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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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have been seeing rain rates on the high side at about 2 inches an hour, and you can see some thunderstorms in there as well. so temperatures are going to be quite mild. the rain will come down, quite heavily and we're talking about poor drainage flooding in this flood advisory area it extend through new castle county through towns of middletown, towns end and smyrna and toward kent through dover felt on and harrington. poor drainage flooding is quite possible with the flood advisory until 8:00 o'clock tonight. in this area over an inch of rain has fallen, a half inch to an inch is possible, and even street flooding is expect, with this. rain is coming down so hard. we do have a back door front moving on down from places like southeastern, new york and new england bringing in that cooler air. you can see 62 degrees in trenton. sixty-six in allentown. warm unstable air is where we are seeing storms popping up that on shore flow keeping it cool and creating other problems in the poconos and even down the shore with that cooler flow, visibility is
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reduced this afternoon. poconos visibility is zero. down the shore about a mile or less. so that will be an issue as well. a lot going on weather-wise, this evening. through the rest of this evening we will see a few scatter showers throughout the 7:00 o'clock hour. then things should die down by 9:00 o'clock mostly cloudy by 11:00 p.m. we are not through just yet. tomorrow more storms on the the way. we will talk about that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast chris. >> thanks very much. well now the very latest on the amtrak tragedy, five survivors, including one of the train's conductors filed lawsuits today while rail services along northeast corridor resumed nearly one week after the derailment. first train left philadelphia's 30th street station about 15 minutes late this morning. amtrak says that the other than that delay and some signal issues at the crash site there were in problems with that new york bound trip. crews spent the weekend inn falling new speed controls at the that section of the track where train 188 derailed on tuesday night.
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meantime funeral services were held for three crash victims today, rachel jacobs the ceo of an educational software start up in philadelphia laura finamore who was managing director at a commercial real estate firm in new york. robert gildersleeve who was a food safety executive from maryland. we have live team three coverage of these latest developments. we will begin with "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter who has more on those newly filed lawsuit, live in center city, walt. >> reporter: chris, search for answers expanded from the scene of the wreck to center city law offices here today as attorneys announced they are filing federal lawsuits against amtrak, on behalf of six of the victims. the smiling journey of abid and her cuss and arriving from spain to visit their family, turned into a trip of horror, and amtrak train 188, flew off the rails tuesday night on the frankford junction curve.
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searches still working to save the six year-old arm from amputation. >> the scenes out of something like out of hell. bodies laying about. people screaming. >> reporter: new york ad executive daniel armond headed home to his wife and children bounced upside down inside of the train car. >> and fractured his ribs, bruised his lungs knocked out his teeth. he staggered out of the train to try to help others. >> reporter: these victims and four other plaintiffs now filing a federal civil suit against amtrak. >> the conduct here by the engineer is both unfathomable and unconsnable. >> reporter: suit focuses on why the train was traveling 106 miles an hour, into a curve, more than twice the 50-mile an hour speed limit. >> a speed kills. >> reporter: suit also sites amtrak's failure to install a speed detecting safety device on the northbound track where the crash occurred, after they had previously put one in on
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the ad joining southbound track. >> there was a system available to control it, and a it was available on one track can go the other way. my word how could that possibly be right. >> reporter: attorney for the engineer and amtrak did not pond to our request for a comment, and just within the last few minutes the the ntsb has announced that the fbi the has ruled that damage to the engine's windshield was not caused by a bullet. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear why the attorneys filing suit want to talk with the engineer of that train and we will have the latest from the district attorney's office right here on the factors that he is considering, on when he decides or whether he decide to launch a criminal investigation. we will see you at 6:00. live from center city, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". walt thanks much. passengers are making the trip on track for the first time since the deadly derailment. travelers certainly mindful of
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the tragedy that happened here last then one week ago. our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson live at 30th street station steve. >> reporter: jessica, first train bound for that northeast corridor left this morning shortly after about 6:00 o'clock, no problems, reported today on a day in which service started back but crews are continuing to work, on that accident site. we asked customers if there is any concern. >> all clear for the all aboard. for the first time since last week's deadly crash monday, service between philadelphia and new york, restored. >> great to have the train service back. >> reporter: daily commuters reline the on amtrak's most profitable northeast line thrilled. >> amtrak is remarkable because we travel very efficiently, and very cost effectively, in a very busy corridor. >> reporter: passenger mary sheen an using the line weekly.
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>> i'm a believe inner amtrak and people that work at amtrak. i believe they did the right sao get us back on track to new york. >> reporter: officials say more than 300 people have been working around the clock to repair the track install new speed controls and restore services by monday morning. spokesperson craig shut says customers have nothing fear. >> i think message to passengers is that amtrak is safe to ride. we're obviously are pleased to provide services this morning. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter was on hand, as the the first train left assuring customers that the ride will be smooth. >> the system is safe, works. i take it all the time. this is, highly unusual. >> reporter: peace of mind for passengers focusing on getting back to normal. >> just, you know, business as usual. >> reporter: new safety feature now on the track is called automatic train control and it is different than some of the safety features you have been hearing about over the past week. coming up at 6:00 we will speak to the amtrak representative who tells us
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how it regulates speed. wire's live at 30th street station, i'm's steve pather or fun cbs-3 "eyewitness news". steve, thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" at investigation continues into the amtrak tragedy. when we're not on the air you can find very latest anytime you'd like at cbs president obama made a visit to camden talking about community policing, the president met with police and also spoke with some young people all to get their take on the department's initiatives. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with more on the president cleve. >> today and, in the task force and he says since camden went under the the county model, it has been a model for innovation and he spoke here today at the crock center because this is a place where police officers, spent a lot of time interacting with the community. >> fit is working here, it can work anywhere.
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it can work anywhere. >> reporter: instant last year riots in ferguson, missouri the president has been looking for answers how to build trust surrounding the country and their police departments. >> i have come here to camden, to do something that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago and that is to hold you up as a symbol of promise for the nation. >> reporter: president obama wanted to see how cutting edge technology pared with consistent community engagement is making a difference in america's most dangerous city. he check out camden's eye in the sky surveillance program and then met with office hours plays sports with local teens. >> when you match courage with compassion, with care, and understanding of the community like we have seen here in camden, some really outstanding things can begin to happen. >> we have been with police on walking patrols and seen officers reading with their book budd is in local schools.
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the results homicides cut in half over the last three years and all violent crime down 40 percent. >> we work in a very, very bad situation insuring a very not too long ago and now he is appreciating the changes that we have endured. >> reporter: have you noticed people in your community more willing to talk with police right now. >> it is a mutual concept. they respect the residents and the residents respect them. >> president obama says camden still has room to improve with data complex in the police department. they spoke about other department throughout the country need to go cut back on the use of what he considered military style equipment. those are things like rifles with high powered rifles, and all of the heavy armored reek also. reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. just into our news room breaking news, brand new information about that septa train that was hit with some kind of an object just a few minutes before the amtrak train crash. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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david spunt is live at septa headquarters in center city with the breaking details david. >> reporter: we just heard from septa chief nestel and he says at this point he doesn't know exactly what hit one of his windshields but it appears to be a rock. he is still investigating on that. this made national news when ntsb said it was one of two separate trains that was hit. amtrak train also the septa train. we do want to point out that this was a three, three and a half miles away from where the amtrak train allegedly was hit by some kind of an object so ntsb, fbi still investigating that. at this point chief nestle isave been a rock. he said for years you can go back to the 1890's and people were throwing rocks at trains. he size it seems to be, one person was on the track at the time. >> the engineer saw a trespasser, and in the area of
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the track and shortry after that, a bang on the window and the window spiderwebbed. >> reporter: what it was we don't know, exactly at this point. it is still part of the federal investigation but chief nestle says this has been going on for centuries people throwing rocks, it is dangerous, need to stop but he is not concerned that it is officially connect to the amtrak investigation. we are live at septa's headquarters, david spunto for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new information there thanks very much. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the the flyers surprise pick for their new head coach. she more than 100 games and one time for a chance of the home run ball this happens? we will tell you more on the woman whose big moment was stole's way from her right on camera. ladies listen up something you may be doing with your hair during summer months could lead to baldness. health reporter stephanie has one woman's story and her
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warning to others. and important new information for new grads tonight, three on your side with what you need to know to make sure your post college life gets on the right financial footing. much more when we come right back.
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the the flyers toe day finally filled their vacant head coaching position and gm ron hextall surprised everyone with the choice. >> dave hakstol is his name, beasley reese joins us now with the 19th head coach in flyers history. the beasley. well, flyers definitely went outside the box to hire
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hakstol from the university of north dakota first one to go directly since bob johnson did tonight 1982. >> it is bold move, by general manager, ron hextall but he has inside knowledge. dave coached hex stall's son brett who is now in the flyers organization. >> i was than the going to choose the coach that was the peoples choice, the the popular choice. i was going to pick the coach that i felt like for this franchise from today next year, and moving forward here is the right coach and davis the right coach for this franchise at this point. >> reporter: hextall's collegiate record is impressive 289 victories against 143 losses a and 43 ties. his teams made the frozen four, seven times in his 11 seasons. now the big question is handling millionaires, verse kid. >> i do not have experience at
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this level, you know, i'm not going to pretend that i do. but i do have a awful lot of confidence in terms of knowing the game well, knowing how to relate, and communicate with players. >> reporter: flyers fans expect their team to stay within the franchise's rich culture. or, hire the biggest name available like mike babcock of detroit. >> back to this guy as a head coach whether it is college or pro he relates to players and that is what they are looking at. guy coming in with a young team, get respect of the young players and make right decisions and that is what he went on. >> forty-six year-old new head coach, 20 nhl players of note, two jonathan toews and matt green have won multiple stanley cups. i think we got the hockey version of chip kelly very successful in college. >> he developed great players. >> yes. >> can he do it on the pro level, that is the question. >> let's get behind him and do it. >> thanks, beasley. >> a phillies fan thought she had a home run ball in her
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grasp but it was snatched away by somebody else in the stand. >> so close though this was yesterday's game with the diamond backs miguel franco hit his first major league home run. joyce kinder thought the ball was hers but then this guy swept in, shoved her out of the way and grabbed the ball. apparently lacking a little bit of manners there. coming up at 6:00 we have an exclusive interview with kinder and look at how phillies will try to make this up to her coming up at 6:00. we know this story has people talking and it is all over the the internet today so let us know what you think connect with us on facebook and twitter and use the hash tag cbs-3. the it is every man for himself out there but when it is a woman shrivelry or general politeness, yeah. >> still ahead, do you want your children, to do better when they take exams in new study reveals what could be keeping them from making good
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a lot of thunderstorms out there you have been tracking them all afternoon. >> a lot of them dying out in southeastern, pennsylvania but they could be firing up again especially tomorrow afternoon. we're still tracking some in south jersey and delaware.
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if you want to see local observations look at bottom of the screen courtesy of our eyewitness weather watchers. outside we are seeing mild air, cool air, back door front is change our weather quickly. the let go to ocean city and boardwalk where it is foggy persistent on shore flow with cool air moving in, creating these foggy conditions. in ocean city, looking decent a lot of those establishments, opening up, getting rid of the cobwebs getting ready for unofficial tart of the summer season this weekend. lets go to our live neighborhood network. kutztown area network only 67 degrees, that east southeasterly win moving in because of the back door front, cooling it down and keeping the skies at least part thely to mostly cloudy, cross the the a area check it out on storm scan three most of the the showers and storms, focused on the state of delaware right now where we have a flood advisory through new castle county including town of middletown, extending through dover smyrna, toward
5:22 pm
milford, heavier showers and downpours, in the western part of sussex county but this could, make lewis and also the quiet beaches rehoboth beach as well. it looks like, a few showers we will see if those heavy downpours stay together. flood advisory in effect until 8:00 for most of the delaware especially southern new castle and kent county for poor drainage flooding. we have pick up an inch of rain. another inch is possible in those heavy downpour locals. back door front is squeezing the wrong way. usually front come from the north and west this one is coming from the north and east pushing down from new england. look at these temperatures. toms river only 57, philadelphia 71 and falling persistent on shore flow creating fog and creating the cool down that we're experience ago cross the delaware valley. the especially in a line from allentown, philadelphia and atlantic city toward north and toward the east. some spotty showers will remain throughout the evening period and then dying down as
5:23 pm
we lose daytime heating. even to the west we will peter out with a few scattered showers across the the region by 11 or 2:00 at noon. quiet tomorrow morning. then during the the heat of the day as that front lifts north we will see spotty showers and heavy downpours throughout the afternoon. a after that it is pretty slow go and then quiet weather. steam which a shower or storm tomorrow afternoon. northerly win kicks in and then wednesday noticeably cooler more comfortable dry air coming from canada and that persists right through thursday with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the 70's. overnight tonight we will experience temperatures in the 70's, high tomorrow in the 80's with afternoon scattered showers and storms. hour by hour starting off mild increasingly muggy throughout the day, 83 by dinner time. evening activity look for scattered showers and storms. on the 39 day forecast what a change. eighty-four on tuesday. seventy-one on wednesday. seventy for thursday. follow the bouncing ball because we are counting down to summer, not long now, two
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days, 23 hours, 35 minutes and 56 seconds until orr at a the shore. can't wait. we will be right back with more news after this.
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teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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there is certainly plenty for new college grads to celebrate this time of the year but is there also plenty to do to make sure post college life is getting off on a right financial footing. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan offered add rise for new grads looking to build a credit history. >> new grad managing their money for the first time will fine building a credit history can be a lot like building a g pa a few missteps can put a dent in a credit score. >> it is really important that they stop and think about whether they need a credit card and if they do, are they really ready for it because you don't want to use credit card unless you keep a low balance and pay balance in full by due date. >> reporter: beverly says that some grads may find that paying basic bills like rent and utilities and student loan debt may be all they can handle and that is fine but those who do want to put plastic in their wallet may want to consider a card with perks. >> if you want reward, and you can really make money from
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reward credit card, if you use the card responsibly you need to decide what type of reward you need, do you need cash back, a airline miles. >> reporter: balances and payments get off track don't be afraid to ask for help if that happens, you have a good reese on, call your credit cardish another and ask if they will remove a late fee and not report it to the credit bureaus. you can do this. if you have been a good customer so far they might give thaw favor. >> reporter: don't rely on those favors too often because credit score impacts future finances everything from car loans, mortgages even if those purchases seem far off. good thing is there are lawness place now since the recession that they cannot give you a credit card before they give you a a credit card and frisby. now you have to meet some qualifications. >> you have to work toward it. >> exactly. >> not a big fan of credit card. o pay it off every month otherwise you should not be buying that item. >> good advice, as always. >> jim, thank you. >> in our next half an hour,
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170 people are under arrest, and police are bracing for possibility of more violence, after a bike are gang shoot-out, lead nine people in texas, dead. and could a hacker somehow get control of an aircraft during a flight, one man claims he has done that, we will tell you yes is now coming forward to the fbi, we will be right back.
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i'm jessica dean, with all of the day's top stories, five survivors of the train derailment filed civil lawsuits against amtrak today. plaintiffs are four passengers and a train conductor. 200 other survivors filed suit. rail service has been restored between philadelphia and new york. president obama visited camden today to get a look of the cities community policing efforts. the department says it had has cut violent crime by 40 percent thanks to that initiative kate. jessica, we have started off hot, steam toy day but temperatures have dropped as cooler pennsylvania marine air has been pushing in the region. we have had showers thunderstorms popping up. you can see nasty storms off to the west and a few showers across delaware, locally heavy downpours with any of these showers and we are in the threat for showers thunderstorms tonight and then again tomorrow before big change by mid week. we will have more coming up with the seven day chris.
5:33 pm
thanks very much. shoot-out between a rival motor ike will gang at a restaurant in texas leaves nine bikers dead and 18 injured. authorities call the violence in broad daylight unprecedented. as vincent arenas tells us 170 gang members were arrested. >> reporter: members from five rival motor ike will gangs every under arrest following a deadly hoot out in a waco texas restaurant. they are all charged with engaging in organize crime. >> i just got a call from a passerby, they were going by twin peaks and thought they had heard a gunshot and saw people running. >> reporter: police say a parking issue sparked a fight which started inside a restaurant and spilled in the parking lot where shots were fired. swat teams were already in place anticipating trouble. they fired back, ending the brawl, within seconds. >> i crawled back towards the freezers with a lot have the waitresses and other people
5:34 pm
that were there. really scary. >> reporter: police say they have been aware of criminal biker activity a at twin weeks for months and they are taking steps to prevent more trouble from happening at the restaurant. >> due to the ongoing risk and safety issues for our citizens, they are shutting twin peaks down for seven days. >> reporter: police say gangs involved are some of the world's most dangerous including the bend beendittos. vincent pennsylvania de, waco texas. all of the victims were bikers, those arrested are held on one million-dollar bond each. the reward has been increased in the search for a man abducting and assaulting a woman at gunpoint in fishtown. authorities are now offering $2,500 for any information leading to the arrest of manual sentron. he forced a woman in his minivan and sexually assaulted her on may third. if you have any information about his whereabouts you are urged to call the police. cyber security consultant
5:35 pm
claims that he can hack into aircraft's during flights easily. the fbi said chris roberts last month after he posted on twitter about hacking in the the united airlines flight he was traveling on. the bureau says roberts told investigators he once managed to gain control of the aircraft engine and demanded that to climb. roberts tweeted his only interest is to improve aircraft security. the fbi has not confirmed roberts successfully hacked into the conn trolls. well, tomorrow is primary day, in pennsylvania, and preparations are underway a across the region as voters prior to head to the polls. "eyewitness news" at engine three in south philadelphia, today the the rocketing machines are there and they will soon be ready to go. the the polls in pennsylvania, opening up at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and close at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. one of the big races of the day is the democratic primary for mayor of philadelphia. there are six candidates, on
5:36 pm
the ballot and city councilman jim kenny, former d.a. lynn abraham, state senator anthony hardy williams, the the former city solicitor until on diaz, former communications chief for mayor nutter, doug oliver and former state senator milton street. on the republican side, melissa murray bailey is running unopposed for g.o.p. nomination. the 36 year-old is a business woman from society hill. stay with "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage of the race for mayor, and we will have all of the results from that race, and all of tomorrow's primaries, on cbs now to the race for president, the kentucky senator rand paul, was on independent mall today. the g.o.p. candidate took part in an event at the national constitution center where he discussed his new book called taking a stan, moving beyond partisan politics to unite america. the senator delivered remarks with supporters on independence mall. he pledged to do everything he could to block renewal of the patriot act.
5:37 pm
paula period at the the constitution center as part of the speaker series sponsored by our sister radio station 1210 wpht. pen doll and delaware river port authority team up with local and washington officials to send a important safety message about seat belts. they kick off click it or ticket campaign at walt whitman bridge announcing a zero tolerance policy, for drivers who don't buckle up. the 16 state board tore border seat belt campaign runs through the next three weeks. good evening everyone. well, traveling out and about during this rush hour, one it is rush hour, two you are going to have heavier delays on our majors then usual because we have a few incidents that we need to get to lets start first with the ben franklin bridge. traveling the bend been maneuvering in the westbound direction heading into philadelphia, we do have a disabled truck on the ben. little difficult to see here but it is compromising a lane and that is setting you back. as we move to the schuylkill
5:38 pm
express because i you will notice a disabled vehicle as well. eastbound on 76 just beyond 202, that is compromising the left-hand lane. in addition to that on 76, traveling westbound approaching the roosevelt boulevard notice here a half mile shy the right lane is block associated with the accident here. we have delays on the schuylkill i-95, vine street expressway, all of the usual places for rush hour and more so with that incident or all of those incident. amtrak is back to normal but septa regional rail lines are delayed, they are having mechanical problems pine minutes delays for fox chase line, chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still to come a summer haircut that can ruin your hair. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us what popular dei could cause woman to go bald. >> improving test scores for children and this has nothing to do with studying, new research shows what could be keeping kid from doing better on their exams kate? and it is a steamy unsettled night, we are
5:39 pm
tracking storms on storm scan three tonight and then again tomorrow but then wind of change come in, as we will take you to the upcoming memorial day weekend forecast with the seven day when we come
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5:41 pm
well the cost of poultry is on the rise in the u.s. and analyst say prices will go
5:42 pm
higher. all this comes as many farmers in the midwest struggled to contain the biggest out break of bird flu they have seen in years. just this weekend one of the nation's largest egg producers in minnesota said it will destroy 2 million hens because of that virus. new study suggested students are smarter without a smart phone. researchers found high school students performed better onen cell phones are prohibited, in classrooms, and average test scores went up by 6 percent following a phone ban. for under achieving students scores went up by 14 percent. researchers say findings suggestions may be distracted in class by having those cell phones. something to think b we will be right back.
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5:44 pm
wednesday nightthe late show with david letterman fade to black for
5:45 pm
the final time. >> paul schaefer is dave's long time music director and an unstoppable joker of course. he has been with dave since the first show in 1928 and he says it will be surreal not every day. >> i always knew where i would be at the 4:00 p.m. it will be a big change, yes but certainly nothing but gratitude for such a wonderful long run. >> no question when dave walks out for the final team i will leave behind a legacy that changed late night television and comedy forever. >> his impact will be felt the most by the comedians, he helped to launch. cbs news correspondent susan marquez reports from new york. >> i thought i was getting glasses because i could not tell what my parents look like when i asked my matter for money she said what do i look like a bank. >> reporter: from big celebrities to working stand ups. >> twenty-eight years i have been coming on, your show. >> yeah..
5:46 pm
>> yes. >> it turns out to be my longest relationship. >> reporter: letterman was the big league for comedians. >> after johnny left, that was the spot you wanted to get. >> reporter: showcasing other comedians was something letterman learned from his mentor johnny carson. no comedian owes more to letterman than ray romano. >> just punch me. >> reporter: letterman signed him to a development deal that led him to the hit series everybody loves raymon. >> without dave, um-hmm, i don't know where i am. >> reporter: how do you refer to dave. >> daddy. >> reporter: ray romano made 31 appearances on the the late show. in the early days, richard lewis was one of dave's most frequent guests. >> we just had this really, wonderful, crazy relationship. >> reporter: lewis says it is because of letterman that he doesn't do stand up on television. >> i was too physical and camera is right here and i'm running around like the guy who escaped from a hospital. so he says, i don't want you you to do that. i want to you sit down and
5:47 pm
squirm and be neurotic a and crazy. >> reporter: he credits letterman with paving the way for him and many others. in new york, susan marquez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it is quite a legacy. this is it, we're down to the last three late shows with david letterman. tom hanks will stop by tonight with rocker eddie vetter. on tuesday the great bill murray will make his forty-fourth appearance on letterman's show. on wednesday the final show will be an hour, filled with surprises, memorable highlights and one last top ten list. see it all right the here on cbs-3. >> you know dave will go out with a bang, no matter what it is, it will be a fun night. >> fun tonight. >> how sit looking? we were watching some storms. >> we are watching a few showers, but is what happening is east win is coming in. if you stepped outside it is colder outside then it was this morning. we have hit our high around 11:00a. now we are down in the 60's. so that east wind is pushing the storms out of here. let look at is what happening outside.
5:48 pm
we will look to our go pro cam mounted on the rooftop of the cbs broadcast center. you can see a few cloud hazy outside right now as that cooler air works its way in bringing cloud cover with it, that cool marine flow working in and definitely feeling a whole lot different then it did this morning. in fact, some people will be grabbing a light jacket heading out and about this evening. maybe some of our eyewitness weather watchers will be grabbing jackets. you can see these temperatures across the map here of really cooled down. 67 degrees checking in with lynn springer. she is in cherry hill, new jersey. lynn says nice and cool outside really liking it. refreshing change after heat and humidity that soupy weather we felt all week long. barbara lane down to 63 degrees but moving east we will see we are still seeing upper 70's to near 80 in delaware. delores lee at 81. and skies turning over to dark storm cloud. delaware is getting hit with locally heavy showers a and
5:49 pm
even a thunderstorm or two. lets look at it. you can see heading out to storm scan three. we are tracking these showers and storms. the system is a off to the west. we may get a bit of a respite from these storms thanks to that east flow working its way in. what that does cool marine air, and it, is a east win pick up. it is killing these showers over delaware. just light showers at the moment. the most of the storms back to the west but these may fall apart as they, move in and cooler more stable air overhead. still showers across delaware. they are fizzling. you cane green green is inviting the area, 74 is our average high. we got to 87. that was at 11:00 a.m. now we are down to 71. sixty-two in trenton. still warm to the west but without a whole lot of moisture for these storms to work with they may fall apart as they continue to try to move east but they will be fighting this east wind, we can see current wind from the east across the region. doppler estimated rainfall you can see these spots that picked up heavier showers. that is an inch of rain in
5:50 pm
chester county and down through delaware but notice it is mostly west of philadelphia, and east wind came in and killed it all off. showers and thunderstorms off to the west they will start to fall apart. just a couple scattered showers and storms overnight and into thomas a cool front clears the area we will see storms popping up. your rain chances pretty good for tomorrow and in a few spots, put you at 60 percent. watch how that falls off throughout the rest of the week and in the start of the memorial day weekend which means for allergy sufferers tomorrow is an okay day. medium range but right backup to high, wednesday and then gannon thursday. so you need to get one day break from the medicine and then bring them back through middle of the week. overnight mainly cloud which thunderstorm in one or two spots around midnight and another chance tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow still steamy, we will see sun through the cloud 84 degrees is daytime high as we get in the southwest wind out ahead of the advancing cold front but once front comes through it will sweep humidity out and showers and storms out and leave us with some pretty beautiful seasonal
5:51 pm
weather. seventy-one on wednesday. seventy on thursday. cool wednesday and thursday, friday looks good, and then first two days at least of the memorial day weekend look fantastic, saturday and sunday better chance for shower or thunderstorm and warmer on memorial damon. chris and jessica back over to you. kate, thanks very much. >> on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight with the hot weather coming and summer, and many women like to put their hair back in pony tails. >> they are easy, cool but it could cause hair loss, even balding. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us what can happen. >> reporter: vera vasquez is minutes from a procedure she hopes will change her life. >> i have hair loss because when i was younger i used to put up my hair really tight. >> reporter: there are notable bald spots that bother her. >> i won't see when i'm outside when wind blows. i don't want anybody to see this. >> reporter: the the 31 year-old medications and devices didn't help. now she is about to get a hair
5:52 pm
transplant. doctor scott bowden says hair loss related to pony tails is called tracks appear a not just associated with pony tails, in i go that puts hair under constant train or stress cause it. >> people are continuing to do it, you know, a hair style that contributed to hair loss when they are older. >> reporter: we don't see it as it is happening. she pulled her hair tight in pony tails for years she was in high school. >> if we reenforce sort of from here to here, connect these dots like that. >> um-hmm. >> and fill, fill, fill. >> reporter: transplant team harvest 1200 plus hair follow columns from the strip of hair in the back of the head and one by one transplanted to the bald areas. >> six months you will hult. it will take a full year to see complete results. >> reporter: hair transplants can be painful and expensive. experts say hair loss related to pony tails is a common problem for ballerinas, who often wear their hair pulled back, very tightly.
5:53 pm
we should say most people who wear pony tail, we all do, we are fine but if we pull it really tight you can run into trouble. >> it becomes a problem. >> be gentle with your hair. >> all right stephanie thank you very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" hometown girl's big night. >> taylor swift big winner at last night's big board music awards. so was her boyfriend? the new it couple turning some heads, we will tell you more when we come back.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
taylor swift just took over billboard music awards and all eyes were on taylor and her brand new boyfriend apparently. >> entertainment tonight was in las vegas for the big show and et kevin frazier joins us from hollywood with the wrap up. >> there were hot couples in the mix bye hottest of them all, well, let's just say this, it was a very good night to be taylor with the. >> this is such a good night. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> calvin harris walk red carpet solo and taylor showed
5:57 pm
up. taylor was night's big winner. >> taylor swift. >> yes. >> with 18 times and before each acceptance she shared a moment with her brand new boyfriend. taylor's jams, and what about these two. >> y low and casper walk red carpet 20 minutes apart are they a couple? >> yes. >> i don't feel like i need to talk bit. >> not even to me. >> no, nobody. >> no, i don't. >> i talked to jasper. >> yes, he probably said the same thing. >> she may or may not have a boyfriend. are you okay with that. >> may or may not. >> jennifer and casper were side by side dancing along with simple mine celebrating 30 years of their breakfast club hit along with the film's star molly ringw the old. >> we have so much more from the billboard muse ache ward, more with the couple, fashion and find out what kendell jenner told bus her dad's transition to the woman all tonight on et.
5:58 pm
chris and jessica back to you. >> so much on entertainment tonight, you can watch it for yourself weeknights at 7:00 right the here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> we have brand new details just in the news room on the investigation in the amtrak 188 derailment, see what the fbi says about a possible object hitting that train. flooding concerns in some parts of the delaware valley and more storms to come, we will show you when. president obama spent the the afternoon in camden, we will tell you how he is highlighting the city nerd to promote community police ago cross the the nation, plus. >> i'm thinking if only my husband was here this would have never happened. he would have had it. >> reporter: she's a phillies fan everyone is talk about a new jersey woman who had her hand on the home run ball until a fellow fan grabbed it out from under her. tonight she tells "eyewitness news" a tv exclusive what was going through her mind.
5:59 pm
right now the at 6:00 brand new information from federal investigators all, centered on the windshield of amtrak train 188. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. as search for answers in the amtrak tragedy continues the fbi examined train 188 shattered windshield today and ntsb says it is possible that some other objects hit the windshield, but that the damage was not cause by a gunshot. services did resume between philadelphia and new york this morning, northbound trains passed through a new speed control system at the the crash site and at funerals they were held for three of the eight people killed in last tuesday's crash. rachel jacobs, laura finamore and robert gildersleeve all laid to rest today. "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt
6:00 pm
hinter is live with more on lawsuits filed today walt. >> reporter: jessica, from their law offices here in center city, the attorneys who are suing amtrak, on behalf of six crash victims, say that they hope to depose the engineer, in order to learn more about the deadly wreck. attorneys suing amtrak on behalf of six crash victims says highly publicized disclosures by the ntsb that the engine might have been struck by a projectile have nothing to do with what caused the crash. >> it is a red harring. it had nothing to do with the operation. >> problem they alleged speed, that the train according to the ntsb traveling 106 miles an hour, more than twice the 50-mile an hour speed limit on the


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