast behind this front and in reading it's 70. 69 in lancaster. but behind that cold front state college 62. cleveland 54. that is the cooler air that is moving our way. so overnight showers and scattered thunderstorms downpours some lightning and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. this makes a huge change for our weather tomorrow. we'll talk about that and looking ahead to the weekend and mother's day with your seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, see you then. new at 11:00 tonight a south jersey family fighting for what they call their right to treat their daughter's severe illness.
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>> this is a fight that pits the family against their child's school when won't allow a certain treatment on its property. our natasha brown reports tonight from maple shade. report. >> reporter: 16-year-old jenny barber is severely autistic and suffers from epilepsy. in this moment she's calm laughing playing with her 12-year-old sister. roger and laura barber say this is a far cry from the violent seizures that have been interrupting her life almost daily. >> for 16 years she's been on medicine they have brain surgery, special diets. never stopped a single seizure. >> exhausting every hospital shouldn't they resorted to medicinal marijuana for their daughter. >> this is one quarter ounce of raw marijuana. >> jenny began consuming consuming the cannabis oil three times a dave it's been a live changing cock cocks. >> five months on medical marijuana her seizures are 80% less. her clarity you look into her eyes there's jenny. >> the initial three doses a day
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began wearing off so doctors suggested a fourth dose at lunch time. the problem the lark school which serves children with dissables and maple shade school district wouldn't allow laura or if you 911 in the school to live jenny the oil on school grounds. barbers appeal the school's denial but a judge ruled in the district favor saying the district would be violateing drug free school zone laws and federal law that still sees marijuana as a dangerous drug. >> the barbers say school district attorneys recently tried to offer a compromise that would allow his wife to take jenny out of school to administer the medical marijuana oil off campus and then return her to class but that's an offer they refused. >> she's got a transitioning problem. she can't just change from place to place and everything is hunky dory. if she got into mommy mobile, and went off campus, she's thinking she's going home. >> reporter: barbers are settling in for a lengthy legal battle. >> this one dose is the entire basis of the lawsuit. this one dose here is what she
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needs at school. >> reporter: they say their 16-year-old daughter's quality of life depends on it. what emotional story. >> yeah it really is. these parents are very passionate about this case. we shall also note that right now the barbers are only sending they are daughter jenny to school through noontime so that they can take her home to receive that medical marijuana oil dosage. >> i know you've been trying to talk toll scoot today as well. >> we did. we did reach out to an attorney for the maple shade school district on the phone today and he told me no comment. >> all right. we'll see what happens next. natasha, thanks. well major layoffs including cuts to the fire department left people in atlantic city worried about their emergency response times. with casinos failing and city revenues falling budget cuts seem inevitable in ac. and today civil service commission approve the city's plan to eliminate some 200 jobs. mayor don guardian plans to cut 85 firefighters which would drop the roles from 236 to just over 150. >> devastating.
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devastating. i don't know what we're going to do let alone what the city residents are going to do. >> no. i think if you look at other cities comparable in new jersey, 150, 180 is the right number for atlantic city. >> there also be as many as 40 jobs lost within the 52 member parks and recreation department. well the fbi now looking into claim that is isis was behind that violent attack on an art contest in texas. today isis claimed responsibility for sunday's violence and if that's true, it would be its first attack on american soil. police say that nadir soofi and elton simpson arrived at a garland texas conference center that was hosting a contest for arts depicting the prophet mohammed. sophie and simpson opened fire there wounding a security guard before both were shot dead by police. tonight sophie's mother is speak speaking. >> when your child dies unthese
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kind of just just -- you just -- leaves you numb and empty. >> investigators say that those two men drove a thousand miles from phoenix to garland. the building there reopened today. arkansas governor mike huckabee is officially in the race for president and his announcement took a symbolic tone. the republican kicked off his campaign today with a speech in hope arkansas the hope town he shares with former president bill clinton. huckabee pitched himself as the best candidate to take on hillary clinton the leading contender the democratic side. 2008 bid for the white house he won a state -- eight states but ran out of cash. some students at rutgers university say that the school's mascot needs to change. they want the scarlet knight to encompass more ethnic and gender diversity. the student assembly pass add bill that would allow for female, black, latino and asian mascots joining the original
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caucasian scarlet knight who was adopted back in 1955. the student assembly want the mascot to represent the diversity of rutgers but any change does need to be approved by the administration. so what do you think about that proposed change to the famed rutgers scarlet knight. >> let us know on facebook, on twitter and at a well-known executive's death while exercising prompts a conversation about the dangers of treadmills. the safety precautions that could impact your next workout. also on the way tonight a violent explosion on a new york subway. just ahead we'll take a closer look at what set off that blast. >> kathy? >> we take a break from that summer like heat for major cool down. coming up how long does it last want does this mean for the week jeeped i'll have the seven day. >> there's not a place i can get it. for me it doesn't exist. >> cbs3 shows you the city in a way most of us never think about. people who feel they are not
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welcomed here. cbs3 coming up n
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wow. a frightening moment for a subway worker who was nearly killed after clearing a garbage can off the tracks. you see on the cell phone video that worker climbed down on to the tracks because the garbage was blocking a train. the can hit the third rail that set off the explosion. hard believe here this worker though was not hurt. authorities say vandals likely put that can on the tracks. leading figures from silicon valley gathered at stanford university for memorial service honoring david goldberg co. online start up survey monkey and husband of facebook executive cheryl sandberg died on friday after an accident at a mexican vacation resort. authorities believe that the 47-year-old slipped on a treadmill and hit his head. injuries from treadmills are
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actually more common than you might think but that doesn't have to be the case. almost all treadmills have stop clips and experts say you should use them. they also say that focus is critical. that means no looking at your phone. and they say you should always look forward on a treadmill never down at your feet. >> someone said to me, i think i'm going to not exercise because i'm worried about the treadmill, i would probably think figure out why they're worried. there are some people with medical condition that is really might make it a hazard on a treadmill. >> experts say the dangers of any workout equipment should be weighed against the dangers of working at all. not welcome here that's the message some disable people are getting when trying to to go popular philadelphia restaurants restaurants. they say it's discrimination and federal prosecutors are taking a look into the issue. health reporter stephanie stahl has more in this cbs3 undercover investigation. >> philadelphia has a number of
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restaurants super stars but some are breaking the law. discriminateing against people in wheel chairs. >> there's no way for to you get in. >> no way for mow to get in. >> an object at a kell and not being able to fit through a bathroom door clear violations of the americans with disability disabilities act passed 25 years ago. >> you know it's a violation? >> our cbs3 undercover cameras ran into illegal road blocks all over the city. >> no way to get in. >> two steps at the entrance to pub and kitchen one of 25 restaurants sent a survey by the us attorney asking questions about ada accessibility. >> we take the responsibility seriously because it's very important that people be treated fairly and equally under the law law. sane the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania says the popular restaurants being surveyed were random selected. >> some of the disability groups have said to us it's about time time. what's taken so long? >> there's a new sheriff in town. basically what it comes down to,
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this is very important work that needs to be done. >> this man has been in wheelchair since he was 17. >> i was in puerto rico a victim a carjack and they shot me in the neck. >> he shows me the difficulties he faces all the time. >> every day. discrimination i see on every step of the way. >> even at a time little place like yoga reno more steps. >> he can't get in and that's illegal. >> um, that is an issue that we are facing yes. >> at the gas light a manager said the handicapped list was in the back. he showed us. down an alley past garbage cans and through this door. but still no way in for herman a step down from the sidewalk. >> you have a lift here but he can't get to it because you got a step here. so you know that's a violation? >> it would be something on landlord the guy that owns the building. >> it's not just a problem with steps outside. the ada also covers inside accessible here at the hot spot village whiskey sent a survey --
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>> i couldn't eat here. >> herman says the tables are too high and not usable. >> you angry? very much so. i mean the problem perm me yates another where. >> doors that aren't wide enough for a wheelchair. undercover cameras inside the las vegas show how herman couldn't get into a bathroom. >> i hope that that locations not only because of the legal matter not only because that it's going to be cost effective but for the moral grounds make so every customer can enjoy your place. >> now we call the vegas lounge and village whiskey neither called us back. u.s. attorney says it will take awhile to review the restaurants on that survey list and they will try to work with facilities that are in violation of the ada. but if they don't comply, they can be prosecuted. >> it's very eye opening. i wonder too with philadelphia being such an old city what about buildings that are historical. do never any sort of exemption? >> no, there are no exemptions.
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if you serve the public you're a commercial establishment, you have to be accessible to people with disabilities. >> okay. every customer deserves access. stephanie, thank you very much. i'm sure we'll hear much more about this. kathy is joining us now. kathy, we got some rain moving through the area. >> we do. we have some rain, we have some win, some thunderstorms this is it the main event the cold front is coming through and we'll have some relief from that summer like heat come tomorrow he is special in the morning going out for a jog you won't even break a sweat. take a look outside where we do have temperatures in are still in the 70s. some rain cooled 60s across the region if you're caught in one of these downpours you know they don't last that long but they are a bit of a soaker on storm scan3 you can see it moving across the screen. some green some yellow some oranges moving through lancaster county popping up through like philadelphia even through chester county, delaware county, and through south jersey. moving through philadelphia right now. extending toward the injuries seaside. you can see some heavy rain in maple shade, through moorestown,
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along 295 92 mt. laurel and along hartford road toward union mill. another match of heavy rain along the expressway through south jersey and even the garden state parkway moving toward the shore. temperatures cooling down in wildwood. we were at 63 philadelphia 75. reading 70 and rain cooled 67 degrees in allentown. temperatures falling into the the 50s through most of the region overnight. the city we'll settle right around 60 degrees with mostly cloudy skies an few spotty showers during the early morning hours. in the wake of that cold front, high pressure build noose the north. the flow around it is clockwise so you get this on shore flow. remember those ocean water temperatures only in the 50s. that will keep it cool in the morning. and only some 70s in the afternoon with an easterly breeze. everything moves toward the east over the course of the next couple of days by thursday we're back in the sunshine with highs around 80. friday still most of sunny the high temperature 80 degrees but eyeing an area of low pressure to the south which could impact our weekend weather.
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right now cluster of thunderstorm near bahamas but there's a 40% chance that this cluster will develop into an area of low pressure. possibly with some subtropical characteristics and low moves towards the north that tropical moisture could create a few extra clouds for us over the weekend. so we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime, we're looking at temperatures that will be mild tomorrow in the 70s. hour by hour starting off cool in the 60s. 70s by the afternoon. still comfortable during the evening period. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, take a look. we're looking at a cool down but then a big warmup. 80s are wild right through the weekend. partly sunny saturday and sun today for mother's day. the next chance of widespread rain would come monday and tuesday but look at that temperatures still feeling like summer. so even way few more clouds it shouldn't spoil the weekend. >> no. 74 that's all right. >> very nice tomorrow. >> kathy, thanks. beasley reece is here. what's going on? >> the phillies are in atlanta
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and they're looking for a win of course. familiar face is not in the lineup. not just tomorrow but -- not tonight but maybe tomorrow and even a little bit longer. we'll tell hugh that is coming up in
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>> the phillies road trip continues in atlanta tonight chad billingsly got his first start in two years. back from a pair of right elbow surgeries. it was not a good start. top of the first freddie free man hits it like a golf club into right field. two run shot. gave the braves the early lead. fourth inning now kelly johnson hits one in the exact same spot. braves now up six to nothing. billingsly gave up sick runs on eight hits and five innings of work. darrin ruf has been playing great lately but not tonight. he was zero-thee with two strike outs phillies only mustered three hits. the entire evening. braves within it big by a final score of nine to nothing.
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chase utley was benched for this game and he's not expected to may tomorrow. phillies off on thursday chase will have a few days to get away from the game. manager ryne sandberg says utley could use a mental break. chase is really struggling. take look at this. nine hits in 87 plate appearances he has thee homeruns homeruns. 14 rbi's, seven walks, 14 strikeouts and zero extra base hits. chase is hitting .013 the worst average in baseball but still won us a world series. nfl draft come and gone. chip kelly's molding the eagles to his specification. today lesley caught up with dee and if seive lineman bennie logan who believes that the fans will eventually come around to chip's row haul. >> so used to wanting certain thing. you change it up much it's hard for them to adjust it. when shady was traded everybody was bark. why would you trade him. why did you do this when you picked up demarco murray all the talk just ceased. people not used to change and
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different thing. once he makes changes and establishes what he's going to do more people will buy into it. >> they'll buy into it when he wins a few games. >> that's all that matter glass nice little hot start. >> winning cures all ills. >> yes, it does. >> beasley thanks.
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♪ west philadelphia art gallery is transformed into a fiesta tonight for cinco de mayo mayo. party goers enjoyed mexican food from chef joy para and drank and dancing at the urban art gallery where artists displayed mexican and spared art. the holiday mark the victory over the fans and the battle of pueblo in 1862. >> music poured from a cough calf if i in fishtown. >> they celebrated 10 years of developing young musicians
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through her lear rah society. professional musicians and student harpists came together to show off their skills. pat chiarocchi was on hand as emcee. the lear rah society dedicated to encouraging the study of the harp in under served communities. beautiful music there. we'll be right back.
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"eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee erika and katie. we thank you for watching white news at 11:00. for beasley kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean many we're always on the late show with dave letterman is next. tonight's guest reece witherspoon, nathan lane and mum forward and son. big lineup there. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪


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