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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and her husband say was caused by a surgical device they say should have never been used. fbi is reportedly investigating why a potentially dangerous tea vice was used on thousands of patients for years. >> it is about time, frankly from federal agency, a look to see what was known, who knew it why it wasn't reported. >> reporter: both doctors have been on a mission since amy 42 was first diagnosed with cancer after an operation in 2013. they say it was caused by a device called a mowers later used to shred tumors so they can be easily removed but shredding ended up spreading cancer that hadn't been detect. one of the device makers, johnson and johnson reportedly was told about problems with the device in 2006 and some claimed that the company didn't do enough to protect patients. >> this is a violation of federal law that has led to the loss of life. i think that is what has got the fbi's attention.
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>> reporter: your it ways might have been prevented. >> not only prevented but me and hundreds of other woman. it is so maddening. >> reporter: doctors and hospitals are also supposed to report adverse events which is what the fbi is reportedly investigating. the doctors say they have been interviewed by federal agents several times and so have many others. fbi won't confirm or deny an investigation. several is different companies make deet vice johnson and johnson pulled its tea vice has year. j and j told cbs-3 they have not been contacted by the fbi adding that the product always carried warnings about the the possible spread of cancer. we will continue to follow this story for you. >> more to come on this. >> stephanie, thank you. we are once again tracking storms as we deal with another hot humid day out there meteorologist the kathy orr is down the shore in sea isle where the cbs-3 mobil weather lobbies with her kathy? >> reporter: weather is so different down here, you wouldn't believe it, jessica. take a look at temperature in the lab.
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65 degrees. the win is blowing. we have a gusty win coming from the ocean that marine influence is keeping it very cool, a much different story at home where we are seeing heat humidity and also some showers and then are storms popping up, on storm scan three. take a look because we have some serious weather, to the north of us, near toms river. you can see on storm scan three some slow moving storms and on the radar they are popping up, over toms river a lot of lightening we have one in burlington county and one that is moving into salem county, from the state of delaware. as we zoom into toms river though frequent lightening, torrential rain, and we do have a flash flood warning in effect there. we're talking about flooding concerns, and laviolette, sea side heights, ocean gate, forked river that flash flood warning is in effect until 7:45, for eastern ocean counties, and now here's what to expect for the rest of this evening. some the scattered thunderstorms mainly south and
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east of the city. we are not out of the woods as we head down the shore although air is much more stable right here along the beach. we expect some downpours and poor drainage flooding in some of these storms. to give you an idea what is going on locally look at these temperatures. right now in philadelphia a we were at 88. now we're at 82 degrees. temperatures in allentown at 86 and down the shore and in 65 and in cape may it is 69 degrees. water temperature only 55. we're talking about a 20 plus degree temperature differential, from the city, to the shore and i'm sure my friend over here would agree that it is much more comfortable down the shore. >> yes, it is. >> so we will stay here. >> all the time. >> we will stay here for now, reporting live from sea isle city i'm meteorologist kathy orr now back to you in the studio good looking good, thank you. a close call for a delaware county man after he
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is jolted by a nearby lightening strike. "eyewitness news" has learn that the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution after lightening struck about 20 feet away from him in broomall. the man apparently opened up an umbrella after getting out of his car in the 300 block of hastiings boulevard but he was not seriously injured. army says human error was not a factor in the accidental ship. of live anthrax some of which made its way to labs in new jersey and delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more. >> reporter: anthrax tablets were supposed to be dead when they left u.s. army lab in utah but live sample of the deadly bacteria arrived at a lab in maryland last week and now the penitentiary done says similar samples may have been sent to commercial and governmental labs in eight other states, including new jersey, and delaware, as well as south korea. >> known risk to the general public and no suspect or confirmed cases of anthrax infection. >> reporter: but government is concerned about lab workers who may have been exposed
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that includes an undisclosed number of employees who are now taking antibiotics work at a delaware commercial lab that had been shut down since saturday after receiving suspect live anthrax spores. the state department of public health tells me that the employees are not showing symptoms consistent with anthrax and ought of annex stream abundance of caution they recommended any staff who came in contact with the sample be placed on antibiotics. at least four lab employees in the u.s. and 22 in south korea are now taking the medications, and anthrax spores become airborne, and are inhaled, they can cause severe illness or death. >> after relatively short period of time, a person can become very, very sick, it is largely a lung infection first of all and then the organism can get into the bloodstream and make you very, very ill indeed. >> reporter: all sample also sent will be transferred to the cdc for further testing.
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when contacted by cbs-3 officials at new jersey department of health released a statement saying sample where is remove from the infect laboratory by responders from the new jersey department of health. no employees or anyone affiliated with the private lab in new jersey had exhibited symptoms or received treatment. the government is withholding the locations and names the of the labs, including the ones in new jersey, and delaware, the cdc tells me it does not release names of the private entities unless there is a threat to the health of the public. cbs news has confirmed that a department of defense used fedex to ship the anthrax supposedly inactive samples are used for research into how to defend against biological weapons. reporting from the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right todd thanks very much. we are getting a closer and clearer look at a sexual assault suspect accused of attacking two women in south philadelphia. police hope a new reward will encourage someone to identify
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him. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live from the neighborhood with more, syma. >> reporter: that is right jessica, neighbors say they are keeping their eyes opened after police released new images of the sexual assault suspect here in point breeze. new using time stamps from different surveillance cameras police believe that the suspect entered his rick tim's home twice, monday morning. >> bold. >> reporter: police have have a clear picture of the man suspect of sexually assaulting a south philadelphia woman. investigators hope with new images surveillance video and $10,000 reward someone will turn this predator in. man entered the rick tim's home early monday morning on the 1800 block of rosewood street. he left stealing the victim's car. this is video of him parking it on the corner of moore street near chadwick. using time stamps on surveillance cameras police determined that the suspect then return back to the victim's home and carried out his a attack.
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>> he was in and out of that house without anybody seeing him or hearing him he took the opportunity and went back. >> reporter: suspect is being tied to another attach that happened a few blocks away on chadwick street in march this sketch was released after that incident n both attacks the man was wearing red gloves, and because the the suspect fled on foot and targeted woman in the same area police say he may live nearby. >> community has to take a look at this and say we will in the tolerate that. >> have you seen him? >> i have not seen him. >> reporter: we have showed neighbors a picture of the suspect so they can keep a watchful eye. >> they getaway witt once, twice, i think i can do it again. it don't work that way. >> reporter: suspect is described as a black man, 20 to 30 years old, about 6-foot, to 6-foot two with a medium build, again, is there a $10,000 reward. if you have any information you are asked to contact the the police. live from point breeze syma a chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> same, thanks very much. exclusive at 5:00 more issues with the philadelphia fire department's fleet. "eyewitness news" has told but the the problems with the department's medic units and fire trucks, today we have learn that fire fighters have been issued a new warning. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at fire department headquarters with the exclusive tea tails the matt. >> reporter: chris, officials with the fire fighters union sent out a very specific e-mail to his members sometime this afternoon that e-mail warned them about their personal safety and about the continuing detear racial of the fire department's fleet. the e-mail comes after two serious incidents involving fire department vehicles, first happened when a police department truck enforcement officers visited this fire station may 22nd on a routine visit the but sources and tell "eyewitness news" that they noticed on a fire truck and, said that the truck had a mechanical issue that could cause the tire to blow out at any moment. >> that particular truck with
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25 years old and had 190,000 miles on it. >> reporter: fire fighter union president joe shul says there are several more just like that truck that could have similar issues. this is a photo obtained by "eyewitness news" showing log book that notes the police officer placing the truck out of service. >> the condition of this fleet has never been this bad. >> reporter: second incident happened with the brakes on this truck engine 45, went out, sources tell "eyewitness news" the driver had to use emergency brake to slow it down this video shows it being towed a away. in just eight hours earlier seen in another source video medic unit in the same garage as engine 45 was towed away due to transmission issues. >> our guys are concerned about getting their safely and we rely on this equipment once it is on the scene as well. >> reporter: those prompted a thursday e-mail from the union to its members in, part, they recommend fire fighters leave significantly more space between your emergency vehicle and civilian vehicles, additionally we recommend you begin to apply the brakes
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earlier than you normally would. >> those couple incident are just two of the dozens or so that are reported to us, or have been reported to "eyewitness news" over past several years. coming up at 6:00 we will tell you how over a span of two months last year, late last year dozens of fire department vehicles were pulled out of service because of issues with their mechanics. now asked about the union's warning to its members the fire department gave a very simple response late this afternoon and said fire department only asks its fire fighters that they drive safely and they drive-in accordance with department policy. we are live outside fire department headquarters, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" tornadoes in texas as residents brace for more rain, following historic deadly flooding, more on the way. local commuters are getting a glimpse of the the future, we will show you next generation of patco cars.
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leslie? well chris, it may be may but it looks like chip kelly is in mid season form at least when it comes to dealing with the media he talk for the first time about his new look eagles and about former eagles lesean mccoy. we will hear from him in sports and we will have more news right after the break.
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see your john deere dealer for great green tag savings on the e series family of tractors. a two alarm fire rips through a home in delanco, new jersey.
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crews contain flames shortly after 1:30 this afternoon the near pie homes were evacuated from the large fire but no one was injury. the causes under investigation. police are searching for a man broke in the sea food restaurant in south philadelphia by scaling the walls. the once he got inside he went to the cash register with the hammer. this happened last week at flying fish sea food on south ninth street. he did come back, to wipe off his fingerprints but this was all caught on camera. if you recognize this thief call the police. new jersey civic leaders and patco officials came together to unveil the next generation of patco train cars. "eyewitness news" at the wood crest patco station as the the first six refurbished cars were showcased. improvements to the interior, include a new seating and video display systems and safety measures have been also addressed. >> when we think about what has been happening in mass transit over the course of the
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last few months there has been some devastating issues, certainly one that has happened in philadelphia, and patco is different, from the day that this happened, it had that positive train control. that cannot happen here in the speed line. >> today's unveiling is part of the 194 million-dollar project, that adds, cutting edge, braking and emergency technology to path the co trains. still to come on "eyewitness news" thinking of starting a family, have you considered all of the costs? maybe is there one you have not thought about consumer reporter jim donovan shows us the expense that catches many new parents off guard kathy? the wind is wild down the shore but we have some storms, on storm scan three and a new warning to report, a severe then are storm warning in effect right now until 5:45, you can see for new castle county delaware we're talking about little creek wood side, extending down through central delaware gusts to 60 miles an
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hour. so please be aware of these storms back to trap these storms coming up whe
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well, it is thursday so that does mean it is time for orr at the shore. we have fun an we have have to track severe weather this week kathy made her way to sea isle ape she joins us now hi
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kathy. >> i'll tell you it is a beautiful day down the shore but notice i have my jacket, wind breaker because wind has been gusting, ocean water temperatures in the 50's and it is chilly out here. we're talking about temperatures that have only listen in the upper 60's. we have walkers on the board but you can see they have sweaters, sweat shirts on, and, they are still ready for summer. much different day here then at home for sure. lets look at storm scan three and talk about the weather first, we have storms popping up i told but that flash flood in ocean county near toms river the storms in burlington county and right new we have that severe then are storm warning for southern part of the new castle and northern kent county until 5:45 heavy rain there. there is a huge difference in temperature from the city to the shore. you can see it. the high temperature in philadelphia, 88 degrees nearly 20 degrees cooler in sea isle.
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high only 69. we are in the mid 60's now. ocean water is part of the problem. we have some upwelling going on and it is influencing our shore temperatures. upwelling occurs when the strong southeasterly breezes that make it so warm on the land, push all that warm ocean water further out to sea. that means that the cold water, at the bottom of the ocean, rich in nutrients comes up and it makes our water right along the shore line very chilly. right now you that ocean water temperature is only in the mid 50's and it will stay that way until our wind shift. here's what we expect, tomorrow we will see mostly sunny skies our wind will slowly shift to the north/northwest that will warm water a little bit and then sat the take we're in the southwest win land warms up again to about 85 degrees and then by unday we will see showers and storms temperatures staying in the 80's but do i think ocean water temperatures will still be cool. here is our beach forecast we are looking at conditions that will be pretty decent down the
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shore. friday 78. it will be mostly sunny. it will be pleasant. ocean water temperature will be cool. uv index will be high, during the day on saturday it will be pleasant as well with temperatures that will be warm around 80 degrees down the shore. as we look ahead at our forecast tonight an isolated shower or thunderstorm early. we saw them on storm scan three. low of 69. during the day partly sunny warm, stray shower is possible, high temperature is 84. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast and shore cast friday 88. saturday 85. sunday 80-degree. shore temperatures range from the 70's to the 80's, back to the 70's over the course of that three day period. back here live we are looking at conditions that are pretty nice. the ocean a little rough but beach definitely needs some help and if you can look here over my shoulder, you can tell we need some additional beach. we have beach replenishment projects going on this summer up and down the new jersey
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shore including sea isle city. just a few miles from where we are here in sea isle there are some 4 million cubic yard of sand being pump on to the beaches along the south end of ocean city and strathmere. we have two dredges that are sitting off shore and moving that san from the ocean floor to 2 miles of pipe building up the beach and creating dunes filtering out any large items that are dredge up with the san. some 56 million-dollar project is being over seen by the you had army core of engineers and those workers are trying to make it as easy as possible for us, beach goers. >> cordond off a thousand feet at a time of beach that the contractors are working on pumping sand and shaping the dune. >> that equateness ocean city terms, it is about two blocks at any given point nobody has to walk around more than a block to get to the beach.
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>> of course, the next stop will be right here in sea isle city and that will happen in mid-july, the beaches being pretty pack. live from sea isle sit i'm meteorologist kathy orr now back to you in the studio. >> different story to day have you dipped the toes in the water out there yet kathy, in one else is out there. >> there is a couple of guys running on the beach right the now. difficult talk to some people. they say it is too cold, 55 is just too cold. >> lit tool chilly. >> we will check with you in a little bit. >> it is
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chip kelly pulled back curtains at novacare complex and allowed cameras to see the eagles organized team
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activities. >> this is first time we got to see some changes kelly made in the off season and get his thoughts on lesean mccoy's parting comments. leslie van arsdal joins us from the novacare complex with more on all of it, leslie. >> that is right guys. it was an exciting day at least for media, we did get that first peak at the new look eagles, and yes chip kelly, finally respond to comments made by former eagle lesean mccoy. today was first time chip kill a dressed the media following an interview with lesean mccoy in which he claims kelly got rid of all of the good black players. a fiery kelly responded. >> i have great respect for lesean however in that situation i think he is wrong. we put a lot of time in looking at characters and factors that go into selection and retention of players and color has never been one of them. >> unaudible. >> start chasing perception and you have a long life ahead of you son.
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if you are worried about somebody perception of what is going on with you you control one thing and i know how we run this organization and it the is not run that way. >> reporter: tim tebow sam bradford and byron maxwell we will looked at our new eagles in uniform and on the field. >> i feel great. i love playing ball. it is really great for the last few you days being able to go against the defense running around, throw it is so much fun. >> today is a practice, it is very fast out here. we get a lot of reps and it goes fast. >> you know, it is a very fast paced. different type of culture i have been around since i have been in the league and getting accustomed to that is a big thing. >> two players were asked, to say these are voluntary work outs, first evan mathis and eagles first round draft pick nelson agholor hoist a attending a mandatory nfl rookie event. chip kelly was all fired up out here today back to you
5:29 pm
jessica and chris. >> was he ever. >> yes. >> yes son. >> don't miss with chip. still to come here texas continues to be under water tonight, evacuations underway in the lone star state as flood waters continues to rise and is there more danger on the way. then a colorful new way pope francis historic plan to philadelphia will be memorialized, we have details when we c
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i'm chris may at 5:30 with some of the top stories for you, fbi is investigating why a surgical tool, was used on thousands of patients over many years. it is designed to shred fibroid tumors so they can be easily removed but shredding wound up inadvertently spreading cancer in woman that had not been detect. a $10,000 reward is offered in hopes of the capturing a sexual predator. police say this man is link to two attacks on women in south philadelphia, the latest happened on monday morning another was from march. kate? and, chris we have a couple of storms to tell you about right now strong storm moving through kent county delaware and water rescues reported in the toms river section of new jersey as these forms have been forming and reforming over the same area over and over. good news it has push south of the flooded area here's where flooding occurred right along route 37 in toms river report
5:33 pm
route 37 flooded from bone avenue to the bridge, multiple vehicles stranded with water up to the windows and water rescues taking place. we hear there is a crew on the way. we will try to get footage from there but do in the drive through flooded roadways. we will have more coming up, jessica, back to you. with the threat have of more flooding there hundreds of people are canned to voluntarily evacuate their homes in north texas. severe flooding in that state and oklahoma is responsible for at least 21 deaths. the the families of the eight people missing since sunday are hoping for a miracle. chris martinez has the the latest from texas. >> reporter: all eyes are watching rain swollen colorado river southwest of houston the raging river is expect to overflow its banks sometime, friday, well above flood stage. officials in wharton say more than 60 percent of the residents lived in a flood plane. >> what is that coming across there we know it is coming across the street. >> reporter: homes along the river are also in danger,
5:34 pm
first responders used a boat to reach one family and flood waters inched toward their front door. >> here, the focus remains on finding the missing officials and family members still hopeful they will find survivors. members of the three families are still missing after flood waters ripped their vacation home off the foundation. >> we must focus on finding these who are still missing. and just as importantly pray for the living whose hearts are broken. >> reporter: search teams in houston fear number of deaths will go up as waters recede and victims are discover. they found body of jesse's mother on wednesday. >> i feel for the others that are going to the same situation and got you on their shoulders. >> reporter: forecasters say more rain is expect in the coming days and that the rivers could rise, two more feet in some area. in texas chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a officials say flood destroyed 400 homes in houston
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alone, thousands more were lost in the area around austin. we have new developments in the corruption scandal swirling around fifa the world's governing body for soccer. the organization's annual meeting kicked off to take in zurich where fifa's president addressed the scandal and resisted calls to ask him to resign. u.s. justice department investigation accused 14 international soccer officials and marketing executives of crimes ranging from bribery to racketeering to money lawnering. 7fifa officials including two vice-presidents are in custody >> those who are corrupt are in the continued my north like in society but like in society, they must be caught and held responsible for their actions. >> in addition to the corruption probe swiss authorities announced probe in the 2018, 2020 world cup bid. in campaign 2016, former new york governor george pataki announced he is running
5:36 pm
for president. he made it official during an event in exitor, new hampshire. the 69 year-old joins a growing list of cap dates seeking the republican nomination including rick santorum who announced yesterday. he will go up against democratic front run are hillary clinton. >> our justice department will treat all fairly and up hold the constitution n1 will above the law not even if you are a former secretary of state whose name happens to be clinton. >> pennsylvania tacky is three term governor of new york and led his state through september 11th terrorist attacks. governor chris christie calls for an end to the controversial common academic standard in new jersey. governor spoke at burlington county college this afternoon and aid that the system is not working for students in his state. he criticized academic standard for bringing confusion and frustration to parents and students alike. >> common core standard were
5:37 pm
not developed by new jersey educators and parents and as a result, the buy in for both communities has not been what we need for maximum achievement for our kids. >> christie said that he is directing the commissioner of education to get a group together that will help set up new jersey academic standards and for parents and educators to be driving force behind it. pennsylvania lawmakers today discussed proposed legislation that would provide paid sick leave to workers in the commonwealth. the house and senate democratic policy committees held a joint hearing at philadelphia city hall where councilman bill greenlee testified about philadelphia's recently enacted paid sick leave law. ate police to businesses with ten or more employees. workers aren't paid sick leave at a rate of one hour for every 40 hours worked. >> in seven other cities, three states have proven paid sick levies good for workers it is good for the public health, and it is really good
5:38 pm
for business and the economy. i don't see philadelphia being any different. i don't see commonwealth of pennsylvania being any different. >> some g.o.p. lawmakers in harrisburg are working to overturn philadelphia's pay sick leave law and they say decision should be made at the state and in the the local level. a philadelphia catholic school, world service canvas for new mural commemorating the the upcoming papal visit. 4200 square foot mural will adorn exterior wall of same maliki school in north philadelphia it will be created in five pie 5-foot sections at several theme days at school, churches and hospitals and that mural should be completed by have november. its theme faith and family in the 21st century. of course, for more on the pope's visit to philadelphia this fall for world meeting of families go to cbs visit. still to come, you think about the the stroller, crib, diapers but there is another cost that new parents often
5:39 pm
overlook, three on your side's jim donovan has that story coming up. also mission accomplish, after seven long years the troubled star lynncy lohan does what just about nobody thought was possible. >> we will tell you about it. kathy? it is much different story weather-wise down the shore then in the city, it is not hot and humid here just breezy and chilly with temperatures in the 60's. what about the the weatherer for the weekend will that ocean ever warm up. we will talk about that plus tracking those storms with storm scan three as "eyewitness news" continues after this
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graphic california way. if you have truly stumbled on to the next great thing you should familiarized yourself with the patent process. any person who inventor discovers, any new and useful process may obtain a patent. buzz being awarded one is tough, only 2,630 path president were grant todd residents in the philadelphia area in 2013. before preparing a patent application familiarized yourself with the u.s. patent and trademark office web site, u.s.pto dot golf, a section of the cities devoted to independent inventors and covers most aspects of the patent and trademark process. web sites will also guard awe begins fraudulent marketing firms and potential scams. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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having a hard time adjusting to the warmer more humid conditions around town there is only one place to go. >> that is right. >> that is the shore. >> where it feels a nice breeze there. >> whole different world. >> orr at the shore send the cathy to sea isle today kathy? it is freezing. now it is actually really
5:47 pm
chilly at the beach. you wouldn't believe it. even the sand is cool. it is unbelievable. there are a few brave souls out here, playing soccer, you can see these guys, and is this guy going in the water? i don't believe it. the football went in. he will have to get a little wet. ocean water temperatures are in the mid 50's and on shore flow this marine influence is keeping our shore points, on the chilly side, take a look at the temperature differential. in philadelphia it is 82, sea isle 65. ocean city 63. barnegat light 60. we're talking about temperatures about 20 degrees cooler down the shore then inland. it is a nation. here is our shore forecast, friday 78. we will be heating it up, saturday, 80, that is the best bet for me this weekend. sunday a few showers and storms possible. the temperature is 74. you know all is quiet on the jersey cher but hurricane season is just a few taste away and here on the new jersey shore, they are already
5:48 pm
gearing up for it. now in south jersey, this morning, we were in avalon, and, avalon, cape may county officials were showing off some emergency vehicles today including an evacuation pet shelter, and a mobile command center. they mean business. it is all part of the national hurricane preparedness week and being ready starts licensing before the storms make land fall. >> we will start planning seven to ten days out. we will be notifying and talking to all of the municipal oem coordinators to tell them to dust off their plans, make sure they check their inventory for sheltering and evacuation and basically just getting ready to have all of the players in line if we have to call an emergency. >> we could, you know, busiest part of our hurricane season along the jersey shore typically is in late august, early september but with an el nino year, it promises to be a little bit quieter we hope so. that is very latest from the
5:49 pm
jersey shore here in sea isle, lets go back inside to kate and our cbs studios. kate, we know we had big problems tracking those storms just up the beach here, in ocean county. it is incredible how much rain they have gotten today. >> it absolutely, kathy. i tweeted earlier the storms seemed have to have split, one segment went in delaware, other segment in ocean county luckily missing orr at the shore. >> nice, they heard about it. >> in rain honor or at the shore's parade. it is chilly but you not wet. >> she has beach all to herself today. >> kind of a day to see the after a movie if this is your week down the shore. >> lets look outside our weather window and in center city philadelphia, it has turned in a nice evening. we have had a few showers. they are off off to the west. go pro camera mounted on the rooftop of the cbs broadcast center looks good right now with some sunshine. of course we want to necessity is what happening in your neighborhood. look down at the bottom of the screen weather watcher crawl we have our weather watchers
5:50 pm
reporting their conditions all across the region. look for the the one close toes where you are and you can see what things are like outside. lets go down to the live neighborhood network camera, cool with the south east wind in rehoboth beach delaware. a lot of people walking on the boardwalk but beach in the looking as crowded as it did earlier this week. that is thanks to that on shore wind, keeping things cool along the coast. the lets talk about our storms. they are gladly, they are starting to weaken right now. that is good news. couple light showers moving into portions of salem cumberland county, and down into kent county, delaware. let's zoom in on these. we will take to you this one forming and reforming near toms river. thankfully that has now pushed south of toms river but headed for lbi waretown, precipitation rate of an inch and a half an hour still with this storm and it has been sitting in the same spot all day long. that is why we have had water rescues and still strong storms in kent county, delaware as well. doppler estimates there is our bull's eye around toms river an estimated 3 inches,
5:51 pm
4 inches of rain, toms river over toward seaside heights. very nasty conditions there. reminder never want to drive through a flooded roadway. it is just not worth it. tomorrow generally dry, mostly dry this front will move toward the region over the weekend. finally starting to push through sunday but not a quick hitting front that is moves through and moves out in an hour or two. this will start to push in slowly and gather moisture as it does so. maybe a shower off to the south and west tomorrow. saturday you can see front gathering strength, mostly dry. sunday the scattered showers and thunderstorms possible at anytime during the day. overnight tonight isolated thunderstorm in spots early. then cloudy a and humid at 69 degrees. for tomorrow partly sunny still very warm with a stray sure possible. can't rule it out. mostly we are fine if you are planning your day, morning commute, lunch outside shouldn't too bad. may be slightly less humid as well with the wind from the east. you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, steamy right through saturday.
5:52 pm
change comes with showers and storms. take a peak at monday at 65 and go from summer right back to spring. the looks nice by middle of the next week. the chris and jessica, back over to you. kate, thanks very much. now to an expense that can really catch a lot of new parents off guard child care. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find budgeting for child care should start taking place before that baby arrives. >> reporter: new parents often get nursery, clothing, car seats and strollers ready in advance of the baby's arrival and plan for child care, doesn't come into place until it is needed. but child care referral web site recommend that starting the search is as soon as parents get the good news. >> the moment that you find out you are expecting you're going to have a new bundle of joy, you should definitely start to budget. depending on the type of care your options and what you could afford there have been great things you can do. one of the first things we
5:53 pm
recommend is that you stop off and talk to your employer. >> reporter: your employer may have programs to help fine child care, maybe even subsidized or discount care from certain providers which can help during crucial early months. >> just to be much more expensive, it is great news that the the cost starts to go down and your child gets older, but for a new born baby if you are considering a child care, child care center, it is going to be high as a ratio of teacher and it is much lower. >> reporter: to keep costs down consider a nanny share where neighbor split the cost or tap in existing networks like churches a and or local non-profits that may offer day care for less than a cost of the private child care business. keep in mind that those care costs run about 18 percent of overall spending on raising a child. >> that can get very expensive, very fast. >> makes a big difference when you have that taken care of,
5:54 pm
i'll tell thaw. >> this is why i have plants. >> cheaper. >> yes, little water sunshine. >> good uncle but good to go. >> yep. >> uncle jim thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" just in the nick of time after seven years lynncy lohan is a free woman. >> is she leaving her troubled ways behind? let's hope so. insider's louie will take a closer look when there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
for seven long years of probation lindsey lohan is finally a free woman. >> louie from the insider joins with us more on lindsey. >> today we were with her all the way michael low an and long time council outside her courthouse as they weigh in on lindsey lohan liberated. >> she can move on with her life. she has been on probation her entire adult life. >> reporter: after seven years lindsey is now finally lynn rated frommer ever present probation. we were outside court with the ultimate lone legal insider her attorney sean chapman holy. >> i don't know but my watching over her when she completed her community
5:58 pm
service. >> reporter: cramming in 125 hearst of community service in 20 days was paramount in the the judge's decision to lift probation. she did much of it inside brooklyn's children's center. >> when she first came back here and said she would do community service everyone was begins her. so many peel said she would never do it. debbie downer's and doubting tom's and they were wrong. >> reporter: in florida michael lohan who was often in the center of the courthouse chaos told us he whole heartly believes lindsey got through this latest chapter, sober. >> lindsey used to just text me when she was doing wrong thing but she picks up the even if and talks to me now. every time i talk to her she's doing the right thing. i'm very confident that she's being sober. >> reporter: remains to be seen if lindsey can stay out of trouble but i'm rooting for her. chris and jessica, back to you. >> i think we all are. >> yes. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 "eyewitness news" with exclusive details about the warning sent to
5:59 pm
philadelphia fire fighters. why the department's vehicles are under scrutiny over safety, a story you will see only on three. kathy? we have warm, humid air at home, in the philadelphia area some spotty showers and storms, that are heading toward us here at the shore. we are tracking those with storm scan three plus, cooling down, those ocean water temperatures only in the 50's, we will have your weekend forecast as well coming up. plus porks lease release new surveillance photos of the man they say sexually assaulted a woman in her south philadelphia home and just the past hour police raid a home in connection with that investigation. governor chris christie calls for an end to common core education standard in new jersey, why he a says it is failing students. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
we begin tonight with an "eyewitness news" exclusive a warning for fire fighters, only cbs-3 has obtained a memo over safety concerns, sent to members of the philadelphia fire department, warnings surrounds the department's fleet of trucks. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. this story is "eyewitness news" has been following for months now but blank new details are shedding light on safety concerns. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live from fire department headquarters with the the exclusive details matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, this is a story "eyewitness news" has been on top of for some time now and yet all of the fire fighters with whom we have consistently spoke about this issue say there remains serious concerns on their part with the status of the fire department's fleet and that union official say is a danger not only to those fire fighters but also the citizens of philadelphia to whom those fire fighters are sworn to protect. the this past saturday engine


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