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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a 2001 honda civic when she was involved in the 25 miles an hour crash. her takata air bag exploded and piece of shrapnel ended up in my chest. >> everybody just kept telling me air bags don't do that. i said that is in the right and that is in the okay. >> air bail inflaters we expect did in the work correctly. and, we believe that they have been responsible for at least five deaths, in the united states. but up until new takata a has refused to acknowledge that their air bags are defective. that changes today. >> reporter: this recall involves 33.8 million takata a maid air bags. here's what happens. when a vehicle is involved in an accident the chemical that inflates the air bags can explode with too much force. that can blow apart the metal inflater canister end ising shrapnel flying toward the driver and passengers. officials have not yet determined what caused the deflaters to explode but 17 million vehicles have been recalled to fix the problem.
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now this expanded recall impacts the most popular vehicles on the road. >> this recall involves 11 auto manufacturers many different parts suppliers, in the just takata and roughly double number of of vehicles built in the you had every year. >> reporter: now consumer safety advocates warn it could take sometime to get these problems fix, they say recall letters will be sent out to vehicle owners but remember these parts need to be manufactured, shipped and then install. if you want to know if your car makes this recall list you need your vin number and we have provided a link on the web site for you. we are reporting live from university city this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, it is on to november, now that philadelphia voters have pick their two candidates for mayor. jim kenney won the democratic primary and defeated five
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challengers. he defeated state senator anthony hardy williams by two to one. former d.a. lynn abraham was their, three others nelson diaz, doug oliver and milton street got less than 5 percent. after roads were counted kenney claim the nomination at the a spring garden restaurant. he credits his win to the coalition of diverse groups. now kenney wants that coalition to grow enlarger to take on the cities challenges. >> to achieve these goals the entire city must come together and work together regardless of whether you work in city hall or resign temporarily up on state road, we have a responsibility to our city and to each other. >> business woman melissa murray bailey spoke to her supporters at united republicans club. she said philadelphians have two choices murray bailey said that she represents a different way of doing things, erika. if kenney wins in november he would be second straight mayor to graduate from st. joes prep. mayor nutter is a st. joes grad. we did digging and found old
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high school of kenney from 1976 check out these bow tie um-hmm, that is back then he was known as crazy kenney and year book described him as probably the funniest grad in the class of 76. >> how about that. >> nice digging. >> well done. we will hear from jim about that shortly. 5:33. good morning katie. >> i love that picture. that is classic. good, good stuff. you will love this forecast too how is that, for a transition. we can see very nice weather today. one and only x factor is the fact that we will have a hint of the breeze out there, just enough to notice it. it might make it feel cool to you. high pressure is anchoring in our area today and that is where we will get the sunshine. storm scan remains clear empty. we have a handfull of cloud in spots right new but not a sign of things to come but sign of things retreating. 63 degrees at the the airport. we are up to 49 degrees in mount pocono.
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we will get in the upper 50's in that location. allentown at five. 50 degrees in mount holly where our regional national weather service headquarters is located. we expect it to hit 72 degrees today. average being 75. record is a far cry from it, 94 degrees. it will feel in the only cooler by comparison but cooler than average. but this quiet stretch of weather will be taking hold. there is a nearby system tomorrow, however that is going to mess with us a little bit here. indirect impacts out of that which we will discuss in detail as the show progresses. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. i'm looking at my car there it is. >> wow. >> flat tire. >> we will get to it in a second. we do need to talk aboution that we are dealing with traveling in west chester. take a look, a tractor trailer off in the embankment. it looks like it went off the road there. emergency teams on the scene southbound side of 202 right at high street. as you will notice and i will
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step out of the way to give you a good idea. it went right off of the guardrail. so traveling in and around west chester it is not a high volume area, at least at this time, because it is, 5:35. we are in the seeing rush hour yet but a very serious incident that we will continue to machine for. that is 202 southbound at high street ukee. our time 5:35. in business news this morning president the best city for jobs. >> also the the next batch of restaurants bring back an old pal. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. dow jones jumped 13 points yesterday, enough to notch a new record, the nasdaq fell about eight points. this memorial day weekend could be a record breaker when it comes to travel and spending. u.s. travel association says americans who are traveling by plane, train or automobile will spend on average $330, each, that is up 5 percent from last year.
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two reasons relatively low gas prices and an improving economy. bigger is not always better when it comes to the best city for jobs. glass door's latest survey ranks the country's biggest cities based on how easy it is to get a job how happy people are in their job and the cost of living. the trend is this, workers are better off in mid sized sit business lower cost then bigger cities like new york and san francisco that have a higher cost of living. first, mcdonald's, they brought back the hamburgerlar and now kfc is bringing back colonel sanders. the chain's founder colonel sanders, died nearly 35 years ago. so he he will be played by darryl ham on, he appeared in the you tube video giving the state of the kentucky fried chicken address. still in mcrib erika you but you will be first to know. >> i grew up on colonel
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sanders. >> finger licking good good that gentlemen looks just like him. that is perfect. >> thanks, jill. right now it is 5:37. we have ended our day laughing with him for the last 33 years. >> end of an another a dave letterman signs off tonight the late show. all week long celebrities have been stopping by to wish dave well. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us outside ed sullivan theater with last night's over the top guest hey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. pretty much all week long as you mentioned folks have been coming here to the ed sullivan theater to say so licensing to david letterman and yesterday that list included an unannounced guest, regis philbin. >> well, i have an idea, how about i make an appearance on your last show, because you need help he. >> well, that parties correct last show, sorry, booked solid, sorry.
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we couldn't not even squeeze you in for this bit. >> of course, philbin has been on the program more than 150 times, more often than any other guest, by the the way there is in way he would let dave retire without a proper good bye. another late show veteran bill murray, mark his forty-fourth appearance on the show but get this jumping out of the giant cake. he was wearing protective goggles when he man made that leap and offered bits to band and audience members before taking a seat next to dave. he appeared to be comfortable in there. he and dave go way back. bill murray was on letterman's first late night show in 1982 and they talk about the eye cop i can movie caddy shack and got the in to a sing along with the crowd on the streets of new york.
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>> ♪ >> it looks like they had a pretty good time and apparently shared a round of trainings, they were toasting, i don't know, three decade on television but definitely a better sweet day here in new york city. we should mention that no guests have been announced for the final show but plenty of surprises have been promised, and, also that famous top ten list should make an appearance as well. coming up in our next half an hour we will look at the philly connection, who knew david letterman had so much affection for the the the city of brotherly love. he came here a lot of times. we will take you through those highlights up next. ukee and erika. >> he is going out in style. >> indeed. >> thanks, nick. the late show, what would the late show be without stupid pet tricks. >> we have seen so many over
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the years. >> to mark his last show tonight, philadelphia's own rubix the skateboarding bull dog will be in our studios to perform his own stupid pet trick. don't miss that in the next hour we're just live. >> rufuss in the house. >> looking forward to it. >> you won't want to miss tonight's big finally bay people will be talking about it tomorrow, there is in doubt about that. there will be plenty of big surprises, memorable moments dave's final top ten list, say good bye to dave at 11:35 tonight, right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 here oncbs-3. still ahead this morning a creepy encounter at a local park we will tell you why police are looking for a mystery man now. also a fiery car rescue see real life super hero who saved the people from that burning car. get ready to pay more for scrambled eggs or omelette why eggs are more expensive, we will explain.
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good morning.
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you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. a canadian ophthalmologist said he made a product that will make contact lenses a thing of the pass. he calls it the bionic limbs.
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he said his lenses could be implanted in a painless eight minute procedure and provide vision that is three times better than 2020. web says that these bionic lenses could be available in about two years pending clinical trials. well, get ready to pay more for a carton of eggs. prices have surged after the first move cause the death of, millions of hens. the midwest price for a dozen of large eggs rose by 58 percent after the bird flu first hit iowa chicken farms. prices for products, for eggs, are a primary ingredient like ice cream and mayonnaise have also listen. 5:43. lets get traffic and weather together katie? >> good morning everyone. we are starting off out here with our eyewitness weather watcher network and cool air in place this morning, more than anything, because of the northwest breeze, we don't have as much moisture in the atmosphere. it feels cooler, more comfortable. keith baros sent in the last
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45 minutes in saylorsburg that modest northwest breeze kick nothing but handful of cloud for him. cool breezy. it looks like a nice day. he is right. enjoy it. that is the the key. we have a couple of opportunities to enjoy that nice weather. nice and clear for john in perkasie at 58 degrees. perfect weather to wake up to. i flipped through windows myself and it was awfully comfortable. storm scan three showing us what is up across the rest of the you had. we have high pressure on our side here, holding tough for another day but part of this disturbance is going to actually ride east and it will set up over north carolina but does appear that it will move north to eventually bring in a couple of showers to our southern most counties. delaware, whole state, and then possibly southern new jersey you'll pick up on a shower tomorrow and everybody else just gets clouds. high pressure builds in cooler air returns but it will not last all that long. we will look ahead in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast we will go on a up
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and down pattern here but we will get back to seasonal. expecting to heat things backup into above average territory heading into the unofficial start of the summer season. with that said summer is almost here. that means the return of orr at the shore. kathy will be kicking things off tomorrow with an action packed afternoon on the north wildwood boardwalk. do not miss orr at the shore tomorrow on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. always a good time, vittoria. good morning everyone. the right now even though majority of the majors are fairly quiet we do have an incident in west chester. southbound, 202, if you are traveling the ramp here we have a tractor trailer a off in the embankment. right around high street. you will notice it looks like it skipped the guardrail in this area. police are on the scene. we did see an ambulance earlier on the scene but be mindful of. that you will notice a lane being compromised. elsewhere you'll find my car
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disable, on the the westbound side of the vine right around eighth street. i'm working on getting a tow truck on it the now. if you are traveling in this area, good news it is on the shoulder. bad news it wasn't the the best start to my morning. >> glad you could still make it in. we have new developments in the investigation in the amtrak tragedy cbs news has learned that engineer brandon bostian had been working on the northeast corridor for less than three weeks. investigators are looking into whether bostian's lack of experience on the line played a role in last tuesday's dead willly derailment. railroad unions are urging amtrak to put a second engineer in locomotive to improve safety. also the the son of the victim derek griffith has now filed a lawsuit. griffith was dean of student affairs at evers college. philadelphia police are searching for a man who had inappropriate the contact with a young boy. it apparently happened may tenth at the park on the schuylkill river a short walk from the art museum.
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an 11 year-old boy says a man approached him and offered to buy him a soda if he let him take pictures of the boys feet. man then photographed the child's feet. >> i think that is really strange. people have feddishes i understand that but i think that should be illegal, he is a child and that is a grown man. >> police describe him as a black male 30 to 60 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches tall to 6-foot one. he appeared have to have acne as well. he reportedly was wearing a black t-shirt with green fatigue pants at the time. 5:47 right now. this is such a great story. an off-duty army captain is being hailed as a hero for his actions in a fiery car crash this was a frightening scene in north carolina, a car had flipped on to its side and then caught fire with people trapped inside. perfect place for a super hero to appear and that is where army captain steve wearing a red captain america t-shirt
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he rushed toward the burning vehicle. after smashing windows of the window with the fire extinguisher, he pulled everyone away from that burning wreck. >> two others grabbed one leg and other leg and we took him away, a hundred yard from the crash and fire. >> i took a oath to help serve the united states. foreign, domestic. when i was there i realized i was the only one there at the time who could help so i ran toward them to see what i could do. and three victims of that crash were taken to the university of north carolina hospital and they are expected to recover, as for captain he says it is a all in a day's work. >> how about that. >> incredible video. >> what a moment. you see him and then there is that second am i going to help or do i go away. he made a decision to get in there. coming up we will look back at our favorite moments with david letterman. >> but first here's one of the stories we are working on "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00.
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>> he has been so lucky the past couple of years, is what your secret. >> why are some lottery retailers, and their relatives winning all the time? the iteam went digging through a hundred tane of win are and it may in the be luck that they have in common. are they a little too lucky. iteam exclusive interviews tonight on "eyewitness news"
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explain this is that a new tattoo. >> this is new. >> how many do you have. >> just a couple. >> yesterday my album came out, it was an important day for me. i got believe. >> get that off of there. >> hey hey hey. >> this is brand new. >> you know what you did just say, hey hey hey. >> yes that is canadian.
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>> check this out, if you are not looking at your tv, come on, turn around. >> hey, don't go, dave. >> we have been having, fun all morning long. >> yes. >> throwing it to the camera here, hearing it crash. >> are you a big dave fan. >> i got it. >> she has been waiting for that all morning. >> give it up. >> i have to give it up to steve lindsey our executive producer, he is the one who thought of it. >> we will miss dave. we have nicole up in new york city any a little bit 567:89:52. former city councilman jim kenney is democratic candidate for mayor of philadelphia kenney beat out five challengers for the nomination and will face republican date melissa murray bail any new york. get complete results on cbs former delaware attorney general beau biden is under
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going treatment for an undisclosed illness. forty-six year-old son of the vice-president joe biden suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and had surgery at a cancer center in 2015. we are wishing him well. takata has added nearly 19 millionaire bags to the existing recall after pressure from u.s. safety regulators. takata has agreed to repair 33.8 millionaire bags defective since six deaths have been link to the defective air bags. 5:53. lets check with katie. is this sun staying today. >> we will keep our sun all day to day. we started off with so much cloud cover and fog. it is nice, bright, beautiful as you wake up this morning comfortable. we are looking out the doors to storm scan three it is all clear. we are looking good. our live neighborhood network cameras are looking nice too outside middletown ship high school and cape may courthouse 61 with pretty colors for you. we will get in the the lower 07's today, only flirting with 70 tomorrow because of more cloud cover and nearby
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disturbance that will trigger some showers south of philadelphia especially, variety the tore use. thanks very much katie. we want to start if you are traveling around west goshen, 202 southbound at high street a tractor trailer off the embankment there. police are on the scene because we are in the seeing rush hour in high volume in this area, it doesn't who too busy but it is very serious and a place we suggest awe void. also on the eastbound side of the schuylkill before broad street we have an accident here causing a a slow down and we will see how that will affect your rush hour commute. there is lots
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don't miss cbs this morning because they are taking the show to new heights. charlie, nora and gayle will broadcast live from the new observation deck on the 100 and second floor of the world trade center the tallest building in the western world. see what they have this store
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for sky-high broadcast on cbs this morning the at 7:00 o'clock right here after "eyewitness news" this morning. charlie, of course, spoke with george clooney there. >> yes. >> i saw the view. >> great show. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" the the race to be next mayor of philadelphia is all set, we have complete primary results. it is end of the another david letterman will host his final late show tonight nicole. that is right, ukee, late show with david letterman broadcast life from new york, but, they have got plenty of love for philly, we are live with the highlight real over the the the years of the philly connectio
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good morning family, thank you so much for waking up with us. in the the news it is on to november in philadelphia's a
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race for mayor. >> jim kenney won a six way democratic primary his closest challenge came from state senator anthony hardy williams. former district attorney lynn abraham was third. nelson diaz, doug oliver and milton street each got less than 5 percent a piece. kenney's next opponent is melissa murray bailey. election day is tuesday november 3rd, less than six months from now. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from outside city hall to talk more bit, justin, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. poll numbers favored jim kenney going in the the race and he came out the winner. after the victory speech he is looking ahead to the raza head as well as to his new g.o.p. opponent. just after ten tuesday night and after waiting through a sea of supporters former city councilman jim kenney stood at the podium for the first time as city democratic mayoral nominee. when asked what made him resonate as owe


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