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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 24, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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[ applause ] ♪ ♪ red, white and blue♪ ♪ america america, this is you ♪ >> spot on. "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> your 24/7 celebrity new
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news"." >> flags flying proudly in philadelphia on this memorial day weekend. this is what it looked like in
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center city where the gorgeous weather made for a great start to this long weekend. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. it seemed like no matter where you went everybody was out enjoying this day. plenty of folks were roller skating during the second day of blue cross river rink summer fest. and all along columbus boulevard at spruce street harbor park hundreds of people were out including the sixers new mascot franklin. meteorologist justin drabick joins us live. justin what is the weather looking like for the rest of this holiday weekend. >> natasha we have a good looking weekend. kind of something for everyone. today obviously very comfortable, no humidity. temperatures actually cool for this time of year. we made it to 71 degrees. our average is 76 and our record high for this date is niche 6 degrees. yes, we'll warm up. doesn't look like we'll be reaching record numbers in the seven-day forecast but it is kind of chilly outside right now if you do step outside. many areas in the 50's. we'll be seeing 40's for overnight lows. compare this to 24 hours ago anywhere from about four to
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12 degrees colder. chilly air mass is settling in. warm spot is philadelphia international airport coming in at 60 degrees. 51 this hour in the lehigh valley and allentown 42 degrees in mount pocono. how about that? so, again another very comfortable start to your sunday morning. look at these coastal temperatures again, wind right off the water ocean water at 61. so the air temperature is chilly in the mid and upper 50's. nice and quiet on storm scan3. look at these morning temperatures. 40's in many suburbs sunday morning into south jersey a little bit milder in the low and mid-50's. nice rebound though tomorrow, lots of sunshine. low 70's with a breeze at the shore, mid 70's in the poconos. talking about 90 degrees temperatures as we head past memorial day. i'll show you the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. natasha. >> justin thanks. even though memorial day weekend packs plenty of sun and fun many people spent the day learning about american history.
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tourists filled independence mall in philadelphia today. it was a long line to get inside to see the liberty bell. yes everyone remembered those who died fighting for our freedom. >> living history on the east coast is so much different than the west coast. it's fascinating to see this stuff. >> we live in such a historic city and sometimes we take that for granted as philadelphians and we don't know the history of our city. so that's what this weekend is all about. >> we also talked to officials at the national constitution center and they tell us memorial day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year. for a complete rundown of everything happening over memorial day weekend just head to our web site, it's also costing a lot less to drive around this holiday weekend. aaa says the gas prices are down significantly from last year. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: they're lowest memorial day weekend gas prices in years.
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$2.86 in philly, $2.62 in delaware. as usual jersey is the lowest at $2.48 per gallon. those prices haven't been that low at this point in the year since 2009. >> more money in my pocket. >> when it goes down a little bit, it gives you a little bit of relief. >> even though it's not going down a whole lot it gives you an incentive to say okay, let's go to cape may. >> reporter: for those hitting the roads this weekend, this gentleman doesn't worry too much about his harley but in his everyday suv it is a concern. >> i'm a truck driver so i'm a working class guy and every penny counts for me. >> reporter: when those prices come down the amount of trips people can go on goes up. >> we appreciate that and we have more money to spend on other items. >> reporter: like maybe going down to the o shore for a trip. >> absolutely. >> reporter: nearly everyone we spoke to says they plan on doing a little more traveling this summer and they're not alone nationwide. according to aaa memorial day
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weekend travel is expected to go up about 5 percent in total volume this year and that is a 10 year travel high. officials say a big reason for that is the lower prices. with the unofficial start to summer in full swing you might be thinking about what these numbers above the pump will look like come august. thoughts? >> i think they're going to go a little lower. >> that's a we are hoping. experts agree with gail. officials say may's gas prices may be the highest we see this year and that makes the rest of this summer look even better. matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, in other news now protest and several arrests tonight in cleveland after a police officer is acquitted in the fatal shooting of two unarmed black motorists. officers mistook the sound of their car back firing as gun shots. hen dain a daniels has more on the reaction in the city. police officer michael brelo broke down in tears after he was found not guilty inside a
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cleveland courtroom. the verdict comes after a four week trial in the shoot deaths of timothy russell and melissa williams. the judge ruled prosecutors failed to prove briel low fired the fatal shot. >> the defendant proved he's legally excised from liability. >> reporter: demonstrators outside the courthouse expressed their frustration of the ruling. brelo is the only officer criminally charged despite a high speed chase involving about 100 of his colleagues. the pursuit began when a 1979 chevy malibu driven by russell app backfired while passing police headquarters. the noise was mistaken for a gun shot. after a 20 minute chase the car was boxed in when police officers fired 137 shots. brelo fired the most including 15 shots when he climbed onto the hood of the car and shot at the unarmed pair through the windshield. >> there was testimony from other officers that indicated that they felt that it was wrong.
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>> reporter: last year the u.s. attorney general released a report finding cleveland's police had engaged in a pattern of excessive force. saturday the department of justice announced it will review the testimony and evidence presented in brelo 's trial. in in new york, henna daniels for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> new tonight a man was killed when he was eject fred a car during a crash on route 42. "eyewitness news" in gloucester township camden county. investigators say the driver missed an exit and then traveled down an embankment into the woods. a four-car collision on the schuylkill expressway leaves one person dead. it happened just before 5 o'clock this morning in the eastbound lanes of i-76 at passyunk avenue. the crash investigation tied up several lanes as the police worked to determine the exact cause of the accident. now we have an update on the injuries from last week's amtrak train crash. temple university hospital says that four victims are still receiving treatment
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there tonight. two of those patients are until critical condition. eight people died. more than 200 were hurt when train 188 derailed on may 12th. federal investigators say the train hit a turn in port richmond at more than a hundred miles an hour. dozens protested in center city today to demand more transparency when it comes to knowing what's in their food. philadelphia and cities worldwide participated in the march against monsanto. these activists at thomas pain plaza went genetically modified foods to be clearly labeled. the monsanto agricultural company is known for producing genetically modified seeds for farmers. >> we need to go back to local organic farming and people need to start saving their seeds, growing their own foods, buying locally take back their food system, take back their health. >> monsanto denies allegations
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that's foods are unsafe. the company maintains genetically modified crops undergo more testing than any other agricultural product. now the future meantime of the patriot act is in jeopardy tonight after the senate blocked attempts at extending the law. lawmakers worked overnight into the morning hours but could not reach an agreement a key sticking point the nsa's controversial program that collects bulk telephone data from americans. it's authorized under the patriot act but critics say it's just an excuse to spy on americans. the senate will meet again a week from sunday, one day before the patriot act expires. in a fashion al referendum ireland has legalized same-sex marriage. (applause). the results were announced at dublin castle where activists celebrated inside and outside. the vote was a resounding yes with more than 62 percent of
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irish citizens choosing marriage equality. ireland is the first country ever to legalize gay marriage through a popular vote. stay with us. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight the oldest woman in the world celebrates her birthday right here in the u.s. find out what state she's from and how old she is tonight. justin. >> temperatures are very pleasant right now but we are going to warm it up and bring back the humidity. i'll show you in the seven-day forecast. >> ahead in sports, a good day for the phillies, plus a couple of great lacrosse games at lincoln financial field.
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>> in california the operator of the oil pipeline that spilled crude along the santa barbara coast is defending its shut down procedure. officials say their system of having operators remotely shut down the line was safer than having a computer do it automatically. it's still not clear if such a device would have preach vented up to 105,000 gallons of oil spilling onto the shore and the beaches. and philadelphia students took time this holiday weekend to help victims of the earthquakes that hit nepal. the water for nepal fundraising event is was held at mifflin square park today. students from furness and south philadelphia high school asked for donations. more than 8,000 people were killed in the nepal earthquake that struck on april 25 and may 12. more than a million were injured. >> memorial day weekend it was
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time to just kick back and fire up the grille, hang out with friends and family. that did not stop some folks from getting up at the crack of dawn today to compete for a very good cause down the shore. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff takes us there. >> reporter: steps away from a sunrise a cloud of athletes were also rising to the occasion. >> be inspired by the sacrifice and courage of all our fallen warriors. over 500 participants gathered to participate in this year's ocean city memorial day beach challenge. >> colder than expected but you know what, we're going to be sweating and running our butts off so i think it's perfect weather. >> to be honest i'm not sure. i'm trying to figure out what it is. >> reporter: for some this weekend is about rest and relaxation but not for these folks. they're heading off to a grueling obstacle course and then a 4-mile paddle board competition followed by a kid's fun run. >> the weather looks great. the water is a little bit
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chilly but the winds are perfect today. you can see there are pretty slack calm conditions so i don't expect to my fall. >> reporter: by sand by air and by sea. all proceeds will benefit three veterans and military family charities. but more than money organizers say the true goal is to remind beachgoers of the brave men and women to whom this holiday is dedicated. >> every one of us is here because we want to teach a new generation what memorial day is about and help our families of the fallen. >> reporter: roaring in ocean city alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> camden county remembered the true meaning of memorial day today. >> ♪ >> reporter: the freeholder board hosted a memorial day ceremony at the camden county veterans cemetery. "eyewitness news" there in camden. the ceremony is held every year to honor the memory of those who have made the
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ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. also now the old of the living woman in the world turned 116 today in michigan. jerry lien tally got a special gift a birthday message from president obama. at ally is from easter about 20 miles or so west of detroit. she says she doesn't have any advice for living longer and credits her longevity to god. how about that. that is a blessing there. >> pretty cool. >> justin i told you earlier you're the most popular guy this weekend. >> that's why you were nice to me. >> i'm always nice but i'm extra nice. we've been extra nice to you because of the forecast. >> i appreciate that. i guess you'll be nice to me the next several days because we're looking good through the rest of the holiday weekend. we'll start to many wait up and bring back humidity. if you don't like summer weather may not like next
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week. open up the windows, refreshing air mass. absolute no humidity right now. we'll take a live look at center city. clear skies. all is quiet. temperatures quickly dropping into the 50's tonight, even some 40's already. mount pocono coming in at 42 degrees. we're at 51 in allentown. still 60 at philadelphia international airport but comfortable dover wilmington delaware both in the mid 50. many suburbs will be dropping into the 40's tonight. there's the core of the coldest air over the northeast right now. 46 degrees in albany but it does get milder. cleveland, pittsburgh richmond about 60. nice and quiet on storm scan3. this is was want to see if you have outdoor plans over the next several days into the holiday and no problems 678 lots of sunshine as high pressure remains in control. that comfort index still on the high side once again tomorrow. that's because as we look at the dupe temperature, tells us how much moisture and humidity is in the air.
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right now we're sit aght 43 degrees. tomorrow a little bit warmer but still not bad at 47. if you don't like humidity you love those numbers especially this time of year so this is going to feel down right awesome once again on sunday. a little bit different on memorial day, probably start to feel the increasing humidity and certainly tuesday. that's were we'll call it down right humid. tomorrow, though, low 80's for the warm spots away from the water, lots of sunshine. enjoy tomorrow. again, it's the memorial day itself still dry t high pressure slowly drifting off shore. southwest wind warms us up into the mid 80's. then we tank up the heat for tuesday approaching that 90-degree mark. you'll feel the difference with the humidity. showers will develop develop to the west, work its way eastward probably later into wednesday into thursday. no problems tomorrow morning. wake up, enjoy the sunrise comfortable temperatures 40's and 50's. lots of sun through the afternoon, maybe a couple fair weather clouds, that's it for sunday afternoon. to memorial day, same deal.
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mostly sunny skies. great pool weather coming up. the jet stream about 20,000 feet where the jets fly and generally we see that core of the coldest air right over new england. that's what's bringing the temperatures or at least below average temperatures to us right now. look what happens to that jet. starts to move northward as we head into memorial day and then that ridge in the jet stream allows that warmth to expand and settles in for much of next week. and i'll show that you in the seven-day forecast. heat not happening tomorrow morning. look at that. visits even some 40's early in the day. then we get up to about 80 degrees. still comfortable with low humidity. we'll bring back that heat for memorial day. monday afternoon mid 80's for the inland spots low to mid 70's along the shore. not a bad beach day for the next couple days. overnight, mostly clear, 52 for center city, 40's in the suburbs, up around 80 degrees. here is your shore forecast.
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again lots of sunshine. wear the sun block. 72 for the high. a little bit breezy. that ocean water is chilly at 61. memorial day forecast can't beat it. partly sunny warm, get outside and enjoy it if you can. 85 degrees for the high temperature. extended forecast, bring back the 90's starting on tuesday with the chance of
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>> all right little phillies action today lesley. >> who are these phillies players. >> i like them. >> i do too. phillies and nationals playing game two of three this holiday weekend. washington came into this one with a six game winning streak. cole hamels on the mound for the phils and stephen strasburg was his counterpart this afternoon. the phillies all over him. third inning, ryan howard pulls a rbi double into the right field gap and that is
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going to score a run and put the phils up two-nothing. next batter michael franco opposite home run scores two more runs. phillies go up four-nothing. strasburg pulled after three innings. hits just keep coming. big piece would like a little more, solo shot to center field. that makes it seven-nothing excellent. the needs win big time. playoff action tonight game three between the rockets and warriors. golden state just putting on a clinic in houston right now. in the fourth quarter, it is 94 to 68. steph curry having fun out there, 37 points, six assists golden state looking to take a three-nothing series lead. game four between the blackhawks and ducks going into overtime. six goals scored in the third period. ducks have a two to one series lead.
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the college lacrosse final four kicking off at lincoln lincoln financial field. denver will advances to the final with a 11-10 win. in state rivalry. maryland taking on johns hopkins came down to the final seconds of this one and maryland up by a goal. goal keeper coming up with an unreal save. deflect with the butt end of the stick. maryland wins a thriller 12 to 11. they'll play denver on monday. union back in action tomorrow. it's a nationally televised game against the rival red bulls. to golf, kevin na the leader after three rounds shot a one under to take the lead.
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plenty of players still in striking distance. wiggle angel jimenez the mechanic hitting a record tenth hole of the year on the european tour but it is the celebration that is the
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. the battleship new jersey
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celebrated the 72nd anniversary of its commission today. dozens of folks came out for a ceremony. a memorial wreath was also cast into the delaware river in memory of crew members who have passed away. the battleship new jersey's motto fire power for freedom it is the most decorated battleship in the history of the u.s. navy.
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>> all right, you know starting monday there will be a new way for fans of classic tv series and movies to go back in time and reexperience shows like i love lucy, the mary tyler moore show, happy days and cheers. cbs is launching a new national network called decades that will be available here in philadelphia on cbs3's digital sub channels. the network will feature a daily show called through the
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decade hosted by bill curtis. that will look back at news and cultural event connected to a theme or day in history. decades will go back in time to commemorate the release of star wars on memorial day weekend in 1977. you can watch decades on comcast on channel 24, fios on 483 or over the air on channel 3.2. >> lots of good stuff. >> lots of good things to chat about with this forecast. >> great looking forecast. hitting the beach barbecue, mountains new york problem. tomorrow lots of sunshine, low humidity 80 degrees for the high. warmer for memorial day 85. great pool weather. nice comfortable partly sunny. hot and humid starting on tuesday. we'll get up around 90 degrees. wednesday, thursday, friday each day there could be an afternoon scattered shower or thunderstorm, typical summer like stuff. >> this has been the nicest memorial day weekend. >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you justin. >> you're welcome guys. >> he's the most popular guy.
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that's "eyewitness news" for now. i'm natasha brown for leslie, justin all of us here we appreciate you being with us on this holiday weekend. if you're up early our morning team will see you at 6:00 a.m. we're >> male announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the wen healthy hair care system brought to you by guthy renker. >> female announcer: what's got these crowds of people so excited? it's the hottest trend in hair that started in hollywood and has spread all around the world. wen hair care. millions of people are throwing out their shampoo and have started using wen, getting the healthiest, best-looking hair of their lives. >> male announcer: created by world-renowned hair expert chaz dean, wen is the first ever cleansing conditioner. unlike traditional shampoos that can strip your hair, wen actually makes your hair softer, shinier, and stronger the very


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