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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  May 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the past was a pretty even mix of good and bad. yet the future was almost all good things. now that you've seen the results of this experiment what does it mean to you? we all want to think about positive stuff. realistically, there will be down times. it's great to think optimistically but let's plan for whatever the future might bring. prudential bring your challenges. >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news"." >> a 13-year-old girl is fighting for her life tonight after she was shot in a philadelphia neighborhood. good evening, i'm todd quinones. natasha has the night off. the shooting happened on the 3500 block of stounton street in kensington. steve patterson is live at temple hospital where the girl is being treated. >> reporter: after that 13-year-old girl was shot she
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was rushed here to temple university hospital. now, we have been speaking to the family throughout the day. they tell us her condition is improving but their disposition is not after a full day where their child nearly died and no one from their community has stepped forward with information. >> stop worrying about being snitches, stop worrying about being rats. my niece needs a hero at this moment. >> reporter: when shots are fired in kensington, heroes can be hard to find. >> she needs justice. she needs answers. she needs to know why. she was outside playing. somebody shot a bullet at her. >> reporter: ada ortiz says her hero is likely on this block. she believes someone here knows who pulled the trig they are put her niece in the emergency room. all she wants is that person to step forward. >> i'm just hurt for the fact that nobody is standing up for her. >> reporter: police say shots were fired here in the 1300 block of stounton street about 11:30 friday night.
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13-year-old diamond and three other children were sitting on a neighborhood porch where they heard a gun go off. diamond ran home when she felt the stray bullet in her side. >> the second time i heard it i came outside and i seen people running. >> reporter: neighbor destiny heard the shots from inside her home. police say at least two of the people witnesses saw fleeing had guns and were likely shooting at each other when diamond was caught in the crossfire. >> i was upset. this little girl she don't do nothing wrong. >> reporter: police would find 20 shell casings on the grounds, three cars and at least one home struck by stray bullets and with one of those bullets a teenaged girl with so much life yet to live is now fighting to survive. >> i have all this anger inside of me. i want to scream. i want to do everything for my baby. i wish i could take that pain away from her but i can't. >> reporter: diamond is now in critical but stable condition. her family tells us that after a surgery last night, she is
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awake, she's responsive and she will recover. in the meantime, the search for whoever pulled the trigger continues. if you have any information you're asked to call police immediately. reporting live from temple university hospital, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> okay, steve, thank you. tonight the new jersey state police is mourning the death of one of its troopers. anthony raspa was killed and his partner injured in a car crash in monmouth county. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the details. >> reporter: trooper anthony raspa was just 24 years old a member of the 152nd class of new jersey state troopers. he and his partner 29-year-old jean hong were driving on routine patrol along interstate 195 just outside of trenton. just before 1:00 a.m. a-deer darted out in the road colliding with the patrol car. the car veered off the road and struck several trees before coming to a stop. >> the damage to the troop car
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was just catastrophic. >> reporter: both troopers were taken to area hospitals. trooper hong was treated for neck injuries and lacerations but will be okay. trooper raspa had severe internal injuries and was pronounced dead at centrastate hospital by doctors. his family released a statement saying in part "today our family lost an incredible son brother grandson friend and person. anthony was a phenomenal young man way heart of gold an passion for life ." >> for any family to lose a 24-year-old child is really a tragedy. >> reporter: both troopers involved in this crash were stationed at the state trooper barracks in hamilton, new jersey. the last trooper to die in an auto accident was trooper mark castiano struck and killed outside his patrol car in 2010. we're live in the sat center, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> developing now a man is in critical condition after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened shortly after 2 o'clock on the 6800 block of elmwood street. police say the victim is a man in his 20's and he was shot in the side. he's at the hospital now. the gunman, however remains on the loose. turning our attention now to the weather. another gorgeous day but it looks like some storms are on the way. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center with our first look at the forecast. justin. >> all right, good evening todd. that's right, some needed rain coming back in our forecast but most of that should hold off until the second half of sunday. however, though, it's going to be warm and humid really warm finish to the month of may. highs today look at that, 87 degrees. average high 78 so way above average. the record high for this date is 97. so, yes, it can get a whole lot hotter for the end of may than where we are right now. look at that, 87 for the high in philadelphia but 90 in allentown and reading. it was warmer the farther north and west you go. obviously it's cooler in south jersey a little of that influence off the chilly ocean
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water. here's where we are right now. upper 70's in south jersey, mid and upper 80's for the inland spots. we're setting up for a warm and humid evening. ocean water temperature at 60. we have a south wind. the coastal temperatures are cooling off nicely this hour. mid 60's in barnegat to the upper 60's near 70 degrees for the parts of southern new jersey even rehoboth beach. dewpoints temperatures they're pretty high cranking in the mid and up are 60's right now. that means the humid air mass and they are staying like that for the rest of the weekend. isolated showers or storms possible far northern lehigh valley into the poconos this evening but everybody else pretty much stays dry tonight under partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, though, it's afternoon when we'll see chances for scattered storms. see where they're scattered upper 80's for the philadelphia region, 78 for the shore, mid 70's in the poconos. we'll tell you how long the rain sticks around in a few minutes. todd back to you. >> justin thank you. president obama signed a disaster declaration for flood ravaged texas. that means aid will now funnel into the state but officials say the threat of bad weather
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isn't over. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the latest. >> reporter: police in this dallas neighborhood are going door to door urging residents to evacuate because of rising flood waters. >> it's rain in everything. and it's like -- you feel bad when you see it 'cause a lot of people work for this and now it's all going to be destroyed. >> reporter: at least 25 people have died in storms in texas since memorial day weekend. nearly a dozen are still unaccounted for: the threat is far from over. rivers and bayous are still rising and there is more rain in the forecast. near downtown dallas one of the areas' busiest traffic arteries will stay closed for up to a week so crews can pump out flood waters. >> all right, let's get it going. >> reporter: and this volunteer crew is spreading sand bags hoping to keep a rising lake from washing out the roadway in a rural suburb. that same lake has already taken over this golf course.
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>> it's unbelievable. i mean, there's just so much water and, you know, it's just -- there's nothing we can document and at another nearby golf course rain delayed third round play at the at&t byron nelson pga tournament in irving. the flooding in texas is the worst natural disaster in the u.s. so far this year. chris martinez for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> former maryland governor martin o'malley is officially a presidential candidate. he launched his campaign today before a crowd of supporters in baltimore. back in 2008 o'malley a democrat endorsed hillary clinton for president. but now they're running against each other and today o'malley took a shot at clinton and potential republican candidate jeb bush. >> the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families. it is a sacred trust to be earned from the american people and exercised on behalf of the people of these united
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states. >> o'malley served as maryland's governor from 2007 until january of this year. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina brought her campaign to wilmington today. she spoke to delegates at the delaware gop convention. fiorina contends government is tangling up people's lives in webs of dependence. >> we now have a government that has become literally so big, so powerful, so costly, so complicated so inept and unfortunately in too many cases, so corrupt. the weight of the government of this nation is literally crushing the potential of the people of this nation. (applause). >> reporter: fiorina is a former ceo of hewlett packard. she says she has leadership experience to be president. still to come on "eyewitness news" a very close call for a police officer when lightning nearly strikes his patrol car. find out what the officer
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found when he went back to the spot where the lightning hit. plus, as bob schieffer prepares to say goodbye to face the nation, we're taking a look back at his legendary career. justin. >> and we're setting up to see a stormy sunday as we're going to be tracking more showers
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>> a mississippi police officer gets the scare of his life when lightning nearly strikes his patrol car. the scene was captured on dash
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cam video. take a look the bolt strikes the bridge that the officer is driving over. it happened earlier this week. the officer says the intense white light nearly blinded him. when he returned to the scene later he found a chunk of burnt concrete where the lightning struck. tomorrow marks bob schieffer's final broadcast as host of face the nation. schieffer is retiring after a legendary career in journalism that began more than five decades ago when he was just 20 years old. here's a look back at the time he spent with cbs news. >> as a little boy, as a young reporter i always wanted to be a journalist. that raises some issues. could a recession beat george bush? what in the world were you talking about sir? what drew me to it was it was just so much fun. all these primaries group together can you bring that kind of -- >> yes, i can because we have been working incessantly. >> getting to talk to these people who are having such an impact on our lives how can
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so many reputable respected professionals keep pressing on with this. i just never got over that. do you like politicians? do you like politics? do you like this job? to me it never seemed like a job. >> i'll let you start, job. it's your show. >> exactly. the stories i always remember certainly go back to that day that president kennedy was assassinated. >> the wife of oswald is carrying a child. >> vietnam. >> many of those who do survive must live out their lives with broken bodies. and then finally 9/11. >> this is a different city tonight. a city that is slowly realizing this nation is at war. >> i never imagined that i would have the kind of experiences that i had in journalism. i think i finally found honest work. this is the fourth and last debate. >> is it a deal. >> it's a deal. >> great. >> when i look at my life i've had so much fun doing the jobs
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that i've done and being in washington all of this time, that i don't think i'd change anything if i had the chance. i like it just the way it was. >> what a remarkable career. catch bob schieffer's final face the nation tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on cbs3. cbs political director john dickerson takes over as host on june 7th. local aviation and history buffs are getting an up close look at planes like the one that dropped the atomic bond in world war ii. the b29 bomber nicknamed fee fee took off from northeast philadelphia airport today. it's the only world's b29 still capable of flying. the bomber and other vintage aircraft on display are part of the commemorative air power history tour and that tour runs through sunday. justin so far this weekend so good. >> yeah, exactly. hot and humid, though, if you like summer weather. yeah, feeling like the middle of july. we'll change up a little
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tomorrow, get needed rainy in our forecast, maybe strong possibly severe thunderstorms later on sunday. so, let's take you outside right now to the shore. live look at ocean city. actually it's pretty quiet compared to a week ago. obviously memorial day weekend but a little chilly with that wind off the water. temperatures around 70 degrees because that ocean water is chilly at 60 but we're nice and clear. nice finish to the day down at the shore. let's talk about may so far. temperature t-look at that almost 6 degrees above average. that's pretty good. as far as the temperatures go for the entire month the rainfall obviously we are well below average almost two and a quarter inches there below average but tomorrow again we'll get needed rain in our forecast. believe it or not we have not hit 90 degrees in philadelphia so far this month. and looks like we will get close again tomorrow but i don't know if we'll get there because the clouds and shower chances. 84 right at84 right now at the airport. along the immediate coastline temperatures in the upper 60's
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this hour. dewpoint temperature tells us the moisture content in the air, gauges how humid it is. right now it's 64 degrees. give you an idea tomorrow, same deal. we're looking at a dewpoint of 65 so it's going to feel steamy once again. we're just sitting in this hot humid air mass and that's going to help fuel more showers and thunderstorms and we're seeing activity right now across central pennsylvania so mainly north and west of i-81. a shower could get into the lehigh valley this evening but most areas stay dry but you can see more showers and storms across the midwest. slow moving cold front will advance eastward and later during the day tomorrow we'll start to see more scattered showers and storm chances entering the delaware valley. here comes that front from the west. temperatures again tomorrow upper 80's warm and humid. again after 3, 4, 5 o'clock best shot to see a scattered shower or a storm. monday the front kind of stalls out over the region. this is our best chance to see some wet weather during the day monday pretty much any time. some of the showers could be slow moving, could dump some heavy rainfall. even tuesday some lingering
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rain especially for the first half of the day as this cold front takes its time to move off shore but that's okay because we do need the rain across the region. the rest of tonight maybe a stray shower or two up in the lehigh valley, poconos. tomorrow waking up dry so best shot to be outdoors would be through the first half of the day. we'll take you to 2 o'clock. some spotty showers breaking out, best chance up towards the lehigh valley and poconos. then as we head towards 8 o'clock, evening hours better chances for some showers and storms closer to philadelphia. looks like most of south jersey stays dry. and then on monday with that front right over us, some more heavy rainfall is that possible. so again that's tomorrow later during the day into the evening, shot to see some scattered showers and storms. watch out for local downpours gusty winds and potential for localized flooding. if you get stuck under one of those slow moving storms. overnight partly cloudy, isolated shower possible far north and west a low of 70 degrees. tomorrow late day scattered showers and storms and sunshine, 88. of course we have the big race down at the monster mile, dover, delaware, dover speed
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way 84 dreams i think that race should make it through the entire event dry. light chance for a storm late but that should be in the evening hours. at the shore tomorrow, little bit cooler 78 but not bad ocean water chilly at 60. slight chance for a shower or storm. just keep your eyes to the sky. here's the extended forecast. late day showers and storms sunday with a high of 88. cooler on monday with clouds and showers, maybe a thunderstorm. our coolest day will be tuesday, 76. could be some morning showers. see a stretch of dry weather returning, very comfortable for the middle of the week upper 70's. next weekend looks like we approach the mid 80's again. again needed rain then we catch a break from the heat and humidity by the middle of the week. >> lesley joins us with a look at sports. >> yes, and the phillies hopefully after losing five in a row can win one. phillies with their rockies down at the bank. aaron harang on the hill
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for the phils. third inning ben revere going deep to left center to make this running catch. then freddie galvez turns in this jam a -- gem. a ball up the middle, goes for the behind the back flip to chase utley. he gets the double play. rockies hitting very well today t nolan with the rbi single in the eighth to make it five to one. right now they're losing five-two in the bottom of the ninth. first place philadelphia soul in action tonight taking on the las vegas outlaws at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the eagles will be resuming ota's on monday. one of the biggest questions for the eagles is when will sam bradford be ready to play. he's expected to be the birds' starting quarterback and coming off a second surgery for a knee injury so will he be ready to start the season? well, chip kelly spoke about where bradford is in the rehab process. >> yeah, he's on schedule. we all think there's three phases, there's medical rehab performance rehab and prepare to play.
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he's right at the tail end of the medical rehab. probably throwing some seven on seven next week. i think he's right on schedule in terms of where he is. >> when do you expect him to be back and is it safe to say training camp -- >> nothing is safe to say ever. >> that's not g philadelphia union on the road tonight taking on d.c. united in the nation's capitol. union winners of two games in a row after a rough start. they beat d.c. united two weeks ago. hopefully they can pull off the upset again. international soccer, arsenal taking on ashton villa for the cup. walcott gets the big goal to put arsenal up. great goal for sanchez off the crossbar and in. arsenal will cruise to a four-nothing win and win the fa cup for the second year straight. more soccer. in case you weren't aware lionel messy is incredible. if you need more evidence here's proof from today basically weaverring in and out of every single defender and gets this unbelievable goal. barcelona wins it three to
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one. to the monster mile in dover, xfinity series rays chris busher will pick up a wip. tomorrow hamlin is in pole position. he had a top seed of o
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>> ♪ >> dozens are uniting in the fight against breast cancer this weekend. the 11th annual asian-american breast health event was held at the sheraton in center city today. susan g. komen philadelphia held workshops in 13 languages for multiple generations of women in the community. many also received free
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>> that's "eyewitness news." i'm todd quinones. for lesley, justin and everyone here, thanks for joining us. remember, we're always on at the cbs evening news is up next. we'll see you at 10:00 on the cw philly, then right back here on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. have a great night everyone. >> ♪
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>> axelrod: the death toll climbs again after record floods in texas and oklahoma. rivers are still rising and more storms are in the forecast. former house speaker dennis hastert says "i'm a victim too." amid allegations of sexual misconduct when he was a teacher. a heat wave overseas claims more than 2,000 lives. lives. new technology to keep u.s. borders safer. talk about a cliffside retreat-- the delicate operation to rescue a lighthouse from its perilous perch. >> if enough of the bricks cracked, it would be catastrophic. it could come tumbling down. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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