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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 29, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> now at 11:00 o'clock fast-moving downpours caused flooding in parts of new jersey and tonight some are dealing with a big mess. good evening i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. that flooding left some roads impassible in ocean county and for those who gambled and drove through the water was up to the headlights. these are photos from the asbury park press after the rain moved through residents checked out the damage you can see there the flood waters nearly knee high.
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rescue teams were also out helping some drivers who got stuck in their flooded out cars. one of the hardest hit areas in all of this was toms river in ocean county and that's where "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live tonight. david? >> reporter: jessica there are a lot of angry people in toms river tonight. neighbors say this happened so fast behind me i want to you take look at roosevelt avenue this is one of the areas that's hardest hit and we've been watching for several hours right now and that water does not seem to be moving. the rain was quick and unrelent unrelenting. rick took cell phone video of hail just before water killed his engine. he waited over an hour for a tow tow. >> my engine shut off in the middle of the puddle. we had to get out and push the car out. >> police rescued two dozen stranded drivers and closed several roads in toms river and surrounding areas. most neighborhood roads. this is glenn hines man street and he says just about every time it rains, he has to put up
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with inches of stagnant mosquito infested water it's surrounding his house. >> oh, my god. it's every summer. same problem every summer for the last 15 years. >> ridiculous. just totally ridiculous that this is what we have to put up with. can't even get in your own driveway. >> reporter: just as quick as the weather moved in it was gone gone. but glenn heinz man expects to be here cleaning for the next few days. >> i haven't been in my house yet to see if i got water in the house yet. >> reporter: police say there will be several roads closed tomorrow just because the water does not seem to be moving. it just depends on where that water is. what kind of construction that road has. meanwhile the good news, police say, there were no serious injuries in the area. we're live in toms river david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> that is the good news, david. thank you. meteorologist kathy orr has a closer look now at how the flooding happened so very quickly in that area. kathy? >> when you look at the weather map it was that localized area, jessica, and for hours we just
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saw the rain coming down in the area of toms river eastern ocean county and we're talking about flash flooding you saw those amazing pictures. so as far as the amounts are concerned, we're talking about a bulls eye of about 4-inches around seaside heights where you see the yellow near seaside park about 3.5-inches of rain. some of these amazeing totals island heights thee .74. over 3-inches in toms river and even towards seaside heights two to 4-inches of rain this is what actually happened. there was a sea breeze that set up. that's when you have that cooler ocean water pushes inland in this particular area it didn't move as far inland as further shore points a little bit further south like atlantic city and sea isle city a front is created and along that front you get some rising air. the air rises on the land. we form clouds. and of course, those clouds create some rain showers. and the heavy rain just keeps going over that location over and over again.
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you have that more stable sea air moving inland but it heads into this warm riseing air and you get the rain unget the flooding and unfortunately it was right over eastern ocean county today and farther down the road in sea isle see where i was we just had a cool afternoon with some sunshine. so unfortunately it was a tough call in ocean county this afternoon. it will not happen again tomorrow. that's for sure. right now temperatures are cooling down in the 60s. wee wake up to 69 in philadelphia. in the poconos wake up to 54 as lower humidity moves into the region overnight. that will stabilize the air from the city to the shore. so we aren't expecting anything in the way of flooding or storms tomorrow. we can see some storms over the weekend. we'll talk more about that with the seven day later in the broadcast. jess. >> kathy, thank you. fire destroyed a house in upper providence montgomery county tonight. this is eyewitness cam video of the flames engulfing the second floor an the roof. officials say the fire on patriot drive started just
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before 8:00. after the flames were put out firefighters stayed on seen to put out any hot spots. chopper three was over the scene scene. no one was that inside the house when the fire starter. the cause now under investigation. >> significant new developments in the south philadelphia sex assault investigation. police are now searching for a suspect in connection with the attacks on two women. and tonight a woman tells "eyewitness news" she believes the police are looking for is her son. diana rocco is live in the neighborhood for us tonight with more. diana? >> reporter: well chris police issued a searcharrant on that home earlier this evening. they have also issued some new surveillance pictures which that is a given a new timeline for this attack. police conduct a search of a south chadwick street home leaving with a bag. the woman who lives here says they're looking for her son in connection with this case. >> i want to you come home. get this cleared up. get everything straightened out. report roar police released new photos of unnamed suspect they
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say snuck into a home on the 1800 block of rose wood street early monday. burglarized the home, stole the victim's car and then returned. >> he met -- may have left that property and then returned to actually confront the victim. that's how is a diss sadistic and bold he is. he was able to get in and out of that house without anybody seeing him or hearing him. he took the opportunity and went back. >> reporter: that's when the victim woke up to the man standing over her. he demanded money and sexually assaulted her. he was wearing red gloves which may tie him to another assault in march close to this chadwick street residence. >> i didn't you didn't do what they saying you doing. pleases come home to your mother mother. she hasn't seen him in automobile of days. police have not publicly named a suspect and are still looking for the public's help. >> if you believe you know this
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individual all we need is that tip. >> reporter: police would not say what they found inside that home they sevenned earlier this evening. only that they are still looking for the man in the surveillance pictures. we're live in south philadelphia tonight, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you very much. a man is facing charges for assaults on two women in delaware county and there may be more victims out there. this suspect was arrested yesterday in media and police believe he's responsible for another attack in radnor. paul christopher curtis is accused of assaulted 18-year-old tuesday morning as she ran on the popular radnor trail. he's also charged in a similar incident that happened yesterday in media at orange and pearl streets. curtis is behind bars tonight. the army now says human error was likely not a factor in the accidental shipment of live anthrax to labs across the us and south korea. army says there may have been a failure in the technical process of deactivating the anthrax.
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the anthrax shipped from utah to nine states including new jersey and delaware. some was also sent to an air base in south korea. the government is concerned about lab workers who may have been exposed. employees at a delaware lab that received the anthrax are now taking antibiotics as precautionary measure. and new jersey state health officials released a statement today it it said quote samples were removed from the affected laboratory by responders from the new jersey department of health. no employees or anyone affiliated with the private lab in new jersey have exhibited symptoms or received treatment " ". >> in a stunning development a grand jury in illinois indicted former house speaker dennis has at the time today he's charged with lying to the fbi about a agreeing to pay an individual $3.5 million to conceal his quote prior misconduct. prosecutors say he he withdrew in a million dollars in up cells below 10,000 dollars so the bank
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wouldn't roar those withdrawals to the irs. the indictment does not say what that misconduct was but does note the individual is from the same illinois town where hastert was a high schoolteacher and wrestling coach. >> governor chris christie is calling for an end to the use of common core academic standards in new jersey. governor christie made announcement at burlington county college in pemberton today. some believe that these national standards brought confusion and frustration to both parents and classrooms. it is also an emerging issue in the republican race for president and governor christie is considered a potential candidate. the governor said today that common core is not working. >> common core standards were not developed by new jersey educators and parents and as a result the buy in from both communities has not been what we need for mack mum achievement for our kids. >> the governor says that the education commissioner will work with both parents and educators to recommend new state based standards by the end of this
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year. we do know the former new york governor george pataki is running for president tonight. he made that news official during an event in exeter new hampshire today. the 69-year-old -- joins a growing list of candidates seeking the gop nomination. pataki is of course the three-term governor of new york and led his state through the terror tax of 9/11. well a big welcome home in collingswood for one of our nation's heroes. >> army national guard specialist wyatt cooper just returned home after a one year deployment to the middle east and members of his community surprised him at his door with a special homecoming. >> all these people here love our freedom and we love our brave men and women serving our country. that's why here here today to say one thing. welcome home! >> how about that? cooper join the army in 2013 after he graduateed from collingswood high school. he was greeted by his family and friends as well at freeholder board and other local officials. kell welcome home indeed.
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>> eagles head coach chip kelly in the headlines tonight. >> he took to the microphones and respond to do shady mccoy's comments about how race play as roll in his decisions with the team. wait until you hear what the head coach has to say. that's coming up. >> and this was supposed to be a car safety demonstration but it didn't quite go as planned. why this car ended up crashing into people. kathy? >> drier air moves into the delaware valley tonight. so we catch break. were you then more weekend storms bubbling up with heat and humidity. we'll talk about that coming up with the seven day. chris? >> and kathy, you know it's the time of year to use sunscreen. but which one to choose? it can be confusing with all those numbers and abbreviations and believe it or not you may not be putting it on the right way. we've got the top three things you need to know abo
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the death toll from the severe weather in texas and oklahoma has now reached 20.
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14 people are still missing tonight. drones are now being used to help with those search efforts. in north texas hundreds of people have been asked to voluntarily evacuate their homes as the dangerous weather continues to threaten the region tonight. in just a few minutes kathy will have more on what that same storm system will mean for our area this weekend. well now to a car safety demonstration that went horribly wrong. the staff at volvo dealership was testing this car's self braking system but the car failed to stop and ran a man over. volvo says this dealership thought the car was equipped with the kind of technology that detects pedestrians but unfortunately it was not. the good news here no one was seriously injured. well tonight a new warning. cbs3 obtained a memo outlining safety concerns for philadelphia firefighters. this memo comes a mid worries of what some called the deteriorating condition of department vehicles.
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this is an issue "eyewitness news" has been following now for some time. a source provided "eyewitness news" with this video after the brakes on engine 45 went out on saturday. the sources tell us the truck's driver had to use the emergency brake to slow it down. in that memo, union officials recommend that firefighters leave significantly more space between their emergency vehicle and civilian vehicles. and that they begin to apply the brakes earlier than they normally would. >> the condition of the neat has never been this bad. we really need a comprehensive apparatus replace many plan put into effect and then work over the next few years to implement the system and upgrade our fleet on a continual basis. >> we reached out to the city of philadelphia today but did not receive a request for comment. the fbi is reportedly investigateing who knew what and when about surgical tool suspected of spreading undetect undetected cancer in women.
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authorities are looking into whether medical device makers doctors and hospitals broke the law by failing to report problems linked to that device. they've been tied to several deaths now and also to injuries. the device works by shredding fibroid tumors so they can be easily removed. but in some patients the sledding ended up spreading cancer that hadn't been detect detected. our stephanie stahl talked with amy read she has six children and a deadly cancer that she and her husband say was caused by a more sill later they say should have never been used. >> your situation might have been prevented? >> not only mine but hundreds of other women and that's what's so maddening. >> the fbi will not confirm or deny an investigation. with this summer like weather it is the season for sunscreen. we all know that whether you're at the beach or in the backyard doctors say we should be wearing when it we're outside. tonight health reporter stephanie stahl has the top
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three things to know when it comes to sunscreen. >> reporter: there are dozens to choose from. so how do you pick the right sunscreen? tip number one carefully read the labels. go for an spf that's sun protection factor of 30 or above above. also, water resistant and broad spectrum. that guards against uva and uvb rays. it doesn't need to be expensive. recent testing from consumer reports found even the bargain brands worked great. tip number two if you use spray sunscreen, be careful. you can't always tell if your skin covered. so after you spray it on, be sure to rub it in or you can spray night your hand and then rub it on to your skin. there's some reasons though why you might not want to use spray sunscreen at all. >> because it's vapor arrived and you can inhale it. we're particularly concerned about children inhaling the vapors. >> susan taylor is a philadelphia dermatologist she says the sprays are flammable. whether it's on your skin or coming out of the can.
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>> any aerosol is flammable. so when exposed to heat and to flames it could catch fire. >> tip number three don't skimp. mack sure all your skin is covered. we lotion you should use 2 tablespoons for your face and body. that's equal to a full shot glass. don't wait until you get to the beach and pull it out and put it on. put it on 15 to 20 minutes before you go outside. >> reporter: once you're in the sun be sure to reapply at least every two hours. more often if you're sweaty or in out of the water. because nothing ruins summer fun faster than a sunburn. stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> nobody wants a sunburn. >> no fun best piece of advice use it. you got to do it. >> you do have to do it. >> we'll need it over the next few days. >> uv index will be quite high. we'll get to that but first take look outside. where skies are clearing and the air is drying out. so that humidity is going to continue to fall. down the shore still a little
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sticky our camera in atlantic city a little bit hazy a little bit foggy tonight but that will change overnight. on storm scan3 we don't have any storms but we're scanning for the dry air and you can see that green color that is the drier air beginning to move in through central pa and working its way toward the east. so slowly but surely that more humid air that's highlighted in yellow and oranges will be replaced by the drier air and boy will that feel different overnight tonight and even the during day tomorrow. temperature is 78 in philadelphia. 69 in allentown. 50s in the poconos. very comfortable. quakertown 72 the same in willow grove. pal my rah still at 77 but the dew point is what's important here. you can tell where our cold front is already moved through because the dew points have lowered. dew point is the true amount of moisture in the atmosphere no matter what the temperature is. relative humidity is relative to the temperature. this isn't. when you see dew points in the 50s, that is very comfortable and pleasant so in allentown the door .51.
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still in the 60s philadelphia south and east. 72 in dover that's oppressive. but you'll see that drier air move to the south and by tomorrow morning katie fehlinger will show you dew points in the 50s even in philadelphia during our morning newscast. that's the good news. tomorrow lower humidity. lots of sun. temperatures in the 80s. feeling much more comfortable than it did today. but sticky air moves back by saturday. it will be squeezed up the coastal plane ahead of that cold front then the front will be moving through on sunday that is our next chance of showers and storms especially in the afternoon. if you're going down the shore i think you'll get most of the day in before shows storms move into the region. overnight we'll be seeing any weather threat as far as rain will wayne and see overnight lows around 69 with clearing skies. tomorrow the high 84 with less humid conditions northeasterly wind. pollen report shows we'll be moderate tomorrow, saturday on the high side and sunday we'll be low with the rain. hour by hour pack the sunscreen because it is going to be hot
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and the sun will be out all day even during the dinner hour temperatures in the 80s. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast pack the sunscreen friday. not so much sunday. june begins the high on monday only 65 with rain and then tuesday, wednesday and thursday we see the warmup. >> big way. >> kathy thanks. >> leasely is here with all the eagles news you could possibly handle. >> waiting and waiting and final finally get see the new look eagles on the practice field and chip kelly finally respond to go lesean mccoy's comments about how race played a part in personnel decisions. sports is next.
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there were lots of new faces on the field today but everyone wanted to talk about former eagle lesean mccoy had plenty say about head coach chip kelly after he was traded to the bills bills. today chip spoke for the first time about the comments mccoy made following his trade to buffalo. shady had said kelly quote got rid of all the good black players he got rid of them the
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fastest. today chip addressed those remarks head on. >> i've got great respect for lesean. um however in that situation i think he's wrong. you know, we put a lot of time in looking at the characters and factor that is go into selection and retention of players and color has never been one of them them. >> you start chasing perception and you got a long life ahead of you, son. that's what it's all about. if you're worried about someone's perception of what's going on with you you control one thing you control yourself. >> form her heisman trophy winner and much thinner tim tebow in act. he was signed one-year contract in april. competing against mark barkley to be the third string quarterback. tim has been out of football for two years and he's grateful for the opportunity. >> i think about it as what a blessing great opportunity. work extremely hard every day trying to be the best teammate i can, be the best player. make everybody else around me try to make them better as well and all of us are just trying to improve. >> sam bradford was at practice but limited participant still
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recovering from his second acl tear. he's able to participate in individual drills not not take part in team drills. the rehab is tough but he's still on the schedule to be in the line up for the season opener. >> it's taken a little longer the second time around. i think i told you guys when i first got here, from everyone i talked to they say that's normal normal. that's what to expect. i think it has gotten in the past two months, month and a half. as long as it continues to do that it should be no issue. >> mathis once again not at the novacare complex. he wants a new contract or to be trade chip kelly has not talked to evan since the off season program started over a month ago. we'll be right back.
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philadelphia police are honored tonight for going beyond the call of duty. these officers given awards during a ceremony at fop lodge number five in north philadelphia. all recognized for their dedication in keeping the city
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safe. the ceremony is held by the department three times a year. for the second consecutive year the scripps national spelling bee has ended in a tie. >> you are on the edge of your seat. >> so good. >> two splitting the title. his final word was a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice. her last word -- the art of cutting paper into decorative designs. i didn't even know what those two words meant to be totally fair. >> much less spell them. >> both winners eighth graders. >> she was poise the. >> he was laid back. typical eighth grader except he could spell every word in the dictionary. >> they were great. those kids are amazing we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee, erika and katie. thanks for being with us for lesley and kathy and everyone
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here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we'll see you tomorrow.
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