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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 26, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now at 11:00 paying tribute to our nation's heroes. on this memorial day across the country and here at home, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. and the long holiday weekend is coming to a close down the shore. but the summer season is just beginning and the weather is
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about to heat up. good evening i'm jessica dean. chris may has the night off. it's certainly going to feel like summer out there. hot and humid will be the theme as people make their way back to work and school this week. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs3 sky deck tracking these rising temperatures. kate its kate are we going to seat 90's. >> i think we may see the 90's jessica. tomorrow and again on wednesday perhaps temperatures will at least get very close to 90. the only way we miss it if a couple of storms come in and cool things off at the heist afternoon today you certainly felt the warmup compared with the weekend. temperatures only in the 70s on saturday. low 80s on sunday. today we got up into the mid to upper 80s and the humidity ramped up slightly it's going get even worse britt gets better. let's take a look outside. a lot of folks headed down the shore for the memorial day weekend. things are quiet. live neighborhood network at the boardwalk plaza in robo hoe both the boards are bare at the moment. 69 degrees there. nobody out and about. everyone heading back to reality after what has been a beautiful
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weather weekend. storm scan3 shows things are clear all across the delaware valley and as we zoom out a warm front draped across portions of maine that warm front indicative of the pattern we will be in with high pressure overhead. southwest flow keeping things very warm and very humid over the next few days. in fact right now still 73 degrees at the airport. it's 67 in atlantic city. 74 degrees up in allentown and along the shore points, mid 60s right on the beach. the ocean water temperature has risen to a still very cold 63. here's a look how it will feel the next few days. notice the dew points begin to climb. we get into that steamy range tomorrow and even worse on wednesday. thursday and friday still simi and that means a better chance for few thunderstorms to pop upcoming up we'll time those out with future weather and i'll have a look at your seven day forecast and shore cast that's coming up when i join you inside. jessica. >> kate, see in you a bit. that gorgeous weather meant many people were out enjoying memorial day well into the evening. david spunt headed down the shore where people in wildwood
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said they weren't ready to go home just yet. watch the tram car please. >> reporter: the sounds of summer are here. and shore fans hope they'll stick around for as long as possible. >> this is the nicest day of the week. the whole weekend so they'll stay. >> reporter: boardwalk employee lee spent most of her weekend outside greeting new and old faces. this year is a new record in her book. >> in 20 years i personally think this is the busiest it's been. the rides were busy. the pierce were full. >> reporter: we found thrill seekers arc few had you man hamsters, and the wildwood regulars who know this boardwalk in their sleep. >> we've been coming here for years i came here as kid with my parents and kept the tradition going with my kids. >> we expected on monday night to see people leaving wildwood we found the opposite. some came her a few hours ago and expect to extend their holidays a few more days. >> school is done. i'm ready. summer is ready. i can't wait. >> reporter: business owners and wildwood regulars will
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welcome the crowds as long as they continue to show up. in wildwood david punt cbs3 "eyewitness news". the true meaning of memorial day was on display across the country today. in virginia, president obama honored those who lost their lives protecting our freedom. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. he paid tribute to unknown american soldiers from world war one, ward wore twenty two korea and vietnam. after war the president says the sacrifices of the men and women in our armed forces will never be forgotten. here at home, the remains of an american army corporal have been identified through dna more than 60 years after he went missing in korea. robert higgins was declared missing in action in february february 1951 after his unit was overrun. now his status can be changed from missing in action to killed in action. today he was honored in
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philadelphia and his niece was at the ceremony. >> once in while my dad would bring him up and we would talk about him. he would say i guess i'll never know what happened to my brother. we're very happy that they were able to identify him. >> higgins name and mia classification are edged into the granite of philadelphia's korean war memorial. it will now be noteed he was killed in action. a community came together in bucks county to honor our nation's fallen heroes. ♪ members of the united veterans of doylestown took part in today's parade there. they marched 2 miles from cb west high skull to the doylestown cemetery on court street. american flags and a wreath decorate the courthouse in media and that's where the town wrapped up its annual parade. afterward many veterans lingered around the courthouse sharing stories about what memorial day means to them. and veterans marching bands and mummers took part in the
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memorial day parade in bridesburg. families lighting up bright and early to make sure they got the best seats on richmond street to watch that parade. this is billed as philadelphia's oldest memorial day par wade and it was founded by he had war due bic in 1947. new tonight thick black smoke could be seen for miles after a fire started at a junk yard in port richmond. flames broke out shortly before 7:30 near the train tracks at the corner of somerset and tulip streets. officials say the fire has been contained and it's not a threat to the community. no injuries were reported. it's not yet clear what started that fire. in just the past 20 minutes the lights came back on in rittenhouse square. some residents and businesses had no power and no water this weekend after an underground power cable failed. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live there with more details tonight. diana? >> reporter: jessica not exactly the way a lot of the people living here wanted to
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spend memorial day weekend but peco has been working tirelessly for the last day and a half the problem was underground. so you can see they have pulled cable actually across the road and about 10:45 tonight the lights started coming back on. >> just before 11:00 o'clock monday night the lights at 10 rittenhouse square one of the city's tallest apartment buildings came back on after nearly two days in the dark with no running water. residents spent memorial day packing up overnight bags and the contents of their freezers. >> we stayed somewhere else last night. and we'll stay somewhere else tonight. but we're hoping that it really does come back at 11:00. >> there's no water. there's no air-conditioning. >> i have two dogs it's been a little bit of an inconvenience. >> many who live in the 161 apartments here have been using one elevator running on back up power while peco crews have been working around the clock to fix a faulty wire that knocked out
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power to the building sunday at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. and closed the restaurant downstairs. >> we're busy and the power went out so people have to leave. >> reporter: outage killed a busy weekend for sarah feign in a expecting lots of reservations in city full of tourists. now they can only wait. >> we supposed to get very busy today. beautiful holiday and we don't have no power so we wait until it comes back. we don't know when. >> reporter: so with the beautiful weather we saw yesterday and then again today serafina totals their losses from this weekend in the thousands. as for the people living at 10 rittenhouse square they're just glad to be back home tonight. we're live in rittenhouse square diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you. m terrifying moments at a florida beach when a bounce house full of children was picked up and thrown 20 feet into the air by a waterspout. >> oh, bounce house! >> this unfolded today in ft.
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lauderdale. friends and family members could only watch as the wind carried the chirp up into the sky and then dropped them. a mother and a family friend of one of those children describes the girl's injuries. >> she was bleeding. she was bleeding from the mouth. >> they trying to keep her survive keep her away because she was going to sleep. they trying to keep her awake. they didn't want her to go to sleep. when i got there our heads were spinning over they trying to -- police trying to keep her awake. ambulances took the children to nearby hospital. one was seriously hurt. we also know an adult was injured by the waterspout as well. meanwhile severe weather continues to slam into texas and oklahoma and the threat in over yet. tornado watches and flood warnings still in effect tonight tonight. as cbs news correspondent omar omarville ya fran coat wicked weather has now turned deadly. >> reporter: drone footage shows what was left after the blank company river in hays county texas rose 26 feet in an hour this weekend.
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more than 1,000 homes were damaged and several ripped from their foundations including one with 12 members of two families still and side. rick helped shelter some of his neighbors who were in danger. >> you could hear the house move off the foundation, and gordon said here comes my house. and within a matter of minutes his house floated by. >> rain started falling again monday. raising concerns there could be more flooding. >> obviously this rain and weather is starting to change gears for us a little bit. we don't know what to expect out of that. but we're ready. >> reporter: the state pots governor toward the damage and compared the wave of water to a tsunami. >> you cannot candy coat it. it's absolutely massive. >> reporter: in amarillo three-year-old boy was killed sunday when flood waters flipped a vehicle and he was trapped inside. in dee soto near dallas 14-year-old boy and his dog apparently drowned in a storm drain. >> it's heartbreaking. >> right. >> it's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: elsewhere in the state, there were successful
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rescues including this kayaker in austin who was pulled to safety. in new orleans omarville ya franco for cbs3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" a typically quiet neighborhood on edge tonight the search is on for a police say broke into a woman's home and assaulted her. plus on a busy travel day threats are made against several airlines and in one case fighter jets were scrambled. we'll have the details for you coming up. kate? >> jess cash the heat and humidity ramping up and then the chance for storms ramps as well. we'll take look at future weather and time them out for your week ahead and back to work after the long weekend. jessica. also a fitting ceremony on this memorial day. dozens pledged their loyalty to a country many sacrificeed their lives defending. we'll take you on board the battleship new jersey for this special service.
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police are investigating a sexual assault in south philadelphia just after 5:00 this morning a 35-year-old
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woman woke up and saw a stranger standing over her bed. she says he placed his hand over her mouth demanded money and then assaulted her. neighbors say this is normally a safe street. >> anything like this happen ever around here. >> no, not that i know and i've been here like 17 years. i don't think so. >> the suspect took $10 plus the victim's car and house keys and her roommate's id. police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a man in north philadelphia today. this happened on the corner of 28th and allegheny around noon noon. police say that victim was shot twice. once in the head and once in the arm. he's in stable condition in you now at temple hospital. police have one person in custody but they don't believe he's the shooter. a rutgers player jailed in florida. darien dale al 19-year-old december fence seive back sarasota police say and he
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another suspect confront the bicyclist with a gun on sunday morning and demanded money. that victim gave police a license plate number. bail system charged with robbery with firearm and he's being held on $150,000 bail. a series of telephone threats against commercial airlines led to searches of at least two planes in new york's kennedy airport today. in one case us military jets he is cored an air france flight into the city. that flight was en route from paris and authorities wanted to take extra precautions there. nothing though was found on the plane. authorities cleared two nights that landed in newark one with a delta night from he know land the second a united flight coming from scotland. anonymous calls report add chemical weapon an bomb on these planes but that was falls. authorities say all of the calls could have come from the same source and they do not believe those threats to be credible. it's been more than a week since isis militants seized the key iraqi city of ramadi but as
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us officials vow to help take that city back, there are now fears more of the region could fall into the terror group. more than 40,000 people have escaped since isis took control of the city and more are trying to get out tonight. u.s. defense officials say iraqi troops lost the will to fight isis. that city is the capital of iraq's largest province. on this memorial day a a rededication ceremony held at the philadelphia vet yam veterans memorial memorial has under two faces of expansions to make the site for visible and to help deter advance. former prisoner of war was the keynote speaker. ralph gill lot tee spent 14 months captive during the vietnam war. >> us citizens may disagree with our government, they may not support a particular conflict but at least respectly soldiers and sailors and, airmen and marines that have honorablely
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served our country. >> philadelphia veterans of the vietnam war dedicated the memorial on penn's landing back in 1987. today on board the historic battleship new jersey, dozens pledged their loyalty to the united states. u.s. citizenship and immigration services conducted the naturalization ceremony. 49 people from countries all over the world were sworn in as new american citizens after reciting the oath of allegiance. >> i have family here. i work here. i live here. so make most sense to get citizenship here. >> reath playing sermon was held on the battleship in observance of memorial day. and kate inside now. pretty noisette there. what week glenn what a perfect weekend for anything you wanted to do. excuse me. weather you were down the shore in the city, it's just been beautiful. it's been wonderful it started out cool but now the heat and humidity ramping up it's just going to get worse britt gets better. we've got temperatures heading
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for the low 2090s through the next couple of days. let's take a look what's happening outside. you can see we've got the ben franklin bridge all lit up on skycam3 from campbell's field and still a nice night out there in the 70s still. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. feeling fan nass tick if you're out and about trying to stretch out last few hours of our holiday weekend. 42 minutes left in the long weekend. beautiful evening to be outside. storm scan3 shows everything is clear in our area. large scale storm with a warm front draped across portions of new england. the cold front still well back to the west. what this is going to be doing is pumping heat and moisture into the region we get this southwest flow and that's going to make things feel very very warm. take a look by the way at this squall line moving through portions of the arkansas eastern texas very strong storms imbedded within that system at the moment and we were talking earlier about the severe weather, of course, in that part of the country. luckily for us it was a very quiet, beautiful memorial day
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weekend and finishing on a nice note as well. 73 degrees right now. 67 in millville. as we zoom out you can see nice and warm pretty everywhere. 67 in st. louis right now. it's 63 degrees in charles ton and entire eastern part of the country will be under this warm spell for the next couple of days. southwest flow continues to move in. temperatures get to around 90 tomorrow. any shower or thunderstorm activity misses us just off to the west. wednesday though we may not be so lucky. it's another hot and humid day and better chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms and then as this front just slows down it's trying to push through all that steamy air can't make the that was very quickly. so it will be overhead thursday and friday meaning a bit unsettled with showers and thunderstorms and very high humidity as well. uv index the next couple of days a nine tomorrow. a little more sunshine then an eight on wednesday and thursday. you definitely need to slatter on that high spf. let's talk about our comfort index. dew point temperature measures the moisture content in the
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area. right now our dew point is 57. tomorrow it will be in the 60s. in the 50's not bad range how it fell today a little steamy but no too bad. tomorrow we're steamy and by wednesday climbing newspaper the oppressive range as dew points reach the mid to upper 60s. here's tomorrow. you can see 1:00 p.m. no problem but watch for a couple of spotty showers and storms. mainly off to the west. tomorrow evening. wednesday brings a better chance by wednesday afternoon you can see these showers and storms start to blossom around 5:00 p.m. and continue around 7:00 p.m. that is the day to watch for thunderstorm activity. overnight a few clouds mild and breezy it's 66. your tuesday is partly sunny hot and humid at 90 degrees and here's the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast. two days in the 90s and we're close on thursday as well. remember the metric we use to determine the heat wave three days in the 90s we'll get pretty close this time of the year it's unusual to have a heat wave usually we see that in june, july or august, and we keep it unsettle flood the weekend looks like a good start. 88 degrees with some sun on
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saturday. >> nice and warm for the neck week. >> yeah. >> hope we look it warm. >> thanks so much, kate. >> lesley is here now. holiday but sports to talk about. >> a lot going on. history made at lincoln financial field today and the phillies facing the mets a team that has their number. how did they do? sports is
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>> lesley some people hoping phillies could pick up a little steam again. >> they had six game winning streak. >> kind of happening, right. >> the wheels fell off the wagon and phillies taking on the mets at city feel. the mets very tough at home. they have a 17-six record going into this game. plus they've handled the phillies winning 18 of 25 sin the beginning of last season much this one is tough. phillies down a run in the third. chase utley at the dish. delivers a two run single. chase went two for thee in this game. gonzales got the start for the phils and the mets using the long ball against them. lucas duda upper deck shot. that will tie the game.
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the michael kadire with a solo blast. game tied in the sixth. flores hits a three run homer. the mets beat the phillies for the 19th time in the last two years, six-three the final. phils have dropped five out of seven after that six game winning streak. the eagles start organized team activities tomorrow. so the rookies will get to practice witness veterans, shorts and t shirts the coats coaches will be able to work on the field with the flares and chip kelly will be speaking to the media on thursday. at the linc this afternoon almost 25,000 fans on hand to see the ncaa championship between maryland and den very. the pioneers in control the whole game led by senior lesley bird who scored five games. the pie within their first national championship 10-five and the first team west of the mississippi to win that title. the cavs injured guard everybodying giving his injured
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right nia test on the practice court dig. a game time decision between cleveland and atlanta tomorrow. the cavs haven't missed a beat. they hold a commanding three games to nothing lead in that series. very scary moment in the game between golden state and houston. legal mvpsteph curry went up for a block and landed on the back of his head. it looks very bad was able to walk off the court. he was treated for a head bruise and mack us willy able to return to the game in the third quarter right now the rockets lead the warriors 102-92 in the fourth. game five between the blackhawks and ducks. fir period cam fowler took a one to nothing lead. don't blink. 32 seconds later ryan kessler with the deflection and score right now in the third the ducks have a three-two lead. we'll be right back with more
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not many firework at the box
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office for holiday weekend but george clooney knew sci-fi flick managed to claim the top spot. tomorrowland pulled in $41.7 million. and that is in deed a huge number but fels short of the $50 million that film was projected to earn over the long weekend. in second place pitch perfect ii with 38.5 million. mad max fury road claimed the third spot. older guest uneven injuries age of ultron round out the top five fort weekend start dag there is a new way for fans of classic tv series and heave movies to go back and time and lee experience shows like i love us will key mary tyler moore show, happy days and cheers. cbs launch add new national network called decades it will be available here in philadelphia on cbs3's digital sub channel. this network will feature a daily called through the decades hosted by former cbs news anchor bill curtis and that will look back at news and cultural events
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connected to a theme or day in history. tears the information you need. you can watch decades right now on comcast channel 244 on fios channel 483 or over the air on channel thee .2. who doesn't love mary tyler moore. >> thanks for watching cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for lesley kate and everyone here i'm jess today dean. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 and remember we're always on at the mental list is next. we'll see you tomorrow.
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