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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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soon. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in shamong to bring us to up date. good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that's right, they work well into the night to bring those flames under control. you can see the firetrucks returned here this morning they will return to the scene of the fire to con continue to knock down the flames. let's get you now to video from just yesterday. the new jersey forest fire service worked well into the night to make sure that this fire threat did not grow. they had to go out there search for hot spots as well as flare-ups. this fire was first seen just after 1:00 yesterday, from the atton rage err station. yesterday word the word came down the fire was mostly contained, just about 50% or so. and that was due in large part to the effort here on the ground by firefighters, some 75 of them going out there to setback-fires to weaken the stronger flames, planes, helicopters, also in the air dousing water from on high. now, the forest fire service is looking into the cause this
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morning, and also they say the conditions we now have these dry, humid conditions, are ripe for forest fires. take a listen. >> conditions hasn't been a lot every wind, not a lot of strong winds but just enough 10-mile per hour breeze is very dry we're in the middle of our forest fire season here in the pine barons. and a lot of this area has not burned since the 1920's and 30's. so it is very dense fuel. it is very inaccessible to motorize equipment. we have to do a lot of stuff on foot and utilizing helicopters. >> reporter: and back out live perhaps you can see there is a lot of fog out here this morning. that will also be another complication with the terrain and smoke and they continue for a second day to put this fire out here. so if you are traveling in the area of route 206 atsion road, might see smoke or fog here this morning. live in shamong, justin finch.
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>> thank you. philadelphia police have charged a 18 year old man in a hit-and-run that critically injured a temple university student. rash on robert reportedly confess today driving the car that hit rachael hall last wednesday. investigators say, hall was riding her bike on park avenue and diamond street near the temple campus when she ran a stop sign and robert hit her. police believe charges likely would not have been filed if roberts stayed at the scene. >> he told our investigators the reason he left is he panic because he only had a learners permit. you have people whose lives will be affected forever, both the victim and the perpetrator. so no winners here. >> robert is charged with leaving the scene after accident causing serious bodily injury and driving without a license. >> tornados roar across the southern planes for a second straight day. we want to show you one of three confirmed twisters that touched down in north texas yesterday. this wedge tornado was captured on camera in a town town of crumb just north of dallas. there are no reports of any injuries or major damage from
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that storm. now, else where in texas check it out officials say that lightning sparked this explosion in a gas well. authority had to shut down portions every interstate 35 nearby. that fire was so intense that officials say they're just going to let it burn itself out. but it all start from the lightning. >> 5:33, we check in with kate toy get our forecast and a beautiful friday. >> it will certainly ends up that way. as we just heard in justin finch's report, definately poor visibility, not just because of the smoke coming out of that fire, but also, just because we're starting to see little bit more of on shore flow. very light winds. allowing fog to settle on in. and we take you out first and for most to the visibility map, it stands out like a sore thumb. it is so obvious where you have the problem. further end lands that you go, further north you go, not an issue. pretty much clear sky at this point. but you're below half mile visibility. in at lan ticket sit wildwood dover basically everywhere, down southeast of philadelphia here, so there are dense fog advisories
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posted and it is always really difficult to see fog on a saturday light. but if you see that sort of thin vale of gray over the open ocean water that does extend into the coastline here. and even further inland to southern new jersey, and delaware so, that's where that is coming from. in the meantime, your temperatures are generally in the mid or even upper 50's, but, notice the winds direction. that arrow right on shore. so that's where again the moisture content is coming from. and combine that with the light winds that is how that fog is having such an easy time, just developing. meantime, we give you back-to-back 84-degree day time highs for today tomorrow, we are expecting beautiful day to unfold, as soon as this fog lifts so, great excuse to get outside and turning brighter with every passing hour. vittoria? >> i know i will be taking advantage of that, katie. good morning everyone, well right now we have pretty busy friday. congratulations to all of our temple graduates. they're g commencement is happening today. so notice some extra volume on broad street. this morning around 8:30.
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we will see how it affect our rush hour commute in and around the area. right now things are quiet. i mean, 5:35, i would say this is sort of the calm before the storm. we have so many events this weekend. one of the biggest being susan g. komen race for the cure on sunday, with that will be affecting closures on kel i have drive of course but also the dad vail regatta today. just with so many events, if you are watching us right now at home, you just want to prepare yourself for some even heavier traffic today as well as throughout the weekend. how much, right now, all of the area bridges moving well. not dealing with any major indenture volume problems on any of the majors in pa, new jersey, and delaware. how much, in the neighborhoods, lower southampton, accident at philmont and street road. vehicle hit traffic signal there. so that will be affecting your commute. also, traveling in delaware, we have construction on 202 southbound, the ramp to 95 northbound closed ongoing until 5:00 a.m. monday starting on saturday. erika? >> vittoria, thank you. we have some brand new video and it is causing outrage in northeast philadelphia.
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a six year old girl's bike stolen in broad daylight and her neighbors security camera catches the whole thing. take a look here. the wissinoming woman bought surveillance camera after her children's bikes were stolen. but that camera caught someone stealing from her neighbor. it happened in the 4200 block of howell street yesterday afternoon. as you can see in that video a black car pulls up to the home, that man gets out grabs the bike, from the porch throws it in the trunk and then drives off. that video was posted on facebook, to ask for help finding that man who stole the bike. that post has already been shared more than 1600 times. >> this is just the latest attempt the at vigilante justice on social media. we showed you the surveillance video last week after man stealing bushes from a bustleton home after the homeowner posted it on her facebook page. now, it worked because the suspect in that case turned himself in, after it was viewed more than 645,000 times just on her page alone. so this seems to be
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effective. people have surveillance cameras up, and post it on line. >> that goes a long way. somebody has seen something long way. our time now 5:37. business news, what mcdonald's is adding to its breakfast menus. >> also, how t-mobile is target ago rival's customers. wendy gillette joins us from the stock exchange with those stories and more. >> reporter: good morning april jobs report that will be released later this morning expected to be more positive after disappointing numbers in march. experts predict us employers added more than 215,000 positions last month. here on wall street, the dow gained 82 points yesterday. the nasdaq added almost 26. >> t-mobile is aggressively trying to lure away verizon custom wester new promotion. the never settle campaign, will allow verizon use tears transfer their verizon phone numbers to t-mobile device for two weeks free of charge. customers who want to stick with verizon after the trial period can return the phone
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without any feast. those who want to jump to t-mobile can trade in their verizon phones, keep the new t-mobile phone, and t-mobile will foot the bill for any termination fees. the promotion runs from may 13th to may the 31st. >> and world's largest food chain going healthy. mcdonald's announced adding kale to its breakfast bowls in nine test markets. part of new strategy to shake its junk food image. mcdonald's hopes to bring back customers after years of declining sales. we'll have to see if that works, ukee, erika? >> revamping everything. so if it does well, those markets could be coming to philly. >> can't wait to try t thanks. >> well, are you thinking about renting out your home during the papal visit this september? that decision could end up costing you. under a proposed measure, the sit i would require anyone who rents out space on air b ability and b or similar sites to april the current eight and a half% hotel tax. owners who rent out space for
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at least 31 days a year would also have to get a license. right now short-term rentals like that are not taxed. >> now, the city will be in the international spotlight when the pope comes to town. but magazine says visitors will not get a very friendly welcome here. travel and leisure magazine just ranked the city of brotherly love as the third unfriendly city in the country. certainly a lot of folks around here disagree with. that will only detroit and new york ranked worse. >> please, i would like to get all every those writers together, please, what did you base that on? don't even try it. >> the magazine in their defense they did give the city high marks for its art scene and food. so we have that going for us. >> i need all of the other information on what they base that on, please. >> a city where if you are nice to somebody, polite, they'll treat you well in return. little rude, built of jerk what do you expect? >> brotherly love and sisterly affection, right here. no where else. >> what do they know? philly magazine. >> talk to me. hey, in. ba basketball team doing damage control this morning.
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>> controversial video sparked outrage with fans. nicole? >> reporter: and erika, it is the largest collegiate rowing competition in the country. and it all happens here along the schuylkill river. live with details of the event coming up next.
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>> collegiate rowers from around the country getting ready for huge annual race. let's check in with nicole brewer along the kelly right now with a preview of this big race. hey, nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning respect guys. yes, ma'am, it is going to be a beautiful day here along the schuylkill river. you mentioned thousands of athletes preparing to race along the schuylkill river. it is the largest collegiate rowing competition in the country, in philadelphia, of course, proud to play host. the races are set to kick off at 7:00. for now the water's still pretty calm. not whole lot of action out here. but we do know that the officials are on scene right now, also, joined by the president of the dad vail regatta organizing committee, jim, we always sort of coordinate our outfits. >> thanks for being here. see our work verse been here since about 5:00 a.m.
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getting boats ready we're fortunate, we've got fabulous weather forecast, so the aberdeen aberdale regatta the largest in the northern america now. we're bringing people from ontario, canada, san diego california and of course we have our normal florida crews. we couldn't ask for better conditions. regatta bigger than ever. it will be a great day. the great thing about the and aberdeen regatta, it is free, it is a family friendly event. it is casino of right of passage in fairmount park. we kind of open the city every spring so, people should come out, enjoy the terrific weather and the great competition. >> yes, there is no cost for tickets, as you mentioned anyone can come and watch. really are no tickets. people can feel free to come and organize along kelly drive here along these amazing athletes. we should mention that if you are planning to drive in you will be redirect today off site parking and there is a shuttle bus right free shuttle bus? >> shuttle bus is free. there is a charge for parking.
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city charges for parking. they secure the cars. but there is a shuttle bus charge. now, once people come, they will be able to see crews that are prestigious be able to see michigan, they'll be able to see any number of local crews, drexel dragons michigan in a big contest so this year the competition will be very, very tight. the nice thing about this particular regata, people can sit on the sea wall, be up close to the competitors see the sweat pouring off the rowers here the cox inches shouting for them to raise the count. so if you want to have a little bit of a different experience for you and your kids come out to the aberdeen regatta. >> good luck to you, today i know will be busy day here along the schuylkill river. i do want to mention erika von tiehl and i got a little lesson in rowing. coming up in our 6:00 hour we will see how we fared along the river. we send it back into you. >> oh, oh?
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>> harder than it looks. arms little sore still. nicole, thank you can't wait to see that. >> thanks, nick. >> right now we check in with katie, see if we have a good day for rowing. >> generally speaking some real nice weather. we've been rained out in years past at the dad vail. so thankfully, some nicer weather to go with it this time. eyewitness weather watchers reporting cooler air this morning, but generally pretty nice start to the morning. although, the further south and east you travel, we are finding some fog which we'll discuss. but finding nice clear sky in cherry hill at 55 degrees, happy friday lynn says, birds chirping it up this morning i love. that will in chads words going into some of the more remote suburbs finding fog settling in here, very light wind virtually none out there, dew points starting to mask the temperature. that's what it is. dew point measures the amount of moisture content in the atmosphere and the closer it gets to the temperature, the more saturated your air mass. that's what we are finding out in the live neighborhood network. this is our view typically out over the genesis bay from
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middle township high school in the live neighborhood network. but yes you can't see it off in the distance. that fog is so thick right now. so there are dense fog advisories posted. nice wide zoom, storm scan, we've got a lot going on, offer to the south subtropical storm ana form off to the west, another day in several more of severe weather potential. we still have high pressure, though, that will hook us up yet again with pretty nice weather. our problems are very minor by comparison, to other part of the country but with ana now starting to children up, gather more moisture and organization, we ends up with fog this morning probably tomorrow and sunday morning as well, but overall, it is turning steamy, too. and certainly very warm, that's the theme even into early next week. >> thank you katie. good morning everyone. right now it does seem like we are picking up fog foggy hazy shot of the pack cone i palmyra bridge, we await an opening. it does seem to be maybe about a minute ago i saw few headlight going across, but does seem to be they finally
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stopped traffic on the tac-pal. they'll be owning it soon. they scheduled it for 5:45. looks like just about on time. anticipate the closure of 73. we will keep you updated. susan komen race for the cure this sunday. because that far kelly drive will be closed in and around that area, just going to be very, very busiment eakins oval to fountain green so if you are traveling in and around the stretch 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., keep in mind maybe the schuylkill is the best bet. i would anticipate even delays in and around there as well. as far as septa goes for race for the cure, we do have few detours that will be happening. so you do want to be mindful if you are traveling anyone of the bus routes, again, they will be detoured on sunday. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. we would like to up date breaking news from nigerian extremists just attacked a school. terrorists believed to be with boca haran set off car bomb and started shooting in the school. five student i'm told were shot and 45 other were hurt trying to escape all of the chaos. one of the attackers was killed when his car bomb blew
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up in a parking lot. much more throughout the morning on this latest breaking news from nigeria. son your health watch this morning, another reason to get vaccinated against the measles. researchers say that vaccine may help the body fight off other illnesses for years. it is long been known that the measles virus weakens the immune system for weeks or even months increasing the risk for other infections. now, scientists say the vulnerable period goes on much longer than originally thought, up to three years. >> well, this sunday we will celebrate 25 years of fighting for cure for breast cancer. >> the annual susan g. komen race for the cure. and one couple for this one couple it is a day to celebrate life. carol erickson introduces you to the wife and husband who both battled breast cancer twice. >> you can help me with this. >> and the help goes far beyond a grill cover. chris and franny teammate sharing everything from the mundane, to the medical. >> breast cancer was the last thing in my mind.
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>> but 64 year old franny got breast cancer twice. she just got over her last bought. and her six a year old husband, chris has also had breast cancer, twice including right now. >> chris and i are both back a positive. >> back a, breast cancer gene back luck draw that plays out over generations their two daughters inherited the gene. >> my two girls decided to go ahead with risk reduction surgery, which i thought was very courageous of them. >> there is no shortage of courage in their household or family photos. chris, the manager and franny the nurse, met by chance as teenagers in a group. >> all coy think of is you have a match. >> boy was there ever a match. marriage, three kids, grandchildren, cancer for them both and a strategy. >> we weren't allowed to have a pitty party on the same day. >> so they pick up on each other's mood, the grand kids toys in the yards trying to keep life normal whether it often hasn't been. franny's first breast cancer diagnosis in 97, and her deal with god about her then eight
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year old son. >> i promise that if he let me live to see this child grow up that's what would matter. >> thriving, leaving, part of the plan getting breast cancer again having her husband get rare male breast cancer twice. >> sometimes you use words you're not supposed to use on television. >> with the momentum of cancer, wigs still in the house. >> this is the one i was the most fond of. >> i liked her as a bronze. >> chris' humor will be tested in the upcoming treatment. >> i'm going into another battle. >> get that vibration in the nip he will or swollen arm checked out. you have got a lot of living to do. in willow grove carol erickson cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and we hope you'll join the women of "eyewitness news" for live coverage of the 25th anniversary of the susan g. komen race for the cure for breast cancer. twenty-five years of saving lives. we are live on the air starting at 6:00 a.m. on mother day that's this sunday, may tenth, and i know ukee you'll be out on hug
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patrol. >> you got that right. looking forward to this day. very special. we'll be right back.
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>> a murder investigation underway at apartment complex in darby borough delaware county. they say resident shot to death about 1:00 this morning one person was spotted running away from the scene. also, breaking this morning, new britain township bucks county police are investigating a home invasion in chalfont. they say that two arm men, got away with cash, electronics and other items from home on south limekiln pike. >> chopper three over shamong burlington counsel i where forest fire broke out yesterday about 700 acres are burned. firefighters say the fire is about 50% contained. right now 5:53, we want
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to check in with katie for the forecast. >> pretty quiet one overall. starting things off with high pressure in place do have very minor extra things to tell you about. fog is a issue. south and east of philadelphia, this morning and we are expecting that to be a concern for your visibility issues here for the next few mornings, in fact. race for the cure happens on sunday, as we mentioned in the last break. and it looks like it will be a warm one this year. vittoria? >> thank you so much. katie, good morning everyone, talcony palmyra bridge is up. be mindful 73 is closed. we'll let you know when it will be put back down. traveling the majors, not awful, as you see that's the good news, however things will change, that's why you want to keep it here. we'll be right back on cbs-3. stay with
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cleveland cavaliers, endorses dom he domestic violence. >> in wednesday's game against the chicago bulls.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> bull fan? i didn't know you were a bull fan. >> when it is playoff basketball time, you have to be all n don't make the same mistake she made. >> now, it was meant to mimic an insurance company's ad that depict a clumsy couple recreating the iconic dance scene from dirty dancing then falling. cavaliers released statement saying domestic violence is a very serious matter, and has no place in a parody. you can see they were trying to have a lit heart the approach, but that's not something -- >> this day and age specially you don't do that, and they got a lot of reaction nationally, as well. >> and quickly an apology. >> we'll take a short break you're watching "eyewitness
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we want to update breaking news. darby borough police on the scene after murder investigation. police say that a man was shot and killed in the hallway of
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an apartment complex this happened in the 400 block of main street. detectives and the medical examiner are now at the scene. police are investigating to see if a man seen running down main street could be connected to this crime. no word yet on motive. but once again a murder investigation underway right now in darby borough. >> also, breaking this morning, the search for two men in a violent home invasion and robbery in bucks county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at new britain township police department with the latest information for us. jan? >> erika ukee, police here are still searching for two armed suspects, and for a time, they had a very strong lead. they were tracking a stolen cell phone but it seems investigate verse been disconnected. >> an old farm house in quiet chalfont, bucks county, became the scene after frightening home invasion and robbery overnight. just after


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