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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> expect extremely hot weather today. oh those temperatures will bring in some storms. not catching a break here. >> let's check the forecast with katie and see what it will be like. >> good morning, guys, expecting pretty significant heat out there here today. we have already had two days straight now of 90 plus degrees. actually we take you back in time and show you what we ended up with. and what we expect here today. so remember, the official definition for a heatwave is three days plus of 90 plus degrees. so, already had two days every 91 degrees. and now we expect this to actually be the hottest day of the three. so, this is going to be pretty
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much a no brainer. we expect the heatwave to officially happen, but regardless of heatwave status, you know, even if we were only at 89 degrees today officially, it would still feel really, really humid. here's what's going on. there is actually a cluster. storms off shore right now don't worry about that, moving out to sea storm scan empty locally, and then one zoom shows you what looms off in the distance here, and these storms mean business. they're nasty. you can see across actually just east of buffalo look at all of the lightning that is starting to fire up here with some of these cluster eventually, this is casino of what our radar will look like, as this front starts to cross through. in the meantime, the atmosphere just building up. heat and moisture, so heat advisory is taking effect as we mention at 11:00 a.m. specifically, it is only for a small sort of cross section of the delaware valley, but you're talking pretty much the most urbanized corridor here. so there is a couple million people affected here, with heat index values right around 100 today that means, a lot of us are going to be
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sweating, if we're not careful. so take it easy out there. we always stress that. and there is a reason for t meanwhile, looking ahead to the storm time that we just talked about mainly mid to late afternoon early evening. so as they move if from northwest to southeast basically talking the typical evening rush around philly, and the immediate vicinity, for the worse of the storms to rumble through. less than ideal right? 76 degrees, the current temperature, meanwhile, do you have very warm start, in the city and that will help us spike with no problems, we think, to the mid 90s again will feet hotter, factoring in the humidity, and eventually, the storms are set to rumble on in. ukee, we send it back to you. >> thanks a lot. we start over in the garden state route 42 the freeway past i-295 bellmawr, new jersey, skies are clear once again right now. later today as katie mentioned could be a different story all lanes are moving normal speeds as you can see good thing. once again there is an accident on the inner lanes of the southbound roosevelt boulevard near mascher street, only one lane is able to get by at the moment.
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key will keep you update philadelphia you are in the area. all westbound lanes still blocked route 42, route 100 in pottstown, due to downed wires from earlier accident. >> well, new england patriots quarterback tom brady gets his chance to tell his side of the story today. >> brady's appealing four game suspension he received regarding under inflated football, waist become known as deflate gate. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, in the cbs-3 sat center more on that. jan, good morning. >> good morning, at 9:30 today, tom brady will square off against nfl commissioner roger goodel. his hearing is actually at nfl headquarters, now, brady has always denied wrong-doing in this deflate gate case. today his attorneys will get a chance to present his side. >> expect a much different entrance and reception for tom brady as he shows up at nfl headquarters today. the star quarterback is fight to go have his four game suspension overturned. >> this is the date that's been circled. this is all that really matters right now for the patriots. >> all along, new england
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patriots, and brady have denied donating footballs during the afc championship against the indianapolis colts. >> i didn't have any you know didn't alter the ball in anyway. >> starting today brady's attorney argues several points. one, the evidence collected during the league's investigation doesn't show brady violated any nfl rules. two, the punishment is too harsh. three, league executive, troy vincent, doesn't have the authority to hands down the punishment. the players association will argue only commissioner roger goodel has the power to discipline players. >> i have grade admiration, respect for tom brady. but the rules have to be enforced on an uniform basis. and they apply to everybody in the league. >> the patriots fined $1 million and draft picks following the investigation, the team's owner has delayed to appeal the penalties. meantime today's appeal will be heard by commissioner goodel the man who authorized the discipline in the first
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place. >> and it could take weeks before a ruling comes down. if brady suspension isn't overturned, this could end up in court. we're reporting live in the sat center this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jan, thank you. meanwhile, fears over e-coli contamination lead to recall of bottled water. the voluntary recall covers 14 brand names including acne -- acme wegmans, shoprite. affected water bottle between june 10th and 18th. e-coli bacteria reportedly found in a pennsylvania spring though there are no reports of illness right now. we have posted more on this recall on our website and your time now 5:35. in business news this morning why former fed head ben bernanke is against changing the 10-dollar bill. >> the newest company to change its stands on artificial ingredient. wendy jill is -- joins us from the new york took stock exchange with more. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika the wall street finished hire yesterday on possible progress
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over grease's bailout. the dow gained 103 points, the nasdaq was up almost 37. general mills says it is dropping artificial colors and flavors from its cereals. the company says tricks and reese's puffs will be the first to be changed. general mills says by the ends of 2016, 90% of its products will have no artificial ingredients. members of the senate commerce committee say japanese airbag manufacturers takata may have put profits over safety. takata airbags force record auto recall, because they can explode with too much force. the senators say takata emails indicate safety audits were stopped from 2009 to 2011, for financial reasons. once the audit resumed problems with the airbag propellents were discovered. says the emails were taken out of context. and former federal reserve chief ben bernanke weighing in on plans to change us currency. says he essay pulled by plans to to re alexander hamilton on
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the 10-dollar bill with a woman. he calls hamilton the best and most foresight dollars policy make nerve us history. says adding a woman is fine, but, she should replace andrew jackson, on the 20-dollar bill instead. ukee erika? >> welshing he has his reasons at least. >> come on, ben. >> all right. thanks wendy. >> well, for the second time in three days, gunmen open fire in a philadelphia neighborhood. saturday night, ten people, including three children, were some in man too a7 people shot yesterday, in kensington, including three children. let's show you exclusive video of the moment shots were fired. children playing in the fire hydrant area, ran inside. police say used a gun caught in the spray of the bullet just three years old. >> makes absolutely no sense again it, reinforces what we tell some of these guys just don't care. >> police say a shotgun was also used during a shooting at a west philadelphia block party on saturday, but it does
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not appear these shootings are related. a confirmed lead may and break in the search for two escape prison inmates. andrew spencer shows what authorities believe they're getting closer to capturing the two murders err on the land now for more than two weeks. >> county sheriff says the news is starting to tighten. >> i think these are the best leads that we've had since the escape. >> burglarized cabinets up-state new york near the rural community of mountain view. inside, a law enforcement source says teams found dna matching that of richard matt and david sweat. >> it is confirmed lead for us. it is generated a massive law enforcement response, as you can see. and we're going to run this to grounds. >> confirmed lead where there have been few in the more than two week long search. >> very rough terrain, it is not easy to get tonight it is not easy to traverse. there aren't any year around residences, all season residences in that particular area. >> saturday, someone spotted a person running into the woods near the cabin.
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at the time law enforcement was more focused on an area closer to the pennsylvania border. the new search area isn't far from the clinton correctional facility, little more than 20 miles near owls head new york. search teams use being atv's cruiser, helicopter to sweep the area. law enforcement soarings says the cabin break-in is suggesting david matt and sweat are desperate and need provisions like food and clean water. andrew spencer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a single engine plane registered to oscar winning composer, james horner, has crashed in the lost padres national for as, one of two owned by the 60 year old horner won two oscars for his work on titan nick 1997. authorities say the pilot was killed in that crash. it is not clear though, right now, if that pilot was horner. south carolina governor nicky haley calling for the removal of the cod fen rad flag from the grounds of the state capitol. now there is comes after the church massacre that killed
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nine black church members allegedly by young white man who embraced the flag at a symbol of white supremacy. haley originally supported the devisive symbol. it is flown in front of the state capitol for 15 years. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, it is summer that means moss keith east. >> just how bad those pests are expected to be this season, and what one local community is doing about it. we'll be right back.
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>> gunfire breaks out on hilton street in kensington yesterday afternoon. seven people were injured, including three children. the gunman remains at large seven people were wounded by gunfire in mantua, on saturday. also, south carolina's governor says she wants the confederate flag to move from the state capitol in colors ton. announcement marks reversal of position for governor nicky haley. she had previously or called the flag a deeply offensive symbol of brutally offensive past. >> philadelphia mayor mike nutter and many others in rome right now. we have learned andre a boccelli and the philadelphia orchestra will perform during the papal visit. coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> looking forward to. that will right now we check with katie and the weather watch earns. looking warm out there. >> it real circumstances the eyewitness weather watchers up and adam bright and early with
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us this morning. a lot of mid to upper 70s. we start things off here in new castle county, sending in full sunshine out in newark, at 73 degrees already. not too bad now he says, heat and humidity eventually climbing, advice we always gave, to stay school, stay hydrated. 74 degrees sent in to us from lynn, the sun already in cherry hill, did sends us a picture that far sun starting to climb. if we can get it open. there goes. with already, you know, hot sunrise, she said out there this morning so, really just matter of time before we see these temperatures spike into the 80s then eventually, the 90s, meanwhile mark sent in full sunshine at 72 degrees in chatsworth. the list goes on, off to warm start. so the heat is building, a the moisture is building, b with more of southerly component to the winds flow, as a result, when this frontal boundery gets here, this is leading edge here, nasty thunderstorms are set to erupt. so the time something pretty much prime for us to ends up with some of the stronger thunderstorms that we find with this system.
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the storm threats are as such, in terms of the threat level. we could see pretty much the whole kitchen sink out there. certain threats that are greater than other. downpours, that's a big one flashflood doing easily occur with this, lightning winds small hail, all at moderate, tornado, talking probably about 2% risk of that, so very low, but we can't completely throw it out. okay? meanwhile, the comfort index talking dew points here, 07 agree dew points, really where we sit already. so, i call that oppressive. it feels pretty darn muggy outside. make sure you're taking care. if you have to be outside maybe landscaper, work construction, lots of fluid. stay hydrated. all of the stuff we always tell to you do, the common sense call stuff, water the drink of chills. by tomorrow, humidity starts to retreat. that's good news, sun will shine, but it certainly will be very warm obviously into the upper 80s by thursday, few more clouds start to move on in. ukee, over to you. >> thanks so much. let's take you outside. here is a look at the vine expressway, near i76.
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construction from overnight cleared about 5:00 a.m. and volume now normal, as you can see going in both directions. take you to the maps. there is an accident on the inner lanes of the southbound roosevelt boulevard, near mascher street only one lane, i'm told, getting by right now, just heads up if you are in that area. also, all westbound lanes are blocked on route 422 at route 100 over in pottstown because of downed wires from an accident that occurred, i believe, around 3:30 this morning. just another heads up for you. right now, 5:45, here's erika. >> thanks, ukee. of course it is summertime now, time to get outside and enjoy warm weather. also means though do you have battle the mosquitos. experts say this season could be one of the worse. in camden county, crews are already out right now trying to get rid of those pesky insects. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the details on their plan of attack. >> it is back to work this summer for camden county mosquito sprayers, and the mission is simple: kill as many as possible.
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>> we joined a crew from camden county, that kill these annoying, and sometimes dangerous insects. >> something that really gets on your nerves, when you think about it. >> free holler, leonard runs the mosquito abatement. thanks to the rain and steamy temperatures over the past few weeks, expect to see more of these by the day. >> july, august, we know it will be humid. usually the beginning every june is gets hot not really humid, so far the way it has been. >> tells "eyewitness news" the 2015 season already seems to be more active than in years past. cherry hill resident brian malloy agrees. >> i've noticed them in my house, the backyard and all it is difficult as i said to go out in the patio at night. >> mosquitos don't discriminate. eastern pennsylvania has its share of problems. just last week, mosquito tested positive for west nile virus in chester county. expert say, don't worry neighborhood sprague should stop any spread of west nile virus, but if you're extra concerned, it doesn't hurt to carry something like this in
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your car. drain standing water pay extra attention to the swimming pools. summer just started sunday. mean annoying mosquitos could be around for a few more months. >> let's put this this way. i am certainly not an expert, but i hope not. you know? i hope not. >> in camden county david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, an unwelcome visitor shows up on a new jersey beach. check this out on your screen right there. the harvey cedars beach patrol posted this photo on their facebook face, that's portuguese war fish, potentially sea creature. beach patrol officials say that when wind comes in from the northeast, warm water from the gulfstream can bring these man of war jellyfish our way. just another reminder, always be aware when swimming out in the ocean also just walking on the beach don't know what's going to wash up on there. >> just looking at that, with those colors, in the water? i'm going the other way. >> still ahead this morning "eyewitness news", we are
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continuing to follow the latest on the heat advisory for our area today. >> also, sean p. ditty combs was arrested in l.a. find out what the businessman and rap is her accused of doing. >> first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> hip hop star arrested monday ucla at the athletic training center. accused of assault with deadly weapon weapon being kettle bell after reportedly getting into a dispute with a coach. "tmz" reports combs confronted the coach who is yelling at his son justin, defensive back on the football team.
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combs is out on bail and due back in court next month. and, jurassic world continues to cop through the records books. universal studios says mega hit cross the the 1 billion-dollar mark monday, becoming the fastest film ever to reach that milestone. universal also set the previous record with curious seven earlier this year. doing quite well at universal. >> very well, very well. hey, maroon five the next band to perform on the beach in atlantic city. adam levin and company will be rocking the shore august 16th. last year, blake shelton and lady anteluum, tickets go on sale on friday. >> you couldn't hear katie. katie goes yes adam levin yes. big fan? >> that's a hot ticket right there, man. seriously hot ticket. nick jonas and maroon five? common! >> out of town. >> road trip. huge. awesome. so excited. love weekends down the shore.
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all right folks we are certainly looking ahead to very summer like forecast today. let's start it off actually by going out to one of the live neighborhood network cameras starting starting to see the sun pop over the horizon not completely brightened up already, 75 degrees here, outside whitt fields elementary school in west lawn pa. already though some pretty nasty thunderstorms, look at this, the heavy rain, the frequent lightning firing up here in northwestern pa, and just across the new york state borderment generally we don't have to worry about storms here, until the p.m. time frame. talking afternoon for the northwest most suburbs into the early evening philadelphia, down toward the shore point. you will get good beach day in, but i am telling you make sure you keep those ears perked, and if you hear thunder, that you head inside. get away from the beaches. really anywhere else, today though, in philadelphia, shooting for 94 degrees. that will make it a heatwave officially, no doubt about that. but, keep in mind, heat advisory also takes effect as of 11:00 a.m. this morning for the i95 corridor essentially
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and all of the adjacent counties. now, thankfully this front will be pretty speedy to move on through and get out of here. so eventually, the humidity starts to drop off and tomorrow certainly still warm ukee, but it will be a pretty nice summer day. over to you. >> sounds good to me. let's see what's happening outside. i95 headed northbound towards allegheny. traffic moving as you can see nicely on the cam. accident west norriton on the boulevard, general at george washington avenue. >> this accident involves a tractor-trailer, i'm told, also another accident on the inner lanes of the southbound roosevelt boulevard, that's over near mascher street. only one lane is getting by right now. >> many of are you are headed out the door, get to your destination safely. tame your time and continue to watch us, when you can right here on "eyewitness news" this morning, we'll take short break. be right back.
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>> "eyewitness news" at the african museum last night black fathers, community lead earth, businessmen recognized by the be me community. growing national network of men who work in the service. the group's goal is leadership by example to strengthen neighborhoods, mentor young people, and create businesses. >> wonderful wonderful. the beauty and transition project is in philadelphia. they're offering a forgotten service to the homeless. truck outfitted when running water, and staffed with volunteers from philadelphia's top hair salons, they're visiting homeless shelter this week. work nice ers say the effort provides far more than just a haircut. >> it is to help someone feel better, and it is also to start to break down the social stigma that keep people for homeless feeling socially isolated too. >> we were cheated -- treated to a hair, make over, and it is just wonderful. it is good to have people like that in the community. >> look at that smile.
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>> just wonderful. makes such a difference. stylists do both women's and men's hair at shelters through sunday. >> nicely done, nicely done. >> can change your whole outlook. >> surely can. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, live in rome for to you talk about the pope's upcoming visit to philadelphia and announcement just made by the world meeting of families. finds out who will perform on the parkway this september during the papal visit. >> and katie is tracking some severe storms for later on today. what you need to know before you head out the door, that's coming up after the break. good morning.
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i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me and i was like well
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can you fix it can you paint it back on and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make. >> good morning, today starts our first heat advisory of the
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season. temperatures will be in the 90s, will feel more like 100 degrees. >> oh, and that heat is paving the way for stormy afternoon. we are at higher than usual risk for thunderstorms that means, wind, hail, even possibly tornados, too. >> here we go. lots to talk about today. here's katie right now in the weather center. >> yes guys, absolutely right. this is summer day that's throws everything at us that it possibly consideration right? you have heat. you have humidity. you have the threat for severe thunderstorms, that could truly bring everything but the kitchen sink with us. we start things off by taking you right back out to the view of storm scan, nasty stuff going on here, with some severe thunderstorms currently firing up across northwestern pennsylvania right across that new york state border here. and i want to talk about what's going on with this lightning. there are hundreds of strikes that have shown up within say the last half hour or so, when these really start today ignite. so, this is sort after sign of things to come for us. these aren't necessarily making a bee line, for our area, but eventually, this afternoon, and early evening we are going to see similar situations


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