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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 19, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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next. now a at 11:00, as the nation up or downs the south carolina church shooting, a local vigil remembers the nine lives taken by a gunman. tonight, the young man accused of carrying out the massacre is back in charleston and behind bars. so many are wondering how such an act of evil to happen inside
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a church good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean 21-year-old dylann roof is facing to charges in one of the worst mass shootings in south carolina history. tonight the fbi is investigating the massacre as a hate crime. this surveillance picture shows a young man apparently on a murder russ mission. he entered the church around 8:00 pam. spent a full hour mingling with impressioners at a bible study. he then stood up. announced he was there to kill black people. and shot six women and three men to death. three others survived. >> responding, 110 chemical hewn state. multiple people down. >> reporter: escaped and police launch add massive manhunt. law enforcement released this image from surveillance cameras, and a description of a black sedan with distinctive license plates. that led to an id. at 10:45 this morning, police pulled him over during a traffic stop in shelby, north carolina
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a four hour drive from charleston, he'd been spotted by debbie denials an employee of a flower shop on her way to work. >> i was able to get behind him, tag number, i was directly behind him at a stop light and everything going through my mind was like what if? the only thing i could still sees is those people in charleston and those people in prayer circles praying that prepare would be answered. >> reporter: sores re serbs sources .45 caliber pistol in the car. charleston police chief greg medical end said roof was arrested without incident. >> i was stopped because a citizen alerted law enforcement to a suspicious activity in law enforcement went out and they knew that once they arrived there, it was the individual that we were looking for. >> social media pictures show roof posing on black hyundai with confederate license plates and his facebook profile picture he's wearing a jacket from apartheid south africa and rhodesia now known as zimbabwe
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his facebook account now reveals numerous black friends and the, tracks hate crimes says he was never on their radar. president obama addressed the nation from the whitehouse. he calls the victim's deaths senseless murders. >> to say our thoughts and preparess are with them prayers are with them and their families and community doesn't say enough to convey the heartache and sadness and anger that we feel. >> the nine victims ranged in age from 26 to 87. they are myra thomas cynthia heard, insure ran do coleman single ton, tywanza sanders, he think he will lancaster, susan jackson, depayne middle ton dr. daniel simmons and the church of pastor reverend clementa pickney. reverend pickney does have family in our area. "eyewitness news" spoke with his cousin.
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tonight we join the congregation at ame church to remember the victims. "eyewitness news" todd quinones is in society hill with that part of our coverage. >> reporter: here inside the walls of mother bethel ame church, people of all faiths came together in prayer, tears were showed and tears consoled. >> declare that darkness is not more powerful than light. reverend mark tyler was a close friend of reverend clementa pickney, the pastor of mother emmanuel in south carolina who was among those killed wednesday night. two even worked in the documentary together about the africa methodist episcopal church down do you think tyler said all day from all across philadelphia. he had people calling. >> you heard, we heard, this is philadelphia, if any one part of our city hurts, we all hurt. what can we do? . >> during the inner face service
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where the ame church began the names of those killed were read out loud. >> myra thomas. >> he's going to be missed. he really is patricia hamm was cousin, she saw him about a year and a half ago and the two kept touch on facebook. we asked if she was angry with the alleged shooter, 21-year-old dylann roof. >> i'm not angry. i'm concerned about him. i'm concerned that he gets the right help. that he ask for forgiveness for what he's done. >> reporter: when pastor mark tyler was addressing the audience, he said i know most of you are not from ame. at that point, he was interrupt abide i someone in the pews who shouted, we are all ame. >> reporter: reporting from society hill. todd quinones cbs news "eyewitness news". >> pb sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the south carolina
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church massacre. we'll, of course, bring you the latest developments on television and also online at the water main break turns a shopping center parking lot in hunting park into a lake. it's not the first time. this break happened at baker center along roberts avenue. "eyewitness news" report david spunt is live at the scene tonight to tell us more. david? >> reporter: chris, we've seen a lot of water main breaks lately over the past few weeks. sign of summer. crews have been here eight hours, seven million gallons of water spewed out into this parking lot, crews still don't have an official cause, but they're speculating it may just be old age of the pipe. >> two hours, water spewed into the parking lot taking out everything in its path. >> i was standing in front of the shore getting ready to check out. i saw all the people runnings to the front. i went to the door to see what was going on. there was water flooding through the front. >> reporter: seven stores had to be evacuated. many had water damage that will take a few days to clean up.
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>> never experienced anything like this, never been in anything like this in my entire life. >> reporter: joyce coker hopes she never has to go through losing a car again, hers is ruined, thanks to the steady treatment of water. >> up to the wheels, so just turn in to my insurance agency. >> reporter: almost two hourss crews stopped the unrelenting flow. it end renewal, this and a muddy mess, we found the rail lines behind the complex closed because of the damage. four foot line that broke, crews installed it two centuries ago, in 1895. >> age may have played a factor the infrastructure in philadelphia is aging. we are working re weather to replace it. >> reporter: old lines are a common tail in the area. last year "eyewitness news" was on seen for of his water main break. does it look familiar? it happened just a few yards from the current one. officials say the lines are different and it's a bizarre coincidence. the job now getting down to the break to see exactly what
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happened. >> these mains are deep. it's approximately probably 25 feet deep. so it will take some time to actually get a visual on the main itself and how to approach. >> reporter: crews are hoping to get down to that water main break cite tomorrow to kind of figure out exactly what happened. meanwhile these businesses are closed. the shop rite seems to be the only one open. the other businesses open to open at least by saturday. live tonight david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. remnants of tropical storm bill are now moving across the southern planes, the system which has now been downgraded to a tropical depression dumped more than ten inches in ardmore oklahoma. today emergency crews recovered the body of a 2-year-old boy, who had been swept away were by a fast moving creek. two others were killed in floods in texas, and missouri. here at home. we are keeping a close eye on what is left of bill. it will bring us a soggy weekend. meteorologist kathy orr tracking
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those changes in the weather center now kathy? >> we will see a soaking rain you can see a lot of green on the do that lumbar radar screen we do have a warm front that drapes through the midwest towards philadelphia and here it is what's left of bill. you can still see that counter clockwise flow, area of low pressure, the depression mug toward the north and east. and it will continue over the course of the next couple days. locally with a warm front we do have spotty showers across the area, in reading, bucks county and in the northern part of montgomery county with heavy shoushs falling right now in area around pottstown and this is moving toward the southeast, and it should pretty much be dissipateing as it continues on the south easterly track. tomorrow morning, cool temperatures, waking up to temperatures mainly in the 60s. 64 in the ski 67 in allentown, 65 degrees in trenton, over the course of the day, temperatures will be warming up fair al quickly, with some warning fog look at this increasing sunshine by 11:00, we'll be
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sitting at eighty degrees. we do have warm-up coming our way, then we have rain, a soaking rain for at least part of the weekend. we'll bounce back to the 90's in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about how much rain and two re who gets most of it with the remnants of bill coming up with that seven-day forecast. chris. >> we'll see you then. the governor of delaware jack markell signed legislation tonight eliminateing criminal penaltys for possession of small amounts of marijuana. now, those who were caught with one ends of marijuana or less will receive a $100 fine. republicans in the democratic controlled legislature did not support that bill. they say it send the wrong message to young people. the new law is set to go into effect in sects months. philadelphia city council passed a series of bills aimed at funding the cash strapped school district. what does to moan for those who live, work or play in the city? well taxes are going up. "eyewitness news" report matt rivers can explains. >> reporter: a lot can happen in
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the three-hour city council session. agenda itself was over 20 pages long. but we'll focused on the big stuff tflt start with school funding. council approved three different tax increases. along with selling off commercial tax liens, will net the district between 70 and $80 million. >> it's a challenge but but at the end of the day we clearly have to support the children. >> reporter: property taxes will go up over four percent, use and pacts taxes for city businesses will go up, as well the parking tax, which may make off street parking more expensive. despite those measures, the school district remains 20 to $30 million short of the funding it quest requested that money could come through under governor tom wolf's proposed budget. >> we're hearing that is potentially this year going to be additional support from harrisburg that is a long time coming. >> reporter: the other big item on the agenda the redevelopment of the gallery mall at market east of the set for $350 million upgrade seen here in renderings
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along with zoning changes. council approved a $55 million tax sub di for the new mall's developers also known as a tif. >> this project would have never moved forward without the tif being approved and passed by council. >> reporter: mayor nutter -- surrounded by councilman and the gallery's developers. >> on top of all of that. council also voted to approve the fits chemical year 2016 operating budget for the city. their legislateing picks back up when they return from summer break in september. we're outside of city hall, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news". we all know that told booth says and total pikes go together like maybe peanut butter and jelly. >> kind of go together but we're going to tell you where these total abdominals will be disappearance on the pa turnpike. how about that? also a new face for the ten bill, a woman going to replace alexander him a
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hamilton. philadelphia rich history could play a role in that choice. >> there is a university reserving part of a staircase for those who are walking and texting. we'll tell you more about that. not a bad idea capability. >> that's like the boardwalk in ocean city. you have the pedestrians, the bikers and ferrys. >> on stormscan3 we are tracking the rain associated with the remnants of bill mug toward the delaware valley a soaker half of the weekend we'll time the
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. pope francis stepped on to the political stage's call for a bold cul curel revolution to fight climate chain re change. the pope -- agreed pollution global warm be and the plight of the pour. he call on the world to cut greenhouse gases and lead similar lives. climate change except ticks degree.
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sources tell "eyewitness news" delegation from the vatican was here in philadelphia today to review the final preparations for the world meeting of families and papal visit in sent. meanwhile, the drpa announced patco express trains will run from only five stations during the pope of visit to help control clouds crowds. lindenwold woodcrest ferry avenue broadway and 9th and locust. a philadelphia delegation is headed to vatican next week to finalize those plans for the fop of visit in september. of i'll be traveling with themly. you can look for my reports from the vatican starting monday on "eyewitness news". told booths on one part of the pa turnpike will soon be no more but you won't get a free ride. technology at the delaware bridge will soon be all electronic. no changes for easy pass users but if you don't have one, you're going to find a bill in your mail behaved on your license plate which will be photographed. look for those changes to take effect by january. >> interesting stuff there. a university of utah
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researches part of the staircase for walkers who just can't stop texting. >> that's a lot of us these days. the school has divided the staircase into three lanes, there's walking lane on the left if you're in a rush, you use the middle lane. but if you're texting, you head to the slow lane on the right. the creativity director of that school came up with the idea to engage students who obviously love their smart phones and do not slow down to use them. alexander alexander hamilton, move over, big changes coming to your body $10 bill. >> a redesign will honor the contributions of a historical dpeem figure. we don't know who it will be just yet. but the treasury department does want input from the public. some people we talked to in philadelphia had a few suggestions. >> rosa parks. >> harriet tub man. >> not a child doesn't know about harriet tub man.
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>> these new bills will debut in 20-20 and that coincides with the hundred hundredth anniversary of 19th amendment which guaranteed women at the right to vote. who do you want to see on the new $10 bill. let us know. facebook, twitter, #cbs chart. can't wait to see who end up on the $10 bill. >> great importance. >> i think so. very interestings to see. >> we'll come back for beautiful stone harbor. the weather wasn't necessarily a plus. >> a lot of folks already on vacation. many schools were at a school. couple weeks ago. so now summer vacation begins but feels like that's the big question, father's day looks like it's going to be a little bit of a soaker from the city stott shore, orbs, we have nice days in between. take a look at outside right now, mostly cloudy skies there are showers firing up on stormscan3, but most of them
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dying out fairly quickly. we will see areas of fog overnight as well. on stormscan3 you can see we have on our triple sweet going, we have some heavy showers and thunderstorms along the eastern shore of maryland moving toward northeast. delaware you can see few showers overnight. reading, berks county central bucks, seeing some rain showers you could see a few of these moving toward the east. seeing rain with limerick with few sprinkles, that's overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow. great improvement. this is all associated with a warm front, so mile temperatures overnight, allentown 68. philadelphia still 71 dover 72. down the shore, temperatures mainly in the 60s, rehoboth even with the on shore flow at 73. overnight tonight, few spotty showers by tomorrow morning, some morning fog, giving way to sunshine by afternoon. looking pretty good few spotty showers here and there most of us will be seeing partly sunny skies, we clear it out friday night. saturday, is clouds, some sun,
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showers moving through mid day. not a perfect day. friday or saturday, pretty decent. then by the afternoon, seeing dry conditions. look what happens by 11:00 p.m. we start to see heavy rain to the south, baltimore and washington dover, even wildwood. this is the beginning of an area of low pressure moving eastward over the front, and the remnants of bill. here's tropical downpours depression bill, moving east northeast, ten miles an hour tracking through the ohio value on saturday, then just to the south of philadelphia by sunday see that blob of heavy rain along the delmarva? we're talking about inches of rain we have to carefully watch the projections of the track of bill to see who will end up getting the heaviest rain. that's not in stone just yet. right now looks like tropical higher amount to say near that storm, three inches heaviest rain falling in the morning. of course flooding a possibility when you see heavy
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rain like this. overnight the low 64 with areas of fog developing, during the day tomorrow, sunny, high 87. as we go hour by hour, a chance of a few showers early in the morning, by noon 83. 86 at 3:00 p.m. if you're going out friday evening, it's going to be beautiful. 82, exclusive "eyewitness news" seven-day forecast and shook saturday decent, sunday during the course downpours. 84 degrees, 76 down the shore, after that looks pretty nice monday night, tuesday 87ing dry wednesday and thursday if you took next week off for valuation, you picked a really good week once we get past sunday, unfortunately, that's the day we celebrate dad. we'll have to bring the barbecue inside. >> i'm sure people can get creative. >> the dismiss seem to have been on vacation, now they're getting back together. >> they give us our father's day's -- draught is over.
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final al victory to report sixers
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. cole hamles re cole hamles will mitts his start. because of a mile hamstring but the good news, the fightans nine gram losing streak over. lead-off home run. the oriole through the series lose one to nothing, sixth when ryan howard connected this two-run shot to right. the fightans took the lead. john man re than papelbon -- first time if two weeks the phillies win, two to one was the score. right now i appreciate a player working hard to improve his craft of the talented darren sproles said tightened darn ertz said re says he'll be a super star. say it passes last season, they
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go only play him half the snaps because the tightened can't play so stack has worked hard with the offensive line coach all off season and he sought the advice of future hall of failure tony gone sallies. >> probably the best ever play the game that's where i want to be when i'm done hopefully 15 years from now he was great to me, the wherewithal to kind of sit down with me and teach me some of the things he knows about the game. it was and you believe believable for me. birds six-week holiday until training damns starts august 2nd and end on 19th. what's the point of going. >> new uniform wings center combine the look of the champion jersey of 1967 to 1983. do you remember. alan iverson was there to show the support. question was asked if he might return in an advisory capacity.
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>> i have a sharp mind when it comes to that look. you know what i mean? being able to look in somebody's eyes and tell if they're going to be in the fox hole with you tonight or if they're not. you know what i mean? i'm a basketball to me i'm a basketball genius. i really believe that. you know what i mean? any capacity that i can help this franchise that's what i'm going to do. >> now to the virginia golf, first around of the us open gold course outside of seattle. tiger woods shot ten over par 80 his worse round ever in an open. correction, could be one shy.
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. the friends of rittenhouse square trans for the purpose the park into a sparkling ball room tonight. the 32nd animal ball room brought together more than 500 community leaders residents black tie gall la helped raise
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money for the complete renovation of the three main -- plant passion keep an eye out for that. i was happy to be there and take part in what is a wonderful cause. love to go to the park walk around a little bit. take the dog. enjoy it. >> you don't take the dog to that particular event. >> he doesn't have formal dress, no. >> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" we're back in the morning at 4:30. >> i'm jessica dean have
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