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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 28, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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is your tax money charlie rose in tonight for scott >> rose: former house speaker denny hastert is indicted on federal criminal charges including lying to the f.b.i. and hiding big cash withdrawals. where did the money go? also tonight was james holmes insane as he claims when he opened fire on a colorado movie theater? what an expert told jurors today. drones joined the hunt forked from victims. >> we may be getting into areas we can't get people into. >> rose: and a contest naming for hemingway helps write a new chapter in u.s.-cuba relations. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> reporter: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. we begin with late-breaking news, denny hastert the former speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, has been
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indicted on federal criminal charges according to court documents. hastert is accused of covering up big cash withdrawals he was making allegedly to be used as hush money the pay off someone he had wronged. congressional correspondent nancy cordes has the latest. >> reporter: hastert served as speaker for eight years from 1999 to 2007, but it's what he's done since that caught the attention of the f.b.i. according to the federal indictment, back in 2010, john dennis hastert agreed to provide someone referred to only as "individual a," $3.5 million in order to compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct against individual a. the indictment doesn't say what that misconduct was but it notes that the two have known each other for most of individual a's life and that the individual is from the same illinois town where hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach from 1965 to
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1981. from 2010 to 2012, hastert made 15 $50,000 withdrawals of cash from his local bank in illinois and gave them to individual a but when bank representatives questioned hastert in 2012, he began withdrawing cash in increments of less than $10,000 because banks are required to report anything larger. hastert, who succeeded newt gingrich as speaker, has worked as a lobbyist since leaving offense. by the end of last year, hastert had withdrawn more than $1.7 million, which earned him a visit from f.b.i. investigators. he told the agents, yeah, i kept the cash that's what i'm doing explaining that he did not feel safe with the banking system. the indictment says that's a false statement punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if he's convicted. hastert is also charged charlie, with structuring currency withdrawals which carries similar penalties. >> rose: thanks, unanimous
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similar james holmes claims he was insane when he opened fire in a colorado movie theater killing 12 people and injuring 70 and therefore not guilty of murder. today mark strassmann reports jurors heard from a state-appointed psychiatrist and from holmes himself. >> what did you think people should know about james holmes? >> i'm pretty shy i guess. >> reporter: this is part of an interview james holmes gave to psychiatrist william reid last year. they talked on camera for five day, a total of 22 hours. prosecutors intend to play for jurors almost all that interview, by far their most exhaustive opportunity to hear from holmes himself. >> what bricks tears to your eyes sometimes? >> just regrets. >> regrets? can you tell me a little more? >> [inaudible] >> regrets about? >> [inaudible].
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>> reporter: holmes methodically planned the killings, but defense lawyers claimed he was schizophrenic and in the grips of a psychotic episode. prosecutor george brachler asked the following question: >> it is your opinion that james holmes met the definition of legal sanity? >> yes. >> reporter: defense lawyers tried unsuccessfully to block that tape as evidence. charlie, jurors will spend the next several days getting a different impression of james holmes in his own words. >> rose: thanks, mark. we learned today the anthrax scare involving the u.s. military is more serious than first thought. more than two dozen people may have been exposed to live anthrax, which can be deadly. chip reid has been looking into this. >> reporter: other the past two months anthrax was sent via fedex from a u.s. army laboratory in utah to 18 government and private laboratories in nine states and
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to a u.s. base in south korea. the anthrax standard & poor's which were being studied to find better ways to defend against anthrax were supposed to be dead, but last friday a lab in maryland nolt -- notified the pentagon and the centers for disease control that the anthrax spores it received were still alive. inhaling live anthrax can be lethal. the c.d.c. is testing the other batches but presumes they are live, too, but at least four people in u.s. laboratories exposed to the anthrax and 22 more in korea are being given antibiotics, though the c.d.c. says it's being done only as a precaution and so far no one has shown any anthrax symptoms. today general ray odierno the army chief of staff said the utah base followed normal procedures and he added "the best i can tell it was not human error," but university of florida professor kenneth berns disagrees. he says the army lab should have
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double checked its work. >> they should have been tested to see, in fact, whether they were activated. and my guess is that that probably wasn't donned a qualitily. >> reporter: the c.d.c. says the risk to the public including the fedex workers who handled the packages is almost zero. charlie? >> rose: thanks, chip. the death toll from the floods in texas and oklahoma now stand at 20. 14 are missing. more dangerous weather is in the forecast tonight. a year ago much of texas was in severe to exceptional drought. compare that to now where a fraction of the state is abnormally dry. don dahler is in hays county, texas, where the storms turned tragic. >> oh, no! >> reporter: this is what many residents of wimberly, texas experienced sunday night, a relentless wall of water. the force of nature that caused that tragedy has also hampered efforts to find its victims. >> we've got a big cell pointed right at us. we're right on the northern tip of it.
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>> reporter: but when the storm broke the search continued, with some special equipment. this group of searchers from texas a&m university corpus christi got permission from the f.a.a. to experiment with the use of drones in search operations such as this one. if they spot something out of the ordinary, a team of searchers go in on foot or by boat. some of the drones use thermal imagery. >> if there was a person in there, they would stand out because their body temperature would be different from the surrounding vegetation? >> right. that's right. >> reporter: for chip urban the search is personal. he knows many of the missing. >> when we heard about it, our hearts sank, and immediately, like so many others in corpus christi, first thought is what can we do to help? >> still missing are laura mccomb, a 34-year-old mother of two who volunteers for the american cancer society, her six-year-old son andrew enjoys kayaking and fishing four-year-old leighton mccomb loves to dress up in frilly dresses like elsa from the movie "frozen." also among the missing, ralph and sue carey and randy and will
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charba. wife and mother michelle charba was killed in the flood. family members and friends of the missing came together to vow to not stop looking. >> this effort is not over. we're 100% committed to finding laura, andrew, leighton randy will, ralph and sue. >> reporter: charlie, even as the search continues, the forecast is for more rain over next few days and more flash flood warnings throughout the region. >> rose: thanks, don. baltimore has seen a sharp spike in violence nearly a month after six officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. murders are up arrests down. many wonder when this will end. we have two reports beginning with jeff pegues. >> reporter: last night more street violence in baltimore. this shooting happened right in front of dajanai myers' home. >> it's not surprising anymore. >> reporter: to see police tape? >> right. >> reporter: to see a body in the street? >> right. it's not surprising because it happens all the time.
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>> reporter: may has been a bloody month in baltimore with 38 homicides after 22 in april and 15 in march. but arrests in the city are down by more than 50% leaving some to question whether police are stepping back on purpose. in a statement today the police union says "officers are under siege and more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty." six officers were charged in the death of freddie gray but police point out in the riots that followed his funeral more than 150 officers were hurt. on tuesday police commissioner anthony batts apologized to the police union for not being prepared for the violence. his remarks were obtained by the "baltimore sun." >> i think i let you guys down, and i say with a humble heart, i say that with honesty. >> batts says he's reassigning
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commanders and retraining officers to build better relationships with the community, but there's a long way to go. city councilman william pete welch says many people just don't trust the police. >> i get complaints that should be going to the police department because they're afraid to tell the officers what they saw and how they feel. >> reporter: but in baltimore now perhaps the one issue that united states -- unites both sides is the need to stop the violence. today the heartbreaking cycle continued, a mother and her seven-year-old son were shot and killed. >> reporter: i'm jericka duncan in west baltimore where news of those deaths hit close to home for brittany goodridge. >> let me get you to school. >> reporter: we met the 25-year-old single mom getting her seven-year-old son corday ready for school and ready for what they may encounter on the streets. >> it's like, let me get my son out of here, because i can't have a freddie gray.
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i can't have a trayvon martin. >> reporter: does he ever tell you he wants the leave? >> all the time. love you. >> reporter: goodridge says she wants her son to have a better childhood than she did. >> i had a mother who used drugs. >> reporter: her father was in and out of jail. in 2010, she repeated the cycle and was arrested for check fraud. she's now a convicted felon who says she can't get a job. >> you do things out of desperation, and then you learn that these are not the right things to do. >> reporter: she spends much of the day trying to sell her clothing designs at fashion shows or flea markets. the money she makes is barely enough to make ends meet. you told me your son asked you mom, why don't you have a regular job. how do you explain that to him? >> i don't sugar coat anything for my son. and i told him mommy did some bad things that's going to haunt her forever.
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>> reporter: it's the end of the day that goodridge looks forward to the most. >> say grace. >> reporter: she hopes these moments inside her home will keep corday from the helplessness outside their door, so as he grows older he turns to his mom instead of turning to the streets. >> good night. love you. >> reporter: jericka duncan, cbs news, baltimore. >> rose: today former new york governor george pataki started spreading the news. he's running for the presidential nomination. he vowed to repeal obamacare and use u.s. troops if necessary to defeat isis. pataki is 69. he is the eighth republican in the race and there are more to come. the head of soccer's world governing body said today he may be the boss but don't policemen him for his sports bribery and corruption scandal. here is charlie d'agata. >> reporter: it's more like dodge ball than soccer. >> i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. >> reporter: sepp blatter the most powerful man in soccer,
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deflected all responsibility of the scandal engulfing fifa. 14 officials indicted by u.s. prosecutors for corruption, money laundering, fraud and bribery totaling $150 million. blatter said that for the good of the game and the world, he'd cooperate. >> actions of individuals bring shame and humiliation on football and demand action and change from us all. >> reporter: the u.s. indictment alleges that a $10 million bribe was the reason fifa chose south africa to host the 2010 world cup. a separate swiss it investigation is now looking into how russia was awarded the 2018 tournament and qatar in 2022. both have drawn accusations of foul play. russian president vladimir putin quickly defended blatter and accused the u.s. of meddling.
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the arrested officials aren't americans, he said. "it's clearly a u.s. attempt to spread its jurisdiction to other countries." sepp blatter is standing for his fifth consecutive term as the president of fifa tomorrow, charlie, and despite calls for a boycott, the election will go ahead and blatter is still the favorite to win. >> rose: charlie d'agata in london, thank you. car bombs exploded tonight outside two luxury hotels in baghdad. at least ten people were killed, 30 hurt. it was not clear who is behind, this but isis has claimed responsibility for attacks in iraq. last week isis seized ramadi about 60 miles from baghdad. a pilot gets busted before take-off. that story is next when the "cbs evening news" continues. allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start, doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. with claritin, you get powerful, non-drowsy relief
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from phillips'. >> authorities grounded a pilot in central florida saying he wreaked of booze after a twin engine plane hit a communications tower. as kris van cleave reports, the pilot was about the take off yesterday when his -- with his young son on board but was stopped just in time. >> kill your engines. >> reporter: with hen ten-year-old son on board and screaming, 57-year-old christopher hall allegedly ignored air traffic controllers who refused to clear him for take-off from the melbourne florida, airport to dayton ohio. >> hold your position. i didn't tell you to move.
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would you please return to your hangar and call the tower sir. >> instead hall's plane veered off the taxiway and hit a building. hall was heard slurring his words. responding officers could smell liquor on his breath. inside the plane they found an almost half-empty bottle of cognac, an unopened bottle of wine and behind the pilot's seat a plastic water bottle with a clear liquid smelling of booze. hall refused to talk leaving jail this morn, but officers say when documents reached his wife in hawaii, she said he had a drinking problem and she isn't surprised, adding he was known to drink alcohol in the mornings prior to flying. the ten-year-old boy was checked out by doctors. he's expected to be okay. his father is now facing criminal charges of reckless operation of an aircraft and child abuse. >> rose: more cars have been added to the air bag recall list. that's coming up next.
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>> rose: today more car models were added to the massive recall of affected air bags made by takata. the bags can explode with too much force and send shrapnel flying into the vehicle. at least fife people have been killed and more than 100 hurt. for a list of recalled models that we know so far go to the secret service tested a new row of spikes atop the white house fence today. the entire fence will get the spikes this summer to keep intruders from climbing over. it is a temporary fix until the fence is replaced.
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a young lady stole the show last night after golden state beat houston to advance to the nba finals. top scorer stephen curry brought his daughter to the post-game news conference. >> it's a special feeling -- >> da-da, help me. da-da, help me. >> reporter: two-year-old riley curry could not have cared less about the game. dad proved he can shoot the balance and fix a bracelet. americans are taking part in a cuban fishing competition for the first time in decades. that story next. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by cvs health. health is everything. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes.
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hostility, but in those waters this week, there's a sign of warming relation, a change in u.s. policy is allowing americans to participate in a cuban fishing contest. here's dean reynolds. >> there you go. >> reporter: three miles off the coast of cuba, the crew of the american boat "therapy 2" creased the choppy waters of the atlantic ocean on a hunt for marlin. captain kurt winters saw it first. >> there he is! we've got one. on the right rigger. >> reporter: winters' boat is one of several american vessels legally participating in the billfish contest for the first time in decades. the tournament is named for ernest hemingway, who fished these waters during his years on the island. the famous authors' two grandsons, patrick and john were aboard as john tried to reel one back in. the multimillion dollar, high-tech american yachts docked in havana contrasted sharply with the more modest boats the
6:57 pm
cubans sail when they sail at all. only one government approved cuban team was permitted in this contest. >> good morning. >> reporter: authorities were out in force just in case along the docks. matching and rematching passports to every passenger one of whom was former navy man joe sweeney, whose only other trip before -- to cuba before this was at the u.s. base in guantanamo. >> being a sailor all my life and being loyal to the american flag, there are so many emotions that go through you. i don't think we're part of something political, but in a small way i do believe this is something political. >> reporter: scientist jeffrey boutwell was on board, as well. >> it's finally a normalization of relations that should have happened decades ago. >> reporter: what do you think people will find out about cuba when they come? >> they'll see it for what it is, both its positives and its negatives. [horn honks] >> reporter: with vintage cars
6:58 pm
clogging the streets and slums climbing -- lining the roads the cuba of 2015 looks a lot like it did when hemingway lived here. parked in back is the novelists famous boat "pilar." >> he created deep-sea fishing. the gulf stream is the river that united unites us, not divides us. it's the same water same fish. >> where is he? >> reporter: as the tournament got under way, the americans were having some tough luck and many thoughts about the one that got away. >> we lost him. >> reporter: but there's more going on here than a tournament. the peaceful presence of americans in cuban waters is about a lot more than catching fish. dean reynolds, cbs news, havana. >> rose: hemingway would have loved it. that's the "cbs evening news" in new york. for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose.
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[ bleep ]. >> star couples in the cross-hairs. >> it's ridiculous. >> emma stone and andrew garfield bombarded by paparazzi. >> ben and jen after the tabloid split rumors. >> we have new video of tracy morgan after settling with walmart. >> tracy, are you happy with the settlement? then trying to become adult film stars. >> this can't be good for to you have sex that much. >> so weird. >> find out how this "parks and recs" star became involved in a shocking documentary. >> there are people who have become really famous from amateur sex tapes and are now well respected. also, our flashback with the rock. >> this is the most appropriate response, what [ bleep ] are you doing? and -- >> stunts 101, always w


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