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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 18, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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tonight at 11:00 o'clock tracking heavy rain on storm scan3. another round of wet weather moves in overnight, and it may have an impact on your morning commute. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. this rain could stick around for several hours and tonight meteorologist kathy orr is tracking when it will move in and just how heavy it will be. kathy? >> let's get right to it, jess much these are the details. increasing showers overnight heaviest between 3am and 10:00 a.m. could lead to localized
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poor drainage flooding you saw it on storm scan3. an area of rain associated with a warm front an area of low pressure riding along it. and this is going to be moving toward the north and the east. right now in philadelphia not much of anything just some increasing clouds. baltimore and washington seeing a few showers but still back to the south of hagerstown maryland. as we look ahead to the timing of this, we will be seeing it moving in overnight. the poconos and lehigh valley between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. you'll be seeing the rain. in philadelphia, between 5am and 9:00 a.m. that's when the heaviest will fall and most of the rain will be in the region and the jersey shore delaware beaches between six and 10:00 a.m. it should be out of the area by about noon. then all eyes on tropical depression bill. mack mum sustained winds at 30 miles an hour. bill still over texas moving toward the north and then northeast we're keeping careful eye on this as it looks like it will be impacting our weekend weather. coming up we'll talk about when it will be warm again. the weekend rain due to bill and
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then we'll go back into the 90s in your seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. jess. >> all right, kathy, thank you. torments night septa riders on alert after a violent rush hour confrontation at a septa station. a suspect came out of nowhere and attacked a woman. natasha brown joins us live from septa headquarters with more on this story. natasha? >> reporter: jessica this does appear to be a random attack and a very busy septa station and that's what's leaving many computers on edge tonight. this is video of a man septa police desperately want to find in connection with a razor slashing a tack at the market red station in frankford. it's just a glimpse moments before a vicious attack on 50-year-old female commuter. >> as she approached the fair line a man began speaking to her. an argument ensued. the man punched her. she does not know that man. had never seen him before. she defended herself. fought back.
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at which point the man drew a razor and cut her. >> reporter: assault happened at 9:30 wednesday morning. the victim walked to nearby aria hospital with a 5-inch garb in her forearm. with as many as 4700 commuters filtering through the market frankford line at the marge garrett station every day septa estimates as many as 2,000 file through on any given morning and anyone of them could have been a victim to this seemingly random tack. carol says she's extra cautious when she rides the rails. >> i pay attention. i pay attention. i sit there and i watch. i watch people. so that i don't get hurt. >> we rarely have an incident of violence and this is disturbing to us and we want to get information so so the public can help us find this person and we can are a arrest them. >> reporter: the suspect ran from the scene. as long as he's out there riders remain on edge. >> i took my husband with me. my husband is with me wherever i go. it's scary. it happening to women.
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>> reporter: the victim did have to get stitches to her arm but she was later released from the hospital. meantime if you have any information about this suspect please contact police right away away. we're live at septa headquarters in center city tonight natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> very scary natasha. thanks so much. police are searching for the man who allegedly killed the mother of his three children in north philadelphia. >> brandy! >> the family of 28-year-old brittany green mourned outside the warnock street home where her body was found. police say jarrel hall stabbed to green to death before fleeing with their three young children. they were dropped off at his mother's house unharm. >> police call the -- please call them its police and let them know his whereabouts. i'm begging you please help me find my daughter's killer. please. >> police say hall should be considered armed and dangerous.
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well breaking news right now. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire in inside of a church in charles ton south carolina tonight. there are preliminary reports from the scene that as many as eight people have been shot at the emmanuel a.m. e church no word on their conditions right now. this is happening right in the middle of charles ton's downtown area -- charles ton's downtown area. we'll stay on top of this breaking news story for you throughout this night. >> new information in the manhunt for the two escaped killer in upstate new york. these are progression photos of david sweat and richard matt. they depict what those fugitive killers may look like since they're stunning prison break. both men with grizzly beards and shag eighty three hair than in their mug shots. also a prison worker whose been charged with helping the two escape had reportedly discussed having them kill her husband who was also a prison worker. law enforcement agents are again asking the public for their help in finding the escapees.
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>> if there's one word that i thought of throughout this investigation it is relentless. and we are going to pursue every lead and we are going to locate these individuals and they will be apprehended. >> those fugitives have been on the run for 12 days now. police say that they're expanding their search area to new parts of near the prison in clinton county. >> new at 11:00 tonight lawmakers in delaware county honor a young baseball player who saved an umpire's life. fulcroft borough presented 16-year-old michael brodzinsky with its hero ship award tonight tonight. last monday the umpire collapsed after brodzinsky hit a double during a community baseball game. he then rushed to his side. he's a young firefighter who certified in cpr with the darby borough and sharon hill fire companies. >> i think a lot of people should know cpr. they should really practice it and everyone should learn it. i want to make career out of it either in philadelphia or a big city. >> hero writ there.
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umpire is now recovering. he's a student at academy park high school. >> local high school senior exceeds expectations despite going through difficult times growing up. >> david spunt has his story about overcoming obstacles and a big decision that he announced tonight. >> reporter: it's graduation night for the class of 2015. now proud alums of parkway center city high school. the crowd of excited seniors 18-year-old malik rivers sat issue patiently for his diploma m it's all about beating the neck challenge he was cemented to 20 colleges. >> it's a big number. >> it is. and a lot of people want to be able to do it in my circumstance but i did it and i want to show people that like throughout anything you can conquer your past. >> malik's past was a difficult one. he grew up in a single parent household. his mother battled with addiction. >> some people would fall into that drug and alcohol fall on
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their parents but i didn't i wanted to continue to get my education and know i can do better. >> his challenge intensify after his mother relapsed and once again struggling with substance abuse. she didn't come to her son's graduation. >> i'm upset she's not here because it's my mother. i want her to see me succeed but at the same time, like, i got people that love me here. i'm good. >> one of those people is joan mcmillion a mentor and second mom to malik. she's a caseworker and the two are close friends. >> when i met this young man i knew he was going to be successful. he went to school on his own. >> malik says mcmillion changed his life. >> she's family to me. icon tide in her with anything. i can talk to her about anything and get a response back and know she's with me throughout anything. >> she was one of the first to find out the big choice out of 20 schools where will malik rivers call home? >> iut indiana university.
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>> whoo! >> yup. >> he'll study to be a psychologist a new challenge he can't wait to meet. >> in philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". what a story. >> i think the future is bright for malik and for this other south jersey high school grad his mom was so happy about his accomplishment she congratulate him in very big way. >> oh vella o'neal rented his billboard known her son aj's school in camden. it reads quote a mother can't raise a man but i raised a gentleman. aj will graduate from leap academy next week and his mom wanted everybody to know just how proud she is of his accomplishments. as you can imagine the billboard was a big surprise. >> he turned around and he said, oh my god how did you get that up there? so he was totally surprised. >> i was kind of blown away, 'cause seeing my face up there. that's my senior picture too by the way for the yearbook. so it was nice.
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>> aj will pursue a career in engineering when he starts at rowan university in the fall. that's a great picture up there. he looks good. >> absolutely. wonderful graduates this year. >> very impressive. >> fun time of the year. here's something you don't expect to see you could say when you're on the road. >> you don't want to see this. >> no. >> this is caught on tape. what appears to be a child driving a big rig much it's a shocking video that has police alarmed tonight and looking for the man whose other side of this camera. >> and this bucks county woman was misdiagnosed with a serious illness and the treatment may have jeopardized her future. next tonight health reporter stephanie stahl with more on why this medical mistake is happening to a surprising number of people. >> kathy? >> we have some rain moving our way for the morning commute it will slow us down but the bigger story is going to be over the course of the weekend keeping an eye on the remnants of that old tropical storm bill. right now over dallas. this could be a weekend spoiler. we'll take look at that with the seven day.
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>> and down the shore the unusual characters hanging around the popular boardwalk. we'll tell where you these red foxes have set up shop when "eyewitness news" continues.
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tonight this shocking video of what appears to be a young boy driving a semi tractor trailer down the road is going viral. here's that boy behind the wheel wheel. he's believed to be driving down a two-lane highway in utah. there was steady traffic on this road so this potentially a very dangerous situation. in fact at one point the boy looks at the man whose shooting the video and asked him to take the wheel because he's scared. police are looking for that man tonight. he could face child endangerment charges if he's found. some california beaches are beginning to look more like a scene from a scary movie. thousands of tuna crabs have been washing a shore on beaches in san diego and orange county for the past three days. they're normal habitat is in the waters near mexico but
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scientists believe warmer water is drawing those crabs north. authorities are now task width very big and smelly mess to clean up. >> red foxes are becoming a common site down the shore in ocean city. many have claimed a spot under the board at saint charles place as their new home. the owner of browns for its doughnuts had to put up a sign asking customers not to feed the animals. and although they're usually not aggressive experts say to remember foxes are still wild animals. imagine being treated for a devastating condition that you don't have. it happens and more often than you think. tonight in the health watch our stephanie stahl has the exclusive story of how it happened to a woman in buck county and the impact on her life. what i do every morning is i make myself a new tri bullet shake. >> reporter: debbie figured a healthy diet was an important part of living with ms. a disorder that strikes the central nervous system.
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>> it was scary, and it was frightening and it was worrisome. >> reporter: when the 57-year-old was diagnosed with ms her children were stunned and very upset. >> destroys your world. yup. >> reporter: for 15 years debbie who lives in bensalem gave herself daily injections of a powerful drug that she thought was preventing ms symptoms. but she and her family lived in fear there was no telling when debbie might become incapacitate incapacitated. >> tried to prepare myself as much as possible for the worst. >> reporter: but the worst never came when her neurologist changed the medication dosage last year, she got dizzy and saw an ms specialist who said she didn't have it. she'd been misdiagnosed. >> i'm like devastated i mean i'm overjoyed, don't get me wrong that i don't have it but i'm like so heart broken that i put my children through this. >> reporter: it's happened to others research in the journal neurology says the miss diagnose of ms is common and has significant consequences for
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patient care. dr. larissa shy row a neurologist at cooper university hospital. she didn't treat debbie but isn't surprised. >> how could something like this happen? how does somebody get misdiagnosed with ms? >> because many other conditions can get the mri imaging we see in multiple sclerosis. >> the spot on an mri called white matter lesions can indicate ms but the spots are also seen with a number of other problems including migraines. >> this person has headaches. >> right. >> debbie didn't have ms but she now has week and painful tends a possible side effect of the ms medication. >> this as far as i can bring it. >> she had shoulder surgery in february and before that an operation on her knee. that tend is there too. >> i'm absolutely terrified at this point because i don't know what kind of damage that medicine did to my system for all those years. and yeah i'm scared. >> reporter: debbie wants to warn others and working with
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attorney george beatty who's considering legal action against the first doctor. >> debbie went for all these years with daily injections of toxic medication that can lead to many other problems. >> i'm angry with now we're worrying about the other aspect of taking this medication all these years. >> reporter: experts say ms can be tricky to accurately diagnose. it usually involves imaging and series of other tests. all that have to be analyzed and interpreted by a neurologist. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> local little leaguer mo'ne davis embarking on a three-week trip through history with players from her other youth baseball team the anderson monarchs. those players left philadelphia today for a civil rights tour of 20 cities. they're also going to get in a few games along the way don't worry. but even the team's bus is historic. it's from 1947. the same year when jackie robinson broke the baseball color barrier and it's without a bathroom or air-conditioning.
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>> this trip ooh means a lot going down south experiencing civil rights movement, and experienceing like meeting new teams all the other stuff great things like we'll visit museums play other people. >> to tomorrow the team will make its first stop in the nation's capitol. there they will get a tour of the white house they'll meet with congressman john lewis and of course get in that baseball game. they'll also get to watch the nationals play the rays. today marks a big day for our television station. >> this the day the broadcast pioneers of philadelphia celebrated 50 years of "eyewitness news". large crowd turn out at the bala gulf club in wynnefield. remembering 1965 when a new concept for covering local news originated here at channel three. some of our legendary staff who's got it started were there today. robin inn tosh was there. marsha rose, our buddy tom lamaine, dick standish, trudy haynes dick sheeran and the news director al primeau who created the ground-breaking
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concept of "eyewitness news". >> we sent these reporters out to do health, politics, transportation no one ever did that before. and within weeks these reporters were coming back with stories ahead of the newspapers. >> it is a concept that spread around the world and endured through 50 years and once again we are proud to say it all start started here and all with those great people that you see on your screen. >> legends. >> pioneers really. they really created the medium as we know it today. >> and they all look great. >> yes. >> they could come back and do it again. >> they don't age. >> they don't. >> if you guys are down the shore make sure you find me. if i'm down there run into robin i run into dick. >> tl. >> t in ac. it's great to see everybody what a distinguished group we love them all. wow. we're looking at interesting changes in our weather over the next couple of days. temperatures are going to be cooler and we're going to be seeing some rain.
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starting off tomorrow morning. take a look outside. pretty quiet. looking at the city hall and billy penn a top there. with a mostly cloudy sky. so no turbulent weather just yet on storm scan3 watching the showers moving in spotty at first. that radar is filling in. like a wall of rain moving into baltimore and washington and you can see those yellows and reds and oranges so heavier rain. the only thing that will prevent us from getting a lot of heavy rain tomorrow morning will be the dry air that's sits over the delaware valley. so most locations seeing about half an inch of rain. some possibly higher with some heavier downpours during the morning rush. right now 69 in philadelphia. the same in wilmington. look at reading 72 mount pocono still sitting at 63 degrees. down the shore on shore flow so temperatures in the 60s. close to that ocean water temperature at 70 degrees. future weather shows dry over the region as a good handle of what's going on right now. so initial liesing well. by 7:00 a.m. you see some pockets of heavier rain especially through our suburbs.
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then this pushes through during the morning rush. by noon spotty showers mainly on the jersey side and then we dry it out in the afternoon. so any baseball games lacrosse games, graduations, i don't think you'll have a problem during the late afternoon and early evening. late at night we could see a few more showers rolling on through into early friday morning. friday looks pretty good as well well. future rain amounts show general generally between a quarter of an inch and a half inch from the northwest to the southeast with this. these numbers have been variable but i do think most areas up to half inch of rain all associated with this warm front with an area of low pressure associated with it. morning rain, afternoon clouds. temperatures in the 70s. friday looks good with highs in the 80s. saturday looks good. a slight chance of a late storm but the remnants of bill will be moving along by sunday and that could spoil our weather. right now those future rain amounts bring at least three to 5-inches of rain to the midwest and it then it moves on toward the delaware valley. overnight the low 65. rain in the morning. for your rush for your thursday.
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79. hour by hour rain at 8am 10am, noon some drizzle and then the afternoon looking better with some break in the clouds before sunset. and on the seven day forecast and shore cast, 79 tomorrow. 86 friday. saturday looks good. father's day questionable with that rain. and then hot monday little bit better tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. kathy, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> new setting unfortunately the same results tonight. beasley? >> they brought it home to philadelphia. the home at home with the orioles. did the fightings is the big question break that eight game losing streak? i've got the best plays of the game ahead in
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>> phillies continue their home at home with the orioles tonight tonight. game switching to south philadelphia. here we go. phillies had once again to dig out a first inning hole. chris hit his third homerun of the season and of the series that is and the o's had one-zero lead. bottom of the first jimenez
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throws a wild pitch. chase utley scored on the play and the game was all tied up until the fourth. baltimore scored four unearn runs. in the seventh freddie galvis hit his three run homerun but it wasn't enough. phillies drop their ninth straight. game' final was six to four. >> the frustrateing part of it is numerous games, one ball away one ball in play, one base hit away from, i don't know, how many more wins than we have. we've come up short in those games and those start to add up up. >> all right eagles offensive line is the biggest question mark with changes at the guard positions. todd harmins gone. evan mathis cut bar borough tow win and gardner got plenty of playing time last season due to injuries and chip must feel like
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their ready to help out. with jason peters and lane johnson to the corners and jason kelce in the middle kelce thinks they'll be just fine. >> through these training camp practices as we build that hoe he's we'll be more than ready to go game one and this season have again a dominating running a tack and good pass protect. >> and the sixers brought ohio state guard deangelo russell in for work out today. several mock drafts from the sixers taking russell with third pick in next week's nba draft. he averaged 19 points, six rebounds and nine assists he was a first team all american with
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local children received a sweet treat thanks to philadelphia police. "eyewitness news" at the sugar bowl candy shop in germantown tonight. officers with the 14th district five squad donated the cash so 200 kids could get a free water ice. sounds pretty good. event marks the end of the school year and some officers were also there to pass out the
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city summer curfew schedule. the national constitution center has chosen this year's recipient of the liberty medal. >> the dalai lama will be presented with the honor here in philadelphia on october 26th. national constitution center president and ceo jeffrey rosen says that the at this time ben tan shiver wal leader being recognized for his work in expanding freedom compassion and tolerance worldwide. this will be the 27th presentation of the liberty medal. >> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl nicole brewer and meteorologist katie fehlinger. for beasley, kathy and all of us i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. hawaii five-o is next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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