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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 8, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> developing now at 11:00 o'clock, huge flames sweep through a forest in burlington county and that fire is still raging as we come on the air tonight. chopper three is over the scene as firefighters there battle an inferno. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. from chopper three you can see names lighting up the night in the wharton state forest much crews have been battling this fire in shamong all day long. they are making progress.
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isn't "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live near the fire seen with the new developments in the fight against these names. todd? >> reporter: jessica we received update here this evening recent now this fire is about 50% contained. that is very significant because at 6:00 o'clock this evening that number was at zero. so clearly a lot of progress being made here this evening. but still there is a lot of work ahead of firefighters in order to try and get this fire fully contained. at its peak the wharton state forest fire threatened homes and businesses forcing authorities to usery verse 911 to warn residents. also a stretch of route 206 in shamong had to be closed. >> that it would be prudent to leave in case the fire jumps 20 sick. >> reporter: about 75 firefighter were used to try and get the fire contained much of the night was consumed by setting controlled fires to try and take advantage of fire break lines. >> crews are literally battling fire with fire. they are lighting what's call
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these back fires much the whole idea right now is to starve the main fire of its fuel source by burning some dry under brush underneath in order to slow down the rate of how the main fire is spreadspreading. overnight hours will be crucial in containing the fire. >> next 10 hours this operation will be monitoring, patrolling mopping up hot spots. >> reporter: one of the best weapons for firefighters was this uh1 huey helicopter it was being utilized to scoop up water from atsion lake. this helicopter used to fight the fire is capable of dropping about 325 pounds of water on the fire in just one drop. as for the cause of the fire, that remains under investigation investigation. but smoke was first detected just before 1:00 thursday afternoon from medford fire tower and also from some hikers in the area. >> 99% of the fires in new jersey are human cause. one form or another accidental or up tension al.
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>> reporter: and so far about 710 acres have burned here inside the wharton state forest. the good news in all of this no homes or structures have been damaged. no one has been injured. at this point firefighters are hoping to have this fire fully contained at some point tomorrow morning. reporting-tonight in burlington county, new jersey, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news" news". todd, thanks fort up dat. weather conditions in the area contributed to this fire spreading so quickly. meteorologist kathy orr is here now to explain more. kathy? jess cash we had the warm dry conditions and with a little bit of wind through south jersey we saw this on storm scan3. here's the smoke plume from the this afternoon and we're still getting some returns from that. the southwesterly winds are pushing this toward the north and the west and we're talking about smelling the smoke as far to the north as northeast philadelphia residents there wonder wagon it was tonight. and those south southwesterly winds had continue into the overnight hours.
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now, during the day tomorrow there is a fire risk because of the dry conditions. the high temperature going for 83 degrees. still a relatively low humidity. dry brush and we haven't had rain in over two weeks. and that trend is going to continue. something that could get in the way of fighting the fire come tomorrow morning. dense fog that's going to be through south jersey and delaware. createing visibility issues for everyone and with the dense fog we do anticipate on shore flow that will continue and visibility reduced to quarter mile or less through the morning hours. coming up we'll talk about developing tropical storm and how that could impact our weather for the weekend for now we'll zen it back to you chris. >> kathy thank. new video tonight of the moment a septa worker drove a route 29 bus on totara train tracks in south philadelphia. this bus was traveling on columbus boulevard on tuesday when it made a u-turn at six son street u that's when the driver slip out of her seat and lost control of the bus. it then crossed over a median on to the tracks and nearly hit
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that stopped freight train. this video left us w kind of questions to night we went looking for answers from september tan also hit the streets to find out how the video was playing with riders. >> horrifying that would happen. >> people could get hurt. people get killed. it's scary. >> reporter: septa bus crash has people shaking their heads. >> you're a passenger you got to pay attention to what's going on around and if you're the driver you definitely do. because you got everybody's lives in your hands. >> reporter: all around the city they're asking one question. how could that septa bus driver not be wearing her seat belt? >> shouldn't be driving a bus. period. something has to be done. that ain't right. >> septa agrees. >> this absolutely a requirement for all of our operators to have their seat belt on. >> i caught up with septa spokesperson jerry williams. this accident appears to be a clear case of driver error. septa says the u-turn 10 year veteran driver took was not inappropriate since train car was blocking the bus' normal route. but the fact she wasn't strapped
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in with a seat belt is unacceptable. >> it is definitely something that she should have been wearing. and if she had had that seat belt on, i'm sure we would not be looking at this accident. >> septa plans to conduct a full investigation before deciding on any discipline for the driver. but in the meantime, they insist their rides are safe. this could have ended much differently than it did. how do you reassure your passengers that they're safe on septa buss? >> we have not seen something like this. if there's anyone else out there that does not have op their seat belt we checking to make sure they're wearing your seat belts. >> septa is not releasing the name of that driver right now. she and two passengers on board suffered only minor injuries in the crash. new tonight tom brady is speaking out for the first time since the deflate-gate report was released. new england patriots quarterback is now in the hot seat. >> sure didn't look like it tonight. our sports direct beasley reece is here with what the quarterback had to say. >> more like a pep rally.
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it was his first public appearance sin the report. he denied any rules violations in january and evaded the sack tonight. salem state university speaker series in same let me, massachusetts hosted former presidents but tom brady drew the record crowd. >> ted wells report was just releaseed. >> boo! >> the pro patriots audience supported their quarterback as veteran reporter jim gray tried to address deflate-gate. what jim call the he will fan in the room. >> what is your reaction, to many? >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully but when i do, i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> do you care what others others think, say and are writing you're getting pummeled. >> good, bad inn different there's lot of people that don't
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like tom brady and i'm okay with that. so like i said have i teammates i love and support that love and support me. i have fans, i have family, i'm very blessed. >> now jim is known for asking the tough questions but he didn't ask tom brady did you do it? did you tell patriots employees to deflate the footballs? ahead in sports brady answers the question does this controversy taint their super bowl victory? >> the nfl is really going to have the last say in this. how, f they discipline him. >> absolutely. >> an open question. >> troy vincent will decide if anyone is punish isn't we'll see what happens. >> former eagle, too. >> beasley, thanks very much. the delaware attorney general' office is charging a dover police officer with assault in the alleged case of police brutality. police now released the dam cam video of that incident. our natasha brown is live at
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dover police headquarters tonight with more. natasha? >> reporter: a dash camera from another police patrol car actually captured this encounter with this officer and a suspect and now that video has led to criminal charges nearly two years later. this dash cam video at the crux of criminal charges now facing a dover police officer. >> there may be several others on the road. >> reporter: in august 2013 police responded to a fight at a dover gas station. in the video you see an officer police have identified as corporal tom webster surround a suspect, kicking that suspect latif dickerson in the face and dickerson appears to fall unresponsive. >> he broke his jaw and knocked him unconscious. mr. dickerson was unconscious until he woke up in the police cruiser right outside the hospital. >> reporter: kathleen morning ray with the alcu. last year they filed a civil lawsuit again the city of dover and the police depth alleging
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that dickerson was assaulted. the lawsuit was filed after a grand jury failed to indict officer webster in 2014. but on may fourth, 2015, the delaware attorney general's office took this case before a second grand jury which did indict corporal webster charging him with second degree assault. and now after nearly two years the explosive video that led to the charges has been released. >> we s released the video. we released the video because the judge considered the law to be confidential. we decided to release it. we're a very transplant police department and we feel we handled this situation properly. >> i believe the city of dover acted properly when they released the video. i think the community had a right to see that. and i think that the transparent see is very important. >> reporter: officer webster turned himself in on monday. he has been released oh and $5,000 bail. he's also been suspended without
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pay pending the out come of this case. we're live in dover tonight natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". okay natasha, thank you very much. >> well caught on camera smoke phils delta airlines jet. this is video from flight 2028 from fort lauderdale to laguardia today. it all started about an hour after take off. smoke filled that cockpit and the cabin of the m.d. 88. producer for cbs news 60 minutes was actually on board and shot this video. the pilots made a safe emergency landing in charlston, south carolina. there were no injuries. well now to what might be a scary site that was spotted down the shore. >> yes. this would be a shark and it's not her first visit. we'll tell you where she's been spotted now and the important reason why this shark has her own twitter handle. >> kathy. >> really? we are looking at a warm stretch of weather in our future but watching a system for tropical development that will
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have an impact on our weekend weather. >> coming next the list is long and the price tag is high. >> oh, my goodness. >> you pay for it, schools bought it, now where is it? the i team goes digging for answers. >> can i ask you a question.
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diversity project at a montgomery county high school sparks outrage. students at a souderton area high school were asked could to to write down stereotypes that playing countries. some parents and students believe that could project could have the line one father who didn't want to be identified said his son was very upset about was written for africa. project organizers from pearl s. buck international feel differently it. >> says aids but project africa fried chicken. i never made the distinction. >> i had a knee jerk reaction like ew but in context i understand. >> the school released a statement that reads quote unfortunately the placement of
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the museum exhibition did not provide the full couldn't tech of the program for some this turned an event designed to promote conversation and understand into a hurtful and offensive incident. >> tens of thousands of dollars worth of school supplies missing and it mate be the tip of the iceberg. tonight, an i-team exclusive. records that might make you wonder where your tax dollars are going. our investigative reporter charlotte huffman is getting answersanswers. you've got missing computers. >> i-team showed taxpayers a list of items they paid for but schools can't find. >> this is the cost of the items here. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's a shame what's on that paper. they need to get that right much as a parent for real. >> reporter: the list is long and the price tags are high. apple lab top worth nearly $2,000. a $2,500 printer. a sharp tv and dell desk top computer worth 1400 each. even a heart defebrillator for
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1250 buck. >> that's roth wrong where is it? where did did it go. >> is it somebody too long this stuff. >> reporter: good question. the i-team received an audit in a random check of 125 items at 10 schools 30% were quote not observed. what does that add up to? >> 87 -- almost $88,000 is missing from our schools. >> reporter: that's just a sample of 10 schools. >> wow. >> reporter: controller alan butkovitz says it's a system wide problem in a school district facing an $80 million deficit deficit next year. >> in a school district where students have to take money out of their own pockets to buy supplies and paper where every nickel counts it's unacceptable. >> reporter: it's possible some items are in the schools and just not labeled or mislabel but many others simi nowhere to be found. >> whether they were actually
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taken or whether the school district just didn't know where they were cough the same problem because they have to be replaced orchids are not given the equipment that they need to get a proper education. >> reporter: they do buy lots of equipment. we reviewed purchase orders and found in 2013, the district spent about $1.3 million on more than 700 new computers. of course, some of them may have already disappeared. li missing at bartram high school. of all the schools audited bartram had the most missing items. we wanted talk to the principal. >> i'm looking for principal. >> he's not here isn't with the school's doors were lock and our calls not returned. >> if it's stuff that belongs to the school w is it it's the school district. somebody has to do something about it. >> reporter: we went to the district for answers. >> we need to do better job to account for what occurred for the missing pieces.
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missing computer. >> what are you doing to hold the schools and those principals accountable. >> we are actually freezing their ability to purchase any more items. so under grants, if you are getting the grants, and you're not compliant with the counting of those materials you purchased the next grant you get we'll freeze your money so you're not able to purchase any more items. not until you're able to account for what occurred and where those items are. >> reporter: the schools doing better from years past but district officials agree that 30% of property unaccounted for is not good enough. and remember chris and jessica this is just a snapshot of 10 schools. so if it holds true for all schools did the district we're potentially talking about $2 million problem. >> unbelievable. >> it's all about accountability accountability. you can't keep -- teach kids accountability if the district some being accountable itself. >> you'll be following this. >> we will. >> charlotte thanks. >> no problem. well, a bit of a scary
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visitor showed up down the shore today. >> these are pictures of when the great white shark named mary lee was tagged back in 2012. 3,000-pound shark traveled more than 19,000 miles since then. today at 10am she was track 10 miles off the while wood coast. then about 1:00 p.m. she was tracked about 15 miles off avalon's coat. mary lee latest moves are being announce and tracked on her very own twitter page at mary lee shark. you can follow her at mary lee shark. i was saying mary lee is such a soft delicate name for a very strong shark. >> i think i'll follow mary leon twitter depending on where she is i may stay on the beach. >> 15 miles out right. >> that's close enough. >> right. >> more like 50 miles of separation. >> maybe we can get her on orr at the shore. >> we're counting down. we're only three weeks away. the unofficial start of the summer season. mary lee go away. weatherwise we're talking about
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summer like ready weather. we are ready. potential tropical system that could not ruin our weekend but definitely impact it. let's take you down the shore to atlantic city where it is a foggy night. we have on shore flow creating a lot of moisture down the shore much visibles reduced big time. in atlantic city down to half a mile. in wildwood rio grand down to three tenths of a mile and now in dover we're seeing eight terms of mile in visible this could spread inland during the overnight. in philadelphia 65 but cooler in millville, wildwood and atlantic city where seeing fog. dense fog vice is in effect until tomorrow morning. here's a look at our tropical satellite. we're looking at a cluster of thunderstorms trying to get its act together and form an area of low pressure could become tropical. it does are a 90% chance of developing into low pressure. if it is tropical it could become tropical storm ana the first tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season. we'll see if it gets strong
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enough it will not be bothering our weather friday. tomorrow a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. saturday no problem. nice again. we'll watch because a little bit closer by sunday morning it could bring us a few extra clouds. that would be just about it. and morning fog for mother's day and partly sunny skies. but we'll get the squeeze play by monday into tuesday a cold front approaching from the north and west and moisture from the south and that means we'll be seeing showers and thunderstorms early next week. but really nothing until then. so here's the setup. the jet stream well to the north bringing in the warm air. we have high pressure to the east. we have this tropical moisture between fund link southeasterly winds creating morning fog. a little bit tomorrow down the shore. possibly saturday morning but really kicking in sunday morning. also that warm air creates instability. higher humidity and maybe isolated shower or thunderstorm at best over the weekend. overnight, fog to the south and east comfortable the low 60 degrees in the city. 50's in the suburb. tow patchy morning fog. mostly sunny but still low humidity.
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the high temperature 83. as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning mild as you hit the door door. by noon if you're eating outdoors it will feel hot by 8:00 p.m. stepping outdoors for the evening it will be comfortable with temperatures still in the mid 70s that's above normal for average high temperatures. on the seven day forecast saturday 84. mother's day 84. sunday 86 for mother's day. staying hot right through tuesday those storms break the hit by the mid period of next week.
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tom brady made his first public appearance tonight since the deflate-gate investigation concluded. that he was aware of the rules violaker series turned into patriots pep rally for the super star quarterback. he voided the topic saying it's only been 30 hours sin the tom wells report was released. reporter jim gray asked if it took away from the team's super bowl winning season. >> earned an chief everything we got this year as team and i'm very proud of that and our fans
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should be, too . >> super bowl -- what do you guys think? neither do i. >> how did brady's favorite target rob grant could you ski respond to deflate-gate. he was pressed for a statement by reporters. declined comment except to put on little gun show. moving on. >> eagles taking care of business this afternoon. they signed 2,151st round pick nelson agholor to a four year crack he'll take part in the eagles mini camp this week at the novacare complexion. the cowboys taking a chance on a first round talent with troubling background. today they signed lyle collins lsu offensive lineman. first round pick in the draft but undrafted because he was being questioned by bayton rouge police in connection with the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend. he is not considered a suspect
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in that crime. we'll be right
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♪ well it is the event that sci-fi and comic fans have been waiting for. >> comicon kick off. few celebrities making an appearance lou ferigno the original incredible hulk and philly native m. night shymalan it runs through may tenth at the convention center and cw philly is hosting special screening of the cw show beauty and the beast saturday at noon at the convention center. and then at 3:30 look for panel with steven, from the hit cw show arrow. check that out. >> very popular. >> we'll be right back.
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eyewitness nice returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington, erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. we thank you for watching i were news at 11:00. for beasley, kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at the late show with david letterman is next.
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to night's guest upper darby's tina fey. stay up for that one. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the revolutionary 21 day fix brought to you by beachbody. >> thank you! [ laughs ] hello there. i'm tom bergeron, and this show is about transforming how you look and feel, starting right now. >> announcer: are you struggling right now to lose weight? >> i've struggled with my weight my entire life.


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