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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 28, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> tonight at 11:00, severe weather. heavy rain falls throughout the area and emergency crews rush a man to the hospital after a possible lightning strike. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. that happened in delaware county tonight on the 300 block of hastings boulevard in broomall. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown is live in the neighborhood for us with more. natasha? >> reporter: well, delaware county officials are investigate
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investigating this at this point as a possible lightning strike as neighbors here in the area described seeing a man fall to the ground right outside of his house. >> it was the loudest boom i've ever heard in my entire life, and it sounded like a million firework going off on the fourth of july. >> reporter: neighbors describe an earth shattering boom as a quick-moving storm rolled through broomall wednesday afternoon. >> i ducked in my bathroom. i was petrified. >> reporter: ambulance scrambled to get to a 52-year-old man in the 300 block of hastings boulevard. initial reports suggested that the man may have been struck by lightning. neighbors we spoke to say he was out with his dog in the driveway hurrying to get inside when they saw him fall to the ground. >> that's scary. it's very scary. >> java had just gotten her kids inside their house before the storm blue through. >> we saw it rolling in and girls hurry up we got to get in the house but you know, lightning striking isn't something we really think about. it's more so they're scared. >> reporter: victim was rushed to nearby hospital and was said
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to be conscious and alert. for neighbor it's back frightening reminder of how dangerous these storms can be. >> i'll definitely be headed in a lot quicker knowing that something like that happened right around the corner. >> reporter: well, the man does remain hospitalized at this hour. we're still not sure exactly the extent of his injuries. meantime marple township police continue to investigate. we're live in broomall tonight natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". natasha, thank you. it was a stormy night across the region as that line of storms moved through the area. meteorologist kathy orr has more on the unsettled weather and these lightning strike. kathy. >> well, you know, at that time of that lightning strike, we had a severe thunderstorm that was rolling across delaware county into philadelphia county, jessica, we'll take you back in time between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. right around 5:45, and you can see all the lightning associated with that particular storm and as we take a zoom in, you can see the lightning strike very close by. now this is the vicinity of
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hastings boulevard. this is where the lightning strike occurred and just to the south there is the lightning strike. when you have the lighting the atmosphere heats up so quickly and explosively that if you are close enough you will hear the boom and believe it or not this was very close win 1 mile that was the distance away from the lightning strike. so definitely a possibility with that that close. you can be struck within 10 miles even 15 to 20 miles within a lightning strike. right now, we are looking at temperatures that have cooled down in the wake of the rain. 74 in philadelphia. but still very muggy. the poconos at 64. millville at 71 degrees. and a few more scattered showers out that tonight. a few isolateed showers some isolated lightning as well it will stay sticky and mild come tomorrow morning in philadelphia waking up to 70 degrees with more storms on the way. we'll time them out for you tomorrow with storm storm scan3 a little later in the broadcast we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. developing news tonight a
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big mick yup at the pentagon involving anthrax. samples of live anthrax were mistakenly shipped from dove way proving ground in utah to labs in nine states. including delaware, new jersey and new york. sample was also inadvertently sent to a u.s. air bass in south korea. all of those labs were supposed to receive dead an flax spores. officials say there are no suspect or confirmed cases of anthrax as a result of this. but we know contact with anthrax can cause sickness and even death. 25 years ago today a college student went down the shore to celebrate and did not return. tonight the family of susan naggier smith is seeking answers answers. cbs has learned a new clue could be a big break in the cold case. vet gate tiff reporter walt hunter has the exclusive. >> reporter: for susan naggers smith family the 25 years since
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her body was found on this wildwood street measured not in hours or days but in tears. >> ultimate hope is that we find susan's killer and they get justice and they go to jail. >> reporter: shortly after this picture showing two-year-old emily being held by susan was snapped her older sister was torn from her life forever. >> i will never stop for the rest of my life until we can find someone. >> reporter: on that day in 1990 susan had come here to wildwood to celebrate the memorial day weekend with her friends. her body partially clad and battered found in an alleyway behind a restaurant on this block. >> she suffered tremendously. she endured great violence. >> reporter: keeping a file of news clippings theresa has work with susan's family seeking justice. that search complicated after medical examiners waited three years to rule her death a
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homicide. first saying she died from natural causes. >> i have always believed that justice for susan was possible. >> sharing downey's belief, cape may county prosecutor bob taylor taylor. >> it is a terrible murder. kind of weighs on your heart. >> reporter: prosecutor robert taylor revealed a single hair found 25 years ago at this crime scene analyzed through technology that didn't exist back then could provide a dna match identifying the killer. >> my belief sooner or later we'll get a dna match and we're going to have the perpetrator. >> reporter: as tightly as her sister once held her emily holds on to hope the killer will be caught. >> i just dream of the day that the prosecutors can call us and tell thus they actually found someone. >> reporter: in wildwood walt hunter cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> let's hope that day comes soon. well a year after the turnpike crash that left him
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badly injured the comedian tracy morgan settled a lawsuit with wal*mart. morgan suffered a head injury and broken leg when his limo was hit by a wal*mart truck in cranbury last year. the comedian james mcnair was killed and two others were injured. all returning from a show in delaware. in a statement wal*mart called the settlement amicable while morgan said that the company quote did right by him. wal*mart truck driver kevin roper is facing death by automobile. he has pleaded not guilty. tonight a warning to scooter and motorcycle owners. police are investigating a rash of thefts in philadelphia. surveillance cameras captured several of the suspected thieves in the act. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at central detectives with the details. diana? >> reporter: jessica these thefts are happening in the overnight hours in the center city and south philadelphia neighborhoods. tonight major crimes is investigateing and they believe that these thieves may be coming
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over the bridge from camden and selling the bikes and scooters on the black-market. surveillance video just released by police shows three men in hooded sweatshirts load two stolen motorcycle into the back of a van. after spending several minutes breaking the gate they were locked behind on 17th and locust. not from where tiffany nap penn berger has her scooter park. >> i expected it to be more secure more than in where else in the seat. >> 20 scooters and motorcycles have been stolen over the month and a half from the center city and south philly area. police believe these same thee men may be responsible they're driving a stolen white owe econo line van and coming from camden where some were recovered. >> they were light and small. they're easy targets as opposed to like a big heavy motorcycle. >> reporter: rich says he was almost a victim, too but caught the thieves in the act.
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he works at the at this east passyunk scooter shop where customers have been talking about the rash of thefts. >> 99% of them aren't locked up. when they're stolen. so the most important thing is to get heavy duty motorcycle chain but not like hardware store chains but ones meant for power sports and lock it to something that's not, you know, moveable. >> reporter: most recent thefts happened monday at the corner of jackson and carlisle streets and on the 400 block of wolf street. tiffany says she'll now be locking her scooter for sure. >> at most mine weighs 350 pounds. two guys can lift that up if they really want to. >> reporter: three suspects you saw in the video are described as white or hispanic. they were last seen driving that white econo line van. also pictured in the surveillance video major crimes is asking anyone with information to give them a call. we're live in center city tonight i'm diana rocco cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right. diana, thank you. torments night we are seeing
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video of a suspect wanted for sexual assault and robbery. the man you see here is suspect sexually assaulting a woman in her south philadelphia home monday. police say that attack bears a strong resemblance to an attempt attempted sexual assault back in march that happened a few blocks away. in both cases the man wore red gloves. police described the suspect as a black man between 20 and 30 and at least 6 feet with a medium build. us prosecutors call it the world cup of fraud. sweeping corruption scandal targets fifa tonight. world governing body of soccer. >> jack warner and 13 others were arrested in raids in switzerland and miami all accused of of taking kickbacks and bribes totaling $150 million over years. they provideed media and marketing rights to the world cup. the fifa president was not named
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in the indictments by the way he is up for re-election on friday. campaign scent of 2016 rick santorum made it official today. he is running for president. former senator from pennsylvania told supporter that is he'll seek the republican nomination during an event during near his childhood home in cab bott, pa. this will be santorum's second run for the white house. in 2012 he lost the nomination to former massachusetts governor mitt romney. santorum said today he wants to create more jobs for americans. >> it's time we have a president who sees the struggle of working families in america not as an opportunity to divide us along race or class but as a chance to unite us. >> santorum joined republican field that includes ben carson, ted cruz, carli fee or recent in a, mike huckabee rand paul,
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marco rubio. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are seeking the nomination. >> warning for taxpayers tonight. your personal information could be at risk. the irs launch as criminal investigation after cyber thieves steal personal data. the department at the of more than 100,000 people could be compromised. we've got more important information for you next. also the summer concert season is into high gear and we have word tonight of a local -- another local concert exam. this one using the name steven tyler. and a strawberry field in new jersey. we'll get to the bottom of that coming up. >> kathy? >> in weather, we are talking about a cold front finally moving through the region. but not without more storms. we'll track them on the way and show was to expect with the seven day. >> and he's been all around the world. it's true. now it's our turn to get a from this guy.
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>> at least two tornadoes are said to have touched down there today but fortunately no one was injured and there was no significant damage. meantime more rain is in the forecast for parts of that now flood weary state. around houston today rescues continueed. some began the slow process of drying out. some residents west of fort worth had to evacuate their homes as waters there continued to rise. flooding in both texas and oklahoma has left at least 19 people dead and dozens more missing. the internal revenue service has lurched an investigation after information on more than 100,000 taxpayers was accessed online by criminals. the irs says the suspects access accessed transcript site between february and mid may. you can get copies of old
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returns. the crooks were able to file new returns using the personal information of taxpayers and they stole nearly $50 million. >> they needed a social security number and avert if iable e-mail address one that would be attached to the social security number. then they get a series of vindication questions and if they can answer those questions correctly, they're in. >> irs is notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed license provide them with credit monitoring. something to be cautious about if you're looking to attend a concert this summer. people are selling tickets to shows that don't exist. most recent scam involved tickets to a fake steven tyler show said to be held on a strawberry field. "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent has more on the exam. >> reporter: it's another quiet day at windsor farm. a place where you can pick your own strawberries just outside of princeton. >> we're getting ready to pick strawberry season and we opened
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yesterday. >> reporter: wayne has owned the place for almost 25 years. and said when he heard from a woman steven tyler was coming to his farm this saturday, he laughed. then shook his head. >> i know who steven tyler is. i don't think he's comeing to windsor farm for a concert. where did you hear that? she said it's on the internet. >> reporter: several posts online including this one on reverb nation mentioned a concert featuring the aerosmith lead singer this saturday. >> where would you set him up probably way down over there because probably quarter mile to the woods. ♪ >> reporter: but west windsor police quickly put out statement making sure fans don't walk this way and end up crying. >> the postings are now gone online but police are still going to come to windsor farm on saturday just in case any fans decide to come out. >> i never been through anything like this before. i would love to see him come here, but i know it's not going to ham. >> reporter: the hoax comes on the heels of a cheryl crow fake ticket scam a few week ago. 42 kelly brian was arrested and
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chargeed for selling fake tickets. police don't know if fake tickets were sold in the steven tyler case. two fake concert in a few week. wayne wishes his concert was a real one. >> i keep a logbook of what goes on in the past 25 years much this will go on the top of the list. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we reached out to reverb nation and steven tyler's publicist for official comment but have not heard back. get ready for the world's largest rubber duck. >> this guy will be on the delaware river for the tall ships festival starting june 25th. the duck is a floating sculpture designed by a dutch artist. it is cruised waterways around the world giving lots of people smiles. as part of the artist's mission to instead joy. good looking guy right? the duck is 61 feet tall he weighs 11 tons and he is sure to bring smiles to our area when he's on
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the delaware starting at the end of june. cannot wait for that. >> can't wait. >> what great photo op. >> a lot of fun. you don't want that day probably probably. >> no. >> calm seas. >> yes. >> calm water. >> you don't want the duck to get sea sick. >> the duck is well taken care of in philadelphia. we are looking at some rocky waters over the next 24 hours and then things should settle down a lit. more storms as a cold front moves through the delaware valley tomorrow afternoon and then a welcomed change at least it will be less humid and more comfortable as we round out the work week. take a look at a beautiful time lapse that we captured late this afternoon during the dinner hour as the storms rolled through. you can see on the camden side of the bridge heavy rains, gusty winds and then slowly but sure the skies cleared along the horizon in philadelphia and that clearing moved into camden county and south jersey as well past moving -- fast moving storms moving northeast about 35 miles an hour.
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some severe now everything quieting down and the skies slowly clearing. look live now at campbell's field. you can see the tarp is off the field. the boys of summer have left the field for the evening and we are looking at a partly cloudy sky. on storm scan3 we have a few lingering showers out there. one in burlington county. some light to moderate rain extending from places like hainesport to the south toward evesham, mt. laurel, and that will continue to dissipate moving toward the northeast and another cell in cumberland county that has been lingering through the evening period right through bridgeton. you can see right here a cell, a small cell, that is dissipateing and we're still looking at heavy rain there and that should be moving toward the northeast and falling apart win the next hour or so. seeing rain cooled temperatures but if you stepped outside you know it is really muggy out there. 74 the temperature in philadelphia. 71 in millville. 64 in the poconos. and 70 in reading. as we zoom into our suburbs you can see to the north and west of the city quakertown 66. doylestown 67. palmyra looking at a temperature
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of 74 degrees. the dew point is the true amount of moisture in the at nos fear. it doesn't change with the temperature like the relative humidity. when you see dew points in the upper 60s and 70s that is steamy. that's where we are now and that's where we'll be during the day tomorrow. future weather shows some patchy clouds tomorrow morning during the daytime heating we see some showers and storms popping up especially during the afternoon. we'll see some in pennsylvania really firing up over south jersey toward the evening. as a cold front moves through and then the drier air will be filtering in for friday. so we'll see some showers and storms with steamy hot temperatures again tomorrow. then in the wake of that front cooler air but still in the 80s mostly sunny. high pressure to the north brings in some dry air so lower humidity. saturday in the 80's then sunday another front roles through. as far as the humidity is concerned staying sticky during the day tomorrow. friday a little bit better. still on the humid side and saturday and sunday, that humidity will rise as we end the month of may.
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overnight the low 70. the high tomorrow 88 degrees. and as we look ahead even hour by hour the morning will be warm. by noon it will be hot. lunch outside 81. evening activities the temperature 80 on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, friday is comfortable at 84. hot again on saturday. a few storms with another front on sunday. look at monday. june begins and it's like we go back in time. temperatures back in the 70s as we begin the month of june. tomorrow orr at the shore live from sea isle city. we'll see you down there at 5:00 and 6:00. that will be a lot of fun. >> kathy thanks. >> phillies trying to get off the road. >> thankfully, yes. they're finally home after 10 game road trip. the big finale against the mets which was kind of forgettable. sports is next
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>> phillies happy to be back home after their 10 game road trip. it was not a good one. finishing three and seven after the mets swept them for the
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second time this season today at citi field. sean o'sullivan got the start for the phillies. duda sol low shot to centerfield and the phils were down one to nothing. not for long because we move into the third. michael with his second upper deck homer of the series the phillies down by four. fight doing not deal with mets starter noah he threw seven and third i know his nickname thor and check him out he swung the bat just like thor on this pitch. a 430-foot homer to centerfield off of sullivan. dua will double his fun in the fifth second homer of the game. o'sullivan four homers. phillies shut out seven-zero. the mets 25 and seven against the phils since august 29th of 2013. the fightings start a nine game home stand against colorado on friday. >> the nats taking on the cubs.
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bryce harper is the early leader for national mvp. 18 homerun off john lester and nationals beat the cubs three- three-zero. game five between houston and golden state the rockets fighting off elimination. golden up by three. former sixer andre iguodala with the pass to clay thompson knocked down the triple. the warriors up by sick. curry back to his old self. warriors have an 85-72 lead in the fourth. game sick between anaheim and chicago second period brandon dodd got behind the defense. anderson and the blackhawks got on the scoreboard first just two minutes later chicago struck again. it will the lamp right there. blackhawks beat the ducks five-two to force a gave so many saturday night in anaheim.
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students from philadelphia's string theory charter school got
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a special behind the scenes look at the lion king today. >> the seventh and eighth graders loved this. they saw the broadway musical puppets and masks up close. the present saying takes was led by the muppet supervisor and the cast member hooplas zazu. they engaged in ooh lively q and a and got to try out the puppets for themselves. lion king is playing at the academy of mew second here in philadelphia through june the 14th. spectacular show. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. for lesley, kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at the mentalist in next v good night. we'll see you tomorrow
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