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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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police issued a warning for shoppers after what he did in a check outline a woman claims he tried to snap inappropriate photos of her. >> it happened may ninth at wegmans in bethlehem pike and montgomery township. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us about more information about that man good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: woman said she had a strange feeling in the man in the line next to her. whether he she got face-to-face with this guy he ran off. that was a few weeks ago. now police want to track him down. just look at this man montgomery township police want to talk to about a crime police believe to have taken place at bethlehem pike wegmans earlier this movement possible case of up skirting, or using a camera to take unsuspecting photos up a
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woman's skirt, surprise to shoppers here. >> little creepy, scary i would be a little nervous. i haven't heard anything bit. >> reporter: on may ninth police say this man was in the wegmans check outline and as she played her groceries on the conveyor belt she says that this man bent down and held his cell phone under her skirt. she confronted him and he ran off leaving his cart behind. >> i think it is awfully public place for someone to do that. it is kind of audacity to do that. >> it doesn't surprise me what extreme people go to when they have such downtime in their life, it is justin sane. >> different times nowadays. people with these technologies allowing people to do sick he can things. i have two young daughters who i worry about all the time. >> reporter: police put out surveillance photos of this van, they believe this is the video that the man used to make his escape.
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we're live from montgomery county i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting where stray bullets nearly hit a family. it happened around 11:30 on the 1500 block of tisdale street in west oak lane 36789 men were shot with one rick tim in critical condition. bullets struck a house nearby with three people inside. >> four stray bullet went through the the first floor living room windows of the property. inside of the property at the time were a three two-year old female with her two children age ten and 12 both boys, fortunately very lucky for all three they were upstairs on the second floor asleep the the shooter drove away in the light colored vehicle. if you have any information please cat police. coming up at 5:33. >> the the weather today is turning more active out there.
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it is also more steamy too. we have more moisture to work with in the atmosphere and you'll begin to note that is humidity. if you didn't notice it quite as much yesterday. yes, those levels were climbing but wasn't oppressive at all but it was very hot obviously. i want to show you this view on sky scan three the cloud are still in place and we are expecting sunshine, 72 already. we are off to a very warm start. we will have no problem hitting upper 80's once more. southerly wind is here, humidity is up there. we are in the lower 80's in terms of percentage es. storm scan three empty but you can see they are cloud to work without there a sign is there moisture as well. today really is our next best shot by a good soaking rain and at this point we could really use it through the the lehigh valley and up towards poconos where we are in the moderate drought right now. rain deficit are starting to climb to levels that really
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point to hey we need some rain at this point. meanwhile tomorrow will also feature shower or storm but i say friday and saturday are quiet out of the next five days. for your wednesday forecast expect some sunshine, down the shore not a terrible day. partly sunny and steamy at 78. we should hit low to upper 80's in philadelphia and we will expect to see showers and storms rumble in through this p.m. time frame. we have a few more hours before wet weather strikes but it wouldn't just be welcome showers it may in the be so welcomed in the stronger or potentially gusty thunderstorms, vittoria. >> we have to plan accordingly, katie. >> good morning everyone. you have to do the same thing as well traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike. would i say not so much majors just yet but on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound we have an overturn tanker truck that hit the guardrail there and then overturn not too far from the area of street road. right lane block. we have word that the clean up
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should still take about an hour or so. you will notice it is affecting traffic as indicated by yellow sensors. we will keep you updated on. that give yourself a few that minutes if that is where you are headed. traveling on the the schuylkill expressway this delays just yet to and from the area of the pennsylvania turnpike, to and from the area of center city, it is fantastic. speed sensors look great, on the schuylkill, i-95, a great bird eye view around 452 indicate ago this rush hour is not underway just yet. speed sensors high in the 50's in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. just a lot of good news for the most part. unfortunately in vineland we have an accident investigation at orchard road at elm. delsea drive and walnut road would be good alternate in that air were. 5:35. in business news another controversy from a company with headquarters in our area. >> and cupid could be watching out for you. >> um-hmm.
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>> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee. wall street is looking for a rebound today after suffering its worst day in three weeks. the dow jones lost 190-point yesterday, the nasdaq fell 56. now it came despite good economic data that the economy, consumer confidence is up, so are sales have of new homes. investors don't necessarily like that though because strong data means the fed will stay on track to raise interest rates by the end of the year. lily pull either is apologizing over the issue of fat shaping. insuring magazine published photos inside the company's office just outside of philadelphia, one worker had a cartoon at her desk, insulting overweight woman. now, this comes just weeks after different controversy lily pulitzer's plus size collection for target was only available on line instead of in the store.
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if you are looking for love it could be time for a new watch. the wristwatch will vibrate within 100 feet of the good match. users first fill out details personality questionnaires, this watch is a available on kick starter for $49 inspired by gwyneth paltrow movie sliding doors ukee and erika. >> that is hilarious. >> i just had to break out and laugh. >> that is a trip. >> okay, all right. >> that is too much. >> reporter: it seems freaky. >> it is creative, i'll give it that, thanks, jill. >> thanks, jill, talk to you later. amtrak is taking steps to improve safety on the northeast corridor have after that deadly train derailment in port richmond. >> "eyewitness news" reporter, nicole brewer is here with the latest on the changes. report report by years end video cameras will be rolling inside engineer compartments of all amtrak trains operating
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on the northeast corridor. that announcement made yesterday comes two weeks after the deadly derailment in port richmond that killed eight people and injured nearly 200. amtrak says technology will improve safety and aid future investigations but attorneys for victims of train 188 say it should have have been introduced long ago. >> we are seeing hat that the throughout process is what can we do now to add safety after yet another tragedy and that is despicable. far too little, far too late. it does not provide any comfort whatsoever to anybody who lost a loved one or to anybody seriously injured in the tragedy. >> now once cameras are installed on the northeast route they will be expanded to include other amtrak trains. meanwhile ntsb says it is still trying to determine what caused train 188 to crash engineer brendon bostian suffered a head injury and said he cannot remember anything.
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definitely will be improvement but just comes too late. >> thanks, nicole. 5:39, an ice cream truck driver near pittsburgh is recovering after a with man opens fire into his truck. franklin says he was selling ice cream over the holiday weekend when a woman back up to his truck with the purple gun. >> girl says to me, you know, give me the money. i stopped and looked and said yeah that will happen. when she demanded it the second time i flung it in the back of the truck among all of the empty boxes. she made a head gesture and she looked away. i came down on her hand where the gun was. >> reporter: would be robber fell to the ground and then opened fire in the truck. you can see bullet hole to the side there he was struck by shrapnel leaving a mark on his chest. that shooter got away and police are still looking for her. >> that is unbelievable. >> holding up a ice cream truck. taxpayers targeted by thieves, how scammers used an
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irs tool to steel personal information. also this... >> reporter: advice on how to protecter your home from the very people burglarizing it. i'm matt co czar with their new video coming up. hundreds of new word were added to the dictionary and a couple of them are head scratchers. we will tell you what they are coming up.
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new way to help lower blood pressure, researchers are testing a vaccine that they hope could replace daily blood pressure medicine. a study, published in an american heart a association journal says that vaccine would lower, blood pressure, for up to six months. well, get ready to s-p-e -l-l the preliminary round of the math spelling bee starts outside washington d.c. winner will be crown tomorrow night. we will nine local students competing. we will see who can bring home the title. good luck to you all. i love this time of the year. >> we're horrible spellers. >> never works out. >> never does. >> you probably need a dictionary, for some of those word in the competition of course so now some new word are going in the dictionary. >> are you ready. >> let's do it. >> run them by you wtf. >> are you kidding me.
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>> it stand for what the the and you know the rest there. >> those emoji those text messages and e-mails. i finally figure out how to do those. and the legins that look like jeans and tight fighting. >> never heard of them you don't have your own jeggings of your own. >> no good casual, ukee. >> not that casual, come on now. >> here's one more for you now, photo bomb. >> boom. >> photo bomb. >> i like that one. >> yes. >> katie and vittoria did in ourselfe this morning. >> it was terrific. >> there they are. >> photo bomb. >> they are both celebrating. >> yes. >> i do have to say i did get a fun tweet dave said, combine them and that is a new word. >> yep. >> photo bomb. >> there you go good all one word. >> through go. >> this just in. >> just some of the new word, more confusing one.
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>> jeggings. >> i heard of them, ukee. >> yes. >> katie is cracking up. >> i have a mental image now of ukee in jeggings. >> there is in word for that. somebody has to photo shop that. >> oh, no, no. >> thank you. lets take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network, mild, muggy start. he is cursing me over there i'll bet. 07 degrees sent in from john, nice mild beginning for morning in perk so. with 70 degrees already it is a lot more confidentable with sleeping weather as we saw throughout last night. 70 degrees, and david dutch has more sun in clementon. we have more cloud in most locations here this morning. because of the beginning of the, you know, all this moisture working its way in the atmosphere. we're also finding sunshine in middletown.
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hot one. that is the case as we look ahead in our forecast for daytime highs. storm scan three right now still featuring at the moment basically just dry conditions. off to the west we had another line yesterday of some showers firing up here. see broader scope of the storm system slowly but surely migrating east. we will see that southerly push of heat and humidity being funneled in. that is where high temperatures are come from and more steaminess is coming from. we will jump ahead to 2:00 p.m. today and showers and then are storms firing up off to the west of philadelphia they will role in but timing is right for to us see strong, gusty thunderstorms rumbling through. as they do come through it is at the height of the rush hour. 6:00 p.m. give or take right along i-95. not the best timing there it should take a brake later tonight and see another shower
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or storm tomorrow. friday and saturday quiet and then saturday into sunday a new front head our way. however, it is shore time folks and orr at the shore is heading to sea isle city. within of my favorite cher spots and meteorologist kathy orr will be live at the sea aisle city on the prom men made. go back down and say hello to her. we have an update for anyone traveling on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike. we have an overturn tanker truck. earlier right lane was block but i got word that all lanes are temporarily closed to remove this vehicle. it is the westbound side of the tanker truck westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike right around street road bensalem area. again all lanes are temporarily blocked as they continue up to right the tractor trailer and remove it out of the way. we will continue to keep you updated for sure. follow us on twitter because we will let you know when it does open up literally when we get that in the cyst em.
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422 we are not seeing any delays, we had earlier road buckle yesterday causing a major problem for rush hour but that is all good to go right now. all majors are still sleeping with the exception of the pennsylvania turnpike. this is 202 not too far from the area of i would say king of prussia because we are looking great out there. new jersey and delaware in delays for mass transit ukee. here's what is happening police say a gunman got away after a triple shooting on kingsdale street in west oak lane. two victims are in stable condition, one in critical condition. investigators say bullets went through window of the home nearby but no one was inside, who was hurt. meanwhile six officials from fifa, governing body of the international soccer organization, are under arrest in switzerland. they are accused in the multi million-dollar bribery scandal. fifa just announced it will in the revote on the host for 2018 and 2022 world cup.
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death toll from flooding in texas and oklahoma climbs to 17 people and search resumes today for 11 people missing for three taste after a vacation home was swept off foundation by the rain swollen river. the irs says criminals have accessed the personal tax information of more than a hundred thousand people. those thieves got in the system called get transcript, it is where taxpayers can access tax returns and other filings from previous years. suspects used that information to file fraudulent tax returns. irs is notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed. well, three convicted burglars are featured in a new you tube video produced by columbus, ohio police department. >> as cbs news correspondent matt co czar reports the the inmates talk about the tricks of the trade so you can stop would be thieves. >> reporter: video is called burglars or burglars, tips on
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the big house to your house. full of crime scene photos and interviews with three men currently serving time for burglary in ohio. >> aloft people think second story windows don't need to be lock. will be them too. >> reporter: men explained how they chest houses they rob what they were looking for and what they did with the the goods. their incentive a letter to the parole board saying they cooperated. columbus police say hearing from the experts is a good way to prevent crime. >> little signs they put out, most times it is a decoy. >> reporter: men say they search for easy points of entry. they agree homeowners should close window blind when leaving the house installed dead bolt locks, buy an alarm system and test it regularly and get visible security cameras. police suggest homeowners list their property on web sites like report it, here you can lock makes models, serial numbers of photos to help police recover your photo after a crime. >> if i had something i didn't want be in to see so they
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wouldn't see it i would keep it hidden. >> reporter: good advice to protect your home from the very people trying to burglarize it. matt co czar for cbs news, new york. good advice. >> good advice, interesting. still ahead before you walk out the door katie has a check on the stormy forecast and we will do traffic and weather together on the three's. we are looking at history. where you can get up close and personal with these historic planes, we will be right back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! american families experiencing financial hardships are presented with the briefcase containing a large sum of money but they have to make a decision, they can either keep all that money
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for themselves or give all or part of it to another family in need. but they don't necessity is that the other family has an identical briefcase, with the same instructions. see what they decide to do with the money when brief care airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. watch series premiere right here on cbs-3. 5:53. let check with katie and we have some storms to the the mix. >> you certainly have to. i think we will just sabrin on the rain. we could use it in the lehigh valley poconos where we are sitting in a maryland rate drought. it is in the necessarily, you know, a critical situation in terms of the drought but good soaking will do good here as long as it rolls through. we have a good shot for that outside pleasant valley middle and hey school in broad headville. in the much sun line peeking through cloud but we will see it before the storms arrive. storm scan three is basically just empty another quick check of that eyewitness
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weather seven day forecast, it is right through the the end of may but until sunday temperatures at least at 80 degrees. good morning everyone. well overturn tanker truck on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike before bensalem a has all lanes block as they continue on to upright it and get it cleared out of the way w that said traveling in and around this area are plan to give yourself more time and follow us on twitter and keeping us tuned into your tv to let you know when we have all lanes reopened. ninety-five we are seeing rush hour. we will only continue to build so stay with us, we will be right back with more.
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up close beginning at 9:00 this morning in just a couple hours. world air two another planes are part of the national tour, and, you can go on those planes, buy a flight or watch
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them fly. four have of those rear planes including v29 and c45 will be at northeast philadelphia airport, through sunday. >> great experience. so neat to go in one and get flown in one. >> can you imagine. >> i have to get the my dad up there. >> they are still functioning from world war two. >> maintain them. >> no doubt bit. coming up next on "eyewitness news" this morning we are live with the update on the triple shooting overnight police are still looking for gunman and say it could have been worse because bullets went flying in the house with children inside. also 6fifa officials arrested in the overnight raid, bribes they are accused of taking. we will have traffic and weather expect. expect another hot day with a chance of storms.
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in the news philadelphia police are looking for a gunman in a triple shooting. >> stray bullets struck a house with the mother and her two boys sleeping inside. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at police headquarters with the very latest information jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that young family, very fortunate this morning and you mentioned a mother and two sons inside that house hit by stray bullets these kid ten and 12 years old they were upstairs sleeping because those bullets went right through their downstairs living room window. however, three men were shot and injured and taken to the hospital, one of those men is in critical condition this morning. this shooting happened before 11:30 last night on kingsdale street in west oak lane. the show where is will beg out and police were call. police found three men shot,


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