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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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no relief for the southwest as more severe weather batters texas. this morning the threat of rising rivers has hundreds of people leaving their homes. >> once it starts coming across there, we know it's coming on across the street. anthrax scare. the military says it accidentally shipped live samples of the potentially deadly bacteria to a number of laboratories across the country and overseas. and apple says it's working to fix an i phone glitch that allows a single text message to shutdown or reboot the popular smartphone. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, may 28th
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2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. more rain is a possibility for parts of texas this morning. it it is last thing folks there need as they try to recover from a barrage of deadly flood-producing storms. more evacuations have been ordered along three rinks that continue to rise. at least 21 deaths are attributed to the storm system in texas and oklahoma. 11 others are still missing. >> emergency officials in horseshoe bend were going door to door yesterday trying to get residents to leave. some headed for higher ground but others refused. >> what's going to happen tonight, that's what i'm worried about. and who stayed in here and didn't get out and what are we going to find tomorrow. >> flash flood warnings and watches are posted there this morning. and in houston high floodwaters -- or rather high water flood add sewage treatment plant. more than 100,000 gallons of
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untreated wastewater spilled into the water around the plant. and one of the flood victims is 73-year-old alice tovar. she was discovered missing tuesday. floodwaters flooded her car. >> she was right there all along. >> the body of another victim 29-year-old jose antiaga patarga was found out near a ranch in wimberley, texas. omar villafranca has more. >> reporter: emergency crews continue to look for people missing. some were in a home swept off its foundation. part of the task, figuring how farthing things drifted down the stream. >> that's really hard. >> reporter: kelly burns has lived here for 53 years and says she has never seen anything like it.
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>> it's always been an incredible community town and now i don't recognize it. >> reporter: search crews are carefully sifting through giant debris piles. there are piles like this that line the blanco river. >> we are safe. >> reporter: this family were saved by fleeing to their attic. there are more than 4,000 homes damage odd destroyered in the city. the city can't catch a break. the risk for severe weather is expected to stick around through friday and into the weekend. omar villafranca, cbs news wimberley, texas. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june 1st. the federal government predicts this year's season will be less active than usual due to cooler seas and the el nino effect on the pacific ocean. the national osha nick and
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atmospheric administration forecasts six to 11 named storm, three to six reaching hurricane strength and more that will reach winds of up to 100 miles an hour. the pentagon is trying to figure out how they mistakenly send live anthrax. for now there's no rif tock the general public but some lab workers are being treated. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie good morning. this is bringing memories of 2001 when anthrax was purposely mailed to members of congress media organizations, news organizations, and five people were killed. these labs were supposed to get dead anthrax for research purposes and research is under way what could have happened, and it's not the first time. close to 2 dozen people at a u.s. air force base in south
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korea are under medical care getting vaccinations and getting antibiotics after a possible exposure. they were notified by the pentagon that live anthrax samples were inadvertently shipped. the samples were supposed to be inactive. >> >> no known rif tock the general public and no suspected cases of the anthrax infection. >> it was part of the defense program to develop new ways to identify biological threats. samples have include delaware new jersey tennessee, california new york and virginia. the pentagon first learned of the mistake when a lab in maryland informed them it had received a live sample last week. the cdc has started to confiscate the samples for testing. now, this is the second time in
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a year that live anthrax was accidentally sent out. last june 80 people were potentially exposed when the cdc sent out live spores by accident but no one was hurt. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. soccer's international gorging body says tomorrow's vote for the new president will go ahead as planned despite the indictment of more than a dozen high-ranking members. seven were arrested in a hotel in switzerland yesterday morning. in all 14 were indicted by u.s. prosecutor and charged with taking $150 million in bribes. the indictment alleges a pattern of fraud bribery, and kickbacks as the executives decideward key events would be held. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keek soccer honest and protect tin ted grit of the game. instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to
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enrich themselves. >> the bribes were made through u.s. banks. swiss officials are conducting their own investigation. the trial of accused colorado theater gunman holmes resumes today. holmes says he was insane at the time of the attack but prosecutors say a notebook in which holmes meticulously outlined his plan ublds mines the claim. elaine quijano reports. >> reporter: james holmes planned his chilling attack in chilling details laid out in a notebook. in a section he called "case the place," he drew a map showing the general layout of the theater including the locations of the exits in nearly all of the 16 screening rooms. in that it 1er 2 he said, only two exits, visibility marginal theater 14 four exists visible, avoid. he ended up going into theater 9
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where he carefully laid out his plans. in court the jury heard from people in theater nine. young was there with her boyfriend blanc. >> did you see him laying toward you? >> he was facing me. >> did you ever see him take another breath? >> i did not. >> it was over in less than 12 minutes. 12 people were kill and 70 others injured. in his notebook holmes also wrote about the emergency response. one of the last pages shows this that it never relation to the nearby police department and estimates it would take police three minutes to arrive. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of in sanity. thursday we'll see video of him after his arrest. he was interviewed for 22 hours. elaine quijano, cbs news new york. more republicans are jumping into the 2016 presidential race.
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former pennsylvania senator rick santorum announced wednesday he is again seeking the nomination and also george pataki has also announced he's entering the field. on sunday former governor jeb bush will be on "face the nation" and that will be host bob schieffer's final show before his retirement right here on cbs. coming up on the "morning news," super slow chase, we'll show you a suspect who's not in any rush to get anywhere as the police follow close behind. and later the text message you don't want to get on your i phone. this is the "cbs morning news." listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh.
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in texas a suspect is in custody this morning following a very slow speed car chase. the pursuit which apparently began with a drug bust that went bad ended up after more than two
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hours after police finally forced him to stop. >> reporter: jacob jones witnessed the chase. he saw the suspect 42-year-old joe gonzalez drop a female passenger off before leading police on a bizarre chase. >> the cops immediately like got out of their cars and were like put your hands up. >> gonzalez took to i-30 with police in hot pursuit. first he went westbound and back east. at one point he gets off arlington and races through school zones. our cameras were so close they were pleading for him to be oklahoma. >> owe'll be okay joe. i promise you youwill not get hurt. the police decided they had
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numb. a swat armored used a pit maneuver. >> very scary. you see it on tv but you don't expect tot be caught on it. very scary. >> that was kvtv's ken reporting. he faces charges of evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance. and a man suspected of starting a massive fire in los angeles is expected to be charged today. he allegedly set fire to an unfinished seven-story downtown apartment building in december. the 56-year-old is being held on more than $1 million bail. the fire spread to two other buildings and caused more than $80 million in damage. members of the group u2 are mourning the death of their long
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time band member. he was 68 years old and was with the irish band for more than 30 years. lead singer bono said we've lost a family member. straight ahead, i phone reboot. we'll tell you about a text message that's shutting down i iphone iphones. details in "moneywatch." and, i'm sorry... i don't mean to drone on. honey, stop messing with jan. during toyota time, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit enjoy your prius. thanks, jan. look out people, coming in hot. toyota. let's go places.
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in some cities around the country.etsz. here's look at the forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," tracking irs cyber thieves, and beware of a text message that will crash your iphone. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange that will crash your iphone. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. two unidentified officials told the "associated press" that the hackers are part of a criminal based operation in russia. criminal-based tax informing was stolen as past of a scheme to claim false tax refunds. on wall street stocks burned to a new record high and finished higher following tuesday's big selloff. the dow rose 121 points the s&p gained 19 points the nasdaq
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finished 73 points higher. apple is felixing a software glitch that can cause iphones to shut down when they receive a certain text message. when the iphone isn't being used, it can shut the screen down. it can show some arabic characters. it will shut down but restart automatically. a walmart truck slammed into a limo van carrying morgan and others back from a show from delaware last june. morgan was injured in the crash and one of his friends was killed. morgan said quote, walmart did right by he and his family. lamborghini is going into the luxury suv business. the euro is expected to launch. the company isn't saying how
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much the euris would cost. >> i guess if you have to ask, you cannot afford it right? jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. still to come nba star stephen curry leads his team to the finals in 14 years but there's a different person at his interview. and one that sweeps the ball with the fishes. than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love. mazola makes it better. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the golden state warriors are going back to the nba finals for the first time since 1975. the warriors finishing off the rockets in game five last night league mvp stephen curry scores 26 points and golden state wins
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106-90. curry once again had a date for his postgame interview. >> this is a proud moment for everybody in the bay area to be four wins away from our goal and that's a special feeling. >> da-da, help me. da-da, help me. >> take a week off to get ready and get our minds right and our game plan right for how we're going to beat cleveland and we're excited about it. >> multi-h-state dad. that ease his daughter riley. they split their two game this weekend. the chicago blackhawks force game seven in the nhl western conference finals. patrick kane dazzles the ducks with his second period goal to give chaulg a 3-0 lead. the blackhawks go on to beat anaheim, 5-2. and a scoreless tie between
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the rays and mariners goes into the ninth inning until the home run leading hitter seattle's nelson cruz comes to the plate. >> the 1-0. cruze the hitter. this sends cuddyer racing back. >> cruz's three-run homer is the first to plunk in the seattle fish tank. it giving them a 3-1 win over the rays. there will be more drama in the suburbs of washington, d.c. >> carronade, c-a-r-r-o-n-a-d-e, carronade. >> correct. >> four are leapt in the scripps spelling bee. the winners receive $35,000 saving bonds and other prizes.
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in memphis, family friends and fans honor the late b.b. king. a huge crowd turned out for a procession featuring the guitar of the king of the blues. he died may 14th at age 89. his funeral will be saturday in mississippi. and a higher missing for three days in southern california's cleveland national forest was found alierchlt crystal cruz of our los angeles station kcbs reports. >> reporter: hidden beneath this thick brush rescue crews spotted a missing hiker. the 24-year-old man had. been seen since sunday. ester troy manages the grace
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retreat center tucked in the hills of corona. the hiker and his grandma rented these two cabins here for a prayer retreat. >> reporter: the manager says people come from as far as mexico to hike up this mountain, hike to the top of it and say prayers. she said this young man and his grandmother were up here to take prayers about his health. deputies say he has a medical condition that requires him to take medication. the helicopter crew spotted his leg poking out of the brush. the hiker was severely dehydrated hurt from a fall into the ravine but alive. >> they were able to airlift him out of there. he's at a hospital currently listed in stable conditions. >> reporter: people were opening their hearts and hands on wednesday hoping their prayers for the hiker were heard. >> that was kcbs's crystal cruz
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reporting. >> a victim was rescued by a teenager with a canoe. the 78-year-old woke up to almost a foot of water on tuesday morning. >> the water was strong. when you walked in that water, it was pushing you. >> reporter: rabbi rabin ski was suffered from dehydration and this teenager knew he was in trouble and launched his own rescue mission. he borrowed his cousin's canoe and paddled right into his house. that i took him to higher ground and then went back out in the floodwaters to rescue about 12 others, most of them elderly and homebound. >> one family actually climbed out through a window screen which we had to cut open. >> reporter: rabbi radinsks says
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the teenager performed what he caused a midsfa. marlie hall, cbs news, squlooun coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the aftermoth of flooding in texas. we'll be live from the scene and get the forecast. and the high cost of building american embassies. nancy cordes looks at why they're overbucket. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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good morning more thunderstorms on the the way this afternoon katie has more on what we can expect this to hit and how severe they will be. new surveillance video of the suspect from monday's sexual a all the in south philadelphia and police believe this man could be linked to another crime. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. do you remember those controversial anti muslim ads we have been telling but on some septa buses, we will tell you about a big vote that could ban those ads. and first though lets get a quick check of the forecast that sparked those big storms yesterday, katie what are we expect to go day. >> we will see another fresh round of showers and then are storms but they should not have any severity l


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