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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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injuries, fire fighters have responded to that scene downingtown chester county but you again two alarms right now we will keep an eye on this and keep you updated on tv and also on line at cb. also this video just in, what started out as a call for a car accident ended with four philadelphia police officers injured, and a suspect shot. authorities say that the suspect used his car as a weapon. good evening to you i'm yes sir contact dean. i'm chris may. all this began as police responded to a car accident at seventh and chew in olney. that is when police say that driver took off hitting those three officers. a fourth officer was then hit at ogontz and stenton avenues. that is where the suspect was shot. he was arrested in the 1900 block have of colonial street. we have live team coverage tonight of this drama we will begin with david spunt on the ground at colonial street, david? >> reporter: crime scene investigators just left this area a few minutes ago.
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i want to back out so you can take a live look at the suspect's car, had marine car next to the police car and we talk to one of the suspects friend lives here and known him for many years and says it may be his medication that made him act out. >> i think maybe he was on some medications or something that he recently just had heart surgery. >> reporter: wayne white wants to know more about the moments before his friend a man he calls blue was shot by police. authorities say man collapsed on colonial street after fleeing from officers, in this beat up car. it started when police office are got a call about a car accident on chew avenue. officers found this maroon car and driver inside and as officers tried to help the man out of the car he became combative, driving off and injuring three officers. >> he probably was unconscious and woke up and started fighting the cops for some strange reason. >> reporter: police say minutes later at stenton and ogontz, two other office are opened fire on the suspect.
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detectives say he kept driving and made it to colonial street where he park the car got out and collapsed near near these stairs. >> he wases just laying there. >> reporter: margarita rodolph lives across the street from where the man collapsed. whether he she ran outside other neighbors told her what happened. >> it is also about the the cops. i really do. >> reporter: many neighbors told me they have seen this man before. we are told there was a police presence still at all of the scenes from earlier. meanwhile police officers and suspect continue to recover at a local hospital. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks very much. as you mentioned the injured officers and suspect were taken to einstein medical center. our pat ciarrocchi is live there to continue our team coverage and pat you spoke exclusively with one of those injuries officers. >> reporter: yeah, indeed i did, jessica. it was the fourth officer injured in the second part of the incident. he was shy and a little
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hesitant. he wasn't really comfortable giving us his name but did he speak to us for a very brief interview. a young officer with the leg injury, that could have been worse. >> i'm in a little pain, sore for right now. >> reporter: was it just your ankle. >> yes, my left leg. >> reporter: you must have been scared. >> i didn't really think bit at the time. >> reporter: the officer was hesitant to give us his name but his bravery was obvious. he was fourth officer injury. he fled suspect's car as he got out of his police car. >> all four injured by one individual, in a car and used a car as a weapon. >> reporter: dangers of police work on the streets of philadelphia a. the suspect described as incoherent battled with police when they tried to help him after crashing his car. >> they were fighting this guy. he was very strong. i understand he is a a pretty good sized guy and there were three officers at that location. so for him to be able to get back into that vehicle says a
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lot. >> reporter: mayor described all four officers as banged up. >> i have talk to all four police officer. they are pretty banged up but in good spirits. folks here at einstein are doing a tremendous job to help them deal with this. >> reporter: well, suspect also being treated here at einstein, from what police tell us he was shot in the chest and he was in surgery late this afternoon. reporting live from einstein medical center, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat thanks very much. we will continue to stay on top of any and all developments with this story both on air and on cbs philly to the come. again this video showing the incident unfold this afternoon but the good news in all of this if there is any that those injured officers are expect to be okay. unbelievable rid yes there. we will turn to weather now and what a difference a day will make. today we mark hottest day of the year so far tomorrow a major cool down. meteorologist kathy orr is out
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identify on the sky deck with that in the first forecast, kathy. >> chris, we will trade in the sleeveless for sweaters come tomorrow morning it is hard to believe but temperatures will be crashing some degrees from this afternoon to tomorrow morning. take a look at the the high in philadelphia a we made it to 88 degrees, near record warmth, record being 91 setback in 1881. you have to go back a long time to see this kind of heat. in philadelphia 86. eighty-seven at the airport in atlantic city. same in dover allentown and reading. but look at what is coming, a cold front and behind it 50's. cleveland 58 buffalo, new york 53, and then chicago 55. so the major cool down will begin as showers with that cold front stay to the north and it will be a very pleasant evening. here's what you can expect. eighty at 7:00. 9:00 p.m. 74. cooling down to 69 by 11:00 p.m. coming up we will talk more about the changes windy conditions enhanced fire
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danger. you'll feel more like may. we will check out if there is any rain in the seven day. we are well below average for this movement we will see you later on in the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks very much. new details now on this dramatic crash and the rescue that played out on the northeast extension. today "eyewitness news" was face-to-face with one of the two women who was in the mass a miata which god wedged under a ups tractor trailer. seventy-eight year-old nylon duka survived. by the fourth impact she began to pray for a quick death. >> as long as god just takes me and i don't to have lay in bed suffering, you know, i'm fine with it. >> duka and her five five-year old daughter catherine moaning survived the crash. the she's hospitalized and expected to recover. one week from today the polls will be opened and in philadelphia democrats will choose their nominee for office of the mayor. "eyewitness news" is profiling
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all of the candidates in this very colorful campaign and today we will catch up with nelson diaz, monk most accomplish mens of his field he wants to put his years of experience to work at city hall. nelson diaz is a familiar face around philadelphia. >> vote for me to get that done. >> yes. >> reporter: he is called city home for 45 years and now he hopes to transform it. >> we can make every school in the city available to kid so everybody can have a quality education. >> reporter: foundation of his campaign is deire to improve public education. he believes that is the solution to the city's biggest problems. >> philadelphia has one of the highest rates of poverty of any large city in america. how can you change that as mayor. >> everything stems from education, education is the only equalizer in a person's life. why do i know that? because that is how i got in the middle class. >> reporter: raised in a harlem housing projects what he first puerto rican to earn a law degree from temple, work as a special assistant to vice-president mondale and
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president clinton for general council for housing and urban development but his passion was for philadelphia where he served a dozen years as a common pleas court judge. >> i believe that the police and a the community should know each other. >> reporter: unlike his rival an atone i williams diaz is open to keeping charles ramsey as police commissioner. >> if he decided to work with me on community policing i would welcome the opportunity to keep him on. >> reporter: he also wants reforms, reducing philadelphia's wage and business taxes which he calls regress i have by shifting tax burden on to commercial real estate and he wants new sources of revenue like allowing center city bars to stay opened up at night. new money lead to new jobs and better philadelphia it business is what best for the city and what is best for the educational opportunities of our kids. that is why i'm doing it. >> reporter: he is also doing to it make history, to blaze a trail to city hall. you have got a chance to be the city's first every electric latino mayor what would that mean to you.
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>> i'm very proud of it but we have to know we're all americans. as americans we will try to make this city and this country better than it was before. >> reporter: stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the race for mayor, we are profiling every candidate in the days leading up to the primary. you can look for our reports here on the air and also on it was without a doubt the event that reshaped philadelphia's history. >> a disastrous confrontation between police and a group known as move, happened 30 years ago. today our walt hunter goes back to the neighborhood that forever change on may 13th, 1985. plus local school district is set to a announce another round of layoffs, we will tell you why officials say they have in other choice but to cut jobs, kathy? summer tease is over. temperatures take adriatic drop and bring us back to the cool reality of spring. i'll be back with the seven day coming up hi beasley. phillies square off against a familiar face and sixers undergo a rebrand wait
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until you see the new uniforms. plus we are hearing more reaction from deflate gate from one of tom brady's former opponents ahead in
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tomorrow marks 30 years
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since the move bombing it is one of the most devastating events of philadelphia's modern day history. it left 11 people dead and a neighborhood destroyed by fire. >> even after all this time, some residents are still fight to go restore the neighborhood they wanted it back to the way it once was. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has that story from west philadelphia. >> all we could see was a fire and the smoke. >> reporter: gerald renfro recalls how he and more than 200 other neighbors lost everything, in the flames. flames, that allowed to burn by city officials after they dropped a bomb on the move house, killing six adults, and five children. this picture renfro and his wife first meeting at their prom, one of the the few possessions not destroyed. >> we lost forever things we will never, ever be able to recover. >> reporter: add to go renfro's pain the block where the city promised they would rebuild, 30 years later is an urban nightmare. most houses boarded up
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vacant frequented by prostitutes and violent drug dealers who once again sent bullets, flying down the block. >> we had two drug dealers shoot-out. we have had bullets in our home that went through our side and went in the cars. >> reporter: city insist vacant homes improperly rebuilt by a city hired contractor who was later arrested are simply not safe and must be torn down, but 30 years after losing their first home to the move fire,sist that the homes can be restored, their block revitalized if only the city would allow contractors to do renovations. >> why is mayor nutter refusing to allow our community to be restored. >> reporter: responding to our inquiries, the the mayor's office e mailed a statement reading in part the city concluded long ago that the properties cannot be safely rehab, they must be demolish. the city ace 16 homeowners left after each accepted a court ordered $190,000
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payment, but renfro's and seven others remain, hoping that their houses will be restored, and after more than 30 years the the neighborhood they lost in one terrible night will be brought back. >> that is my prayer to you mayor nutter, how would you feel? how would you feel? speak to us. >> reporter: thirty years after the bomb was dropped on this block the renfro's and their neighbors still fighting to stay in their homes, and in their neighborhood. on osage after avenue in west philadelphia, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to mark 30 years since the move bombings, several event are plan throughout the city tomorrow, and we will bring them to you here on television and also on cbs yet another round of major layoffs at camden city cool district. the district sent out 150 layoff notices on monday and this comes after 335 staff members were let go last year.
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that cause students to flood streets in protests. these will force more children to a ten charter and renaissance schools leaving only 58 percent of students in public schools. >> right now we have in choice. we are being kick out of our public schools and forced in to renaissance schools. >> deeply believe our schools will be adequately staffed and resourced going forward and impact this year is far less substantial then last year. >> these layoffs will not affect class size and ratio will remain one teacher for every ten students. it feels a little more like july, you could say then may today but wind of change are coming. if you have been outside you probably feel them already. >> gotten better. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking a roller coaster of temperatures kathy. >> say good bye to the sleeve less, guys we're talking about cooler air moving in. it will be a shock to the system because we have been well above normal for past several days. now it is back to spring weather. we are looking at quiet conditions moving our way
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even a cold front moving through. lets take you down the shore little hazy down the shore. we are counting down to summer, why not? it is almost here. eight days, 22 hours, 42 minutes and 50 seconds until the memorial day weekend. kick off have of orr at the shore. we have 84 in trenton. eighty-three in reading. at the atlantic city airport we sit at 87 degrees. but we do have a bit of the sea breeze ahead of the front a southerly wind. ocean city 67. avalon 65. same in cape may. rehoboth beach delaware is ocean water temperature. barnegat light getting a land breeze and sitting at 81 degrees. what a difference a few miles can make on those barrier island. we have talk about the wind of change. ahead of the cold front we are gusting to 36 miles an hour in reading, at white field elementary. pamona 33-mile an hour gust. philadelphia, peco gusting to 34, and wallingford and strat haven middle school gusting to 30 miles an hour.
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those wind subside in the wake of the cold front. you cannot see much other than cloud cover because the rain is to the north but behind it, much cooler air and that is what we're in for come tomorrow. we are looking at dry weather that will continue with all that rain to the north. allentown and philadelphia at least an inch below for month so far. trenton and inch. wilmington an inch below average. that will increase fire threat, fire weather watch is in effect for south jersey, during the the day tomorrow. we will have temperatures close to 70-degree but low humidity gusty wind, dryness continues, we have not had any substantial rain in the past three weeks. you have to go back to april 21st to get a good widespread rain. so gusty wind for your wednesday. highs in the 60's to around 7o we will warm it up on thursday and then friday temperatures bounce back in the mid 70's which is more seasonal for this time of the year. by saturday these showers will be moving our way. but as we look ahead we are
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looking at dry conditions with the dry atmosphere. wednesday, low humidity, same for thursday begins to creep up on friday and into saturday a little bit more humid. overnight tonight temperatures crash some 30 degrees. morning low in philadelphia 57. by afternoon only 69, but with wind out of the northwest gusting to about 30 it will feel cool. back a sweater with you tomorrow morning. lunch outside, we will be cool and breezy. after school a lit built on the cool side. evening activities we will need light sweat shirt temperatures six 36789 on the inclusive seven day forecast, 72 on thursday. temperatures maryland rate friday. we are back to 80 with afternoon showers on saturday. sunday monday, looking good in the 70's and then that is really where we should be to this time of the year. we had an early taste of summer the past couple days good we will get back to that in a bit. >> fun while it lasted i suppose. >> vittoria has a check on traffic now vittoria. >> thanks so much. good evening everyone. we have a full swing rush hour
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and couple of incidents adding insult to your. heading down to the phillies game tonight you will want to be mine full that i-95, schuylkill expressway, up and over girard point bridge, stacked, but let talk about the the vine. trying to get to the schuylkill expressway using westbound side of 676 at broad street we have an accident which is compromising the right-hand lane. that is backing things out toward eighth street and will continue to grow. also on the the westbound side of the cue kill at gulph mills an accident compromising left-hand lane that is causing this back up to just really keep rush hour stagnant right at city avenue as you make your way toward western suburbs. note that is eastbound side barely moving out of your western suburbs, all the way down to south philadelphia, so stay with us here at cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely.
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i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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snoring can ruin a good night's rest but it cap be stopped. >> coming up stephanie he stall talks to a sleep expert and gets his add rise whether it is you or a partner find out top three simple ways to stop snoring, and sleep better tonight. who doesn't want that. >> a absolutely sinus all up. it is scandal that just won't go away, beasley. >> everybody is sharing their thoughts on deflate gate and player reaction to tom brady's suspension has been tempered. eli manning beat braid any two super bowls but he is not cheering against his two time opponent. >> tom has been a friend of mine. i don't like to see anybody get suspended or get anybody in trouble or see anything happen to nfl or to a player or another quarterback. you know, no way am i glad to see this happen. >> game two, between phillies and pirates ay burn it takes mound for bucks. here's line up reveer, chase utley ryan hour hitting clean
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up. jeff francoeur, fifth and caesar hernandez and herrera and chooch followed by shawn sullivan, first pitch 7:05. your town your team your new sixers logo. this is primary. they touched up old design and added more color. ring of blue and white stars and this is the secondary logo and that is a patriotic ben franklin handling the rock, new uniforms will be revealed june 18th. look at logo next to the union crest, i ask you pretty similar, right? related, with stars, on the bottom of the circle. rocks ann is the pick low player, caught on camera crying when villanova suffered upsete limb nation from the tournament. and now national bobble head hall of fame and museum produced a bubble head in her image. fundraiser through kick starter program portion will benefit the villanova ban. if you'd like to pitch in go to cbs scroll to
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we are counting down to david letter map's final late show we've only got seven shows left. tonight's guests are former president bill clinton and adam zapped letter. don't miss all of the fun starting tonight at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and in the meantime thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the the cw philly a and we're back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. tonight a u.s. military helicopter goes missing following another earthquake in depaul, we will have the latest on the search and damage there plus which suv's are the most safe. find out next on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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o >> pelley: a u.s. rescue helicopter with eight on board vanishes, just as dozens more are killed in another earthquake in nepal. also tonight, in god we trust? or do we? a new study finds americans losing faith in religion. how do midsized s.u.v. do in crashes? the test results are in. and two sisters on a nationwide search for people willing to take a test to save a life. >> they could be the cure for all these patients. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's hard to imagine the catastrophe in nepal could get worse, but it just did. the country was hit today by the second major earthquake in just over two weeks. this time, a


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