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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 28, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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activity right now on storm scan three but just wait and see that will change over next few hours as we get ready for another stormy afternoon. >> let's talk about the timing and send it over to katie good morning. >> thankfully it does not appear these storms will have the power they had yesterday. that is some good news. we will find some stormy weather similar timing. today's forecast it similar to yesterday that we have warmth, humidity and we have some sunshine, but we will also end up with we can see wet weather coming through in pockets cross upstate new york and draw the line of cloud after the ohio river valley. that is essentially the leading edge of your frontal boundary and that will cross through. it will not cross through so much that it will fizzle as it tries to cross through. right now storm scan three is the at the local level is pretty quiet the thing is,
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because it got such a light wind we have had issues with fog, at the moment, visibility are not terrible, in most locations. but we have seen, where we have got some haziness out there and you can see cloud that bilo in here around the north and western suburbs. just in that sort of the thin, gray veil of the contour map there. you can see visability generally okay, but i wouldn't call them ideal across the region. 07 degrees current temperature at philly international as well as in wilmington. mid to upper 60's generally every where else. we have humidity in place. notice 66 degrees in mount holly and upper 60's in clayton town and doylestown. walking through the forecast as a whole today pretty similar. we will than seeing a round of showers and storms rumble from west to east to the shore points, they will be the last to see them. philadelphia looks like similar timing for you generally late day early evening so right around the height of the typical evening commute. and then up in the poconos it might come a hair sooner for
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you, generally mid to late afternoon is expectation for them to arrive and they should be spot any nature. 82 degrees the expected high up in the mountains and shore points we will get you to the 70's. in philadelphia, it is still steamy vittoria, 88 degrees and counting here. >> yes. >> good morning everyone. the right now traveling on the majors again it is still early, 5:32. we are wait fog are that rush to come into full swing but we are still waiting for any sort of rush at all. this is i-95 around the vine street expressway. headlights north bound, taillights southbound making your way beyond center city and really again i-95 is beautiful out there. nothing to mention. it does seem to me we have a vehicle off to the shoulder there but fantastic. i-95 looks great in and out of the north east and delaware county. it is beautiful. so is 422 and your western suburbs traveling on the east and westbound side of the 422 you are still in the clear but
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watching us right now and plan to head out on the roadway and won't get there for 20 to 25 minutes would i anticipate formation of rush hour traffic. because again that is when it starts but as of right now speed sensors are high up in the 50's and in delays for mass transit erika. philadelphia police say cameras have caught a group of scooter and motorcycle thieves in the act and they are trying to put them behind bars. they have released this surveillance video that shows three men in hooded sweat shirts loading two stolen motorcycles in the the van. investigators say thieves have stolen nearly 20 motorcycles and executers in center city and south philadelphia just within the last month and a half. one owner says it almost happened to him. >> 99 percent of them are locked up when they are stolen so most important thing toys get a heavy duty motorcycle chain not hardware store chain but ones that are meant for sports and lock it to something that is not, you know, movable.
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>> police believe that these three men are driving a white ford van with stolen plates. you can see more suspects at cbs right new lets get latest for a hacking problem with iphone. >> is there a mystery text message going around with the power to crash your iphone. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer tells us how it works ape what apple is doing to fix it. >> reporter: text message you definitely don't want to receive, call it a kill switch for your iphone and anyone can pull the plug but all it takes is a quick text message made up of non-traditional characters. two english word a string of arabic characters followed by a japanese character f your iphonies lock and you receive notification of that text, imessage crashes and your iphone reboots. in some cases users are still unable to access messages until a new text is sent. experts say glitch which has been widely shared all across social media reveals a problem with the phone's notification
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process rather than imessage app itself but experts say it is more of a prank then a problem. >> i don't think it is a secret message from ice business some weird amount of code. this is a bunch of 11's and zeros's but this one particular bunch is having a hard time. >> not a text from isis thank goodness. apple says it ace aware of the issues and will make a fix available through a software update. if you cannot access i message have someone send you a new text and it should reboots and go back to normal. >> it won't ruin your phone. >> i don't trust anything. i don't want this thing i'll find another way to break your phone. >> i'm with you. >> yes. >> shout out. yes. >> all right guys. >> 5:35. in business news this morning who is to blame for stealing
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taxpayer information from the irs. >> also, how about a lamborghini, suv. >> um-hmm, really. >> okay. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. we are having trouble visualizing that, good morning >> reporter: dow jones jumped 120 points, nasdaq climbed 73, closing at a new record high. irs says hackers who stole taxpayer information from a hundred thousand americans they think they were based in russia. two unidentified officials told them irs cyber thieves are part of the sophisticated criminal operation. irs will be notifying affected taxpayers by mail and providing credit monitoring services. lamborghini is getting family friendly. sports car maker confirms it will roll out first suv in 2018 lamborghini says, it is attracting high end customers who like style and design but
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fine sport car too restrict. in word what it will cost. mcdonald's says it will make its food hotter and tastier to turn around slumping sales. mcdonald's says it will post its burger buns for five seconds longer which translateness to bread that is 15 degrees hotter. ukee and erika. >> and a tad bit crunchy. >> i love the the think tank, you know what, 15 more seconds on the tank, that is the solution. >> reporter: very scientific. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. right now more people are dying on america's road and highways. >> national safety council warns it could continue heading in the summer season. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from a northeast philadelphia intersection with a dangerous reputation justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. we are at adams avenue ape roosevelt boulevard. lots of bad wrecks here over the years including one deadly one back in february. we can also tell you this, experts say that this summer,
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roadways like this will get busier, there will be more accidents and more deaths. road travel is more risky this year. the national safety council reports traffic deaths are up 8 percent, compared to this time last year and up 11 percent in the past three months. >> another justly since we got our phones, we can text people, we are looking down, not ago wear. >> reporter: this los angeles company says he sees his share of crashes and potential causes this coast to coast climb, and fatal wrecks comes as nsc marks its 1100 deadly day. council ceo deborah hairstan explains. >> we see a spike in the summer. >> reporter: they fine cheaper gas plus a rebounding economy whim bring more cars on the road whiz could make historically dangerous next few months even more so. more than 48,000 people have been killed in traffic wrecks between memorial day and labor day since 2010, partly
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due to risk factors like speed and alcohol when they find increase in summer months. >> great news is all of these deaths are preventable with a little bit of information thought, buckle up, every time we get in the car. put your cell phone away. don't drink and drive. >> reporter: don't drink and drive indeed, nsc is advising you learn any features of your car that you don't know like cruise control or backup cameras. for parents of new drivers do not relax your driving rules because it is the summer. reminder to be safe driving out here in the next few months erika and ukee. >> you have to be careful. >> thanks, buddy appreciate it. i hope none of our viewers fell for it. new jersey police are investigating a ticket scam at a fake steven tyler concert at a strawberry farm. they posted aero smith front man was coming to windsor farm. he told "eyewitness news" he laughed and shook his head when he heard that.
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>> i necessity who he is, he is not coming to windsor farm. where did you hear that? it is on the web site or on the internet. >> the postings gone an it comes on the heel of the cheryl crow fake ticket scam a few weeks ago. it is unknown if anyone purchased the tickets but police say they will be in win or farm on saturday just in case any fan show up, and give them the news. i'm sure they will look around and think bit. >> if you are a farmer too like what? >> who. >> concert here. >> that is a shame. college degree doesn't just help you get a job but we will tell you how it can help your waist line stay in check as well. are you drinking your coffee at a wrong time. when you grab that cup when do you get the biggest jolt from the caffeine. here's one rubber duck you cannot fit in your tub. what it is coming to our area we will let you know when the super size toy will fleet our way. >> i love that thing. >> we will be right back.
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most of us cannot wait to grab that first cup of coffee, you get over, you are happy in the morning. >> if you do that scientists say you do in the get the full benefit of the jolt of caffeine. drinking coffee right when you wake up is counterproductive because we have a natural harmone that helps make i more leather and it peaks when you wake up. if you drink coffee then harmone is not as excessive. so when is best time to drink your coffee in they say wait about an her after you wake up same rule applies even if you work, an odd schedule. >> there you go. >> caffeine, has an effect on you. you like it. >> i do but i wait two or three hours after i wake up to have it. >> it is coffee for taste but i just need sleep. six to eight hours i'm good. caffeine doesn't do a thing for me but it is good. >> i like it. >> all right. what do you think good morning.
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>> i don't think i possess this harmone that makes awe leather when you wake up. that is not me at all. what is that? i don't know what that means. okay guys. we will shift gears. yesterday noah's climate prediction center issued its atlantic hurricane season forecast and i want to walk you through what an average season would look like. on average you would have 11 name storms. we have ana in the books. we had our a storm. six hurricanes and two would be major storms. meanwhile this year is expect to be generally below average because, we will see six to up to 11 name storms, three to six may be hurricanes and any maybe in of them at all major. but up to two major storms. thing to remember here it only takes one. we had andrew in 1992 and that was a devastating storm system. now most important factor that went into this years forecast is el nino. that basically means eastern pacific is warmer than average
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in terms of the water temperature. that will negatively affect atlantic hurricanes in a couple ways by increasing wind sheer. the rotation of win in the atmosphere. that can rip the top of the storm apart. that not only would inn-it storm formation but intensification of any storms that try to develop. in addition, we have also got generally, just normal, average sea surface temperatures and in the as warm as they were last few years. less energy would help drive these storms but again remember that a below average forecast doesn't mean you won't have a strong storm coming your way. as we said below average season but don't let your guard down. lets get out to the situation at hand, in activity in the tropics, and we do have over first depression in the eastern pacific right now interestingly enough. more strong storms developing at this hour, more strong storms developing a across portions of oklahoma, kansas and we have our own frontal boundary with all these clouds right here, moving on to the
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east and then eventually we will see a fresh round of showers as thunderstorms fire up. they should not be as, feisty as they were yesterday we may find a few embedded downpours but right now we don't expect severity of the gusty wind that we had yesterday but otherwise it the looks very similar, upper 80's, and eventually some showers and storms. by tomorrow we should get a break in the humidity and over course of the weekend good pool day saturday, more showers and storms on sunday. but it is orr at the shore day and kathy will be heading to sea isle city and as she heads down there she will be live this evening on the promenade at the end of the jfk boulevard and that is happening tonight at five or 6:00 o'clock. come on down and say hi to her, vittoria. good morning everybody. well, all of our new jersey majors are great. in delays in and around the area of the cher points, and we have good news away, great way to start your day. 476, also a great the way to start your day f you plan to
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head to the blue route in delays to and from the schuylkill. i-95, mid county tolls it is all g traveling our area bridges, they look fantastic. this is ben franklin bridge. headlights moving toward philadelphia again in problems. we are starting to see just an ever so slight delay for 95, right around girard avenue. unfortunately this time being 5:47 it will continue to grow but right now we are just at the start. if you are traveling however in new jersey, washington township we have the closure of the black horse pike that is 42. not the 42 freeway. between watson drive ape fries mill road this accident caused a down pole, best alternate is fries mill road or stage coach road. take a look this man's truck was swallowed up by a gaping sink hole. that hole was created when a huge water main burst underneath the driveway of his suburban boston home. that man rushed to move his wife and daughter's car out of his driveway but when he got to his truck it was too late.
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he manager to drive it back a few feet before falling 5 feet into that sink hole. when is last time you checked your tires? we often take them for granted until we get a flat the but that is not a good idea n this weeks angie's list report jim donovan takes a look at some things you should know burr cars tires. >> reporter: keeping are tires in good shape is key to making sure that your car is safe to drive. so check them regularly. >> best way to maintain your tires toys do a periodic visual inspection of your tire. if you see cracks on the side wall it may be time to get them replaced f you see a bump, you should get them replaced because you will have a blow out soon. >> reporter: something else you should look out for is your tire tread. measure this without any fancy tools. >> stick a penny upside down in the tread of the tire. if you can see top of abe lincoln's head your tire tread is way too low and you need to replace your tires. >> one or two are worn don't
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you don't need to buy a new set but only if the others are fairly knew. >> if you have an older vehicle if you replace one tire there can be more than difference between the other three. if so it can create problems with the differential, the drive line system. >> reporter: when buying new tires be sure they are knew. check the dot number on the side wall. last four digits those indicate week and year the the tire is made. it is common to see them six to 12 month-old but don't buy anything beyond. that for more advice honorary paring or replacing those tires visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. tourist are put on hold, we will tell you why a in military mistake is keeping wrist tors away. >> good morning family, we
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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at least one person is being treated for smoke inhalation after this early morning fire on the 400 block of nedro street in ogontz. fire appears to have started in a rear bedroom on the second floor but the causes still being looked into. meanwhile police are searching for the man in this surveillance video in connection with the sexual assault and robbery in south philadelphia earlier this week. investigators want to know if that suspect attempted to assault another woman in march. the united states government wants four workers in three commercial labs to get preventive treatment for exposure to anthrax. cdc is investigating what the pentagon calls the inadvertent shipping of live anthrax spores to labs in new jersey, delaware and seven other states. national park service says tours of the u.s.s. arizona memorial in hawaii are suspended after a navy ship hit and damage the memorial's dock. boats from the pearl harbor visitors center are taking visitors to a spot near
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memorial where they can view it from a distance. they are not sure when those tours will resume. the world's largest rubber duck will make a splash in our area duck you see here will be on the delaware river for tall ships festival on june 25th this duckies a floating sculpture designed by a duck artists, it has cruised waterways giving people a smile along the way and part of the airtition mission to spread joy that duckies 61 feet tall and weighs 11 tons. if you might imagine it it is sure to bring smiles to our area in late june. a dor this thing. >> i have never seen that in person. >> june 25th. >> i have just seen the video huge huge. >> i want to see burt and ernie's rubber ducky song. >> rubber ducky you are the one, make may bat time so much fun. you are my best friend. >> it is true.
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>> yes. >> so cute. >> there we go. >> good morning katie. >> nothing puts a smile on your face, what would. so cute. i remember showing that video of that duck being in sidney, australia, it gets around big time. lets get you you the there weather today looking very similar to yesterday. i do not think any showers or storms fire up will have the severe weather potential we saw yesterday. for now it is quiet but there will be a few showers or storms that fire up into the the afternoon and evening. they will get some shore time later, moving west to east but overall we are looking at a okay shore day vittoria. >> good morning everyone. traveling on the 42 freeway maybe heading down the shore on the southbound side toward atlantic city expressway we are in the clear. so far so good we are still at the point where we are waiting for rush hour to form, even taking the schuylkill expressway but i have a feeling it is not too far away.
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keep it the
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police chase through fort worth texas is over with the suspect under arrest. a shirtless man in the white sedan led police on and off interstate 30 for about two hours yesterday driving a slow as 5 miles an hour at some point. finally, police smashed the car with an armored swat vehicle. it is in the clear if the driver was injured in the collision or was suffering from a medical issue but he was taken in custody on a stretcher. we will be right back.
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good morning everyone 6:00 o'clock in the morning and a delaware county man is in the hospital after being hit, possibly by lightening.
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it happened during yesterday's fast moving storm. neighbors in the 300 block of hastings boulevard tell "eyewitness news" that they heard a loud boom and saw a man falling to the ground outside his home. >> very scary. >> we saw it rolling in. we said girls hurry up, get in the house but lightening striking isn't something that we really think about but more so they are scared. >> five two-year old man was conscious and alert there is in word on the extent of his injuries but this incident is under investigation. we are tracking more storms for today. >> katie fey link are is standing by in the weather center. >> as we look back at those storms that came through yesterday they came right on cue late have afternoon in the early evening as many were just trying to get back from work and school getting home at that point heavy rain and certainly frequent lightening came witt. in addition to that as we go out to the graphics here a lot of very strong wind and we were left with numerous tree down reports here


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