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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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land. the officer and three people in the other car suffer minor injuries and that officer may have suffered a concussion. people in the midwest are keeping their eyes on the sky as they pick up pieces left behind by tornadoes. severe weather carrying heavy wind flooding and tornadoes tore through oak, nebraska and kansas yesterday. they caused widespread damage and power outages. they just came right over the tail, we got down in the basement and it flung the basement doors opened and through some tree debris and stuff down in the basement. i'm glad we were able to stop and find a safe place. >> forecasters say stormy conditions could continue through sunday. police are searching for an escaped prisoner last seen on foot in west philadelphia hasheem singletary has a lengthy criminal record. he is wanted for three armed robberies this year. singletary managed to escape despite being handcuffed. investigators say if they find anyone harboring this fugitive they will ab rested.
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philadelphia mayor michael nutter is standing by police commissioner ramsey. >> this follows talk during tuesday night's mayoral debate that a candidate said he wanted to replace the commissioner. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer picks up the story. mayor nut der not let this slide. >> you can tell election season is elect. if elected anthony hardy williams has said philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey would be out of the job as a result of the department's stop and frisk policy, a statement that the cities current mayor michael nut's dressed one day later. at a memorial service for fallen police officers and fire fighters nutter went off script to praise commissioner ramsey for his service. he called commissioner's hiring one of the smartest things he has donnas mayor and challenge his opponent's statement and intelligence who is not smart enough to at least ask him to stay is probably, not smart enough to run, the city of philadelphia the name calling is in the the what i do. i'm not going to do it.
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i respect him. i respect the office too much. i think all of us should respect the serious decision that is need to be made. >> ramsey declined to comment on the mayor's speak saying only that the position of marries one of the most important positions to fill, and they out to be able to select whom ever they want. as i said election season is upon us, mayoral primarily is scheduled for may 19th. >> so just the beginning. >> yes. >> thanks, nicole, very much, appreciate it. happening today jury deliberations are expect to the six former philadelphia police office others accused in corruption. during two days of closing arguments the the defendants said the six officers, performed dangerous work that kept people safe in the city. the prosecutors say the officers beat and stole from drug suspects. the case is built on the testimony of drug dealers and one ex-officer who pleaded guilty. former congress woman gabby gifford will be in dover, delaware this afternoon pushing delaware lawmakers to
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approve tougher gun control laws. bill will would ban people quick of domestic violence from having guns and ammunition. giffords has become an advocate for tougher gun control laws after she was nearly kill in the shooting in 2011. right now 53:00 36789 lets check with katie for our forecast and back to the terrific days. >> we should have pretty please than the weather overall today. we will see cloud thin out sun returns, heat is back. we should easily get back in the lower 80's today. the weekend starts to get a little bit more well let's just say interesting but we will talk about that. lets start off with a quick check on storm scan three which remains empty. all is calm and essentially clear but we are starting off with a handful of cloud. you can see cloud just fizzle away off to the south here and as the the morning progressed this is something says it is the next few days.
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we have a thin layer of pollen from some of the showers that came through in the last few days still a thin layer of pollen on the deck, path thehat so you have that too. that means it will bother you if you suffer from seasonal allergies. oak, burch, mapel high, very high levels of that for next couple of days, just because we have had pleasant weather. a lot of times we can have something bad you can find about the forecast even if it looks beautiful is there an underlying issue. this time it is allergy issues thaw will face if that is something you suffer from. as the the day goes on i expect a fully sunny day 80 degrees by later today. as long as you can have sunlight i will not be shock if we can surpass that in some area. we will see how we do. jumping to mothers day we will call it partly sunny. there could be some fog around because there is a storm nearby and we will be talking about that system's track as we progress through the the show vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. right now road are still looking nice outside, we are
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still waiting in the wings of rush hour, maybe within the next ten to 15 minutes we will get busier but right now take a look at the the schuylkill. it is night right around 202 and king of prussia. in delays in either direction. heading westbound toward the stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike, even once you get there, there are in delays. we are smooth right now overall, as we look at ben franklin bridge indicating good news. not only ben but rest of the bridges as well. i will say traveling on i-95 you may hit just that touch of traffic around girard avenue starting to build throughout the cop trucks zone but that is about it. if you are traveling throughout the the northeast specifically in mayfair we have an overturned vehicle closing unruh after new between charles and tackawanna street. try to avoid that if you can. we have construction closing chestnut street between 11th and 12th ongoing until 7:00 a.m. your best alternate are market and locust n delays for mass transit. ukee and quarter? >> variety tore use, thank
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you. in business news a fan favorite is back at mcdonald's. >> pollution be the mcrib. >> i will cry. >> stay tune. >> which one is safees car on the road. money watch's jill wagner joins us with the new york stock exchange and those stories and more good morning. >> good morning. fed chair janet yellin say stock values could be too high. that sent market lower yesterday. dow jones fell 86-point, nasdaq dropped 19. customers will be paying higher service customers for checking and savings accounts account. bank is increasing fees from $4 to $5 in 16 states including new york and new jersey. here the the five safees cars on the roads according to the insurance institute for highway safety. 2016 audi a6, gets the top safety pick plus, and that is because it has technology that will hit the brakes if it senses a imminent crash. gm chevy track buick encore,
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and kia and nissan central got high marks. mcdonald's's hamberg hans lar is all grown up. they are bringing back burglar thief after 13 years to pre moteirloin third pound burgers this time around he looks like a hip store dad with skinny jeans and high tops. people on social media have been split some think he is creepy, others say he is hot. ukee and erika. >> you know what i will go with the younger dude. i have some issue with hamburglar. >> i got some issues with that cat. >> you know, you are questionable to begin with. >> all right jill, thanks. >> still no word on the mcrib. >> thank you, i'll keep waiting. >> that doodies creepy. >> other news, former senator rick santorum will decide on another presidential run in three weeks. pennsylvania republican will make his announcement may 27th
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in his hometown of butler. he won several primaries when he ran in 2012. in an interest right with "fox news" an tore yum suggested a possible 2016 campaign would focus around making america globally competitive in manufacturing. new jersey governor chris a presidential candidate right now even if he hasn't officially declared it. governor is spend to go day and tomorrow meeting voters in new hampshire which holds the the country's first primary in nine months. happening today voters are heading to the poles in britain in what is expect to be the tightes election in decade. prime minister david cameron's conservative party is like think to win the most seats. the his chief rival ed is likely to be a close second. neither party is expect to win a majority of the seats in britain's parliament, one of them will to have make a deal with one or more minor part is. hundreds of cheering australian crowded around sidney's opera house to say
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good bye to prince harry as he wrapped up a in long tour with the australian army. >> one fan got too close to the prince. woman asked if she could give him a kiss on the cheek. she moved to try to kiss him on the mouth. apparently this woman has been in trouble before for harassing the prince. >> he was nice to let him kiss her on the cheek. >> you better watch that. >> no kidding. >> did you you see the reaction from everybody. >> before you walk out we will update this morning's top stories including the very latest on the police officer your in the crash. >> horrible case of animal cruelty. the sick way officials think that swann was hurt in the local park. before your next manicure three is on your side, we will tell but potentially dangerous side effect from his a popular manicure we will do that on the other side, we will be right back.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease.
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left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. three people in the other car suffered minor injuries. also the the search is on for 16 year old hasheem singletary teenage armed robbery and home invasion suspect was handcuffed when he
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was bolted, when he bolted rather from a private car used to transport him to a police station yesterday afternoon in west philadelphia. thirty-five hems were destroyed and dozen people injured when tornadoes hit oklahoma city, oklahoma. nine tornadoes were spotted in kansas and twisters were reported in the states of texas and nebraska. right now, check this out a huge water main break shooting water high up in the sky in montgomery county. that 8-inch main ruptured at corner of ashburn and rolling green roads in cheltenham. water services were restored to ten homes around 8:00. crews are in the process of back filling that hole and the road right now. expect road closures, if you are driving in that area. take a look the at the the scene in kansas city, a driver hit the fire hydrant creating a sink hole and then gets stuck in it. sink hole swallowed up half of the car area was flooded with the water, and it took
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sometime to clean it up, and, thankfully he was not injured in that crash. erika. just terrible, spca is investigating a case of animal abuse and cruelty. white swann was found severely injured but still alive. the discovery was made tuesday in new jersey's parvin state park. with bearcally enough strength to stand that swann is recovering from what appears to be a vicious attack that has chemical burns all over its head. when animal control pick up that swann they thought it might not make it. >> when he came in he was so dehydrated and not eating, so weak, just a matter of time before something ate him. >> vets are hoping that swann makes a full recovery, any within with any fur should contact parwin state park. >> that is just awful. >> who does that. >> that is just awful. >> glad to here it is recovering. katie, 5:42. let check our forecast and
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weather watchers. >> weather watchers report something cloud cover but we will see that thin away with time and end up with pleasant weather here today. it the is on the cool side, really comfortable sleeping weather we enjoyed last night. 49 degrees our current temperature, within the the last 20 minutes this one sent in from mark in chatsworth where there are some cloud. fifty-four but coming in from david dutch, he too has cloud in clementon and a comfortable 54 degrees to start it all off. fifty-six from jerry, out in king of prussia, he has again a very similar outlook but as we take a look at storm scan three we have high pressure in place here. very warm too with you with that high we will see more sun then anything. we have to keep this, and, any contour and, it is organize. now it is organizing that organization as you can see on
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storm scan and as we take you next to our tropical satellite. now that it is starting to gather more organization and still stuck over above average warm water temperatures right now, it is starting to potentially gather some tropical characteristics and it has a 07 percent chance to develop. if this were to be a name system which is a possibility it would be named ana the the first name on the national hurricane center's list for this year anyway and so it is a chance but this isn't a storm affecting us directly. we will get cloud and moisture funnel in. specifically we will call it partly sunny. i cannot rule out shower on saturday. should be brief. and also some fog for sunday. looking ahead to next week a new cold front is set to cross through that will knock us back in terms of temperature by mid week. in the meantime showers and thunderstorms likely early next week vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning rush hour will start to take place in area but not every where.
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usually at 5:45 we will start to feel it ever so slightly. taking a look at 42 freeway in the clear we are definitely starting to see a few more vehicles. give us 20 minutes and we will talk about a full blown rush hour. as we continue to the roosevelt boulevard generally speaking we are not dealing with any major delays. if you are traveling in philadelphia, boulevard right around fox street in major problems the schuylkill expressway is still okay even though you could see a few vehicles around city avenue. i-95 southbound also you may still find a little bit of the role around girard, continuing to build throughout the construction zone. in mayfair un hospitalruh avenue is still closed between charles and tack want akare in or magee would be two of the best alternates at that time. accident investigation involving a police vehicle they had once closed the intersection has been reopen. fifty-sixth street is not a bad idea, erika.
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vittoria, thank you. in your healthwatch dermatologist say getting a gelman cure could lead to skin cancer. polish is not a problem but rather way the nails are dried using ultraviolet light. small amount of skin and short amount of time should not lead to cancer, however risk is still there. if your salon has the the option they a say to use led drying lights instead and if you your nails are done frequently under that uv light we are told just motivation in the the to do it, it can make your nails extra brittle. good word to live by. this sunday is 25th annual susan g komen race for the cure. thousands of people will pack the parkway raising money to fine a cure for breast cancer. >> our kathy orr met a young woman who had unique symptoms that led to a dangerous diagnosis. >> it was a surreal moment. it was a numbing moment but took me a really long time to come back from. >> reporter: with the diagnosis of stage three inflammatory breast cancer,
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jeaninne donahue began a painful journey physically and emotionally. >> we just go into that fight mode. you do what you have to do to get where you have to live. you kind of put your life on hold so you can live in the future. >> reporter: jeaninne was lucky, she had love of the big irish italian family, her cousin michael even shaved his head to show his support. the best friend a manned ace still by jeaninne's side and remembers how tough chemo was. >> even though that she was in so much pain and struggling, and going through so much, she just put on such a great face. >> my life has change. the i have changed. i was fighting to be who i was before. there is nothing wrong with who i was at that moment. i just didn't necessity who i was anymore. >> reporter: her search for similar survivors that understood her journey led jeaninne to komen philadelphia where she founded and ahead up the big pink footprint developing programs and outreach for young survivors.
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>> she has energy, wisdom and kindness, to work with these women and an experience that she has shared so that she is a very vital part of susan komen. >> it is just an amazing empowering feeling to be part of this organization and that is what gives me my extra i'm still fighting. i don't plan on stopping. >> reporter: with komen as her home jeaninne is now okay leaving the corporate world behind. her number one goalies her health. >> as long as i can put a roof over my head and clothes on my back, and food in my belly i'm okay. >> that was our kathy orr reporting. we invite to you come out and join jeaninne and big pink footprint they are giving mini make overs if you cannot make it watch our live coverage that starts this sunday may tenth, mothers day we're on the air at 6:00 a.m. always a special day. >> very special indeed. before you leave home we will get another quick check
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of traffic and weather together on the the three's. >> and a spacecraft spinning out of control is getting ready to crash back to earth. we will tell you when it is expect to plumet back in the atmosphere on the other side, stay tuned we will be right back. a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance.
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is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
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there is a $10,000 reward to find a person who shot a eight year-old girl in the head. aniyah curry was hit in the head by a stray bullet when someone shot up her family's car at 53rd and haverford in west philadelphia police think that gunman was angry because car was blocking traffic. curry had surgery yesterday to remove the bull fret her head. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky wants a judge to throw out hits child sex abuse convictions. sandusky's lawyer filed an appeal. petition argues pretrial
5:53 am
publicity, leaks, unprepared defense lawyers are among the the reasons judge should toss his 45 count convictions. attorney general's office is reviewing the petition and plans to file an appropriate response. sandusky is serving a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. 5:53. lets get traffic and weather to go. >> good morning, ukee. we are starting off here, sky cam three with cloud cover in the distance as we face south from the center city studios here at cbs-3 and cw philly. 59 degrees at the airport as we throw those current conditions overtop but let's go to the weekend here. we have talk about the race for the cure here and it is overall a pretty nice day. we will start off with fog out there with moisture built up in the atmosphere but overall very warm. no one is shivering out there on the parkway early in the morning. weekend we will call partly sunny, possibly with the fog on unday and a brief shower on saturday but overall today and tomorrow looking pretty much just nice up until that point
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torey. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. you will notice tacony palmyra bridge its up but it is in the process of being put back down. seventy-three is closed. definitely stay with us, we will let you know when it is completely put back down and good to go. if you are traveling on i-95 southbound, rush hour has begun. when sun starts to come up that is when rush hour comes in. we will see delays out of the northeast down through the the vine and only getting billinger. that is you why want to keep
5:55 am
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out of control russian spaceship is falling back to earth and expected to crash tomorrow. where will it land? ship was ledded ledded with 6,000-pound of supplies with the international space station bye it started spinning on you out of control last week. space experts say small amount of debris could crash into earth, after the ship reenters
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atmosphere some time tomorrow; just a head up. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are on our way to breaking news. demolition derby on the streets of philadelphia, a car loses control and slams into other vehicles, parked on the streets. also an intense search underway for dangerous prisoner who escaped from authorities. and check this out, a fish with the the giant cancerous tumor on it lip, look at how big that thing is, this is found in the penns and it is not the only one. where it was found coming up.
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new flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. so go ahead, inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. thanks for waking with us here's is what happening frightening site a fierce tornado swirling right in
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front of your eyes. >> and, at least 46 tornadoes were reported in nebraska and kansas, look at this video here. more dangerous weather katie tells us could be on the way too. cbs the news correspondent adrian a diaz joins us live with the very latest, good morning,. >> reporter: good morning ukee and erika. until sun comes out officials won't know the extent of the damage but we do know at least 35 homes have been destroyed damage thousands of people without power and 12 people have been taken to the hospital. this tornado was one of does thens tore through central part of the century wednesday from kansas to nebraska, to oklahoma, and homes and buildings were leveled. south of oklahoma city rescue crews searched through piles for anyone missing. and this mobile home park took a direct hit. police say at least zero people wer
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