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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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justin. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. we are hearing four people total were involved in this crash, one police officer and three other people in the white altima now being picked up to be towed away. we are right here atwood land avenue and 58th street. as you can see, a big mess was left in the intersection right here. mostly damage to the front end of the white altima. police suv on the north end of 58th street, it has some side damage on the passenger side. let's take to you video of the scene. the wreck happened here, earlier at 3:00 o'clock this morning just before that time in the area of 58th and wood land avenue. we are told preliminarily it appears that the suv was on a police call of a woman in distress nearby that vehicle heading north on 58th street. we altima was west on wood land and right here at the the cross where these two vehicles collided.
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big mess. a impact causing air bags to both vehicles to deploy. we are told three people were inside, two adults and possibly one child. we are told by police, it appears they suffered bumps and bruises here. the police officer we are told may have some head injuries, possibly a concussion, all four were taken to nearby hospital. police officer was taken to penn presbyterian and right here on the scene back out the here live they are cleaning up a major thoroughfare before the morning commute. at one point all areas of the intersection here was closed down, at this point, it is appearing to reopen. fifty-eighth street should reopen in a short time. we are live from southwest philadelphia, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now you tornadoes touched down in parts of the oklahoma, nebraska, and kansas, and this is absolutely unbelievable. the surrounding areas have been particularly hard hit
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with numerous homes destroyed and some major flooding as well. cbs news correspondent adrian a diaz joins us from bridge creek, oklahoma where more bad weather is in the forecast, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. we weren't able to get into bridge creek because road were closed. we came to southern oklahoma city. and, destroying everything in the direct path. and, almost completely wiped off. this massive tornado is one of dozens that tore through the central part of the husband. and, homes and buildings were leveled. south of oklahoma city rescue crews search through piles of debris for anyone missing.
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>> if you live in seminole, or one or 2 miles south you need to go to your safe spot right now. if you live in the mobile home you have to get out. >> reporter: first time in oklahoma city history national weather service flash flood emergencies as unprecedented rainfall turned road into rivers. >> this hotel south of oklahoma city, tried to prepare, they boarded up, their windows with you little chance against a people here in other parts of the country aren't a out of the woods yet. >> thursday afternoon and evening, watching kansas, oak, west of 35, in the texas panhandle. chance of more tornadoes large hail, damaging win gusts. >> reporter: forecasters say another storm system could bring more bad weather through mothers day weekend. flash flood warnings remain in effect this morning for six counties in oklahoma, two in northern texas. people are told to stand watch. last night two ambulances were
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responding to people stuck in flooding got stuck themselves. it is a another just problem and everyone is to remain on alert. live from oklahoma city, adrian a diaz, back to you you and the crew be safe out there, we will get back to you throughout the morning thank you. erika? you said there is a roadblock so this area getting tornadoes they are stuck with them. >> atmospheric roadblock setting up. this is from yesterday just the different tornado reports that came in. h, wow. >> at least on the storm center site. this is just one little will spot we are looking at here, where most of them came in. weather service has their handful just checking on all this. in the meantime there were other reports too we had hail flooding, wind, so much that took place and there is more to come in our area for our area, again it is a roadblock in the atmosphere. while central plains will end up with severe weather potential, here we are sitting pretty. high pressure is in control here, even though we did have
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have a little bit of the unsettled day yesterday and even day before, we are at this point back into high pressure, to keep things very fair calm, pleasant and mild too. already off to a comfortable start. you're at 48 in mount pocono. generally under clearing skies here we will bottom out in the 50's but then warm up right away in the 70's down the shore, up in the poconos and here in philadelphia, we will easily hit 80 degrees today. a really nice afternoon setting up and workweek looks nice. we are tracking a system to the south this weekend that will have a week even on the forecast and we will plane that coming up, vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. right now we are dealing with the very serious accident on i-95 in the southbound direction and lets get outside and get to it. you can tell behind me there is congestion to go with it. looks to be, do you see this is how quickly traffic can change. we earlier had at least four emergency teams on the scene
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of an incident. it does finally look like southbound side of i-95 accident has been cleared. that means traffic can at least start moving around girard avenue. so, all right definitely a piece of good news, nice. lets keep it going north bound no delays here. just know southbound i-95 has to recover from that residual traffic. 5:06. still early for rush hour. i think we will push that residual traffic out of the way but we will see how it turns out. i anticipate minor slow downs into downtown philadelphia if that is where you are headed right now. schuylkill expressway is moving well in, delays around girard avenue. center city western suburbs all looking good. fifty-eighth street and wood landis still closed as a result of the police vehicle accident. fifty-six is your best alternate, ukee. developing right now a manhunt is underway for a prisoner who escaped custody in southwest philly. authorities tell us hasheem singletary has a lengthy criminal record and wanted for three armed robberies this
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year. singletary managed to escape being handcuffed. this morning police believe he is still in the area. well, two top stories in the nfl this morning including shady mccoy throwing some shade if you will at chip kelly. >> we will tell you what he said about his old coach and former eagle weighs in on the comments that are raising eyebrows this morning. also tom brady playing defense after the the super bowl champion is implicated in the deflate gate scandal and he is not only patriots employee who could be punish. also this. >> anyone who is not smart enough to at least ask him to stay is probably not smart enough to run this city. >> mayor nutter throws himself in the heated race to replace him lashing out at one of the candidates who wants to fill his shoes. get ready to turn up air conditioning today katie is talking about the the return of umer-like temps. you're watching "eyewitness ne
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania.
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i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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nfl report of deflate gate stopped short of tom brady a cheater. >> lets check with "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer. she has more. good morning,. >> good morning guys. it is 243 page report which says super bowl champion patriots deliberately deflated balls used in the afc championship game and their star quarterback tom brady was generally aware of it. the investigation that was ordered by nfl said it the is more probable than not that the teams locker room attendant and equipment assistant released air from game balls after being examined by the referee. the report, also uncovered text messages between those two employees in which they talk about blade i's unhappen upness with the inflation level. other include talk of cash,
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free shoes and autographs. back before the the win tom brady was confronted and insisted he is no cheater. >> i don't believe so. i would never do anything to break the rules. i didn't have any, i didn'to alter the the ball in anyway. i don't want anyone rubbing them putting any air in, taking any air out. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> patriots owner robert kraft has said the team will accept findings of that report but in a statement he added quote to say we are disappointed in its findings which do not include any hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the afc championship game, would be a gross under statement. we should mention that in other players or staff members, including coach belichick were involved according to this report which is expect to bring penalties against the team. >> and it should. >> and of course, tom brady.
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>> i thought it was interesting tom brady refused to hand over his cell phone. >> he wasn't required to. >> but he refused. >> if everything was cool, here you go. >> maybe. >> just putting it out there. >> that is right. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> in an off season filled with surprises there is a i new bomb shell with the bird, former eagles running back shady mccoy is ruffling feathers at comments that coach chip kelly has a problem coaching african-american players. shady told espn magazine, do you see how fast he got rid of the all of the good black players snow got rid of them the fastest. that is the truth. there is a reason. it is hard to explain with him but is there a reason he got rid of the all of the black players, the the good ones like that. >> i think it is unfortunate for shady that when asked this question he didn't take the high road and wished eagles and chip kelly well in their future endeavors and talk about how happy he is about being a buffalo bill. that is the route i wish he had gone. >> we will be seeing more of
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shady and buffalo bills. they play eagles december 13th in a game you can see right here on cbs-3. just a note, mark your calendars. our time 5:13. receipts get traffic and weather together with katie. >> good morning another pretty stellar day overall expecting to see more sunshine than anything. high pressure regaining control yet again and we end up with a nice warm day what's more, if you have outdoor players, they are a go. lets go first to storm scan three. it isn't a heck of a lot. we have clouds moving from north to south here and as we continue to track high pressure and still leads to nice weather to wrap up the week. is there a storm system starting to show more organization here, now and because it has been setting up shop and somewhat gestationry off of the carolina coastline here, it is going to potentially gather some tropical characteristics. in the next 24 up to 48 hours the national hurricane center may intervene and actually
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upgrade this to a depression and a name system. we have to keep an eye on that. first name on the list for atlantic hurricane season would be ana but we are early june 1 is when hurricane season officially begins but we have even this happen in the month of may before. meanwhile as we look to our weather forecast, that storm to the south has minimal impact for now high pressure is the story. today and tomorrow beautiful. we will begin to see how some of that storm system begins to creep north. i feel it with cloud and moisture in the the area saturday i don't want to rule it out. there might be a brief shower possibility and sunday we will have have more fog and anything in the morning especially. for new beautiful view out to pleasant valley middle and high school here. 51 degrees. very light wind. very comfortable. the as the day progresses here we can see easily temperatures that crack 83 mark. that is the story from here right on out come wednesday we will finally turn cooler, but in the meantime we will stay well above average, and
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then heading in the weekend we will call it partly sunny overall but just those extra things we talk b it is a possibility. >> i love on wednesday it has 74 and cooler. >> that is cool. >> isn't that a great place to be right now. >> yes. >> that is cool to me. >> that is real cool with me. >> hi, young lady. >> good morning everyone. >> good morning. right new we are not seeing rush hour heat up at all so things are cool, lets get outside and take a look. >> work it. >> i tried to segway the best i could. vine street expressway looking great. it is nice out there. no delays in either direction. heading to the schuylkill or i-95 that earlier construction wrapped up. usually construction on the vine that takes place overnight, wraps up around 5:00 a.m. and if that is the case for right now no problems. really looking great. it doesn't math fire are traveling on the vine street expressway in and out of the philadelphia using schuylkill expressway also a bright spot and i-95 we had an earlier accident at girard avenue
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southbound right here, cleaned up very quickly which is good because it happened early enough that it is in the going to affect your rush hour commute. that is another piece of good news. speed sensors nice and high, 55 your average on the the schuylkill. same thing on the blue route delaware county, pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike all moving well. unfortunately we have closure of the intersection of 58th and wood land as a result of the accident involving a police vehicle. fifty-six is your best alternate. be mindful of construction traveling in delaware on the north bound i-95 ramp from delaware after new will be closed from 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. until june 2nd, ukee. just a horrible case of animal cruelty to tell but. find out about the sick way officials think a swann was hurt in a local park. and talk about a rough ride that car gets swallowed up by a sink hole. driver's mistake that caused the ground to open up. we will be right
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developing right now the manhunt is on for this escaped
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criminal police say 16 year-old hasheem singletary has a long criminal record. he was last seen in west philadelphia running away from authorities. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao picks up the story out of southwest detectives, jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned philadelphia police are on the look out for that 16 year-old suspect wanted on a number of violent crimes. he was being transported here to southwest detectives last night by a private contractor when somehow he got away, just blocks from the the station. police are calling him resource full wednesday night, 16 year-old hasheem singletary slipped away from a private contractor hired to bring him back to philadelphia he is facing charges forearmed robbery and home invasion, crimes police say were committed here earlier this year. now he is hand cuffed is on the run obviously he is back in the hometown. there are individuals who he hangs out work of like age and family members that know where
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he is. >> reporter: it is not the first time he has a avoided capture. just before philadelphia police could arrest him in february officials say the teenager first fled to tennessee and then to florida where he was pick up last month in jacksonville in a stolen car. singletary was being brought back to philadelphia, handcuffed in the back of this unmark white car. police are now investigating how he got away. singletary last seen here near 56th and osage avenue. >> carries slowing for stop sign and male's able to get out of the back seat and he runs through an empty lot toward allah i way. we are suggesting anybody that knows where this kiddies or thinks they will hide that kid, if we find out you are holding this fugitive you will ab rested and charged. >> until his capture neighbors remain on edge. >> it is scary. at that age and to have these kind of charges against him. >> there is no safety for our children. we have elderly people in our
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neighborhood, we have small children they cannot even come out to play, when it is springtime and weather breaking because we have rift raft running around here. it is not safe. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" reached out to this private contractor from tennessee and at this point no comment. reporting from southwest detectives jan carabao cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come a warning a possible danger from manicure. price is right for victory that went to trial for woman in the wheelchair wins a treadmill, hear what she plans to do with that prize that story coming up.
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5:23. let's check with katie. any storms today. >> definitely not. high pressure today tomorrow,
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and big chunk of the you had. we have not had to deal witt. we are getting in on the greener grass aside of the situation, really and that will continue. lets take you out there show you what is going on with storm scan three. we have a front crossing through where showers came from. new included are fizzling away. we will have nice weather today that does help uv index to spike. today and tomorrow we are backup to an eight which is considered high level. by saturday a little bit lower because we should have a few more cloud out there. meanwhile today is a perfect excuse to fire up the grill plenty of sunshine. 80 degrees, and our buddy ukee, what is on the menu today. >> you know what, i got the announcement i'm back, let me work on that. >> weak get back to you. >> chef ukee firing up the grill looks like a great day for it. we will keep that going. dad vail regatta starts off and starting tomorrow we have beautiful weather 83 degrees.
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eighty-four on saturday. but probably, possibly a brief shower around for that first half of the weekend. just a chance though, vittoria. >> just a smidge. >> good morning everyone. right now road look really nice, it is very very calm, still hopefully it stays this way for as long as possible. as we look at 476 around mid county toll place in delays in either direction to and from mid county schuylkill, i-95 is all good on 476. looking great on the northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike and traveling on i-95, 95 we had an earlier incident southbound at girard that wrapped up quickly. we are not seeing any major problems yet on i-95. we are waiting in the wings. rush hour starts at least to happen around 5:45. so we have about 20 minutes or so. if you are also traveling mass transit there are in delays. i'll leave with you that bright note, erika. if you are lucky enough to get ticket to the price is right you have your fingers cross you hear the word come on down.
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>> like so many one contestant heard those word but it is what she won that is getting a tension around the world this morning. daniel perez is wheelchair bound, prize is up for grabs in the game, sauna and treadmill with some foulke, took to the internet saying she should have been given another prize. she said she was just happy to win. >> i mean it is hilarious so funny and have have no fear, i am in a wheelchair i can appreciate the irony that is being gifted something i have absolutely no use for. you are just focused on cash and prize. you want to win. you want it. >> she said she will keep the the treadmill and is hoping drew carry can grace us with his autograph. cbs released a statement saying every member of the price is right studio audience has a chance to be select to play and prizes are determined in advance and are not decided based on the contestant. >> great attitude about it.
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>> she sees humor i want to keep it, just sign it. >> 5:27. >> up next, we have an update on our breaking news, police officer hurt in the overnight crash. >> we have a new look at damage from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the the midwest. a war have of word in the race for mayor why mayor michael nutter says one of the candidates who wants to replace him is not smart enough for the job. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together. we will do it on the three's. we are back at the bottom of the hour. glad you are with u
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we continue to follow breaking news an accident in southwest philadelphia, injured a police officer. the the investigators say officer was respond go to a call at 2:00 when another car t boned him at 58th ape wood land. the officer and three people in the other car suffer minor injuries and that officer may
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have suffered a concussion. people in the midwest are keeping their eyes on the sky as they pick up pieces left behind by tornadoes. severe weather carrying heavy wind flooding and tornadoes tore through oak, nebraska and kansas yesterday. they caused widespread damage and power outages. they just came right over the tail, we got down in the basement and it flung the basement doors opened and through some tree debris and stuff down in the basement. i'm glad we were able to stop and find a safe place. >> forecasters say stormy conditions could continue through sunday. police are searching for an escaped prisoner last seen on foot in west philadelphia hasheem singletary has a lengthy criminal record. he is wanted for three armed robberies this year. singletary managed to escape despite being handcuffed. investigators say if they find anyone harboring this fugitive they wil
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