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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  May 31, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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tragedy for biden family, former delaware attorney general, beau biden passed away from brain cancer. oldest son of the vice-president, joe biden just 46 years old. we are live with more on a man who served his country and his state for much of his life very sad news there. it is sunday may 31st good morning, thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock. let's send is it over to carol for more on this forecast. i like that. >> whatever comes next... >> i'm so with you. we have mild weather. we love warm weather here and i hope do you too because we have warm weather coming up today. it will reach 88 humid degrees. it looks find out there right now though notice ben franklin bridge area, blue skies, it looks very summer-like. feels very summer like. the slightly different picture, however when we head out to kutztown 58 degrees, look at the clouds they got there and that is
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because they are in the area closer to some of the storms that we have seen or some of the showers we have seen so far this morning. it is still mild at 68 degrees. seventy-one in philadelphia at the the airport. sixty-eight trenton. seventy in wilmington. the as we head to the north 68 in quakertown, doylestown and mount holly this morning. we have temperatures that will look like this today. 76 degrees by 9:00 a.m. by noon 82. 3:00 p.m. we have a couple shower chances going on and let me just let you see our future weather. we will find those showers where we saw first thing this morning and that is through allentown reading area and then they will go away. sunshine breaks out sometimes, sunshine just be a problem in this weather when we have moisture and a lot of lift and that is what could be happening abe creating a thunderstorm. you can see those the scattered around. as we go through tonight areas to the northeast specially but that area shifts through the next couple of days and i think you'll find some rain in
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your neighborhood as well. we will spell it all out and time it all out coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. we have more on our breaking news for you secretary of state john kerry is expect to be released from a swiss hospital any moment now. you have. he was air lifted there from earlier this morning after suffering injuries from a bike crash in france. we are told those injuries for his leg and that the secretary did not lose consciousness. kerry was air lifted to an hospital in again near, again secretary of state john kerry is in stable condition after suffering injuries in a bike crash in france. beau biden oldest son of the vice-president, joe biden has died from brain cancer. former delaware attorney general and iraq war veteran was diagnosed two years ago. cherrie greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live from wilmington delaware outside the family's church, so sad cherrie. >> reporter: very sad, 46
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year-old beau biden was devoutly catholic and deeply faithful and an active member of the st. joseph's on the brandywine church here on old church road, where parishioners will gather for first services of the day. now in addition to his deep faith the younger biden was a man of service a major in the army national guard, he did a tour in iraq and served as attorney general for delaware for two terms. he was good looking well like, and last year he even announced plans to run for delaware governor in 2016, but despite his bright future, health issues became a concern for beau biden in recent years. he suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and according to the vice-president's office, he was diagnosed with brain cancer in august of 2013, but after treatment he was given a clean bill of health, later that year. this spring, however biden suffered a recurrence, he
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sought aggressive treatment and was admitted to walter reid army medical center earlier this month and he passed a away yesterday evening. he was surrounded by his entire family. now in a statement vice-president biden wrote. more than his professional accomplishments, beau measure himself as a husband father, son, and brother. his absolute honor made him a role model for our family. in the word of the biden family beau biden was quite simply the finest man any of us have ever known. president obama also released a statement saying beau took after joe he studied the law like his dad even choosing the same law will school. he chased a life of public service, like his dad serving in iraq, and as delaware's attorney general. like his dad beau was a good, big hearted devoutly catholic
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and deeply faithful man who made a difference in the lives of all he touched and he lived on in their hearts. now, this church has likely served as a bedrock for the biden family, and i'm's sure it will continue to do so, as they suffer through this tragic loss, services are expected to begin today at around 7:30, and as i mentioned beau biden was an active member so i'm's sure those parishioners will also be in mourning. live from delaware, cherrie greg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tragedy has struck this biden family over the years. back in december of 197 two vice-president biden's first wife a amelia and his one year-old daughter, niomi were killed in the car accident in hockessin. beau and his brother hunter survived but less than a month later joe biden would be sworn in as delaware senator at his son's bedside. of course, we will continue to bring you latest details on
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this story stay with "eyewitness news" on television and on line at cbs new this morning, one person is in the hospital after a car accident, in mantua. two cars collided at 40th and girard avenue at midnight. one of those vehicles flipped over to the roof. an accident is now under investigation. one person is rush to the hospital after fire rips through their bucks county home. eyewitness brian sullivan captured this picture of the fire there that broke out around 9:30 in the 500 block of west county line road in warminster. it didn't take long to get that fire under control. the causes also being investigated. new to other our other top story, flags fly at half staff in new jersey as state police honor a trooper who was kill in the tragic accident. anthony race a was killed and his partner injured in upper freehold township. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has details. >> reporter: both troopers race a and hung were
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stationed at hamilton tait police barracks. trooper race a was driving their patrol car when it was forced off the road outside of trenton. it was 2:45 when they were driving along i195. that is when police say a deer darted in the roadway colliding with the patrol car and then forcing it off the road. it slammed into several trees before coming to a stop. >> the damage to the troop car was catastrophic and believed the trooper may have died there on impact. >> reporter: still trooper race a was taken to the nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. his partner trooper hung sustain cuts and bruises and was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. >> just one of those tragedies that fortunately we don't see very often but it strikes the entire state police family. >> reporter: it hit home in raspa's neighborhood, he was a friendly happy young man thrilled to join state police
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one and a half years ago. >> i don't know what to say it is a lovely family. >> reporter: race raspa said her family loss a son brother grandson cousin and person. anthony was he is second trooper to be killed in the automobile accident in the last five years. back in 2010, mark catsana was killed when he was struck by a vehicle, while standing outside his patrol car. we're outside hamilton state police barracks, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia detectives are investigating a police involved shooting in the point breeze neighborhood. this happened on the 1400 block of federal street around 7:30 last night. investigators say a suspect fled a car stop on manton street and during a foot chase pulled out a gun and pointed
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it at a officers. the officers opened fire but the suspect was in the hit. he was arrested a short time later. the search continues for a gunman who critically wounded a man in southwest philadelphia. it happened around 2:00 o'clock saturday afternoon on the 6800 block of elmwood avenue. police say that the victim who has been in his 20's was shot in the side. authorities have not released a motive for that crime. it is 7:09. an nfl player from south jersey is asking for prayers this morning, for his daughter, we will have an update on the health of lea still, that is just ahead plus this... . >> more evacuations in parts of the texas as flood waters continue to rise, i'm chris mar teen us in lieu isville texas with the latest straight a ahead. here at home carol says it will be another hot and humid day, we will have have have the forecast and much more when we come bac
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♪ ♪ when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. is there aid a is coming to flood ravaged texas. president obama signed a disaster declaration this weekend and officials say threat of bad weather isn't yet over. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the very latest. >> reporter: resident near houston dealt with another downpour saturday and in the dallas area more residents' vac waited after new storms and through many areas of the north south and central portions of texas the water keeps on rising. >> my biggest concern is, you know, more rain. >> reporter: more bad news in this water logged state in
7:13 am
dallas this major expressway could be closed for up to a week while crews pumped water out. officials say it could take a month to recede in some areas. >> unbelievable. there is so much water and you know, it is just there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: volunteers are using san bags and in rural areas to keep rising the waters from washing out roads. crews are using technology new and old to search for those still missing. president obama has signed a disaster declaration federal aid will start flowing in affect areas soon. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> such a mess out there. >> hate to see that. >> carol, before weather i know you would never say this herself, but carol accepted a lifetime achievement award it is for lulu's rescue. >> that organization is a organization that is lulu
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rescue and they have been an unbelievable resource for dogs, every where. >> yes. >> it is a terrific group. if you go to lulu's you can find animals up for adoption, maybe foster, support that sort of thing. they are changing the world and making sure that animals are safe. >> yes. >> and stopping all of the unwanted litters and all of the rest that is creating a terrible problem. >> good work and a good judge of character. >> they deserve a lifetime achievement ward for all they have accomplish. >> lulu's rescue. >> let's find some good weather. they certainly don't have it in texas. we have fog. last time we looked at this picture, note that is we cannot see that much of the boardwalk now. i think fog has increased a little bit down there. we will have a decent beach day but i want to remind you we have a moderate risk of rip current at the the shore not every life guard stan has somebody sitting in it this early in the season so be careful out there and
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boardwalk is always safe whenever you can see it. we will head to cape may courthouse and it is brighter there. they are up a little bit. they are not quite right on the beach like they are in ocean city that boardwalk. it looks nice and feels nice. i love these temperatures. that is what we have. seventy-one in philadelphia. sixty-eight in trenton. seventy in wilmington. sixty-six in the poconos. zero seven in wildwood. comfortable tart to the day. storm scan three is showing the showers that have gone through allentown and reading and there are more that will be heading to the poconos and there will be more that will pop out, it looks as if today generally to the north that is where we will be finding these showers but as we go through time, as this front moves, through time, those shower areas move as well and they will continue to sag to the south low pressure rides along. that we all know when they bring in the low pressure and front, and this time the of the year with any kind of a sunshine you can break out a strong thunderstorm. we have to continue to monitor that and potential for some
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locally heavy rain. we are in a moderate drought in some sections of our area and at least the very least we're just really dry out there. this will start to alleviate that. now by tuesday we might still be finding a lingering shower here but this whole mess is starting to move on and it looks like more high pressure builds in as things calm down middle of the week on. as far as our future weather goes i'm quite pleased i'm giving an a minus to our computer right now for coming up with exactly placing where it is exactly happening which means that as we go through time it has a better chance of being right. it says by the time we hit 3:00 o'clock we are looking at sunshine in areas of philadelphia and heading toward the the shore but still dealing with some of the clouds to the north some showers to the north and through the poconos maybe through allentown and by the time we hit midnight tonight that heavier rain possible and even some hail is possible up through the poconos and some heavy rain down through reading area then by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning some of this heavier rain coming in here.
7:17 am
again, as you know if you have been watching this program and you better have, we do expect to find changes in this program as we see closer to the event. so this is how the computer models peg it right new but you can find areas shifting, the timing shifting a little bit. indication that you should take away is we have got rain coming in here and some of it can be getting heavy. it looks like especially on monday afternoon. notice these bull's eye areas some heavy rain coming, before the the models have it, heavier rain to the north they seem to have shifted it to the southern areas and we will see whether they shift it back but there you go, is there the front and we're continuing to deal with heavier rain right through monday night early on tuesday, we will get some rain again in spots on tuesday and then maybe even on wednesday. so it is just something we have to continue to monitor and amounts could be adding up. if you get a thunderstorm you can end up with a couple of inches of rain out of this as we go through the the next couple of days. heading to the beaches i have already warned you about
7:18 am
moderate risk of rip current. 78 degrees. most of the day it should be sunshine but still we have to completely alert you to the fact that there could be a shower or thunderstorm in any location. it looks like north. 88 degrees is our temperature today, hot one. keep those pets cool too. 68 degrees tonight shower, thunderstorm, tomorrow we will be dealing with 80 degrees, showers, thunderstorm, locally heavy rain, tuesday showers linger but then by wednesday they should be gone. we will cool down. wednesday's high temperature is 75 degrees, nicole. >> carol, thank you. 7:18. lets see how traffic is moving with ann evans good morning ann. traffic is moving just fine this morning which is good news if you are getting ready to head out. this is schuylkill at spring garden street in delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning looking to the left or right -- right rather, you will see martin luther king drive and that is shut down between parkway and falls bridge for recreational activity. you can see bikers and folks
7:19 am
running this morning. we will move traffic cam to i-95 and academy. i-95 is picking up volume but it is moving just fine. in delays, in construction, and it is act a you'll i to slow up your terrific this morning. on to the walt whitman bridge mid span a very popular bridge shore bound today, in delays or problems on the the walt whitman. further up 42 and 55 look okay. ac expressway and garden state parkway is picking up volume and they are moving. that is the very latest, now nicole back to you. nfl player and camden native devon still is asking for prayers for his daughter, lea who has had a setback in her fight against cancer. the five-year old girl went in the hospital may fifth to start the process of a stem cell transplant. on friday still announced chemotherapy affect her liver. he says that doctors caught the problem early which is encouraging. lee was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and doctors removed a tumor from her abdomen and
7:20 am
her cancer went in remission. we will think about that family this morning and that precious little girl. carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the vet. >> your pet's mouth there is a lot going on in here and we will talk about what to take care of, that is coming up on ask the the vet.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at it is a very interesting ask the vet this morning. i have a tooth brush and you probably can guess the idea what i will do. it is not for me or humans because you doctor maria is a
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penn vet oral surgeon. you see dogs, cats with bad teeth all the time. >> that is correct. >> what are people doing wrong with their pets and their teeth. >> people don't realize you have to dot same stuff you have to do for yourself for your pets, daily brushing is gold standard. >> are people doing it? are people really brushing their pets teeth every day. >> our studies show in the really. >> okay. but they could or should. i necessity you have, your dog sleeping in your hand your little puppy but if you were, i can hold her if you'd like. show us how you would brush the teeth and interestingly you don't open up your pets mouth. >> no, just lift up the lift with the none in dominant land. >> with just water on the brush. >> just water. don't want to do it. get the the tooth brush at the end so they see it the as positive reenforcement they are very tasty. >> so water outside of the
7:24 am
teeth, circular motion, 35-degree angle. >> yes. >> then you put a dab of this with your finger you rub it on the outside. >> yes. >> now does that presomeone having to prevent getting their dog to the oral surgeon. >> just like you have to go to the dentist animals have to go to the dentist at least once a year. your primary care vet also has the the ability to help you in determining when is the the right time to do it. >> is it ever too late? i haven't brush my dog's teeth ever should i start nor or he is just fine. >> you should give it the a try. not animal is always amenable to brushes. there are always goals, you can try to use. >> now, years ago when they would give these things and i am in the sure that was the brand, but it made the dog sick, it created some kind of intestinal problems. is that still the case what kind of chew could you use verse brushing. >> green i's has improved since that event.
7:25 am
good rule of thumb is you can toy our treats thaw can offer, it is soft enough for animal to have ape very good veterinary oral health council to look into. >> cats you can dot same thing. >> they are a little bit more challenging but if you start early, you can get it done. >> yes, just be careful because not every animal wants to have their teeth brush. >> that is correct. >> they will fine other ways to get that job done and get those teeth white. when we talk to you next time we see you. thanks very much. pickles, you are an angel. everybody, let's all brush our teeth after this segment. now back to the news desk. >> don't forget to floss but probably not your pets. popular tradition in parises coming to an end tomorrow. for years couples have been writing their names on locks and attaching them to the arts bridge. there is nearly 1 million locks on that bridge adding some extra 45 tons if you can believe it, even causing a
7:26 am
partial collapse which is a problem. now workers will begin cutting them off monday, leaving some tourist very disappointed. >> i don't want it to be removed, stay there forever. >> people come here to do that, it is a great way to show paris as a city of have love. >> it is just sad to think that this lock was made for with us our names, engraved for our wedding anniversary and it is being taken down. >> but you don't want to be taken down by the bridge if the thing collapses. officials in paris say it is not just a safety concern but they want to preserve their cities heritage. fifty-seven year-old former marine officer and retired deo agent holds seven guinness world record. george hood's latest record he has held an abdominal planning for five hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. my goodness. that is crazy. hood is raising money for the fun benefiting wounded marines. during that challenge he spoke
7:27 am
about his inspiration. >> discomfort i feel right now pale in comparison to that that they experience on the battle field. team of workers helped with this record, they placed ice chips and worked to make sure he stayed hydrated. that is, so incredible. five hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. i do a minute, in class in exercise class and i'm ready to call it quits. so major props there we will take a short break, we will be
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thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:30 on the dot. lets send it over to carol for more on the forecast. pretty warm. >> it is already 72 degrees. we will find these temperatures climbing more, nicole getting all the way to 88 degrees and it will feel every degree of that because of the humidity. it looks okay right new in a lot of locations including the philadelphia area but notice that we are starting to see some of those clouds and they are starting to get taller, and as we go through the day you will a's fine some clouds out there but we have chances of some showers and thunderstorms especially maybe to the north and a lot of the chances of the the precipitation may hold off until later today but still just keep an eye on the sky.
7:31 am
73-degree the temperature in boardwalk, rehoboth beach. they have baby out kid everybody running. perfect start to the day. as far as temperatures go they are in the 70's every place but not every place is seeing rain they saw in allentown. you saw it go through allentown area and heading up in scranton and mount pocono. so expect to find some showers, scattered around especially areas to the north i think but later on today we will fine them popping up in other locations. seventy-one in philadelphia right now. at the the a airport. seventy-two allentown. sixty-nine in millville. a very comfortable start to the day. day's hot 88 degrees, we will pick up these showers as we go through the day and then later on today. computer model has added a couple little will spots where it the thinks that some showers may occur. this is 6:00 o'clock tonight. notice sunshine still out through philadelphia, but notice some heavier rain through poconos. we will continue this time line because it gets a lot
7:32 am
more active as we get into monday, with some pretty decent amounts of rain. we will talk about that all coming up nicole. >> carol, thank you. beau biden son of the vice-president joe biden, has died of brain cancer. former delaware attorney general and iraq veteran was diagnosed two years ago. cherrie greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live outside the biden family church in wilmington, delaware cherrie. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. forty-six year-old beau biden attend this church st. joseph's on the brandywine and he attended this church for many years. the church is currently about to begin their 7:30 a.m. services. i have been told by monsignor joseph redmond that like his father beau biden was a devout catholic and that generations of the biden family attended this church which has served as the bedrock of the family's faith. now, the younger biden like his father, vice-president,
7:33 am
joe biden was a man of service. he served in the army national guard. he did a tour in iraq. he was the delaware attorney general from 2007 until earlier this year. he was handsome, well like. he had announced plans to run for delaware governor in 2016, but his plan were stifled by health issues. younger biden suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and according to the vice-president's office he was diagnosed with brain cancer in august 2013. he had a brief stint of health, and was given a clean bill of health that year but of course, there was a recurrence and he sought a aggressive treatment but passed away yesterday evening. he was surrounded by his entire family. now, 46 year-old beau biden was an active member of the st. joseph church here, but many of the parishioners we spoke to mentioned that he was visibly in decline and that he attended church here until a couple months ago when he took
7:34 am
ill. now, the monsignor had said that his grandparents and mother, the the mother of beau biden is buried here at this church and that the family had has expressed wish that he is beau be buried here as well. alongside his family, the parishioners i have expect to today have expressed shock and sadness and send their condolences to the entire biden family. live from wilmington, cherrie greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cherrie thank you. benjamin netanyahu is offering condolences to the biden family as well. he spoke at a news conference earlier this morning. lets take a listen. >> it is all too short of a life beau biden cheered a great deal and gave so much. our thoughts, and our prayers are with the entire biden family, at this very difficult time. >> delaware governor jack
7:35 am
markell also issuing a statement saying beau spent his entire career in the service of his country and his state. he was an outstanding attorney general, lawyer, solder and father. i feel privileged to have served with him and delaware is a better place thanks to him. delaware senator tom carper issuing a statement saying beau represented all that is good about delaware and our country. he was a complete package bright, hard working, loyal to his family, loving son brother, husband and father, printed, handsome, and well spoken unassuming. delaware senator chris coons issuing a statement saying that throughout his life beau never shied away from doing the right thing even when it meant doing the the hard thing. beau served his country and community with honor and that is how he will be remember. of course, we will continue to bring you latest details on this story stay with "eyewitness news" on television and on line at cbs right now 7:35. a teenage girl remains in
7:36 am
critical but stable condition after being shot, in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson talk to family members who are demanding that the gunman turn himself in. >> stop worrying about being snitches, stop war big being rats my niece is a hero at this moment. >> reporter: when shots are fired in kensington heroes can be hard to find. >> she need just advertise. she needs answers. she needs to know why she was shot outside her home, with a bullet. >> reporter: she says that her hero is likely on this block. she believes someone here necessary who pulled the trigger and put her niece in the emergency room. all she wanted is that person to step forward. >> i'm just hurting from the fact that no one is standing up for her. >> reporter: police say shots were fired here at 11:30 friday night. her niece 13 year-old diamond and three other children were sitting on the neighborhood porch when they heard a gun go off. diamond ran home when she felt
7:37 am
a stray bullet in her side. >> i saw people running. >> reporter: neighbor destiny heard shots from inside her home. police say at least two of the people witnessed saw fleeing had guns and were likely shooting at each other when die mop was court in the cross fire. >> i was upset. this little girl don't do nothing wrong. >> reporter: police would later found 20 shell casings on the ground, three cars and one home struck by stray bullets. with just one of those bullets, a teenage girl with so much life yet to still live is now fight to go survive. >> i have all this anger inside of me. i want to scream, i want to do everything for my baby. but i just can't. >> reporter: diamond remains in critical but stable condition. her family tells us that after her surgery friday night she's awake and responsive, meanwhile, search for whoever pulled the trigger continues. if you have any information you're asked to call police immediately. reporting from temple
7:38 am
university hospital, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 7:38 right now. a former governor makes it official jumping in the race for the white house. also a republican date makes a stop in delaware. we will have the latest campaign 206 headlines just ahead. speaking of politics today is last day for cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer, we will look back at his legendary career. another hot, humid day for us but will it end with a stormy sunday? carol has got your forecast coming up next.
7:39 am
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senate convene to vote on extending nsa authorization to collect bulk phone data and other provisions of the patriot act. those provisions which the government using go to tractor wrist many suspects are set to expire tomorrow. president obama, supports reauthorizing the patriot act and says u.s. national security could be at stake. well former maryland governor martin o'malley is officially a presidential candidate. o'malley launched his campaign saturday before supporters in baltimore. back in 2008 o'malley a democrat endorsed hillary clinton for president. well, now they are running against each other. o'malley took a shot at clinton and potential republican date jeb bush. >> the presidency is not a crown, to be passed back and
7:42 am
forth by you between two royal families. it is a sacred trust to be earned from the american people and exercised on behalf of the people, of these united states. >> o'malley served as maryland's governor from 2007 through this past january. well, republican presidential candidate karlie fiorina brought her campaign to wilmington on saturday as she spoke to delegates at delaware g.o.p. convention. she's contending that the government is tangling up people lives in webs of dependence. >> we now have a government that has become literally so big, so powerful, so costly, so complicated so inept and unfortunately in too many cases, so corrupt, the weight of the government of this nation is literally crushing the potential of the people of this nation. >> fiorina former ceo of hp
7:43 am
told delegates she has the leadership experience to be the the president. campaign 2016 will be no doubt a topic on face the the nation this morning. it just so happens that today is cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer's last day as the anchor. he is retiring from a legendary career in journalism that began when he was just 20 years old. >> thanks for joining us. >> reporter: bob schieffer business to sign off after 46 years at cbs news, 24 of them as host of face the nation. >> i have always loved to talk to the key player in whatever the big story was and time and time again over the years we have had a chance to do that on face the nation. >> reporter: schieffer announced his retirement at his alma matter texas christian university in april. today is his final show in host. he began to name miss name covering president kennedy's assassination and vietnam war. he join cbs news in 1969. >> today on face the the nation, we knew you you real political junkies would be up to join us.
7:44 am
>> reporter: schieffer is expect by news makers on both side of the aisle for his fairness no nonsense style. >> if you didn't shut down the government who was it that did. >> when a guy in my age demographic takes his shirt off in public he gets a high five from me. >> reporter: while looking for to the summer off he says one thing will stay the same. >> sunday after next i will be watching face the nation. i'm so used to doing it, i think it will take me a while to break that habit. >> good morning nicole. >> that habit has included joining me each and every sunday morning here on cbs-3 with a preview of the day's broadcast. last month i asked bob about his retirement. >> i didn't want to be one of those people that somebody had to grab me by the the hand, and say come on old fellow we will help you off the stage. >> reporter: so what is in store for today's show? >> we will keep on the last show the focus on the news like we always do. >> reporter: all right. you can catch bob schieffer's final face the the nation this
7:45 am
morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. i will chat with bob one last time in our next hour of "eyewitness news". cbs political director john dickerson will take over as hoe last week. i could ask that man everything and he would have an honest answer. >> i even eyed your interview with him every sunday morning. he is certainly a treasure. he will still be around. you might not see him every sunday. eyewitness weather watchers are around too and they are finding warm temperatures and most of them loving them. let's see a couple 71-degree temperature. here is 71-degree that gene has and he says in blue bell humid and feels like rain. i think later on he will be getting into that. there is another 71-degree temperature. this is what lynn is finding. thinks out in cherry hill. she says already steamy outside. she's looking forward to some storms. it is a good thing. they are in the forecast. lets take a walk, come with me lets go down to the
7:46 am
boardwalk, yes, put on your cover up, wear whatever you want, it is boardwalk beach 74 degrees. it is comfortable enough to be out there in any kind of clothing you prefer. we are watching the ocean coming in. there is a a maryland rate risk of rip current on these shoreline and not every place has a life guard this early in the season. so be careful around jetty is a and that sort of thing. in general because ocean is a little active today. it is comfortable right now. we are looking at the some storms, a at this point not actually storms but just showers but storms that are popping up later on. once we get that day time heating and that thing and that adds lifts to the air and air gets energized there is moisture and you can get a downpour. right now we have seen these showers through allentown a few others are going up through the poconos. they will be scattered around. just as a little note coming up i just check the computer model it has change a lot from the last time i showed it to you. if you have already seen that,
7:47 am
no you haven't just hang in there. temperatures in the 70's right now and upper 60's and we are watching this front. this is still the same front coming through temperatures in the 80's today low pressure on that front enhances moisture that we get and we will find downpours on monday, it is just, where are you going to be getting one. and then on tuesday do we still see more of them? all right. here's the change, this computer model very latest run of it is saying that by 4:00 o'clock this afternoon we are still looking at sunshine and still dealing with the showers to the north but that change starts to come in, remember how it had moved to the south and i said oh, gee previously all of the heavy rain was to the north? well, it looks like they have shifted it all back to the north. so let's see obviously computer models don't have a terrific handle on this. that is why just pay attention over next few days to areas of rain showers thunderstorms. this is a look at midnight, with the heavier rain through poconos. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow
7:48 am
morning, and then we are looking at, 5:00p m and notice that instead of being draped across the south it is now, new york, trenton through philadelphia, and swinging up towards the allentown, area and we will keep that line going. so if this line doesn't move if that front stalls out you can get the training effect where it just rains over the same areas. so that is something we will be monitoring as we go through monday evening as this looks like at 8:00 o'clock monday night. this is 11:00 o'clock on monday. then this is tuesday we're still in the through with it. more showers. you may fine more showers on tuesday afternoon and then this computer model says some of those could be getting heavy. so we will continue to monitor. that notice that the change, in where we're finding some of the heavier rainfall amounts they have put them to the north. so, just know that rain is coming, and exactly where over your neighborhood, maybe shifting as well but it looks like there could be a soaking for a number of spots in our area over the next couple of days. mostly partly sunny today
7:49 am
with a chance of the a shower or thunderstorm. today mostly to the north but tonight we will pick up better chances of showers and thunderstorms. eighty-eight. humid. feeling every bit of this keep yourself cool. keep your pets as cool as you are. and then tonight 68 degrees. showers, thunderstorms can't rule out heavy rain and tomorrow there will be heavy rain in spots. locally heavy in spot here, spot there and then showers thunderstorms, tuesday we could be doing the very same thing again with this slow moving front but it should be gone by wednesday and we're looking at better weather after that. nicole? >> all right carol thank you. lets check on the roads and highways with ann evans good morning ann. >> good morning, nicole. we are looking at that coney palmyra bridge and it is open. the that is a tugboat both underneath. draw bridge is in the up position. tacony palmyra bridge is closed in both directions to traffic and this big tugboat both moved through. a nice scene there very nautical. and we will move the traffic cam, to the walt whitman bridge that is opened for
7:50 am
business. of course, walt whitman bridge is incapable of opening. so it is usually always opened unless is there construction n delays or problems on the walt whitman. further up 42, 55, a ac expressway garden state parkway, all is okay through our shore bound today. beautiful day for it. everything looks okay heading to the shore points. that is the very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new back to you. thanks. we will take a short break but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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7:53 am
aaron harang on the mound for phillies as they try to snap their five game losing streak at home with the rockies. joyce connor in the game, she is laid that i got pushed out of the way when miguel franco hit his first home run. she met with him. second inning, tied at one. michael mchenry hits a line drive right out of the park. rockies go up two-one. harang solid going six giving up two runs. the freddie galvis turns in this gem. ball up the middle. he does behind the back flip to chase utley. they do not get double play but great play by freddie galvis, one of the better moment yesterday. they lose five-two. after the game aaron harang
7:54 am
was asked if he was disappointed when he is pitching so well. >> once i throw the the ball it is out of my control. the the guys are out there making great plays and stuff. it is just defense has been playing well. you know, we're just off right new with the bats. philadelphia union on the road taking on d.c. united, in the nation's capitol. the union winners on have two games have after a rough start. the union started off strong in the fifth minute, andrew wenger find sebastian le toux for the goal and they will take one to nothing lead. d.c. united hung in there in the eighty-fifth minute with the game tied at one chris wolf scores on the penalty kick. two game winning streak over, union lose two-one. to some international soccer now, arsenal taking on aston villa a for the fa cup. wallcot gets the big goal here to put arsenal up one to nothing. greg goal for alexis san chen off the cross bar and n
7:55 am
arsenal cruzes to a four to nothing win and wins fa cup for second straight year. more soccer in case you weren't aware messi incredible. do you need more evidence. he basically weaving in and out of every defender on the field ape gets this unbelievable goal. barcelona wins three-one. the soul, taking on the outlaws and beautiful boardwalk hall in atlantic city. fourth quarter dan raudabaugh will make it 37-21. little bit later raudabaugh, to thomas, yet again. raudabaugh threw seven touchdowns and five to thomas. as always this 151-43. to the monster mile in dover xfinity series racing. he will pick up his second win in three weeks. big day at track toys day dennie hamlen in pole position with the top speed of over 160 miles an hour qualifying.
7:56 am
cloudy skies and rainy conditions continue in texas site of the at&t byron nelson this weekend. steven boditch with the nice approach shot right here. he shot 65 on the day. thirteen under for tournament. final round of that tournament right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. this may be one of the cutest, most cruel competitions in the world. get a load of this in japan more than 100 babies faced off in the ring in annual contest pitting crying toddlers against each other. the first baby to cry is the loser. japanese tradition dates back 400 years. it is believed to bring infants good health, and ward off evil spirits but if jack were in that thing he would have to ward off momma bear because in one is making my baby cry i'm sorry not going to do it. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. condolences are pouring in
7:57 am
for family of vice-president joe biden following death of his son on saturday. beau biden lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 46. this morning we are looking back at the life of the iraq war veteran and former attorney general of delaware. very sad news there. also ahead a medical device suspect of spreading cancer in women is new reportedly under investigation by the fbi. we have got latest developments, health reporter stephanie he stall has been following for more than a year now. it is dry out there for now, looking beautiful there on the sky line here in philadelphia but our unday could turn stormy, carol is tracking latest coming up next.
7:58 am
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