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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> a dozen shots were fired some struck a house with the young family sleeping inside. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation jan. >> reporter: ukee and erika that young family includes a young mother and two young boys just ten and 12 years old. fortunately they were asleep upstairs because bullets flew through their downstairs living room windows. they were not injured but certainly could have been a whole lot worse. three men were shot and injured taken to the hospital and one of those men remain in critical condition this morning, take a look at the the video. this shooting happened just before 11:30 last night in the 6600 block of tisdale street in west oak lane. shots rang out and police were called to the scene. they found three men shot, age 28 32, 38. two were taken to the hospital by police. they are stable. the 38 year-old shot in the back is in critical condition this morning. now at least 12 shots were fired during this shooting, a dozen spent shell casings were found in the 6600 block
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police say some stray bullets hit a house blocks away. police found a home in the 1500 block of ti sdale struck four times and first going through a living room window. three two-year old mother a and ten and 12 year-old son were asleep inside. >> in one was injured inside of this property, three two-year old mother, including the ten and 12 year-old brothers. north detectives is processing the scene. several witnesses were transported to north detectives being interviewed by detectives at this time. the the only information we have regarding the shooter is that he escaped in a white colors vehicle last seen north on 62nd. >> reporter: so a very vague description of the vehicle no suspects at this time or motive for this shooting but police located surveillance cameras in the area and they hope video can help. they are asking for public's help. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live outside
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philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ten feel face charges in the sexting scandal at two cape may counties schools. investigation centers a at lower cape may regional high school and richard titleman middle school. police say 19 students and an adult shared photos of the nude or partially nude female students either by social media or text message. twenty-seven cell phones have been confiscated. >> i just think that they are braver behind the screen then they within, you know, right in front of someone's face. i don't think that they were face-to-face with someone like that that they would do that. >> all 20 are charged with invasion of privacy that is a third degree crime. if convicted adults face three to five years in prison. minors would face up to two years in the training school for juvenile offenders. penn state fraternity is banned from campus for the next three years after a facebook photo scandal.
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school punish kappa delta row after some members put pictures of nude and semi nude women on the private facebook page. an investigation uncover cases of sexual harassment and hazing at the fraternity. lets get our traffic and weather together with k-fell. >> it will end up being a steamy day here in the delaware valley we are expecting these temperatures to spike in the upper 80's today. today you will note that is humidity more so. yesterday started to get high but wasn't oppressive. today a different story. we have storm scan three at the moment, it is basically clear. we have a couple of cloud but we are expecting to see some sun filter through that. we can see beginnings of the activity on the radar here firing up showers and steady rain and just on the western edge of the appalachian mountain center and that will refire and as this is rolling our way the timing is pretty much perfect as far as that goes for to us see the
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strongest storms that we could. we could sit with the slight risk from the storm prediction center granted scattered showers but heavier and gusty thunder storm. they will start to roll rel in this afternoon through western suburbs and toward evening for philadelphia and off to the east. locally heavy downpours and strong wind gusts are the concern. temperatures are heating up efficiently and we're talking upper 80's and with the humidity it feels sticky, in the the best hair day. >> we don't like those kind of hair days, katie. >> good morning everyone. traveling out and about right now it is easy on our majors in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, pretty much most except traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike. we have an overturn tanker truck on the westbound side right before bensalem not too far from street roadblocking the right-hand lane and we have word that there is fuel or some or the of fluid on the roadway, it is causing a bit of the delay in this area
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speed sensors in the 50's, we are dropping down in the 30's as you bypass that scene down in the 20's. we will keep you updated as we get more information in the news room but as you will notice vine street expressway is a breeze, in delays to and from 76 and i-95. as i mentioned before a pennsylvania new jersey and delaware with the exception of the pennsylvania turnpike it seems roadways are still sleeping. we have some good news. also in vineland, new jersey at orchard road and elm road we have an accident scene with the investigation underway. delsea drive or walnut road are two good alternate in that area but there are in delays for mass transit ukee. developing this morning swiss authorities arrest officials from soccer's governing body fifa. >> those officials are expected to be extradited here in the you had where they face federal corruption charges. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has the latest on these overnight arrests. >> this is big news, for
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soccer world. six top fifa officials arrested and four expected to be indict today after a three-year fbi investigation. high ranking officials are accused of accepting bribes and kickbacks to the tune of 100 million-dollar, crimes which are believed to have been carried out right here in the united states. now in return investigators say the officials provided media, marketing and sponsorship rights to soccer matches in latin america dating back to the 1990's. there is no word yet if the 1994 world cup hosted here in the america was compromised but we know the the probe involved tournaments in the u.s. so far names have in the been released but sources say is one is jeffery west, the vice-president and also the the head of the fi fa's governing body for north america and caribbean. these are pictures on the screen of web and mayor nutter when he wases in town in march to announce another soccer tournament being played here in the city. as for raid they were carried out in seer i can overnight
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where members of the fifa governing body were gathering for an election held on friday. certainly not what they were expecting to happen at that gathering but interesting to go see how this plays out. >> this could be the the tip of the iceberg. >> yes. federal aid is coming to texas. hundreds of people have been rescued from homes and vehicles as national gar moves into that area. some others are still missing this morning. cbs news correspondent chris martinez reports now. >> reporter: for texas it is deja vu all over again heavy rain came down in buckets in the dallas suburb of irving late in the night quickly filling up on roadways bringing to mind scenes from houston. the state's fourth largest city was hammered by more than 11 inches of rain, submerging highways and damaging thousands of homes and businesses. at least five people died including this man's 66 year-old father. >> he was helping himself get
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out of trouble and helping another lady get out of trouble. it is the the kind of person he is. >> reporter: here in the devastated towns people are starting to clean up after flood waters from the blanco river damage or destroyed thousands of home. carlos cortez, his wife, young son and family dog were air lifted from roof to safety. fighting back tears they thank rescue workers who saved their lives. >> the one that rescued me, he was my hero. >> reporter: heyes county officials say 11 people remain missing in the area including three three-year old laura mccomb and her two young children. >> she called me. she said i'm's in a house floating down the river. >> reporter: with more severe storms on the way officials are warning resident to be aware of rising the water and listen to emergency alerts. chris martinez for cbs news, texas. and this is video of the tornado passing through a
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dayton, ohio suburb yesterday afternoon. it lifted a pickup truck and blew it in the building. two people injured. some businesses and nearby homes were damage. two dozen in all. police say two dozen vehicles in the parking lot of the shopping center were also damaged. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is expect to join crowded republican field running for president later today. santorum promises to make a major announcement near his hometown outside pittsburgh. he gave mitt romney a run for his money in 2012 before dropping out of the race. republican web site in iowa said santorum will vice split tomorrow after launching his campaign. former new york governor george pot tacky will make his campaign official. he will be the the eighth republican date with more expect to yum in soon, ukee? philadelphia students will make their case for more school funding. twenty students from andrew jackson he will meantry school will go to city hall to
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deliver paint brushes to council members a symbol of the tools needed for children to succeed in the classroom. yesterday school district at school district for 05 million-dollar for the next school year. philadelphia's new paid sick leave law faces a test before pennsylvania pennsylvania lawmakers. this morning a quint committee is holding a hearing at city hall. state representative maria donnatuci introduced a bill allowing work tours get paid sick leave at a rate of one hour of leave for every 40 hours work. another bill in harrisburg would overturn the cities sick leave law erika. still ahead revel new owner hits a new roadblock why the building won't be ready for busy summer tourist season. have you even this man? local store where he is accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt. also this... girl says to me give me money, i stop, looked at her and say that will happen.
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>> pennsylvania ice cream truck driver risk his life, to stop a robber, hear what he did when a woman pulled up with a gun on him. enjoy the sun today. katie says it will go from steamy to stormy. she will let you know when wet wet's lives when we do traffic and weather together on the three's, we will be right back.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at traffic and weather together here's katie. >> good morning ukee. we are watching an active pattern take effect here across the delaware valley as we are watching at the same time very same and sluggish storm system, that has been responsible not just for all severe weather and flooding that we have seen across deep out but now also going to be responsible for our next round of potentially stronger storms. let me show you what is happening here first and
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foremost here in atlantic city where haze is out there. there is moisture in this atmosphere and it will start to feel more muggy as you walk out the door starting to day. later on today showers and thunderstorms will begin to fire up but for now we are building up, eventually heat and also this humidity and that is reflect in your dew points which we will discuss. storm scan three quiet here locally you can see broad scope of the storm system, still trailing off to the south and moisture is being funneled in. in the meantime as a result we are going to sit for the most part in the slight risk for severe weather green indicating marge mal risk and lowest on the totem pole on storm risk. the slight risk is slightly elevated. we will have some very gusty storms that will be a line that moves through later on today, bringing in some strong wind gusts heavy downpours and possibility of frequent lightening as well. here is a look at your to
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points. higher to points equal more humidity. because we are in the mid 60's and 70 in dover you will notice it. lower due pint gets dryer that air becomes. today will be a steamy day. we will keep that breeze too pony tallies not the worst idea. upper 80's the spectation today and again it will be steamy. afternoon and evening is prime time for those showers and storms so morning drive not as bad as p.m. drive we think. tomorrow any showers or storms will be spotty in nature. i say friday and sat the day at this point we are looking for sunshine here. we will wrap up month of may on sunday, still on an above average note with a fresh round of showers and storms. we could use the rain. banking on a good heavy downpour to get this pollen off my deck, that layer of yellow blah, you can take it. >> good morning young lady.
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>> good morning everyone. traveling out and about right now it is pretty easy on our majors. would i say most of them but not traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike. westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike we have an overturn tanker truck right around area of street road. right before bensalem, blocking right-hand lane. we have word that there is some sort of fluid on the roadway and tanker truck hit the guardrail and flip. we are talking about a pretty big clean upright now and with that speed sensors are dropping in the 30's where as if you are traveling the rest of our majors we are high up in the 50's, averaging 55. definitely try to avoid this area if you can or plan a correspondingly by giving yourself more time. we will keep you updated for sure. looking at 422, it looks great east and westbound. that was that road buckle from yesterday due to the heat. so they have put that back together, you are good to go but it is interesting that happened like that, just out of in where and that is how things happen but you you are
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good anyway. in vineland we have an accident in new jersey orchard road at elm road an accident with the investigation in place, delsea drive or walnut road are two good alternate ukee. it has been a frustrating season for phillies fans and now the general manager is lashing out hear what ruben amaro junior says that is rubbing people the wrong way. more safety changes in the aftermath of the deadly amtrak train derailment, latest tool added to trains that pass through northeast corridor, we will be right back.
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former revel resort in atlantic city a parentally won't reopen this um iser. new owner glenn straub says there is in way casino will be ready to open in the next few months. he made his comments following a federal court hearing at which he and utility company greed to continue temporary
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electrical service. straub says it is doubtful that the non-gambling attractions can open by labor day. time to check the philadelphia job market report and here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: negotiating skills are a critical part of the job search. once we have gone through process of networking, interviewing and landing a coveted job in the philadelphia area experts caution thaw need to be patient and thoughtful about the negotiation process. before grabbing that first offer, remember some common rules: never make the first offer and don't under value your worth. but researchers at columbia university business school have new and improved suggestions, they found that using a salary range rather than a single number may help you increase your compensation. that is because the potential employers are unlikely to go below or near bottom end of the range. the key is to set a fairly ambitious lower number,
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equivalent to the one you would have used as a single dollar offer. you also need to be careful not to set the range too wide. most successful range offers remain within 20 percent of one another. maybe go ahead and speak up first but do so with a smart range, i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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and delaware valley in the next delaware valley as we track a sluggish moving system is same one that produced all of the severe weather and flood ago cross deep south. right now all you have got in the last three hour loop, somewhat more so, we have nothing more than a couple spotty showers through west virginia and western pennsylvania eventually, we
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will have heating of the day to work with and there will be showers and storms that start to rumble through by this afternoon for far western suburbs. i call this a darn nice beach day we expect partly sunny skies, humidity already looks steamy, just to look at camera just tweeted out a picture of the shore shot but temperatures still on the cool side, some spots as warm as six but that is even still on the cool side. we will see uv index on the high side as well. sun block required, vittoria. good morning everyone. right now you more time will be required as you plan to travel on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike. we have an overturn tanker truck on the westbound side around bensalem, not too far from street road, right lane block, traveling in this area, as indicated by these yellow sensors it is causing a slow down. we have word that there could be fluid on the roadway and this tanker truck hit a guardrail and that overturn. we have quite a clean up on
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our hand and we will continue to keep you updated on that. in the meantime rest of the majors and bridges are great. ben franklin bridge in delays in either treks to and from new jersey and philadelphia even i-95 approaching area of allegheny here, not seeing a problem at all even throughout construction zones of girard and cottman. i-95 is great. only turnpike that we are seeing biggest problem this morning, ukee. it is afternoon baseball again and phils and mets start at 1:10 at city feel. miguel franco who put philadelphia is head last night with an eighth inning single. run caps a four run outburst by fightins erasing a three-one mets lead but mets tied it backup in the bottom of the eighth and won it in walk off style in the tenth inning. phillies lose five-four their third straight looks. phillies general manager ruben amaro is apologizing in comment in an on line article amaro claimed that phillies fan do not understand the game
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and complained phillies brass does not have a plan. amaro made comments when asked about getting number one draft pick aaron nola to the big league faster. ruben says i'm a fan myself. i understand passion and knowledge our fans have for our game and other major sports, all of the major sports in philly. comments weren't meant to disparage our fans by any stretch of the imagination. i probably used my word incorrectly or poorly and i want to apologize for that. nba western conference finals continues tonight in oakland. warrior lead the rockets three-one. golden state can punch its ticket to the finals with a victory tonight in front of the home crowd. however wins that western conference series will to have deal with the determine lebron james as he scored 23 points last night and his cleveland cavilers eliminated atlanta hawks final score was 118-88. king james had a triple double over four game sweep this will be lebron's fifth
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straight trip to the nba finals. erika, back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news", we have latest on overnight triple shooting where innocent children were nearly hit justin? >> reporter: erika, an alert this morning for a shop's accused of using his cell phone to take inappropriate photos of the woman in the grocery line. i'm justin finch in montgomery count which that story coming up straight ahead. also some unusual advice from the pros, why some burglars are sharing their tricks of the trade i'll tell you what to not too. and vittoria and katie with your traffic and weather together on the three's watching for some storms this afternoon katie had has details coming up, good morning.
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police issued a warning for shoppers after what he did in a check outline a woman claims he tried to snap inappropriate photos of her. >> it happened may ninth at wegmans in bethlehem pike and montgomery township. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us about more information about that man good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: woman said she had a strange feeling in the man in the line next to her. whether he she got face-to-face with this guy he ran off. that was a few weeks ago. now police want to track him down. just look at this man montgomery township police want to talk to about a crime police believe to have taken place at bethlehem pike wegmans earlier this movement possible case of up skirting, or using a camera to take unsuspecting photos up a


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