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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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walt? >> reporter: health care worker surrendered here, police chief crediting a connect with relentlessly pursuing this investigation but in the end police say it was the suspect's own words words you are about to hear exclusively that led to her arrest. you are accused of stealing from a woman as she laid dying, can you comment on that at all. >> reporter: detectives claim home health care workers, judge lied trying to hide the fact that she was stealing money from a dying nine two-year old woman she was hired to care for in hospice care at this apartment complex. >> she trusted her to do all of the things that she could in the do for herself and this with man took total advantage. >> reporter: judge allegedly used the woman's credit card to pump more than $200 in the phone account so she could talk with the male inmate at graterford prison. what she didn't down on was detective chris listening to
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hours of prison phone conversations until he heard her admit to the crimes. audio obtained exclusively by cbs-3. >> i used somebody's debit card. >> did they work for you. >> um-hmm. >> that lady. >> um-hmm. >> why did you do that. >> i think that the fact that misjudge has no prior record and relatively small amount are things that should be considered. >> reporter: do you have anything you might want to say to this woman's family. >> reporter: the detective says he only wishes that the nine two-year old who died in john, had lived long enough to know that their investigation would give her the the gift of knowing justice. >> it is why i got in this job in the first place. i wish she was still around so i could tell her that we brought someone to justice doing this to her. >> reporter: the the detective says it is significant that the family of this woman was the the first to come forward with police when they noticed
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financial irregularities. the is there a message there police say. if you have a elderly family member in care, please keep a close watch on their banking and other personal items. live from radnor i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. two young boys are rush to the hospital after being hit by a van in north philadelphia. one suffered a another just head injury and tonight he is fighting for his life. boys were on broad street near wyoming avenue in logan crossing the street with their mother. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at the scene and picks it up from there, matt. >> reporter: chris, two young victims remain in the hospital tonight, four year-old boy is in stable condition with a broken leg but the the two-year old boy as you mentioned had a head injury and currently listed in critical condition. police say mother and her three children were crossing the street heading to this rite aide on the corner of broad and wyoming, rather than used the crosswalk at intersection they crossed in the middle of the road.
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>> when you come across double streets like that that is not responsible. i don't think that is responsible. >> reporter: at some .2 of the children age four and two, dart add head running right in front of this van driving south on broad street. they were both struck.o on camera told us what she saw next. >> i seen her on the ground holding her baby. she was giving him mouth-to-mouth. >> reporter: emergency crew got to the scene quickly blocking the road in both directions as children were transported to a nearby hospital. their mother and third child were uninjured in the crash but neighbors say she was difficulties stroud. >> i feel sorry for the the mother and i know that she's very, very upset. >> reporter: driver of the van stayed at the scene for some time talking to police, he cooperated and is not expect to face any charges. >> at least he stopped today you have people that is hitting people and kid, as well and they keep ongoing. but at least he did stop. >> reporter: now the company
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that the van belongs to is jenkintown window cleaning and building services, its owner release aid statement saying quote i'm heart broken over injury to these children. whether we are carrying a ladder or driving a truck safety is always first on our mind, our thoughts and prayers are with this family. we should mention that police have have said numerous times the the driver of that van did nothing wrong in that case. this was simply an accident. because of that he is not facing charges. we are live from north philadelphia matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. new information about this water main break that created a geyser in the montgomery county neighborhood. chopper over ashburn and rolling green road in cheltenham. an 8-inch main ruptured creating quite a mess. ten homes are currently without water but officials say they should have services restored by 8:00 p.m. that big hole in the road is expect to be back filled by midnight. we have been stuck in the clouds for most of the day but won't be long until sun returns. meteorologist kathy orr live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the
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first forecast now the kathy. >> it is drizzling out here, breezy, cool cloudy, jessica but that will end in the next 12 hours or so. if you do not like it too hot enjoy this evening because it is as cool as it will be for the unreceivable future. lets look at storm scan three where we have sprinkles moving through montgomery county, 476, northeast extension and heading in to philadelphia county. places like lower gwynedd warminster, bucks county, seeing spotty showers right now. they are moving in and out and thud not disrupt evening plans or activity. in philadelphia we are at 7o rain cooled 67 in philadelphia. i should say allentown. sixty-one in state college with warmer air to the south and to the west. the warmer air in the wings. here's hour by hour. temperatures falling in the 60's. by 11:00 p.m. a comfortable 61 degrees with moon lid skies. here comes the warmth again.
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temperatures climbing back in the 80's, in the seven day forecast and leading to a most unusual mothers day. we will talk about that when i join you inside. >> thanks, kathy. new at 6:00 tonight honoring memory of fallen police officers and fire fighters in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the living flame memorial services in franklin square. where the names of the fire fighters lieutenant joyce craig and police sergeant robert wilson, the third were added to the monument. wilson's partner attended today's ceremony. all lives matter, it just goes a long way. >> reporter: sergeant wilson was shot and killed, while stopping a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop back on march 5th. at that ceremony today mayor michael nutter made some news responding to criticism of his police commissioner charles ramsey. the comments came from mayoral candidate anthony williams during a debate last night. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alexandria hoff is live at city hall with more on what was said. alex? >> reporter: i cannot say that these comments today were expect but it was an emotional event so emotional it did become. interestingly enough, the at the center of all of this stop and frisk policing. these are trying times indeed, said police commissioner charles ramsey, even so. >> i have never been more prouder to wear the the the uniform and a badge of a police officer then i am right now, right here in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: talk moved from our heroes to first responder safety and then to comments about the commissioner. >> anyone who is not smart enough to at least ask him to stay is probably not smart enough to run the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: mayor nutter was speaking about mayoral candidates state senator anthony williams who said this the at last nights debate. >> person who unfortunately is person that using stop and frisk the most the the current
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commissioner would be changed. >> during my time, we have lost five police officers, to gunfire. i wet their families wished that we had stopped and taken illegal weapons away. >> when folks just want to run their mouths, to score political points speak to a constituencies in this kind of an environment, i have to speak out. >> reporter: later this afternoon williams said this in a response. >> the name calling is not what i do. i will not do it. i respect him. i respect the office too much. >> reporter: for mayor nutter who cited his greatest achievement being at point. of charles ramsey he says he takes the comment personally, not the the case, it seems for the commissioner himself. >> he out to run on the larger issues and certainly i'm not one of them. >> senator williams said if he is elect mayor he isn't sure who he would bring in as
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commissioner but it would be likely from someone within the the department. reporting live, from city hall alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia fire department and licenses and inspects have team up to tackle problem buildings like this one. a new city task force was unveiled that aims to identify dangerous commercial properties and get them torn down. collaboration between two departments will target vacant buildings more than 15,000 square feet. >> these vacant buildings are one of the risks we have in our city. we have talked about reducing risk, is there a step we go through, we have education enforcement, engineering and emergency response. when you get to emergency response it is too late good creation of this task force was spurred by the deaths of two fire fighters kill while battling a warehouse fire in 2012. lieutenant robert neary and fire fighters daniel sweeney died when a wall on the vacant warehouse collapsed. hikers make a heart breaking discovery at a new
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jersey state park. >> still ahead at 6:00 a swanns found with burns and other injuries and authorities don't believe this was an accident. tonight we have an update on the bird's condition plus search for people who might have ton this. also local music comes to the park, we will tell but a summer series that is showcasing the local artists. the justin? and dining under the stars kicks off tonight in media, we have had a rain delay but now we are drying out people enjoying dinner, we will talk about the event and forecast coming up, beasley. chip kelly and shady mccoy still at odds and lesean in longer works for eagles. lady's clip to the back of chip, may be considered unnecessary roughness. any merit to insinuations of racism?
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i think she needs to be shut down. >> reporter: i'm jim donovan. people say they are harassed by a medical practice. >> it is shocking to see what scale it is on. the it is bigger than i thought it was. >> reporter: threat when bills they say they already paid so three on your side went looking for the doctor at the the center of it all. are you just going to hide in
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there. >> double billing doctor a special report is tonight at 11:00. a white swann found severe liz injured but still alive.ade yesterday in new jersey's par vin state park. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan has details on what appears to be a case of animal abuse and cruelty. >> stand up and walk for us. >> reporter: barely the strength to stand this swann is recovering from what appears to be a vicious attack. chemical burns are all over its head. >> he has feathers missing and our first impression that something was poured on him or thrown on him that burned this area. >> reporter: animal control pick up the swann tuesday at the par vin state park in salem county. it looked like it would die soon. >> he was so dehydrated, not eating, so weak, just a matter of time. >> reporter: local spca says it is gathering facts on a possible abuse case and say authorities may get involved to hurt something in nature like that is just you got the
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to wonder what is going on inside that person. >> reporter: guests tell me the swans are seen out on the lake but animal control says he found this one in the woods, unresponsive. now that the bird getting the medical attention that it need the question is who would come to a beautiful place like this to hurt an animal. >> you would hate to think somebody did that to any animals. >> reporter: vicky schmidt is wild life rehabilitation expert to will nurse the swann back to health. >> we may never find out who did it the but it will alert enough people and they will know to keep an eye out. >> reporter: hopefully swann will make a full recovery and return in the coming months. i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". looks like he is in good hand. we will keep you posted on his progress. free lunchtime concert series kicks off at philadelphia's dilworth park. >> ♪
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>> well, that is milton, the series, first performer doing his thing outside of city hall. performances like milton's will be held every wednesday through june 24th from noon until 1:30. next week vina and a the wolf takes the stage. great way to pass time during the afternoon. there are so many things to look forward to now that our weather is warming up. >> isn't that the truth. >> meteorologist kathy orr and justin drabick are tracking more changes. we will start with justin who is live in media where we are hoping for a good night to dine under the the stars justin. >> reporter: that is right, yes, sir contact it is warm season when we're out here, tonight kicks off first night of dining under the stars here. they have closed downstate treat between jackson and orange between 5:00 and 11:00. enjoy. over 20 restaurants getting involved. you can dine, shop bring out the whole family. everybody having a good time tonight. we had a brief shower earlier brief rain delay. people wiped down tables. they were asking me will it keep raining? i said now are already. bring everybody back out. here we are people enjoying
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nice conditions, some clouds but again maybe that stray shower to deal with later. let's talk about that forecast what to expect in media through the evening. the let's bring up graphics and break it the down through the evening. 7:00 o'clock generally mostly cloudy skies temperature mild at 70 degrees. cannot rule out a spotty shower if it happens light passing by real quick. by 9:00 still partly to mostly cloudy in the mid 60's, should dry out into 11:00 o'clock. tail even of the event. that will be better but cooler in the the lower 60's under partly cloudy skies. lets go back to the mobile weather lab. we have radar on here right now brief shower came through earlier, everybody watching it but now things are breaking up nicely. maybe a stray sprinkle later tonight but most areas stay dry around the media region. look at that comfortable. 70.5 degrees in the mobile weather lab. every wednesday through september, check it out dining under the stars here in media. that is very latest here now back to the studio with kathy with a check on that forecast.
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>> thanks, justin. we are looking at great conditions outside our cbs-3 studios. you can see center city. east coast no issues. this just in, to the weather center severe weather out breaks in oak kansas and nation's heart land. i will step out of the picture this is video of the oklahoma tornado a tornado on the ground, cleveland county, oklahoma live coverage going on there right now with more than one tornado reported this afternoon. we know there is a debris field and one tornado has touchdown. this one heading toward moore oklahoma which is notorious this time of the year when we're talking about tornado season. lets go to the radar. we have watches and warnings in this part of the country to the west of kansas city through oklahoma city, wichita falls and heading toward texas and sevher that will continue in the evening and as we zoom in you you can see split is, the the tornado, we have a picture from exiter that is amazing of this hook
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echo that formed. you can see radar signature there is the hook in bridge creek, in oklahoma, new castle heading toward moore. they have cancel afternoon activities school, you name i had, it has been canceled there. there is severe weather making its way eastwar. our half of the nation no issues here. we have a few scattered sprinkles just quiet on the east coast and not expecting much of any type of significant weather in the near future. right now in philadelphia we have 70, 67 in allentown, 63 in reading. sixty-seven in dover. down the shore we will get cool northeasterly breeze this time of the year with ocean water temperatures in the the 50's, 60's is best we can do. high pressure off the coast tomorrow with back to that warm sunny weather during the day thursday and even friday. we will keep that cold front at bay at least until monday. we will stay in the sun satu area of low pressure to the south that could become tropical. if it does it will be tropical depression and possibly
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tropical storm ana. we will keep an eye on. that it has a 60 percent chance of developing. this is moving toward mid-atlantic over the weekend and it will be bringing us high cloud. just about it. it will not be spoiling our mothers day weekend thankfully. overnight low temperature cool, 59 tomorrow high temperature 80 feeling like summer again. looking at the exclusive seven day forecast friday 82. saturday 85. mothers day warmest in over 20 years. >> wow. >> it will be a amazing day. machine looks a little surery but staying warm for tuesday cooling down, wednesday with some showers but that severe weather out west really incredible. this is it. this is the spring season for tornadoes. thankfully it has been quiet in the east. >> loots looks like we will be wear shorts to race for the cure. >> we will be root back.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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you often have been known that things end badly. >> shady mccoy is insinuate ago this chip kelly has a problem coaching african americans. out of bound? unnecessary roughness on the part of the former bird? shady, was disappointed that the team kept riley cooper and jettisoned desean jackson. in espn magazine article shady says you see how fast he got rid of all of the good players especially all of the good black players he got rid of them the fastest. that is the truth. there is a reason. it is hard to explain with him but there is a reason he got rid of the all of the black players good ones like that. shady returns to philadelphia, in december, in a game you's
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see here on >> can't wait for december 13th because i think what will happen and we didn't even in mention this, all of the guys he threw under the bus that saying chip kelly only cuts good black players look out back on the 13th of december this year if you are still healthy, would i look out for tea me co ryans fletcher cox, byron medication well and malcolm jenkins. >> one way to look at it. >> 243 page report, was released on deflate gate. nfl has found it is probable patriots deliberately deflated balls during afc championship game. furthermore tom brady was probably at least generally aware of the rules violation, and nfl is said to be considering disciplining brady, as well as a locker room attendant and for patriots and equipment assistant for the patriots. >> brady is going to be suspended? the the season doesn't start until they kick it off in new england.
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do you believe they will suspend the super bowl mvp the night that the league kicks off, i don't think so. a fine, and move on. he may be suspended for first preseason game, a game he would never step foot in anyway, and tom is going to take care of the kid the two little young guys, he will give them some cash, all will be all right. >> it is a very interesting read this report, it raise's lot of questions. >> i think it is a waste of paper. >> all right
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back on the ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. to the pelley is next on the "cbs evening news". tornado
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>> pelley: deflate-gate tonight the final report concludes that it's probable that members of the new england patriots cheated in the a.f.c. championship. what did quarterback tom brady know? also tonight, severe storms, including tornadoes threaten the plain states. a cbs news investigation-- taxpayers paying hundreds of millions of dollars for dubious drugs for wounded vets. vets. >> reporter: what you're saying is you were doing something wrong? >> uh, i couldn't disagree with that. >> pelley: and they sing like angels after battling their demons. >> as soon as i heard those people, i knew i was connected. captioning sponsored by cbs


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