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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 13, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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. we begin at 11:00 with breaking news, chopper over a serious accident on pebble hill road near spring valley road in doylestown. we know several vehicles involved. eight people were taken to area hospitals, one of them was air lifted to temple university hospital. so far no word on the conditions
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of those injured and it's unclear right now what caused the crash. also tonight, intense heat fast moving and powerful storms heavy winds cause significant damage in spring township berks county crashing down on cars and homes, take a look at at this video from chopper. the stopper's toppled trailers in bench lend township north hampton, and a nearby crayola factory, fears winds ripped off a portion of the roof. fortunately no -- those storms since monday out, hot weather sticking around one day marking our first heat wave of the season, i'm jessica dean, chris may has the night off. we reached a record high today in philadelphia and we're not going to feel much relief i time soon. meteorologist kathy orr is live with the first forecast, kathy. >> bit a of a breeze, but the care is thick, a lot of moisture going to be really
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sticky overnight 10 more heat and humidity, you mentioned it. the high to her for the day, 94 degrees, tying the old record setback in 1947. heat wave yesterday 92 today, 95, tomorrow 90. the average high for this time of year, 82. 85 in the city 82 in wilmington 83 in trenton and 82 in dover. tomorrow morning, temperatures start off warm. 75 76 at 9:00 a.m. 80 high by 11:00 in the morning. right now we're seeing a partly cloudy sky but there are storms moving through berks county and the poconos right now, our northern western suburbs may see a few showers during the overnight but the heat and humidity will be back and these showers adding more humidity to the air as if we needed anymore. coming up we'll talk about the seven-day forecast and when we catch a break from this summer sizzle. jeff? >> we'll see you nab.
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we've got good information for you and, to kept help you cope with the hot water weather we got a list of cooling centers, a celters ride on amtrak, passengers stuck on a train without air conditioning 90 minutes in north philadelphia, this video is from chris could say in her, showss passengers transferring to another train, amtrak tells us train 127 was headed from new york to washington when it encounterd mechanical problems and lost power. could say could say in her says this happened quickly. >> my car was making jobs there was other ones miserable hot no ventilation, nothing to drink unless you went and paid for it. but there was nothing offered or anything of that nature. trying to make everybody comfortable. >> that problem was later fixed. the train continued on its way to washington, dc. new tonight, a huge concert in south philadelphia. taylor swift and her leakage end of fans rocked out at lincoln financial field. and matt rivers is live there
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tonight, mat are you a swifty yet? >> reporter: i know i have been for some time. didn't take tonight to make that happen, but i did that -- i did just admit that on television, taylor swift is actually from the town of wyomissing pennsylvania right outside of reading and here at the linc it was clear she has a bit of a home field advantage. snoot. >> reporter: the girl from berks county rocked the house friday night. smack database in the middle of her latest tour promoting her album called 1989 she didn't disappoint. before the concert, we spoke to person aged person for when i am this event drew nothing short of a religious experience. >> she's a god he is among women, that is why it is such a big deal. >> reporter: celebrating her bat mitzvah. tried on her choice of head wear others celebrated birth days but most celebrated taylor.
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>> really excited. >> reporter: if any of these kid look familiar this is why. these kids from cinnaminson high school created this viral video, dancing to a swift song. the singer said she loved it and her manage the company gave them all tickets to the show. >> one week ago this moment it wasn't even on line yet. >> reporter: it was hot friday afternoon but it didn't damn end the enthusiasm. dare i say the concert of the year so far. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: and this is the first of two taylor swift concerts here this weekend at the link. the first one tonight t tomorrow there are tickets available left for tomorrow evening's concert mid level seats are going at
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self $100 a piece. is it wonderful the price? taylor swift i suppose it is matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. police in limerick montgomery county have released this video to show the danger of driving a motorcycle at more than 100 miles an hour the motorcycleest was wearing a camera and going 106 miles an hour on lie cap road. the biker hit a curb and the reside flipped over the handle bars and landed on the grass, wearing a helmet and sustained few minor injuries. charges pending. major did we not developments, while the manhunt continues, a woman who worked at the prison now charged at providing materials to the inmates. >> reporter: joyce mitchell worked at the prison helped plan -- sources tell krns she may have helped provide tools to
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-- investigators are is exploring whether her husband likely mitchell also a prison employee was himself involved. clint county district attorney. >> they were able to convince her to assist them in the escape, that a date was, you know go time was established, and that she was, you know, supposed to probably pick them up early saturday morning once they popped that man whole. >> reporter: how did she explain why she backed out of the plan. >> i think she saw the light and just realized -- i don't know what am i doing? and so she didn't show up. >> reporter: at a news conference today major charles guess said police have a message for the fugitives. >> we have a message for david sweat and richard matt we're coming for you and we will not stop until you are caught. >> reporter: officer officers searchd another area three and a half miles southeast of the
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prison two men were still together. police searching tom maggie's property. >> i don't know if i unlockd the gate. >> reporter: they told you you can't get they. >> reporter: joyce mitchell is charged with criminal fosse sill intimidation that's a misdemeanor. another hack we learned chinese hackers got their hands on background check provided by federal workers for security clearances, the fbi cia and military personnel are believed to have data comprised. investigators believe that started last year, it was discovered in april and confirmed in may. school year almost over and that means more teenage teenages may be out -- tonight, philadelphia police are asking parent to help enforce at the city's curfew "eyewitness news" steve patterson has details. >> reporter: we're going to be
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stepping it up with curfew enforcement through the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: summer starting is school ending only people that know better than the teens are the people charged with their protection. >> want to make sure our juvenile population stays safe. >> reporter: summer curfew enforcement now in effect. police are focused on party problem areas, like south street promoted heavily about four years ago when flash mobs started drawing out of control, now the curfew is enforced city-wide, minors 16 and older, 11:00 p.m. 14 to 15 10:00 p.m. 13 and under, 9:00 p.m. mike good sons son his hr says officers issue curfew violations every year it's not about carrying a big stick, it's a tool to curve bad behavior. >> make sure not only do they not become victims of crime but that they won't fall subject to the pressures and the peer pressure of actually becoming
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people who pertain at any rate those crimes. >> reporter: teenager violateers are taken to local police department where a supervisor is in charge of that teen the guardian forced to get out of bed and paying a fine responsible for taking the teenager home it is embarrassment as a form of enforcement and when you're 15 it works. reporting from south street, steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". former teen idle frankie oval lon, south philadelphia avalon donated $5,000 towards that project. the crumbling muir rely currently sits at 9th street and adorned with the faces of other musicians who found fame in the 50s and 60s jerry black female et als donated. tonight a nacp -- her family snowiest she's white,
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we'll have more on this bizarre controversy coming up. you could call it a fair ri entitle wedding. a bride to be and the night for her life gets the call that changed everything stefanie stahl has the inspiring story, capability. >> heading toward a heat wave scattered showers and thunderstorms over the of course of the weekend. we'll time them out and show you what to expect with the seven-day coming up. plus a royal absolute this little girl will never forget.
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. prepare for take-off being showing off cool moves with it's 787 dream liner this jet lifts off at a verbal vertical climb, next week's paris air show being says it's sold 500 of the
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aircraft to 30 customers the. a big setback for president obama. house of representatives overwhelmingly voted down a key part of his trade deal with asia. the trade adjustment stands would have provided comic health to work hr workers who lose their jobs because of trade deals. democratics pulled their bill at the last minutes saying they want to negotiate a better deal. this move puts the proposed trade deal in serious jeopardy. john kerry left -- under going surgery on a broken leg, kerry brokes had right leg in a bias link accident may 31st. he thanked his doctors and returns to washington some time next we'll. naacp. is facing allegations she falsely represented herself at black. this is the woman at the center of the corrupts. her parents say she's white and has been misrepresenting herself
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to people ten year they provided a photo of rachel as a young girl she grew up in predominantly white montana and had white brornlss and sisters. >> are you african-american? >> beyond the question. >> reporter: earned a full lumbar ship to the -- never acquired about her race on the application. the naacp is not a requirement for leadership to be black on the cbs3 health watch, a pair of south jersey newly we decide is celebrateing a new lease hahn life. the couple's wedding was temporarily sidetracked with a long awaitd trip to the hospital. the bride needed a kidney transplants and had been waiting for year health reporter stefanie stahl shows us how fate intervenedd. a frozen piece of wedding cake that they didn't get to cut together plans for the big day
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in marlton were derailed when kerry got a life saving kidney transplants. >> i couldn't have asked for put a better wedding present. >> reporter: she'd been waiting three years, kept alive with did i yal lists that kept her arm to become disfigured. >> after months of planning kerry was doing months of planning the day before the wedding when she got the call. hours later, instead of walking down the aisle she was recovering at penn med, visitd dressed up in what they were going to wear to the wedding. >> this has to be at the fair ri tail wedding. i got the kidney,s got to get married to this handsome man. >> reporter: they're now spending their mondayny moon making sure she gets her meds and taking short walks. >> starting our new life together. >> reporter: one more thing, card from her son that said you got a kidney and garage litigation, surprise you're going to be a grandma.
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>> she's a lot to celebrate. by the way, kerry now has three kidneys. the new one immranltdd below her belly put button and the old ones are left in place because doctors say removing them requires additional unnecessary surgery. i'm stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> great ending for them and a baby on the way. investigator special honor for philadelphia's favorite little leaguers at the crystal tea room. taney driveway gones -- the philadelphia sports congress recognized the team for their accomplishments on the field this honor has been rewardd to athletes, teams and organizations since 1961. >> this reward means a lot. because, i mean a lot of legends have gotten this reward before and for us to get this reward now, is unbelievable. >> isn't that great? last summer the taney drag hr dragons captivated the -- they
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were only two wins away from the us champion. it was a big day for little girl in the united kingdom 6-year-old was at millennium stadium to present the queen for her message is that he's official visit. as the queen left. a soldier saluted and knocked the hat off of her head. didn't appear the queen noticed what happened there. poor little girl. i don't think he hits her in the face but it's hard to tell on the video, that's scary noofrps, especially when you're six. she had a little lower lip. the lip was out for sure. maybe tears later. we are looking ahead to a investigator hot weekend constitutes the region we are looking at temperatures in the 90's again tomorrow but then we break the heat a little bit. going to shake things up. speaking of taylor swift being in town in ocean city looking
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good, little bit hazy, foggy, high humidity down the shore, stormscan3 we have a few storms to talk about a line moving toward the east allentown and reading seeing heavy rain but these are weakening as they move toward the east. allentown being hit for the second time today, storms earlier and these are moving toward the east along 78 we saw those pictures early in the broadcast of easton and bethlehem, damage these showers will move your way but nothing severe with this, just rain kutztown seeing rain reading will move into -- northeast extension, so just expect shower overnight. right now in philadelphia, 85 cooler in reading and allentown where we're seeing shower, millville 77, down the shore, we have a see braids see aisle 70, cape may 76 and ocean city 72 but temperatures warm up in the 80's again during the early afternoon and in the sea breeze will kick in and doll theas down. future weather has an excellent
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handle on the shorts, they pretty much dissipated we clear out the skys and saturday looking better and better. . we see the sunshine heat and humidity and then late in the day, a few showers and storms pop up but look like they're to the southwest of us maybe a few in south jersey and delaware not much. sunday looks a little bit more active in the afternoon you can see after the noon hour few showers popping up after 4:00 5:00 at night. better chance of seeing something in philadelphia, but for the most part, it should be after the dinner hour, copy an eye on sunday. saturday hot and humid in the wake of a front sunday partly sunny less humid still chance few showers and thunderstorms, more numerous on monday high temperatures in the 80's tomorrow looking good, philadelphia 90 shore-84 poconos cool at 77 and as we look ahead on the exclusive weather seven-day forecast and shore cast sunday 86 at moment. 78 at the shore, monday 86, tuesday 90 then temperatures
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stay in the 80's wednesday, thursday and friday. shore temperatures in the 70's to lower 80's, pack the sun screen if you're heading to the shore, 76 at the shore is intense. the sun reflects offer the water, offer the sand. you can get a bad burn. that can be painful. don't do that the do that. >> the phillies trying to get something started. hopefully. >> starting a three game series in pittsburgh eagles players reaction release of evan mass and team usa going for team number two in their quest for world cup. mathis
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. phillies hoping hoping for a little luck, we're not asking for much. >> not really. last place phillies and pittsburgh tonight. kevin, starting his first game for the phils who lost three straight. hour 25 minutes rain delay, before thing got started. pimping very well. strike-out in the fourth inc inning of the game still in the fourth a bit of a jam picks up he went five and a third, check out this crazy display play in the fifth getting out anyway he can. it goes off his leg. under his blanco makes the catch for the out. the game scoreless in the 9th. did, look like it hurt.
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eagles officially announced the release of pro guard evan mathis, this off season he didn't show up for any of the team of voluntary otamounts. he was not happy. doing a little community service, addressing the news. >> i was surprised, of course but you knew, i mean, you don't know you knew something was going to eventually happen. i wish evan the best. he was great team mate for two year i'm confident in the gays been here all summer company bin barber those guys had a good off season we're moving forward, squatd about who we have: . >> '6ers news -- lotsive speculation, the '6ers are interested in ohio product deangelo russell. scheduled to work out this weekend. inquirer, no word when or if that work-out will be
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rescheduled. two women world cup usa and sweden fists half nights pass gets the shot off. the as if'nd, looks like the us going to break the tie. on the header right there. play to a scoreless tie. the us open next week play to a place called chambers bay in washington state. scouting it out. check out this put, he posted it -- comes all the way back down and -- oh yeah, said to be investigator unique so --. >> especially when these practicing like that. you know? if you could it do
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. children's hospital of philadelphia held its annual kick cough events today and handed out a very special reward. hope his a pediatric oncologist researcher whose done so much in the fight against childhood kansas. we also want to remind you you can see the inspirational story of alex and the other children carolling on her legacy we invite you to opportunity hr tune into for our reward winning
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documentary, airs tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on the "cw philly" and then again on sunday morning at 113-right here on cbs3 don't forget, lemonade happening across the area, thanks for watching cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00, we're back tomorrow morning starting at 5 with todd quinones quinones. have a great weekend.
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alex: right now, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen.
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you may not know this, but every day thousands of men women, and children are reported missing. working with various law enforcement agencies across the country and the national center for missing and exploited children, this program each week spotlights several of these missing cases hoping someone like you might have information that will lead to finding these individuals. but we can't do it alone, so please, pay close attention to these faces and stories. tionda bradley and her baby sister diamond went missing from their chicago residence in the early morning hours of july 6, 2001. when the girls' mother came home a few hours later, she found a note stating that her daughters were walking to a nearby school and store. however, officials at the doolittle elementary school had marked tionda absent. law enforcement conducted an extensive search of the surrounding areas but found no clues. some investigators


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