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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪ >> tonight at 11:00 underwater.
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in already flood ravaged tech text more rescues are underway and more rain is on the way. and that same storm system will affect our area this weekend. watch for the storm moving in here. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking when and where these storms arrive and more importantly kathy the effects they'll have on us. there's more than one effect believe it or not. we have warm humid air ahead of this storm. all that moisture from texas feeding in to a front that is marching eastward and we will be feeling the impact within the next 24 to 48 hours. our future weather shows tomorrow morning we have that milky white sky with heat and humidity. during the afternoon a few storms popping up with the heat and humidity of the day as the front gets closer but it's really going to be sunday afternoon that we see the front move through. sunday morning some heat, some humidity. you can see the storms off to the west by the early afternoon then everything moves eastward with that front by sunday afternoon and into sunday night.
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so this weekend we're talking about some very heavy downpours. gusty winds and some localized flooding associated with these storms. forearmed immediate future temperatures will be mild and it will be muggy beginning tomorrow. more on the timing of the storms and the amount of rain coming up with that seven day forecast. >> chris? >> kathy, thank you very much. let's check in on texas where another round of heavy rain brought more misery to some flood ravaged communities. a line of storms stalled over dallas today dropping seven more inches of rain. in fact a man drowned near dallas when his truck was swept into a culvert. also tonight there have been more rescues of those stranded by high waters. the floods in texas and oklahoma have killed 23 people. 13 others are missing. police are investigating the death of a newborn baby found in a dufflebag in west philadelphia. authorities say that discovery was made in a home in the 5800 block of norfolk street around
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5:30 this evening. that baby was boy was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the hospital just a ha*r half hour later. the baby's mother was taken to the hospital. her condition is unknown at this time. officials are in the process of acquiring a search warrant for that property. tonight police are questioning a person of interest in two incidents in south philadelphia. one a sexual assault. the other an attempted sexual assault. the man police are talking to surrendered earlier and we're now hearing from members of his family who say he's innocent. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at the special victims unit with more on this investigation. diana? >> reporter: jessica, that man was taken into custody by federal marshals and brought here to svu tonight sources are telling "eyewitness news" he refused to give a statement. he now remains at a state penetentiary held on a probation violation. a parade of vans pull into svu. one containing 32-year-old raheem felder in the custody of federal marshals.
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sources tell "eyewitness news" police believe he's the man nave been looking for in these surveillance videophotosphotos. a person of interest in two sexual assaults in south philly. most recent monday on rose wood street. police say a man enter the a woman's home, burglarized it and stole her car. went back and sexually assaulted her. >> i know that he don't do nothing like this. >> okay. >> that's just not my brother. >> his sister says he hasn't been home in days but police took clothing from their south chadwick street home thursday during a search and were back again on friday. >> they went in his room, all through the house the whole house. they went through the whole house. i just know my brother is innocent. >> reporter: 35-year-old victim from monday says the man who attacked her wore a mask and red gloves which may the tie suspect to similar assault in march. four blocks from felder's home. roberta felder his mother says he's lived with her for two years after serveing a 12 year eau sentence for attempted murder. she was relieved when federal marshals called her to say he's
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in custody but she doesn't believe it's him in the surveillance video. >> he's been staying away from trouble. find a job part time. he been doing a lot of stuff trying to make sure he stay out here with society. he has a daughter. >> reporter: and tonight raheem felder has not been formally charged. in fact police have not publicly named him as a suspect. he now remains in the custody of the state awaiting a probation hearing. we're live outside special victims unit tonight diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thanks very much. the vatican official in charge of the world meeting of families here in philadelphia is facing allegations tonight he participated in ooh a property scam. >> publish reports out of italy say archbishop vincenzo paglia one of 10 people under investigation they're suspect em bell saysly using funds illegal toll buy a property worth one third it's property in 2012 with the intention of it for millions
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millions. organizers from the world meeting of families philadelphia released this statement "though the news received today regard regarding archbishop paglia is troubling, does it not affect the world meeting of families philadelphia 2015. >> i was saddened to learn of the recent news regarding archbishop vincenzo paglia and will pray for him. at the same time i assure everyone that matters facing him do not impact our plans for september ". >> there are multiple reports now saying hastert was paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual misconduct. hastert was a teacher and a wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois before he entered politics. yesterday prosecutors charged hastert with lying to the fbi about large cash withdrawals that he reportedly made. high school where hastert work by the way says it knew nothing
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about any misconduct. today president obama called on the senate to extend the usa patriot act saying that the nation's security could be at stake. provision in that law that allows the national security agency to collect bulk phone data is set to expire on sunday. supporters say it's a key tool for tracking terror suspects. the senate will convene on sunday to take up the issue. the u.s. has taken cuba off its list of state sponsors of terrorism. this is part of the process the obama administration has taken in normalizeing relations with cube b lawmakers could have blocked the move they chose not to do so. removal of cuba from the list comes as officials from both countries continue to hash out the details of restoring full diss employee mat tick relations relations. a new chapter in the rebuilding of lower manhattan and a new way to get a birds eye view of new york city a top one world trade center. the observatory opened to the public today marking a turning point in the recovery from 9/11.
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one world trade is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. provides a view of the city and its surrounding from 1250 feet above ground. and from there the view extends for 50 miles. the observatory expects as many as 4 million visitors every year year. tonight trying to improve relations between police and the community. in north philadelphia, some police officers got together with some local kids for movie night. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones join the fun. >> reporter: flashes between between -- clashes between police and protesters have been seen from philadelphia to ferguson. frustrations have boiled over fraying relations with law epp force many. here's an evident to try and change some of that. movie night at the 39th police district. >> when you're with your friends, you're at school do a lot of kids your age talk poorly about police officers? >> um, yes sometimes but they don't say they hate them but professionally i wouldn't hate
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them because they trying to do what's right. for me i love cops because they protect us and they always going to protect us no matter what. >> reporter: despicable me ii playing in the popcorn was flowing. courtesy of officers many were here on their own time. >> we do not want our police districts to be looked upon as as -- >> captain mike craig knows one night at the movies won't shovel everything. >> we should be the ones to shake their hands to go to their neighborhoods to talk to them. we're human beings and we have a job to do and our job is to protect and serve. >> reporter: this is the first year the 39th police district has done something like that and judging by the turn out they'll do it again. >> it was very cool. when i grow up i'm going to be one. >> reporter: you're going to be a police officer? >> yes. >> they get bad people off the street. >> when i grow up i want to be a judge. >> reporter: whatever is in store for their futures this night is just about kids being kids and having some fun.
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>> some cops might do something wrong but i believe there's always good cops out there helping us. i think it was fine and i think thank the cops for doing this. >> reporter: in nicetown, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> very smart kids there. >> it looks like they had a good night. >> love the smiles on those faces no doubt. >> absolutely. philly is of course known for its cheesesteaks. no doubt about that. always the great debate over who's is the best. >> now the debate has widened. because a world renowned food expert says the best cheesesteak isn't even in philadelphia wait until you see what it look like. it's a shocker and tonight it's a talker as well. stay tuned. >> and a mother and her young son are kicked off a plane. she says the reason why is something that happens every day with a child. >> kathy? >> the first part of our weekend weather, of course, the heat and humidity. second part the storms. after that the big chill. we'll talk more about this with the seven day coming up. and one final show and bob shieffer calls eight career. we'll tell you what he says he's
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talk about flying the unfriendly skies. a pregnant mother says that she was kicked off a flight all because of her fussy two-year-old son. >> sarah blackwood says this happened on united express flight to vancouver and she says her young son was crying and squirming in her arms. then she describes what happened next. >> they turn the plane around. went back to the gate and asked me to leave the plane after he was fully sleeping on me. >> after getting kick off blackwood treat tweeted her frustrations and other passengers came to her defense calling the situation quote appalling and saying the crew was quote unprofessional, unreasonable and incentive. the airline later issued a statement saying the crew made that decision in the interest of safety. the embattled president of fifa international soccer's governgoverning body won a fifth term despite u.s. justices? indicting top fee at a officials on corruption
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charges. they're accused of of receiving bribes and kickbacks. >> after 46 years, at cbs news, this sunday will mark bob shieffer's final broadcast as host of face the nation. >> today marks my official debut as it were as moderator of face the nation. >> the network's chief washington correspondent is retiring after a legendary career in journalism. it began for him as reporter at the fort worth star tell had he gram where he covered president kennedy' assassination and the vietnam war. he joined cbs news in 1969 and became respected widely for his fairness and no nonsense style. bob shieffer says he's going to miss being in the middle of the big story. >> i always got a big kick out of being able to go behind police lines where other people couldn't go, talking to these people who made the moves and i guess i have to say that's the part that i'm going to miss the most but i'll be fine.
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don't worry about it. no doubt about that bob shieffer hosted face the nation for the past 24 years. you can see his final broadcast this sunday morning white here on cbs3. the show starts as always at 10:30. if there is one sandwich synonomous with philadelphia it would be the philly cheesesteak. >> there is no other. but there's awry noun chef who says the best philly cheesesteak is not even made in the city. it's made in new jersey new jersey. >> hmm we sent "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt to try it out. >> steak was delicious. man that cheese, that cheese integrating with the meat man that was awesome. >> reporter: philly cheesesteak. making people happy for generations. >> it's amazeing. delicious. i'm getting ready for number two. >> reporter: famous chef turned author and tv personality anthony bore dane would offer the best philly chose steak is in philly at all. it's in camden. >> national landmark right away.
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this sandwich is unbelievably good. >> reporter: bore dane says the best cheesesteak could easily be from donkey's on haddon avenue. sizzling the same recipe since 1943. >> this is been our basic sandwich since we started. my mother and father started it. and i carried on the tradition. >> reporter: don lucas serves it up with little twist a kaiser role with poppy seeds. >> only roll we had available at the time. and the bakery was right around the corner from here. >> reporter: lucas inspired his son joe to run a second location in medford. >> kaiser roll gives it that extra texture and amazing taste in your mouth. >> reporter: easier to hold. it looks like a cheeseburger but the cheesesteak fantastic. >> i wanted to see for myself. thank you very much got it on the kaiser roll. let's take a bite. the famous case sr. roll cheesesteak. hmm. it's a good cheesesteak but does it rival the tradition philly cheesesteak you'll find at neighbor's geno's and pats?
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>> philly cheesesteak but nothing like this. >> managers of the both places insist their steaks are the best. but we had to ask the experts about this kaiser roll across the river. >> you can't do a cheesesteak on a kaiser roll. how do you perfect that? you want a belly bust them. you don't want to tease them. >> people never had it before it's something different they might like it. why what? >> where will you find the best philly cheesesteak. >> i've seen a lot of cheesesteak. none that quite rival donkey's. >> or philly. >> kaiser role is get to go fancy. got to go with the basics. >> david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. well this is a story that has a lot of people talking tonight. let us know what you think. connect with us on facebook are twitter and use that hash tag cbs3 chat. the kaiser role is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people around here. >> kathy has had one. fantastic. original donkey's in camden. love it. >> love it. >> yelp says they can get a lot of meat on the kaiser roll.
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that would be an advantage. >> right? >> sure thing. >> so says yelp. >> that's it. >> i love them all. >> we can get them in here. >> we need a taste test. that's what we need. >> i'll take any cheesesteak. south philly ones are special as well. >> pretty g temperatures are going to be quite warm over the course of this weekend. so grab a cheesecake -- cheesecake. >> or ice cream because it is going to get hot around here. take look outside where we do have temperatures falling through the 70s. in center city philadelphia skies are clear. pretty picture. down the shore, we have some fog to talk about and that may be an issue if you're going to be running on the boardwalk come tomorrow morning. on storm scan3 it will be hazy, hot and humid during the day tomorrow ahead of a cold front. that cold front has a lot of moisture with it and it's going to be moving toward the east the next 24 to 48 hours. the main impact felt on sunday. we looked through the record book in the month of and may and we're going tour a report looks
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like it will be the second warmest of all time in philadelphia. temperatures running nearly 6 degrees above normal for the month. we'll end the month well below average in precipitation. the highest temperature 89. the lowest temperature 47. right now 73 in the city. 71 in wilmington. a little bit cooler to the south and east. in the poconos 67 degrees. so warm and sticky for the next couple of days but behind that front, it is much cooler. look at this cool air in the northern planes the 50s. rapid city 46. winnipeg 39. i looked up the forecast for the afternoon tomorrow in chicago temperatures only in the upper 40s. so this is really cold behind that front. warm and humid for us on the east side of this frontal boundary for your saturday. the front approaches sunday, setting off showers and thunderstorms. some of these with very heavy downpours. here's a look what we expect sunday. the gusty storms creating downpours, rain amounts between one and 3-inches and the possibility of localized street flooding. maybe even some flash flooding
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depending on where these downpours line up. so this is definitely something to watch sunday afternoon and sunday evening. in the wake of that, we still have this area of low pressure lingering. we have cool air moving in from the west. we have an on shore flow. little bit dreary monday with temperatures only in the 60s. and that is the beginning of june. certainly won't feel like it. overnight partly cloudy the low 68. during the day tomorrow sticky again the high 87. perhaps a scatter afternoon storm. as we look to the north a beautiful day in the poconos saturday. more numerous showers and storms on sunday. chance of a few showers monday but much cooler on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, sunday i think we'll get in the shore day before the storms move in. that's the good part of the forecast. but in the city we'll see the afternoon storms moving in. monday much cooler, tuesday the high only 70 and the first week of june looks good as temperatures warm up thursday and friday. >> all right, kathy thanks so much. >> lovely night to be out at citizens bank park tonight. lessly. >> sure was. phillies finally back home and
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phillies finally back at home taking on the rockies tonight. cole hamels on the mound for the phils. the phils have lost seven much their last 10 and four in a row.
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hamels faceing tulle it will ski. he went eight innings and struck out nine. but this guy the story of the game. chad bettis the rockies pitcher dominated the phillies tonight. throwing a perfect game until the seventh inning. the phillies broke things up in the eighth. welcome back cody asche beats the shift to break up the no hitter with the single. bettis gave up two hits and struck out seven. icing on the cake for the rockies came with ben paulson with the 21 homer in the ninth. rockies within this game, four- four-one. >> we had a hard time with his change up and his off speed stuff. and he really seemed to mix his pitches very well. so came up short on the offensive side of things on bettis. >> we now know who will represent the eastern conference in the stanley financial cup finals. game seven tonight lightning rangers and lightning shut them out. 23rd period kohl's goals for the rangers.
11:26 pm
shut out for tampa bay goalie ben bishop. lightning take on the ducks or blackhawks game seven out west tomorrow night. eagles will be back to work on monday as they continue their ota's and for many eagles this is their first time in uniform and the first time coaching with coach chip kelly. things are different here than they are with other teams in the nfl so it is up to the veterans to bring the rookies and free agents up to speed. >> we're all -- we're all getting used to what we're doing here, but, you know, the older guys are definitely responsible for bringing in new guys and you know, making sure they understand, you know, our culture want we do here. so it's been a smooth process so far. >> to the byron nelson classic in texas. 4.5-inches of rain on the golf course. they changed the 14 hole from a par four to par three. tee shot. sends it back a foot away from the hole he birdied and finish the game six under for the
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toilet. gary never had a hole in one on the pga tour until today. right in the cup. final rounds right here on cbs3 this weekend. we'll b
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back now live with breaking news. com mr. three is live over i-476 in northbound in delaware county where you can see a tractor trailer has crashed and overturned. this is between the media-swarthmore exit and the exit to lima-springfield or route 1. we're told there are injuries in this crash. but we don't note extent of those injuries right now. but it is a major scene there northbound on the blue route. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the night. we'll have the latest for you on "eyewitness news" starting at 5am. meantime new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, philly beer week is underway. "eyewitness news" at the 23rd street armory where there was a
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vip keg tapping. this kickoff party just the first in a list of events across the region celebrating beer. beer week in the city runs through june the seventh. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 5:00 with nicole brewer and meteorologist carol erickson. for lesley kathy and all of us here i'm chris pay. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at up next the mental list. have a good night an great weekend. ♪
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