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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, we start with the oxford circle neighborhood tyson avenue, 2100 block. >> justin finch joins us with the latest details. >> reporter: police say they've been to this block for drug issues in the past. this happened on the 2100 block of tyson avenue, just behind us here. just before 3c, several cruisers responding to this home where inside we are told a man and woman were inside when those two men broke in, their faces were covered we know, one of those robbers had a shotgun with him. had a confrontation with the man inside that far home. police were called and did
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arrive, but those suspect were able to flee the scene. but not before leaving behind a shotgun and a large bag at the scene of their crime. now, back out live, the search is very active this morning police cruisers, and k9's are circling this area, we are told those men made their way from the home, to leonard street in that area there. the relief, nothing taken no injuries to report. as we said earlier, this is a known block to police, they know the mo, where crimes happen in this area. live at oxford circle, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, we'll get back to you, see you in a bit. weather wise get the fans out crank up the air the heat is on. >> let's check in with katie with the forecast. steamy change. >> absolutely. hot yesterday. wasn't quite as sticky as today's going to be. certainly wasn't quite as hot. we did end up reaking out upper 80s on the thermometer in philadelphia yesterday. but today will be even hotter than that, now you factor in the humidity it starts to get awfully uncomfortable by
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midday. for now over center city it is pretty comfortable. the campbell's field camera, overlooking ben franklin bryn, all tranquil, not cloud in the sky. nice and clear outside. temperatures are certainly very mild, to kick start the morning. storm scan3 empty for the month. we zoom it out one time, though you can see little activity starting to spark here outside of the pittsburgh metro area. part of at least the combination after sluggish frontal bound tray will start creeping our way. i can see some of this surviving into our north and western counties by later this afternoon, specially toward evening, but generally today's just going to be hot sunny, hazy, humid muggy classic summer day for you. now, that said, let's take you on out there to the uv index lucky you have no have a pool in the backyard or going to be doing anything outside today just make sure that you're ready with the sun block. it will be critical on day like this, where that uv index is awfully hi, getting hotter and hotter with every passing day lately.
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we'll keep it up at a eight for the next two days, generally that's the story region wide here. temperatures as they stand right now mild everywhere. you're on par in philadelphia, essentially with what you are finding up even in the poconos, so the warmth is here. we'll continue to see this heat pump sort of cranking in southerly component, keeping the temperatures mild, out in palmyra, 68. meanwhile, around the region, basically just sin hot humid, that's the story. down the shore good shot of hitting 08 degrees today. do not forget the sun block so kit a up in the poconos later on today especially toward evening shower or thunderstorm, likely start to fire up. but, it will be pretty spotty in nature. justin, good morning. >> good morning, katie. already starting to feel the humidity outside. hopefully your air-conditioning is working in your car. already an accident this morning, we get back to the swing of things. 309 north at welsh rd. now the scene is off to the side. we are getting by here. again use caution when headed northbound on 309 this morning, and again, that's at
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welsh rd. good traffic flow going on in new jersey right now. looking northbound, headlight on the 42 freeway volume picking up just little bit. still cruising at good speeds. we do have fire going on, in strawberry mansion, dime street closed, this hour, between 29th and 30th, police are directing traffic around that area. the alternate will be cecil b. moore. and again that's diamond street closed due to the fire. area speeds across the city look pretty good. out in the suburbs running at the speed limit blue route northeast extension good shape, also 295 turnpike, a.c. expressway and the parkway, looking good, as well. construction going on in center city, ninth street remains closed between ninth street and read, spec today wrap up, and also close by tenth closed between tasker and morris, water and sure repairs going on at this hour. that's a look at your ride so far. we send it back to you erika. >> two teenage remembers killed in separate shootings in philadelphia. the first happened just after 10:00 last night in southwest philadelphia. in that case, 19 year old man
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was found shot at least twice in the chest near connor recreation center. police found revolver at that scene. it is unclear if that was the weapon used in the homicide. suspected shoot remembers last seen driving away from that scene down 65th street. new this morning, in the strawberry mansion section, 19 year old gushed down, on the 2100 block of north 30th street. it happened just before 11:00. police say two suspects fired at least seven shots from semiautomatic weapons. police aren't sure if the 19 year old victim was the intended target or if he was hit by a stray bullet. two men were seen running from the scene. police are investigating if attempted sexual assault is connect today another attack just blocks away. now, in both cases the suspect wore a very distinct piece of clothing. most recent assault took place just after 5:00 yesterday morning on the 1800 block of rosewood. a 35 year old woman says she woke up and saw a stranger
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standing over her bed. she said the attacker place dollars his hand over her mouth, demanded money then assaulted her. the other assault happened back in march on the 1700 block of chadwick. police released this sketch of the suspect. an elderly woman says this man broke into her house and assaulted her. suspects in both cases are described as a man in his late 20's early 30's, medium build and there could be the key piece of evidence in both cases police say the suspect was wearing red gloves. >> a rutgers football player is jailed in florida on a felony robbery charge. darian daily 19 year old defensive back. sarasota police say he and another suspect confront add bicyclist with a gun sunday morning and demanded money. the victim reportedly gave police a license plate number, daily is charged with robbery with a firearm. he's being held on $150,000 bail. delta says two of its international planes have been threatened, one flight was from paris to boston, and the other from london to newark.
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now, the second new jersey bound flight to receive a threat yesterday united airlines flight from scotland, received threat that chemical weapon was on boards. in new york, because anonymous telephone threat, us military jets had to escort air fans night into new york city. in all, six planes have received such threats none of them though, were credible. vice president joe biden has been working to reassure iraq's prime minister of us support. biden spent yesterday on the phone with the iraqi leader pledging full us support for iraq's effort to reclaim territories from isis. the call comes one day after defense secretary ash carter as comment that iraqi forces showed quote no will to fight. and fled as the islamic state advance on the city of ramadi. the city he cheap lands reached settlement with the us justice department. deal comes after 18 month investigation into patterns of excessive force and civil rights violations by the police department.
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and, two days after a white officer was acquitted of manslaughter for taking in the 137 shot birrage that killed two unarmed black teenagers. details of the settlement are expected to be released later today. also today california officials hope to remove broken section of a fuel pipeline, that released more than 100,000 gallons of oil into the pacific ocean. the broken section is expected to help investigators determine what caused the pipeline to breach one week ago, off the coast of santa barbara. officials say, one lion, nine pell cons, untold numbers of fishes have been killed. and in texas, four people are now confirmed dead after a four day birrage of severe weather. a mix of heavy rains flooding and tornados descended on the region starting friday. the blonc rose in one hour, ended their search for survivors swept up by
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floodwaters and destroyed hundreds of homes. texas governor toured the damage and compared it to a tsunami. >> you cannot candy coat it. it is absolutely massive. >> earlier monday, police found the body of a 14 year old boy and his dog who had been reported missing sunday night. police say he was found in a storm drain near his home. he apparently had drowned. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" terrifying moment caught on camera full bounce thrown into the air by a waterspout. >> get ready for hot humid weather, katie looks at a chance for storms over the next few days, we'll be
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>> organizers of the annual fourth of july holiday party are promising grammy award winning entertainers representing all kinds of music. the celebration of the nation's birthday in the
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nation's birth place starts on june 27th. about month away. the daughters of blues legend bb king claim two of their fathers closest aids poise orthopedics him. coroners performed an autopsy over the weekends after these allegations were brought to light. however, police say, there is no active homicide investigation, and any police action will depend on the autopsy findings. kings daughters say that his business manager, laverne tony and his personal assistant, myron johnson poisoned king. the autopsy is expected to take up to eight weeks. ukee? >> erika, some terrifying moments at florida beach when a bounce houseful of children was pick up and thrown some 20 feet into the air by a waterspout. it was all caught on camera. this unfolded yesterday in fort lauderdale. friends and family members could only watch as the wind carried the children into the sky, and then dropped them. a mother and family friend of
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one of the children describe the girls injuries. >> yes, they're trying to keep her, revive her keep her awake, they didn't want her to go to sleep l we got there heads were spinning over, the police trying keep her awake. >> the children were taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance, one was seriously hurt and an adult was injured, also, by the waterspout as well. is he can't imagine something like. >> that's unbelievable. back here in philadelphia, we're looking at what a steamy day yesterday and even hotter? >> even hotter than it was yesterday. we started off here yesterday hitting the upper 80s across the delaware vale, now already going to be easily flirting with 90 degrees here today. storm scan3 showing us more activity offer to the west, obviously, we are finding at this point through central and western pennsylvania, a hands full of showers eventually, some of this may actually
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survive as it creeps our way. but, you can still make out essentially when we look at the wider zoom that high pressure still essentially ruling here. you know, any wet weather that's been off to the west has sort of been stuck moving granted, but moving sluggishly bringing all of the heavy flooding rain across texas, now over louisianna, they're getting pounded right now, eventually going to see this front cross or at least attempt to cross through our area before it fizzles away, as high pressure continues to yield off to the east. but meantime, southerly push of air means it is just like a heat pump that's cranking into our region. so here comes our heat safety graphic, guys. we break this out every year around this time. you want to make sure you're wearing light loose fitting clothing. i always feel so badly for the folks who have to work out in construction, around the heat from the equipment but when you deal with this heat and humidity, take care, guys, drinks lot of fluid especially water put the air conditioner on remember, that your car can turn into an oven in a matter of minutes when talking temperatures like
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this. make sure to check on the elderly, as well. meanwhile, outside we go, actually still pretty comfortable outside palmyra cove nature park, overlooking center city well off in the distance across the delaware river, 64 degrees right now but that's going to change very quickly once the sun comes up. hot, steamy, 90 degrees. hottest day we forecasted yet this year, 69 degrees overnight, remember, some of the western or northern counties could pick up quick shower or thunderstorm toward evening. and as we look forward in the forecast getting little active out there starting tomorrow more widespread showers, storms, rolling through in scattered fashion. ukee back to you. >> thank you katie n sport phillies play the met later tonight at city field with jerome williams getting the start for the fighting's, last year rookie of the year, jacob, goes for the metropolitan. now the phils got two-hit game from chase utley in the memorial day matinee yesterday. two run single in the third put the phils up a run. that will lead did not last long. phils pitching served up three long balls including a three
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run shot by mets catcher flores that broke a six-inning tie. phils lose this one final score was six to three. >> well the eagles begin their organized team activities today in south philly at nova care. rookies get to practice with the veterans in shorts and t-shirt. coaches get good look at the players on the field. we'll hear from chip kelly on thursday about how things are looking thus far in the early going. >> well, lincoln financial field was busy place yesterday with almost 25,000 fans on hand to watch the ncaa lacrosse championship, between maryland and denver. denver senior wesley bird scored five goals to lead his pioneers over the at the pins in maryland ten to five. it is the first title for the pioneers, and the first time a team west of the mississippi has won the national lacrosse title. congratulations to everyone in town for the big event. >> nba cleveland cavaliers guard irving game time decision for tonight's game for the nba eastern conference finals. he missed the last two games with the injured right knee.
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now the cavaliers haven't really missed him. they're up three games to none on the atlanta hawks. tonight's game is in cleveland. in the western conference finals mvp steve curry of the warriors goes for the block and falls over trevor, and lands on his head. curry missed about 12 minute, but he did come back to the game. the rockets got a playoff career high of 45 points from james harden, and beat golden state 128-115. warriors still lead the series three games to win game five tomorrow night in oakland. erika, back to you. >> thank ukee. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", after the comcast merger fell through time warner has new potential buyer. coming up in the money watch report. first here's what's ahead on cbs-3.
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>> two search underway. investigators say those men broke into a home on the 2100 block of tyson avenue around 3:00 this morning. police use dogs to scour the neighborhood for those suspects, at least one of those men had a gun. >> time for a check every business charter communications nearing a deal to buy time warner cable jill wasner joins us from the new york stock exchange, what do you know about this proposed deal? >> good morning, ukee, erika deal worth about $55 billion announcement could commas early as this morning charter wanted to buy time warner months ago but comcast had offered more money the deal fell through because regulators concerned the merged company would be too big. we'll see what happens this time around, ukee, erika. >> i hear apple giving a promotion to help design it most popular product. what's up? >> apple design guru johnny, has been promos today chief
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design officer help design the ipad, 5,000 design and utility patents to his name. in his new role, will help design apple's retail stores, and their new california campus even down to the office furniture. >> good deal. >> whole done, all right jill, talk to you a little later. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together we do it on
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>> 4:53. let's get traffic and weather together. >> good morning tuesday morning, everyone, finally back to reality here coming off the long weekends, but still slow start to the traffic addition, that's good news hitting the road early. ninety-five at cottman both directions, no problems this morning, weather looks great. we have clear skies, at the
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moment, big story will be the humidity today. so you'll be running the air-conditioning in the car. accident scene already 309 northbound at welsh rd. getting by here, around that scene. so just little slow, but at least traffic is moving there. that's welsh rd. and 309 northbound. fire strawberry mansion diamond street closed at this hour between 29th and 30th. police are directing traffic. you can use cecil b. moore avenue. lights out grays ferry 34th and grays ferry avenue. traffic lights totally out. treat this as four way stop. be careful this morning. also, a ladder on the road, looks like someone is doing some construction maybe moving and 422 westbound, the onramp from sanatoga, hopefully they get that pick up shortly. construction in the city, ninth street closed between dickinson and read, sinkhole repair until 6:00 this morning. that's a check on your ride. back to you katie for check on the forecast. >> the forecast, definitely turning very, very steamy today. yesterday was hot granted but it wasn't terribly uncomfortable. you know, if you sat in the shade, it felt pretty good. but now that humidity is
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really starting to ramp up for us here. so now it is almost like classic dog days of summer style weather for us, for the next couple every days, in fact. we take you out to storm scan3, you will find off to the west here, very scattered variety of some showers it does appear as though some of this may try to survive through the north and western counties i doubt that philadelphia's going to get in on that at all here. but possibility that toward evening you see that. meantime everyone is going to feel that humidity. and it is generally humid or steamy, you know, take your pick here on the level. i wouldn't call it unsufferable, let alone impressive but certainly noticeable here for the next couple of days. temperatures don't help matters. talking at least mid or upper 80s for the majority of the forecast, today the hottest day we have forecasted yet no less hot, steamy still sunny, but the pattern certainly turns far more active as those icons certainly reflect here in the days ahead. guys back to you. katie, thanks so much. well the remains of american army corporal have been
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identified through dna. more than 06 years after he went missing in korea. >> robert higgins declared missing in action in february 1951, after his unit was overrun. now, his status can be changed from missing in action, to killed in action. yesterday he was honored in philadelphia. his neice was at the memorial day ceremony. >> every once in a while my dad would bring him up. we would talk about him. he would say i guess i never will know what happened to my brother. we are very happy, you know, that they were able to identify him. >> higgins name and mia class if i cakes are etched in the granite wall there at the philadelphia korean war memorial. that will now be noted that he was killed in action. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" following breaking news, the search for suspect after overnight home invasion. >> also, just soak down south. more drenching rain hits texas, crews search for victims swept away by the
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning family, yes steamy start to the day really feel like summer by this afternoon. katie will let you know how long the hot and humid weather will be in our region. also we're following some breaking news, after two gunmen storm into a house overnight, the important clues they left behind during that home invasion. and, historic flooding in texas, we're there live with the latest devestation left behind by the record rainfall. it is tuesday may 26th, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. get ready to crank up the air-conditioning today. >> this will feel like just in the middle of july. >> here we go. katie outside on the skydeck all right, katie we will be pushing what 90 today? >> easily, i think make solid run to hit 09 degrees in fact
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in philadelphia today here guys. so hottest day for one thing that we forecasted so far in 2015. but, more than anything, you know temperature readings aside, it is that humidity that really starts to get to you, because you could find some shade be comfortable remember what yesterday was certainly very warm, but felt good if you were shaded, or maybe you had your feet dipping in a pool. but today that humidity, just starts to pick up. now, this is a running theme for us. not only is it going to be awfully warm for the standards, but also going to keep this humidity around, and that comes courtesy of call that classic heat pump effect around high pressure, because now seeing return flow around. in other words southerly wind flow. not necessarily anything that's going to be terribly windy today but enough that you notice breeze much like yesterday. now, we start to feel the humidity. off to the west, also, notice there is a smattering of just couple of spotty showers, that are firing up and we could see some of that survive through the west and north most counties, later today especially toward evening but


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