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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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warden, he says that the fire right now is 0 percent contained, looking from chopper three we can see that the fire has been growing, and initially started in one central area, just north of the ranger station and spread further east. we are just on the other side of the abu-jamalsion lake and you can see that traffic is still diverted off of route 206. at abs thei on road because of the smoke and ongoing operations to get back in the wood with all of the equipment that they need to battle this large blaze. this 12:50 this afternoon crews battling a raging fire at wharton state forest. initial estimate were about 100 acres but by 5:00 officials say it was more than 700 acres. the main fire is located just north and east of absi on ranger station.
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>> i'm worried about what might happen to the ab thesion mansion here a historical property. >> reporter: fire fighters are dealing with shifty wind and extremely dry conditions. as ground crews work on containment lines keep in the forest, chopper dumped load after load of water from the lake. homes and businesses do not have to evacuate but some people were told to be ready. >> it would be prudent to leave in case fire jumps 206. >> reporter: people living and work nearby are anxious to sees fire contained. gale has a horse boarding at a property close to the fire. >> we got an alert saying there was a major forest fire burning near the lake. i went on line and it is pretty bad it is raging. >> reporter: that fire that you see is further away from route 206. then when we initially got here at 3:00 this afternoon. fire is moving away from all of where the traffic is, where some of the homes are, and it is still a concern at this hour because it is not contained. so far, our understanding is
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that the fire has not damaged any structures, and no injuries with any of the fire fighters. reporting live from shamong township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will keep an eye on that fire. meteorologist cat i orr live outside on the sky deck for us now. live. kathy, there are no fire warnings out there buzz we know it is very dry. >> we're talking about 80-degree heat and the fact that we have not had rain in days. a soaking rain. relative humidity is still relative liz low across the entire region. that is inching up over the weekend. here are current conditions that we are dealing with with the fire in shamong. temperature 77. relative humidity low at 36 percent. wind easterly. wind speed has been between ten and 15 miles an hour in interior south jersey. on storm scan three we can pick up that smoke plume, storm scan three is so sensitive you can see it right there on 206 in shamong. wind variable throughout the day, now easterly but that
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smoke continues to spread in the neighborhood, just a popular area, to head toward the beach. back road to the beach as you head toward lbi and bobby snyder who owns pick lily inn the the bar and grill there, sent thus picture. you can see the smoke getting in the neighborhoods and in the area surrounding wharton state forest. we are looking at more dry conditions coming our way and that will continue right into the evening period. temperatures are going to be falling, through the 70's in the 60's overnight tonight and then we will be seeing more heat tomorrow. we will talk about rain potential in that seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> kathy, thank you very much. developing right now, a dover police corporal has been indicted in connection with an august 203 arrest that was caught on camera. officer tom webster is now facing charges of second degree assault, dover police released this video which allegedly shows webster kicking suspect dickerson in the head.
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corporal webster was initially cleared by a grand jury but second grand jury i am paneled return that indictment on monday. webster turn himself in that day and he was released on $5,000 bail. students and parents are criticizing a school project that spark outrage in montgomery county. they say it is hurtful but organizers say it wasn't intended to be offensive. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has details. >> reporter: combating stereotypes with stereotypes that was the intent. >> it speaks to where we are right now. >> globe created and cure rated by students in the diversity program startled african-american students and their parent when project was put on display at sawedder ton area high school this week. >> it is africa, fried chicken. i have never made the distinction. >> reporter: this fat shore didn't want to be shown says his son was shocked with what was written on africa, which included a six letter word starting with an n. the the school gave us a statement.
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unfortunately the the place. of the museum exhibition did not provide the full context of the program. for some this turned an event designed to promote conversation and understanding in tie hurtful, offensive incident but those at pearl s buck international see it differently. the exhibit was created under their watch by students, through diversity outreach program. >> i had a knee jerk reaction like wow, but in context i understood. >> reporter: organizers say a plaque explaining the project may have been overlooked by those it offended. but still they think this conversation of culture need to be had in context. the goal of the late activist pearl buck, was to combat racial barriers and build bridges. while that globe has been taken down from the high school those here hope the conversation will continue. reporting from bucks county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good we want to know what you think about the story. connect with us on the cbs philly facebook page and tweet us at cbs philly. use the hash tag cbs-3 chat.
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philadelphia police charged a 18 year-old in connection with the hit and run that left a temple university student critically injured. rayshawn roberts confessed to driving the car that hit rachel hall a week ago yesterday. investigators say hall was riding her bike on park avenue and diamond street near campus when she ran a stop sign and roberts hit her. police say charges likely would not have been filed if he just stayed at the scene. >> they told our investigators the reason he left because he panic because he only had a learners permits. you have people whose lives, air affect forever, victim and perpetrator. there is no winners here. >> reporter: roberts is charge with leaving the the scene of the accident, causing serious bodily injury and driving without a license. today authorities also charged erika danzig with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the crash that killed justin ready in the northeast last august. she was driving under the influence. he was waiting for the bus on academy road when she lost control of her car and hit the
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victim. we're less than two weeks from election day in the race for philadelphia marries heating up. "eyewitness news" is profiling each of the mayoral candidates and today we catch up with lynn abraham, philadelphia's long time d.a., has her sights set on the cities top job. i sat down with her recently at the her campaign headquarters in center city and she told me that she's ready to lead. she spent more than 40 years shattering glass ceilings in philadelphia politics. redevelopment authority, municipal court judge, and, then for five terms as district attorney. now, lynn abraham want to do it again. you have a legitimate shot at becoming the first women ever to be elect mayor of the city of philadelphia, what do you think that would mean to this city. >> i'm running for mayor because i'm the best ceo and best trusted and proven leader. i also happen to be a woman. >> reporter: powerful woman long associated with law enforcement. it is a mantle she's not
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afraid to carry in the aftermath have of ferguson and baltimore. a abraham says as mayor she would tackle philadelphia's own problems with racism and race separation by making sure everyone concerns are heard. >> i will go back out to every community as i have always have done, every week, and sit at some community table and listen to whoever wants to speak because they have a voice in my administration. >> she believes wage taxis too high, the current business taxes make the city less attractive, and that pension reform is unavoidable. while she opposes mayor nutter's property tax hike to provide more money for schools she says education spending has to go up. >> it is a disgrace that our schools do not have librarians, we don't have janitors, we don't have nurses, we don't have counselors. so any taxes that are direct to the schools is superb, and a good move. >> reporter: most importantly she says that she's ready at
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47 to be an active, engaged mayor. everyone saw that moment during debate where you collapsed on stage. >> ladies and gentlemen we will pause for a great break. >> should there be lingering questions in voters mind about your help. >> if i thought that i was unfit would i say, look, this is in the for me. i think you can see by everything thaw are looking at today and what your viewers are looking at that this women is ready to lead. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the race for mayor, now and until the primary, will be profiling every candidate, look for our reports here on tv and on line at cbs it is also that time of the year to start planning a summer getaway. >> but packing should not be your only concern, carol. >> biggest danger on vacation might not be a sunburn what would you do if you got caught in the tornado? we will have that story coming up next. weather-wise we're talking about a center of circulation,
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this could be a tropical system how will that impact our weekend? we will look at that and how much sunshine and how many cloud we will see coming up. plus, from jewels to weapons a local museum is getting ready to open up a new exhibit showcasing the two side of one of the most infamous conquer yours. eagles took care of business today signing a key player and tom brady's agent respond to deflate gate, his version of the biggest controversy in football is ahead in sports.
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as the the now, on our breaking news a big forest fire in the wharton state for necessary south jersey. chopper three live over shamong burlington county route 206 in that area, remains close, right now. more than 700 acres have burn so far, we're told that fire is 0 percent contain. some people, that have to evacuate earlier but you there are currently no evacuation order. we will continue to watch this fire and we will bring you any new development as needed. a special delivery for american red cross shelters today, ikea delivered 4300 care package is a cross the nation to help victims of disasters. here you can see hundreds of bags packed in the truck, at
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the philadelphia store. these packages consist of every day items including sheets, pillows, towels and toys. all to help families getdifficu. >> that basic thing of having a washcloth and a a towel makes such a huge difference after a fire. so ikea will put this in all of their red cross vehicles, so that we can help families get back on their feet. >> it can make a big difference there. ikea has been a partner with the american red cross ever since super storm sandy back in 202. an emergency preparedness is underway in atlantic city. >> that is right, members of the locally mergecy management community has gotten together for training and to talk about how to keep you safe. our carol erickson has an inside look. >> reporter: vacations are supposed to look like the one jim and maureen are on, relaxing in fabulous weather but what about the other weather extremes, weather that twists. >> tornadoes and vacations never something i think about, you don't want to think about
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tornadoes on vacation. >> reporter: news story about last summer's deadly tornado in virginia at a camp ground. three dead, hundreds of other testified like dave carpenter junior, his title on the screen emergency management coordinator in new castle county but also family man, on vacation, at that campground. >> my phone went off with a warning. >> reporter: brand new camper wife and kid inside ended up wheels up in an efone tornado. >> i told her to hold on. next thing in a couple seconds we were over on the roof. >> reporter: that vacation tornado terror has dave telling other emergency responders that it can happen to you. weather problems anise deal setting when your mind set is on vacation. meteorologists know big storms can come fast in the summer. >> typical, time for weak tornado sometimes only one or two minutes. >> reporter: vacationers get that minute through local cell towers linking cell phones with the local wireless emergency alerts used only for. >> an event that we need to get your attention at this minute to do something right
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now. >> reporter: dave's going camping again next week new camper and new awareness that weather never taxes a vacation. in atlantic city, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that can ruin a trip. >> true, but weather never takes a vacation, kathy, as you know. >> carol was attending an emergency management preparedness conference in atlantic city that i goes on throughout the end of the week. thunder and lightening, then are storms off shore, we have heard of people being struck on the beach. >> you really have to be careful even if it is a sunny dave he have we are getting into some warm, dry weather, that ising to go last right through the workweek and into the weekend. but is there one thing that we have not had one day this spring, humidity. that is definitely going to becoming in the delaware valley over the next couple of days. lets look outside where we have a pretty afternoon. this looks like a picture. >> doesn't it? >> yes, it is a chamber of commerce day. skies are always sunny in philadelphia. good title. right new in the city
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temperature is 79 degrees in allentown. seventy-six. millville cool at 72 degrees. as we have a bit of the sea breeze down the shore. atlantic city at the airport 67. atlantic city at the beach in the lower 60's. ocean city at 63. barnegat light with that on shore flow 60. avalon 62. rehoboth beach delaware 61 with that ocean influence, ocean water temperatures only in the mid 50's. we're going to turn our attention to the south, because we have some thunderstorm that are trying to get organized into an area have of low pressure right off the coast of the carolinas. rain cooled temperatures, and 80 percent chance of development, could become tropical or subtropical but never the the less it is bringing cloud toward our region over next couple of days but they are really not going to impact our temperatures. that is the good point about this. friday, lots of sunshine. temperature around 80 degrees. the that area of low pressure slowly lifts north but we have a few extra cloud for your saturday but still pleasant. mothers day still looks perfect with morning fog,
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partly sunny skies, and then temperatures well in the 80's. by then we have a squeeze play going on though. we have an area of low pressure to the south. we have an approaching cold front. high pressure is slowly drifting away. so by monday, we are going to be seeing a chance of showers, and then maybe even a few then are storms. here's the impact of that potential tropical system. it will be bringing in some warm, moist air. so higher humidity. don't expect a good hair day, saturday or sunday. morning fog, and with that persistent southeasterly wind flow and an isolated shower or thunderstorm, because that warm, moist air will create an unstable environment across the region. overnight tonight, just a few clouds, comfortable, low temperature around 60 degrees. crack windows while still pleasant. high friday, 83. mostly sunny day. hour by hour we will start off at 65. by lunch hour we are around 80. for any evening activities out dinner, still will not need a dinner, it will be warm at 7678. on the exclusive eyewitness weather, seven day forecast, 80's are wild. saturday 846789 sunday 86.
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race for the cure in the morning possibly a little fog but very mild. monday, and tuesday in the 80's and after a the rain it turns cooler, back to reality, it is still spring, you guys. tuesday 74. thursday 71. >> don't get ahead of yourselves, right, just a preview you. >> mothers day looks nice. >> it would be great. >> an exhibit opening this weekend at the franklin institute shows us new perspective on the monday gola conqueror beginning is kahn. 200 artifacts including weapons, jewels, documents are there. visitors can experience life in the 13th century, in mongolia while learning how kahn created an empire that led the world in the modern age, the exhibit was created by the local dinosaur guru, don less o. >> very interesting great show there at the the franklin. well, "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> had hey chris and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia. here's the "cbs evening news"
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tonight, twisters role through america's heart land and more may be on the way. we will show you damage that is already been done. plus tom brady weighs in on the deflate gate investigation. and orphans of the war, return to vietnam, seeking the long, lost families. we will have those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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the eagles back in the news today. >> yes, they took care of a little business. a little signing. >> um-hmm. >> this afternoon. they signed 20,155th round pick nelson agholor, the party's agreeing to a four year contract. and moving along... more on deflate gate, yesterday, the wells report seems to point a finger at patriots quarterback tom brady saying
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the superstar quarterback was generally aware of inappropriate activities involving deflating footballs for afc championship game. today brady's agent don ye released a statement defending his client. he said in part wells report with all due respect is a significant, terrible disappointment. its omission of key facts of lines of inquiry suggest investigators reached a conclusion first and then so-called facts later. >> so how did brady a's favorite target, rob gronkowski respond to deflate gate? he was pressed for a statement yesterday by reporters, so he declined to comment, except for a little gun show. cowboys, taking a chance on a first round talent with a troubling background today they signed laill collins a lsu lineman. he would have been a first round pick in the draft but was undrafted because he is being questioned by baton rouge police in connection with the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend.
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he is not considered a suspect , in the crime. day off for phillies before starting a series home against the the metro pol tans. they lost to the braves last night despite big games from ryan hour and ben reveer. great moment last night for twins rocky eddie laser owe, his family on hand for his major league debut. first pitch, watch this, first pitch he sees in his career is a home run. the family goes wild. when he gets back to the dug out... watch what happens in the dug out. have of course, he gets silent treatment, everyone ignored him. look at the smile on his face. and he is jumping up and congratulate the kid, great start to a pro baseball career. >> everyone is just like um, yeah, whatever. >> you have to love those baseball traditions. >> good stuff.
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thstudents intwo hphiladelphia.nd jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them.
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"eyewitness news" at the contacted my of music to day for pennsylvania ballet dress re hersal of a tribute to jerome robbins, of course, chorography on broadway like the king and i and west side story. i was also there, i got the the chance to welcome students from across the region who were there, to see the show and there were a lot of them and a lot of kid in the audience that say maybe they will be on that stage that is what it is all about. >> quite a performance, no doubt bit. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw fill a wine beer here on cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tune for cbs nooning. more tornadoes heading to the heart land. we will have a look at damage of last night's twisters.
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scott pelley is in new york, >> pelley: one dead, many injures after at least 50 rough weather on the way.ore also tonight, tom brady fires back at claims of cheating in the a.f.c. championship. lumber liquidators dumps chinese imports after "60 minutes" finds flooring with chemicals that can cause cancer. and american orphans of war on a journey to find their long-lost families. >> pelley: the twister twisterse one after another, dozens strafed tornado alley in the southern plains last night. texas, oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska were in the crosshairs. some


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