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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 20, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> developing right now at 11:00 o'clock, the race to be the next mayor of philadelphia is set. former councilman jim kenney is the democratic nominee. business woman melissa murray bailey is the republican. complete primary night coverage is just a few minutes away. >> good evening thanks for being with us. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> we begin at 11:00 with the largest auto recall in u.s. history. nearly 34 million air bags
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declared defective by takata corp. >> this expands a previous recall. jim donovan has been on top of this case. he has tonight's big new developments. >> reporter: angela was driving a 2001 honda civic when she was involved in a 25-mile per hour crash. her takata air bag exploded. a piece of shrapnel ended up in her chest. >> i had a hole in my chest clear enough to see the bone at the bottom. everybody kept telling me air bags don't do that. the problem is these ones are and that's not right and that' >> it's fair to say this is probably the most complex consumer safety recall in us history. >> reporter: the recall involves 33.8 million takata made air bags. when a vehicle is involved in an accident the chemical that inflates the air bags can explode with too much force. when that happens it blows apart a metal inn nader canister and shrapnel is sent flying towards the driver and passengers. >> the air bag inflaters we
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suspected did not work correct correctly. and we believe they have been responsible for at least five deaths in the united states. but up until now takata has refused to acknowledge that their air bags are defective. that changes today. >> reporter: federal safety officials and the auto industry still haven't determined what's causing takata's inn nader toss explode. 17 million vehicles had already been recalled to fix the problem problem. this expansion of the recall affects some of the most popular vehicles on the road. >> this recall involves 11 auto manufacturers, many different parts suppliers not just takata and roughly double the number of vehicles built in the united states every year. >> reporter: recall notices will be sent out so that vehicle owners can get their cars fixed. i'll be honest with you this isn't going to be a quick process. the replacement parts have to be manufactured and shipped and then the work has to be done. this is going to go on for months and months.
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i posted more information for you on and on my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. we are bracing for a cool down and you're going to feel it when you wake up. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs3 sky deck tracking the temperatures. kathy, notice any difference out there. >> a little bit cooler. i feel the breeze. the winds of change moving in, jess. we are going to plunge some 20 degrees cooler come tomorrow morning. high pressure is the reason why. it's building in from the great lakes. and that warm air is going to retreat to the south and it's going to be chilly around here. still 73 in philadelphia. 72 in reading. 58 in the poconos. but look at the cool down that's coming. 40s and 50s in the midwest and that's moving our way. here's a look at what you'll wake up. poconos frick. philadelphia 58 and our suburbs reading 54. millville 55. wildwood 60. coming up believe it or not it will get even cooler. flirting with the 40s our next chance of rain will talk about
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and in the seven day the holiday weekend preview. i'll see you later in the broadcast . >> it's results are in and the race for mayor of philadelphia in the fall is now set. the long-time city councilman jim kenney is the big winner tonight on the democratic side. easily winning a race against five other democratic opponents. he will face republican melissa bailey in the fall election. to do quick phones kicks out of coverage tonight. he was with the kenney campaign in spring garden and todd you spoke with the nominee just a few minutes ago. >> reporter: and chris really this is a plane old-fashioned blow out victory here tonight. really no other way to describe it. jim kenney a doubles here knee rest op opponent state senator anthony williams. when he arrived here a couple of moments ago, he was greeted with
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lot of smiles an lot of hand shakes and a crowded field of six democrats including former district attorney lynne abraham. at the rental of the night it just really wasn't close at all. a couple of moments ago i got a chance to speak we kenney. i did ask him about his margin of victory as well as stop and frisk, and his chances in winning the november general election. what do you think it is that resonated with voters? you were out there on the campaign trail. >> i think the positivity. the issues we talk about which is all sent aid round poverty. pre k and blue collar jobs and re-entry. >> you pledged to end stop and frisk. why? >> well, it doesn't work. i mean 83% of the stop stops don't result in arrest or recovery of weapon and those 83 times that someone stopped for just being who they are row yates a problem with them and police. >> in city where democrats out number the republicans seven to one. >> i am going to give the
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respect republican nominee she's earned and she deserves. she's a smart person with something to say and some good ideas and we're going to have that discussion. >> reporter: during his victory speech here tonight kenney thanked his mom as well his dad a former philadelphia firefighter. so there you have it. jim kenney moving on to the november general election after he collects just about 56% of the votes. reporting life tonight in spring garden todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, todd, thank you very much. as you mentioned as good a night what is i was for jim kenney disappointing night for anthony williams who had high hopes for this campaign when it got started many months ago. he spoke to his supporters about an hour ago in center city. >> tonight ends in an election. it doesn't end the values that brought us together during the course of this journey and this campaign. >> that's right. >> that's right. (applause). >> i want to congratulate jim kenney for running a campaign
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that was very very successful. i want to thank all of you for embracing the concepts that have made this more than campaign. >> we also heard tonight from the former philadelphia da lynne abraham she had her hopes up of becoming the first female mayor of philadelphia but she finish a distant third. our nat at a brown spoke with her earlier tonight. >> the sport of competition. i've been competitive all of my life. and the notion that i would be out being competing for the privilege and the honor of being the mayor of fifth largest city in the united states of america is a tremendous honor. throw 34 years only two women have ever sought the office of mayor. to me is stunning and all wrong. >> well now it is a business woman melissa murrayy hoping to become the first female mayor of philadelphia. she was an and opposed in the republican mayoral primary tonight. "eyewitness news" was at the united republicans club where she celebrated with her supporters. she told them it is time for a
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change at city hall. >> old politics and old ideas are not going to get us anywhere anywhere. we need a breath of fresh air a new perspective and we need a business minded person who can say, what is it that we're trying to accomplish? society some goals some met tricks and then be transparent how we're doing because that is what the citizens of philadelphia deserve. >> the voter has their say tonight. here's the match up for mayor. republican melissa bailey jim kenney will square off in november. election day is tuesday, november the third. we will have many more results from around the region coming up in the next few minutes but for now jessica, let's go back to you. >> all right, chris, thank you. former delaware attorney general beau biden is hospitalized tonight at walter reed medical sent. the office of vice-president biden did not provide any information about why the forty three 46-year-old was hospitalized but we do know beau biden has had health problems in
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the past. in 2012 he suffered a mild stroke and went surgery at a texas cancer center in 2013. new developments in the investigation into the amtrak tragedy. cbs news has learned engineer brandon bostian had been working on the northeast corridor for fewer than three weeks. investigators are looking into whether his lack of experience on the line played a role in last tuesday's deadly derailment derailment. railroad unions are urging amtrak to put a second engineer in locomotives to improve safety and today the son of victim griffith filed a lawsuit. he was dean of student affairs at medgar evers college. >> my dad was everything to me. i never told him this but he was always everything i wanted to be be. >> dr. griffith devoted his life to encourageing, empowering and educateing thousands of people. >> eight people died in that
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crash. the ntsb says the train entered the frankford curve at 106 miles an hour. more than twice the 50 miles an hour speed limit when it derailed. a former pennsylvania state police corporal pleads guilty to reckless endangerment charges in the accidental shooting death of trooper david kedra. richard schroeder shot and kill the 26-year-old during a firearms training exercise in plymouth township last september. a grand jury found schroeder failed to make sure the handguns chamber was cleared. he now faces five to 10 years in prison at sentencing. philadelphia police are searching for a man who had some inappropriate contact with a young boy on may tenth. this creepy encounter involved a man photographing the child's feet. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the latest now on this investigation. >> reporter: with just a few more weeks of school dozens of skaters spent a few hours catching some sun outside pain 68 park on the banks of schuylkill. >> there's nothing weird that ever goes on here.
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serve friends with each other. >> reporter: but a mystery man with an apparent foot fettish dominated conversations. after police say an 11-year-old told detectives the man approached him and asked to take pictures of his feet. according to a police report, the man offered to buy the boy a soda before take the pictures. >> i think that's really strange. i mean people have fettishes. i understand that. but i think that should be illegal. he's a grown man and this is a child. >> to do that to like a younger person that's just outrageous. >> police say the man took out his camera, took several pictures and asked the boy to bring his friends back sometime this week. the man left and police are now looking for him. >> it's not normal. this man should be found and should be, negotiation to the doctor to a psychologist. >> police are looking for a black male 5-foot seven to 6-foot one he appeared to have acne on his face and was wearing a black t-shirt and army style
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green fatigue pants. if you have any information give philadelphia police a call. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". we've been telling you about shark siting at the shore. >> and now jessica we have another unusual visitor. this one to the rancocas creek in new jersey. a harbor seal has been spotted there and officials have a warning for residents tonight. >> we'll tell you about it. kathy. >> as we look ahead the major cool down is coming. see that blew? that's temperatures that are only in the 30s. we're not going to get that cold but we will be flirting with 40 soon. we'll talk about that plus the holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> and snoring can certainly ruin a good night's sleep. but it can be stopped. coming up health reporter stephanie stahl talks to a sleep expert and gets his advice whether it's you or a partner find out the top three simple ways to stop snoring and sleep better tonight.
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we're back now with continuing coverage of primary day. there are two contested seats in city council in the second district kenyata johnson has retained his seat. beating rory fry bush in the seventh district maria quinones sanchez leading her race also looking to retain her seat there. now for the council at large seats, almost all precincts reporting tonight top five democrats are derek green alan domb blondellds brown william leigh again lee and helen gym. >> top republicans are david oh and denny o'brien. head to for complete coverage. you'll find results from raises across the area. unusual visitor has been seen in the rancocas creek lately. >> on lookers have spotted a seal in the waters near willingboro burlington county. while the harbor seal looks cute, officials say you should keep your distance.
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you can face fines even prison time for scaring this chubby creature away. some experts say that the increase in seal numbers over the past few years could be why we're seeing more sharks at the jersey shore. on the cbs3 health watch night are you among the millions who feel hike they're not getting enough sleep and are tired all the time? snoring could be the culprit from you or your partner. tonight health reporter stephanie stahl has the top thee simple ways you can stop snoring. >> are you among the 45% of americans who do this at night? zzzz! >> or maybe worse your partners snores. doctors say it can be more than just a nuisance. >> it can be a first symptom of many underlying medical disorders it can cause poor sleep. can cause daytime sleepyiness. >> the director of the sleep center at jefferson hospital says millions are sleep deprived because of snoring. he helped us identify the top three simple ways to stop
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snoring. >> number one avoid drinking alcohol late at night right before you go to bed. doctors say it can over relax throat muscles making it hoarder breathe at night making you snore. number two forget about regular socks you might want to try compression socks. >> we think that fluid builds up in the body and when it does that and in some people it contributes to snoring because it make the throat smaller. by wearing compression stockings we can get rid of some of that fluid that's in the legs. >> number three sleep position. troy to keep your head elevated stack a couple of pillows and there's less snoring when you sleep on your side. so a pillow can keep you from rolling on to your back. and there are devices you can wear on your back that prevent you from rolling over an to your back. just a few easy ways to stop this so you can get some z's.
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i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 i were thecbs"eyewitness news". >> bill murray making an appearance on the second to last broadcast of david letterman. >> he said his goodbyes covered in cake. bill murray running to goat fans after the taping edding all over his bold. you can only imagine how that hammed. high fiving the ground around the theater. he enjoyed fans singing more worldwide pants which of course is the name of dave's production company. but there's no more worldwide pants after tomorrow. just tonight' show and tomorrow. bill murray along with bob dylan saying goodbyes to dave tonight. bill murray dave's guest 33 years ago. dylan with a special performance tonight as well. that should be great. >> then tomorrow, dave's final show will be an hour filled with surprises highlights an final top 10 list. you don't want to miss that. that's for sure. and "eyewitness news" will be in new york as dave says goodbye.
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we'll have live coverage from the ed sullivan theater all day long starting on "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning. so keep an eye out for that as well. >> we say goodbye. not a top 10 weather day on the way it looks like, kathy unfortunately. >> going to be much different than today. >> yes. >> if you really like it warm and sticky you won't like the forecast. >> sorry. >> many people don't. we are looking at big changes in the weather. temperatures cooling down big time. we'll bottom out in the fours before those temperatures rise again just the signs of the season. take a look outside it is a beautiful night. center city philadelphia temperatures still in the 70s at this late hour. the humidity is falling. but temperatures are going to plunge. now consider this. the high temperature in philadelphia today 83. the average high 75. we will drop to 58 come tomorrow morning. that's a 25-degree drop and it's going to happen pretty much everywhere. we have clear skies. we have a cool northwesterly flow. that air is dry.
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it's coming from canada and it is quite chilly right now 73 in the city. 68 in allentown. 58 in the poconos. the cold is coming behind a cold front and temperatures are going to cool down into the 50s and the 40s overnight tonight. that's all moving our way. it's also going to stay relatively dry. look at the month of may. we have only had one two three, four, five days of rain. four consecutive days but still we are well below average. not much rain nearly 2-inches below normal and it looks like it's going to stay dry. we had a chance of rain today. didn't amount to much and after that the probability basically nil right through the holiday weekend. i mean we want it dry for the holiday but we definitely are in need of some rain. hgso in the wake of our cold front tonight we get cool northwesterly wind. it will be noticeable tomorrow. high temperatures struggling to make it in the 70s northwesterly winds keeping it cool. you'll need a sweater in the morning. then thursday we watch this area of low pressure move off the coast.
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a few showers especially down the shore thursday afternoon. temperatures still in the 70s. and then here comes another shot of cool air for friday. high temperatures once again will be quite cool as we make our way into the holiday weekend. but they're not going to stay that way. we'll be comfortable.artly cloudy, to mainly clear skies. low temperatures in the 50s. during the day tomorrow the high 72 with northwest wind. it will feel even cooler. as we go hour boy hour light sweater or jacket tomorrow morning will be required. by 11:00 o'clock 65. 68 at noon. in the afternoon 70. if you're going out for dinner 8:00 o'clock you'll need a light sweater it will be very pleasant pleasant. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast orr at the shore begins thursday a sign of the summer season. friday 78. saturday 72. sunday 77. the next chance of a shower or storm will come on the holiday monday and then turning up the heat tuesday with a high temperature of 85 degrees. so tomorrow and saturday similar days but pretty quiet weather. >> okay, kathy thanks.
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>> another giant step forward in the six social security rebuild tonight. beasley. >> so much fun watching them try to put this altogether. big night fort sixers tonight. the draft lot row party in the northeast was big as well. the dream scenario did not come true but sam hinkie's master plan remains intact. that's ahead
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it was an exciting night for the 76ers. they were still alive for the top overall pick with only three teams standing. >> the third pick in this year's draft goes the philadelphia 76ers. >> so the timberwolves get one. the lakers two. and the sixers will select third. they had shot at 31st round picks but loss lost the miami pick the lakers pick because it was top five protected. they'll get those next year. which means patience sixers fans might have to wait one more go around before sam hinkie and brett brown release the assets
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and start going for a title. >> this actually is a good night to remind ourselves of what really matters and what we can control and what we can't. a night like tonight it's a fair game. it's a set of odds that are publicly known and you let the chips fall where they may. >> i feel good about it. you know, knowing the odds coming in i feel good about having third pick. player available and let sam do his thing. continue his process that we feel confident about. >> meryl lips gave us a sneak peek at the new sixers jersey. he had them stitched into his jacket. they are blue and white with the letters phila on the front. the new uniforms will be officially released on june 18. nfh have will have new extra point rules in 2015 owners vote the over yell ming toll move the extra point kickback to the 15-yard line that's still virtually automatic for most kickers but adds some challenge to the pat. the defense can block it, pick
2:32 am
the up, return it back in the other direction and would get two punts -- two points if they could get it into the end zone. something to lock at. we'll be right back.
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♪ we got good news for music fans. made in america music festival is returning to philadelphia. >> it was announced today the the two day music festival will take place this labor day weekend and on the ben franklin parkway. no word on who will be head lining the event. thousands attended the festival last year head lined by kanye west. we'll see who it is this year. we'll be right back.
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>> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for beasley kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at up next the late show with david letterman tonight's guests bill murray and bob dylan. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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