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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday june 15th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the woman accused of helping two murderers break out of prison returns to court this morning. we have new information about the escape plan. plus inside one of the most dangerous countries on earth. clarissa ward with the rare reporting from war-torn yemen. and we're in north carolina. a beach town shaken up by two shark attacks less than two hours apart. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>blood in the water. >> a string of shark attacks.
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>> two limbs lost in separate attacks. >> only an hour apart on the same beach. >> both at this point are out of surgery and in stable condition. >> the search for the murderers enter its tenth day. the prison employee who helped them is due in court. >> we don't know if they're still in the medial area or in mexico. in south texas your night a ball of gas erupting in flames. jeb bush is officially expected to enter the race today. u.s. targeted and killed a wanted man charged with killing three americans. heavy downpours. also a potential tropical system. >> we could see some heavy rainfalls. >> thieves dropping from the
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ceiling filled their duffel bags full of cell phones and then starting the store on fire. >> goats in california. >> they use them to keep the grass short and reduce fires. >> all that -- >> exclamation point. the warriors one win away. >> i feel dechblt because i'm the best player in the world. it's that simple. >> -- and all that matters -- >> you said you might have a rotating first lady. have you gotten any offers on that? >> yes, we have. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> if you want to continue trading with us then continue your challenge. i see you your music choice and i raise you fire. your move, chap, your move. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this
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morning." the search for two escaped murderers in northern new york is entering its tenth day. officials say no one has seen david sweat and richard matt. the only person under arrest is the prison employee accused of helping them. >> joyce mitchell is due back in court this morning. she made her first appearance friday night. she allegedly told police the plan included possibly killing her husband and the manhunt is centered east on the prisonen in dannemora, new york. anna werner is in plattsburgh just a few miles from the search zone. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we asked the d.a. about the fact she might have intended to kill her husband but he would not confirm it. meanwhile mitch sl appearing in court this morning but the two men she helped to escape are nowhere to be found. for nine days hundreds of law enforcement officers have
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canvassed the north country searching through dense forest on the ground, in the air, and on the water. over the weekend they concentrated on an area just a few miles from the prison and sources told cbs news authorities are now installing motion detectors and surveillance cameras in the woods to try to capture escapees richard matt and david sweat. joyce mitchell spent the weekend in jail after being arraigned on friday. and new details emerged about the escape she allegedly helped to plan. distract attorney andrew wiley says mitchell told investigators she was to pick two men up in her her four-wheel drive jeep and take them to a location seven hours away. >> she was not advised of where it was, but it was about seven hours away and that they would need a four-wheel drive vehicle to get into that area. >> he said mitchell had panic attack and went to the hospital.
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and whyylie said she told investigators she was worried about leaving her husband. >> that was one of her statements to us. she loved lyle and didn't want to hurt him in that way and she wanted to continue her relationship with him. >> reporter: the criminal complaint against mitchell charges bringing contraband into the prison. hacksaw blades chisels, a punch, and a screwdriver bit. a former employee told cbs newss that bag checks at the clinton prison facility were known to be lax. do you perceive a problem with the fact that she was able to bring in these tools and nobody caught her? >> obviously we considered that to be an issue. >> reporter: now one of the questions people had was how do the escapees get the power tools to break out of the facility. well wylie told me they now believe they found them in a toolbox left behind by a contractor inside the prison.
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now, interestingly enough he says that prison policy has allowed contractors to leave those tools behind. they're supposed to take the blades out of the tools, but again, that's been policy up to this point gayle. we're expecting some changes in prison policy, he says going into future. >> something tells me that policy has already done changed. so many questions to this story. what were you going to say, charlie? >> that would be appropriate. >> yeah that would be the right thing to do. this morning two young people are recovering from separate shark attacks along a california beach. the 12-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy lost parts of their arms. tara, good morning. >> good morning. three children under the age of 17 have been britonitten in brunswick. they're now recovering in the
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pediatric eunich at the hospital in wilmington. the 12-year-old girl here face down in the sand lost part of her arm. >> they have been attacked by what appears to be a shark. >> reporter: a 16-year-old boy losing his left arm. >> attacked by a shark. they said the head was about like this. blood in the water. coming over with the whitewash. the kid was in shock, coherent. took it clean off. >> there were no lifeguards along the brunswick beachfront. a helicopter flew up and down the coast looking for sharks. >> i've been here for 16 years. this is the first time something as major as this happened. >> reporter: a 13-year-old girl escaped with cuts thursday miles away on the beach. it went after the boogie board.
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>> i felt so bad for her because she was so young. >> reporter: despite the three suspected attacks, beaches will remain open here today. the town manager is urging people to come out but to be quote, a little more beach oriented. charlie? >> tara, thanks. today jeb bush is potentially jumping into the race. he released a campaign video this morning and nancy cordes is at miami-dade college in miami where bush will make his official announcement this afternoon. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. the campaign signs are already up for this long awaited announcement, and bush we're told will present himself today as a doer. someone who doesn't just talk about change but who has actually actually led this state for eight years and is ready to lead the nation. bush began to lay the groundwork sunday with a pair of videos designed to reintroduce him to voters. >> he really cares about us. he really cares about people with developmental disabilities.
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>> reporter: he also unveiled a campaign logo that simply reads jeb. missing is the last name that's been such a boon to fund-raising but also comes with baggage. bush was asked about that this weekend at the tail end of a trip to europe. >> i don't have to associate myself from my family. i love them. i know for me to be successful i'm going to have to show my heart and tell my story. >> it's a struggle he's struggled with over the past few months. >> rewriting history is hypothetical. >> then it took him several tries to explain whether he, too, would have invaded iraq in 2003 based on what he knows now. >> i would have. and so would have hillary clinton, just to remind everybody. >> the gop field he's joining already stands at ten and could grow to 16. bush argues today what sets him
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apart is his time as governor. >> we defended life and protected women from domestic violence. >> democratic candidate hillary clinton made a similar pitch this weekend at her first campaign rally. >> you know by now i've been called many things by many people. quitter is not one of them. >> bush's front-runner took a bit of a hit the past couple of months as he stayed on the fence while others jumped in but the campaign says he's going make up for lost time starting with that standard pilgrimage to the early voting states of new hampshire and iowa. >> we've seen that. thank you very much. this morning the pentagon is trying to confirm the death of one of the most wanted. they say they killed belmokhtar and a handful of other terrorists early sunday but a local islamic disputes that
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saying they missed al qaeda leader. video from the scene shows a field of rubble. he's charged with leading the 2013 siege of an algerian gas plant. that killed 30 hostages including three americans. cbs news is getting an inside look at one of the most dangerous places yemen. houthis held their guns in the air. >> clarissa ward is one of the first to see the devastation since the rebels took hold. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first thing you see here at san'a airport.
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so far nearly 2,000 people have been killed. among them, 800 civilians. for three long months saudi arabian warplanes have been bombing yemen. we were some of the first foreign journalists to get inside this war-torn countries to see where those bombs are falling. driving around the capital sanaa, the sound of fighter jets and anti-aircraft fighters is constant. the main targets of the air campaign have been military facilities like the ministry of defense. this is the aftermath from just one of those bombs, and you can see the enormous size of this crater. these are incredibly powerful and sophisticated weapons. but civilian targets have been hit too. in the old city which dates back more than 2,500 years, abdullah showed us what used to be his family home. >> look at this.
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>> reporter: the goal of the air strikes is to push out houthi forces who swept into power last fall and ousted the president and who the saudi-led coalition view as a proxy for their archrival iran. at a rally sunday houthi supporters shouted popular iranian chants. death to america, death to israel. but the houthis deny that they have received weapons or funding from iran. one young businessman abdullah told us that the yemenis just want the war to be over. >> we don't know what they're fighting about. >> reporter: the repercussions of this civil war go way beyond yemen. the u.s. government is now very concerned that al qaeda is exploiting the chaos here. the terrorist group yemen affiliate now has more money and
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more fighters than ever before. charlie? >> thanks clarissa ward in sanaa, yemen. you can see more of clarissa ward reporting on "cbs evening news." she interviews some of the leaders and finds out why many believe america is to blame for the war. that's tonight. united airlines is facing major backlash this morning for the way it handled a diverted flight. they spent a night in a cold canadian military barracks after their plane was grounded. kris van cleave has more on why they're outraged. >> take a look at this. you can see goose bay is nowhere near london or anything. they were bussed to the military barracks but frustrated flyers say while they were roughing it, the crew was put up in a nearby hotel. one called it an epic failure.
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for passengers aboard an airline flight bound for london this is the last place they expected to spend friday night. >> i don't think i have warm enough clothes. i had not planned to get marooned in goose bay. >> reporter: temperatures dips close to freezing. while passengers complained about uncomfortable beds and lack of blankets, the crew of 11 apparently had very different accommodation accommodations. sally tweeted this. united crew arrived looked fresh vegas spent the night in a hotel #outrageous. three hours into the flight the boeing 767 was forced to make an merge land emergency landing in goose bay, canada.
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>> reporter: harper said many spent the heated day in the mess hall waiting for updates. when one passenger griped about the hotel stay united tweeted back the crew must rest in order to continue the flight. you can rest on board the aircraft knowing that they are in charge. the airline told "cbs this morning" hotel space was not available so we accommodated our customers at a local military base and provided meals. passengers boarded a new plane to new jersey's airport more than 12 hours later. they arrived sunday afternoon more than 30 hours late. united releasing a statement apologizing saying it's refunding the one-way tickets to london and providing accommodations. gayle? >> a fire is growing from two acres to more than 6,000 overnight. a massive plume can be seated
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for miles. it burned up to 15 buildings in the willow area 15 miles north of anchorage. officials say that this fire was sparked by humans and no injuries are reported. a massive natural gas pipeline fire burned overnight in southern texas shooting flames dozens of feet into the air. crews will investigate the rupture later today. flames forced the evacuation of several homes around linden now. that's about 80 miles east of san antonio. a local newspaper said the fire could be seen from 20 miles away, and there are no reported injuries. a storm is picking up strength this morning in the gulf of mexico. the national hurricane center said it could become tropical storm bill as soon as today. it is taking aim at areas in the south recovering from deadly flooding. parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas are at the greatest risk of flooding from this storm. heavy rain soaked oklahoma city
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upon its arrival. cars barely made it through. officials are searching for zoo animals after a flood. they were roaming the streets of oftyof ty ta blowsy. zoo drerktds say they're not sure how many dangerous animals escapes. they're looking for more than 20 missing people. this morning golden state needs one more win for its first nba title in 40 years. the warriors beat cleveland last night in spite of another brilliant game from lebron james. he scored 40 points and finished with a triple-double. but stephonfan curry made points. he told reporter quote, i feel
7:19 am
confident because i'm the best player in the world. >> well beyond that he is the best player in the world but the best player in the world can't do it alone. >> that's true. that's true. >> what a series. >> what a series indeed. >> you want other people to say it. i imagine his teammates are going, okay, thanks, and i imagine likes might go up for stephen curry. we'll see. >> you stayed up through the entire thing? >> yes i did. >> fun to watch. the battle of an naacp leader is defending herself. why we don't expect
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weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. "jurassic world" took in more money globally than any movie in history. >> ahead, the scientists point out mistakes in the new summer
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message. how a spacecraft wakes up and cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, let's get right to the eyewitness weather center. steamy stormy, seem to be the words today kate. >> that's right. those are key words today. steamy stormy, and even just showery, depending on where this morning. we take a look outside, storm scan3, some light showers moving through portions of chester county at the moment. steadiest rain south of philadelphia. salem, counter with lands counties, and also one storm headed for kent county, elsewhere, mainly light showers right now forecast for today see some sun break out midday, then chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon, it is hot humid 89 degrees tonight 73, cloudy, shower or storm and we're hot and steamy again tomorrow. wednesday, though, looks like beautiful day of 86 with some sun.
7:27 am
now we check on the roads with vittoria. >> good morning, everyone, right now the roads aren't great. you're going to find rush hour sprinkled all over. ninety-five, suing skewing the vine in particular because blocking the right hand lane would be an accident. on the westbound side of the vine, as you approach the schuylkill. so this will also affect anyone trying to exit on to the eastbound side of 76. you can still exit, but it is going to take you a while. we leave with you this shot of the ben franklin bridge. definitely some slow going from jersey into philadelphia. diana? >> vittoria, thank you next update 7:55, up next on cbs this morning embattled president of the naccp in washington state faces more troubling questions. for more local news weather and traffic on these channels on the "cw philly". great morning.
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he did give us information after he was waterboard that's true. but it's worth noting the quality of that. >> he said he returned to montana to recruit african islamic musliming. >> the fbi found nothing. ksm was lying. >> yeah, of course he was lying. what part of recruiting african-american muslims in montana did not make you [ bleep ] instantly? even this week we learned the most famous black person from montana may be white. >> yes, i've heard montana is not known for its black
7:31 am
population. interesting story. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the naacp leader who seemed to be questioned about her race. what another family member says about dolezal's so-called white privileged upbringing. >> plus "jurassic world" took a huge bite out of hollywood. how it inspired a new generation of paleontologists. that story is ahead. the "washington post" reports companies that conduct background checks for federal workers are rushing to meet owe tas. the faster they turned in cases, the faster they got paid. the "washington post" showed steelworkers cut corners in determining who got access to classified material. "business insider" said the
7:32 am
179-year-old gun maker supplied u.s. troops with machine guns in world war ii. that contract ended in 2013. in 2011 a colt 38 once owned by al capone once sold for over $100,000. the star tribune says the archbishop stepped down this morning. they charged the archdiocese with failing to disclose. >> on thursday francis releases a rare teaching letter. it is expected to urge all people to fight global warming as a moral imperative. scientists say it could do more to narrow greenhouse gases. a pyrotechnic accident
7:33 am
ruined his guitar. the display shoots fire into the air and it appears to hit his head. as you see, smoke rises from clifford clifford's hair. the band cut the show short. he later tweeted a picture of part of his face in band damages and give as thumb's-up. many accuse rachel dolezal of lying about her race. she abruptly canceled a meeting torchlt where she planned to explain herself. john has more on the revelations from her family. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. rachel dolezal has been the center of fireworks after her family came foofrmtd now dolezal is the subject of multiple investigations here includeing two here at city hall and some members of her naacp chapter are insisting she resign.
7:34 am
rachel dolezal says she has not misled anyone about her race. >> if i was asked i would definitely say that yes, i do consider myself to be blackst. >> but the city council is now exploring whether she should be removed as a chairman who oversees misconduct complaints against police officers. dolezal checked off numerous boxes including african-american on her employment form. her father and mother remember her as a blond blue-eyed girl. >> i'm her birth father and will always be her birth father. she >> she's check and of german descent. >> she took me aside, told me not to blow her cover. she grew up a white person in southern montana.
7:35 am
>> we can start the week with a fresh focus on justice issues. >> reporter: she was elected president last november. she hold as master's degree. she's is organizing a protest and is organizing a petition. >> if find out you have not been completely honest with me and you lied to get close to me, yes, i feel betrayed. >> dolezal is shown here with this man posing as her biological father. she's been estranged from her father. >> family members that have had a history of litigation. >> officially the naacp says race has never been a factor and that the organization stands behind dolezal. over the years dolezal has also
7:36 am
claimed to have been the target of numerous racist images. gayle? >> john, thank you. this morning european scientists are celebrating after receiving a remarkable communication from space. the solar-powered philae comet probe is sending seg nals back to earth after several years of silence. >> when the philae probe woke up from its seven-month slumber from the surface of comet 67p, it sent a brief signal back to mission control which turned into a tweet. hello, earth. can you hear me? >> i'm overwhelming. trembling and so happy. >> reporter: for scientist monica grady who helped develop the probe, it was a nice surprise. the last time they heard from philae was back in november after landing on a comet 400
7:37 am
million miles from earth. but it didn't quite go as planned. >> philae should have landed in a middle of a sort of crated area where utd would have been in sun looichlt but it didn't. it was still in shadow. >> reporter: it also conducted experiments finding among other things water with the form of ice. without power its battery eventually died until now. >> now the comet is much, much closer to the sun. the sunlight is much stronger and it's fallen on the solar panels and has woken philae up. >> we have to work on how we can continue its mission given that it wasn't supposed to be a white map. >> matt taylor says philae's surface could be an evolution. >> it's opening our eyes and giving us a better understanding of how comets work.
7:38 am
>> reporter: in the meantime they say it's nothing less than extraordinary. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles angeles. >> extraordinary is right. you know the scientists were jumping up and down. >> you can hear is enthusiasm. >> thank god for that sun again. >> we i had sot good sun this weekend, didn't we? >> we did. perfect. separating fact from fiction on the blockbuster "juraszek world." >> reporter: the new sequel has interested people in all things dinosaur. what did it get right and what did it get wrong, ahead. >> you don't want to miss that story. set your dvr if you're heading off to work. you're watching "cbs this morning." plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast.
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oh that's a problem. >> flames flew into the air and engulfed the car. it happened during a refueling stop in the race's 11th hour. we're happy to tell you the driver got out safely here. the $250,000 car was destroyed. the jurassic park franchise this morning is leaving a historic foot pript. the newest chapter of the tale shattered box office records in its owning world. "jurassic's world" is the first to break the record. ben tracy shows us how the movie scienced as up. >> every time we've unveiled a new attraction attendance has spiked. >> reporter: moviegoers flock to theaters to see prehistoric predators prey on people. nobody was expecting a dinosaur documentary. dr. michael habib, a palg ontoll jift at the university of
7:44 am
california says that's a good thing. how scientifically accurate is this movie? >> it about as average as your average science fiction flick, which is to say not particularly. but there are some things to like about it even from a science perspective. >> just like taking a stroll through the woods 65 million years ago. >> reporter: we met one dr. habib at the los angeles museum. they could not use their hands and feet the way they do on screen. >> the way in which they run and the way they look the muscle budge bul js the way the feet interact with the ground all look really good. >> you went and made a new dinosaur? probably not a good idea. >> reporter: the dawn officer is a make belief rex of several creatures. habib says his biggest disappointment is it leaves out one of the biggest discoveries
7:45 am
made since they made the film in 1993. many dinosaurs had feathers. >> it's hard to imagine how these animals looked and behaved. this is a mosasaur. the filmmakers impressed scientists by getting right those inly cat rows of teeth. molecular biologist jack warner consulted on all the jurassic films to make them as real as possible but his point was to mack a fun movie. >> we know that dinosaurs are not that scary and they're not going to rip holes in your vehicles or building to come after peek. that's just the movie. >> reporter: if you want to be picky, the entire film is not right. scientists say the lasting
7:46 am
legacy of the -- >> a lot of kid sauce the original jurassic park film in 1993 are now paleontologists and the first thing i remember thinking is i want to go see "jurassic park." >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> well, i haven't seen it yet but looking forward it to. what a thriller. >> i want go too. with those box office hits they're singing "i don't care. i love it." >> i want to see it with you and the kids. >> can't you see gayle? i don't know if my arm will survive -- gayle will be like -- all right. high-tech house calls are one of the latest medical trends. ahead we look at why more people are dialing in from home for
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7:52 am
rain, sleet, and hail during hundreds of attempts. >> should we be skeptical at all? the video seems very believable. >> trial and error, i guess. we turn to politics. jeb bush is just houring from jumping into the presidential race. it will put him up against clinton. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems or other medical conditions.
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7:56 am
♪ go out and get it ♪ >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get right over to kate bilo in for kate this morning with a stormy start to the week kate? >> tracking storms right now out to storm scan3 show you what's going on here on storm scan3, we have couple of thunderstorms to watch. these are just south of philadelphia, right now if we zoom in little bit. i want to show you where these storms, are moving into portion of cumberland county, toward the shore points, also, one storm down near dover delaware, which is produce ago lot of lightning at the moment. scattered showers, storms, will be around all day once the morning storms move out another round of pop up storms this afternoon can't pinpoint where they will pop up. keep eye to the sky if you're out about tonight. it could slow you down operate roads, tomorrow, hot again nicer by wednesday, good
7:57 am
morning. >> good morning everyone, speaking of being slowed down on the roads, we do want to show you what's happening right now if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound, as you approach 476, dealing with a accident, where you lock like the majority of it seem to be on the shoulder, pushed over there, as much as possible, but it is compromising lanes if you are traveling in and around this area. so again that's 76 eastbound at 476. we have rush hour on 95, the schuylkill, give yourself more time. >> next update 8:25, next on cbs this morning, did the making house call, by phone or computer. local news weather and traffic continues with us on the "cw philly" on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a gre
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more news ahead including the apps that bring you medical care. dr. holly phillips looks at that. first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> mitch sl here in court this morning. but officials say the two men she helped to escape are nowhere to be found. >> three children have been bitted by sharks. two bit on sunday afear be in good position. >> he's representing himself as a doer. someone who doesn't just talk about change but has led his state. >> you can see the enormous size of this crater.
8:01 am
>> goose bay is nowhere near chicago or london. one passenger called united's handling an epic failure. >> the system could become tropical storm bill. >> she's the subject of multiple investigations and some members of her naacp chapter insisting that she resign. >> how scientifically accurate is this movie? >> this is about as scientifically accurate as your average science fiction. >> game seven if necessary is back in oakland again. they fly from cleveland to oakland, oakland to cleveland. if they weren't nba players, it would be the most depressing flight ever. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotel.
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. searchers are starting day ten for the search for escaped murderers. authorities say they could be anywhere but the search continues to focus on an area just a few miles east of the prison where they escaped. >> the prison employee who helped them break out faces felony charge this morning. joyce mitchell will appear in just a few minutes. anna, good morning. >> good morning. yes, and it's true that mitchell could face up to seven years in prison on the felony charge of bringing into prison contraband. those are tools like chisels and such that she's alleged to have provided to the two men who have escaped. we're hearing new details about the escape plan. mitchell told getters according to investigator andrew wiley that the plan was for her to pick the two men up at the power plant near the prison and then drive some seven hours away.
8:03 am
they didn't tell her where it was exactly, just several hours away and they would need her four-wheel drive to get there. meanwhile the police are looking into the woods. sources tell us they're posting motion sensors and surveillance cameras in the wooded area being searched. as you know, this is a few miles from the prison but the governor said yesterday the escapees could be as far away as mexico. norah? >> wow. anna. two young people are in good condition this morning after separate shark attacks on a north carolina beach am 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy both lost parts of their left arms. they happened two miles from each other in oak island. beaches will be open today. last week a 13-year-old girl had scrapes on her foot from another
8:04 am
apparent shark attack from the same county. two large chunks were taken out of her boogie board. look that. >> imagine what that could do. jeb bush is hours away from launching hissed by from the white house. he says, quote, he's ready to lead. and take a look at his campaign logo. it says jeb 2016 with an exclamation point. also hoping to make her part. hillary clinton. she's in new hampshire this morning after formally kicking off her cam pate. clenton entered the race more than two months ago. host of "face the nation" john dickerson is in washington. good morning, john. >> good morning, charlie. >> let's begin with jeb bush. what is he expected to say and how is he expected to position his race? >> we expect he's going talk about what he did in florida. he's going to represent himself as a doer not just a talker.
8:05 am
it's also to remind people he had a conservative record as governor to get past some of the claims that conservatives have or the woes have about him not being conservative enough. but we're also entering into a show rather than tell type of campaign. he's going start to show up at venues that are a little different in keeps with the theme that he's a different kind of rb. >> were you surprised he hasn't broken away from the pack or is it really too up to judge? >> it's too early for anybody to judge, but that doesn't mean people aren't judging him. some of the people juking him are the donors and the "insider" in the republican field and they wonder kwhie he hasn't broken out of the pack faster and they also wonder about a little of his rustiness and some of his stumbles. but that's of course to be expected. what he does have, which will allow him to be in race for a long time is that he's raised a lot of money during that early period, so he has a chance to
8:06 am
improve his condition because he has the resources. >> john i know you were at hillary clinton's rally this weekend by siding with the house democrats on that trade bill against president obama. that will probably play well with democratic party voters, right? >> it will although it will play well with them because there's a decision that there's a lot of skepticism. there was a lot of skepticism about her because she wasn't taking a position. on the one hand she's presenting herself as a fighter. the word seems to come up every other sentence and here was the fight and she was on the sidelines some of she's come off the sidelines a bit and it cleans up that messiness as well. >> what did you find about her message? >> well, it was -- it's interesting. i mean she was on the one hand saying i'm a three-dimensional candidate talking about her mother, her biography, but she was also herb on policy and i think one of her big arguments is going to be i have actual
8:07 am
specific ideas here. her speech at times sounded like a state of the onion speech full of lots of policy and that's going to be part of her pitch is sort of -- so on the one hand it's a personality pitch. on the other hadn't it's got a lot of policy behind it. >> then there's lindsey graham graham who you interviewed on "face the nation" about being single. >> well, yes. his main message was about isis and the threat from national security. so that's what he wants to talk most about. but he had made this aside about how he was going have a rotating first lady. so at the end i asked him if he had gotten any volunteers. he sads he had gotten a fubu then he made the interesting mark about being single and there's nothing wrong with that and made a little public service announcement there for people who are single which is a little unexpected. >> do we need a public service announcement for being single?
8:08 am
>> john, before you go can i ask you about jeb bush's logo? what do you make of it? his name jeb and the exclamation point. >> it's a kind of retread of his 1994 logo. so what's true today was true back then which is he wants to be seen as his own person not defined by his last name. >> all right. okay. good to see you john. thank you so much. >> thanks, norah. some voters just don't want another bush in the white house. >> is there anyone in this room who will not vote for jeb bush guaranteed in the republican primary. so what's the problem? >> ahead, frank luntz reveals what voters say about bush fatigue. his campaign 2016 focus group is coming up. it seems lebron james doesn't need any more confidence this morning heading into game six. you go king james. >> you're the best in the world. you don't need any more confidence than that.
8:09 am
>> you know that. that's despite the fact they're down 3-2 against the golden state wore yores. >> do you feel a lot of pressure just because you're underman and have a lot of injuryies as opposed to previous years. >> >> because i'm the best player in the world, it's that simple. >> you come over here, i'm going to dunk you. >> it's been a great, great series. >> do you hope it goes to seven? >> i do hope it goes to seven. >> do you find lebron's cockiness attractive? >> or do you think it should come from someone else? >> i really do. and i like lebron james very much. it's hard to say when
8:10 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice.
8:11 am
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in our "morning rounds" the rise of telemedicine, the number of people using phones to connect with their doctors is skyrocketing. 800,000 consultations are expected in this year alone and that number could double in 2016. dr. holly phillips is here with a digital diagnosis. good morning. >> good morning. when you're sick it can be a challenge to get out of bed and going to the doctor is a near impossibility unless you can get an appointment. now we tag apps. doctors who come to you, bringing convenience along with
8:16 am
a message. >> 39-year-old oliver gold hates to go to the doctor so when he wanted a checkup he tried out the new pager app on the smartphone to have the doctor come to him. after an initial consult, a short time later a nurse practicetioner shows up at the door. she checks his cholesterol, calculates his bmi, and takes his blood pressure. >> how did you feel having the nurse come to your home? >> it was really easy and convenient. i don't know that i would have done it otherwise. >> reporter: using the pager app you can get medical care from a board certified doctor or nurse practitioner at home. their newest service is the wellness service oliver had called health check but they're most called for your jejt matters everything from stitches
8:17 am
to strep throat tests and they can even write prescriptions. >> it can be while you're at sick or keeping your kid at home. >> toby harvey is the general manager at pager, one of several new startups that bring doctors to patients with digital technology. >> what peter is going to be is your health care in your pocket. >> reporter: if it sounds a bit like uber for doctors, that's no coincidence coincidence. one of the company's founders was on ooper's team. panger has plans to broaden out nationwide. house call apps are one part of what's called the telemedicine explosion. others like doctors on demand and amwell work through your photo. this 26-year-old video'd with a doctor using the amwell app after having sudden eye swelling. a possible allergic reaction to
8:18 am
shell fish. the service provides like video consultations with board certified doctors 24 hour as day who can offer advice prescribe medicine, and suggest follow-up care. >> i think allergist is definitely the way to go that. >> they can give you an medial response. knowing immediately is a peace of mind. >> like many young people rob doesn't have a primary doctor. >> i've lived in three cities in the last five years. finding and establishing a relationship with a doctor and then to move again ends up being difficult. >> reporter: the surge in telemedicine raises questions about safety quality, privacy, and limitations in his care. in some cases by requiring doctors to see patients in person before providing treatment by phone or video. by bringing back the
8:19 am
old-fashioned phone call patients bypass. >> do you think this is a passing fad or the new future of medicine? >> in a lot of ways it's back to the future and this is where medicine is heading. >> calls range from $100 to $200 and video apps cost $49 for 10 minutes. some insurance plans may reimburse you for a portion of the cost. >> sounds leak a really good idea. how do they compare it to an office visit, seeing a doctor in the office? >> neither take the police of seeing a primary caredoctor and that's called continuity in care. seeing the same doctor from year to year translated into better care and these apps can't offer that yet. >> you're supposed to have a doctor that knows you, knows your quirks knows your body. >> and knows your medicine. >> and you say pager is really
8:20 am
exploding. >> yeah. the idea of having a doctor come to you, the laying on of hands, you end up with better care as well. >> dr. holly phillips thank you so much. prince george goes on a field trip. a new look at a future king holding court. >> there's our guy. >> he is adorable. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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more than six weeks after becoming a big brother we get a new look at prince george. he was at a polo charity match with his dad. that would be prince william and his mom. even found time to play some ball. george's sister charlotte was nowhere in sight. people like seeing this little kid. he's so cute. >> that's right. ahead, the face-off between two political dynasties and the face-off for president. >> it's not who you're going to vote for. who's going to when that election. >> hillary clinton. >> how many say hillary clinton beats jeb bush. >> frank luntz looks at the challenges of candidate fatigue. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
>> goods morning, police hope you can help them track down a robbery suspect, caught on surveillance tape, last week. police say they walked into kensington avenue, fishtown, about 10:45 june 10th. robber held knife to clerk at the counter, and emptied the cash register. that suspect got away with an undetermined amount of money if you recognize anything about that suspect please call police. >> we are another chance for storm this afternoon though will be more wide willed scattered, and even the showers, this morning which are now fizzling, you can see we models handling this pretty
8:26 am
well this morning all every them said by 9:00 start to see things fizzle still two storms to watchment casino of chesting into one large storm extending from corbin city, ocean city right down into portion of tyne err year cape may county at the moment. one moving over the delaware bay, so down the shore from ocean city all the way down to cape may point, watch for these storms to come through within the next half hour or so and they do have at love lightning with them, otherwise today 89 degrees with showers, and thunderstorms, hot and humid monday. big problem spot of the morning, northeast down through some vine, just vest, very slow. speed censor dip down into the teens. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound heavy westbound side no picnic either. northbound on the blue route between 95 and the schuylkill, about 45 minute. seeing usual slow downs westbound on the pa turnpike, call ahead at the airport
8:27 am
because seeing minor delays there, diana? >> thanks, vet tore y next update is 8:55, up next on cbs this morning first paraplegic, watch
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." i haven't heard that song in a long time talking about my generation. coming up in this half hour a new focus group of republican voters. why they say former florida governor jeb bush would have a hard time beating hillary clinton in a presidential race. plus celebrating a document 800 years old. this morning queen elizabeth marks the anniversary of the magna carta. how the writing on a sheepskin parchment changed the world. that's ahead. the "washington post" said the battle between at-base taxis and carports have moved.
8:31 am
many are rethinking their policies. dulles and reagan are thinking of charging a fee for services and access. the "star-ledger" says the beach town was closed to visitors because it was too fool. more than 2,000 people jammed the weekend. bellemare has reached its capacity and we're shutting down all traffic into the town from route 35 effective immediately. the roads have now reopened. cbs colorado springs kktv says colorado's supreme court is considering whether a work 'eers off-duty use of medical marijuana is protected under state law. he failed a company drug test. colorado is the first to legalize the sale of regular pot pot. "the boston globe" said the new england patriots got their super bowl rings. in keeping with tradition it was
8:32 am
held by robert kraft. this year's rings with the largest ever made with get this, 205 diamonds. >> it's unique. they're conning tourists in new york. these apparently fake monks have been approaching visitors in the park. some have demanded $40 or they've gotten angered over small donations. two were spotted napping with hats over their faces. there were no arrests. one priority is to regain momentum in a crowded republican field but he needs to win over voters who are not ready to have another bush in the white house. cbs news contributor and gop strategist frank luntz went to new hampshire to speak with a group of republican voters in that key primary state. >> is there anyone who would
8:33 am
vote for clinton over jeb bush? okay. is there anyone who will not vote for jeb bush guaranteed in the. >> reporter: primary? so what's the problem. >> he was an excellent governor but he's just not a good candidate for president. >> because? >> his policies are worn out. >> what's the problem? >> not electable. >> yeah. >> another bush. >> yeah. >> the last name. >> that would work more against him than for him. >> i'm not sure he really wants it. >> yeah. >> he doesn't have any passion behind it. >> there's no fire. i mean he should take notes from rubio. >> yeah. >> but he was a good governor, was he not? >> yeah. >> how many do you think he was a good governor. why can't somebody who was a good grov be a great candidate? >> he can be. >> he doesn't have the charisma. he doesn't come across like marco rubio. he's sitting back on his laurels
8:34 am
and telling you who his family is. >> we've experienced bushes and old white american running for the republican party. even looking around the room, most of the people in this room are old. >> wow. >> ouch, man. >> all right. >> to obama's credit he inspired the youth and i think rubio did that. i think walker could do that. i don't think jeb bush could do that. >> my big concern about four years ago or whatever i really like him as a politician, but after learning his positions that's why i don't support him. my biggest concern was his last name. now it's his position. >> i'd announcement be able to see him. i know him from florida and i know that rubio was mentored by jeb. so before i decide i'd like to see him up here. i'd like to hear what's going on. he hasn't been in the public eye for a while. let's see what his positions
8:35 am
really are. let let's see where he wants to go. >> you guys are republican. who has a problem with hi last name? who does not want another bush? >> so we're going have a clinton? >> i don't want a clinton either. >> several months ago out of all the people running for president, we really need the clintons and bushing runs? >> in the end they're not going to care about the circumstances. he's a bush. >> if it's hillary clinton or jeb bush not who you're going to vote for, who's going to win? >> hillary clinton. >> that's pretty significant from republicans in new hampshire. >> frank luntz is with frus atlanta. good morining. >> good morning. >> does this surprise you? >> it surprised me but it's what i've been hearing for the past
8:36 am
five months. they've been willing to sacrifice a little ideology to get more electability and their greatest concern with jeb is they're not convincesed he can beat hillary carolina tonight next year. >> why are they convinced and have the marco rubio people called and said we want a copy of that tape. that seems like a campaign ad waiting to happen. why aren't they questioning his desire to run? >> it's because -- he made a comment that he wants republicans to see his heart. here's the problem. republicans want to see inside your head. democrats want to see inside your heart. both are electrical mat. but i think that jeb is for the gop. at this point a little bit too gentle that they're so eager after seven years of barack obama to get someone who's going to fight for them that his communication comes as cross amount too gentle. >> do you think voters want
8:37 am
someone who's aspirational? in that time, does jeb or marco rubio or whoever the republicans are have to provide that message as well? >> thal's at's a fair point. in fact, for the gop we ask do you want a candidate who's focused bringing america forward or focus on bringing america back and by 2 hch 1 they're look at the future rather than the past. that's a challenge for jeb. arguably if you just took a look at his record as governor, you'd say he did a pretty good job. it's one of the reasons why he's using his name jeb, why you've got that logo that says his first name. you want people to feel the passion. go ahead, charlie. >> who d us that benefit the
8:38 am
most within the republican party? >> either marco rubio -- at this point either marco rubio or scott walker are capturing the greatest percentage of those in the future both very passionate, very strong. i don't want the u.s. to think jeb doesn't have a chance. he absolutely does because he's got more money than all the other candidates. but he's got a significant challenge and it's not just his name. there ha go passion. there has to be emotion on the feature. >> it will be interesting. frank luntz. thank you so much. this morning britain is commemorating one of the most important documents in human history. they ratified the magna carta 8 hub years ago. it's considered the cornerstone and an influence on our founding fathers. charlie, good morning. >> good morning to you. it's the celebration of a
8:39 am
document that predates the united states by 560 years but it's more relevant now than ever. serves as the inspiration for our own constitution the bill of rights and declaration of the human rights. >> the queen, prince philip and he made a trip to the runny meade whetherwhere the historic document was signed 200 years ago. 12 bronze chaers facing each other to signify a right to the documents. a barge made its way down the river thames leading a flotilla of 200 boats. it was called britain's first export of intellectual family. >> it inspired the founding
8:40 am
fathers. to this day the images of the magna carta is emblazoned on the great doors of the supreme court testify united states. four documents survived. two are held in the library. in washington, d.c., a later display is displayed. hate ling scribbled, magna carta, graig charter in london, was signed by king george. they're serk of getting kicked around by the treacherous and unpopular monarch. today's ceremony may be making up lost time. mag nag car ta is taking on far more significance than the united states. it was the first at the field at runny meade, not the english. now the original was hardly a rallying cry for the common man.
8:41 am
in fact, it explicitly discriminated against pes amounts and women but it helped with the legal system simply that no person i should be deprived of life iming and property. >> thank you. american families are finding tv can make them less remote. jennifer wallace is in studio 57. there she is in the green. she looks at how it is
8:42 am
8:43 am
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today's typical home includes three tvs and excel to 189 channels and we're only watching around 19. the average american watches almost five hours of live tv daily. "wall street journal" contributor shows how viewing together as a family can help children bond. jennifer joins us at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> when i was growing up there was one tv in the house and you had to watch tv together. but you say there are benefits to that. >> there are. the family would laugh over the
8:46 am
hijinx of eddie haskell or lucy and e them. there was no taking their devices into separate rooms and watching a different program. >> benefits like what? >> opportunities to connect as a family. families who use media like television as a tool to connect to spark conversation you strengthen family bonds that way. >> what does doing it the way they're watching watching on ipads separately and privately, what does that do? >> it makes it much more individual some of any benefit use would get from television are lost at the moment. the benefits are communicating with your family. finding out about your child, a laugh. >> real conversations. >> i'm getting sick of the ipad. i know you have young kids too. they have their separate ipads
8:47 am
or play minecraft. think about when a family watches like the women's world cup together. that's one of the greatest moments i think your family can have. it encourages bonding and you can talk about that experience of and over again. >> that's right. >> why have we lost that? >> we've lost it because we're being thrown all these different media or technologies. what you're talking about is family tradition. i remember watching request the charlie brown special. those are memories i remember and cherish. >> ""the wizard of oz."" >> research shows they're multitasking. >> i think it is our job as parents to set limits and i think we are so tired and stressed out ourselves that we often -- when we want to relax, we don't want it to be a fight so it's our relaxing time too but guess what? there are long-term benefits to
8:48 am
have that little argument in the moment. you have to put your phone away. charge it in another room and connect in the family. >> what if you're in the car. do you want your kids to be watching iphones? >> there are times when abreak out the ipad whennite's lodge car ride and there's traffic. we were just talking about this. it causes sometimes more trouble than it's worth. >> it's hart to find friendly family viewing. that's part of the problem. >> sports is the exception. >> yerkes sports in the expectation exception. >> teens are closed mouthed and they don't want to spend as much time as they did when they were children. it will give you insight into what interests them but cause them to talk to you a little more after the series is over.
8:49 am
>> it's great idea. thank you, jennifer. >> thank you very much. the state trooper goes out of his way to put a senior citizen and her scooter on the right packet. this is great video, great story. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
mmm, red white and blue pancakes. it's patriotism on a plate. i bet washington and jefferson would have eaten these. and at $4.99, that's less than a lincoln. red, white & blue pancakes are back and only $4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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8:52 am
it looks like a police chase but only slower. she got lost after going out for coffee. >> we're going to have to do something because i don't want you to get hurt out here. >> the trooper escorted the woman home about 4 miles an hour. he said he wanted to treat her the way somebody would treat his mother. she said i'm low temperature and he said i'm going to help you. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the evening news for scott pel
8:53 am
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>> good morning, to you, i'm erika von tiehl. crews from the city water department are back to repair the broken water main. it burst before dawn sunday morning on 52nd street near westminster avenue. eight to 10 million-gallon of water flooded basement, damaged cars, and turn the street into a river just incredible video. no one was hurt. repairs will not impact water service, but big clean up job this morning. >> goods morning being hammy monday hope you had a great weekends despite the heat and humidity. no big change in that part of the forecast, hot steamy through the next couple of days, showers ending, see blue sky in the city, but still
8:56 am
thunderstorms down the shore this morning especially cape may county. specially southern part of cape may county, storm moved off shore out into the open ocean. high of 89 degrees, tomorrow, 90 with some sun early then another chance for strong storms in the afternoon. wednesday looks like great day, slightly less humid still warm at 86, but great day to get outside. note chance for showers thursday friday, sunday the first day of summer, therefore quite some time. near 90. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. so, traveling on the pa turnpike westbound, going to be little bit after problem. because all lanes are currently blocked at bensalem as a result after accident. allowing traffic to get by, very slow go, make your way out of bucks county then i would say all the way down through to the mid-county toll plaza, just a lot going on. also still a lot going on in regard to rush hour, nine at southbound, still staggering traffic out of the northeast down through to the vine
8:57 am
street expressway delays to and from the commodore barry. the right lane blocked due to accident at memorial drive dupont highway. thanks vet tore y that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> on line predators. >> your kids are being targeted on their. >> the doctors investigate. >> your child and this predator, an old are adult, were sharing pictures. >> then you fall asleep and you wake up 8 months later! without any memories. >> nobody likes me! >> that video is ... it's not me. it'sa physical illness inside the brain. >> on the doctors! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> hello, everyone, and i want to thank you for joining us. you heard of on line predators. did you know they are now targeting your kids on their phones? if you were out there, you discovered your child was a, victim, would you have any idea what


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