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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 10, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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race for the cure steps off 6:00 tomorrow morning mothers day. will the weather be as nice as it is today? justin drabick tracking the details. what's the latest? >> looks like we'll have repeat of today. once again fog is going to continue to develop overnight. we'll start off with foggy conditions for your mother day morning, but by the afternoon we should see little sunshine. we will keep it dry. here we go. storm scan3 nice and quiet some clouds over the region, however, though, fog continues to move in from the cold atlantic ocean. we have warm air sitting over the chilly water. that's what's forming the fog southeast wind continues to push it inland. here we go. dense fog advisory remains in effect until nine # for the immediate new jersey coastline, new jersey, and southern delaware, sussex county delaware, watch out for visibility, less than quarter after mile possible overnight. even inland spots see some lower visibility, here we, are right now 10 miles in philadelphia, so aren't dealing with the fog just yet. but, less than half mile in atlantic city, down to half
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mile in wildwood, less than mile in dover delaware. so again there is fog continues to push off to the west. 70 degrees very mild this hour, in philadelphia, very muggy, you can feel the humidity out there, 63 in south jersey, there the suburbs similar numbers tonight shall everybody holding in the 60s this hour, 68 palmyra, new jersey, six an in mt. holly. so let's break down the race for the cure again tomorrow morning dealing with the areas of dense fog 6:00 a.m. temperatures holding in the 60s, with that fog. still by # the start of the event, foggy conditions will continue with temperatures upper 60s then by 10:00 i think see little sunshine returning to forecast, and partly sunny skies eventually see those temperatures surging up into the 80s so happy mother day everyone, sunday forecast after the fog dissipates, talking about mid 80s for the afternoon high. >> tornado touchdowns, tornado watch continues and that system, will eventually work
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its way off to the north and east talk about more rain chances coming up in the seven day in just a few more minutes. back to you. >> thank you so much justin. severe weather meantime ripping through parts of the southwest and the great planes tonight. this tornado was actually caught on camera about 100 miles west of fort worth. it damaged homes, rimmed apart trees, and in oklahoma, flashfloods forced at least one driver to abandon a pick-up truck. nick lost nearly half million dollars in property when his place flood in the 2013. and now less than two years later, it is starting to happen all over again. >> my thought is why the hell me again? >> so they kept telling me in 2013 the thousand year flood would not happen in a thousand years, basically pretty lame. >> flooding is also a big concern in other state including colin county, texas where sandbags couldn't stop the water from entering a home, leaving behind quite a mess. >> a might mayor scenario for
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any airline passenger flight from london to new york forced to land at philadelphia international airport. no one was allowed offer the plane for hours. >> matt rivers has the story. >> reporter: they sat for hours, in of those hours spent on the runway inside a plane that was supposed to lands in new york city. yet, when they neared that airport, the pilot steered toward pennsylvania. >> i could feel that we were ascending versus descending, and the lights of new york seemed to be farther and farther away. >> fog supposedly caused the route change, so it was off to philly. but when they got here, passengers not allowed off the british airways flight from london. actor jerry pitchon was aboard, tweeted as much now deleted post he wrote at british airwayss for total of seven hours on the ground whether immigration opens holding us all hostage. because it was international the passengers had to go through customs but customs didn't open until 5:00 a.m. so instead they all sat on the
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floor in a holding area for several more hours. >> like cattle. it was relatively calm. i've definately seen worse. >> with us through customs rented cars, took cabs trains, to get where they needed to go. transatlantic flight made that much longer. brittish airways did address the swaying, apologized for the delays and said safety was their number one motivation. they did the best they could during difficult situation. we're in the sat center. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new tonight power has just been restored for 1,000 peco customers in philadelphia's manayunk neighborhood. peco is still working to try to get another thousand or so customers back on line. officials say the power went out in the main street area just before 8:00 tonight. there is no word on what caused the outage. >> also, the one year old baby boy who allentown police say was thrown into the lehigh river by his mother has now died. eyewitnesses say 19 year old
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joenesha perry through the baby off the hamilton bridge, and then herself last sunday. they were both rescued those charges are expected to be upgraded. >> and nicetown three people injured when the cars they were in slammed into a house. it happened in the 2600 block of roberts avenue. the car hit the steps and then rammed a support beam on the porch. no one inside the home was injured. >> a montgomery county teenager meantime who was missing for nearly three days has been found in ohio. police say nicholas was located safe and sound and will be reunited when his family very soon. the 18 year old left his home on cross hill rolled in king of prussia around 10:00 p.m. wednesday. it is still not clear why he went to ohio. >> a gloucester county couple is behind bars tonight accused of causing serious injuries to a two year old girl. washington township police arrested jacob lynn and
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jennifer pankerr. >> any time a child is involved it, is just heart breaking, you know? really makes me sad. >> police and prosecutors agree. charges now filed against washington township couple accused of severe child abuse. >> i did see a police officer and an ambulance go by. >> one day later neighbor now realizes what she saw. friday, police arrested 25 year old jacob lynn, and 24 year old jennifer pandorf from their home on lupus lane. police say mid april the couple was taking care of lynn's two year old caught here lives with her mother at another address. after a three day trip with her father, police say the mother got her daughter back so badly injured she was bleeding from her brain. >> this is a family neighborhood. you see children all the time. you just don't expect someone to do that to a young child. >> the child was taken to the hospital and treated for serious injuries. she remains in recovery at a local rehab center.
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>> i hope she is okay, that's all i care. >> lynn and pandorf both charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child. both remain behind bars, bail set at $50,000.40000 respectfully, reporting from washington township police headquarters, steve patterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> police have identified the woman who was pinned under a duck boat and killed yesterday in chinatown as 68 year old elizabeth carnicky of texas. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on the corner of 11th and arch streets. police say carnicky tried to cross the street against a red light while looking at electronic device. no charges are expected to be filed against the driver in this case. police are now looking for surveillance video to corroborate witness accounts. >> now, five people were injured in a crash involving several cars in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. "eyewitness news" on roosevelt boulevard at tyson avenue. the impact forced an engine
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out of one every these vehicles. they all suffered major damage. authority say the crash victims are in stable condition. the cause of this accident is still under investigation. >> philadelphia 22nd police district held a beef and beer fundraiser today in honor of slain officer robert wilson. "eyewitness news" at the park land youth organization, in the northeast today. several items were auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to officer wilson's family. officer wilson was shot and killed in the line every duty on march 5th during attempted robbery in north philly. stay with us everyone, still ahead on "eyewitness news" family of bears puts quite a square into this group of tourists. find out where this happened and why wildlife officials say this could have been avoided altogether. plus, an incredible story of survival. see how this woman got the life saving resources she needed to battle breast cancer. justin? >> seeing another round every dense fog developing right chasing 90 degrees in the
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seven day forecast, check it out in a few minutes. >> and coming up in sports, phillies look to go make it two in a row against the mets. leslie van arsdale those highlight and
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>> philadelphia's race for the cure runs tomorrow morning and tonight we're bringing you an incredible survival story of breast cancer diagnosis shook a west philadelphia to the core. with no health insurance at the time, she wondered where to go for help, and how she would get life saving treatment. she tells us about a komen
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resource that saved her life. >> i'm just thankful for life, the strength. >> sheinelle is the epitomy after survivor. her passion anises for life is infectious. >> get your pompom's here. >> got my pompom's i'm able to cheer. >> her journey at this point started august of 2012, day that began like any other would take a drastic turn. >> one day i was laying in my bed. and discovered a lump on my breast, and i said no, this is not what i am feeling. >> this can't be so. >> after the initial denial, she realize interested was no hiding from reality. she had breast cancer. and the fight for her life would grin. >> i didn't have insurance at the time because the job i was working with didn't offer it. so i new i had to go on the web. >> she scoured the web looking for any programs that would help. she found susan g. komen grant that changed her life. >> i found susan g. komen healthy woman grant. i called the number, and it led me to a social worker at jefferson hospital.
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and she set me up with a appointment about two days later, that's the best decision i made in my life. >> doctors began aggressively treating her stage two breast cancer no time to waste, all the while sheinelle thoughts went to her aunt who passed away the disease years ago. >> she had strength. she never complains. so surviving for the both of us. >> ♪ ♪ >> channel along with fellow cancer patient and staff at jefferson hospital reported this video during a treatment session. dancing and singing happy during what could have been some of their darkest days. >> i knew god had prepared me for a time as this, and i knew that he was going to heal me. >> channel and her family are gearing up for this year's 25th anniversary race for the cure on mothers day. she looks back on pictures from her first race two years ago, determined to continue the fight year after year, for as long as it takes. >> that's what i was determine to beat this thing. because i'm not stopping until the cure is found.
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>> well, chen he will is a phenominal woman currently undergoing reconstructive surgery. here at the race tomorrow watching her make her way down the art museum steps with hundreds of other survivors. so we do invite to you join the women of "eyewitness news" as well, for live coverage of the 25th anniversary of the susan g. komen race for the cure for breast cancers. we're live on the air starting at 6:00 a.m. on mother day tomorrow. may tenth. now, kids in camden country learning how to ride their bicycles safely this summer. dozen pedals through obstacle course at the fourth annual bike rodeo today. "eyewitness news" here at park in camden's kramer hill neighborhood. kids learned how to properly put on bike helmet, at hit met fitting station. today was all about safety. >> everything that we do is geared toward that, whether it is the mechanic, bicycles, doing things, but just for the community, and working with the community to make sure
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that their needs are met. >> the camden county free holler board division of traffic safety put this event together today. >> some tourists meantime at yellowstone national park in monday tan a they got quite the scare when they were chased by a family of black bears. it looks like the curious spectators got little too close to the mama and her cubs yesterday. according to wildlife experts you should stay at least a hundred yards away from a bear, and it is never a good idea to run away it, actually triggers a preditor response. i'm glad we got that straight. so we know what to dot in the future. meteorologist, justin drabick joining us only trying to figure out what's going on with the tropical storms. deal with -- dealing with pretty decent wetter. >> warm, humid, talking about first tropical system of the season, little before it officially starts, yes this can happen. beach-goers in the carolinas are being warned to stay out of the ocean as tropical storm ana batters the region with strong winds high waves. now, ann is the earlier
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tropical storm to form in the atlantic since another storm also named ana that was back in 2003. the hurricane season officially starts on june 1st. but again, you can get storms before the season officially starts, certainly get them in december, even january. so not so uncommon. but we take you out to satellite image of ann a not big storm at all. very compact that's good news, so packing some decent winds at 60 miles per hour, just off shore, of myrtle beach, south carolina, about 50 miles. again, very small storm but still, decent amount of rain on shore into southern north carolina just south of wilmington, then north of charleston, south carolina so this storm continues to track to the north and west very slowly, should make landfall early sunday morning again big story here will be dangerous rip current for the carolinas all the way down south into george a for us, really won't be seeing much of effect from this storm maybe some clouds, could be stray shower coming in extreme southern jersey, and southern delaware later on monday.
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so here is the fact at of 11:00. 06 miles per hour, gust to go 07 moving north-northwest 5 miles per hour. slowly picking up speed. it is trying to turn farther to the north eventually it will go northeast. the official track over the next 48 hours moves inland tomorrow, then weakens into renmant low pressure system, then eventually moves out to sea, again southern delaware could see couple of showers associated with the remnants of ana on monday. here's what's happening over our region not much, inbetween two systems, cold front over the ohio vale, will stay there for awhile, there is ana slowly moving on shore to the overnight hours along the carolina coals. for us, stuck in this warm and humid air mass, still that flow off the ocean bringing in the dense fog. seeing that all the way along the new jersey coastline delaware coastline southeast wind, still brinking in that moist flow. so again each night we will be dealing with round of dense fog, so just be careful if you are driving through the overnight hours. sixty to around 07 degrees for
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current temperatures this hour, them the farther west you get away from the ocean even warmer, 77 pittsburgh, 72 in buffalo. so, no matter where you're cross the eastern us, your dealing with some warm weather. tomorrow foggy start then some afternoon sunshine, mid 80s for the high temperatures, little cooler near the shore. i think the fog holds on the jersey and delaware coastlines. monday here comes the front from the west, could bring shower storm then the remnants of ana move to the north, more clouds, still warm humid, in the 80s tuesday the front get closer, better chance for scattered shower or storm. could hit 09 on tuesday if we see enough sunshine. but the fog continues to roll in through the overnight. so foggy start monday morning it dissipates, see little sun for the afternoon. same deal again sunday night the fog moves back in for monday morning then we see some sunshine monday afternoon. maybe stray shower in some spots. then the pattern just repeats itself on tuesday. so mild, muggy start to your sunday morning low mid 60s
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then the afternoon inland, surge back to the 80s cool earl along the coastline same deal for monday. temperatures in the 60s to start off. then in the afternoon highs reach the 80s so watch out for the areas of dense fog overnight, 64 for the low for center city, nice rebounds tomorrow after the morning fog, we get to 84 degrees, remember our average high 72. race for the cure tomorrow, for mother day again the event start at 8:00. still some fog around, temperature right around 68 degrees. here we go. the extended forecast, if you like warm and humid conditions, you will like the next few days, mid and upper 80s, done shower or storm, monday afternoon and tuesday afternoon. if you don't like the humidity, wait until wednesday. look at the second half of the next week. low in the 70s back near average, 50's for the overnight low temperatures, open up the windows again and enjoy that. >> very nice, thanks, justin, phillies looking for another win? >> hoping to get something going. >> yes, phillies trying to make it two naira against the mets and the eagles-rookies getting first taste of the
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nfl. and well, you are going have to see this one to believe it. making the play of the day that and more,
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>> good news about the phillies. >> we well, it is lovely day. >> well, the phillies trying to make it two in a row against the met tonight. they did send aaron to the mount, been the best starter so far this season. game tied up in the sixth carlos changes that, rims the double down the left feel line, da darren comes around to score phillies lead two to one. then in the seventh, mets will go ahead and get this lead back, launches the ball to left field. this is a two run shot, and the met will take a three to two lead. ninth inning, the phillies send in chase utley pinch
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hitter. base hit, zero for 19 street at the plate. last chance for the phillies, bev revere grounds out the first, phillies lose this 13 to two. >> the braves and nationals tied at six in the ninth not any more, brace harper, third walk off homer of his career, sixth homerun in three games. so what does he get? not gatorade shower, chocolate syrup shower. cardinals and pirates, top of the second, molina, lined at the second, kneel walker makes the leaping catch. outnumber one, force two outs, then, back to second for the third out. keeping score at home, triple play, first in baseball history, pirates win it seven to five. eagles will be holding joint practices with the ravens at the nova care complex this summer. leading up to the pre-season game august 22. eagles practice with the pay riots at the linc, then foxboro last summer.
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eagles-rookies mini camp continues this weekend biggest attraction, we mean big, 6-foot nine, defensive ends brian from boston college. he was the eagles seventh rounds pick in part because of his size off the charts. >> i actually hit it in high school like end every my freshman year, i was five-11 then six-four, then six-seven all in the span of about two years. >> union and vancouver struggles continues for the union, broken play, vancouver will capitalize, pedro moralez with the goal, and one-nothing vancouver. then in the 44th minute another missed cue here. octavio rivera will get the goal. and the union lose three to nothing. >> this could be the highlight of the day albany taking on colonel, ncaa he is lacrosse tournamentment check out goalie, rear done, check out his speed goes coast-to-coast
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20-yard line, break the double team right, there don't worry not done. because he will score. amazing goal. he made 19 saves, albany wins
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well, welcome back everyone, wizards world comic con activities are continuing at the pennsylvania convention center this weekend and today
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actor steven amel hit show arrow. airs on our sister station the "cw philly". and place the title character based on the famous dc comic superhero. the show season finale airs next wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on the "cw philly". we'll be right back. stay with
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that's "eyewitness news" for now, i'm natasha brown for leslie, justin all of us here, we appreciate you joining us. if you are up early join our morning team at 6:00 a.m. many ever for full coverage, we'll be out there, blue bloods is up next. come say hi to us, right leslie? >> absolutely. >> have a great night, everyone. take care. >> ♪ ♪
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